Batch: Let’s Party

4.8 (18K)
121.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
The Bach LLC
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Batch: Let’s Party

4.79 out of 5
18K Ratings
3 years ago, kerimar
The best way to plan a Bach party!
I am usually the type of person that goes along with plans that others make, so when I realized I would be planning the Bach as maid of honor, I got instantly overwhelmed. I searched in desperation for some planning assistance and alas, the Bach app saved my life! I planned a trip to Miami, launched polls for the girls’ opinions, and booked things to do through the app. We chose the half day yacht charter for Saturday and the drag brunch at R House on Sunday. The yacht charter was absolutely amazing and was the highlight of everyone’s trip, most importantly, the bride. The drag brunch at R House was SO fun - the best drag show I’ve been to and the food was amazing. I received compliments on several occasions from the ladies on how well planned the trip was. Additionally, I had two girls unable to make the trip, one of them very last minute, and the Bach team was quick to issue refunds for their tickets. THANK YOU BACH APP!
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4 days ago, Ejohnsonthiam
Bugs & kinks ruin the experience
The app was going okay (about 3.5 stars) up until I updated it. The reason I updated it was to hopefully see if they worked out an issue to allow you to see results of a poll that I created. After updating the app, I now somehow lost certain controls such as being able to see who is in the party because it is telling me to “RSVP to view all guest.” However, there is nowhere to do so for myself & everyone else inside the party. As the main planned, these simple bugs makes it tasking to plan when this app was supposed to be built to make things easier. The RSVP issue happened for people who had the updated version well before me, so it’s like the app got worse after updating which should never happen. When I tried creating a test dummy party, to proactively work around kinks without affecting my original party…changes still somehow reflect towards my original party defeating the sole purpose of creating a fake one. I feel this would have been easier had I manually done things through Google, but I went through so much getting 14 people to cooperate & download the app thus far. I wish there was a way the developers could get their stuff together because “4.8 stars w 18k+ reviews” is quite alarming for how the app is running for me & the experience for everyone else who have left recent comments…which have been bad without having to say.
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2 years ago, Fastpitch_Lover
DO NOT USE False Advertising/TERRIBLE communication
This is by far the worst customer service experience I have ever had. Do not waste your money by booking through this app even if it saves you money. I booked my girls tickets for a show (very well know show) in Vegas for 8 people. It took them over 2 months to confirm it, and then they told me they could do tickets for 8 (mind you the show is not sold out and there are plenty of tickets on ticket master). I contacted the app multiple times before even getting a response. The only time I received a response was when URGENT was in the title. Then they said they could accommodate us with two groups of 4 in rows behind one another so we could still be together as a group instead of all in one row. Which I agreed to of course, who wouldn’t! BUT THEN when the tickets were confirmed FINALLY after 4 days of asking after this conversation about splitting up into two separate rows in the SAME SECTION… THE BACH APP PUT US IN DIFFERENT SECTIONS THAT ARE WAY FAR AWAY FROM EACH OTHER. This is absolutely not what I paid for, and this planning experience as a maid of honor has been the worst as this is one of the main things my bride requested. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME USING THIS APP. It will save you all the frustration. Planning on your own will forever be the best and there is no need for a fake planning aid like this. P.s. I have all the screen shots to prove this and would post if images were allowed to be posted.
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8 months ago, Vetadventurer
Terrible, practically useless
We made all my bachelorette party attendees download this app after hearing how great it was. Once we created the event, we found out the hard way that whatever new iteration this is since becoming Batch, it is close to useless. There’s no way to have guests individually rsvp for events within an itinerary. In fact, the only way to manually add people to a specific event is to do it when you first create the event - and you can never change the guest list. I thought the whole point was to be able to let everyone know the itinerary for a multi-day event and let them rsvp to each event. I have confirmed this function does not exist by asking the developers. Additionally, it has a chat function, but sending a message or poll to everyone in your event doesn’t give them any alert or notification. There’s no way to “push” info to people. So I am relying on my 22 guests happening to look at this app on a daily basis and navigate to the chat section just to check whether we’ve said anything. I tried to use the poll and chat option to get rsvps to one of the embedded events (since there was no other way to know who’s coming). Unsurprisingly, only 3 of my guests saw the poll and replied. We will be looking elsewhere for a planning app, but I’m honestly embarrassed that we made everyone download this. You guys should remove it from the App Store until it’s out of beta testing mode.
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2 years ago, S0m3b0di3
Currently in transit
I say this as someone actively using it. The idea is amazing the execution needs work. When I sent out the invite to the bride I hoped the one invite would work. It doesn’t. The invite is one to one. So she had to send the contacts to me instead of just sending the links. Someone even was listed as her cause they used the link I sent her. In the beginning I was unsure location and hearted one event not in the location I was interested in. Why am I seeing locations I did not list as my event who knows. But now when I go to the chat it keeps showing this event even after unhearting it. Won’t let me delete from the chat either. Then the suggestions for location and events are narrowing to say the least. I had for more notifications from the app to say if some messages or votes but nope. So I’m constantly in there. But I get notifications if they join or leave. For now I’m still using as it’s good to store my itinerary but let’s see. I’m seeing more frustration about the opinions of how the app works then I’m seeing this go well so I’m in the middle about it.
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5 years ago, Sean K Neary
Best Idea for Planning Your Bach/bachelorette Party
As I’ve been a part of a lot of weddings and bachelor parties recently I’ve realized how difficult/annoying/inefficient using Facebook groups and group chats are for trying to coordinate all the things that go into it. The Bach app not only made the organization and funding easier through the itinerary, being able to log and share expenses, and having a group chat, they also made the entire experience better. On top of the organizational side of the things, the ability to book events, Airbnb’s and anything in between not only made our lives easier but gave us the best deals in the process. I honestly would not do another bachelor/bachelorette party without it, or actually any other group event for that matter.
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3 years ago, MeliJo_810
Would give ZERO STARS if I could
My girlfriends and I used the bach app for a Scottsdale trip and booked a bottle service night at a local bar/club. We paid over $800 to the bach app for a bottle and table service weeks before our actual trip. On the day of our reservation I encouraged my friend to call the bar ahead of time, and when she did we were told that there had never been a reservation in our name, and that they were not affiliated with the bach app at all. We then called the bach app and let them know what happened to which we were told that the money would be refunded to our account in 5-7 days, but the reservation was cancelled due to the bar raising the price. It makes no sense how our reservation wasn’t ever made weeks prior when they first received our money. It was supposed to be guaranteed, but that was a lie. Now we’re unable to get a reservation because they’re all booked up, AND we’re on vacation but out $800 until the refund is issued. I would NEVER use this app, or recommend to a friend again. The biggest night of my friend’s trip is now ruined because of their incompetence.
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1 year ago, A.J.W.12
Make sure to vet all ‘experiences’ thoroughly yourself!
We took our Bach to a male revue (found and booked through the Bach app) expecting a “Vegas style dance show” as advertised on the app…. Basically expecting Magic Mike, a little embarrassment for our bride, and some fun before going out. What we got instead was a raunchy, seedy strip show (the entire show consisted literally of three dudes, who performed for three hot seats and manhandled our bride pretty roughly during hers) and a sketchy bartending crew who tried to charge one of our attendees $700 for two beers. While I understand that not every experience is the responsibility of the Bach, I tried to let them know about ours so they could be aware for future Bach parties and got crickets in response. I got a note back from my initial email to schedule a call, and then no follow up ever— even after I responded a second time to ask if someone would have time to speak to me. This is NOT a company that cares about your experience at all, so be wary of anything you book through them. It’s a convenient planning tool, but I would not recommend for anything else.
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3 years ago, Anonymous 2.o
my friends and I thought this would be a great way to plan everything for a bachelorette party. we were wrong. yes, it’s good for communicating with everyone invited and can create expenses for everyone so you can split prices evenly, BUT DO NOT BOOK THINGS THROUGH THE APP. my friends and I booked a pontoon boat tour for 4 hours through the app and then called the company to confirm our reservation. they had no record of our reservation and said they only had 2 hour tours available and not 4. we made due, got our refund, and went on with our lives. then, we tried to book a private dance class for almost $500. i called the place to confirm our reservation and once again, they had no record of it. i wanted to book it for 9am but the studio didn’t even open until 11, which didn’t work with the rest of our schedule. trying to cancel it through the studio was easy, but they never received payment from Bach, so I couldn’t get refunded until the Bach app finally decided to answer their phone and process it. it took about 3 weeks to hear back and get a refund processed.
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2 years ago, -_g
I really enjoyed this!
This app was very helpful with planning my bffs bachelorette. They helped find events and keep everything in one spot for organization. I will say - there were some kinks. I think there are bits with the itinerary editing that were TOO in depth FOR ME. I felt as though some of it was unnecessary and confusing. As well as with the events themselves it was confusing at times how to get certain things or find them after the Bach showed you the option - with that being said i only used the app for ideas and i went to each site themselves to book. Other than a few small hiccups, i think this app has really great potential and any friends i know that would throw a larger bachelorette that needs more organizing i would definitely push them to this app - especially knowing that the creators are actively trying to make it better.
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2 years ago, Jumper500
Very convenient!
The Bach app was a great way to bring together everyone for the bachelorette party. It was easy to maneuver and allowed me to see who each person was and how they knew the bride. I liked how there was one spot for everyone to communicate. The chat option on the app allowed for voting and polls which helped us make key decisions for our trip and for the bachelorette party experience as a whole. I did not spend much time out of the chat part of the app but when I did, things were a bit overwhelming and confusing. Although, I believe if I spent more time learning how the app worked, I would not have been confused. Overall, I think this app really helped us shape our bachelorette party into a trip that catered to our likes and wants. There were some really fun activities we found through this app that made our trip one to remember.
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1 year ago, fLexJB
Good app, but has some glitches
Overall, while planning my Bach, this app has been great. It comes with a lot of ideas for the city you’re going to and is a great way to keep track and message folks as a whole, especially if you have a larger party and don’t wanna do an annoying group text every time you have an update. My only complaint is that the app logs you out almost automatically when you exit out of it, so you end up missing updates and stuff when anyone messages the group in the app. I had all of my girls turn on their notifs, but that didn’t matter when I was sending updates there because since they got logged out unknowingly, they never got them. Other than that one issue, it is a good app and has a lot of promise, just needs that one thing fixed to be pretty perfect for party planning!!!
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1 year ago, Tiffany.Jean
Liked the App
I loved that we could organize our plans with or without reservations. We wanted a guideline to follow with some wiggle room. The app put us in contact with the places we wanted to make reservations with. Worked out perfect. I think over time with them growing they will get more vendors but was nice putting the ones we were already working with on the schedule and budget. I loved that we could do polls to see what we should do vs not do. I loved the budget feature! To see what everyone would be paying or needed to pay a particular person. Easy way to plan a realistic budget. I made a few changes with the customer service team. They were great and quick. My only challenge was if some of the party was not joining certain events, it didn't give the option to pick the people or head count.
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2 years ago, alovelygal
Don’t waste your time, get Bride Squad app instead
I wanted to like this app. Even when I read the reviews on how terrible the customer service was (which it is), I wanted to like it. It seemed fun and like it had everything I needed. I’m not a planner so I was really hoping it would save me. I download the app, it immediately crashes. Every single time. I reach out to support, crickets. On the one day that I did manage to get into the app without crashing it kept asking me to rate the app nonstop. I tried booking a boat rental and after checkout the pricing was wrong and it CHARGED ME TWICE. I am still waiting on a response from the nonexistent customer service after weeks... I ended up downloading the Bride Squad app bc it was the only other alternative and honestly I like it way better. You can actually use the app without it crashing. It’s a bit tedious to sign up with email but we’ll worth it vs. using BACH. After using Bride Squad it also made me wonder how secure date in BACH app really is, they don’t have the same verification process as Bride Squad Anyways lesson learned to not follow the hype and instead go with something where the team is more concerned about actually helping the users than taking money from them and leaving them hanging By the way I booked the exact same rental on the other app with no problem. They link you directly to the person, no extra fees or anything. Do yourself a favor and skip the damage of the BACH
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2 years ago, mikaelahc
This app is good for planning and communicating with people I’m the bachelorette party. HOWEVER we booked a luxury picnic in Savannah through the app and got completely scammed. No information was sent to us about the location or details of the picnic. Bach did not even give us the vendors name. After doing my own research I found the vendor and called them to confirm our reservation. After talking to her she said that she was going to have to cancel and send us a refund because Bach had not gotten in contact about a time and they were all booked (keep in mind this is the week of the trip). She sent the refund through Bach and they have not given us the money back. I have emailed 5 times and called twice with no response. It is now 3 weeks after the trip and we are still out $400. If you get this app use it to plan and get idea bud DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY because you will never see it again. The bride was so disappointed and I cannot believe we got scammed $400.
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4 years ago, moe03cb
Great in some areas, awful in others
I’ve had the app for months now, and I haven’t had any issues. Although I am just now adding things and playing with it more. I rate the app right now a 3. What bothers me the most is the expense part. The numbers don’t add up to the correct amount. It says I only have 4 more than need to pay when I have 9. I have only logged 3 that have paid and a group of 12 are going so it should still have that 9 need to pay and the amount thats owed needs to match that. If an accidental log happens you can’t undo it and I have to delete the whole expense and start over. It needs a undo option. The notifications repeat it’s self under expenses even if I deleted an entire expense. So when I go back for an easy review of who still owns and who doesn’t, nothing adds up right and I can’t even just look at the notifications bc it’s inaccurate as well. Please fix these issues and I’ll rate higher. Thanks.
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5 years ago, Chloe Tags
You need this app if you’re planning a BACH party
What a cool and helpful app. Planning bachelorette parties can be so hard, so I’m SO happy I found this app just in time to plan the perfect bachelorette for my bff. The activities are so different from what I’ve seen, and gave me so many out of the box ideas to make my best friend’s Bach itinerary unlike any other I’ve been to! *If you’re going on or planning a Bach party you seriously need this app* BACH is not only easy to navigate, but also makes planning a stressful weekend fun and simple! The shared itinerary has made my job so much easier, because I’m not much of a texter. I can’t wait to surprise my bachelorette with the Honkey Tonk BACH party bus in NASH. 🥳 THANK YOU BACH!!!
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4 years ago, Mackenzi.picou
Good but could use some improvement
So far we are enjoying the app, but we are struggling to want to use it due to some of the more annoying kinks in it. For example, I think it would be really beneficial to have each persons “likes” to be on their own page or profile and if they want to share them then they can on their own terms. I had a problem where I had like a few different events, just while I was considering different options, unknowing that my friends were being notified about every single thing I did on the app (even something as simple as changing the hashtag?). So far I haven’t been able to find a settings section where they have notification options, so I’m assuming their isn’t one. That would be realllyyy helpful! Otherwise, I think the app is a great idea it could just used a little more TLC
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11 months ago, Alopez440
Great until it isn’t!
I totally loved using this app when I first downloaded it. It was convenient for myself and MOH to communicate with all 12 people in my group, without having to exchange numbers. Starting a poll was super easy and helpful when it came to deciding everyone’s budget for our stay. After that it was like the app took a nosedive! People were kicked out of the group and unable to log back in, which is so frustrating! Only some of my girlies got the messages, so I had to start a group text/chat; which defeats the purpose of having this app. Last but not least, this app as continuous updates! I understand apps are never perfect and will most likely have an update here and there. But this was just about every week it needed an update ! Do not download this app and just use a regular group text. Don’t waste your time.
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1 year ago, emsdiver1033
Inefficient Systems
We are signed up with The BACH as a vendor and have found many shortcomings with the way their system is set up. As a vendor, you have a portal, but can not see much information, nor edit it from the vendor side. In order to see details of your event, you have to sign up for the App as a customer, start a party and then find yourself. Once you do, any changes that need to be made must be sent to them via email to make, you can’t simply edit your listing. When you get a booking, they send you information, and you send an invoice to The BACH to be paid, but they require you discount the invoice by the amount of the agreed upon commission, rather than simply taking their commission from what you are owed. We also ran into a few issues that our listing wasn’t populating correctly using the search filters. These issues seem to be resolved, for now, after pushing them to address it. We’ve gotten a couple bookings from there, nothing crazy yet. Overall, it seems to be poorly designed backend system and not worth the commissions they take off the top. I would love for them to make improvements to make the whole system better for vendors.
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3 years ago, Anonymous22490
Like the app, but update recommended
I like the idea of the app, but there are a few things more I wish it had. I wish there was an option to edit the polls after they are posted (if you post a poll and then realize you messed something up and need to edit it, there should be an option for that). Also, the person who made the poll should still be able to see who responded even if the poll is anonymous. (For example, the results should be anonymous for others, however, not anonymous for the person who created the poll). Also, when a change or message is posted, the others in the group should get a notification (or allow others to see who all has seen the message). Definitely a good app concept, just needs some more features.
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2 years ago, Emmmmmmmmmaly
Wrongfully Charged or Scammed?
WARNING: new brides and bridesmaids be careful and make sure you’re keeping up with your charges if you decide to book through The Bach App. I booked two experiences on this app for my bachelorette party and received two confirmation emails with the appropriate costs. BUT there is a third wrongful charge for $427 on my statement. I never even received a third confirmation email! This happened MONTHS ago. We changed a reservation for the pole dancing class by adding an additional person. That should’ve only been $90 more not $427! I asked “Laura” the Bach App Lady if the third charge of $427 would fall off once the reservation was updated and got no response. Yet she was eager to respond when it was about charging my card. I see a lot of other reviewers fell victim to losing money because of The Bach App. I’m hopeful they will resolve this and refund me as the issue was on their end.
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2 years ago, Al Buny
Don’t book activity’s with them, we never got ours
I just planned a trip in scottsdale and one of the options of party activities listed was to have “bach boys” at our pool party, this was a company we scheduled through the bach app so the bach app was the point of contact. I reached out to them 10 days before the event asking for a confirmation for our activity, i did this because i wanted enough time to schedule a separate activity if the first didn’t work out. they confirmed the activity was scheduled and they would reach out closer to the date. 2 days before i reached out again, no response, one day before i reached out again, they said they had not heard from the third party. so we flew all the way to scottsdale and didn’t have an activity for our pool day and our bride was upset to say the least.
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2 years ago, carolynrosed
Great app! Just a couple of suggestions!
I would definitely use this app again! The only things I was not thrilled about was 1) it crashes on me, but maybe that’s just my iPhone glitching? 2) the “estimated cost” doesn’t display for the guests, so a separate “expense” has to be created. This did benefit me when I was trying to exclude certain people from costs. Also, I would give an option to search the internet for photos to display for events! And, I didn’t get our Airbnb address to hyperlink, because the link that came up did not lead to the actual Airbnb. I wrote it in and guests are going to have to copy it, which is more inconvenient than just pressing it as a link
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5 years ago, Best_Man_Ricky_Lee
It made my life easier as the best man.
We did Vegas and we did it big! We used The Bach to plan and coordinate our trip. We did the Zombie Apocalypse experience which was an absolute blast and something I would recommend to any party looking for some fun running and gunning. We also did the Sun Buggy, dune buggies through the dessert. The dune buggies we’re by far the most fun thing I’ve done in a long time, even though the groom drove like a punk. We also had a guy whose flight got cancelled and had to miss the whole trip. I was able to communicate that to The Bach and they worked with us to get money back for the guy who had to miss the trip. Great trip thanks to the Bach!
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1 year ago, MaciG16
I’m not the kind of person that is good at planning what to do on vacations, but this app seriously made it so easy to find popular things to do, read reviews on other bridal groups’ experiences and get detailed descriptions of what to expect. Booking everything is extremely easy, all in one place, and you can pay for your booking separately or all together through this app. This has relieved so much of my anxiety and this bride has enough to stress about. 10/10 recommend if you’re looking for itinerary and easy planning for your bachelorette trip!
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10 months ago, jordiiin
Love the potential
As a MOH I love the possibilities with an app like this. I can’t customize as much as I would like to, like with a theme, but that isn’t that big of a deal. I would just for it to be a little more user friendly. I’ve figured out how to do some things, but I’m afraid the other girls might miss some important information. I’m not sure if it would be easier to do if I was in a state that is advertised on the app itself. Michigan bridesmaids could really use this app! There are fun things to do in Michigan for a Bach party! I guess it just would have been nice to have suggestions for places near me to plan, rather than trying to come up with everything on my own! I do look forward to using this app in the future!
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5 years ago, Nycoma
It was great for planning, until it stopped working
Someone in the bachelor party recommended this app and I thought it sounded like a good idea. I set everyone up with accounts, added all of the itinerary activities, got the house info in there and then basically forgot about it. We used it to message back and forth a bit but honestly the group chat on text was easier. Then about 2 weeks ago the app started crashing whenever anyone tried to access the itinerary. We had the bachelor party this past weekend and we were unable to reference the things I had planned for the group. I had to quickly pull together a plan and kept it in the iPhone notes app instead. Disappointing because it took a lot of time to input all of the activities and details in the app and then it was completely useless.
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3 years ago, customer337105259
Everything was great until we had to cancel something
So, this is app is really fun and it definitely a must! However, if you need to get in touch with their customer service, just go ahead and admit defeat. It said we had 7 days to get a full refund for our reservation. After TONS of emails and calls to the company they finally answered and told me that the policy was actually 2 weeks. So now, our reservation has been cancelled with the vendor and I, myself, is out $100. Maybe it’s just me, but I am extremely upset about it.
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2 months ago, Ericaruth123
I love the app and have used it for so many bachelorette parties! My only thing is I wish they had more destinations on their list. I am using it for my own wedding and the destination I chose isn’t on the app. I know some places are more popular than others but if you could add whatever place you wanted and add restaurants/bars/things to do from said locations it would be easier to create an itinerary and keep everything in one spot. Girls have to keep going back and forth between app and conversations to find out what we’re doing; it would be nice if we could just do it all on the app!
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5 years ago, Hresor62
Nashville Here We Come!!!!
I was SO excited when I learned about this app!!! I’ve got my whole Bride Tribe (plus some tribe moms and their friends) coming with me from all over the U.S., so this has been the BEST way for everyone to know what I’ve got planned for us!! I can add just about anything to the itinerary, along with any prices or information in the notes section! I’ve gotten so many compliments about how cool the app is, and all of my girls are so surprised that it’s completely FREE! I would highly recommend this app to anyone who’s planning a Bach party, or even just a vacation for a large group of people! #ThisIsHouseWeDoIt
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3 years ago, Deb Hall McGrath
Sara Jane helped our San Diego trip
This app makes group travel a breeze! Our group girls trip to San Diego was the best trip our group has taken in no small part to this incredible app and the amazing customer service. We had an issue with one of our reservations and Sara Jane in customer service fixed it in a flash and went out of her way to ensure all our reservations were set for the remainder of our trip. We were blown away by the level of service and would never travel without using Bach to coordinate and plan ever again.
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2 years ago, Williema3
Perfect helper
Alright, I’ll say it- I was skeptical! I saw this app on Instagram after I got engaged and rolled my eyes. We knew we were doing Vegas and I was certain we didn’t need an app to help us. Boy, was I wrong! This app helped to much: from keeping travel info in 1 place, to tracking our plans, to helping sort who owes what for Venmo. We didn’t actually book anything through the app, but it was a perfect companion to our weekend and a great way to keep info all together. I will suggest this app to anyone who will listen! Worth your time!
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1 year ago, Sail6710
Most of the way there
Largely, as a participant, I found the app to be very useful. It was a great way to keep communication flowing among the group and keep track of expenses. Some of our members had trouble getting alerts, but I did not. The biggest improvement I would suggest regards the expenses. The default method is to pay each expense separately. As a group, we opted for a spreadsheet at the end of the weekend to minimize transactions. It would be much easier if your ledger showed the balance between individuals rather than two separate values between each. Incorporating Splitwise would be a game changer.
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2 years ago, lilbluemonkey
Love the app!
I’ve how the app had so many different recommendations that we could do for my Bachelorette trip! There were some activities I would not have even though to look for, if not for the recommendation on this app. It was so easy to schedule and keep track of itinerary in this app. We had someone drop out of the group 2 weeks before the trip. The Bach app made it easy to modify the number, and get a refund for the ones we could at last minute. Great service! Highly recommend!
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5 years ago, ShanRes
You’ll thank me later!
This app has been SO helpful for our Bachelorette party in Nashville! We have 13 girls coming from all over the US. This app lets us all stay in touch, while being able to share EVERY detail with the whole group. The organization it provides is also stellar. Finances, places to go, up to the minute itinerary, as well as travel times can be shared in this app. All at the tap of an icon! Wish we had an app like this for Christmas family gatherings! Would make our lives even easier.
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2 years ago, bachrech123
Customer Contact and booking
The only way to contact them is via email which they take 2/3 business days to respond. I booked an event through the Bach app. They don’t send you a receipt of a breakdown of what you booked and paid for. It was an unlimited mimosa with brunch and a show. The server asked me for my receipt which I did not have because I never received one. Also when we arrived to the location it was $15 cheaper per person. So had I just made reservation myself rather than prepay through the BACH, we would have all paid less. I contacted them for a breakdown of what they charged me for and still have not heard. Don’t book anything through the App. Just call and make your own reservations.
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3 years ago, ryanok214
Unclear and Unforgiving Policies
Deeply disappointed with their cancellation policy. We booked a yoga session for our trip but one of our group members came down with a fever two days before. I immediately contacted the yoga company who were incredibly kind and understanding. Given the seriousness of the Delta variant and COVID we did not want to risk the health of anyone. The BACH app, however, would not give any kind of refund because we contacted the yoga company directly and did not give two weeks notice. If we weren’t in a pandemic I would understand such a policy but to lose out on five hundred dollars by making a choice that is best for everyone’s health seems so unforgiving. Will be booking services directly with the companies they work with from now on.
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4 years ago, Ymsg
One Stop Shop but Buggy
This app is informative with lots of great tips. My bachelorette group used it mostly for chat, and there definitely seemed to be some bugs with the chat part, either slow to load responses or not loading at all (“chat initialization completed with error”). As the maid of honor, I would have liked to have an option to chat everyone without the bride to plan surprises for the bachelorette. The tips are good and the compiled list of attendees is helpful. We did not use the money splitting part and instead used a different app for that. If the glitches were resolved, this app would be much easier to use. All in all, I was thankful to have it to help plan the bachelorette party.
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4 years ago, Koconn
Definite potential
Bach has a lot of potential, but there’s a few things they’re missing. Guests should definitely have a “going,” “not going,” and “maybe” option. It’s hard to figure out how to remove yourself, or remove people as an admin. And definitely hard to get a preliminary headcount. The app defaults to push notifications, but could use a badge icon. And a badge icon on the sections within the app when things are updated. I like how easy it is to add people from your contacts, the poll options and the recommendations for things to do in the area. Like I said, this app has lots of potential, it just needs some additions.
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2 years ago, Kaylant
Great for certain places
This is great for big cities. I had a bachelorette party in a known beach area with lots of bars and restaurants but there was nothing on the app for that city. BUT THEN I went to New Orleans for another party and it was amazing. The app helped so much with finding cool places to go and things to see. We booked like 2 or 3 things from here and we are so happy we did. There’s cool polls we did too to help us figure something’s out. I say, Go for it!
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3 years ago, BluejayMiller
Horrible experience
I was super excited as the bride to find this app so everyone could be included and my MOH could easily share the plans with everyone. However, the support side of this app is a joke!! We booked on of the events they show on the app. Waited for the email confirmation. Never came and MOH emailed support twice to ask about confirmation. After almost 2 weeks after booking, I as the bride emailed support to see what was going on. While I waited for a response MOD called a support number. The MOH could hardly hear the lady on the phone as she was distracted and laughing by whatever was going on in the background around her. She Told MOH they forgot to send out confirmation. I ended up getting an email response from BACH saying it was the vendor that was taking so long to confirm reservation. Fast forward to the day of my event. We get an email from the vendor saying sorry they can't host us today and the Bach shouldn't have booked us. Just completely unprofessional in my opinion. Hope Bach doesn't talk another 2 weeks to respond to our refund email
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2 years ago, Birdie071985
Great, but some features stopped working
I really like this app for organizing our upcoming bachelorette party, as MOH it is making My life much easier. That being said…I am reserving everything and collecting expenses from the group. The ledger is great, but the feature to mark items paid has stopped working so I have had to start tracking that outside the app. Looking forward to a fix on this. I also think the option to private chat would be great, so we can plan surprises for the bride in the app as well.
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4 years ago, lady_aggie
On the right track
The Bach is on the right track but still could do a lot to improve. Planning my friends Bach, I was looking for a website like the knot or Zola so I could keep track of guests and an itinerary. I found a site called guestboard that is similar but low functioning and no app. We started with this and then I found Bach. Bach had some pros over guestboard but it was missing a photo tab, notes section, and a checklist where we could assign out tasks and things to bring to guests. Ultimately we are sticking with guestboard but I hope Bach can make some improvements to match in the next couple of years!
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2 years ago, sienna+nick
Amazing For Planning A Bach Trip!!
Absolutely loved using the bach app for planning my bach trip! I’m super type A so i love loved the itinerary section & that we could book experiences through the app & they run 20% discounts etc frequently. It was user friendly & helped us all keep costs in check & who had paid and who hadn’t for experiences! We did a combined trip with my finace & his groomsmen so it was super helpful keeping 12 people & finances in check!
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1 year ago, Esp11
It’s alright - more of an agenda keeper
The concept is great but the execution still needs a lot of work. I wanted to cancel a booking I made through the app and it took them almost 1 week to do it after I had contacted the customer service 3 times to get a response. The expense feature is basically just bookkeeping - it doesn’t settle up debts amongst the group so you still have to figure that out on your own, which is makes it kind of useless. I had to use another app for those calculations. The only thing I found this app useful for is putting the agenda of the weekend for everyone to see.
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1 year ago, Js5377p
This app is a front for scammers. If you’re using it for polls and whatnot fine but DO NOT BOOK ANYTHING THROUGH THEM AND DO NOT CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE TO TRY AND GET A REFUND. Go directly through your bank if you need a pending charge cancelled reversed. They will take your money, not book the event, and then you’ll show up to your trip with no booking and out $1000. Then, when you give them your info for a refund for whenever the pending charge will finally go through (10 days later), they then use your bank info to write themselves small checks at first, then bigger ones, all to FAKE companies. This entire company should be investigated for more illegal operations than just scamming.
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3 years ago, eGren5
You NEED this app!
Calling all Batchelor/Bachelorette party organizers! Do yourself a favor and download this app immediately. It was so helpful to keep track of who arrives to your party location and when (for those traveling to your destination), being able to have a group chat all in one place instead of a million group text messages, and getting a feel for the activities or food preferences of everyone using the poll feature! I also loved that I could include the prices of each activity so everyone knew what to expect, nothing worse than surprising people with a huge bill. This app helped create a buzz months before our party even started making the weekend that much more exciting when we got there. Thanks TheBatchApp for this app!
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3 years ago, Jht_4
Not that helpful
When hearing about this app it seemed great and I was excited to try it out. Once downloading and using the app it is not helpful the city I listed has nothing on the list for things to do and google can help me way more than using this app. After seeing some other reviews as well I’m very disappointed in it. Most people said they had issues booking and with funds etc. and could not get their large sums of money back for booking that they did not get to do. I would not recommend this app to others as I wouldn’t want to run into those issues on a special day.
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3 years ago, cheek5754
Good app but some really annoying stuff.
Its a good app and I can see it being helpful.. but It’s entirely too cluttered. It’s not really serving the purpose of helping organize because there’s just TOO MUCH TO LOOK AT. My Bach itinerary is super cluttered with them promoting activities when it should simple show what I have added. It’s confusing to guests to show other things on that page. Any ads or promo should not be on THAT page. Also it picks a random photos for accommodations instead of letting me upload an actual photo of the lodging. It has a random photo of a fruity cocktail for our hotel.. Why do that!?
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