BARK - BarkBox, Super Chewer

4.9 (18.3K)
42.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
BarkBox, Inc
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for BARK - BarkBox, Super Chewer

4.93 out of 5
18.3K Ratings
4 months ago, Dude 12345678@
Worth every penny
If you're thinking about getting BARK box, I recommend you do it. I was hesitant at first because I didn't know if my dogs would actually enjoy the treats or the toys that came in the box but a friend of mine had ordered the bark box for her dogs and they are similar in size and are tough chewers. She told me that the boxes worth the money which is very reasonably priced about $34 depending on your type of box or any add one you would like you pay per month but be on the lookout for deals because they offer quite a bit of them. It's really nice because you can customize the box to fit your dog perfectly. I have three dogs and two out of three of my dogs play with toys and each box comes with two toys, two treats, and an extra gift, which will be either another treat or another toy, for example this month box for December they got a candy cane shaped cookie and I split it between the three of my dogs and they all loved them. I had a little bit of an issue with my first box but it was my fault I accidentally put in the wrong address I contacted BARK box through their live, chat, not only did I get an immediate response, but I was able to get a replacement box sent out to me immediately. The people I spoke to at bark box were very kind and understanding I love every aspect of the bark box and I can see myself using this company for a very long time 10 out of 10 recommend I have nothing bad to say.
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1 year ago, Chu Klee
🐶🐾 Amazing stuff for dogs 🐾🐶
I recently got a puppy back in June, and long before I had a puppy I had seen some info about bark box. I was really drawn in by the cute toys and the assortment that they have for different kinds of chewers. I’ve tried both the super chewers and the regular bark boxes and I absolutely love everything I get. Bark box has amazing customer service. There was one time I got a box where my puppy didn’t seem very interested in any of the toys because they were too big/hard for him (I ended up giving them to my friends dog who did love them, so they were well used). In the app, it lets you write reviews on each product you get if you want; so I wrote about how the products are great but it didn’t suit my dog that round. They reached out to me almost immediately and offered me a new toy. Then new one was great! I was so astounded by how much they went out of their way to make sure I had a good experience. It’s what keeps me coming back. Anyways, it’s worth it. The app works great too, I’ve never had any issues with it and it’s very easily navigated. Thank you barkbox for having amazing service and always giving my dog the best toys and treats!
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2 years ago, Jotheastronaunt
Monthly mood booster for us both!
As a struggling 29 year old living paycheck to paycheck I did the most financially smart thing…I adopted a puppy in need. And I absolutely don’t regret it! This little ball of energy has brought so much joy in my life and makes it easier to get out of bed. so of course I want to spoil her and give her the best of the best. When my first box didn’t get delivered I reached out to customer support and had by far the best experience. I was offered an amazing resolution within five minutes of starting the chat. The first box wasn’t delivered because I had entered my address incorrectly and I was 100% ready and ok with eating the cost of the first box. After all, it was my fault. They were extremely helpful and not only helped to verify my address and added a free box to my subscription but also doubled the next box for me for free. (Also being able to contact them over the app and not having to talk on the phone saved my social anxiety riddled self a panic attack.) Receiving our box each month is something we both look forward too. My pup Mochi recognizes the box and seeing her happy and being able to spoil her brightens my day.
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2 years ago, lovelyypanic
Best customer service!
I get quite a few subscription boxes. From makeup to meat to underwear. This one by far has the best customer service. We got our first box of a six month sub and the toys were too tough for our Apollo. He was 5 month old at the time. I emailed customer service to see if there was a soft option for the next month. CS got back to me with in an hour. Was very attentive and thorough. Switched me over to the softer toys and sent out two replacements. They also switched me to a all toy box since Apollo was having some stomach problems. Even reached back out afterwards to make sure Apollo was happy. Boxes came in a timely manner. Apollo gets so excited when he sees the box on the porch. The toys are such high quality. He shreds toys from other stores. He hasn’t been able to shred a single one of these. The themes are always super cute. You really can’t beat the price for the quality. We’ve all really enjoyed this box just as much as Apollo. The app it self is great. Runs smoothly. You can track review and shop add on’s. Great service all around.
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8 months ago, Gussie Gus
Gus loves his monthly Bark Box!
I’m not sure who is more excited when Gus’ monthly Bark Box arrives, him or me. Lol He absolutely loves the toys and treats! These are the only toys that don’t end up in the back yard. He keeps them easily accessible and close to his bed instead. The toys are durable and withstand my big boy’s game of tug. Both of my dogs really enjoy the treats like no other. They follow the treats with their noses until I open the bag and share. The team at Bark Box worked with me to give Gus the right mix of toys… 1 Super Chewer and one soft toy each month. Although he’s a 100 pound Bernese and definitely a “super chewer”, he still enjoys carrying around and snuggling with the soft toys. I also have a 14 1/2 yr old Aussie (he no longer cares about toys) who has lost weight due to a decreased appetite. I was pouring chicken and beef broth in his food to stimulate his appetite but he wouldn’t eat it once it became soggy. I tried the 3 pack of dog spices, containing flavor enhancers, from Bark Box. I just sprinkle a little bit over both of their dog food. Yadi loves it a lot more than the broth and is now eating 100% of his meals! Of course Gus loves it also, even though a lack of appetite is not his problem. What I do for one, I must do for the other (or feel pleading eyes following me around the room). Lol I would highly recommend Bark Box to anyone that loves their dogs and enjoys spoiling them!
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8 months ago, Jacks Mama 💕🐾
I’ve been waiting to try Bark Box. Hesitant to know if it would be worth the cash. After much though I realize what I spent a month on things that my pup doesn’t like or play with is nothing compared to this subscription and I figured the experience alone would be cool. My pup loves to get mail and open things. Our mailman is seriously one of his favorite people. We just got our first box and it did not disappoint. I’ll start by saying the free bed was exceptional. So nice! And the bark box itself was super cute and fun for my pup. He liked all the treats and he’s picky. He also liked both plush toys. One much more than the other but none the less after opening everything and taste testing the treats he laid his 2 plush toys on his new bed and literally cuddled and laid on top of them. It was awesome. Can’t wait for next month. 💕🐾
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2 years ago, keyboardchick
First ever subscription
At first I only signed up during a promotion to receive an apple AirTag and AirTag holder. I’ve received two boxes out of my six month subscription so far. My rottsky chews everything so chose the super chewer all nylon package, I also ask for larger sized treats if possible since my pup likes to try to swallow everything whole if it’s small enough. I have zero complaints on the boxes I received and the treats have been decently sized for a larger pup. When I found that my choice of toys for my pup were not interesting to her, I reviewed my second box and asked for more fabric in my remaining boxes. It was so easy to manage my subscription and make changes. And the best part is they sent my pup a replacement toy with more fabric. She is so happy with her new toy!! Totally recommend trying the bark box subscription if you haven’t .
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6 days ago, lelugraves
Both my pups love their boxes
I have a very old dog who started off getting them just recently and is extremely happy getting them, our new puppy is very happy with his too. Update from this post, my older dog enjoyed them until the end. I miss her horribly. I had her over 15 years and she was over 5 when I found her. The puppy we got last time I wrote this review is now 14 months old. He loves his bark boxes to this day. And the customer service is amazing. I might have to get a new subscription because we just rescued a stray dog we found in the middle of the street. We took him to the shelter to try to find his owners and we went back and got him. I’m not sure he even knows what to do with toys but I think it’s worth a shot. We will probably be adding another subscription soon. Barkbox is the best!!!
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2 years ago, Maisey's Mom
Customer Service
I did not receive my last month’s Bark Box and your team replaced it with no questions asked! You guys are so awesome. I will be a loyal customer for life! I wish I knew the name of the wonderful woman who helped me. If, you can look it up, she is a great employee and is a great representative of the Bark Box team. She deserves a good Ol’ scratch behind the ears! I enjoyed chatting with her while she helped fix the situation. Please give her my thanks and gratitude if you possibly can. I am beyond thankful. I am paralyzed, my dog means the world to me and when that box comes in the mail it’s the one time of month that really bring me joy—seeing my pooch be so excited is such a highlight! So, to miss a month kind of had me down. She fixed it and ughh… just made me so happy! I give her a ‘round-of-a-PAWS! Thanks, Again, Shea and Maisey Marie Howard ♡
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3 months ago, FCHWTMC
Awesome toys, products and customer service
I’ve had the subscription service for over a year now, and I must say I am amazingly impressed with the quality of the toys and the amazing customer service. Whenever I have an issue, all I have to do is chat or text in and they quickly reply back. Not only did I have an issue with the sizing in one of the jackets, but they refunded me. I asked if there was any kind of replacements or exchanges, and they said to just pass it along to another pupper in need. I also just recently re-ordered one of his toys without any hassle. I cannot recommend this service enough to any dog lover out there. If they get something wrong, they will make it their best effort to make it right!! If you were ever in doubt, just get this box, you will not regret it!!
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1 year ago, T. Cotham
Jasmine’s first box 🐾
Love, love, love the Bark Box! Jasmine was so excited to get a delivery that was strictly for her. She dug around in the box and quickly got excited and started playing. Highly recommend this to anyone who is on the fence about subscribing. Based on the quality and the amount of items inside the box - it is far cheaper and better than what you can get at the store. Knowing that you can create a box that is suited for your specific dogs personality and breed is probably a favorite of mine. The mobile app is a must have! You can track the shipment, purchase a variety of other products and change something up if needed. If I have one complaint at all it is that I didn’t do this sooner. Great idea, great products and so much fun for our furry loved ones!
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12 months ago, Jenn2830!
Seriously this is the best subscription I have found! My dog absolutely loves getting her bark boxes. She knows every time the mail man brings her box it’s hers and she gets super excited and rips it up all on her own. You seriously can’t beat the price of the box either! You get to add more toys also if you want. Also if anything and I mean anything at all is wrong with the box and your pup don’t like something they replace it with no problems and no questions. The only question they ask is what would she love to have more. And they send you a new one within a week. I am super satisfied with bark box. Just Do it, download the app and start your subscription for your pup! You won’t be disappointed. Thank you BARK BOX TEAM!
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7 months ago, Whaaaat627
Worth it!
I absolutely love Bark box! Customer service is ALWAYS kind and helpful! My dog absolutely LOVES when his box comes. So much so, that every other box that comes in the mail he has to inspect and try to open. The toys are top notch. I still have some from last year that are still intact. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about this company. The only thing that I would change is when the box comes. Since it varies on what time of the month the box comes, you never really know. I ended up having to buy additional toys for my dogs birthday in the middle or September since my box has still not come. Other than when the box comes, everything else is top notch!
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6 months ago, Mo Mo L
Amazing product, unreliable delivery
My puppy and I love this and get so excited for every months box to come. Every months new box is creative and fun and exceeds our expectations for the toys and yummys. I absolutely love how responsive the chat team is and how cute and creative this app is. The only thing that impacts our experience negatively is the delivery times. Sometimes our billing goes through and it is here within a few days and sometimes the box is 3 weeks late or doesn’t arrive and I have to request a new one. I love everything about this app, service, and the products. I just think it would be so much more enjoyable to reliably count on the box arriving in a certain time range each month would help us look forward to this instead of preparing to read about delays or having to request a new box.
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4 months ago, Dinomom227
This company rocks
Wow just wow is really all I have to say! This company went above and beyond what I expected. The first ever box my dog got she loved but she is very rough on toys. Well the company reached out and asked for a review on her first box I told them that the toys did not last and we’re gone within a day. That next week they sent a brand new toy free of charge as a replacement for the ones she already destroyed. We still have that replacement toy and call it the danger egg because my dog loves to through it and it’s very durable,that was three years ago and still going strong!! If your hesitant try it out you won’t be disappointed and trust me when I say my dog loves when boxes arrive at the door now
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1 year ago, hootiemaniac
Love the products, but service is slow.
I got a puppy in June 2022 and thought it would be a good idea to keep a stream of toys and treats coming to the house. The toys are great and even the treats, too. My pup actually gets excited when he sees his box each month and he truly enjoys the toys! The only complaint I have is that I haven’t been getting my box until later in the month. It wouldn’t be so bad, except for the holidays when I orders specific items, like a costume so my pup can get photos with Santa. Well, in my area, Santa has come and gone and I’m just disappointed that we missed out without his costume. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on this subscription and on add-ons, and just a bit disappointed that it takes so long to get my box each month.
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1 year ago, irritatedstudent
These BarkBoxes are the real deal!
I can tell you right now in this review, that getting a subscription to these boxes was one of the most hassle free and financially feasible decisions I’ve ever made for my hound dog’s enrichment. Not only do I get the ability to personalize her monthly boxes if I want to on their app, if there are busy months where I don’t have the time to do so, the team at BarkBox knows exactly how to treat my hound and keep her busy with hours of fun. Barkbox has literally saved me money from buying treats and toys for her every month at the store by using their monthly box subscription, and I couldn’t be more happy with that. It’s a total win-win for us over here! BarkBox rocks Beyla’s world!
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1 year ago, Daisy'sMom
Cute toys, Great treats
Cute high quality toys that crinkle and squeak and high quality treats as well in each box. Always very welcome 2x a month as we get both the Plush and Super Chewer. You have the option to upgrade to a “Double Deluxe” meaning 2 extra toys and extra treats and you can also add an extra toy. Each month has a different theme with a variety of toys. My only complaint is you can’t choose but you can tell them your dog’s preferences, such a nylon chews, rubber chews. A lot of their toys have a toy inside so if your dog tears it apart the covering the toy inside is still usable. Cool feature. Customer service is second to none. Been a 6 month subscriber and very happy.
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2 years ago, Mandi's Poo
Mandi’s Box
She knows it’s her box when it comes in. One day I picked it up from outside and put it down on top of the dryer and started doing something else. Mandi kept going to the dryer and whining. I told her there was nothing up there but a box. About 3 hours later I realized that was her Bark Box. I put her box down by her bed while she had gone out. When she came in she saw it and ran like crazy and opened her box rest of the way. I’ve been with y’all over a year and started to stop 1 time but I couldn’t do it. I can’t see me canceling this unless it’s gets to expensive as I live on SS. Thanks Bark Box my little Doxie-poo loves you
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7 months ago, f@ll3n0ut
Generally love BarkBox, but May you never have a problem
The chat feature on bark box is trash. The app does not have a notification feature so you are not informed of any messages. The response time is slow and laggy so be prepared for a quick question to take 3-5 hours to be resolved. Which is ironic as the chat literally advertises “response in minutes”. Almost canceled my subscription it was so frustrating. Maybe use the email feature (but have still not received a response on that front) or the text feature. But customer service is the downside.
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1 year ago, Wuthy2
The best company ever !
Other companies could really use your customer service training and policies. Thank you so much for being the best and the most amazing. Your customer service rocks. We have never been disappointed with anything. And the extra steps you have taken to be there for customers and their puppies to make us happy. My puppy has cancer and we have found certain treats help with the giving of the chemo pills. Your team helped us out with an extra package. You guys have always gone above and beyond. Thank you so much for all that you do to please us and our fur babies.
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2 years ago, Superstar 89
Love these guys
My pups have come to recognize their bark box when it gets delivered and await eagerly for me to open it to see their goodies. Every month is a different theme and are just the cutest. The casino box had this adorable dirty pawtini toy that is one of their favorite toys to chew on and the newest box was a Jurassic theme came with raptor scraps as the treats. In the rare occasion that my dogs have no interest in one of the toys, customer service is on point with their responses and they ship out a replacement toy at no cost to you. I usually don’t do reviews or recommend products/services but with these guys I can’t help it.
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4 weeks ago, cg king l b flj
I usually don’t do subscriptions because people feel free to take money out whenever they want and if there is a mistake it is so hard to make things right. This is an easy process to go through. I give it 100% and five stars I love the opportunity to change what you get in the box when necessary for example, she didn’t like a lot of the hard treats she’s young and she likes the softer ones all I had to do was press that option and next months box that’s what I got New definitely get what you pay for the bang is worth the buck
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8 months ago, JonandMolly
Box subscription
I have a German shepherd and he LOVES to chew and play. When we aren’t able to give him the attention we want we try to make his toy selection big as possible so he has plenty to play with. We have been through countless Walmart and pet store toys that say they are for big dogs but somehow my Bogie finds a way to chew it up. So far the toys he has gotten was beyond the quality I imagined. For the price, it’s genuinely such a great deal. I would enroll in a few months while you are willing to. You dog will enjoy and thank you for it! Not to mention super cute themed toys!
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5 months ago, 26.Persy
Amazing All Around
So if anyone has a pup and hasn’t tried BarkBox I highly recommend it! They are super accommodating to your dog’s needs such as reinforcing the stitching for those who are rougher, or setting a preference for your dog’s toys such as soft toys or chewing toys. Today I saw an ad for a toy they didn’t have on the app any longer, but I really wanted. I reached out and the customer service was super quick and nice. She checked for me and despite it not being available on the app, she was able to make one available for me to purchase! I highly recommend the BARK Company!
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1 year ago, pinappleJR
In love!
Our pup is 10yr old blind in one eye and battling a large tumor, but when her bark box comes in she’s a young pup all over again. She knows her box when it comes in and she loves that she now has her own toy box of different treats n touts to choose from. Not too mention BarkBox customer service is always amazing and super helpful. I lost my job and couldn’t pay for a couple of months, and they were completely accommodating so we could keep our membership. And I love that we can change our selections each month if wanted.
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7 months ago, JessiG14
Love BARK BOX but so hard to reach anyone for questions
Their customer service is definitely unmatched when it comes to being generous and helpful with all my questions. I absolutely LOVE Bark Box but recently when using the chat feature it will take the team at least 45 minutes to answer and will only wait on you maybe 5 minutes if you go off the app within that time. And once they have left the chat you have to start the process over from scratch. I am unaware if this is only an issue after a certain time of day or just my region or what, but this issue definitely should be resolved for sure.
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1 year ago, babsk37100
Love Barkbox!!!
I’ve been a fan of Barkbox for years! The toys and treats are great, good quality and you can change things up from one month to the next example more treats less toys or vice versa. My dogs get super excited every month and the toys last a long time. I’ve got 3 pups and we go through toys quickly. Treats too! I tell everyone with a new puppy to get Barkbox totally worth it. This last time I ordered the 12mo box after getting my last puppy. This should last them awhile i hope. Also the themes are soo fun and amazing!!
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2 years ago, 21Ashlyn21
Amazing company
I bought my puppy a bark box because he loves toys and he tends to play with them so much that they get old and worn so quickly, so I decided to get a subscription in order to have new toys every month. I opened the box, and he loved the toys and the treats so much!! I ended up having a problem with my order and the representative fix it so quickly and sent me a replacement toy with no hassle. I will be keeping this as long as I can afford it. Puppers loves it and it is such great quality!! Customer service is the cherry on top!
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11 months ago, Nanook and Penny
Happy pups
Both my dog Nanook and Penny really like most of the toys and treats. Bark box really stands behind there products. If there is a toy or treat that our pups don’t like they will replace them. Nanook went blind at 10 months old. Shortly after I reached out to Barkbox to see if we could request scented toys. Although we couldn’t make that request they did send a few scented toys which was helpful for Nanook until she could have her eye surgery. Thank you Bark box for standing behind your products and helping my girl when she needed it.
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2 years ago, Bonkingtons
Amazing Value
Absolutely love this subscription box. I subbed for 6 months in advance because of it! They genuinely care about their customers and the products are awesome! I love how the boxes are carefully curated and detailed. Even the tags on the toys are detailed with funny themed lines. A treat bad was missing from a shipment (the box was slightly ajar, probably slipped out) and they reached out to ME and went over the top to make it right. This is a great investment for pet lovers clearly made by pet lovers. Happy and proud to support them! I even invested in the super chew box.
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2 years ago, EdgarMellencamp
Incredible Value and Service!
If you’ve read ANY negative reviews about Bark Box, ignore them! If you have a dog, get this service! My puppy loves everything he gets from Bark Box, the treats and chews are heathy and adored by my pup, and the toys are adorable and very diverse and useful! I LOVE Bark Box! They messed up one addition I made to an order, and they not only reached out, were courteous and friendly, and made it right, but they went above and beyond and sent me extra stuff! The app is great, and the company will have my business for a long time!
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1 year ago, Fallbackin16
SuperChewer BarkBox
We purchased the super chewer version and figured out how to customize the orders (pick which materials we wanted for the toys), and we love it! You can review each item for every box and receive assistance if there is something your pup or you didn’t like. We found the nylon toys to be too tough but changed that preference and are happy with the results. I also like their add-on feature with monthly promos to add to your box. Overall, I’m glad we finally decided to try BarkBox!
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1 year ago, Shrubs unused
Customer Service Excels!
We recently discovered that our 10 month old Bernese Mountain Dog has a new sensitivity to chicken. We successfully changed his food to lamb. We noticed that some of the treats in our Bark Box were chicken. Patti contacted Bark Box and they immediately changed out our treats going forward to non-poultry and sent us replacements for all of our poultry treats. No questions asked. The new treats just arrived! Three days later! Now that is service and attention to your customer! Bravo!
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7 months ago, My_reviews1
No, just no
I had received the first box with no problem at all. Next I see that my second box hadn’t gotten here and I reached out and asked for a refund because they had still charged me for the second one. They told me they couldn’t do a refund as the “lost” my box but could reship it. So i agreed and waited. I see that they charged me AGAIN for my third box yet not the second or third came in. So I reach out ONCE again and no response. I wanted 5 mins. Nothing. TEN mins and still nothing. I texted their phone nothing again. No refund no reshipped. I know it has nothing to do with my address because they HAVE delivered before. I just had to cancel my subscription and delete my account. Very disappointed
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7 months ago, Anniebanane
Best Dog Brand Ever!
I would totally recommend BarkBox! their prices are actually really affordable and as a broke 21 year old I can afford it! I love all their items! so cute and perfect! My dog scar lovessss everything he has gotten! you should she his face bright up and tail go crazy everytime i get his box. The treats are awesome! I also love their costumer service! i had a problem with my card and getting my bark box and they responded right away and helped me fast! I would 100% recommend BarkBox
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1 year ago, Goosegrigg
Horrible service
I accidentally signed up for it on accident on Instagram. I already had an account but I was curious about the others. I accidentally signed up for the 6 month plan. Now I’m stuck with this financial burden of paying for something I didn’t want. HORRIBLE. I should’ve been more careful about looking at such an irrelevant subscription box. I’m so disappointed and I was genuinely liking it at first. I got switched to the LITE plan but that doesn’t make it any easier. I’m telling all my friends and family who have pets to never sign up for this. This made me actually sad and having to spend money on something that I don’t want. And it’s not like I want the box for free. I don’t want the box AT ALL.
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1 year ago, Alyssa Peguero
Great experience
My dog got so excited when his first package arrived. He loved all the treats inside and the toys. Once they asked for a review on his first box I replied that I would just need to order some tougher toys for him next time since he is a heavy chewer. I received an email from the company later stating that they would send some more tougher toys over to make up for it. 10/10 would definitely recommend, also not too expensive for how many goodies arrive inside.
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2 years ago, jlw122171
Worth the money
I have a total of 6 dogs 2 bigger dogs and 4 smaller dogs that live in our house and they love their Barkbox. One of our bigger dogs gets so excited when she sees the box and literally tries to keep all the toys to herself however every dog get a toy that’s the rule. Well worth the money to see the dogs having so much fun and enjoyment as well as when things are in the box that doesn’t fit what they like they will replace it no questions asked at no cost to us
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1 month ago, misbhaven1964
The best thing I ordered and I order a lot!
The Bark Box is her favorite thing ever! We just started our puppy training again for the first time in years. She is a bull mastiff with a love of chewing, thank goodness for my monthly Bark Box she loves the whole process, she is 6 months old now and she loves ripping the box open and finding all the toys and treats stuffed full with a new one every month with great add ons you can add for the next box. She looks forward to it every month.
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10 months ago, bugzinocapone
Bad experience
Signed up for a promo special. Supposed to get first month cheaper. Never did. It didn’t work for some reason. They also use “renewal date” in a vastly different context than normal subscription services. Stuck with things my dog doesn’t like. I could’ve told them not to send anything pumpkin flavored. Essentially cross your fingers and hope it’s liked. Get to review it afterwards but doesn’t change what’s wasted. I could get a lot more for my money elsewhere and not have any subscription service. Instead of canceling like I requested they’re trying to convince me to keep the service by making up for it with a free box. Nah. Just cancel it. And don’t lecture me on my language :)
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1 year ago, Heather VanB
My Dogs Love Bark Box
I am so impressed with the Superchewer Bark box! The quality of toys for the price is absolutely worth it. I have a pitbull mix and German shepherd mix, both of which love to chew and they haven’t destroyed the toys, although they continue to try! Keeps them busy and provides positive enrichment. They were so excited to open the box which was truly half of the fun for me as their owner. If you love seeing your pup happy, I definitely recommend giving bark box a try!
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9 months ago, chorizo of lawtown
Bark box
Listen this is the first time I have subscribed to BARKBOX and I love it so much. I got Siannah’s toys replaced n donated the ones I got to the shelter for dogs down the street and they sent me new plush toys n treat seeking toys to replace them ones. And they did it with no problem very nice n polite customer service on BARKBOX. The price to subscribe is not bad at all even tho I would do watever for my kids and my pets to have the best in life. I would change BARKBOX for noone else. That’s my word and I’m stickin to it‼️‼️😉❤️💯
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2 years ago, ginga_snappp
I love the simplicity!
I am so glad that I downloaded the app rather than using a web browser like before. The app is set up exceptionally well. From keeping track of my order, seeing what to expect in my order, easy changes to my pets profile to adjust things if needed, reviews on the boxes to improve them for my pups, and seeing all the fun add-ons, the list goes on! Thanks for having such a well developed, simple to use app Barkbox :)
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1 year ago, MrCptCrunchy
I had the app and decided to save some of the toys i was intrigued on getting later. I thought like more places you can add it to your cart and check out later. Well thats not the case, once in your car it is finalize when your next monthly checks out automatically. I accepted my mistake and kept the toys, the next month I noticed a higher charge from barkbox co. I was available to go through so I chatted with a representative who told me everything was normal. But it wasnt they charged me the deluxe twice without mentioning it while asking the representative. Please beware with the whole website and app style of purchasing. Its very shady and forceful, never again !
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1 year ago, david gonzalez pelaez
Great customer service.
For my first box I got a toy that wasn’t right for my dog. I reached out to the team around 1 in the am almost 2 they were right on it and put a replacement through their system within 15 minutes or less. honestly I’m satisfied completely with the communication and customer service. you can really tell they care about their customers spendings and their pets safety. Tremendous job the the Bark team!!
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2 years ago, JazzyGal_2.0
So Easy and Affordable!
I can’t wait to be getting out first box for my new puppy! He loves toys and goes through them so fast that this is the best option to getting new toys each month. I wish the app had a favorite or wishlist button for the shopping add-ons that I’d like to get but cannot necessarily afford right now. Or see which ones I like then choose between them and that would be easier with a favorite list setting.
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11 months ago, S_Party
Best dog toys around!
My boy Arlo is a pit that loves to shred toys to get the squeaker out as soon as possible. Walmart and other dog toys don’t last the night before meeting their tragic fate and making a winter wonderland in my living room. I have been a customer now for about 6 months and Arlo still has every toy and not one has been shredded! Best of the best with these toys and I can speak for Arlo and his brother Wade when I say the treats are great and loved by them too!! Keep up the great work!
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2 years ago, wickedpissah69
Everything that I get a month is well worth it! I get the double box with a few extra add on’s and it is still way cheaper than going to a pet store. The toys are durable and wash nicely. I reached out to Customer service and Molly that I spoke to was fantastic! (Wanted to order extra treats) They treat you like you are family/friends. Ellie knows it’s her box when it comes in and is so excited to see what’s new! I highly recommend Bark box.
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8 months ago, theglitzygigi
First BarkBox
I debated on this, but was very happy with our first BarkBox. My dog is VERY large and the toys were a perfect size for his size and seemed to be made well. He didn’t care much for the one treat, but loved all the rest, but since you can swap items out I’ll just make sure not to get it again. It’s personalized to his dietary needs as well which is really nice and the delivery was super fast! I ordered it Wednesday and got our first box that same Friday!
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