Banana Republic: Stay in Style

4.9 (96.7K)
186.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gap Inc.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
15.1 or later
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User Reviews for Banana Republic: Stay in Style

4.86 out of 5
96.7K Ratings
1 year ago, Mrs.singleton
Simplicity at its best
I truly love the new linen this season. I keep collecting more and more pieces. Every where I’ve been in one of my outfits I constantly get compliments. I work in a retail store, where I have to wear our line of clothing. I mix the pieces easily with Banana Republic, the look if simply beautiful. I truly believe the way I incorporated Banana Republic into my everyday life, has made me a top sales person at my store and I’m sure I drive the traffic up in our community store as well. I want our clients to look and feel the best, so I often refer them over to Banana Republic’s store to complete the look. I call it “simply beautiful “ effortlessly gorgeous. Banana Republic makes it easy to walk in and walk away accomplish. LaJones
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2 years ago, SleeperAgentC
Loved Items Not Saving??
As many other reviewers have mentioned, this app constantly logs you out if you happen to switch out of it for even a second, and although it should be very convenient to switch between the different stores within the app, it does not automatically pick back up in that store when you log back in which is frustrating to have to start your search all over again. My biggest complaint though, is that after browsing hundreds of items, and favoriting items through the entire time, I’ve tried countless times to access my favorites list, only to have it show as empty. I’ve attempting every possible thing I can thing of — restarting the app, checking for latest versions, shopping through the browser, etc. All the time I spent browsing was wasted, and I don’t even feel like going back to look for some items I REALLY loved. Why is this so difficult? It seems to make the most business sense to have customers find all their favorites in one convenient place…
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2 weeks ago, JeniHenna82
I should have recieved my full 60$ discount but only got half ??!
I'm giving half the ⭐️ s because that's what I got in my saved gap savings - I went onto the gap app that's supposedly connected to this app and yet I had saved a 60$ gap cash and it should be able to be used at any of the following stores but when I got to the bag and payment section I only received 20$ savings out of the 60$ and I spent the full amount to receive the full savings amount so why I didn't recieve it is beyond me plus making ppl wait until a certain date is the same as some of the other stores - I may end up going back to Abercrombie & Fitch bc atleast that store allows me to spend my cash I've earned when ever I choose with both the adult store and the kids section no worry of scam or technical issues it's simple easy and for the price ya pay for the products you deserve the discount !!!
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1 year ago, TamTamTamiami
Horrible shopping experience
I love BR but hate the BR app. I have tried several times to shop on this app and each time the experience is horrible. For starters, they need to have white space between the pictures/items. Right now all the pictures run together and it makes it difficult to focus on the items. They should change the white font to black and it absolutely should not be over the picture -this makes it very difficult to read and it distracts from the picture. Additionally, the photos are not conducive for an online shopping experience. It doesn’t give you a good feel of the item such as, the fabric and the cut. The photos are more appropriate for Cosmo magazine and do not give their customers a full and clear picture of the item they are selling. They should take some pointers from the Anthropologie or Madewell app. Until they make major changes to their app, I will only shop in person which happens less and less each year.
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6 years ago, seeErunfast
improvement needed customer experience
The design is clean. Websites are always more clunky on phones because their platforms are not necessarily compatible, but that goes for any website. The BR app is designed well graphically appealing, but there is no option to automatically sign in so you have to put in your password every time you open the app and you always have to verify payment information, these should be able to toggle on or off as options to improve the customer experience, obviously if I’m downloading the banana republic app, I shop there regularly and want and easy check out experience.
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6 years ago, BarryNayback
Difficulty purchasing
I was disappointed when on Tuesday during the extended Memorial Day sale of 40% off I couldn’t complete my purchase in the app. I had 2 pair of jeans in my bag but kept getting an “I’m sorry something went wrong” message. So I restarted the app only to find my bag empty. So I re-added them and then when trying to purchase received a json error which I sent to support. They replied with “I’m really sorry but we can’t reproduce your issue, you can call our support line to get help”. To receive the highest customer satisfaction score from me, BR would have called me and made sure I completed my purchase. That would have been a win for me and for BR. Instead I’m not satisfied and BR didn’t get the sale on that day. In general I like the app and prefer to shop there. It’s convenient and fairly easy to use when it works like it should.
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1 year ago, greydog412
It’s just a shopping app
When using a shopping app, I want to be able to navigate across the products, see images of the products- plain and clear, search for the items I’m looking for, and check out. I don’t know what the product team did with this app but it’s unusable. When navigating different product categories I keep getting bounced to the search box, which is longer functions like a search box. Why is there a pause and play button inside the search box???? as I’m navigating the categories the search box keeps hijacking my cursor and then pre-populating the search box with other categories. If I want to search, I will search. I have never experienced such a frustrating shopping experience as this one. Just strip out all the unnecessary functionality. Let me navigate the way I want to navigate.
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1 year ago, JLF100001
Mostly great
On an iPhone 13 iOS is up to date. I love the brand and app has been made easy to use and navigate, but there is one issue I have with it. If you switch to another app and then come back to the BR app you will usually be sent back to the home page from wherever you were. So if you were searching for items and sorted by price and had set filters for sizes, style, gender, and ect. You will have to set those again each time. Can get annoying after a few times. I sometimes prefer to use safari to browse BR for this reason.
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9 months ago, winemac
Infuriating, Shoddy, and Bug-Ridden!
I have been a BR (and Gap and Old Navy) customer for almost 45 YEARS! Yes, I am 63 and have been buying clothing from your company since the safari days. For a one-time world class apparel company, this app is a disgrace! From the constant requirement to log-in, to the lengthy delay when selecting any other function in the app, there is simply no reason to use this over the website! How on earth can BR not have competent app writers and developers?? It is simply a lack of attention to detail from several managers who must not be evaluating the user experience after an “update”! The app has NEVER been good for this reason. Please save your budget and put it in another BR company requirement; this app is an embarrassment to your business and makes customers cringe at what else must be going wrong for BR’s core clothing business!
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2 years ago, Klevine4
Terrible app. Use your browser.
This app is awful. If I switch to another app for more than 1 second, it forgets which store I was looking at and takes me back to Banana Republic. So let’s say I’m looking at pants and need to double check something in another app - I lose the pants I was looking at. I have to renavigate to the store I was looking at, then back to the category of pants, then find the pants again. If my phone goes dark or i switch to another app for more than 15 minutes, it logs me out. I have to re-log in. I’ve asked it to use Face ID to simplify this process but it will only check for Face ID after I’ve logged in with my credentials. There is every disadvantage to using this app. It is far better to use a browser. The filters don’t work accurately. I am deleting the app because it was such a bad experience.
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2 years ago, melmcdc
So frustrating
This app is constantly glitching. More than half of the time I go to use it there is a proble. Either I can’t access my past orders, it won’t go back to the original search page when I click on an item to view it or the fact that it frequently signs me out and then won’t recognize my password when I try to sign back in. I also find the way the clothing categories are organized overly redundant. I will search oast the same item at least three times while browsing which leads to be being frustrated and frankly bored so I just stop shopping. I am a long time banana customer and really like their clothes but I just can’t stand this app and as a result shop there significantly less than I used to.
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6 years ago, Gadjac
Great BUT
It’s much easier viewing items on the app as I find the BR website super slow, especially if you’re on your phone shopping. I was actually told by BR customer service that the site ‘chooses’ other browsers over cell phones all the time. So I was thrilled to get this app where browsing was way easier. BUT, when you try to check out on the app, it doesn’t work!!! I tried 3x to check out. Added promos, hit check out, and it just stalled forever. I tried several times with no luck. Had to go back to regular website to complete check out.
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3 years ago, dhdhsnsksidhdv
The app regularly forgets you signed in and it doesn’t automatically do face id so you have to remember your password which totally defeats the purpose of Face ID! Since it’s in the app and not safari iPhone doesn’t remember the password. This means inevitably I end up resetting my password when it’s time to make a purchase. It’s basically just their mobile site with more steps. Also every time it forgets you signed in it makes you go through the stupid tutorial again. Annoying because a few times I’ve made a purchase only to realize I wasn’t signed in so I lost out on the points! I’m only giving it two stars because other retail apps I’ve tried over the years have been worse, but that’s a low bar.
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4 years ago, Anon12548
In the past, there were issues with viewing past order details. Now, there’s an issue with seeing items. The app is showing items are completely out of stock although the website shows they are not. In addition, while you can still purchase these “out of stock” items on the app, you cannot view reviews thanks to the out of stock notification that fills your screen. Not sure why the app has had so many bugs lately, but it’s very disappointing, especially because I prefer to shop via app on my phone. The website design for mobile is very difficult to navigate. Cannot even leave app feedback because the survey on the app refuses to submit. Whoever is in charge of BR’s virtual platform needs to pay more attention.
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4 years ago, SW3RVEZ
Find it challenging finding items
It’s possible I’m not using the app correctly, but if I am my biggest complaint involves applying filters to narrow down searches. If I want a pair of black pants 29W-32L and apply the appropriate filters, the results will include items which correspond to any of the filters whereas, in my opinion, the results should only include items corresponding to all the filters simultaneously. In other words results will not necessarily include pants which are black and 29W and 30L all at the same time. They also include any pant which is black, and any pant with 29W and any pant with 30W. It’s likely this is intentional on the part BR so customer is exposed to more items in order to increase sales. Regardless, it’s very frustrating.
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1 year ago, Ginabonjersey
Never works and customer service was no help
This app has never worked for me. I mean like never, this has been an ongoing issue for years. I contacted customer service to fix the issue and they said there’s nothing they could do. I’ve never been able to sign in with my account which works perfectly fine on the BR website. I’ve tried to use the app when they’ve offered in-app only discounts and my sign in just does not work. I even created a new account and it still won’t work, I’ve cleared my cookies and cache and tried on different devices. I seriously don’t understand it. The worst part is that customer service refused to honor in in-app discount over the phone after I explained the ongoing issue. How this has so many 5 star ratings is beyond me.
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4 years ago, Aurora9316
Banana republic review
I think you’re app is super easy to use, compared to other company’s apps. I absolutely love that you have multiple pictures of items on different body’s / angles not just off a hanger. Also that you offer a 3D image of someone wearing the item is amazing. I makes me visualize what I would potentially look like and I’m more likely to buy it because of that, and the convenience of your app. Thank you for being an amazing company and having such beautiful things xoxo
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2 years ago, LL1981
Poor signin experience and forced updates
GAP BRANDS FEEDBACK: Love the brand and love the app except the signin experience. Why the forced updates? And even more so, why can’t the app remember signin credentials after the forced update? I don’t remember my pw (it’s auto generated on my chrome browser. So when I’m shopping from my phone, it’s annoying to always have to figure out my people nearly every time I want to use the app (which is often). I set up faceid (iPhone) and the app uses it sometimes but not most times. I ‘remember password’ on my phone and that doesn’t initiate either. I finally reset password and then the next time I sign it and it’s a forced update, and I’m in the same position again. So annoying!
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5 years ago, alexgjohnson
Card integration still doesn’t work
I deleted this app as it was just a wrapper for their mobile site. But they emailed me promising - after about six years! - integration with their store card. That is run by Synchrony, which is never knowingly not completely technically inept. But I have it a go. It didn’t work, as of March 29, when I got the email. I tried again, literally a month later. And still: “Error: We are unable to process your request at this time, please try again later. (1111)” (That’s their horrible capitalization and comma splice.) Why email telling me to try something when it doesn’t work? I’ll take the rewards to use their card, but Synchrony is a wretched partner and the integration failed at the first hurdle, and is still failing a month later. It’s pathetic, but not in truth remotely surprising.
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3 years ago, Petite Help
Many Petite items mislabeled
Please return Petite option to any item. This is offered for Tall but not Petite. When you select any given item, you used to be able to generally tap Tall, Regular, Petite to see what colors and sizes were available, if any. They removed the Petite option this way and now you have to go to special sizes. It becomes very problematic when you go to search for something specific. Example 1: I recently ordered a “Petite Luxespun Long-Sleeve T-Shirt”. I loved it and searched the site for other colors by entering that exact term. It produced results. I clicked it, selected a color and size, and ordered it—however, what I didn’t notice is that it did a bait and switch back to Regular sizes. I received the proper color and size but NOT in Petite. Example 2: I repeated this action with another item I previously bought and liked: “Petite Cotton Gauze Roll-Cuff Shirt.” I didn’t purchase this time, because I noticed the bait and switch. Please fix search problem and also make Petite option available on every item page that had a Petite option, like you used to have! Thanks!
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3 years ago, Wade8675309
You Need New Web Developers
I was hopeful your web team could manage to fix the same bug I’ve complained about on three occasions now, but this new update fails to address the same issue. That issue is broken search filters. Every time I try to filter by size the app displays results and as I scroll down the list it, before I can get to the bottom, the app does a Matrix shudder and the results become truncated. For example: I just searched the Sale page for my size and the results were 76 items. Before I could scroll to see all of those items the app did its little shake-shake and now I only have 16 items to view. It’s a hugely annoying issue and the web developers are losing potential sales from me. Either your development team doesn’t actually read or act on feedback given or they lack the ability to troubleshoot bugs and fix them. Either way it is a fail. It’s also is disrespectful of the time it takes to bother reporting bugs. Your costing BR sales and working to frustrate people away from your app. One star is being generous.
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1 year ago, MikeMurphy955
Atrocious UX
The app never remembers your credentials and forces you to sign in every time. It also just brings you back to the home screen if you close the app for more than like 10 seconds, which means you have to ignore any interruptions, whether in real life or on your phone, to keep from losing your spot. Wanna respond to that text message? Sorry, app is done. Closing your phone to tie your shoes? Guess who’s starting over! The app’s design is nice otherwise, but these major functionality failures make the app completely unusable for anything but time wasting. Doesn’t matter how cool the car looks if it doesn’t have an engine. Like others have said, if you want to actually shop BR, just use the website.
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9 months ago, Sta2345
Horrid User Experience, Riddled w/ Technical Issues
There is absolutely no way the majority of reviews are honest. Not a chance. This app has clearly had little-to-no investment in its user experience. To add insult to injury, it is kneecapped by infuriating technical issues that constantly force the app to refresh, never save your favorites, log you out, etc. The latest UI “update,” where items are displayed in full-width pictures with zero white space separating the images, thus creating cognitive load, is awful to navigate. Filtering capabilities are laughably limited. I could go on and on, but frankly, you all don’t deserve this free feedback. Invest in your user experience. Conduct research and hire product designers. This app is trash.
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5 years ago, HarrisonHousehold
Love many features, but frustrating inconsistencies
Love the clothing and style...And, I love how you can go back and forth between all the “sister” stores, the app, and the online stores and your cart updates without re-logging in. However, some discount codes only worked online and not in my app cart. Also, repeated attempts to sign up for the Banana Republic email list only produced emails and discount codes for the other sister stores (that only worked for their items) – and NEVER Banana Republic...Small glitch maybe but, kind of frustrating and time-wasting.
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6 years ago, Prototype622
Disappointing App
I really like BR. It’s basically the only store I shop at because it’s good quality and great price. But what is going on with this app? I haven’t been able to access my credit card for over a month. Started out fine. But now I all I get is errors when trying to log in to pay off my credit card. Not even after bouncing around on BR customer service for 45 minutes could they fix this issue. Not to mention unknown customer data they could not explain. Yes, it’s a small issue but it’s bothersome that they offer a credit card log in and it doesn’t work after working with their customer service. Very disappointed.
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2 years ago, aray987
I don’t need to be told how to use it every time
Love pretty much everything about the app!! However, it has to show you have to navigate shopping every time you open the app. I appreciate that it will sign me out and require a sign in every time. But, please don’t make me tap through all the navigation reminders before I can just shop! Also, it would be nice if it was easier to leave a review for an item I purchased.
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6 years ago, Aymles
Attention All Gap Shoppers!!
If you have a Gap/BR/Old Navy/Athleta credit card - you HAVE TO use the app!! So many folks don’t link their cards to the app and they fumble through email or their wallets looking for their rewards, don’t know if they have them, or worse yet, lose them!! I always know exactly how many rewards I have and have them in my app! I love knowing exactly how much room I have on my Gap card, how many rewards I have and I can use the coupons IN STORE!! So easy!! Easiest shopping app I’ve ever used!!
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5 years ago, Jeff------d
Great app
The interface is intuitive and easy to use for the most part. Most of it runs pretty smoothly. My only complaint is every time you tap a link, there’s a slight wait time for loading (1–2 seconds for every new screen). And managing your credit card from the app usually means you have to type in your password every single time, which is a slight inconvenience. Overall though, a convenient way to shop.
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2 years ago, Jaalac
What happened?
This app used to be great. But now you can’t add anything to your shopping bag until you sign in, used to be able to sign in with my fingerprint but now each time I have to manually login, none of my information is saved when I do login as it used to be, I have to re-enter my credit card number each time I login, then it suggests an address but then the address needs to be corrected, and when I select a shipping speed it hit changes at checkout to “priority” which is $22 so then I have to go back and start the whole process over. What is going on?? Please fix this!
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6 years ago, Mickeyyem
Constant glitches
Everytime I open up this app, there’s problems. If I put something in the cart, it’ll disappear if I switch the page. Checking out? There will be issues as well. After the 15th attempt at checking out, I press the purchase button only to be told my order wasn’t placed. BUT WAIT, THERES MORE! When it says it hasn’t purchased your items, don’t you dare press the button to buy again. Because you will be CHARGED ALL THE TIMES YOU PRESSED THE BUTTON. customer service will have ZERO record of it. ONLY WHEN THE ITEM SHIPS, is when they’ll have some type of accuracy. Oh and if you think you can cancel the entire order, cause you know, you’re fed up and all, FORGET IT, because it’s PAPERWORK you have to fill out. IM SO DONE WITH THIS APP.
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3 weeks ago, Anakey135
Great app but has lots of issues
I have been using this app for years now and the same issue remains after every update. When I add things in my cart and go in to verify I added the right amount of everything, there is a black screen and cannot see what I have in the app. So I blindly order at times and end up returning majority of my purchase. Or I get frustrated and don’t order any of the items. They need to work on this as none of thr updates ever fixed this issue. Other then that it’s great to be able to have access to all stores Banana Republic, Gap, Old Navy, & Athleta all in one app.
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4 years ago, arvinkx
Why am I logged out while shipping?
This app and the service behind it are built poorly. There isn't any other clothing retailer that logs you out so aggressively. You'd think they were building an app for the nuclear football or something. I went to place an order the app logged out while I was shopping and let me checkout while not logged in and didn't even prompt. Big deal, right? I call to have the order, which shares the same email address as my account, moved under my account and what do you know? They can't. My day job is a programmer and I can tell you that is likely due to the mediocre system they've developed to handle orders and the corners they probably cut to save some money.
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1 year ago, rpm1nDC
Great App!!
App is super easy to use and streamlines shopping at any of the Gap brands. Love how items from other brands remain in your cart while still shopping in another. It makes using rewards and discount codes easy as well. My only complaint is that the cookies setting pops up every time I open the app, wish there was a way to disable that. It’s a minor complaint though. Overall a great app!!
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3 years ago, kellyco98765
Please fix the app
This app used to be great. However when I’m scrolling, it will either not load, scroll to the end of the section, or just show 5 dresses instead of all the dresses. This is very frustrating. Another request is can you please bring back the petite tab. Right now, you have to go to special sizes and not all items are loading.
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3 years ago, jennile07
App shows closed account
I had a BR card and had to close it due to fraudulent activity. BR issues me a new card with a new account number. However, with the new update, when I open the app and check my “wallet”, it’s making me select between the closed account and the new account to view. There’s no way to hide the closed account! I find that quite annoying and there’s so solution for it. I even called BR about it and all they can say is that “the closed account appears for record purposes”. Hmm.. Hopefully the BR app developers fixes this issue! Before it wasn’t like this so I’d say the new update isn’t all that great.
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3 years ago, thedocrocks
Not user-friendly
Compared with my other banking apps, I like this one the least. As far as the shopping part goes, it’s fine. My problem is that I cannot see if there is a payment pending. On multiple occasions I have paid my bill twice because I don’t see any sign that I had it scheduled already. It also frequently signs me out and there are multiple areas to sign in to, each with a different set of login/passwords- I’m constantly asking for password reset even though I save all passwords in the keychain. Just frustrating to use this app
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3 years ago, Alleycat7171
This app used to be great but recently it’s gone downhill. The new Rewards setup is buggy and confusing. Redeeming rewards in checkout is not intuitive. The UI is unclear. Lastly, I’m unable to checkout in the app with my BR card. The checkout screen is stuck in a loading spiral. I have the latest app version so I’m not sure what the issue is. Hoping BR can make the fixes that this app needs in order to be useful. Until then, I’m sticking to the web experience.
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6 months ago, savvyncshopper
One of my favorite online stores!
I shop BR online frequently and love the rewards program. There are perks to using the BR card since I wear the clothes so much. I do feel there could be improvements to making the online checkout more fluid. Using reward points could be more streamlined and user friendly. I do love the free shipping and different options. Not a complaint!
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3 years ago, RattpackJeffy
I don’t see why you can wouldn’t add the factory store tab on the app. It’s ok because I’ll be able to browse the safari or the Microsoft edge app to use the website and shop but within this app I can only shop the main stores and none of the outlets clothing I buy near me at the BR Factory store or on the app because the styles are slightly different or some items are exclusive to one store or the other. Put my factory tab on this app please. Love
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7 months ago, Cabanne7Kid
Everything In One Place
Upfront, Banana Republic is my favorite store in the world. Full stop! The ease, efficiency and intuitive functionality of this amazing App just puts them that much more over the top! It has everything I want in one place, even things I can’t find in stores, and they get it to me within a few days! Banana Republic keeps me with that winning feeling!
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1 year ago, Rabellu
Difficult to shop
I like the app’s pics and smooth transition to browse but every time I leave the app to do something quickly and come back, it resets and requires me to start from the beginning, having to put in all my preferences again. I have to search for what I was looking for. At that point I don’t even want to continue shopping.
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5 years ago, NGV007
I use to love this app. I purchase items from BR and Gap all the time. Recently this app has become useless. Error messages every which way I turn. Can’t load items to shopping cart, can’t update shopping cart, can’t check out, I can’t even browse the available items without getting the “something went wrong”message. It’s been like this for MONTHS now. I think it’s time you app Dept hires new staff.
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5 years ago, Dee and M
Brea Store
We love coming to the brea Store because Vi and Mariafernada have always gone above and beyond to help us. They have made us love this particular store and they treat us like royalty. Sometimes we walk in just to look but they go above and beyond to show us all the new clothing styles that just came in that we can never leave without purchasing something. That says a lot about their work ethics! Love the store and love the staff.
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2 years ago, mrbgmail
Improvement needs
Hello hello! I really love the app and how I’m able to switch between BR, Gap, Old Navy, and Athleta. However the size guide is missing from Banana Republic. I can find it on products on all 3 other stores. BR seems to be the only one not showing a size guide. A size guide should be available under “fit and sizing” and there’s nothing necessary under it. I’d love to buy from BR but I don’t feel comfortable and confident in purchasing without knowing what size would fit best. Please add the size guide.
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5 years ago, Azm1216
Great app but frequently locks me out
For whatever reason it forgets to save my password or the fingerprint function doesn’t work and it says I have incorrect login information but then when I sign on from a computer it works fine. Also it NEVER saves my card info which is kind of pain, I check the box every time! First world problems.... other than that though I love how you can browse all stores from one app definitely a perk!
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5 years ago, guy hello1282$
AmaZing App!!!
What an amazing App! Thank you banana republic for making this transaction so easy for me. I shop online for my husband on Banana Republic and sometimes I have issues on the website but this app was so easy and easy to navigate through the pages and manage my account at the same time. I give it 5 stars. Now I’m off to shop some more in the women’s section. Love it!!!! :) thank you!!! - Parvin Lavassani
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2 years ago, BWeave1121
Crashes/won’t sign in
The app is very frustrating. It requires you to put in your sign in information every time, even when you say remember me or use Face ID to sign in. When you finally do get signed it, it either crashes and closes as you shop or you have to verify your sign in on a web browser. Shopping on your phone on the web browser is frustrating too, but at least you can purchase your items.
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2 years ago, Ren7211
A few glitches
Overall much improved from initial launch, developers have done well to improve many of the really bad bugs when it first was released. Still has some small annoyances. I accidentally ordered the same thing twice because it errored out while checking out. You also cannot enlarge review photos that people have posted.
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2 years ago, VictoriaAllyce
Downloaded multiple times… immediately deleted.
Unfortunately, I continually download this app with hopes of managing my Banana Credit Card through it. But! Every time I redownload it, it tells me I need to login online to verify my account information. I click the link to do so, log in online and literally nothing changes with the app. There are NO additional instructions on the pop-up message. Quite possibly the very worst experience I’ve had with an app… feels like they make it as impossible as possible to manage your credit card.
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4 years ago, BR do better
Have to sign in everytime
Beautiful app. Looks really clean and easy to navigate. Having to sign in every time I use the app is annoying. Also the app does not keep track of any of my orders, or points, or rewards. It says I have zero recent order and points. Also, not sure how BR screwed this up but they basically stole money from me. I sent back 2 items for return as they shipped incorrect to me and BR only credit refund me for ONE of the items. I’ve never experienced this before with any other merchant. Maybe next time I shop BR it will just be instore as they don’t seem to respect their online customers.
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