Barcode Reader for iPhone

3 (143)
52.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
TapMedia Ltd
Last update
8 years ago
Version OS
7.0 or later
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User Reviews for Barcode Reader for iPhone

2.97 out of 5
143 Ratings
3 years ago, german111888
Can use the back button
When you click on certain sections of the app, you have to close the app as the back button doesn’t work...
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6 years ago, ShayNista
Scan Perfect
App works great no issues will continue to use this app and tell everyone about it
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3 years ago, Ryanlamb123!!
Good but also bad...
It works but if it’s an invalid barcode and if you type in the name of the product but the done and cancel buttons are overlaid.
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2 years ago, nick23456733111245666764432
Captures then Stops
This app stopped working within a couple months. It captures the barcode and then fails to give any an information, just goes back to Home Screen of your phone. Deleted!!
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12 years ago, Lovinlyfe16
3rd one I've tried. Worked immediately. The only thing I don't like is, you have to have 1 app for barcodes and one for QR's. they are free why not convert them together. It's just a pain to switch between the two. Other than that I have no quarrels.
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3 years ago, Ejay217
Don’t waste your space
This app doesn’t find basic things. Total crap. Had it before and it was ok now it doesn’t find EASY things. Would give it a zero
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7 years ago, Droobie-Doo
Buggy, doesn’t work
Won’t scan barcodes. If you go into settings you can’t get out because the ‘done’ button doesn’t work. Deleted.
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2 years ago, Carverman2002
Crashes all time
Crashes every time i scan a barcode on my 12pro. Deleting it!
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10 months ago, RCDCBSC
Doesn’t work
Took 6 readings but none would open to see the price
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2 years ago, gerblens
Literally crashes every single time I try to scan a barcode. Don’t bother.
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5 years ago, Pittdesmond
Trick charges
This all will auto renew every month although you think it’s a free reader - good luck trying to cancel this app. They are thieves
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2 years ago, Beckaroo Lutgen
Will take photo and then it returns to my Home Screen. No info from the barcode. Waist of time.
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3 years ago, hehegeusn
Everytime I scan my barcode the app closes
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4 years ago, FREEDOM33333333$
Does it even “read the barcode”? or it only shows ads😀
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7 years ago, Pdhjdsvbnhghrhdbgdhh
Very fast & accurate
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2 years ago, 2019sam
The app doesn’t work
Doesn’t work
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2 years ago, wardwell
sounds good but just crashes on my 7.
sounds good but just crashes on my 7. deleted. probably my phone is too old.
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2 years ago, mmcclain03
don't believe any good reviews
any of the few positive reviews are obviously written by the app developer, a family member or a friend. because tbus app is the worst
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2 years ago, logan-c
just crashed
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12 years ago, Tcallaha
Works great for me...
Not sure why all the complaints about it not working, I'm in a bookstore and every book I've tried works great. I did have to tap on the item before it would say there were results (before that the listing said no results but after viewing results it updated). May work better with books though.
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12 years ago, Ffchbji
Easy to use...only wish information could be stored in database for record keeping large groups of records... Like listing all the books in my library for example. Barcode very helpful in that record keeping process!
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12 years ago, Waputin
Does not work w/new ver.
Last version worked fine but new version crashes as soon as it starts up. The app icon is just a blank gray box. Have deleted and reinstalled 4 times, turning my iPad off in between attempts, with the same result each time. Just can't get to work at all....give up. Gave it one star but tried to give none (app store must not allow that). Going to try a different one. :(
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9 years ago, Juanferr
A new toy
I hope it pays everything after August set up new credit card and I hope it pays for it and I don't have to cancel
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13 years ago, Stickinthemud57
Reads barcodes, but no info
The app seems to able to read the barcode, but I have yet to find a single barcode for which there is information of any kind. I would think there would at least be product information.
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8 years ago, BI46
Simply a GREAT tool.
I use this app all the time for reading QR codes and the standard barcode. It is always accurate and is fast.
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11 years ago, #1Frogmom
I found several prices for my item I searched for! Very helpful
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13 years ago, wmcrunkabites
Dose not work
I scanned just about every thing I could find In a store trying to find something it would find and if it did find it witch it did not find one item I was going to see the accuracy by looking at the price. This is a huge waist don't download
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12 years ago, Amanj7
So far so good
I have tried on some stuffs, was good, can get information about the items. Hope it will be applicable on medical items...!
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11 years ago, The master Chris
Way faster than I thought it was going to be. Amazing job it is exactly what I was looking for
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9 years ago, Bs moms
This was a great app.......
.... And I had no issues with it until now. Now it opens and then immediately crashes. I see others have the same problem and it makes me wonder why they don't address it. I'm using iOS 8 on an iPhone 6.
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12 years ago, SamFan87
Frustrating, waste of time!
I have never left a negative review about any app I've ever installed from the app store, but this one plain doesn't work. "scanning…hold over barcode…scanning…" over and OVER! I even tried to import a pic of the barcode! I'm sorry but this app is horrible.
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12 years ago, Eric the r3d
I want to scan everything everywhere
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13 years ago, Bobby.Bobcat
Tryed it anyway
It does not work. when it dose scan it says no record found. i got it to scan 10 items, and found nothing on all 10. the paid version is the same way. i got my money back for it.
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12 years ago, ThePhantom86
Works fine
I scanned all kinds of items in my kitchen, only thing it couldn't find was cat treats.
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11 years ago, .:PapaBear:.
Does exactly what I wanted
Needed an way to read and verify barcodes. This does exactly what I wanted.
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10 years ago, large Data use
Works great
Every time I use it works according to how it supposed to great app
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12 years ago, Visiting Nebraska
Barcode scanner
Just downloaded and scanned 4 codes. Don't know why I need it but seems to work fine.
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11 years ago, ElmiraTea
Very well put together
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11 years ago, Joannes Apple Acct
Works for me!
Only used occasionally, but always there
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12 years ago, Princess Api
Completely useless
Take my advice, it's a waste of memory in your Apple device. It can't find ANY info on one single thing. i scanned everything from drinks to soap, and NOTHING came up! Really completely useless and wasteful. Thank you.
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12 years ago, Ministry network
Barcode reader
This app is awesome works great . I don't know what all the complaints are for.
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12 years ago, TommyG61
Absolutely useless
This is an absolute waste of time it does not work I can't believe that they would even put an inferior app like this out for option to download.
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9 years ago, TN_7
Was Really Good
It's time to delete and find a new app because this one no longer works. It crashes immediately after opening...very disappointed.
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10 years ago, Jahanpos kuskesh
Best barcode scanner app ever
This is simply best I've tried
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11 years ago, Amit khoje
Iphone 4s
Awesome app. Instant savings of dollars specially in thanks giving season
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10 years ago, PaulRH63
Crashes at start-up in iOS8
Worked before iOS8 but now crashes on startup. It shows the metal door closed then crashes. Deleted app and reinstalled it. Still crashes. Please fix or update app...
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12 years ago, Walt-e
Great app
Works on everything I scan. Great App!
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12 years ago, BlJa
Easy to operate.
Great temperature on water. More useful if pod machine would take loose coffee to make multiple cups.
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12 years ago, Light Collector
Worthless Even for Free
Not able to identify even most popular brand name items. Please write a negative review if it did not work for you, so Apple would take it off their store.
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12 years ago, Brotherlost
I am going to get into a lot of trouble with this
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