Barcode Scanner - QR Scanner

4.5 (38.5K)
27.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
MD Mokammal Hossain
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Barcode Scanner - QR Scanner

4.46 out of 5
38.5K Ratings
6 years ago, Pygmypop
Cancelled the trial, but they charged me anyway!
I signed up for the free trial for a week, then I cancelled it before they charged me. But now it is months later and they have started to charge me for monthly service, this bogus and pretty sick of them to do that. They didn’t have my permission and they did it anyway.
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6 months ago, Barcode lovers
I love bar codes!!!!!!
Best app ever I can now scan as many bar codes as I want it is parodies are you ever bummed that you can’t use it anymore and you can’t get a new phone or anything else to use for your iPhone and iPad or whatever and I have a lot more money on the phone so you have a good idea how to use the app to do that and then I have to do that I have a good idea what I need and how much money I need and I need it to get it done I need it for my life I have a need to be a good job and I’m going home I have a good job and I don’t need it and I don’t want to do it all right bye I’m going home now and I’m going out of the store I don’t know if I need it to get it done and I’m just trying my own life and then I’ll see what I’m just a lot to see what I’m trying my own money is it is it was the money is the only way out here I have no one wants me a little money to go out and I’m just don’t know if it’s a little money for you don’t have any idea where you could get me the only
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6 years ago, Frustrated Mrs
I just wanted to scan literally three barcodes from my wedding reception gifts to return them because we had received duplicates and we didn’t know where they had been purchased. The app was great that you could search it a number of different ways-except for the fact that I could take the barcode number without the app and search it via Google because that is literally what the app does-and I found one gift and it was quicker than if I had typed it myself so for that I was grateful. Then I went to scan the second-yes second gift out of three- and it wouldn’t let me without subscribing! I can’t scan more than once before being bombarded and asking for money?? Nope. So I deleted the app promptly and I have manually searched up the items. Same exact products and searches appeared on my screen and it took an extra 30 seconds, but it’s better than subscribing to something you aren’t even sure if you can cancel. So my advice? Don’t get the app, copy the number into google. It’s exactly what the app does. Plus, how often do you have to scan barcodes anyways?
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7 years ago, Setho..
Very inconvenient
You can't do anything on the app without the $2.99 upgrade, as an ad pops up every time you click on something. Most of the ads made me wait 5 sec before I could exit it. Even with the upgrade, the app is very slow. It basically just google searches for you without making you type it in, so you have to continually hit the back and scanner buttons to scan the next item. Good if you occasionally stumble across items you're curious about, but if you're looking to scan quickly and in bulk, this is not the app for you.
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5 years ago, Jay bear2
Won’t show products
Installed the app, and naturally, I tried it out on a couple things I had in the house with the tags on it. Worked fine. Showed up exactly what it was, where to buy it, etc. thought “ok cool, it works.” Several days later, I went to use it for real, at a store, so I could find out more info about the item. Now, no matter what I scan, or no matter how many times I exit out of the ads, it’ll scan, and immediately pull up an ad to download the Pro version. No matter what. Basically, there is no free version of this app.
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7 years ago, Tahoe Momma
So far so good ‼️
Had problems with other apps that were supposed to do the same thing, but this app is fast and efficient which is a plus for the busy person in this day and age. Not much patience for apps that waste my time. This is definitely a must have app for those busy people with no patience!!
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7 years ago, Bratas
5 star review.....
As another person stated I had to leave a 5 star review or got so many ads it made it impossible to use. So like them once I actually use the app I'll be back to update my review. I hope it actually works the way it's supposed to as it will save me a ton of time....
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6 years ago, Cyberdoom2
They try everything to trick you
Read every screen very carefully. They do everything to trick the user into starting a subscription. It is safe to assume that any “green” button you are clicking will set you up for recurrent charges. Be very careful. Once you subscribe it takes 4-6 screens to get to the screen to unsubscribe and it is through apple’s settings. No option to unsubscribe from within the app. Not my favorite app.
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7 years ago, Ms. Sara Lisa
amazing apps
This is really an effective and nice working app for any super shop, grocery shop and anywhere you need to read barcode. The application is anything but difficult to utilize and I imparted it to my companions. They like it in particular. It scanner everything accurately.
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5 years ago, Me2b2
Barcode Banger
This is by far the best barcode scanning app on the market. It’s helped me tremendously through my move. From comparing prices, to fun with friends, this Barcode Scanner app really has put in work. 5/5, would scan again.
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7 years ago, harryporter268
super app
The application is anything but difficult to utilize and I imparted it to my companions. They like it in particular. It scanner everything accurately .App highlight is great quality. Standardized identification scanner working quick and correct answer. Application plan truly superb.
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3 years ago, Ekagrata
BEWARE- Just plain scam
So, I downloaded through the App Store and when opening the app it defaults to a message that I have a three day trial and then will be billed $2.99 per month. Tried to find a cancel option under my subscriptions but the app does not show up (evidently while on trial). The developer then gets to charge me for the first month before I have a chance to cancel? What the heck kind of trial is this?!
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5 years ago, Bes1387
Works on point
Great app work for you Takeaway the process of having to research and is it call me a hint it is three seconds to scan the barcode Can you get all the information about the product you’re looking at right away
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3 years ago, BettyBledsoe
I truly love and appreciate Aldis!
This store is awesome! Clean and well stocked and organized and awesome selection of fresh produce, fruits, vegetables, breads! Great prices and best of all they had a working scooter grocery cart with a big basket for groceries! Truly thankful and blessed! Keep up the great work! Thank you!
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7 years ago, mamun0101
M. Abdullah Al Mamun
This is really an effective and nice working app for any super shop, grocery shop and anywhere you need to read barcode. I think this will be very beneficial to all who wants to do business related to products containing barcode.
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4 years ago, T-Rex Bear
Free version is junk
After the first couple times I used it, I would get pop-ups repeatedly (to upgrade to the paid version) every time I scanned something. As soon as I would close the pop-up, it would pop up again before the scanner could read the item. After 5 or 6 times having the scan interrupted on a single item, I gave up and deleted this garbage app.
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7 years ago, IAmMe5623
It Works
This barcode scanner is very fast at recognizing barcodes on products I have at home - it even recognized ones for sign language training products. This isn't a review to get free apps - I honestly like this app.
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7 years ago, Goose egg 12345
Great for my baby items
This app is great for locating where baby items were purchased for me and when I can find more of those item!
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9 months ago, ladb56
False in listing the app
Did not mention that once you download you will be charged for the app on schedule. This information used to be listed in the App Store, you knew what the cost was before you downloaded. Now I have to find where to unsubscribe to this app. Very frustrating.
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4 years ago, tunapala
It doesn’t work properly
I just try to read several barcodes. One of them USPS and didn’t successful. Other one is a medicine box from another country and was successful surprisingly. And I tried another one from US it reads wrong numbers and didn’t work again. After that it starts to ask to subscribe. Which I won’t do it with this performance. Or should I say lack of performance
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7 years ago, Globe reader
App forced me to leave a 5 star review
App forced me to leave a 5 star review or i get REALLY annoying screen flashes. I'll come back and update once i have a chance to actually use the app.
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11 months ago, Tucker_567
Not Great and Not What You Would Expect.
When I scanned a monster energy drink to test it out it just brings me to a rip off google chrome, Instead of just telling me the price or where I can get it. At that point I could just search it up. In my opinion I don’t like this app at all. 😐
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7 years ago, petcompilations
This app has become one of my favorite after just 30 minutes of downloading it. I advice anyone to get it on their Iphone. Quality app. Thanks.
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7 years ago, TAZfromTX
Works great!
Just what I needed. One app that easily scans both QR codes and barcodes, and then gives a lot of ways to find information on the product.
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2 years ago, kebosobbee
My phone was to beep when scan was successful but it didn’t so I don’t know if my vote went through
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7 years ago, Dunderchief77
Extremely fast
This thing is incredibly fast. So handy for reviews of something you are shopping for while out and about. Nice.
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7 years ago, HT Henry Thomas
Best BarCode Scanner app!
This BarCode Scanner app was really amazing and helpful . By this app I can easily scan codes without any problem and easy to use. Everyday I use it. Thanks to developers.
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7 years ago, Therios pendragon
Don't wanna play!
Absolutely the worst experience! Cannot even begin scanning without writing a review or playing some stupidly horrible game. The worst cr@p in the world! Totally unscrupulous! Forcing reviews and/or playing a game I don't want to play. OBVIOUSLY all the other recent high star reviews are that of one of those clans that will post positive FOR you. There is absolutely no way anyone would post more than one star!
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7 years ago, khan147
Nice and simple to use. Does exactly what I need it to do. My only issue is sometimes I have issues targeting the correct barcodes if there's are more than one close together.
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7 years ago, A Sassy One
This is amazing, I highly recommend this to anyone and everyone. So simple, so fast and it has hit on everyone I have scanned, so far. Thank you for a very useful app.
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2 years ago, jakey1000
This is horrible!
Did not realize this was a pay service. Now instructions to cancel are too complicated and will not let me cancel! Too complicated to work! Hate this! Do not touch that button to install! Charges after only 3 days! Scam! Cannot find anyway to cancel this thing and want it gone!!!!
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5 years ago, Smokey zc
Why cant these apps just say it costs money instead of wasting my time
This scanner is not free you get to use it twice even though it didn’t recognize either barcode it then charges you from that point on.
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7 years ago, Nicknight321
Works gr8
I always find simple and easy type apps. This is simple and fast. I don't care what others say about this app. It works for me really well.
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7 months ago, BobJim1234
Don’t waist your time or money
Downloaded this app several times over the last year or so, when I go to use it I remember whiny I deleted it before. It will not scan barcodes constantly and if you do get it to scan you can only scan so may times before you have to pay.
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4 years ago, Mark Tian
Excellent scanner to use!
This iPhone scanner software is easy to is and has accurate information on what it is scanning.
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7 years ago, Negranoyola
No wonder this app has 5 stars give them a 5 stars review and you get unlimited To many ads .... in the middle of searching an ads pops up :/
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5 years ago, ThePlazaGamer Yt
You only get 3 free scans then you have to pay it searches at a medium-slow speed and at what time are you like I need to scan this also most of the time you can’t even get the QR/barcode in the area before it searches don’t use it and this is coming from a YouTuber ThePlazaGamer not trying to promote myself just Incase you were wondering what it was.
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7 years ago, Ourroadfun
Great App
Very impressed so far with this app! I've been looking for a good scanner app and I looks like I finally found the right one. Very fast and accurate reading.
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7 years ago, Utpol Saha
Barcode Scanner is one of the most favorite app to me and it is very helpful to me. The app is very easy to use and I shared it with my friends. They like it very much. It scanne everything correctly .
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7 years ago, Johne2003
Always the go to reader
This has always been my go to reader for several years it's never failed
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6 years ago, rickgrimes5972
Horrible impossible to cancel subscription
I accidentally pressed the subscribe button and immediately tried to cancel however they will not allow cancellation in app. I must cancel through iTunes which makes no sense since I’m not buying songs. I have had to cancel my cc so I won’t have to pay fees every month since I can’t cancel it
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2 years ago, RichieRPh
Unusable without paid upgrade
This app is very annoying to use without paying for it. You can maybe scan a couple barcodes before it nags you to upgrade. The ads are placed in every location possible and pop up at every moment they can.
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7 years ago, ashnuba56325
Wow its wonderful app I use this app and working very good .App feature is very good quality. Barcode scanner working very fast and exact answer. App design really wonderful.
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5 years ago, madamemarie
Annoying PoP uPs
Every time I try to use the barcode reader a pop up appears asking me to upgrade. The barcodes I try scanning never scan because of the pop up interruptions. If the pop up was off to the side it might be better but otherwise the app doesn’t work well because of the pop up interference.
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7 years ago, H2Omac
Cost money for nothing you people complicate a system when it was running smooth. I want a refund
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7 years ago, Faisal sah
NIce apps
Barcode scanner is awesome. This is really an effective and nice working app for any super shop, grocery shop and anywhere you need to read barcode. Thanks developer.
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7 years ago, Jakaria82
Nice apps
I can easily scan codes without any problem and easy to use. Everyday I use it. Nice and simple to use. Does exactly what I need it to do.
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6 years ago, JS4GUMBY
Is what it is
Is ok when it actually works. Many things won't scan or scan but can't find anything in the search. Also, when it does find something, it's the wrong product. When it does work though, it's pretty cool. Is what it is. What do you expect from a free app?!
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3 years ago, Ravi209
Better than others
This app works great for barcode scans! Saves time.
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7 years ago, Shanto Hasan SH
Favorite Scanner App!
So much useful app and important also. In this app have many awesome features. Now i can easily Share codes via SMS, Email, Twitter, and Facebook. Thanks.
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