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Beautylish, Inc.
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1 year ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Beautylish

3.5 out of 5
2 Ratings
11 years ago, mad_crumbz
Slow as a snail
If you're impatient this app is frustrating as hell. That said I'm a patient person, two minutes isnt going to kill me, BUT apps shouldn't take more than 10 sec to open and load up content. I gave it three stars because the content is great but app needs to be redone by a new developer. It took forever to open, my iOS is updated, restarted my phone, and still took forever to open. Once I finally got it to open, it took forever to sign, forever for the content to load. The links didnt open up, i had to close the app and reopen then it finally loaded. It seems once click on all the buttons and links once everything works pretty smooth the second, third, and fourth time.
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5 years ago, 903946022903
Genuinely i love this app and this retailer!
Ordered my Jeffree Star palette from this app and everything was perfect. I got an email “from the CEO” when I made my account on the app, and a handwritten note with my order. They’re a brand that tries to personable and they’re very customer oriented. But from a retailer that specializes in luxury makeup & goods, that’s what you’d expect! The app DOES have a wishlist feature, and everything is super simple and easy from browsing, adding stuff to your wishlist or bag, to placing an order. It’s so easy I barely remember doing it. It’s all very straight forward and organized. I actually uninstalled the app after I ordered my palette because I didn’t think I’d want to buy anything else from them given my budget, but I just received my package and reinstalled the app IMMEDIATELY! The entire experience of ordering from Beautylish was a lot of fun and came with a few pleasant surprises. I’ll definitely be buying from them again.
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11 years ago, JillyanB
I've never enjoyed shopping for makeup online. You almost always have to go into the store to get the full effect of the product. However, I stay busy at home with kids and my work.. So going to the store to play in makeup for two hours while the kids run around putting their fingers in everything is NOT ideal! Beautylish is the answer to all of my prayers! They will show you what the formula looks like on your skin tone, and provides you with reviews from other clients and beauty experts to help you make a decision on what's best for you. It's the most helpful beauty app I've ever purchased. I don't use my Sephora app at all since purchasing from my Beautylish app. Not only did I receive excellent customer service, perfect colors, beauty expert assistance- I also received a HAND WRITTEN thank you note with my package!!!! You will never regret a purchase from Beautylish!!!!!!
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7 years ago, lalalovelyla
I hope this app is under construction because it's pretty useless as it is now. You cannot actually write reviews although there is a tab that says write a review. Why? You cannot use ANYTHING listed under my account. You have the option of building a "profile" including uploading a photo but that just gets stuck and never uploads. Why? Everything else is blank under profile. Why? I'm logged in but there are no orders listed under order history. Why because I do have orders? I'm logged in but my loves section is completely blank. Why is it that? The only function that works under that section is the Shipping & Return policy that just directs you to the Beautylish website which makes me wonder what is the point of having the app at all if nothing works. Just go to the site from your phone. Sorry to be harsh but why waste people's time asking them to download this app when it doesn't work? I know most apps have some bugs but this is silly.
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9 years ago, Ariana loves you
Great app for Beauty!
All this time before I discovered this app, I would use yahoo and ask and answers for my beauty answers but now I simply ask a question and receive an answer within 5-10 minutes! So much faster then using ask websites or answers ect. And not only can you ask questions, you can answer questions & you can buy things on cart & whatnot. It's the perfect beauty app for on the go. Buy beauty products, look at reviews and ask questions & more! The only problem is when I want to upload a photo to go along with my question it will take forever to load and when I shut down and open the app again, it's there. So it's fixable, just fix the lag a bit! Otherwise you should get this!
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11 years ago, Keepcalmbro
Love it aside from one thing..
I love this app. It always shows me new ways to do my hair, makeup, nails, so on and so forth, but I can't hear the videos anymore. Maybe it is just my phone because I haven't seen anyone write about this problem (granted that I did not go through every review), but one day I suddenly couldn't hear the videos. I hope this problem gets fixed because it is one of my favorite/go-to apps. I deleted it and am currently downloading it again to see if that solves the problem, and I hope it resolves the issue. If it doesn't, then this issue definitely needs to be fixed because most videos on makeup require talking, and I can't hear the people in the videos for makeup tutorials! Great app, though. Download it!
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11 years ago, TheLeoGlamperess
I'm a beautician & a glam magician! <3
I have been doing hair, makeup, skin and nails for almost a decade now and one thing that people don't think about enough is continual education! I love learning new tips n trick or things I can share w clients on FB or friends! We are visual people who need to see certain techniques or palettes to feel inspired or get excited! Beauty to me is a practice of continual stimulation of all senses!!! Creating a sanctuary n extraordinary experience for people that's above n beyond the rest because there is so many of us Out there! Using inspiration from everywhere n everything helps me!!! Live outside your box n comfort zone n practice as much as you can to perfect your skills! I just love love love it!!!!! You get a sprinkle of beauty & can customize it just for u!! :-*
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11 years ago, Noemi88
I don't believe I've ever reviewed an app before but I just had to for this one! My review goes for everything from the way the app works to how quickly my products arrived! I am not only inspired by the DIY's and photos posted by other users but I also get to shop from the app! App layout is lovely and easy to navigate through. I went ahead and ordered a few products and was surprised by how fast my order was processed and shipped! And what better than to receive your package and first thing you come across is a cute personalized hand written note! As long as I need a product they carry I will definitely be ordering from them. Anytime I need inspiration or new ideas, I will be opening up my Beautylish app! 💋❤💄🎀
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11 years ago, Oneshot22
I'm In Love 😍
I found Beautylish through some beauty gurus on you tube. I decided to download it, and it is one of the best decisions I have ever made!! Beautylish offers a way for you to ask embarrassing questions about beauty or anything without revealing your identity, you can shop for great products and read reviews about them to see if they are any good, you can post pictures, and you can make a profile and people can comment on your profile!! I especially love how its like a Twitter, Instagram, Keek, and Vine all COMBINED!!!!!!!!!! I can't express enough how much I enjoy this app, not to mention everyone is SO SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!! Everywhere you look people are commenting on how beautiful you are!! If you don't have this app then get it now!!!!! 😄
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11 years ago, Teewyatt
Always looking for something new
Browsing around on my iPad I ran across this app didn't know too much about it but the more I messed around with it i found these amazing products and tutorials which were actually pretty helpful. I'm a licensed stylist for 19 yrs and I'm always looking around for the latest and hottest trends that has to do with the beauty industry. One thing I really enjoyed is when I saw other people using the products and leaving their comments which is exceptionally helpful And with all being said I have passed it on to my clients and friends, thanks a lot Beautylish u get 5 stars in my book ;)
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11 years ago, T A Y L O R ♥
Great website, sucky app
I absolutely love Beautylish! I would give the website 5 stars, but this app needs some work! You can't edit your profile, delete pictures, or edit anything you post from the app. When you type, the page doesn't move down. So all you can see is the first line you typed. SUPER annoying. It also crashes all the time. There's a lot of little things that need work. I really hope they fix these things soon.
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11 years ago, TamiS_12
Make it load faster, please!!
I love Beautylish and had an account online before I had one on my iPod, and I was really excited when it came out. However, it takes so long to load everything most of the time that I just exit the app because I'm tired of waiting or in a hurry. If it processed things faster, that would be GREAT. Also, it won't let me go to a users profile from a picture or from other posts. It would be very convenient if I could. Overall, I love Beautylish and the app is nice for reading articles and looking through photos for ideas and inspiration (just wish it was faster).
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5 years ago, kmann76
Great products, quick shipping, luxe packaging
Placed two orders so far and immensely happy. Arrived super fast, and can we just talk about the care taken to wrap up their product? Just adorable. The first time I ordered, they sent a sample of a shampoo. I thought - whatever, that’s nice, I’ll try it. One use and I’ll never be the same! I highly recommend Oribe Gold Lust! Which incidentally was my second purchase along with a Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick. And another free sample from Bioderma - can you guess what my next purchase will be? Lol! I’m living for this company.
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11 years ago, mikapauline
Bad Update 😞😔
I loved it before the latest update (June 9, 2013) now whenever I try signing in with the right pass and email, it says this email isn't registered yet. Wanna make an account then when I press the ? I enter my email And I change my pass but it just won't let me get into my account 😒 this needs to be fixed or I might as well delete the app and I think other beautylish users are probably thinking the same thing... Please fix and thank you in advance! .x Also the the July 1 update doesn't do anything... Still the same problem.. Please fix and if the next fix doesn't work, I'm leaving beautylish! I'm sorry but I have been patient with you guys but if it's like this, it's a waste of my time... So please fix ASAP thanks for your time .x
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11 years ago, MegN245
LOVE this app!
I am a makeup artist & I adore this app. The editorials are great and offer fresh ideas & product reviews. The video section has tons of diverse tutorials. I have discovered several gurus on this app who are very talented. I recently made my first purchase from the store on this app. It arrived within 3 business days and the order was correct. The packaging was adorable and well thought out. I plan on making more purchases from this app in the future! I hope it continues to grow and offer more product selection as time goes on.
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12 years ago, *Romee*
Great way to spend extra time!
Finally, I been waiting for Beautylish app for long time. I have to say its one of the best app I have download on my iPhone so far. Great way to spend time, actually it will make you loss track of time! Easy to read article, talk section is one of my fav things in app and great pics all the member are so talented and creative. Over all it's great that I can just carry my iPhone and find great beauty tips and information while I'm waiting in DMV or load trip or anywhere you need to kill the time :) must have
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11 years ago, CittyCatStar
Really helpful!!!
You are able to post questions/pics and get advice from people. You can set up profile and set it to your skin type, hair color/type etc and get videos just for you. I have a couple other beauty apps downloaded but this is by far the best! Only thing is when we post a question I wish we could get a notification when someone comments on your posts instead of just checking back on your post every 5mins. Overall Really HELPFUL!!!!!
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11 years ago, enej
Little annoyances
I wish it was a bit more user friendly, I can't edit my profile and it's hard to find where buttons are. There's like no "user manual" on how to work things. I still haven't figured out how to post a review on a fragrance. It really shouldn't be that hard. They should make a clear button that says "add review". Simple. Also, I don't like that when you answer people's questions, you're name or the name of the last person to comment comes up on the page instead of the person asking the question.
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11 years ago, muchkin07
Awesome.... With some set backs
I love this app. It is very helpful to many and gives me great ideas when I need some inspiration. You can get it from make gurus and from your average girl next door. My only complaint is that they need to short out the message boards more. I really don't want to see "do I look pretty" just as much as I don't like to see " is my husband cheating on me". Not a major complaint because most if the time I just ignore them but if they could filter those items that would be helpful. Other than that I love it.
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11 years ago, Kawaiitakai
This beauty app has a very wide range when it comes to it's audience. Both beginners and advanced cosmetologists alike can look through this app and find something that interests them. I really enjoy the fact that they not only review products, but they give you a chance to see what the world is doing with theirs as well. I always learn something new when they upload a new editorial and I anticipate for them to come out. The beautylish app is amazing and much needed.
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11 years ago, Karen1account
Love it
I absolutely LOVE this app for all the articles, videos, pictures, and product reviews. It took me awhile to figure out how to completely navigate it, so I do wish there was better instructions or a tutorial. For example, I could not figure out how to see when other people would reply to my discussion posts or comment after me in a discussion. Also, i think there could be more articles or maybe a way for people to contribute articles. Other than that, it's a fun app and I really like it a lot.
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8 years ago, CodyChip
Just use the website.
Two stars because the website is fine, the app is worthless. Online retailer apps are supposed to make shopping easier, not more difficult. This app doesn't tell you if something is out of stock. You can't do anything with the account section because it won't open for more than two seconds, and heaven forbid if you want to browse reviews from the whole product rather than a single color. If the app were more cooperative, I'd spend as much if not more than I do at Sephora. If you weren't the exclusive retailer for Wayne Goss brushes, I would just give up and shop elsewhere.
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11 years ago, Tianna mckinney
Beautylish review
I really like the app! If your into cute nail designs, makeup, hairstyles, or even enjoy home remedies and quirky how-to videos, then this is the app for you! The only thing I dnt like is there are makeup artist who have started using this and they post pictures of fake scars, cuts, gashes, etc. so that gets annoying seeing all this bloody pictures, it makes my stomach queen even tho I know it's fake the pictures look so real, so I wish there was a way to block those pictures personally! Otherwise it's a great app!
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12 years ago, ShunaRae
Love it, but...
I just wish that it would open up after this new update. Before the recent update it would crash on me every now and then. When it would crash, all I had to do was open it again and it was done. Now with this recent update, it won't open AT ALL as another reviewer said. Right now, this is my only problem with the app. This is perfect for beauty enthusiasts and all the die hard beauty junkies out there. My favorite app on my phone; I just want it to open!
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11 years ago, UnderMyThumbs
Really Cool!!
I really like this app. What's nice is you can read about different products and see how they are rated by other consumers. Items can also be "favorited" which builds a sort of shopping list. Then, you can buy from the site too. I use it often for inspiration and to see how well liked a product is before I go and buy it. Plus there are great makeup and hair tips and tricks. Worth a download.
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12 years ago, ThatGirlNamedVictoria
My take on BeautyLish
This app is very helpful. The fact that you can get information in more than one form (such as video, photos, articles, reviews etc.) means that this app is using it's advantages to the most . I love how that app is very easy to learn and operate. How ever they need to promote the app more so people can know about it. Another thing is, yes you have reviews available, but it seems that some have a ton of reviews and others have little to no feedback. Thank you.
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9 years ago, Stopher1234
This app is amazing!!!! I've been on it. You get advice from others, look at ideas and everyone is nice to one another! But I would like you to fix a few things, I want to be able to edit your profile on the app, and when you click on a photo and just slide to look at the photos it glitches and won't move
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11 years ago, Ramie John
In Love!
This is by far my most favorite app! They show you videos on how-to's, you can have beauty discussions with other people, share pictures of your creations, and see other people's as well! They even have a shopping line of different kinds of beauty companies. The only thing I would like to see is more companies like Urban Decay. MAC, Rockeresque, Sepohra, Make-Up Forever, etc. join the line :)
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11 years ago, Wendora15
Good Comprehensive Beauty Resource
I've really enjoyed this app for the several days I've used it. The tutorials are helpful and I've picked up loads of great tips and hints from other users. I've spent hours browsing pictures and videos and haven't been bored once. The users of this app are mostly quite young, I would guess the majority are 13 to 23. But as a 42-year-old, I have still found a lot of good information in their recommendations and ideas.
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11 years ago, Nikiig
Nice app
I like the articles, pics and videos but I especially love the community feel of it. So easy to ask questions and interact with others although I haven't yet. I wish u could purchase products from the app. Reminds me of Sephora's app but without the purchase option. I received a coupon via email and never used it because it was too much effort. I bought the product I was gonna buy from Sephora.
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11 years ago, Judie M. S.
✨Great app!✨
I'm giving this app 5 stars because (aside from sephora) this has got to be one of the best beauty apps I have ever used! This is the real deal. Detox recipes articles, health and fitness diets etc etc and beauty tips. Omg just the best. I love to sit and have breakfast and read the articles on beautylish. One recent thing I actually don't like is that the recent update changed the layout. No more health and wellness or fitness or beauty articles being separated into their sections. It's now articles videos products and photos. I prefer the old layout! Don't get me wrong, but the articles are still there. Other than that its a great beauty app 😊❤ ✨✨Highly recommend it to all beauty and fashion lovers✨✨ 🎀
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5 years ago, BitBit375
Amazing brands!
I go to Beautylish whenever I’m looking for inspiration. Sometimes the same old app can get boring, so what I love about Beautylish is the range of brands, and the honest reviews from people who have truly tried the product. I can find brands here that are fun, new, different and vary widely in price range. The owner, Nils, writes you personally at times, and the shipping is super fast!!
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11 years ago, MsReesie
Great App with Great Users and Great Ideas
Sounds like others have had trouble since the update, but so far I haven't experienced any issues. I've gotten several ideas about hair, makeup, tools, and fashion from this app and have been able to answer questions as well. I especially like the videos and editorials. The only con is that I can't save any of the photos that I love, but I can view my likes at any time.
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8 years ago, Megan Al Amreeki
Love it
I love this app, but this is probably because of how much I love shopping from this site. Product pages load quickly, my account is easy to use, and it's very useful for when I'm out and about. The only thing that I would love (and would give it the extra star) is if the app had the ability to chat with an artist like the website does. Other than that, it's wonderful.
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8 years ago, Hollyhollsballs
Great except for...
I love the app and use it often to browse products and reviews. However, I never use it to actually purchase because there isn't a Paypal option like there is on the actual beautylish website (just credit card on the app). I wish the option to use PayPal was added to the app so I don't have to continue going back and forth between the app and website.
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8 years ago, Scetty and butter
Great app
I love the set up it gorgeous, sweet and simple! One downfall when viewing products that have different pigments you click on it to see the shade and only the original photo of the product shows, therefore in order to pick a color I still need to go online. The purpose of creating an app that has a website is to make access and viewing less of a hassle. So this defeats the purpose and is almost useless to have.
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5 years ago, lo.on.marz
This app will not let me checkout.. I can’t get past the shipping address part, it just loads and loads. I’ve tried for over a week. I have updated the app, I have deleted it and re-downloaded it.. nothing works. I wanted to use this app because I heard it’s very fast shipping and I wanted the blood sugar palette before Thanksgiving next week :( I’ve never ordered from here before, recently started trying and have never been able to make a purchase so not good first impressions. Guess I’ll just order from Jeffree’s site and wait the longer shipping time and delete this app..
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11 years ago, Black magic ***8
Get app
I really love this app it show the different tips and type of products that are best for this year and even next year.. Not just only items but tips to help other young ladies with beauty secrets and wonderful nail, makeup, hair styles , and even health tips as well ... Love love this app and if anyone is looking to stay beauiful and different and even alil color to their life style this is prefect for you..
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11 years ago, Den1268
Not perfect but fun.
I love the idea of this app. you can watch tutorials, read reviews, and ask other members about their opinion and just chit chat about makeup, hair, beauty and everything else. The only reason why I am giving this app 4 stars versus 5 is because sometimes the posts glitch and you double post unknowingly and second when you include a picture it will crop it on its own. Thanks
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11 years ago, *MrsS*
Great App for Beauty Buffs
I've been a member on Beautylish for a little over a week now. I love the app-it's fast and easy to use when I'm not near my computer. It's missing a forum section or two, but I understand that this app is continuously improving and I won't let that affect my review. Overall, it's a great app for people looking to get and give beauty advice and I recommend it.
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9 years ago, Meganjean518
Love it
I've been using this app for a few years now and I'm surprised it's not more popular. Whenever I want to create a new look or need an idea, I love that I can easily search through the pictures depending on if I'm wanting to look through eyes, hair, nails.. Etc. I also use this app for reviews when purchasing new makeup products.
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11 years ago, ParisJunior
New lifetime shopper
Just signed up and was offered 10 dollars off for signing up so naturally I bought something. I couldn't be happier with both the product and service. I received a handwritten thank you note with my order which was a very thoughtful personal touch. Will most definitely be shopping here again.
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12 years ago, Melindaxo
Won't let me log in through Facebook!!
The only way you can communicate with other users on the app and ask questions, etc is to log in through Facebook but it won't let me! When I click on that I get redirected to Facebook for a second then redirected back to this app asking to log in.. EVERY time!! Therefor I can't write anything on the app nor communicate with others!! This needs to get fixed! Would have gotten a 5!
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10 years ago, Jered1collins
Great Beauty App
Beautylish helps me stay on top with the latest beauty trends and it's great to use when you're unsure about purchasing certain products. The only problem I have is that when you join a talk topic or ask a question and get a response it doesn't notify you and you have to scroll through a lot to get the subject. Other than that I highly recommend.
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11 years ago, Beatboxtaun
Love love love
I love tutorials and getting new ideas on how to do my nails, hair, and makeup. I found Beautilish and I am so happy I did! I am now hooked because there is a huge library of picture and videos to go through that gets updated fairly regularly. Plus, the reviews help out a bunch too. I waited to review this app until I got enough play with it.
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11 years ago, Jen Rollins
Buggy and slow, unable to load pictures
I was a huge fan of this app and had been using it religiously, even though it's always been a little slow and buggy. But for the past few weeks I've been unable to load pictures to the site (which is the whole reason you get the app, to supplement your pre existing profile in the online community). I've tried everything, including uninstalling and reinstalling all to no avail.
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10 years ago, Ελένη5
If your in love with makeup and beauty, this is the app for you. Beauty list is a community where you can see DIYs and amazing photos from talented makeup artists like Wayne Goss and Kandee Johnson. You can also ask for beauty advice and see reviews on products. The articles are interviews from makeup stars and new products they are in love with. I recommend this app to anybody.
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11 years ago, Dollface🎀
I LOVE Beautylish
As a makeup guru, you need to stay updated on the latest and greatest products from the top makeup brands to the makeup brands that are not as widely known! Beautylish helps me do this. My friends who aren't as obsessed with makeup as I am still are able to find plenty of uses for the app! Love it, love it, love it! I definitely never buy any cosmetics without consulting Beautylish first!
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4 years ago, Lairie1992
Need Some Fixing
Love Beautylish, but this app is just not good. It takes forever to load, especially when I’m logging in & putting a product on my cart. I use my phone to access most of my shopping accounts so it’s very inconvenient for me to switch platforms (I have to order via computer which I don’t have access to). I rather use another app for another company, because it’s faster and doesn’t give me a hard time to just do simple task.
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11 years ago, NICU_momma2003
Wonderful service
I ordered some Anna Sui make-up (which can be incredibly hard to find). I got it in less then 3 days. Everything was so delicately wrapped in tissue paper with a hand written note thanking me for my order -- soo cool! I will definitely continue to order from the site!! Thank you soo much for the hand written note!! :)
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