Bass Pro Shops

4.8 (18.6K)
236.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bass Pro, Inc.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bass Pro Shops

4.83 out of 5
18.6K Ratings
1 year ago, No nickname needed Robert
My experience
I enjoy talking to your representative when I have talk on the phone very knowledgeable and very able to give me directions on how to do things thank you I just wish to bass pro shop in Rancho Cucamonga had a customer service that the other ones I’ve been to have the other ones. Don’t tell you to go look for a person with a zebra pouch to look something up they will help you find that person with the zebra stripe pouch to look things up at the ranch Cucamonga I’ve been there to walk around and look at things, and I spend maybe two hours in there looking around and no one’s help me actually to find someone they just direct me to find a person and the stores are pretty big and also the dressing rooms every time we had to try something on we had to go hunt for someone to let us in the dressing rooms that’s what took us the longest at Rancho Cucamonga maybe up to 30 minutes to find someone to use the dressing room
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1 year ago, Bossman830
Elite products
Bass pro shops offers a wide variety of fishing gear and of coarse I love to fish ,particularly with baitcasters .I absolutely prefer them over any other type of feel ,it’s just a blast to me to cast them because you can be so precise with your technique .Bass pro has made it possible for me to find and obtain a feel that I didn’t think was even made any more and I would recommend this outfit to anyone for their plethora of products !
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4 years ago, PITO617
Missing the cherry on top
If you download the app, most likely your an outdoorsman like most who have it. With that said we probably share most if not all the same interest that bring us to bass pro in the first place. The app is great for making online purchases with options to ship to store or at home. One small problem I wish they fixed is the “order history”. You can’t see it. Its listed but does nothing. It’s would be nice to go back and just reorder something if you could pull it up from the history or save to favorites. A wish list would be a nice added feature as well. Otherwise it would be a 5 star. Bass pro has been helping me get through this pandemic because they have had stock of items others don’t have which keeps able to be on the water to clear my mind. Fishing has been therapeutic for me and always has. Thanks for your hard work and dedication on keeping the shelves stocked as best you can without price gauging like everyone else has.
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2 years ago, biggie b00bz
Could be better, could be worse
when compared to other outdoor company apps, its great (mainly because a lot of them only have websites). when compared to other shopping apps, it needs work. the big things for me are that the product filters reset when im moving between items, if you are scrolling ‘too fast’ you’ll get the same page of product when it refreshes, and oftentimes it won’t accurately show what items are available in-store (when in-store only filter is applied, no products show up even if they for sale at the physical retailer). outside of those issues, it works like its supposed to so 3/5 for me 👍
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4 years ago, Julsam18
Tablet Compatible
Cmon... Apps have been around for a little while now and I don’t believe the will be going away anytime soon.. Could you please make the app tablet user friendly?? There are apps I would use a lot more if they would make them tablet friendly so I can turn my device sideways and the app will not only rotate but also expand for a much better viewing experience. This is the one thing I could never figure out?? Why app developers have a hard time making apps were the screen will rotate with the device or at least add an option to convert depending on the device and how the individual prefers to view the app... My family and I are HUGE lovers of BPS but you could use word on the technical side of the house.. Thanks.
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4 years ago, DGodecke
Avoid on line orders
I ordered 2 items on line and never received anything. After a number of calls and email asking for a tracking number that was never proved I found the items sitting on a shipping dock in Portland with no paperwork telling the shipper what to do with them. This shipper tells me that when they get a bill of ladling I will have to pay an extra $50 to get the items. It was for items BPS said was free shipping. I canceled the whole order and BPS said they wouldn’t refund my money until they got the items back. I called BS on that and filed a complaint with my bank who blocked the credit card payment. No problem shopping in the store but if you can’t carry it out don’t get it shipped to you.
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4 years ago, Bender2333
Primitive App
I love the store but this app is absolutely basic and primitive. It’s not very intuitive. When scrolling through search results you only get to view a handful of items at a time. You are then required to click the “Touch to Load More” button at the bottom. This often refreshes to a previously viewed set of items as opposed to the items you have yet to see. There are many little frustrating things like this. Typing certain accompanying key words such as “men’s” into the search bar will negate the search. The categories are not very well thought out. It’s simply overall boring and unnecessarily difficult.
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2 years ago, Devin1992####
Good app but I have some suggestions
I’m an employee for Cabela’s, and I recommend this app to have easier access to current club deals and store specials. Also it would be cool to see your stores current events, and more event invitations for Club Members. I love the app though, and find it to be an easy way to pay my balance on my club card, and a quick way to pull up items in store to show my customers.
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3 years ago, AsianDaddy
Lots of selection
I love how your app is set up to find whatever I need based on category, size, brand. This is something that other sporting goods companies are lacking on their apps. The products are always good and the customer service agents are always nice. Especially Destiny Fowlkes from the Lincoln, NE call center. She handled my call professionally and gave me a $10 credit due to my repeat business. Thanks Destiny and BPS FOR EVERYTHING!
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2 years ago, riverdalewarrior78
Bass Pro shops 4 life
I love bass pro shops and I have as far back as I can remember. Only reason I’m giving 4 stars instead of 5 is bc of poor online advertisements. A 10% off offer pops up on my screen if you enter your email they will send u 10% off coupon. I’ve entered both of my emails and have never received a 10% off coupon. So that is my only reason for giving 4 stars instead of 5. Everything else about bass pro shops is 5 stars hands down!
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1 year ago, LA (lower Alabama
Great products/Great service
Having a Cabelas Black Master Card, I shop frequently with them and Bass Pro. Between my go to BP store in Spanish Fort, Al and ordering online I have never had an issue with customer service. Shipments are prompt and in the event of a return, they are also handled on a timely basis. Of course the product line is extensive and good quality. Bass Pro/Cabelas is a great America company.
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5 years ago, TXTN3
Not At All Customer Friendly
Long time and loyal BPS customer. Found this app to not even come close to being user friendly, and this from a career-long tech guy. Had to enter several of the pieces of information several times, then the button to enter the order was100%non-responsive. I cleared the order, re-entered the information, then after working through all of this, it would not accept my order, and with no additional information as to why, simply said to contact the store. Well, the store, for me, is 45 minutes away, and not interested in working through this on the phone...I have already wasted too much time here.
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8 months ago, mamak_s
At first look, this app seemed nice, but once I would click on a specific item, I couldn’t see the large pictures of the item at all. It also seems very glitchy, reloading and making the screen refresh and flicker too often. I was hoping for a much better experience using the app rather than the regular website, but I honestly ended up purchasing from the website instead. (Same exact issues with the Cabela’s app too)
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1 year ago, jjisawesome10
I’ve always been a fan of the bass pro shops. App is really easy to use and batiste. A couple changes I’d make is that when I’m checking out and go back it doesn’t take me all the way back to the original homepage screen it just takes me back to the section I was in. Also I’ wish they would add more fly fishing gear, Ross’s and reels.
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5 years ago, nursenick06
Very glitchy
As far as shopping apps go, this one wins my award for the most glitchy and dysfunctional shopping app I have ever used! Initially, navigating the app to find categories of what you want is decent. From there, if you want to filter or sort, forget about it! Neither the filters nor the sort functions actually work beyond the first few items. For sorting, as soon as you reach the bottom of the page and select to show more, nothing is sorted from there on. The filters also didn’t actually filter anything accurately either. I’ll stick to looking on the website for stuff and delete the app.
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3 years ago, tBasco
Useless App
The app is useless. I tried to order something without going to the store because of COVID and the app gave me issues from the start. I got a gift card and importing the number was ridiculous. Most places you can take a picture of it and it’s loaded. When I got the number in, nothing on the app was in stock or shipable. I managed to find one item I wanted and I had difficulty ordering it. It just said error. I tried a few times and it finally worked. Now the order does not have a shipping number and I can’t track it. I have better luck ordering items from China using Wish.
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3 years ago, 8874
One technical issue.
Love the app and convenience, only one issue and it’s something that’s just recently been happening. When you’re scrolling through items and you tap to load another list of items it just reloads the same stuff. Hopefully this can be resolved soon.
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7 months ago, friendofflock
Intuitive, Very user Friendly
I have been able to easily knock out several holiday and Birthday gifts using this cool app. I can quickly search by category or specific item. Item In the cart, then I add the correct shipping address for that gift. Press the submit button.
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2 years ago, Brandon7102
Needs work
The app seems easy enough to order from but when you click to see order history it gives you only two options return or purchase seems like it should give shipping details. We all know how expensive products are so would be nice to plan so they aren’t sitting on porch all day.
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4 years ago, Kulwick
Mostly Pointless
The images are small. There is no way to zoom in on the images. So, you really can’t see much of the products in the app. Everything I have tried to purchase required me to make the purchase in a browser and NOT the app. So, I guess I wonder why they bother with the app at all? It saves your login but doesn’t log you in. That seems as pointless as the app. If the reason the don’t just log you in is security, then why let you save the login? No very well though out.
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10 months ago, Mr.Junebug
Best app for any fisherman or outdoorsman
Just an all out great app. You can tell so much work goes into making this happen. Just an overall great job all around!! Keep up the great work guys like myself appreciate all you do in making the shopping process so flawless !! 🎣🤙🏼
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8 months ago, HuntingGirl2018
App Search Capabilities
Love using the app, but when searching for an item, barely anything comes up although items are online for that product. For example, if I search deer stand, two unrelated items come up. Instead, I have to go click through the categories and find it, then there are tons of deer stands being sold. Very frustrating!
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2 months ago, Old Man of the Water
Easiest App
I have always found this App to be easy to use. On my last order I had questions, I called the customer service number. Representative is based in the USA, courteous, knowledgeable and extremely helpful!!!!!! Relieved all my concerns! Thank You! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
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1 year ago, Joey-Buckets
Love the store, hate the app
The selection is great, but the same lure pulls up in every individual color as your search results. So you get like 7,000 results when you search “ frog lure” …. Because each specific color/size hollow body frog comes up as a result…. And it has locked my gift card more than once to the point that I had to call and talk to someone on the phone (they always worked it out though)
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3 years ago, NameUsed
Shopping cart
Can you make it so that you can click on items in the shopping cart? Sometimes we like to view our items in the shopping cart before submitting the order. Right now if I want to view items in cart I have to search for the item
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3 years ago, SheCat35
Great store, mediocre app
The app is pretty much useless if your using a tablet as it blacks out the majority of the screen and scrolls in such a way that fits a phone screen. Along with this the categories are sort of setup as if you were in the store rather than taking advantage of the possible convenience of online shopping, key words in the search bar send the app through a basic word search rather than adding key words as a filter within a category
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1 year ago, Point lies
The app is great as long as you want to pay with your card or a form of card but surely will not let you use your points online. I think they do that to make you intentionally spend more money. They should get it together and make it to where you can easily use your points on the app when you’re buying more items.
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2 years ago, LuvDaPizza HateDaApp
From Good to BAD!
Used the app as usual to place an order. It took the money off my gift cards, then would not let the order go through! It instructed me to fix the gift cards. I reentered them, and it said the cards were already redeemed!! After spending an hour on the phone getting that fixed, I was able to reorder. THEN I get an email saying I had Unenrolled from Pay with Club Points. It then made me go back in and re-enroll in Club Points What is going on up there!!!!
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3 years ago, EY Southard.
Search option
You should have a search option on every page. Now you have to go back to the homepage to search something.
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3 years ago, saltysharkyy
Could be better
It won’t let me view my previous orders, I’ve tried for multiple days now and it pops up “Something went wrong”. Also more than half of my items are late and didn’t get delivered on the day they were suppose to.
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2 years ago, deerhunter693
Great app but…
This app has a wonderful webpage but when I decided to download it on my phone it immediately said that it was 17+. I don’t see why but I’ll still give it a 5 star review because the webpage and the store has all treated me well
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5 years ago, shmrckmn
It’s a good app for browsing, I just wish it had two things. 1. Access to my wish list. This can’t be difficult and I’m sure we will see this feature sooner or later. 2. Support for the iPad. I browse products at night in bed on my iPad. I just wish they would take advantage of the larger screen.
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4 years ago, Al49829
It’s lacking
The shopping sections seem to be well organized but the “Order History” function doesn’t work on my device. This is a relatively newer app so I expect them to improve it.
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3 years ago, cory 124
Nice but could fix one thing.
App is convenient and easy to use. The only thing I wish was different is that it’d be nice if you could click on a product in your cart and it would take you to it instead of having to go out to the main menu and start over.
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3 years ago, Razitt
The app doesn’t work for purchases
Since the last update I get an error message every time I click add to cart. I emailed customer service but the only help they could give me was “call the store and place your order” I tried contacting app support but the link only takes me to the Home Screen of the main web page. I see no reason to have the app if you can’t use it to purchase your products. I have the latest iOS update so why doesn’t it work?
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10 months ago, prosupercross
Bass Pro
Bass Pro is the greatest store to exist. inside the stores are beautiful and breathtaking, the app has everything you could ever need, bass pro may be a money hole for me but i will never stop going and buying fishing stuff every time i go
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2 years ago, BearArcher645
Easy to browse for hunting gear for the season
It’s great to browse in the app of bass pro shop can check where are in stock near you or other stores around the state you are of what your looking for to have a great experience outdoor!
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3 years ago, Jcchevy1
My favorite place
I love bass pro shop when I walk threw the doors of bass Pro I feel like a kid in a toy store, it make me happy and I’m at a place where I can find all the outdoor and hunting fishing gear that any person would be happy purchasing for themselves.
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3 months ago, Zeanga
Membership card is easy to apply for and arrived in 5-8 business days. Also gives you 20$ in store credit when you add it to your account on the app.
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4 years ago, Michael E J
App freezes on opening screen
Opens to relatively blank screen and has zero functionality. Can’t search for anything, and no menu buttons. Is this a joke or something? I even reloaded. No luck.
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3 years ago, declinedagain
Why not 5 stars
I often to to buy an item or several items through the app. Lately i get an error that the prices dont match. I think have to go log on the website and find the items i want and order through the site. Why do i need an app that doesnt work?
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3 years ago, Liquidx01
Nearly unusable.
Just really poor to use. Often times scrolling to the bottom and hitting “touch to load more” just reloads the same page. Constant issues on the desktop site too using an iPad where it doesn’t load the next page and just appears to be stuck in an endless loading loop. Not worth shopping online at BPS because it’s incredibly frustrating and time consuming trying to get around the issues.
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5 years ago, Pianoplaya92
Love shopping here, just a few add-on requests...
I’ve been shopping with bass pro for a good while now and love getting fishing equipment here! Only a few requests.... if the app would have the wishlist feature enabled, it would be very beneficial. (I keep my bookmark all my favorite supplies there). And if they can improve the selection of products, it would be perfect!
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4 years ago, PatootiStarbooti
Needs Wishlist and Filters
Your stores are awesome! Employees are awesome! BPS your stores are full of the coolest stuff. This app needs a serious rework. I found it easier to just use Chrome because there I have all the features like Wishlist, and filter abilities not in the app. If you make it as seamless as going online, or even better than that, you’ll have a great app on your hands that will help secure customer loyalty and generate new customers. Not having a wishlist has certainly lost the company sales. Ease of use and functionality are cornerstones of online presence. Love the stores and employees, the app.. not so much.
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3 years ago, Jerimiah60
No way to trace
I recently ordered a new boat from the BASS Pro web site. I like to be able to track my order once it’s placed. This site do not provide the means to track your order once it’s placed.
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3 years ago, Fishin_Foster
Good customer service-
I had a good conversation with one of your service representatives about an issue with an online purchase. She was more than helpful and made me (the customer) feel important! I like that 💯 Great customer service
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2 years ago, Charley2019@%
Update Needed
I have the new iPhone 14 and several app features no longer work. Specifically the barcode scanning function to see instore availability of items.
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10 months ago, Micheal191
Amazing app
The orders that I’ve placed where simple but yet great shipping and delivery also has everything you could need or be looking for both name brand and in named brand just all around amazing
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2 years ago, Divine Transport
Convenience and Available Products
I live in a rural area and can’t get by the store very often. Being able to order what I need and fair prices is very convenient.
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1 year ago, LesLauk
Cannot purchase guns or ammo with this app on an iPhone.
Is this to be taken as a comment from Apple or a technicality for state laws, accountability with ammo and firearm purchases? There is no explanation. Just a pop up when you add it to your card that says “ we are unable to sell select items through our app…” And then instructions to continue to purchase this item with a web browser.
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