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User Reviews for Banggood Global Online Shop

4.64 out of 5
39.6K Ratings
4 years ago, sepatts
Update2: My clothes just arrives. Love! The quality is extremely good. Will admit, was not sure what to expect. Also, they had a nice tracking system so I could monitor where the package was. Am already placing another order. Update: shortly after I posted the below, received all of the reset password emails. Was able to login and check tracking. Thank you to whomever read the review and respond very quickly as within the hour. Now that's customer service! - Problem resolved (see update above): Well, I was looking forward to using the app due to the very solid reviews. I downloaded and placed an order. After logging out of the app, forgot password so attempted to do a password reset. It does not work - never receive the reset email (multiple attempts on different days) not even in spam. Worse, all of the help options require you to log in except for the Live Chat. But, the Live Chat is not that - it is another reset that never sends you the reset email. So order is placed, money paid, Banggood said they shipped but cannot track because no longer able to log in and no one is available help. ......
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6 years ago, ctb1878
If they mess up they make it right
I’ve bought a few things from banggood and I gotta say my first purchase wasn’t pleasant ( at first) I never got it for some reason it got shipped to America then rerouted back to the warehouse in China when I caught this through tracking I contacted them they quickly confirmed I was correct and immediately offered me a complete refund or the option to allow them to ship the item again I said go ahead ahead and ship it again and it arrived in good working order. After several more orders without a problem I ordered a item that was faulty I connected banggood and once again they quickly reshipped me a replacement. So my verdict is nothing is perfect sometimes the shipping is slow ( look in the regional warehouses first ) and things sometimes go wrong but if you contact them they will work with to make it right . Definitely will order from banggood again
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3 years ago, Rhinoberrybeast
Quality at a low price
I admit my expectations were low. Some of the prices are so low, I figured you get what you pay for so if it’s junk I wouldn’t be upset. I don’t how they do it, but everything I’ve bought is quality. No one can beat their prices either. I just entered the RC hobby. I bought a desert racer for right at $100. Not expecting it to compete with the big dogs. I was shocked at how good it is. Fully repairable, fully upgradeable, and fast. Now it’s up to me to learn how to set it up properly. I also just bought a transmitter, receiver and several servos in a flash deal. I’m going to build some sort of rc vehicle. Just not sure what yet. So, transmitter, receiver, 4 high torque servos, 6 mini servos all for less than $100. Cheap fun for the man who has some other very expensive hobbies.
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4 years ago, sxxhs
Glitchy...Order through their website
Wanted to order through the app because of the mobile discounts but had trouble viewing my order clearly and ended up ordering two of the same item. When applying certain coupons your total can increase for no reason. Mine jumped from the actual price of $35 to $55 when I applied one of “My coupons.” I also had trouble submitting my payment through PayPal. On the website and the app there is no way to cancel your order. I tried contacting customer support but they could not find my order due to “system maintenance.” Ten hours later my order has shipped and now I can’t even get a complete refund (they don’t pay for return shipping) and I’m stuck with an extra product that I did not want in the first place. The app is not worth the hassle and the minor 20 cent discounts you get on products. Banggood customer service will not be able to do anything for you if your order is messed up and you’ll end up losing money.
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1 year ago, Verbal lion
Sir Knows
For those of you who are new to this app or doin’t Jae a clue…. You have found a gold mine. I have purchased a whole lot of various merchandise and items. All of which I’m extremely satisfied. And then I shared this app with everyone I know and they are excited about this app and. Constantly thanking me and we have stuff being shipped to us all the time. I have tons of electronics, especially cords, adapters extensions and converters allowing me to by old school electronics and converting them to Bluetooths for my vehicles as well. Nd that just the tip of the iceberg. I have all kind of set ups for cameras, phones, computers, and tablets to have a recording studio and movie set and photos. Need I say more? I could but why don’t you just try it out and see for yourself? You’ll be glad you did!
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6 years ago, dwallpro
FPV guy rates Banggood as "Consistently good !!"
I have to say that I don't do reviews until I am able to tell whether or not what I experience is consistent. I can confirm that Banggood has been consistent with their shipping estimates and usually better. I live in PA in the USA and Sometimes I get orders in a week. Usually it is 2 to 3 weeks, but that is less than the month they give themselves for standard, free shipping. I guess what I like is I usually forget what I ordered from them so it seems like I receive something every other day. I don't know about you, but I like getting packages in the mail. It is like Christmas. I think out of 92 orders there were two that were not packaged well. The items were not damaged, but easily could have been. Mostly my packages have been packaged well. Five stars for Banggood!!
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6 years ago, TheSuperSnorch
Love Banggood & Love this app!
I can’t say enough about this app and Banggood itself! If you’re into diy electronics and circuit building this site/app is simply unbeatable. They also have a whole lot of other cool things aside from just what was mentioned above. Just about anything you can imagine and at *unbeatable* prices! Think “wish” without the rip-off aspect. I’ve ordered dozens and dozens of things and have not been let down yet! Download it, check it out or check out the site- either way I think you’ll find yourself quite impressed and excited about what they have to offer. I’d just like to ad this is a completely independent review and I’m not associated with these guys or receiving anything in return. I just love this place/app!
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4 years ago, Linda Whitney
Not the best supplier
As COVID-19 has had a great impact on my business, I had to reselect a supplier. It took me 2 months to try new suppliers and compare their supply prices, freight, shipping time, etc. This is very important for local wholesalers like me. I bought 17 pieces of clothes, 20 pieces of accessories, and 6 pairs of shoes here. This is the first time I have used this app. The good thing is that I received these products. But it must be said that this is very bad, because these products come from 5 different places, and the time difference between the receipt of 5 packages is 11 days, I almost went crazy. I made a choice, and I finally decided to choose another company called FashionTIY, because the products I bought from them were clearer, and I only received one package. Yes. All products are in one package, which is very convenient. And their prices are lower than here. I think I am going back to FashoinTIY. Although they seem to be smaller than here, they are more suitable for me.
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6 years ago, Isomorphic Fpv
Banggood Love-Hate
I’ve been a Banggood customer for a few years now and I’ve grown to love and hate it at the same time. The product selection is great and I’ve found some sweet deals here and there. My biggest frustration is the lack of good customer service and delayed shipping. Many of my orders have been two to three weeks past the promised delivery dates and some have never arrived. Then there are some of my orders that have arrived much earlier than expected and they have always been accurate so I have a great experience. If Banggood could at least get accurate sipping dates and speed up shipping then the lack of customer service wouldn’t be so bad. So the Love-Hate is strong and I will continue to be a customer, I’m happy that I can get the products that I need at decent prices.... eventually.
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6 years ago, GuardFPV
First I was hesitant, now I order without concern.
I build and fly FPV drones (quadcopters). About two years ago I was searching online for XT60 leads and came across Banggood. I’ll be honest, at first I was very hesitant about ordering from a pretty suspicious looking Chinese based website with my credit card. So I used my PayPal to pay, and honestly half expected the items to never arrive. A few weeks later, there they were in my mailbox as advertised. So l started to order more things. One time an item was defective, so I contacted customer service via email and they handled it better than most American companies.. So, I still use PayPal to be safe, but I can confidently say Banggood is a great retailer.
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2 years ago, Bigeast2011
The best company in the world!
I test many electronic items while at ham festivals and electronic get togethers with other electronic enthusiasts to review the items I obtain for its price, durability, contact ability of the Seller and shipping speed.I have never contacted this company to review there items. I must say I have done this on a few products I purchased from Bangood and they went favorably. I do get items from other sellers websites to review electronic items, and Bangood is in the top 5. I can only do tests on items bought from this website due to financial restraints. You won’t make a mistake from buying from Bangood.
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6 years ago, MEddyM
Tried to verify email 15 times
This is either a very poorly done website or a clever rip off!! I have been caught in an endless loop that I can only imagine was created so that customers would not be able to use the discount promised once you’ve completed your membership by verifying your email. It goes like this- I open the confirmation email and I tap the ‘verify your email’ link. I then fill it out and submit it. This takes me back to the same page that tells me that I’ve been sent an email with a link to verify my email. All the while I am being thanked and promised my first time order discount as soon as I complete my information by verifying my email address. I foolishly followed these steps 10 times and was taken on the same circular root. If they do not reach out to me to fix this, I will NEVER order anything from them again!! Very disappointed👎🏼
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4 years ago, Dmnchild
Banggood and the app are great!
I never used banggood prior to starting into drones. Seems a lot of FOV pilots affiliate links to them. I was a little sketchy at first, because I used another Chinese store app that was horrible on quality and well, everything.. (I really WISH it didn’t exist! Everything I’ve ordered off of banggood has been exactly as advertised. Shipping is much better and reliable than that other place. (Keep in mind, stuff from China does still take 15-25 days, but I’ve waited months using that other app) Now every time I want something I check here first. Bezos doesn’t need more of my money to fund projects against us and our people.
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3 years ago, Sonnier loves it
Absolutely Banged it out the park Banggood.!.!.!.
Im kinda late getting on the Banggood Awesome wagon but better late than never. Iv personally been wasting my money & frustration with other big name apps such as Banggood I won’t mention there names(?ish & ?li B) but never again shall they get a dime from me. Banggood has better quality products mostly always in stock & heck 75% of the time what I wants actually shipping from the US already. So no more pay & 7 years go by before u one day come home to a package u forgot u bought do to your now elderly memory. Great site I can’t say enough how much of a pleasure it truly is. Thanks Banggood.!.!.!.
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6 years ago, fred houseal
Good friends
I’ve been buying form Banggood for a few years and for most part had a great relationship, bunch of good folks , the thing the need to work on is problems with bad items , they always want a video of the problem, I’m sorry but that doesn’t always work out , I mean how’s a video going to show a problem with a board and bad chip, not possible , how do you show them you bought a small ex helicopter the came with bad batteries, some of these small batteries you can’t get a prob on to even show them , but I eat it and move on ,all and all banggood has made it possible for r/c people to enjoy the hobbie and not have to seek the house
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4 years ago, Tanner9470
Awesome app can’t wait for more
I have used this app for over a year now I know it’s sad I took this long to review it but it amazes me what you can actually find on here from my rc hobby to my new hobby that I’m gonna start with 3D printing and making flashlights that just burn your eyeballs out of your skull to anything else you can think of I don’t just love the app I love by it half the time. If I could give it more than fives stars I would but I can’t I’ve had nothing but amazing customer support and a awesome experience and I can’t wait to see what more this app brings to creative people like me. Thanks so much bang good
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3 years ago, star bellied sneech
Good app
I had purchased a RC car from BG and even though shipping takes a bit it is still worth the wait and it will generally arrive before the time they give you. Yea some of the stuff isn’t name brand or of the highest quality but the price points they have plus the huge variety of items they sell are definitely things that stood out to me. If I need something to last forever or it’s use has any critical needs then I buy the best I can afford give or take. But BG is a good for endless items for shopping and fun too. Hope this helps
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3 years ago, Grab it xxxxxxx
Worst Customer Service
I bought RC car which came up with 2 battery. One wasn’t charging, then I contacted customer service. I explained issue like what happened then person asked me for too many proof. Never seen something like that in US. After all these conversations I sent you tube video link. Then rep told me to change charger, I did change charger but issue was same. Charger is working good since other battery had no issues whatsoever. Again I told rep about using new charger and issue remains same. But rep keep saying do that , take to local shops bla bla. Why in the earth he thinks that I can take $10-$15 China battery to local dealers to fix in US. Nevertheless I wrote a message to the rep stating, if you can “send me new” if not just don’t bother.
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3 years ago, YL.Wong
Relatively easy to use. Navigation and response time could use improvement
App download and setup is relatively easy but navigating around and finding things could be daunting. For example, you can’t easily find out how to report items that have been shipped but are in transit forever or being stuck at the same shipping status for 2 months. There is also no easy way to cancel your order that’s been stuck in “Out of stock” for 3 months. I guess that is not an App issue but rather services/order processing issues.
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6 years ago, RemarkableNow!
Eclectic assortment of intriguing and interesting products.
I am a maker and tinkerer, and the cornucopia of delightful tools, components, instruments and kits is an ongoing delight and discovery. The mobile app is different experience from the website, and recent upgrades have made it complete - everything needed is on mobile as well as desktop. The way items are presented is functional and informative. Shipping is on the slow side, from China. No next day option here. They do have some items in US or EU warehouses for a premium with quicker shipping options. And so far it’s been 10 days on average. Of all the hundreds of product and kits I’ve purchased, I’ve had only one downright error - wrong item shipped, which was credited with a simple email. And a couple where the packaging was crushed, but no damage to the product. I don’t use them for fashion or clothing or such items, but in the realm of electronics, tools, instruments, maker boards, Radio Control drones and gear, they are a gold mine.
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6 years ago, gansu98
Leather Anti-Bite Dog Washing Gloves
I have seen these types of gloves before and they were much more expensive than what Banggood sold them for. I did add an extra coating of waterproof spray and I modified the gloves so that they would hang from my neck and would not slide down my arms while I was washing a dog. This is an excellent pair of gloves for a very reasonable price. I was dog bit in 2017 and had to go to the hospital emergency room because the dog bit both hands while I was washing him. Blood was everywhere in the bathtub. These gloves prevent that from happening again. It Is better to buy the gloves now than go to the emergency room and buy the gloves later.
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3 years ago, Lkampouris
If only I could read the print!
I do enjoy the deals I’ve found here, what I have problems with are the manuals. The print is way too small to comfortably read, and that being said it would be nice to be able to find the manual online where we could read it on screen or print in sizes that don’t require a magnifying glass! I bought a drone, still unable to use because the manual is unreadable, I noticed other customers complaining as well. Did try You Tube but it’s all literally in Chinese. International marketing and success require legible manuals and Videos that can easily be understood. The key word here is Easily Understood. Diagrams need to be clear otherwise what’s the point? So I cannot evaluate the products if I cannot get past the manual to set it up! Would love to rewrite this review if you can fix those issues. A PDF manual would work, online accessible by customers worldwide. Want to hire me? Let’s talk.
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6 years ago, Hulkferrigno365
Bs for real!
So I had made an order for wpl B36 rc truck. Online the r/c was available in stock. The truck still shows available on app offering discount holiday price. I made the order along with motor upgrade and sound effects gadget for the truck. I received email few days later stating it’s not in stock, but on the app the truck says in stock. They still took the money process order and I’m waiting still on my truck. Both other items are already shipped but the truck, I don’t understand why would they have it shown to be in stock when the item isn’t. Really isn’t fair at all!
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2 years ago, August Napoli
Trustworthy Company
I have bought from this company for probably 10 years or close to it. I’ve never had any problems with orders or things I’ve purchased. The shipping has got much faster since they opened a US division and I live in the US. I was reluctant to get the app. I have to many as it is but I did get it and it has some good perks such as the bonuses you can earn towards purchases. This is a business that having been a customer so long I have seen them make improvements always for the customer.
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7 years ago, ReviewerC
Great for quad parts, and many other items as well!
I'm absolutely loving Banggood so far, the prices are outstanding and the selection is unbeatable. I have purchased so many quadcopter parts, and have even completed a couple of full builds from Banggood parts alone. Shipping, of course, takes a little while from items coming out of their Chinese warehouses... but that's to be expected. Many times there are shipping options that are only a couple of bucks (instead of the free default )that can get your items to you in less than a week. Thanks Banggood!
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5 years ago, FlyinRyanFPV
Awesome pace to buy from
Banggood has been my go to shopping destination ever since I started in FPV drones. They always have the newest gear when it comes out and at great prices. I’ve the last few years, the shipping speed and reliability have improved 10 fold. No longer do I worry about my shipment making it from the warehouse, as they always do. I’ve also had good experiences with customer service, who have been willing and eager to help with any issues I’ve had. If you haven’t given them a shot, I strongly advise you to check out Banggood for your next purchase!
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5 years ago, cansustowne
Not a great app
I downloaded the app and ordered 3 clothing items. My first problem was trying to pay, it didn’t take my credit card the first time because it had expired. When I tried to re-enter the new expiration date it wouldn’t let me ever get to that point, I had to delete the app, re-download and place a whole new order. After “processing” for two weeks, I got an email that one of my items was back ordered, and to select if I wanted to cancel or substitute. I was going to substitute but never got past the spinning loading wheel of death. No matter how long I waited. The link expired after 24 hours. The email is in sketchy English so I’m not sure what I’ll be getting, when it will come, or if it will come at all. My account info on the app tells me nothing. I don’t think I’ll be ordering again.
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6 years ago, DescentII
So far so good.
I found this app while searching for a steering servo for my RC Car. On their website they offered a 10% coupon for trying their app. I’m glad I did. The app isn’t perfect, I.e. their is not a constant link to the shopping cart, but it is very clean. I ordered another RC car, had it shipped from their U.S. Warehouse, and used my coupon to pay for the shipping. The car arrived in two days. I just used the app again today to order some more spare parts. Their are many things to order from this site including watches, tablets, and phones. Give it a try.
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7 years ago, jansam
Very good printer
This is my second 3D printer . I can tell this one is so easy to build ! Only 7 screws ! All seems very solid . The calibration is also very easy to set . You need just to follow the process proposed by the interface which is very intuitive . To prepare a file to slice , use only the Cura software included on the usb key . Host Repetier doesn’t seem to be compatible and makes a lot of mistakes during the printing . The quality printing is fine . Start the first layer slowly if you don’t want to get a mess . Then raise the speed to 100% and everything will be ok .
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6 years ago, Waza407
Horrible customer service.
First time customer trying to make a purchase now for 11 days. There is no managers with staff, no direct line to risk control, or service. I have sent emails, and I’ve spoken to live chats everyday and all told me; thank you for your understanding please wait 24 hours. My shopping cart list went from $1,200 down to $500 took my business else where. A friend told me to give banggood another chance so I did, that was 2 days ago. My shopping list went back up to $800 due to getting into FPV, but still same dilema, so I’ve had enough, about to try my luck with gearbest. I wrote a email to the management for performance review on situations they need to fix with there coupon system, and customer service. Perhaps now writing a bad review I will actually have someone help, instead of telling me to wait another 24hours. As I’ve mentioned to them before I’m surprised the CEO of banggood doesn’t know that he’s losing first time customers with intent to be repetitive clients, and major loss of revenues. Much more to say, just exausted from retyping it to every service member and email. Note: live chat helper “Corina” was the only one with valid help, Thank You.
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5 years ago, ndmanin98
Refused Order
Well all I need to say is that customer representative,Betty, went above and beyond to help resolve my situation. I had refused 2 orders and gave the packages back to the delivery person. I contacted Banggood of the orders being returned and when I didn’t hear back from them I sent an email. Betty was the representative who contacted me and helped me get my refund. I was very annoyed with Banggood and how this was initially treated and had it not been for Betty, Banggood would have lost a customer. The help that I received from Betty, will keep me coming back and ordering again!!’ Thanks Betty. !!!!👍 R Stevens
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6 years ago, KBailster
Judging a book by its cover or ratings
I have only for a short time then able to browse through some of the apps specialized things to offer the consumer but I am impressed with all of the positive reviews the weather they made a mistake on an order in the end of the review they always say it was taken care of and they were made sure to be satisfied when all is said and done I can’t wait to purchase my first item hopefully down the line I can start blogging about how in love I am with this new and extremely attractive app!
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6 years ago, JRRNOLASCO
So far I have had a good experience with BANGGOOD ! I already have 75 Orders in my Account and have had one order to return and one to modify and both times BANGGOOD solved the problem to my satisfaction! A third time the item I received was not as described and after a while BANGGOOD gave me a 33 percent discount on that order! I believe that BANGGOOD is “filling a gap”that was needed between Manufacturers and Retailers who are getting rich at customers expense by selling at exhorbitant prices and BANGGOOD is making available same prodicts and items for far less cost yo us customers !
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7 years ago, eviljeff2000
so far so good
So far so good, and any issues that have arisen With my purchases, such as A faulty item, Have been properly resolved, unlike some of banggoods online shopping competitors, like gearbest, Where I have nothing but problems as well as they have zero customer service, and make you jump through hoops if there's any problems, And still don't fullfill their end of the deal, banggood In my opinion is miles ahead, and in good standing with me, and I hope it stays that way so we can continue doing business together. thank you
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6 years ago, TayloFoSh0
Good quality products
I recently purchased the eachine wizard x220 RTF. It took about 3 weeks to reach the states but overall shipping went well. I honestly wasn’t sure about this store with it being out of the country but I heard some good reviews from friends and how their businesses order from here all the time. I’m setting up the drone now and everything seems to be here it even came with a 3s battery and charger which I wasn’t expecting. Safe and reliable place to order from for sure.
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10 months ago, Djbizzle
Have tons of patience
I gave them a couple stars for the app itself but just so you know my experience with buying products wasn't good. I waited weeks for my items and then finally a couple arrived. Then a couple months later I got a refund for the rest of the items without an explanation. I'm glad they issued the refund but I would have liked to know what happened and have it dealt with sooner. I regularly purchase things from overseas and I know how the waiting game goes. This site/app just doesn't give you good time expectations and they sell things they can't deliver I guess. I wish I knew why my items never shipped.
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10 months ago, H. Manell
This is a relyable source.
Never having dealt with this company before I was not sure if they would prove to be a good source for all of their various products. I started off with a small order, and to my pleasant surprise I received the order quickly, and the quality of the item was A1. I was able to purchase a stainless steel 6 inch DIAL caliper for the Amazing price of $9.95. I am a retired machinist and trust me. This is a high-quality measuring device for a giveaway price! Xcellent company.
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1 year ago, Js Phone 6
Sad about product. Great customer service.
I was sad about not being able to. Use my. Product. That had a great review on it. Something in. The manufacturing process. It didn't allow for the batteries to properly go in, so I could not. Enjoy the product. But customer service did an excellent. Job of communicating. And refunding me. I will definitely do business with them again. I'm buying another drone as we speak.
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3 years ago, Bluejello
So Impressed
I am extremely impressed with this app!! Every product I’ve gotten is an excellent quality and comes exactly as it explains it will. Which is rare in our day and age!! I definitely recommend ordering through it. I will continue to order through them and would recommend anybody else!! Have you been recommended it to my friends which I never do!! You won’t be laid down!!
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3 years ago, ozmo1
Great shopping experience
I was kinda skeptical at first ordering from this app. I was soon put as ease when I received my first package. The prices are spot on and the quality of what you buy really depends on what you spend for it! Lots of things on this app for beginners to experts of hobbies and crafts. I am novice RC car/buggy driver and this is my new go to place for budget rc’s. It’s very easy to get carried away and fill up that shopping cart!
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4 years ago, tmato3350
Bad communication , don’t refund , bad shipping
Made a slightly expensive order . Added expedited shipping for 5-8 days . Was very excited for my item .Ended up waiting twice that long while no one in customer service actually helped Me . Then found out that the order had been canceled because there was a risk on my account ? I waited a whole Month anxiously to find out it was canceled for No reason . That’s a total lie . The customer service said the same things every time I wanted to know where my product was and they wouldn’t give me a refund for the 20$ shipping I paid . They just kept saying contact us anytime . Waste of money waste of time . Don’t buy from them .
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3 years ago, Podicted
First order from Banggood.
I ordered my first item from banggood a little over two weeks ago. It was WL toys K969. The item arrived ahead of schedule and in perfect condition. I was concerned because whenever I tried to track the order it only ever said the item has been sterilized and shipped. He gave me an estimated arrival date of November 16 and I got it today four days early. I will definitely be doing more business with Banggood.
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6 years ago, They got this right
Great if you’re not in a hurry
The problem I had was one of the things I ordered was a set of bristled brushes for the power drill and they were wrapped up so tightly that they got severely deformed. Overall Bang Good has been a great app and place to shop for many different things but again you have to know it’s going to take from 3 - 5 weeks to arrive from China. Their prices are great and they have good customer service too. I got a wrong item and they refunded my money back so I highly recommend them!
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6 years ago, RachelAnne2012
Like the dresses
Unique dresses for decent prices. So far about 3.5 weeks shipping to Oregon, US. But I reminded myself it was coming from quite a distance. The app—tends to not leave your search off where you were when you click on an item to take a closer look—and click back—you’re on a whole new set of items—some of which I’ve seen a dozen times. It’s confusing and I wish it was more organized. But you can’t have everything.
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4 years ago, Steve B11-22
My first Banggood order
I just managed to place my first Banggood order. Wow! There was so much to look at and to try to figure out price and coupons that I had a few problems understanding the site, but I had a really great time seeing all of the choices that I had. I left and came back several times until I felt more comfortable getting around and now I can’t wait to come back for more selection and savings.
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3 years ago, Distntsoltkr71
Good prices watch the quality
You can get great deals here but it is wise as with any electronics to check out your product well and don’t just buy it because it looks like it may be cool. Looks are very deceiving. Especially on sites like Banggood, Wish etc. some tend to describe the product as one thing and sell you another item you may not have even seen in the product description. Customer service does a great job overall.
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4 years ago, ArtT84
Great app
Wide selections of.. everything! App is thorough, runs very well, and makes it easy to save favorites and shop. The ONLY FLAW I have experienced- trying to use "coupons" or discounts.. I cannot seem to figure out how to use their coupon codes. Either way, their pricing is always competitive without coupons, and they have been greatly improving their shipment times to the US, so I will defintely place more orders in the future.
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4 years ago, msbav8r53
Tried one purchase, never again. Uninstalling.
Made a purchase of a fairly expensive item. Was supposed to ship 4/25. Got an email on the 4/27 that they couldn't ship the item due to some 'logistic restrictions' and that I should order from somewhere else. I sent a reply asking when they would refund my money. They wrote back saying they could ship within 24 hours and asked why I wanted to cancel the order. ?!!! Still haven't received the item, a refund, or a reply. I will be uninstalling the app as soon as my money is refunded. Saving a few bucks isn't worth the time, aggravation, and risks dealing with a shady, foreign company. UPDATE: No. I have wasted too much time already to waste even more with insincere apologies, corporate double-speak, non-answers, which will probably contradict each other, like every response I have reveived so far. Going to initiate a charge-back with my credit card. Update 2: Banggood refuses refund, refuses to furnish necessary info for chargebacks, and refuses to help in any way.
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4 years ago, Slitoris
App ok, shipping slower then wish+lost packages
The app works fine. But be warned your packages might not show up for up to 60 days. Its worth the extra couple dollars to use a company with better infrastructure. Hell even ebay sellers will get your package shipped at least. I just had a package sitting in hong kong for over 2 weeks showing as shipped. One i paid for express shipping. They are incredibly disappointing. If i knew then what i know now i would just use an American warehouse and pay the extra 20 bucks on my 900 dollar order. Just be better banggood. (Edit for dev) also I've been through customer service 6 separate times for my one order. Already tried that rep man
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8 months ago, P@b1ito
Most intrusive annoying company
Constantly getting emails. Tried to limit emails, but would not let me. I was so frustrated I tried to delete the account, it would not let me because I had an unfinished order. Seems I had left something in the cart. Went to the cart to delet the item and found that I couldn’t. There is a minus (-) and plus (+) on each side of the number of items. The number showed 1, but the minus sign was grayed out, so I couldn’t remove the item from the cart. I had wanted to still access the deals, but that was the last straw. Ended up blocking them and deleting the app.
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