Barnes & Noble NOOK

4.7 (106.2K)
148.6 MB
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Barnes & Noble
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Barnes & Noble NOOK

4.74 out of 5
106.2K Ratings
4 years ago, Bated aggravate
Search not working
Wont let me search for a book/author not sure if it’s a bug with the program or what but it just started. I was able to search not even an hour or two ago. Still great app love the convenience. Not working on iPad or mobile. I have been using this app for a while now and recently today I’ve had problems using the search bar on both my iPad and Mobile. I tried everything I could think of and thought the best thing to do was delete it off one device. I deleted it from my mobile device and re downloaded the app. Upon login I couldn’t view any of my books. When I tried going to the website it said I didn’t have any there either. Upon looking on my iPad I did have all the books still on that device Only. I’m unsure if this is a glitch or bug or anything but I like having the app on both devices because, obviously, I do not always carry my iPad with me. I would very much appreciate it if these issues could be looked at. It is also no longer appearing online when I log in there I have no idea what happened but nothing is on my devices and Ik I have purchased multiple books with barns and noble I can’t get any help fixing this problem I am over seas and can not call nor do I have access to get help from them. The only proof I have that I got these books are on my iPad.
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5 years ago, JAMarsh65
Not happy with the new update!
Before the update you could see the cover of all the books you had available to read in your library. Now you have to scroll through either by author or title and click on each to see them. Of course you can see recent ones that way, but I want to see all my books like it was before. Plus I have to do this with all my archived books also which takes forever if you can’t remember who wrote it or the exact title. I do not understand why they had to change that aspect of the app. Bring that option back, please!! Ok, they let me know I could view them that way by title or most recent, which is good, but why take away the choice by author? For those of us that read a lot this seems like a crazy change to make, this is a reading app after all, anything available in title should be available in author also(the same format). So, still no 5 stars because of that. Don’t understand why you changed that option:( Thank you for listening and adding back the choice to search by author or title with the book cover. I am very happy!! You get your 5 stars back:)
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2 years ago, Thegamers4
I had to buy an E-Book through barnes and Nobel for school. WHICH can only be found through barnes and Nobel (I looked everywhere without pirating) which at first I did not mind. But. On top with only being able to find the book on barnes and Nobel. I was also forced to use this god forsaken app. The first thing I did was try to figure out how i can use the app. But the features are limited. It’s like they intentionally made it as difficult as possible to even enjoy the app. First of all. God forbid you try adjusting the text size because it’ll put your book in a blender and won’t be able to understand where anything is at. 2nd. Good luck finding a specific page. Bc both iPad and phone version won’t let you turn pages until at least 7 seconds passes between page turn. And the page finder is way to slow to even use that functionally. There are so many features missing compared standard industry practices like kindle or even just having a pdf version. Like being able to write and take notes on the page. Can’t do that. Or even highlighting properly. What I’m getting at. Is this entire app has ruined me so much so. That is just down right disrespectful. How a million dollar company like B&N would even agree to partner with nook or even call this passable platform to handle E-Books. I might as well pirates a PDF bc at least a PDF I can take proper notes on and it won’t completely hinder my ability to conduct my school work.
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5 years ago, KA Jiang
Frustrating, riddled with bugs, counterintuitive
I used to love my nook app - it was easy to use for all ages. There have been so many unnecessary changes rolled out so poorly that no one in the family wants to use their nooks because the app keeps changing, is counterintuitive, and frustrating - they’ve all downloaded kindle instead, and have asked me to simply buy paper books. Problems include: I can’t sort my archive - while it appears as an option in another family member’s profile, my profile does not have that option. With more than 400 books in my archive, it’s extremely difficult to find the books I want to read. Even if I know the author and exact title, the search function does not call up books we know are in the archive - they appear when I scroll through the archive, but not in search. Additionally, here’s the most ironic bug: the send feedback/report a bug feature doesn’t work - you can type, but the “send” button is grayed out and unavailable. Every time there’s an update I have to spend several hours scouring the FAQs to see if they took away functions or if we’re just seeing a bug, then analyze whose profile and account works correctly, then try it figure out why some family members have x function but others don’t. EVERY update at least one family member’s account or profile has a bug; and now, to even report the sorting bug, I had to go into one of my kids’ profiles since I couldn’t!
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2 days ago, CLG9CU
Don't use it for large files
Although I have been able to read one volume books of average size in the Nook app without a problem, I made the mistake of buying a large "complete works" file of a favorite author from B&N. At first, it opened and paged quickly, but as I progressed through the file, it became slower and slower. I am not even one third of the way through the file, and it takes at least five minutes just to open, another five to seven minutes to finally stop loading, and I have to wait for at least another five minutes between swipes before I can turn a page. If, God forbid, the app times out before I get to it, the entire process starts all over again. This large file is virtually unreadable as a result. My purchase has turned into a waste of money and time. This happens on every platform I have tried. Yes, I have re-downloaded the app. I have also reported the problem multiple times with no response whatsoever. Update: in response to my earlier review, Nook asked me to try various methods to fix the issue, and gave me a help desk number. None of the fixes worked. The help desk person couldn't help. He did say that the problem probably lay with the large file I am trying to read, and that someone would get back to me on that. It's been over a week and I have heard nothing. I can only reiterate that, based on my dismal experience with this app, Nook is a lousy e-reader.
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4 years ago, minttoann
Alright performance, gets the job done.
I used to have a Nook, but abandoned it after I saw that the App Store's nook app is better than the Nook itself. There's not as much lagging with page turn animations, it's more stable, the different color schemes look better, overall it's just better. Now I've also tried the Kindle app, and what really sells me on the Nook is the book stacking feature. I own Piers Anthony's series "Xanth" which is currently 34 books and running, and it definitely helps to have all those Xanth books in an automatic collapsable folder. Now some book series are filed under slightly different series names so you have a series split into 2 folders, but I see less and less of them with each update. Unless you're designing your own ebook reading app, I believe Nook is the best out there. 2019 update: Overall impressions unchanged. Nook has continued with quality of life and stability updates while Kindle on iOS lags behind. Series breaking greatly reduced. I don’t believe any in my current library suffer this issue. Kindle is no longer an option for me, even with Amazon’s occasional sales.
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2 years ago, CMC171
My account can’t be verified
After 8 years of having a Nook account, first on an actual Nook device, then on my iPad, I can no longer download or read any of my books. I get an error message that states that my account can’t be verified. This has been going on for at least a month. I’ve sent feedback at least 3 times over that period. They finally responded with information that is not helpful at all for the problem I’m having. If they’re going to wait so long to respond, the least they can do is send information that makes sense. All I was told was to update the app, but there’s no update available or to refresh the app, but when I tried that, the refresh button or whatever it is called does not appear. I’m sure the person reading this will just assume I’m being a “Karen”, but I’ve been having trouble with Barnes & noble for over a year now, in addition to this. I’ve sought help numerous times & dont receive a response or get a reply giving generic advice that doesn’t seem to apply to the problem.
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5 years ago, Vineyardtim
Will Not Keep My Place
I like Barnes and Noble. I’ve been a faithful customer for twenty five years. And I used to like the Nook App. But this new version is frustrating to the point of not being worth using anymore. Since the update, the app doesn’t keep my place in the book I’m reading. It freezes on one page in a book and returns to that page every time, no matter how far past the page I’ve read. If I turn the iPad, instead of changing orientation to landscape or portrait, it take me back to the page it’s stuck on. If I close the app or go to the library, when I return to the book it takes me back to the page. At this point I have to write down the page number to search for it or scroll for some time until I get to where I left off. I tried bookmarking the page, but it also clears the bookmark whenever I turn the iPad or get out of the book. It also isn’t syncing across devices. The updated app was supposed to make reading and keeping your place easier. It does the opposite. Very disappointing.
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3 years ago, adj1949
A good reader, but not flawless
While I have had my Nook reader for several years now, I generally read on my iPad (iOS 14.6) which I use for many tasks. Lately, I have noticed some quirks in the Reader such as: 1) Turning a page to find the next page to be a previous page that I read several minutes ago. The following pages all repeat in order until…once again, the whole section of pages continues to repeat. If I continue to advance forward (hoping to arrive at the next page where I had departed from) the section of pages just continue to repeat. I don’t know if this is a problem with this book I am reading or the Reader, or the link to the B&N Website.(???) 2) Sometimes my attempt to turn a page will not work. I have made several following attempts immediately following, but have discovered the page will only turn after I have paused my attempts approximately 15-20 seconds. (again..???) These events have not been regular or predictable. I also have a newer model iPad and have high-speed wifi with good coverage around my home.
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4 years ago, hacienda57
Very poor customer service
Buyer beware. So after who knows how many years of using the nook app, i can tell you i have downloaded 411 nook books from Barnes and Noble i finally got royally scr**** . I ordered a new book and it got stuck in permanent processing. Called customer support and was told their system was undergoing maintenance. Very well, i asked them to cancel my order. Was told they couldn’t as the order was “ already in processing” i stated the obvious, “how can it be in process if the system is undergoing maintenance”? They also couldn’t specify how long the maintenance would last. So, the upshot is i could have my nook book in 10 minutes, or 10 days, OR i could roll out to my local B&N which is 20 mins away and buy the paperback at the same price. Kind of defeats the online purpose i feel. I would have thought i could have gotten a pop up warning about the maintenance and my order could take longer than normal but I guess we all know why THAT didn’t actually happen.
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5 years ago, Not So Happy in Atlanta
So-called Improvements
I enjoy reading on Nook, but really dislike a couple of the "improvements" that came with the upgrades. The first was a change in the dictionary feature - one can no longer modify a word to look up another, and the second, and much more aggravating, is the change in locating archived books. One used to be able to access all the archived books by simply changing the drop down box in the library to "archive", and there they all were. Now, supposedly, you touch "all titles", then "recent", then "filter" under that, but on my iPad, this does not do anything helpful. It merely gives you recently archived books. It certainly does not give you your entire archived library. I fail to understand why it seems that most upgrades in technology must then become less user friendly and require more step to get what was once easily available. "Irritating" is an understatement!
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7 years ago, Nemo Software Engineer
APP Support needs improvement
I have had few problems with the app and I am relatively sure the they are acting on crashes that generate dump data but when I run into non-crash problems: there have been two recently (1) portion of text after end line hyphenation not displaying for certain font sizes, and (2) app freeze to an unresponsive colored screen that I had to reload the app to clear, the responses I get from support are canned. Yes, for most users it might be what they need to clear the problem but I already said I fixed the problem. I am giving information about the problem, for (1) how the app developers can reproduce it, and for (2) everything I tried and failed to clear the problem and as much information about the circumstances and behavior I can gleam. I have been a software engineer longer than probably any of the app developers have been alive and I know the importance of information rather than a simple it's broke or doesn't work. However, I do not get any feeling that my support e-mails are leading to to any bug investigation or fixes.
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5 years ago, Too old to tap
Getting better but still needs work
When I started this review, I was more glad (see next paragraph) than I am now. Every update seems to decrease function and, today, no txt appears for any book I open. I may be finished trying to make it work. Sorry I recently purchased several new titles! Glad to have Nook on my iPad but wish maneuvering through the app wasn't so clunky. Not close to ease of Nook device but still better than earlier version. Why the app can't let you purchase but the device can is unfathomable. Other reviewers have mentioned the inconsistent sync function which appears to have gotten worse: why can't you fix this? Your tech support doesn't take the time to read the question being asked and makes useless, futile suggestions. Had thought I wouldn't change because I have too many titles to use different one, today's experience may have convinced me to move on. My final comment relates to the inability to utilize coupons for Nook purchases. The price fixing on e-books is a disgrace. The only advantage is portability and it does not outweigh the cost differential and the inability to lend any book I own to anyone I wish. Technology has bypassed common sense again!!
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5 years ago, Jv wijrvberuifnjeornfojer
HATE the changes.
The layout is overly complicated and annoying. The app deletes books from the device without permission. The “recent reads” are books I read three years ago and I have to dig for the actual book I am reading every time. Detail vs cover view does not toggle for the library list, only for shelves which I consider a waste of time and don’t use. The registered devices no longer show up on my account on the site either. It has become annoying enough that I have been using Kindle more and more, and the only books I have gotten through B&N in ages were from gift certificates people gave me. Also, downloads take forever. Kindle books, even illustrated ones, are ready to go in under a minute, usually in fifteen seconds or less. This thing is taking two to five per book, occasionally longer. Is it because it is updating all those stupid preview samples in the store first? It sounds silly, but when you are in a hurry to leave and the app has taken all the books off yet again, it adds to the frustration considerably to have to stand there and wait for the download to finish. If I could get the books I own from b&n into the kindle app I would pitch the nook app for good.
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2 years ago, 777shanna777
Love Nook
I absolutely love this app. The fact that you can get thousands of free books is awesome. I’m a senior citizen and having the free books on a multitude of subjects and by a multitude of authors is truly a godsend. Unlike Kindle, which makes you buy their Kindle unlimited for $9.99 per month for the same thing. Again, thanks for making great books free. UPDATE: now you only get 2 stars. We can no longer purchase books via the app and have to go to the website to purchase books. Pretty annoying. Also on the website, there is no indication that you already purchased a book when you list them by author or subject. Very inconvenient to have to click on it for details, then when you add it to your cart, you get the message that you already purchased it. Please fix that…I never had problems when I purchased books through the app. Waste of time!
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1 year ago, Degail1123
Cookbook Conspiracy
Another one of Kate Carlisle’s awesome Brooklyn Wainwright mysteries read and loved! Brooklyn has become one of my favorite sleuthing characters! Not only does the author write about great mysteries but she also manages to capture my attention concerning book binding. I love books! I am intrigued by the whole process of what actually happens in the book making and restoring process. I have never felt the urge to try to find first editions but after reading these books I may just try. I love Brooklyn’s family and friends. I also like the fact these mysteries include them. Savannah seems like a wonderful wacky sister who truly loves Brooklyn. Too bad her “Dalton” returned to England. Hopefully he will be back. I loved this storyline about the chefs and all of the most enticing food descriptions! I believe I gained 5 pounds just reading them! Kudos to Kate Carlisle for another successful Brooklyn Wainwright mystery!
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6 years ago, Twirlingirl
Love the app but for one thing
I love the nook app I can read all my favorite authors when I want where I want as long as I have my phone!!! My only issue is that when I’m trying to group books that apart of the same series once you’ve reached your allotted regrouping number your not allow this bugs me because there are times when I purchase books they don’t always go into the already grouped series group and when you go to group sometimes you get a message that says the Nook team will look into the matter you sent us your concern about the next time the app updates well I don’t like this because there are times when the app doesn’t update so you have about 11 books that belonged grouped together but I have to wait until the new update comes out! But besides this I love this app and enjoy reading all the hundreds of books I have saved onto my account!!!
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6 years ago, Waldo32
Losing all my books
I am absolutely sick and tired of the Nook app suddenly deciding I am running a little too low on disk space for its own comfort (2.26 GB available) and removing the books from my device and making me download them again. STUPID. No other app does this to me. So, on multiple occasions, I open my Nook app because I’m in the middle of no where (meaning “NO INTERNET ACCESS”) and low & behold ... all my books are gone. My books are the most important item on my iPad ... more than my music, movies, etc. I sure wish Barnes & Noble agreed with me, but obviously not. Nook really, really needs a switch where I can select “NEVER REMOVE A BOOK FROM THIS DEVICE WITHOUT MY EXPLICIT PERMISSION. I AM AN ADULT AND FULLY AWARE OF THE POTENTIAL CONSEQUENCES OF MY DECISION.” If this is something Apple forced on you, that would be good to know too. Please get this fixed. I’m tired of lugging around a semi-useful paper weight when I’m traveling in remote areas. BTW, it’s also a pain to keep re-downloading my books over and over.
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6 years ago, annefj
A small quibble
I’ve owned a Nook Color since they first came out, then continued to read on my iPad when it’s battery stopped taking a charge. I now also own a Nook Paperwhite and the problem I have with the device and the app is font size. On my iPad Pro, I can’t get the font size to increase as much as I need for my poor eyesight and on the Paperwhite, the largest font size is so big it seems only a few words fit on the screen, while the next size down isn’t quite large enough. I didn’t have this problem with my original Nook device and seem to remember being able to increase the font size further on the Nook app before it was last updated. This is why I read ebooks nowadays—because the print size on everything else, from books to magazines, is too small. It would be wonderful if an intermediate font size could be provided for the Paperwhite and the ability to further increase font size in the Nook app.
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7 years ago, Cjmhsssad
Love my nook
I've had my nook for years. I found taking hard covers places difficult due to size and weight. I don't have a problem with the hyphenation or wrapping of text since I u sweats s that different font sizes will place differently in the viewing page. One suggestion to display by author is a good one since sometimes it alphabetizes by 'The'. For people who can't remember what they've read, they can try archiving books once finished. They are available to unarchive if they want. Keeps the volume down. The fact that I also have the app on my iPhone and tablet allows me to read anywhere. You can also archive a book from your phone or tablet. One suggestion I would offer is Xcode the reader to be able to group 'like' books together while still grouping by author, i.e. Mystery vs Horror vs Self Help vs Health, etc. I would recommend nook for everyone.
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7 months ago, iTunes Buff
Nook app is great
I have had the B&N nook app for my iPhone 6 and iPad Mini 2 for a long time, and these days I do most of my reading, both books and magazines, using this app. All the ebooks I purchase from Barnes and Noble appear almost instantly in the nook app, and it is very easy to create shelves to organize the books in your library. Barnes and Noble has done a great job in adapting their business to the Internet. Using their app on my iPhone 6, I literally have my library in the 'palm of my hand' and can read anywhere. Well done, Barnes and Noble. I now have an iPhone 12 and I am still adding ebooks to my library in the Barnes and Noble Nook app. Who would have dreamed, not long ago, that we would be able to carry a library of our favorite books with us on our iPhone. My above comment still applies: Well done, Barnes and Noble.
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5 years ago, Kgil5588
Absolutely love nook!!
I was always someone who swore I'd never use nook or read on my phone/tablet, because I loved feeling my book and holding it, turning the page, etc. But I'll honestly never go back! Lol! Nook is incredible!! Sooo easy and convenient to use. I eat all the time when I read, & it's soo much easier to just tap my screen to turn a page rather than try and hold my book down and turn a page while I eat and read. I also love how nook prices are so much cheaper than buying an actual, physical book. I love that I can read anywhere, anytime at just the touch of my screen. No bookmark required and I always have my phone on hand. I love it!!! I love how I can see what books are rated high and/or recommended for me. I honestly can't say enough good things about nook!!! Love it love it love it!!! The app is amazing!! 👍🏻 👌🏻 💞 🌟 ✨ 💖☺️🙏🏻😍🥰💝🤗😚💓
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2 years ago, helix1987
Much better than kindle
I have been reading books on this app for years. I love finding a nice long series to get into. Just finishing up the jack reacher series by Lee Child. It’s OUTSTANDING! I like the way the pages turn like a real book. I also love instant access to a dictionary and web searches. I learn so much more from a book when I look up words that I don’t completely understand, or find the correct pronunciation for them. My son is an author, and his books have only been on kindle so far. That’s the only reason why I have it on my iPad. I started with Nook on my iPod touch! Many years ago, and I’ve always preferred it. I also still love going to my local Barnes and Nobles store. They have the best stationery items I’ve ever seen. Thanks for keeping up with stuff yet still operating like good old Nook!
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6 years ago, Roebling Grid
Love the app but with one caveat
I’ve been a Nook customer for about nine years, first with the original Nook reader, then a Nook Simple Touch, and now as an app on my iPhone. I simply love it in all of its forms. The only complaint I have is with the latest update on my iPhone. In previous versions the capability existed to look up a definition for any word you wanted, not just one highlighted from the text you were reading. You simply highlighted a random word and then changed the it in the definition to whatever you wanted. That feature seems to have disappeared. You can still look up a word from the text but you can no longer change it to find the definition of another word. This was one of the features I enjoyed the most and would really like to have returned in a (hopefully quickly developed) future update.
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4 years ago, iluvb&n
Barnes and Nobel Nook
What I enjoy most about this Nook is how easy it is to use. Ordering books is so simple.i just do a search and press the purchase button. No fumbling to find my password or credit card. I also love my Nook library and how I can assign my books and magazines to shelves for easy organization. I can regularly see deals and special sales, new releases and more at my leisure. Pictures are crisp, download speed is good and the price is right, compared to an Ipad. The screen is a little more delicate than an Ipad would be, so I make sure I use a protective cover and don,t abuse it. I get all of the apps and browsing I would with another device. This is the largest of the Nooks with the highest storage capacity. . I don’t recall the model number. But I love it. Even more than my Ipad, which was a gift.
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4 years ago, 2832!
So I noticed this past Saturday morning, my nook app kept saying it wasn’t connected to the Internet. I checked my Internet and called Xfinity and have them restart my Internet, which my Internet is working absolutely fine to all the devices in my house, plus it’s working for everything else on my iPad except nook app. I called NOOK customer service who then told me that there was some bug issues they were trying to FedEx and I should be ready 14 to 24 hours. I called them again tonight, around six, and they went on to tell me that they are still resolving trying to figure out this bug issue, and to give them another 24 to 48 hours. What has me very upset is I thought maybe I needed to restart my iPad entirely and log out of my NOOK app and log back in thinking that’s the way it would get updated or whatever. I logged back into my NOOK which now all 600 whatever plus books are now disappeared, it’s still saying not connected to Internet, and I am mad because all 600 books are gone. A lot of money has been spent into my nook app/NOOK tablet I am giving another 48 hours for not to resolve this problem. My next call will be speaking with the manager because I can only think of 2 solutions to this problem.
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5 years ago, JShalimar
Since last update it’s buggy
I’ve been reading with the iPad app for Nook for several years. It just keeps improving — with the exception of the last update. There’s definitely a bug. I saw a similar review about the Nook failing to keep the last page read and returning to an earlier position. I have had that problem also. Then the other thing is as I open the app, several times the book fails to open and I’m told to restart my device. Actually, I have to close the app and reopen it and then it will be fine. But this is a consistent problem. Not a huge issue, but still annoying. All in all, though, the Nook app is definitely the best book-reading app out there. Hopefully, the developers will correct these latest bugs soon!
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7 years ago, Ananna mouse
Love nook on Samsung device but HATE the apple version
I'm sorry and this says more about apple products than anything else. Everything is very user friendly and harmonious with my samsung devices (note I said devices, as in more than one) but anything I try to do with my apple products is apparently protected by the CIA and NASA. At one point I was even questioning my own existence and security trying to log into my own account. Thinking to myself, "It's me right, that's my name and password." Then after a fingerprint, my password, a hair sample and my second born later, I still can't open the book I paid for (over 5 years ago, yes I'm a re-reader) and am trying to retrieve from the archive 30 minutes later. But if I log onto my phone or computer (not apple products) I can do so and then update my apple device to read my book.
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4 years ago, 2025387
Notify your customers
I actually like the nook app a lot, being able to download it do my iPad and I can take my library with me without taking along another device. Today I purchased a new book and was super excited to read it this weekend. The problem is that the system crashed that handles nook books and syncing, I much like I’m sure everyone else had no idea of this issue and when my new book was not showing up in my library I did what most people would do. Restart the app, restart the device, check for an update and then reinstall the app. So now I’m stuck without any of my books, with no idea when the service will be working again. No mention of this issue or what is being done to fix it on any social media, email, notice on the B&N website or anything other than one obscure article on the internet by a third party. Thanks B&N for the communication. If I didn’t have so much invested in this I would happily jump ship for a different option, I still might.
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3 months ago, Frak!
Great app
Love the app but could you please create a Category sort for my library? I’ve been building my collection since launch of the original Nook and own over 2,000 titles. This should be doable because books are automatically categorized when added to the BN store database. What I would like to see is that if you tap category sort, it would automatically sort books starting by broad category like history. Tap on history and select deep dive and sort by European history, US history, then revolutionary war, civil war. Readers with smaller collections would be happy with a broad view like all history, all travel etc. grouped together. For those of us who want a more granular sort, enable the deep dive option.
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5 months ago, 9innbaseball
Adding Two Crucial Features Would Make This App Five Stars
I like the Nook app, but I feel adding two features would make it excellent. The first is adding dark mode, which I’m sure has been requested plenty of times. The second is allowing for continuous spoken content across pages when using an iphone, rather than stopping at the end of the page as it currently does. For books that don’t have audiobook versions, this as an extremely useful feature that allows for hands free reading while doing other activities. I try to support Barnes & Noble as much as possible, but the lack of this last feature is unfortunately pushing me to purchase ebooks from either kindle or ibooks, which both allow for continuous spoken content across multiple pages.
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2 years ago, Cat naps abound
Good app
This is a good, but not yet great app. Sorting books well is not yet available. Most of the time seeing the full title or information like the number the title is in a series does not show fully. I can't see an easy way to put titles I have read in one area and unread titles in another location. As I said, just good. My Nook broke about two months ago. Trying to decide if I can live with just reading on m iPad Mini. Fonts are good. Color covers look great. As a former librarian, I need much more sorting power. This app is too simple to make me really happy. I also wish I could buy book through the app. Annoying to have to back out of the app to make purchases.
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6 years ago, Tinuvieljb
I like it fine
Overall, I am happy with the app. I don’t have a Nook, and since I cannot buy directly from the Kindle App, I use this one. The prices are fair. I have two complaints. The first is the the formatting is a little wonky at the top of the page. The first line of text is often imposed on top of the header section. It doesn’t make it impossible to read, but it is annoying. The second complaint is that the app doesn’t have an easy way to access bookmarks. I have had times when the app has closed and won’t open immediately to my last bookmark. I have to think back to the last chapter I remember seeing a number or title for and then scroll to find my bookmark. It would be nice if there was a option in the task bar of seeing a list of the bookmarks that had been placed or some quick way of accessing that information.
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2 years ago, AnaRose01
Having trouble reading a book bundle
I usually use Kindle to read, but Barnes and Noble had amazing online deals for ebooks, so i got a regular ebook and a book bundle. The regular book reads just fine, but the bundle is messing me up. If I tap on the book bundle to read it, I’m not sure if it’s freezing or not loading properly, but I can’t change pages or return to the library. Usually, if I would close my app then open it, I would be returned to the library, but recently it stays in the book so I can’t reach the library. I have tried resetting my device, archiving the redownloading the book, deleting and reinstalling the app, etc. The book works just fine on my mobile browser so I know it isn’t an issue with the book bundle itself, but it won’t work on my phone or iPad and I can’t report it as a bug now, because I can’t do anything in the app.
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3 years ago, Crapadoodles
Good Features, but Lacks the Ability to Highlight Across Pages
The Nook app has some awesome features—like the automatic bookmark feature when you close the app and the ability to customize your text color, background color, and highlight color—but lacks the important feature of being able to highlight across multiple pages. As a reader who uses large font due to my eyesight, being able to highlight a passage across multiple pages is imperative when reading academic books. This is indicative of the highlighting feature being buggy and clunky in general; I often find it difficult to highlight longer passages. If Nook adds this feature and fixes the highlighting, I’ll be more likely to choose it over iBooks and Kindle when buying and reading books and I’m sure other readers would too.
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5 years ago, Gnorb
Good ebook reader for Nook fans, but app has some bugs
If you’re a Barnes and Noble Nook device user, this app is a no-brained, especially if you read graphic novels. For regular books, it has a lot of great background and font color settings, making it one of the more comfortable apps to use. But there are some bugs to note which will affect your experience. First, the app will sometimes reopen your book at the last page instead of your current page. I’ve only seen this with graphic novels, but it happens frequently enough. Also the page flipping sometimes gets stuck if you accidentally touch the screen with two fingers on opposite sides of the screen. The only solution is to kill and relaunch the app, which sometimes leads to the first bug mentioned. Also, the app is supposed to be able to be used to open local EPUB files, but it fails to do so now. It used to do this without issue. Finally, it seems notes don’t always update between nook and iOS devices. That might not be a bug, but it feels that way. One additional suggestion is to introduce scrolling view, like Apple Books. This is great for smaller devices like the iPhone SE, and useful in all devices. All in all, I like the app, but dint love it for the above reasons.
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6 years ago, Harley Gram
Nook needs app to purchase
I loved my Color Nook and when it finally died after several years of using it I was very excited to learn I could have the app on my tablet and still read all of my collection. However, i found out you can't actually do that and it is actually a very troublesome process to get a bit ok. I do not understand why in the world that a person can't order from the app. It is so aggravating to have to log in one place and order then leave that to go download the books and read them somewhere else. I find myself turning to Kindle more and more because it is a one stop shop. If you want to keep your readers then fix this huge problem.
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6 years ago, Systox
Above and Beyond
I tried this app out of desperation. I have my own ebooks on iPhone X but reader apps are poorly designed and leave tons of unused space around margins. Not so with the book app. It hits the sweet spot for customization and doesn’t make you pay to change font color. You can fully theme your pages to your heart’s content not just preselected colors like in kindle app. And lastly the best part is that I can load my own books into this app to read. I don’t care for kindle or nook shopping service but just because nook supports bringing your own books, I will take a look at their shop and consider purchasing from them in the future. TLDR: leagues above the kindle app and other e-readers. Well done.
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6 years ago, cheda12
Got to Love It!
I enjoy reading on my nook. It’s made life easy and my books are always on hand. I’m always buying books and rereading those that I really enjoy and also love the fact that I can archive to save storage. I adjust the brightness and the font to what I can read, which you can not do with a hardcover book. I look forward to any and all improvements that are in the future for nook. Something to work on, is I bought a cook book and have to go through everything to get to recipes. Maybe I’m not using the application to the fullest and don’t want to order anymore cook books.🙃 If you have any suggestions, I’m open to them. Thank you for allowing my feed back. Nooks the best!😍 Concetta
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3 years ago, basement door
Don’t try to buy e-books through the app!
I have had this app on my iPad for several years, with no problems at all. Now all of my books have disappeared, and the new books I just purchased will not download, but I have been charged for them. Spent an hour on hold with B&N only to be told to just keep refreshing my library! This has been going on since last Thursday, October 22, 2020! Still no books, not the more than 100 books I already had in my library nor the new purchases. And no one can say if it will be days, weeks, or months before the problem is resolved. Very poor customer service!
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3 years ago, edmre2
Some frustration
I’ve been using this app for a long time, owning the first nook tablet that was put out. It has saved me from carrying multiple books while I travel, allows me to enlarge print while riding in moving vehicles (saving me from motion sickness), and the ability to change background colors alleviates eye strain. Lately there has been an issue. When I “turn pages” the app doesn’t always respond - often freezes or shows a blank page. To move on I have to close out of the app, open a different app, and the return to nook. This works, but I have to repeat the process every few pages It’s very frustrating!
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3 years ago, Sewongirl
My Nook
I have always been an avid reader. I used to keep the library in business. I got ,pay first reader, the first generation Nook, which I read for years. I switched to an I-Pad about 8 years ago. Just got a new one this year. It is wonderful to read on, and you can have many books waiting to read, especially on vacation. Easy to carry, and versatile too! Love the variety of book services available on it (I have 3 so far). With the ability to read anytime, and different fonts, sizes and amount of brightness it is a pure pleasure! Looking forward to many mores years of satisfying read!
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4 years ago, Yazbrat_2710
Keeps Crashing (Update)
I don’t know what happened. The app was working fine yesterday, but I’ve tried opening it on my phone and iPad, and it keeps crashing. Deleted, downloaded again, restarted devices, and it still didn’t work. A couple UE things: 1. I think it’d be really beneficial to be able to purchase books from the app, at least specifically for the Nook. It’s annoying to have to go online when it’d be more convenient on the app. Plus, the B&N app isn’t great either. 2. The highlighting feature could be better. I’ve tried playing with the dictionary, and wanted to look up random words, but I couldn’t get the highlighter to work properly. I DO LIKE that viewing options are fairly customizable. Makes reading a bit more fun and personal to the user. I love B&N, so I want to keep the Nook app; just gotta fix a couple things or it to be great. Everything said above was a problem about 2 weeks ago. Tried opening the app to see if the crashing problem was fixed just now, and sure enough it was!... until the app logged me out, erased my library once I was able to log back in, and then started crashing all over again. Could’ve sworn “fixing bugs” includes no crashing. Plus, my digital library disappeared. Not a happy camper.
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2 years ago, Padlynmadlyn
No to nook
I have a been a customer of nook for years and have downloaded hundreds of dollars of cookbooks and other books that I love because I am older it is easier for me— in December 20 21 you did an update which screwed up everything I can no longer access my library or any of my books I paid for I feel like they have been stolen from me I don’t understand when they do an update it always seems to make things worse I am so done with updates because they don’t seem to know what they’re doing I want my books back that I paid for my hundreds of dollars of books I’ve lost and can’t nook..I am so disappointed in you for ripping off people I do not recommend nook to anybody unless They can get techs that know what there doing and can figure out how to do their process the right way and not steal everybody’s books back that we paid for..
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3 years ago, vsthotep
Disastrous nook application and poor support
I find the nook for iPad application to be a disaster. I am a doctoral student (currently working on my dissertation) as well as an adjunct professor. I have approximately 268 books on my iPad via the nook app. Most of the books are extremely crucial for my class room lectures. They also contain valuable information necessary to complete my dissertation. I have been unable to gain access to these books for 3 & 1/2 weeks. I feel so vulnerable and traumatized by the experience. I feel like the poor student whose term paper has been eaten by the dog. However, in this case, the nook application is the dog. I have spent countless hours reaching out to the Barnes and Nobles nook support team with very little success. Students BEWARE!!! and don’t use this application for any important class room assignments.
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3 years ago, SleepingSun2019
Overall good, but there is an issue with images
After a few days of using it, looks like the app has everything it needs, in general. Now about issues. Minus one star for an issue with images. Images seems to be incorrectly resized - look slightly distorted, aren’t smooth and sharp as they should be. Images from the same book look much better on Nook Web (My device is iPad, fyi). Please fix it. There are a few minor yet annoying issues. 1) Every time on reopening the app, it is kinda reloading something and showing a progress wheel. Doesn’t make any sense but annoys. 2) Current chapter should always be displayed when reading. Now I can see only book title, current page and total number of pages.
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12 months ago, Zy1yZ
I want to buy ebooks from Barnes & Noble…
I really do, but they don’t make it easy. I found a book in the app, but then have to jump to the website to buy. This is normal for iphone apps, but B&N delivers extra pain. I find the book on the website, add it to the cart, and checkout. Now I have to sign in, bu my password has expired, so I have to change it. This requires an email exchange. I open the link in the email, and change my password. Finally I can checkout again. Oops the new password didn’t get saved for some reason. Try again. 10 minutes later I finally have the book. Suggestion: if security is important enough to require r regular password changes it’s important enough to implement two factor authentication.
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3 years ago, pianocat64
The contact links
How the heck am I supposed to contact you? I wanted to make a suggestion, found the links and touched “Make a suggestion.” All the links tell me “this device is not configured for email.” What? Is it because the email I use is gmail (set in the device settings as my default) rather than the default Apple email? I wanted to suggest that when I was browsing your bookstore, as typical, it made suggestions based on my reading history. One sounded interesting but when I touched it, I saw it was the 8th in a series. I wanted to find the 1st one and thought I could touch either the author’s name or the series name and they would link me to the author’s other works, like I can in other apps, but they aren’t links. They should be.
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4 years ago, Kenly3
Great app
Saves so much space in my house and on my bookshelf. It’s lighter (in weight) and more convenient to read than a hard cover thousand page book. The ability to look up almost every single word just by tapping it is easier than locating a dictionary and something paper books can’t do. My only small criticism is that I can’t buy all the books sold in Barnes and Nobles regularly (including the exclusive ones only sold by Barnes and Nobles), and specific hobby or craft books sold all over the place. I think the available titles that you can choose from needs to be expanded more; but, there still is a huge selection of books to pick from, probably more than any bookstore!
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2 years ago, AppleCEO_real
No app dark mode.
It lets you to customise the colours of the reader, unlike most other readers including Apple Books, but the app itself has no dark theme, so the dictionary that appears when a word is selected is bright light that scorches my eyes. For god’s sake, how come a major app in 2022 has no dark mode? Secondly, there seems no option to customise the font size of the dictionary slide, which makes it difficult to read. Thirdly, the app has a stupid bug to be hard-coded to use the Mails app. I have installed the Gmail app and deleted the stock Mails app (of course, Gmail is set as the default mail app). In this app’s feedback page, if I click report bug, it says that the device is not configured send email and I need to configure it in the Mails app. Why not use the default mail app, which is Gmail?
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