Barcelona Travel Guide and Map

4.7 (78)
98.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Kulemba GmbH
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Barcelona Travel Guide and Map

4.72 out of 5
78 Ratings
6 years ago, Deneckre
10x better than google maps
Works without data/WiFi. Live updates your location. Displays points of interest and has accurate street names. Incredibly useful and easy. The best map app hands down.
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6 years ago, chemmad
Great app with the must see some sights.
We decided to take a trip to Barcelona and I didn’t have much time to do research on site so I wanted to see. This app really help focus on those things that we definitely needed to see and I thought it was very helpful
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6 years ago, PG Olney
Very good app
Saved me multiple times with map functionality and finding locations. Loved setting my locations ahead of time and on the fly while there Highly recommend it.
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5 years ago, JGsquirrel
Excellent Offline Map!
Consider this for pre-planing trip & use offline map to get around the city
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6 years ago, MusicBumpWanter
Useful mostly Gracious
Helped us not need to use WiFi all over. Improvements would be to have all hours of open places. And when zooming to only a few streets don’t resize fonts too small to see.
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5 years ago, arnevee
All The Details Are Here
Great app, detailed, accurate data and nice and clear easy to follow. I highly recommend this baby!
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5 years ago, casey_zx
Awesome app
Made walking around a snap since we didn’t have cellular service.
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6 years ago, Aung htut
Excellent App
Awesome. Easy to navigate and I can save the places where I want to visit. I will not miss the places. Thank you.
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7 years ago, Boredoutofmymind Friday
Great app
Easy to use and a great tool to keep track of where you want to visit.
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7 years ago, WTraveler
Excellent App
Have not found any Ulmon app I have not liked. Would be nice if they put in metro map like in NYC.
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6 years ago, Cscharles
Easy to use.
Pretty simple and accurate.
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6 years ago, sandyland8888
Wonderful app
Very easy to use his good directions
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6 years ago, setexsteve
Find your way around Barcelona
Excellent app for identifying key places and transportation hubs in a city.
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7 years ago, Blacksmith 73
So great app
I like it and I've been using it in most of my trips 👍
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6 years ago, Mareasur
Best app
Awesome app. Highly recommended.
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6 years ago, wait on tom
Ulman map
Easy to use doesn’t force unwanted services
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7 years ago, Ret Cop
Have not been to Europe yet but I believe this application is going to be a great help....!
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6 years ago, jerrythegreat17
Barcelona city app
Great app. Locations and reviews on all top sites, restaurants and parks.
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7 years ago, Iwkasliwka
Good app
Very useful stuff
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7 years ago, Bellafabulosa
Very Helpful!
Great app. Love it’s simplicity!
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8 years ago, stockwet
I recently used this app on our trip to Barcelona. Wow! How do people travel without this? Like most great things in life, success is in the details. Just one example of the little details that I lived is the directional arrow on the map that tells you which direction your pointing. When navigating a city like Barcelona, it's a huge time saver to know the direction you're going. On other apps, I would have to start walking, only to realize I had to back track and go the other way. I also loved the information about local historical sites, easy searches for food and landmarks, and Wikipedia integration. This is a GREAT travel app. I will totally use this again if going to any of their other destination cities.
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9 years ago, Marzico
A life saver
Usually don't rate apps but after a trip to Europe using this offline maps, I can asure you, this app will make your trip easier and you won't miss any important spot in the city. I used London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Venice, Rome, Florence, Barcelona, Madrid and Lisbon! In Budapest I felt lost because they don't have a map for this city but Google also doesn't have a map for Budapest offline. I'll put 6 stars but I can't so 5 it's the closest. One more thing, all this is for FREE! And this is not all, also you can download the information about the historic places in the city and then you can get the info offline. You have to try it!!
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15 years ago, Jon-in-nashville
big fan of the 2Go apps!
My wife and I just spent 3 weeks in Europe, and our experience was greatly enhanced by the 2Go apps, including this one for Barcelona. In fact, becuase of this app, we probably ended up seeing a good deal more sites than we would have normally because of the 'around me' funtionality. And we certainly had a better idea of what we were seeing because of the included wikipedia info. If you are traveling in Barcelona, I highly recommend this as a travel aid - particularly at the price.
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14 years ago, er-nay
Needs improvement but it does a fairly basic job well
All the information given is taken directly from the Wikipedia entries for each location.(which all-in-all are pretty good) The biggest problem is that the App needs to connect where you are to where the locations are and give you directions about how to get from one place to another. It would also be great if you could overlay a subway map over the given map so one would not need to crash out of this app and go to a subway App to see where the nearest stop is.
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10 years ago, Gtamarkin
I used Ulmon in Madrid and Barcelona. It's really really helpful. It doesn't use Internet connection that could be expensive but shows your location pretty accurate and allows to search for addresses and places of interest. The application doesn't show you the route but when you see your location on the map and the point you want to reach it's very easy to navigate and you don't have to carry the map. Application is very useful. I used it on iPhone and iPad without problems.
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11 years ago, wx2junior
Awesome app
This app is very handy, the only way it could possibly be better is if it had offline routing. That might make it too heavy, it is already a must have for Barcelona Visitors. This app makes me feel like a local even though I am not... I check the street names and features of what the roads look like at the places I need to be and I go. If I need to reference the map real quick, it is ready to go. Thank You Ulmon!
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15 years ago, Canoe2008
Not a map replacement
OK, so to be fair, the good stuff - the wikipedia info on sites is helpful for planning sightseeing. However I (and probably most people) want to use this in place of my El Corte Ingles tourist map, and this DOES NOT do this due to: 1. No Metro stations - really? why not have these on the map? 2. No Directions - you have to manually zoom out and scan the map to find out where you are in relation to the site - not that bad except #3: 3. GPS doesn't work well with the iPhone in airplane mode (ie not paying for roaming plan). Not the developers fault but at least let me search cross streets so I can figure out where I am.
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10 years ago, xxmochalatte
This thing saved me!!
I used this map constantly during my trip to Barcelona. It's intuitive, easy to use, and perfect for someone who has never set foot in Barcelona before. It even comes with suggestions on where to go and places near you. I definitely would recommend this app to anyone traveling to Barcelona, especially those who are prone to getting lost.
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10 years ago, אiרן
Must-have traveling app
The offline map saved me quite a few times when navigating in the city without wifi. Extensive database for attractions and locations. The hotel DB can't be compared with specialized apps, but that's less important for me.
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10 years ago, For a planning procrastinator
Awesome tool!
This app works even without an internet connection and was a million times more useful than the map on my iPhone or other city guide apps I downloaded. I loved that it showed all metro stations and attractions right on the map.
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9 years ago, Sebtran
Your own personal tour guide for Barcelona!
Excellent app for exploring Barcelona! Full of great suggestions and site information! GPS capability prevented me from going down the wrong road many times! No option to select your walking path, which would have made this app even better!!
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10 years ago, Becky Martin
Lose the tourist maps!
We used this app constantly in BCN (and Rome). The detailed offline maps and site information was very helpful. It did not seem to have all of the restaurants or activities loaded, not sure if they promote some above others based on fees... Regardless, the maps were invaluable because they allowed us to set pins and loosely plan our day in advance. Also liked the Wikipedia entries, they provided additional context. If they could add bus routes (and times) it would be 6+ stars!
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9 years ago, Shucksitscorny
Wonderful way to look at a map and not look as touristy.
Loves not having to use wifi or data. Could mark the map with destinations for the day and search features. Very helpful!
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10 years ago, MikeinAZ813
Used this in Barcelona in May. Very handy. The ability to load info while on hotel wifi and access offline walking around reduces risk of excessive data charges.
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9 years ago, Vader60
Excellent travel companion!!!!!
Don't even think to go to Barcelona without this app! It made our lives easier finding our way around the city.
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13 years ago, 727 driver
This and all the city maps to go are great apps. You don't need the data mode for the maps work overseas.
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9 years ago, Mylo S
Handy off line detailed map
It is great to have a scalable map that can be accessed when not connected to data. It can be time consuming to find where u are on the map even with the search facility.
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10 years ago, Simga7
Great app!
Very helpful for a first time visitor, and being able to use the map & locate ourselves without using data will help with the travel budget. Only wish more hotels were searchable by name. Ours wasn't. But overall very useful.
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11 years ago, JohnProf
Great App
A must for Barcelona from which I just returned. The maps are much better than those available through map stores or guides. Barcelona--while one of the Great cities of the Western world is not easy to navigate. The usefulness of the maps in this app cannot be exaggerated. Be prepared by bringing this app.
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12 years ago, JoshFriedlander
Not much better than a paper map
No directions from one place to another in offline mode, which is the entire reason to buy this. The search often doesn't find streets that are on the map!! Cruddy wiki pages on major sites. There aren't that many in Barcelona! You can't do a little writing!?
Show more
13 years ago, Agrqqq
Great app
Great one very useful even without internet. Seems it takes a lot of its info from wikipedia which is fine. Highly recommend
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11 years ago, Fullscreen32
Amazing app! Offline map with GPS navigates you around the city, and you can custom pin locations on it too. Best travel app ever! Wish they had one for every city.
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9 years ago, PosieN
Pretty good app
This app is just pretty good. I'd give it a B-. It has some not all the cool sites and stores. Sometimes u can't get detailed enough. And I found it annoying that the features for the app r inconsistent between each city. U can't change the color of ur pins in the Barcelona app.
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10 years ago, Capn Jim
Great help!
I have been using the Ulmon group maps for quite some time now. Love the wiki tie in. Extensive database. A great resource while moving around the world. Highly recommend.
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11 years ago, devlin3x
Good for orientation
I used this app together with a city map that had all important touristic points highlighted. The app was very good to locate where you are and what direction you should go. The POI are ok, but some description or presentation for them would be great.
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11 years ago, David from MA
Great App
Used it during a recent trip to Barcelona - very convenient to use without a data plan. Planning on using it again when I return to BCN.
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8 years ago, Marky Mark - Veritas
Very useful
Great app. Works well offline even in airplane mode / no cell data. Helps to look up locations in advance and bookmark.
Show more
10 years ago, Vegobactilus
Great App
Works offline. Gives great options. Just needs more users to provide valid and useful reviews. Otherwise really awesome app. I've downloaded the apps for 5 other cities as well.
Show more
11 years ago, Pokerrrplayer
A great app!
I always use this app when I travel. Offline map is cool, and the pins functionality is just what a tourist needs!
Show more
10 years ago, Captainbligh.NY
Awsome Ap
Do Not Leave Home without a map. This app saved me hours of frustration. When you are in a new city this is a life saver. No more asking people for help. First thing to do is Pin your hotel.
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