Bed Bath & Beyond

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Beyond, Inc. (App)
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2 weeks ago
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16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bed Bath & Beyond

4.85 out of 5
139K Ratings
5 years ago, Leck_44
Jennifer Leckel
I ordered a seven piece dining room set which only took less than a week to arrive. It’s beautiful and I’m so happy with it. I also ordered an 8x10 rug to underneath it, contemporary style , which really made the dining room set pop! Today I received an area rug I ordered which took less than a week to get to my new home. My next purchase is a head board and a foot board that I just fell in love with at first site. My husband has shown me multiple others but none compared to this one. I must have it! It’s pine and sturdy and looks as though it will last a very long time. I have a credit card to Bernie and Phil’s but I don’t care I’ll pay the money upfront for it because I’m so in love with it. I’ve always had good luck with Overstock for the last ten years. Never disappointed not one time. I get coupons all the time and apply them to my orders which in return I pay less for the item! It’s a brand new home we pass papers tomorrow and I’m upgrading just about everything with items from Overstock. You just can’t beat the prices and more importantly the quality. I’d give Overstock 10 stars if I could! Thank you Overstock is my happy place!
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2 years ago, jackrad
Sent wrong size & charged $18 return shipping!!!!
I thought I found an item I’ve bought before on Overstock for less expensive so I ordered it, however I went to the page where I select the size and all the different sizes were different prices. I selected the right size and somehow that got changed in checkout because when the arrived it was the complete wrong size. I tried to process the return online but when I did they tried to say it was buyer’s remorse and therefore my fault and said they were going to charge me $18 for shipping!!! It was not like I misjudged what size I needed and chose the wrong one, I knew what size I needed and selected it and somehow during their super complicated checkout process it got changed—not my fault, the app’s fault of anything. $18 would have been close to half the price of the item and completely pointless. Eventually I had to dig up their customer service phone number, which I could not find on the all anywhere, and call. The first person I spoke with told me he was going to look into something and I though I was maybe on hold or something but 5 mi it’s later I was disconnected. So I called and the next person helped me. Thankfully there was not a long hold when I called. Not sure why anyone would order from here lack of free return shipping is bad enough but $18 for return shipping on something that weighs almost nothing and comes in a super small box is theft.
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5 years ago, Genesiz
Who is that guy?
I love Overstock! Customer Service is wonderful, and I’ve had no problem with returns or exchanges. (I purchased a fire table that we weren’t able to use because of the height of our upstairs patio. It wasn’t high enough for safety requirements. Also, it was a gas fire table and we repurchased a propane table which was better for us). Long story short. We were end over our heads, and because I purchased it in The Fall, we did attempt to set it up until it was colder. Therefore we were about 2 months *past* the return date. Overstock allowed us to return the table & they gave us a full refund. Furthermore, the reps are great at helping me shop when I feel stuck. I had a gentlemen help me. We were going back and forth on “chair ideas” for a dining table I was purchasing. My husband could hear him on speaker phone. He asked, “Who is that guy? Is he a design dude?” The rep laughed and said no, but he loved helping and gets lucky. I eventually had to leave for dinner, so the rep took some notes on what I was looking for. He placed 4 styles of chairs in my cart to check out later. Great service!
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3 years ago, Mama Kansas
Great looking mirrors
We did a total remodel of our master bathroom. We removed one full six foot bathroom wall mirror. We decided to replace it with two Rayne Brazilian walnut vanity wall mirrors. We were delighted with the fast delivery for our mirrors. When they came, we were impressed with how they were packed to protect the mirrors. The Mirrors were constructed with a high grade of materials and good workmanship. The wall mirrors were made just as stated in the Overstock information. These mirrors completely upgraded and modernized our master bathroom. They are very well made. The beveled edge of the mirror really adds a upgrade to the look of the mirrors. The frames have a wonderful depth of color. The walnut color of the mirror frames is very dark, almost black. We highly recommend these mirrors not only for bathrooms but any room that you need a mirror. We liked the vanity wall mirrors so much we purchased another one of the vanity wall mirrors to be shipped as a gift to our son. He was also impressed with the workmanship. A true value for the price.
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3 years ago, ijuogrjfye12331
Rip off
Ordered a $900 wardrobe. Shipping estimated in about 2-3 weeks. A few hours later, I changed my mind and didn’t want it anymore. I went on the app, but there was no cancelation option readily available. Had to go through customer service via text first. Representatives- I must say- have been quick to reply and polite. However, since the order had apparently already “left the warehouse” (although no shipping confirmation email had arrived yet upon my fist contact with the customer support. Oddly, I received it just shortly after I texted with the operator and for a quite earlier delivery than expected…) the nightmare started. Went back and forth with service, but long story short, I was gonna be charged $230+ for the “return” of an item I hadn’t received yet (re-ruote). Apparently there was absolutely no way around this bc the item was going to be transported by freight and not courier… Only with some imploring I managed to get a $50 discount… Bottom line: I’m paying $180 for the literal nothing. Use Wayfair, much better and more honest customer service. I typically use that, but went with overstock this once due to a better Sale on the same item. Won’t do this mistake again. App and profile are being canceled now. AMF.
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3 years ago, AramYFlor
All the sheep are getting slaughtered by the stupid social media sign in
I said it on a comment I just sent in. But it seems overstocks been duped into utilizing social media sign in. So the email sign in doesn’t work anymore after 40 minutes realize that it may have been converted to a Gmail sign and utilize Gmail sign in and lo and behold I am able to access the account with my full history this is on the web portal. I go to use the app and it asked me to sign in but guess what there is no social media sign in only an email sign in and since I can only access it via social media sign in because overstock converted the account I can’t access it. So how does this make any sense the only way I can use your account is on the web portal so what’s the point of the app. What’s the point of social media sign in? This is not one of those cases where you not advising the customer makes sense many times it does because customers have too many stupid questions. But in this case you’re going to have a bunch of accounts that have no history or no nothing made up with the same email address used to sign in but through a social media sign in as opposed to an email sign in you will lose customers you’re about to lose me
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4 years ago, Zombiegopher
Beware of the Buy Now option
Most of the functionality of this app is pretty good. I can’t tell if the Buy Now option was created to be more efficient or to cause people to buy things they didn’t actually want. It looks exactly like the “Add to Cart” burton and is only on some items. I accidentally bought two rugs when I meant to add them to my cart to choose from later. I had thought I had cancelled them but found pending charges for them on my credit card a few hours later. Customer service told me they couldn’t do anything about it because the items had already shipped (solid BS in my opinion, this was hours later, not days), and I had the option to pay $20 to sign up for their rewards club which would have enabled me to return them free of charge or pay $25 a rug to return them via their shipping label. Overall I am pretty upset about this whole thing. It feels like I was scammed. Customer service told me I could refuse the packages when they arrive. I have done so but both are marked as delivered and not refused. I’m going to be extremely angry if they don’t ultimately get returned with my money back like customer service said would happen. So basically, be very careful or just use their website to avoid the Buy Now scam.
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2 years ago, Steinmans
Our little resort
There was alittle hiccup with our delivery time and customer service from delivery was very quick and helpful to help resolve the issue because our contractor who was putting it together was coming on the day that the mix up happened anyway we were so impressed with how fast and caring customer service took care of the situation and us. Once we got the pergola we decided that we would get our best friends to come over and we would just try and put it together ourselves and WOW it was pretty easy, once we found the center and layed out all parts as they were labeled then it flows like water. We all had our part . I was in charge of hardware, and the guys put what was read from my best friend AKA project manager we called her together and we started 5:30pm and complete it at 11:46pm. And we are absolutely thrilled and love it. Sturdy and worth every penny.
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3 years ago, pwn1983
I had an email with 20% off discount. When I added it to my cart it said “expires in 50h” so I continued to shop thinking I had time. At 11 o’clock my time I checked my cart and the coupon had expired. First I feel that you should honor midnight throughout the entire United States. But more importantly if the coupon had said it was expiring in 50 minutes or 30 minutes I would have known to make my purchases before then. But instead I continue to shop until after the coupon expired. I reached out to customer service who could only offer me a 15% coupon. Additionally the app was extremely glitchy. When I would search for an item and scroll down many times it would “bug out” and just flipping through random items. This happen many times, it would just keeping loading or “blinking” sporadically and sometimes stop on items that were unrelated to my search. I felt like I had to keep restarting my searches and trying to figure out where I had left off, which was time consuming and frustrating to say the least.
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5 months ago, Don’t buy from BBB
Don’t waste your money with this company!
One star is being generous!!!We ordered a double bathroom vanity from BBB. I was told upon check out I would be notified to coordinate delivery. This is big for us as we do not live at the house yet we currently live in a different state. We ordered a big and expensive piece of furniture. No one called or coordinated with me about delivery as stated at check out! I received an email when delivery would be and I checked and made arrangements to be there for it. Without any notification the bathroom vanity was delivered to our driveway. Over 300lb box just put in the drive way 19 days before stated delivery. Right after a major rainstorm with flooding and with an upcoming snow storm. We live in a different state! I called customer service and they ask me to ask a neighbor to get it….You can’t just ask a neighbor to move a 300lb large piece of furniture for you! Then said it would take up to 4 days at least for the company to pick it up and hold it for us. 4 days would have left it out in the 7 inches of snow we received. No one had returned a call or email since. Unreal, unprofessional and unacceptable!
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3 years ago, melanie rocks!
Variety! Value! Validity!
I love my shopping experience here on Overstock! The experience is exceptional for several reasons. The variety in each of Overstocks catagories is outstanding. The buyers here know that their customers have an entire ranch of budgets. I am impressed that the buyers want to include everyone! I believe without a doubt that they work hard to find unique items and this proves they value every customer and their experience here on Overstock. They care about their reputation or they never would have made it this long online. I trust their judgement based on customers ratings, products with accurate detailed descriptions, and price points on products. This trust provides me the confidence I need in order to be a return customer over and over again! Overstock ( employees) thank you for providing me with an excellent customer care experience!
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3 years ago, natuer4u
Simply the Best
A friend of mine recommended Overstock, I’ve been having major issues buying curtains fir our newly build home, nothing in the market that I could buy, so I ordered one set of the curtains I’ve seen on the website just as a trial, I was so pleased with: The fast shipping, packaging, the quality of the items exactly as described on the website, then I joined the O club and I’m enjoying more benefits than before, I’m collecting $$$ on every purchase to use on my next purchases.. So I’ve ordered all my windows treatments, sheers and blackout curtains, ordered a couple of chandeliers and I only just started. Thanks you Overstock for making my stressful building a home in these days, rather fun by shopping with you. Kudos to all of you at overstock, form the top to thee bottom, all of you are amazing. 🙏🏻💐🌈👍☀️
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2 years ago, lil_daring
The warranty I purchased is now not being fulfilled by the terms!
I purchased a warranty from Overstock when I purchased a iPhone from them, the warranty says, will cover any dropped or spills or cracked screen for the iPhone until July 2022, well my granddaughter drop the phone at the pool area while in Florida. I called and explained to the people and before I went any further they told me it was not covered!! As I’m reading from the warranty I purchased from Overstock, they were very rude, placed me on hold for over 45 minutes or hung up on me. Very unprofessional behavior, on top of that, they transferred my call several times and I am so frustrated at how I had been treated and how they are not fulfilling the warranty I purchased from them. I’ve spent thousands of dollars at Overstock and to be treated as I was, I will never spend another penny. A manager was supposed to contact me regarding this and never received a call back. I am definitely having my lawyer get involved as it is fraudulent to sell a warranty to someone and not cover what the warranty was purchased for and is still valid until July 2022.
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3 years ago, Skylar-W
These table and chairs set is a little pricey. It is a Dining room set and a game is awesome!! Worth every penny. I have it in my kitchen and it works perfect for dinner and then we just flip the top over and start our game night. Fun,fun,fun. I would highly recommend this to anyone who loves to play cards games, poker and much more. My family and friends complement how beautiful the table is. I was so hesitant to purchase it cuz of the cost and I usually don’t purchase a piece of furniture this expenses. I am so glad I bought it. Also I am disabled and have a hard time sitting and standing for more than fifteen minutes....the chairs are high Quality leather and so Comfortable, the chairs also move up and down. I can sit in the chairs for two to three hours at a time. LOVE,LOVE,LOVE MY TABLE AND CHAIRS AND GAME TABLE COMBO!!!!!!
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3 years ago, senorapar
New Patio
I recently bought an Arlington Gazebo to enable my family to spend more time outdoors. My contractor had put it all together in 1 1/2 days. I really appreciated the pending shipping notification of arrival so I could coordinate installation with my contractors crew. We love being able to have our morning coffee or evening cocktails outside. It is large enough to accommodate a fire table and all weather conversation area and is a very inviting place to be with family and friends..I’m sure we will be enjoying it in many years to come. We have installed furniture, solar lights and will be adding a fan and electricity to enable the use of USB ports. I only wish the company has a screen add-on but over all, I am delighted with the gazebo.
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5 years ago, Elsie Robertson
Everything was late, annoying customer service.
I ordered a desk and an entertainment center for my new apartment before I ever moved in to be sure the furniture would arrive in a timely manner; they would arrive only a couple days after moving in. My entertainment center is now a week late, and my desk has been pushed back several days, maybe even a week itself. We had a minor error when we initially ordered as well, and while it was rectified, the woman on the phone held me hostage for well over an hour attempting to sell me cards, deals, etc. She struggled for 45 minutes just to correct the price of the items because they were no longer on the sale I had purchased them for. She kept asking, “Is this close enough?” as though anything other than the price I paid for it was acceptable. This is absolutely NOT the place to order from if you are really busy moving, have tons of items that have nowhere to go because your furniture isn’t there, and have to put other projects on hold because you’re waiting for them.
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5 years ago, Sky 'n Shore
Why I like Overstock and how it can be better
Overstock keeps up! O has the latest tech, easy tap access to its online departments, and lots of views for each product. I like the honest reviews too. What’s an issue for one customer may not be one for me, for example. And when there is a problem, O, customers report, fixes it. (I hope that continues to be true!😇 Response time and shipping info comes to my email in a timely manner too! What could be better? Well, when I scroll product info sites, there are many repeats! Very annoying. Just show us the product once as I scroll though a site. Thanks. ‘Hope you make that improvement. Overall tip of the hat to the tech crew and the crew that chooses the variety of goods on the Overstock site. I hope they give you a good salary with great benefits. Oh, and stretch breaks too! 🎩 👑 🍀!
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6 months ago, Scammed by bed bath and beyond
Scammed out of almost $1000
It’s impossible to get someone to help me with a refund of equipment I ordered so I’m having to dispute it with my bank. I ordered an elliptical almost a month ago and have been given correct tracking information (the number provided isn’t an actual tracking number) and am not able to get a refund through the app or website because they want me to return an item I never received. The pricing on the item is weird too, I ordered it for $845(ish) on sale. The normal price was $1200. When I tried to refund it they said the price was $745. The current listing is $1000. Not sure how much it really is and how much I’ll get back (if any). I don’t recommend this app or this store in general. Look up all the other scams that are happening with this company, it’s not just me. Don’t bother reading the reviews here, it was probably for an older version of the app before they were bought by the new owners and started scamming folks.
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5 years ago, CMacRufus
Poor Communication, delivery information!
This is the first app/company I have had issues with. First off when I put in my order everything seemed great. When I would check on my delivery time it took nearly 2 to 3 days to find out that it shipped. I tried to track the delivery through the app and it would freeze up and show me nothing other than just a white blank screen. Unbeknownst to me the delivery came without my knowledge. I had to get off of work to go home and receive the delivery. Upon receiving the delivery I went back to work came back home again to begin opening up my delivery. Not even a quarter of the way through opening the package I realized that the furniture was damaged. Are used the app to ask for a replacement. It is now the 11th day from my time of ordering it is truly disappointing that I may have to potentially wait another 10 to 14 days to get my replacement. Not happy with the service.
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5 years ago, trudyur1too
Not user friendly for new shoppers
After logging in I would get no further then 4 or 5 pages in trying to find the right item then the whole app would just close on me. This happened at least a half dozen times today alone and it won’t show me the color I chose when I was able to look at something. The tracking information given for shipments is not updated often enough either, one of my shipments was showing estimated delivery July 10th for the last week up until yesterday. I have found a lot of nice things I’d like to buy so I hope these inconveniences I’m experiencing are temporary. Right now I’m not real satisfied with this shopping experience so far.
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2 years ago, dahliaesque
Clunky to navigate, but about same as most.
The app is functional; a bit overly visually busy w/things other than product photos/descriptions. Could definitely be streamlined and improved. Settings not intuitively simple to navigate, options and menu layout differ too much from site (which is an absolute nightmare aesthetically and practically). It is what it is. On rare occasions you can find great items for a good deal; but that’s the rare case of them having something up to date from a reputable manufacturer. It’s more miss than hit. And more often than not the manufacturers are willing to discount the higher end products if you contact them directly, and offer perks that overstock cannot. For mediocre-to-decent (but limited functional life) Chinese &etc. exported-for-US-sale-products, b/c they don’t actually sell that crap in their own country, it’s as good a place as any. Although on overage the pricing isn’t competitive with similar retailers and the shipping times are… do they transport the orders by drunken-donkey? PLUS: overstock’s human customer support is fantastic; while there’s not much they can do for quickening transit times, they’ve always gone above and beyond every time I’ve dealt with with any of their people.
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5 years ago, MTblueslover
Overall app is quite good but it needs...
I got a generated notice from Overstock that I have a long favorites list. Ok, I figure I’d clean it up. When removing items, as I scroll to the bottom where the aged out options are and swipe to ‘remove’, it removes the item fine but always puts the focus at the top. That makes for a lot of repetitive scrolling to find where I left off each time I remove an item. It should keep focus. Returning to the top used to be a common and problematic issue people experienced when they reviewed an item in a search hit return list. Developers fixed that years ago. After reviewing an item, focus returns to where the user was at when they clicked to look at an item. It should be fixed in cleaning up saved lists as well. Just a thought.
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11 months ago, 1 loyal viewer
Not happy with this merger…
First you closed my Overstock account, then you buy out BBB, and now rebrand Overstock with BBB, and now you’re keeping the stores closed?? This is a military town, there aren’t many stores around here to purchase certain goods, except maybe Walmart and Target, and now you expect us to pay even more by having items shipped to us versus us going in to the stores to buy what we want, denying us the opportunity to see the merch up close and personal, to check for defects before we buy an item?? I’m not paying to have to something Shipped to me, and it’s crap quality, then because I am not satisfied, ship it back, at my cost?? NOPE! Not happening. Those other local retailers will now have all my business, even though I hate the stuff they sell. You should have just kept your original name, Overstock, at least we all would know not to buy anything from you. FYI, Your merch pretty much sucked too.
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2 years ago, wayneH2217
I ordered furniture on here and I waited weeks past it expected delivery date for me to get it and still never got it. Then got the run around from the shipping company about what was going on when I asked what was talking so long for them to deliver my order. After weeks of getting the runaround with them and overstock they ordered me another set because I never got the first one. Waited weeks for them to deliver that order and when the order arrived to my house it was completely wrong item. Called overstock to let them know and they told me that it 3 days to process the situation and then I would hear something back from them. On top of that to get the item that I ordered it could take another 4 weeks to be delivered to my house! Place your order somewhere else because it won’t get to you in the time that they tell you or you probably won’t get the right item.
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4 years ago, sew right
Love this app and company
Love this app makes it easy to shop and check on your orders to see where they are and when they’ll be at your home ! You can also write reviews and earn cash back haven’t had any glitches so far like in other apps it even shows you how much you can save before ordering and if you don’t have the club o rewards and order it latter after buying and then order it it’ll give you the amount back on previous orders I ordered it after 3 purchases and received money back on all which in return almost paid for the club o it’s just a wounderful company looking out for there customers and a great app I’d recommend it to anyone !!
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3 years ago, Pri Alexia
Lack of customer service
I purchased several items through overstock and unfortunately did nothing experience gray customer service or attention to my attempts to speak with customer service. If you buy from overstock and the item does not appear as you saw on the photo and you want a refund they will not refund you 100%. They change for the return shipping and reserve the right to not credit you a full refund if you’ve opened the box. It’s a company with very little regards to custome loyalty. They do not care about long term business or their reputation but rather how to keep your money and prevent you from ever doing a refund or return. Extremely horrible experience. Paid around $300 in return and thi d was only the shipping costs. So sad and expensive. Never buying from them again. You should think about it twice before purchasing from this company.
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3 years ago, DavesWVgal
Love everything about it!!
Easily finding what your looking for and more. Prices are amazing!! I was shocked when i bought an 11’x15 shag rug and non slip to go under for way less then most places i looked. I think it may have been cheaper then going and getting reminents, and I’m sure hard to find 2’ shag reminets with the non slip. And the little slide lift top coach table... I’m so excited for that! I have 2 lift top coffee tables but this little ide table that had a lift top, I love, put it in the middle of the ouch and my kids can have movie night without spills, table right there in the middle idle of them!! The prices and the earning money, I’m obsessed with this place now!!
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4 years ago, DucksGin
Can’t Check Out. Can’t get any help from Chat
I am trying to simply check out. Also wanted to change my payment methods. Contacted Overstock via Chat but they are their normal useless hello. They always do the least amount possible to help. It’s as though they relish in NOT HELPING! They tell me I can’t change my payment settings unless I buy something and go to check out. So I attempted to do so but now the check out doesn’t work. They aren’t able to figure that out either. Just sent me some link to read to figure it out on my own. I’ve never seen such lazy Chat help as the Overstock help. And so arrogant too!
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2 years ago, Drew Gardner
Site has bugs, but they are no help
I placed an order, but was charged twice and received a duplicate of the order. I wanted to return it and get my money back, but customer service said they didn’t send me anything even through the shipping label has their return address! They wanted me to call ups to “figure out who sent it”. They also have won’t refund the charge on PayPal. They want me to dispute it with my bank even though that requires canceling my card which with make my account unavailable until I get a new card to activate, so then I’ll have to go through and change my card info for all my bills. I shouldn’t be required to go through this hassle for something they did wrong! I didn’t realize ordering from this company would be such a headache. I won’t be using this company ever again if this isn’t resolved. They aren’t worth the trouble.
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5 years ago, ARaeSH
Review Benefits
The application is easy to maneuver and I did receive what I needed but when I wanted additional products I somehow got to a webpage instead and found that I would much prefer to use the webpage over the application. In my situation I needed multiple rugs I ended up purchasing two when I went to the online portal and I did not use my app at the bottom of one of the items that I selected it was an option for a bundle price for three items I would’ve done the bundle price and got all my items at once if I would’ve used the online portal. The most disappointing part about it is I wanted all three items and I would’ve paid less which you would’ve made me be inclined to purchase more items that matched now I’m hesitant to use the application at all because it seems like I get a better deal if I go through the online portal
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4 years ago, Happygoshopping
Ordered 3 things all 3 were canceled.
So frustrated. I ordered 2 sets of furniture and an umbrella for our pool. - Umbrella was canceled due to having none in stock, however I was allowed to order and pay for it... I called and got my money back. Somehow my order was delivered within the next week. I’m very happy I never paid for the umbrella it broke the first day we used it. My two sets of Adirondack furniture was 7 weeks into the at first 6-8 week estimated delivery date when I inquired it’s whereabouts (which was extended to 14-16 weeks) THEN I received an email the next day saying if I don’t get it 30 days a refund will be issued. How about just issue it now?! That only puts us at 11week! Not even at their updated 14-16week I was given the day before the email. I am very frustrated I should just go to a brick and mortar store and save myself the headache with this cheap place.
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4 years ago, thusismyusernsme
Worst experience with Overstock
I am very disappointed. I ordered this rug because I liked the patterned design and look. Once ordered, it arrived very quickly. I immediately opened the package, rolled out the carpet. Throughout the carpet was a sticky substance that made the rug look dirty and a gray line running through the carpet. I immediately set up a return for replacement. When the replacement arrived, I opened one end of the package, turned back the rug and seen the same sticky substance, not to mention all the condensation on the inside of the clear packaging because the rug was also damp. I immediately set up a return and refund. Overstock states they will refund your money 3-5 business days after they receive the returned item. I have a confirmation and tracking number for my return which overstock acknowledges. The return rug was picked up from my house on May 20 and is now mysteriously sitting in a warehouse since May 22 as of this posting with no further shipping information. Why should I have to wait for the dirty, defective, wet rug to make it back to Overstocks warehouse (which is here in NJ) in order for them to refund my money? Will not be a returning customer given my first experience with Overstock I should have gave them a google.. check their BBB complaints. STAY AWAY!
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6 years ago, sandidk
Outstanding service
I began using Overstock a couple hrs. ago when I came upon a chair I purchased for our cottage bedroom. I loved it and still do and paid a lot less than at the store where I initially found it. Shipping was quick, quality.. just what I expected and price? Better than ever. I have purchased several items from towels, sheets ( fantastic), robe( nice), kitchen accessories like a knife set ( love), rugs, and furniture. This is now my “go to” site for lots of purchases. I’ve passed my experience on to family and friends! They can’t believe it. They too have switched from where they were going to OVERSTOCK. The customer service is tops as well!!
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11 months ago, EZE Ruthless
Oops! Couldn’t communicate with the server
I’ve had this app on my phone for 10 years, and never, ever ONCE has Overstock had what I needed when shopping. Whatever I’m looking for is always out-of-stock, not available, couldn’t be delivered in time, or is listed at a lackluster price that can be topped elsewhere. The last straw was when I was looking for furniture; the app provides no easy way to see shipping options and makes it completely unclear as to which options are eligible for white glove delivery (or at least, room of choice). A filter sorting option would go a long way towards making this app usable. So, farewell, Overstock. You have a great concept of selling a plethora of overstocked items at affordable prices, but it seems like you have trouble executing that concept.
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6 years ago, Pappy Norm
Just what I wanted!
I have been so impressed with everything I’ve ordered and received from overstock ! The description on everything I have ordered is exactly how it is described. The quality goes right along with the description of the items I have received also !!! It sure takes away the anxiety of not knowing what the items are actually going to be like when you get them. Now that I have received several items, I will be ordering with confidence on everything I order in the future. One thing I will highly recommend to people is to join ClubO. It literally pays for itself!!! Thank You Overstock !!! You guys ROCK !!!!
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9 months ago, just print it
Coupon “expired” as I was about to purchase
I spent hours today shopping for art. I did a final check with my husband and was about to purchase then within a 5 minute period, the cost went up about $100 without warning. I am guessing that a coupon expired, but there was no warning and there was no notification. My husband created an account, spun the wheel and got 15% off, then it immediately expired as well. This app and this company is “bait and switch” and uses deceptive sales practices. I will never shop here again. I wasted many hours shopping only to almost get to the finish line (purchase) and then have the price go up because the coupon unexpectedly expired. Any joy gained from shopping and getting a “deal” was completely lost by not being able to complete the sale fairly.
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2 years ago, Rymersmom
This year has been so difficult, for so many, that it’s critical for us to make this Christmas VERY SPECIAL 🎄!! With the inability for me to physically shop, Overstock offers me the ability too do all of my shopping from my home!! The variety of items available is amazing, and the prices are spectacular! The best part, I DON’T STAND IN LINE AT THE POST OFFICE 👌, Overstock mails all of my packages FOR FREE, with tracking, and updates until package is delivered!! It does not get any better than that!! Plus, if there is any problem, you can return at no fee, that’s Overstock’s guarantee! This is why Overstock is 5 🌟 in my home!
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1 year ago, Crowned Queen7
Quality Products
I’ve been shopping on Overstocked since in the very early 2000’s when there was no such thing as an an app😁. What has kept me coming back, plus downloading the app as soon as it was birthed is the quality of the items across the board and great pricing….By the way, the coupons are also FABULOUS! Overstocked has remained one of my favorite stores to shop and I promise that you’ll feel the same way if you browse around the app and find gorgeous items that you haven’t seen plastered on every other house furnishings (& more) site/app. Love you Overstocked!!!
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6 years ago, Blackduck Lady
When I discovered Overstock online it was with rug purchases in 2014. All the purchases were for a home in Texas. Such awesome merchandise at such great affordable prices and selection. Everything purchased was exceptional and delivery notifications were on point. When I moved to Arizona 2017, I have continued to make all my purchases with Overstock to fill my needs. Beautiful and exceptional quality rugs, consoles, bookcases, side tables, bedding, shelving, kitchen gadgets and even flooring materials. Their return policy has been used several times and was. Easy and problem free. Thanks to an exceptional Company with great and reputable marketing outlets.
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3 years ago, LilyJewel2020
App Needs upgrade
The app filters do not function appropriate to the selections selected when researching a product. I placed an order 5 days ago and it’s still in process mode… it be nice to notify me directly of any delays or status. I also made a purchase with my husband’s credit card and shipping addresses to my account and now for some add reason when logging to my account via the application… it’s welcoming my husband with his name???? Bizarre! I have been struggling to find a way to get it back to my name and no success yet. This is the only purchase I’ve had issues . In the past I have been very satisfied with the competitive prices and delivery time. I’ll see how this order will go.
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5 years ago, Desertdwllr
Great Products, Horrible App
I have zero issue with Overstock products. Customer service is awful, and the app is horrific. The app saves your credit card automatically, without your permission, and when you go to purchase something, it doesn’t give you any options to pay with store credit or a different payment method (A GIFT CARD), automatically charges the card you previously used, leaving your store credit and gift card behind! Thanks Overstock. Sadly, I cancelled my order because of your horrific practice of saving one’s credit card without their permission, so I will be finding something to spend my store credit on, and regifting the Overstock gift card. Irresponsible and Unacceptable! Your customer service needs serious help, but I’m guessing you outsource that, too.
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4 years ago, Cassie Mentzer
Terrible Service
I ordered a chair and a desk for my room. The chair got here in about 3 days, which is all good. The desk I ordered did not arrive for two weeks. I texted customer service for information about it. The representative told me that it would be an additional five days on the shipping time due to COVID-19 since that warehouse was affected. Later that night, I received an email explaining about the warehouse and it would be up to 30 days before the desk ships and that if did not the order would be canceled and I would receive a refund. Today, I got a text from the company telling me that the desk I ordered was out of stock. I waited three weeks for a desk that was never going to arrive. Now I will have to struggle to find a desk before my AP test. Overall, I’ve had a really bad experience with this company and I highly suggest that you shop elsewhere.
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6 years ago, Belinda Kuznar
Awesome place too buy home products. I have loved everything I have bought, I did give my comforter 5 stars before I knew it was full of bed bugs. They were crawling out of the comforter. I called the company and got know help comforter came out of China and because I didn’t but it on my bed right away they said there was nothing they could do. Took us two months to get rid of bugs and the bug bites. Still not sure there gone. This has been the only issue but still not helping is a problem so I will never order material items. I bought my dad a new rug and prayed no bugs come out of it. Was really hoping company would step up. Thanks Belinda Kyznar
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2 years ago, No thump access
Highly recommended
I’ve been a member for the last 3 years. Although the prices are higher than on some other websites but you can get a good deal with discounts or coupons. I had an issue with one of my purchases which let me lose confidence in Overstock but the customer service was very nice and did his best to help me and kept following my orders. At the end, he was able to regain my confidence and I decided to continue with the membership. Although I do not buy much Overstock rewards pay for the member fee and more. Highly recommended!
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7 years ago, #DontLie
Top of My List
Definitely a great app when you are looking to buy those bigger items. It shows the product as if it were right if front of you. I’ve yet to have any misgivings of incorrect colors, sizes or even prices. Friendly user app which could not necessarily be a good think when you aren’t sure about the item and buy it anyway. LOL. Many people have come through my home and asked who decorated my house; as though I’d spent money on a designer when I haven’t. Overstock helps put things together for me which makes it easier to purchase or pass.
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3 years ago, Ritmo en
No stay away
Jsut cause this place has commercials and seems like a good idea, it’s not. Absolutely not. I hope everyone sees this review. I got an email bout needing more info to process my order after it was confirmed and so I called overstock customer care with the phone number they provide and was answer by some guy from a different county which is fine but when I asked him about the email and if it was sent by them or not he and I read the email to him and said I was worried about scams and stuff he proceeded to hang up on me. I could no longer get ahold of anyone so I texted the number and they said let me check and help further while giving me the same number to call and not helping at all. The company seems really shady when dealing with people and they have terrible customer service skills. Beware!!
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5 years ago, SocialWorker326
Club O
Customer service rep Liz was awesome in assisting me with a dining set order and issues were th my account settings. I signed up for the Club O rewards program with Liz after she thoroughly explained the details and benefits and excited to order my chaise lounge through Overstock instead of another seller due to all the discounts offered! Also, she explained the Worldstock section where Overstock intentionally and thoughtfully provides an avenue in which smaller businesses and people from smaller villages with less access to the market can sell their handmade items. Love this! I am now a dedicated Overstock customer!!!
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10 months ago, Lostwar3
Scam website
Beware of Bed Bath and Beyond/Overstock new website. I placed my order at the beginning of August and was told that it would arrive on August 8th. That date passed and I contacted customer service I was told that it would ship in a week, that passed so I contacted them again to be told that they have absolutely no idea when I would receive the mirror I ordered and that I could cancel for a refund or wait. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told that one was not available and that they would call me back in 24hrs. That did not happen. I contacted them today for the last time and was told the same. I canceled my order and am now waiting for my refund. I cannot believe that this is the way both companies have become. Do not order from them.
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6 years ago, GingerBomb7
O-Stock delivers
I’ve ordered from Overstock dozens of times over the years. I went back and looked at my past purchases before I wrote this review. I’ve almost always been very happy with product quality. Out of about 50 total purchases, each one containing several items at various prices, I have been very happy with about 95% of my purchases. I’m especially happy with furniture and clothing. The two times I was disappointed and had to return an item or give it away were items from Jewelry and Home Decor. Overall, we consider Overstock to be Old Faithful. If you need it, they likely have it, and at a great price.
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5 years ago, Trik_sea
Gets worse with each update
I’ve been using this app for several years. It seems like they are losing focus. I find it harder and harder to shop for specific categories as overstock expands their business offerings. The filtering options seem much reduced to what they used to be. And I used to be able to shop around, go to another app, go back to my search but the app no longer caches my search session so even if my screen locks for half a second or I go to the internet to get more info about a product I have to start over. This is a deal breaker, especially when there are 1,000s of items to go through. I’ve been using other better built apps and stores instead. Like Wayfair and Hayneedle. Fix your focus overstock.
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