Basket - Grocery Shopping

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Basket Savings, Inc.
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User Reviews for Basket - Grocery Shopping

3.93 out of 5
718 Ratings
2 years ago, djmekka8287
So far the best price comparison app I used
I used multiple price comparisons apps including Flipp. So far Basket provided the best prices for common groceries. App is easy to use. One suggestion for the developers is to provide the cheapest product first in given category in the search results. For an example, if search for 2% reduce fat milk, app should give the cheapest option as the first result rather than providing the all the brand of milk. At least, in the search provide the cheapest price so the user can decide to where to get it rather than checking each brand.
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2 months ago, Gypsywolfmagic
High hopes, but turns out to be totally inaccurate
I had massive hopes for this app, but it turned out were totally unfounded. I used it to search local stores to build my typical grocery list and I started off at Aldi‘s to buy bananas and a 2 pound bag of onions… bananas were supposed to be $.39 a pound and were actually $.59 a pound… the $2.99 bag of onions was actually $3.95… sprouts supposedly had a sale on strawberries for $1.50 a pound and they were actually $4.98… I asked the produce guy if they had recently been on sale and he said they were three weeks ago but even then they were $2.99 a pound. Publix supposedly had a particular hefty garbage bag for $7.95 and the cheapest hefty bag was $9.99. it was like this throughout every single item on my list. I will be discarding this app and going back to my normal shopping circuit. I do not know where they are getting their database information, but it is totally not correct. every item I checked, was off anywhere from a few cents to several dollars. I even re-downloaded the app while I was standing in the store hoping maybe I would get an up-to-date price, but it was showing the same incorrect information.
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3 years ago, Flignir
Basket comparison
I downloaded the app because I thought it had a great feature where you could define your shopping list and it would find the cheapest place to buy those things. It absolutely does not do this. Unless you were only buying nationally marketed extremely fungible items like Kraft American cheese slices, it never finds two stores offering the same thing, so there is no price comprison unless youLook up different products for each different store individually remember the prices and later think about whether it’s higher or lower when you see another one on a different screen. Unless you do it one by one multiplied by the amount of stores that you want to consider, you can’t ask what a pound of steak tips is and simply see the various options in a list, and you certainly can’t leave it to crunch your whole shopping list for you. I suppose you can use this app to relatively quickly decide where to buy one item, but that’s as far as it goes.
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2 years ago, Trumanthecat
Great in Theory
App uses a somewhat confusing interface with no help or tutorial available. But my biggest issue is that it routinely does not find items/prices/stores. Many of my frequently-purchased products apparently can't be found by the app, but there's no error message, just a blank page. I've scanned in multiple UPC codes but the app still doesn't think certain items exist. Additionally, some stores are randomly left out of comparisons despite my entering them as favorites. I assumed this was because the item wasn't in stock, but checking stores' websites manually and physically checking the stores has proven the app doesn't routinely produce accurate info. Basket is more trouble than it's worth at this point because I'm always second-guessing it. I appreciate the concept and hope the app can be tweaked to actually work.
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2 years ago, Zvudgi
Great idea, too bad it doesn’t do what it says
Argh. Recommends stores an hour+ drive away and skips the ones literally within blocks of me. Lets you create a favorite stores list, except few to none actually come up in price comparisons. (Yes, the products *are* actually on the shelf.) Or the store comes up, but not the right location. Which matters when you live in a city and the recommendation is for a Safeway that would require not just a drive but a ferry ride to reach. Instead of my favorites Safeway half a mile away… Can’t even rely on the price comparisons because city and rural prices are not at all the same. And the fact that you have to click into each item to see the price comparisons, instead of having the cheapest location displayed right there next to the item? Clunky, awkward, but tolerable if the results were useable, but they just aren’t. This could have been a great app. It could have let users compare prices across the stores (and locations!) that they actually shop, and produced a tidy list sorted by store to make shopping easy, organized, and economical. Instead they somehow produced a mess of an app that looks fairly nice, but doesn’t do much besides harvest people’s data. Which, I guess if that was the goal, good job?
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2 years ago, guerremaps
Kinda great kinda awful
The way you use the app is kinda weird. I still really don’t understand. Lists and baskets are different, I think one is closer to buying from within the app, but what? I’m just trying to compare prices at stores of stuff I want to buy. Sometimes a product I get is on sale at one I go to, but not at another. The similar savings is kinda nice but not really a direct comparison. I’m gonna sound like a jerk, but I buy organic stuff due to some food allergies. Don’t offer the bottom of the barrel as a viable alternative. Yeah it’s way cheaper and full of stuff that’ll make me sick. But do show me other brands of organic sausages that I might buy. All in all it’s a weird app but ultimate if I spend all day figuring it out I can compar prices and save.
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4 years ago, Robie91486
Potentially great, not user friendly
There are a lot of things this has going for it, and it COULD be very handy in choosing where to shop. There are a few additions that I would need to see in order for it to be more efficient than simply looking up prices through the individual websites: - the ability to remove specific stores from the search. I do not shop at Walmart or family dollar, and the options including those stores clog up the list. - the ability to allow for or choose substitutes for individual items before searching. The yogurt I buy must be a specific brand, (taste preferences and also nutritional content) searching through each store to find which ones have or don’t have what I am looking for takes forever. - substitutes are not optimal- “large white eggs” is not a substitute for “pasture raised eggs”. Or free range. Neither is an individual cup of yogurt a suitable substitute for a 40 oz tub. A method of removing poor substitutes would go a long way to making the app useful. Edit- there seems to be no way to export the list out of the app, making it nearly useless.
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4 years ago, GoodGirlDesigns
Used to be fab app
Basket use to be my “go to” app for comparison pricing. Since I updated it to the latest version, there seems to be a glitch where whenever I log-in, I receive an “Oops!. Sorry but...” message. I have reinstalled the app and the same issue occurs. I wrote about this issue on Basket’s Facebook page recently, however, I noticed the page hasn’t been updated since April 2019. Perhaps they are out of business? Very sad because as mentioned, this use to be a fab app. So much so, that I even applied to be a scanner with their company. I passed their test requirements but was turned down due to my location. Anyway, I hope the company is able to repair the issue so that one day it will work again. I am moving ahead to locate a new app to save my family time and money.
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1 year ago, madisonmcnin
good app
I have use many price comparison apps in the past, and this is the best by far that I found it has help me save so much money with grocery shopping and find the best deals that work for me. The app also offers you to scan items which I like so you can compare it to other items around stores
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4 years ago, GaelGirl
When I sit down the write out my shopping list—which is nearly the same every week—I enjoyed the app. However, what I don’t like about the app is it’s “suggestions.” You either approve them or it messes up your entire list and it replaced 50% of my list with store brand garbage (think sugary soft drinks) that I don’t purchase even on my weakest days. If I wanted Sam’s Choice Diet Cola for $1.49 instead of $6.99 Zevia I would put that on my list. It would be beneficial for the developers to work out a way for people to take the “suggestions” and be able to deny them. Until that is fixed; I am done with the app. Just not worth my time to spend an hour on Saturdays working through development issues.
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2 years ago, ErickahTurnbob
Basket App not working
I looove this app I use it to compare prices from local stores now I can’t even log in! It keeps saying some random “oops server host not found” or something. I updated my phone, updated the app, deleted it & re downloaded it, I tried to create a new account it won’t let me do that. I did forgot password & the message comes back. I literally have emails from basket so I know I have an account. Is this app in some kind of maintenance? Please help app developers.
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3 years ago, NeedHelp1588
Can’t contact you & Can’t create an account
Wanted to try the app. But I two big issues: 1st: When trying to create an account on the app with my iPhone 7, it doesn’t have room on the screen to create a password. By that I mean that both new password fields are super small vertically I guess due to the screen size with the keyboard below. And even though I was able to place my cursor in the upper field, I CANNOT select the lower field. No matter how much I try I cannot. There’s no way to arrow to the next field… nothing, nada, zip, zilch. Call me an idiot if I missed something right in front of me. 2nd: I went to the App Store on my phone and clicked on the contact the developer link to take me to your website. But I cannot find any way on there to send email, call, or anything. So I’m left to submitting this review to hopefully get a way to solve these problems. Until then I have to give it a 1 rating because if you have a platform that has such basic issues I can’t see how great the service would be once I get there. Thank you.
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2 years ago, Biyxtren
Yay Turned Meh
Was initially super excited by the app. Some of the onboarding is kind of dumb, but whatever. Until I looked at "My Pantry" and saw all the items in my shopping list listed there. Clearly these items are NOT in my pantry, that's why I need to buy them. Deleting them from my pantry deletes them from my shopping list. Completely asinine. Came to the reviews to see if it was a bug and found out that you used to be able to search for a generic thing like "milk" instead of how it is now (where you have to pick the specific brand to compare prices). Why in the world would that feature be removed?
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4 years ago, D-nuggett(mynickname)
Extreme potential
I think it would be beneficial to allow up to cheapest four stores in the app instead of just two. If you have a really big cart or a basket, it would be really helpful to break it down visually to let you be able to see the cheapest options. Also, maybe some kind of incentive for sharing, promoting, or building the platform in someway could be a great way to build reach since this is a community platform. Can’t wait to basket a household name
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2 years ago, alex93736-828
Someone smarter please remake this app
This app is horribly organized and has no rhyme or reason to many of the buttons. It asks you to pick favorite stores and then continues to show options at other stores that are irrelevant/ 20 miles away. If you want to compare prices for milk you have to pick a brand you can’t just search for the cheapest 2% milk. It is confusing and non-user friendly. I hope someone smarter catches onto the idea of comparing grocery prices and makes a better app than this. Great idea but terrible execution… the makers of this app should try using this app and they will see what everyone giving bad reviews is talking about…
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1 year ago, 1 star. S
Basket App is Crap!
I spent a large amount of time choosing about 17 items I was interested in comparison shopping. Based on the app’s feedback, I was pleased that most of the items had 2 nearby stores with best pricing. So, I made the trip to both after work. The first store either didn’t carry the item or had the item without the price listed on Basket. No worries, I thought, I would venture to the next store. Again, prices did not match those listed on Basket and/or the items weren’t even sold at that store. I really had high hopes for saving money using Basket. It’s use turned out to be an incredible waste of time. Would not recommend!
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3 years ago, Cat Julie
Changes would make it better
I downloaded this app yesterday and it’s good to find prices at specific stores, but changes would make it a more useful app. If you could search for “milk” and it showed the prices of the milk at each store and didn’t make you pick a brand name first. Walmart doesn’t carry Kroger milk so I have to click on Walmart’s brand to see it’s price and Kroger’s brand to see it’s price. I went through and favorited my local stores to compare them, but it does nothing. I’m still getting comparison at stores I don’t shop at or locations I don’t go to.
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3 years ago, LB4Hockey
Unable to create account
I see another user review describing this exact same bug. When creating an account by email address, the password field is scrunched to about half-height. I can still select the field and enter my desired password, even though it’s a small field. However, I cannot select the “confirm password” field, which is also half-height. So, I’m unable to create my account. I tried shrinking the font size on my iPhone, but the password fields remained half-height. I hope this application bug is resolved quickly before it’s hit by a lot of 1-star reviews from many users having this same issue.
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4 years ago, Dudehouston
Looks nice
Looks helpful but navigation is a little clunky. Is there a way to save favorite items to a master list? Then each week i can quickly select which items to add to that weeks list. Secondly I want to see which items are lowest at which stores in aggregate. If i plan to go to target and Ralphs which items should i buy at each to lower my bill. Thirdly Given the whole list of items, i want a table of the prices at my 3 favorite stores. Good start on this app. The data looks good but navigation needs some work.
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4 years ago, FlavorMonster
Used to love this app
What happened! I used to be able to do a generic search for eggs, and they would compare prices by brand. Now, I have to select the brand of eggs first. With all the store brands out there, in addition to the name brand stuff, it’s not as easy to compare prices. The closest work around I have is to just make a shopping list for eggs, another one for milk, etc.
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4 years ago, jacki hanlon
It does pretty good but.
I really want to be able to look up whoever has the cheapest whole milk and that the brand didn't matter I just want the cheapest. I also would love the ability to allow people who work for the grocery store to let them input their employee savings into it. So will this whole milk be my cheapest option because I work for the company and get that extra 10% off home brand milk. Or is it even cheaper else where.
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1 year ago, desilcve
This app is really useful for when you are trying to find groceries near you! It lets you add things to your cart and it shows you the available options that’re open. 100% recommend, it makes grocery shopping so much more easier.
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4 years ago, aquapinkguru
Love this!!!
I don’t understand why more people aren’t talking about this app. This is SO HELPFUL. This is the perfect app for me. It automatically grabbed the stores in my area and told me the cheapest prices. Love it. Wish it didn’t automatically provide alternatives if the item isn’t in store, maybe just make that optional. But other than that. I’m so in love with this. Support this app!!
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2 months ago, Cmb1579
Highly inaccurate so not worth it
Well, I loved the idea but it’s not worth the time because it’s easy to verify how incredibly inaccurate it is by using various grocery store apps to look up individual items’ prices which do not match those listed on Basket. They just be using some very old data to list their prices because most are much cheaper than what the actual prices are. Inflation has happened, folks. Just gonna go back to using store apps and:or shopping where I know the deals are.
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2 years ago, sweetmess76
The amount of times this app said “oops”
I JUST downloaded this app tonight bc I’m so tired of having to scour the stores for the best price before adding any coupons or further discounts. It has great potential. Unfortunately, I’m not able to put in my address to pull up stores closest to me. It won’t save my birthdate. And throughout using the app, I continuously receive error messages. It appears to be up to date, but y’all definitely have some kinks to iron out.
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2 years ago, Euroflower
Just downloaded…isn’t working.
I hope this is a temporary issue. This could be a great app! When I opened the app I got the usual pop up that asked me to set the location permission, and I chose to allow it to use my location while using the app. Then, when it went to search based on my location, it said, “a server with the specified hostname could not be found.” 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’ll happily update my review if someone helps me get this working WITHOUT allowing the app to use my location all the time. Thank you 😊
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4 years ago, mrs72b3g
I really like this app.
This app is really nice, but to see a toggle button to turn off price comparison so you don’t accidentally change your stores aft your list or perhaps a way to create a list and then organize by store based on pricing. In addition, it would be wonderful to be able to add items with their pic even if they are weighted items. It’s frustrating that it’s so difficult to add items from the bakery etc
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4 years ago, Desarae Dean
Not working?
I used to use this app all the time. Been a while but the app is updated, I’ve even uninstalled and reinstalled and it’s now not working. I am not able to search for any products or even select my couple favorite stores to compare, nothing loads. Have tried using my data service as well as WiFi connectivity. Wonder if there’s some kind of bug or is it just me?
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2 years ago, nandausa
No longer work- very disappointing
This app used to be 5 starts in my opinion. Now, as many people have stated, the app no longer works after the latest update. I haven’t seen one response from the creator. That is certainly lack of care, many many people relied on this app to make economic decisions. I am a single mom struggling and this app allowed me to save money. You have no idea about the impact of not having this app working. Why is that so hard to respond to us explaining what is going on???
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5 years ago, dpc1001
Needs Update / New Feature
App is lacking the critical feature to filter/sort search results by price (low to high, price per pound/ounce/each etc). My use of the app will be quite limited until this feature is added. I would have sent this comment straight to the developer but there was no ‘contact developer’ feature in the app or on the developer website.
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5 years ago, Brendan Sporer
Basket app is a winner!
My girlfriend introduced me to the Basket app when we were planning our housewarming for our new condo here in Seattle. We had 30 items on our party list. Basket showed all 30 items with prices and deals at our local stores and delivery companies. We saved over $75! No joke.
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6 months ago, ShortBandGeek09
Looks different after update.
I think I’ve used this app for more than a year before it was changed. Now I can only find items at one store, the items are not found at other stores. And only one store was pulled up, the other stores I want cannot be pulled up.
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2 years ago, Poojah Bear
Helps me save time and money
This is my first time using this type of app to compare prices across stores online and off-line. Usually this will take me hours to do by myself but I’m glad you guys come up with this app. Awesome work!!!
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5 years ago, BwwarriorZonked
Great start
I've been searching for an app like this for nearly as long as I can remember (sadly I have no skill or capital for making it happen). Overall it does the job and I feel I'm getting the hang of it. Excited to see the improvements over time.
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5 years ago, RadiofVivat
Highly recommend!
Highly recommend the Basket grocery app. Have saved a ton of money since I started using it. I wish there was a better way to use the coupons feature .. .I also forget to print them out.
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1 month ago, se4sh311
Bad at finding items, multiple stores
Doesn’t allow you to pick more than one store at once, doesn’t show side by side store comparisons, and when you put in an item it doesn’t automatically choose the cheapest or store brand, it will be some random item in that category, making it less of an accurate comparison across stores.
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4 years ago, Tru Slayer
No longer working
This app could be great. I’m not even sure what they are trying to accomplish with app anymore but currently I can’t even log into my account. Sometimes I get a message about server issues. I hope someone else make app like this and gives up what we really want. App that will let user update price information. An app that will include more stores. An app that will not suggest items we didn’t ask for.
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5 years ago, mrg_77
Bad User experience
I really wish I could use this app. Al I want to do is search for the cheapest price of a specific product among stores in my area. I used to be able to figure out how to do that, but with an app update recently, I’ve been tapping around and can’t figure it out. The app additionally keeps putting suggested products in my list that don’t want, and did not search for. Good idea for an app, and it was close a few months ago. Big step backwards in functionality recently.
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4 months ago, cclks
Prices are inaccurate
So the first thing I checked after downloading g the app was ground beef says lime 2.78 or 2.98 a pound at Sam’s in apple valley and Eagan, went to Sam’s website and it is not that low of price more lime 3.98 a pound and milk at Hastings Walmart shows like 2.25 yet on their website for Hastings ga location it says 2.68. So the first two items I have checked have not been accurate, glad I did t waste my time and drive to the store and find this out. Will be deleting app.
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4 months ago, Christyks955
Needs work. App needs to pull every item from the stores database and compare prices from cheapest to most expensive. It should be able to pull multiple stores at once. Not sure how that could be done but this will not work otherwise imo. I will never ever use this app otherwise too much work might as well go in and compare prices.
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1 year ago, dixeyland11
Great in concept
Well a great concept if you don’t have everyone using the same app and repeating your orders and updating or something wrong it won’t work I don’t know who you have updating things but it doesn’t update and all the prices were wrong! things are missing too!
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4 years ago, skxh99
I’ve been looking for a comparison shop app that can show me by distance where sales are and where I can select my most frequently shopped stores. The sales section seems random. Some sales are 23 miles others are 3 miles. Not in any particular order. Also based on the initial favorites list it preselected stores in a completely different state. There should be a radius filter of some kind. This is really a fail for me, I’m going back to excel sheets.
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4 years ago, Kacpi30Woozy
Thank you
Our family had to go on a budget with the medical issues we have. Basket was a savings grace for us. I had no idea the app existed until I found it on my shop way account. Thank you and god bless!
Show more
3 years ago, Location Woes
Please allow searches in different locations.
I live in a very rural area with small grocers who have limited supplies. For most of my shopping, I have to travel 30+ miles to get much of the produce or other groceries I need. Unfortunately, this app doesn’t let me find items from stores in the cities where I shop, only the radius the app developed pre-determined based on my phone’s location. This renders the app useless for me.
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5 years ago, BurralDamask
Love it!
I've tried using similar apps before but none of them did exactly what I wanted and they were so much work to keep up with. This is so easy to use that I actually enjoy updating it.
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4 years ago, David Coomer
Best Price Comparisons
Never considered going to ALDI but after seeing that I’d save 30-40% per month, I’m giving it a shot. Props to Basket for putting new grocers on my radar, as I would have never considered switching without this level of comparison.
Show more
5 years ago, OlympickQuarl
Much Improved
I was pleasantly surprised when I loaded this app again after leaving it last year. When I opened my shopping basket, it showed all the prices and sales for every product. Wow! Good job Basket crew.
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4 months ago, NewsieIGUP
Thought this app would be great to have, especially as my Walmart is selling Hellman’s mayo at nearly SIX dollars for a 30 oz jar! I used the app to look up prices for this item at my favorite stores. My Walmart was listed as selling Hellman’s at the old price. I checked on other brand name items I frequently purchase and could not find them. Could not find ANY cereal with this app. Really? I am deleting this.🙁
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2 years ago, WopDi
Why can’t I log in?
I only gave one star because I can’t use this app anymore. I loved this app, but I can’t log in. It keeps saying that Safari can’t open this page. Also, when I click on “Log In”, I can’t pull the page down to put my info in. I tried using the link to contact the developer & it says the sane thing about Safari. Please help, I desperately want to use this app.
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5 years ago, Jr_blazerSthene
I wish I would have found this app sooner. So easy to price compare and see alternative prices and sales. I used to do all of this myself before Basket and it would take me hours!
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