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User Reviews for Behance – Creative Portfolios

4.67 out of 5
4.2K Ratings
5 years ago, Thomas.Montes
Clicking On Notifications
When I click on notifications, the app is stuck on that project page. I can’t close out of the project, click on the artist, or use any gestures other than clicking on the pictures. I have to close out of the app and reopen to get back to the home page. This just started after the last update. The other issue I have is that you can’t click the top of the screen to return to the top when a project is open. Not sure why this hasn’t been fixed yet.
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2 months ago, Emery😍
Boring but useful
This app is useful for people who want straightforward ideas. I Myself, loving to draw unique things, downloaded this app thinking that I would get some funky and unique things to draw, but everything there was digital art. No paper, no pencil drawing tips, nothing. On top of that, all of the digital art was really basic. The for you page had nothing to do with things that I recently viewed or saved. Uploading posts or creating a profile is much more difficult than I think it needs to be, which is really annoying. The search bar basically has barely to no helpful use, because when I search a type of art up, other random things show up. In conclusion, if you could make this app less strict and more creative, that would be much better.
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3 years ago, Angel Alesse
Running service
I love this app, however the app performance is an issue. I’m always experiencing the difficulty to access a certain creative field or finding conceptualists in experiential projects. Rather the website at choice but it is less functional than the Behance app. I see that searching for things on app brings up most of photography, I have to spend a lot of time trying to dig for content or a certain demographic no matter who I follow. The app also tends to move in slow motion on to blank, freeze and cut off at a certain amount of time of scrolling for those fields at any given time. The works me to move through and up keeping through my appreciations which drives me nuts no matter how much this app has me on a love hold .
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4 years ago, Juan Crescimone
The incredible sensation of being creative in the Behance era
If you born in the 90’s or after, you couldn’t imagine how tough was being a creative before those years, but if you born in the 80’s like me or before, you are really going to appreciate the existence of a virtual place like Behance. Behance is not only a social media for designers or professionals of the creative disciplines, Behance is a democratic place to share knowledge. For the first time in history, they create a Behance way to show a project, a storytelling, and a way to curate like in a “virtual art gallery”. Thanks Adobe to buy Behance and have invested in those Spanish guys who transformed the way of creatives lives.
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3 years ago, MozArtMedia
If you quit once, it makes it easier to quit the next time.
Behance has been such a great work place for me. It's given me the wonderful and authentic experience to display my work, as well as influence. I've met people who are kind and helpful. There are endless amounts of ideas out there and Behance gives the platform to share. However as of recent Everytime I attempt to go to my portfolio of any portfolio the app crashes. Why? I don't understand. I can't look any projects and is frustrating. I've logged off, undocked it, deleted it and restarted and NOTHING!
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4 years ago, Astrid user
Home tab?
I feel like this app has a lot of potential. But I’m not sure I understand the home tab. It feels like a regurgitated version of the search tab. On the home tab, I’m looking at works that don’t even interest me. The feed are a collection of accounts I don’t follow or are even interested in. Is there not a way to curate this feed? And normally I would just over look this if I can access a list of accounts that I have followed, but appears that I can’t even do that. Then I thought, I’ll just use the moodboard feature but now I’m discovering that I can’t remove projects, only add. I was hoping this app would be a place of inspiration tailored specifically to my interests but instead I’m looking at projects that are tagged with hashtags that sometimes have no business using that hashtag. I’m not against a tab for discovery, but a hint of personalization would go a long way. So this is why I rarely use this app. It’s possible that I’m using this app all wrong but I hope you see where I’m coming from.
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5 years ago, AkiraPatten
App Problems
I have just downloaded the app and decided to create an account with my Facebook account. I went through the process and it said everything worked. I was able to check out everyone’s work but it wouldn’t load my profile at all and said there was an error. Thinking I could just log out and log back in, it still didn’t work so I chose to create one with my email- still didn’t work and it did the same thing.
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3 years ago, Aforadultery
Has potential
This app has potential to be good. It really does! Just a few weird things I have found so far: When you’re browsing through the search function, you can’t just “like” something unless you go to the creator’s profile and find the project. I get that everything is split into projects with multiple items within each, but I guess there was an easier way to interact with creator’s pieces. Also, I cannot check my notifications. It keeps telling me I have two notifications, but when I select the notification bell, it prompts me to upload a project. Completely glitched out. I’m going to try to reinstall, but not hopeful
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4 years ago, Nergon
Great content, glitchy video
This app would be fantastic if not for the fact that when watching any of Adobe’s live streams, the video refreshes every several seconds, causing the feed to go blank and a couple seconds later reappear, causing a few seconds of sometimes valuable information to just be lost. Opening a live stream in a browser as an alternative works until you sign in to the chat at which point you are redirected automatically to the app and therefore the buggy video feed. So the best experience is just on a desktop in a browser in order to avoid this app. If this bug could get fixed, the experience would be about perfect. So much really great content.
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6 years ago, T_todd
Poor Redesign
The old product was much more useful. I could easily browse projects and not feel overwhelmed with these new stories and a social feed. This isnt instagram. This is a place to dive deep into high quality work and discover artists and designers. Completely copying Instagram’s UX makes no sense in context of what myself and many others use Behance for. Some constructive design feedback: 1. use a 2 column grid for projects. It used to be much easier to browse multiple projects at once. 2. Get rid of stories. This shouldn't be an app to post ephemeral content. 3. Why is posting a project the main call to action?? This could significantly reduce the quality of the the posted projects. Behance will become just like Dribbble which is not a good thing.
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3 years ago, Kayla0725
I want to love it
But the app has never worked properly. Every time I click a notification it goes to the page but will not load it. The post remains blank. Then I have to go to the main feed and the post disappears unless I take the work to search for it, but sometimes I can’t recall the exact wording of the post or which blog it’s on and can’t find it.. happens every time.
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5 years ago, jessibravo
Dear Behance Developers
I gave you three stars today because, your app is great but I find the community stale and not all the great, and I think that it’s not the community’s fault but the developers. If the app was designed in more of an Instagram style (and I know it’s a professional app but still) maybe some smaller artist could get some more recognition along with some bigger graphic designers and others. The layout is a bit overwhelming and hard to follow. I don’t like the way you have the page set up for the art and that could be fixed. Please fix this
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3 years ago, Kastriot Qerimi
Hope the first issue gets fixed. Dont know if the second is fixed yet
Cant see a couple of my projects, the app crashes for some reason when watching those same projects time and time again. Issue still persists even after a couple of updates. I don’t recommend anybody to edit their projects on the app. Do that on the web as it deleted a lot of my projects. All i did was just delete some text and after i pressed “publish” (there wasnt a “save” option like on the web) half of my projects got deleted.
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4 years ago, Parisa 9521
Can’t login, too slow.
I changed my adobe I’d password today, and now behance won’t let me login. Using this app truly tests my patience as it is super slow, the platform is nice and there are many artists to follow here but the app lagging at literally everything is making it hard for people to keep using it. I don’t understand why developer isn’t taking care of this matter. Here we are ranting with all our might yet it’s falling to deaf ears. Also, projects don’t load, artist’s pages don’t load either. If I’m lucky then maybe, otherwise not. Moreover, uploading a project became too difficult as the buttons for publish and preview were dead. I’m very annoyed at this point.
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4 years ago, Nobody Who
Solid app update
The latest version of the Behance mobile app is pretty trusty and reliable. My only complaint about this version is that animated gifs don’t play correctly in the app, as they do in a browser. You have to click and expand to get them to play, which means the user has to know its a gif in advance or be interested enough in the image to expand. Hopefully this will be fixed in future updates.
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5 years ago, Sage Callisto
Mostly love 4.5
I have been a member of Behance and using it since it was created. Also been an adobe fan since the dawn of time. I love this network, but the app could use two very small improvements in my opinion: 1. I don’t like having to scroll up to add a project to my collection. How would I know if I want to add it to a collection before I’ve scrolled through it? 2. I don’t like having to tap done on the phone after choosing which collection it goes in. iPad solution to this is better tap tap and then tap off of it. Could do something similar with swipes on the phone. In general, I think all like, add to collection, follow, etc should be at the bottom (maybe as well as the top) as it makes sense in the flow of how you use it. Other than that, love the redesign and thanks for your work on the network and app.
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3 years ago, @qrioart
Wonderful App & Company
I had the chance to visit Adobe a handful of times in past years and it always amazes me how these individual programs and business units all work so seamlessly together. It’s all so cohesive. Adobe, you are a brilliant brand and company. And this is a great app as expected. I especially love/d Behance on the AppleTV and would like to suggest you maybe offer the ability to use it as a screensaver at some point. Thank you for keeping us inspired!
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6 years ago, omfgus
Kind of broken
The community is great, but some things in the app could really improve. The collections are sorted in a seemingly random way, so whenever I want to save a project to a collection I have to go through my whole list of collections to find it, and they’re always in a different place. I’d prefer if it were in alphabetical order, or if I could chose the order that they appear. I can’t seem to clear notifications. No matter what I do, opening the notifications, deleting them... whenever I open the app it shows that I have new notifications, which are always the same.
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5 years ago, Great app!! Really cool!
Perfect inspiration 😍
I love Behance soooo much. My number one place that shows me unique artists work and inspiration when I have an idea. Sometimes I get an idea, or a feeling and I want to put it in an art project but I don’t know how to do it or what to do so I search for a topic on behance and there’s hundreds of amazing art that inspires me to do better and hundreds of ideas that I can implement in my art. My downside is that sometimes it lags, and crashes but it’s probably because of my iPhone 7 sooo i don’t know. When I watch a live stream, it crashes after 2 minutes of watching. Other than that, I really enjoy behance on my iPhone when I’m on the go or the web version when I’m on my pc. Thanks so much adobe for inspiring me to do better and help Express my self.
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5 years ago, NastyNate501
Great for artists of all kind
I really enjoy Behance for the sheer fact that you can find and discover such an array of amazing artwork that spans many genres. It also offers established and new artists a platform to display their art and receive thoughtful and constructive feedback from their peers. The ability to watch Adobe Live is also a huge plus. Keep up the great work with this app!
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6 years ago, Appmasta
Crappiest app ever released
This app is a complete joke - without a doubt one of the worst and most useless app designs I’ve ever used. It’s designed like Instagram - to try to hook you with stories and other features that work great for them, but are completely useless for a site that helps people discover creative work. The discover and search sections page are hidden in the app! The sad thing is that the old app was great. This team must be completely asleep at the wheel. Advice: look at the other reviews that say the same thing - this is the worst product ever released- then delete the app project. Revert it to the old version. Then let whoever thought this was a good idea go.
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4 years ago, 3mm3 82
Awesome place for creativity, but a nightmare to use
I would use this app a whole lot more if the user experience wasn’t this bad. If I see project I like while I am scrolling down, I would expect to simply click on it and open. No way. By the time I reached the bottom of a page (where the other projects are), the project I am in shuts down, so I have to do the whole process all over again, up to 3/4 times, just to be able to open something I had previously noticed. I am sure this can be fixed! It would be so worth it
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5 years ago, JTR gaming
It’s great! Here’re a few tweaks...
Awesome app, not familiar with any features to build my portfolio on here thought. Have to go on desktop version which isn’t always available to me as I am on the move often. Also have had some glitches happen when I try to share content I find and the app ends up crashing. Aside from that, great app. P.S. is there a job search feature on here like the desktop version or LinkedIn? That would be good.
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4 years ago, mikebrodt
Great App, Needs Dark Mode
Overall I have had a great experience with the app. It is wonderful to see the work the community does. The work is great and it is easy to post. It hardly ever crashes and that irritating logout issue has been resolved, so think you for that! My only (small) gripe is the lack of much needed Dark Mode support! Help my retinas out and make it easier to focus on the content please!
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4 years ago, LisaMuro
Request to rate possible issue
I love Behance, it a wonderful platform and great art community. The pop up that you have to rate Behance in my iPhone & iPad is not giving enough time for those who would like to rate. It took me many tries to select rate now. I thought you would want to know in case the ratings are down, it’s likely people need a little more time :)
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1 year ago, Pekmano
Can’t redirect to projects from email links
I used to love this app. However, after the app overhaul, the experience has been abysmally horrible. Things I missed the most: 1. Able to click on individual images in a project and have an “isolated” viewport where I can pinch and zoom in and out on the images. This super basic feature is gone entirely. 2. Any web link you click on will not direct you to the correct project page. It’s like the app does not know how to parse the request and has been completely severed from web services. It’s really annoying as I read my weekly newsletter on my Monday commutes and I can’t have a laptop out on a train! Dear app team, I’m sure you have the right reasons to justify this overhaul, but please can you guys get the email link redirecting working? Talk to your other departments and figure out what parts are not talking with each other!
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4 years ago, typenerd92
User feed is a mess
My feed used to give me a great match of recommended projects similar to those I appreciated. Then, it went to random one’s, to not even showing any at all. The feed is now absolutely cluttered with projects from people I follow instead of a balance of recommended content, appreciated, and new projects. It doesn’t even refresh anymore to see new content. The best tool to use is the Best of Behance explore tab, cause the search engine is bad, too. I want to enjoy this app more, but Adobe can never leave well enough alone at times.
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2 months ago, YoursTruly42
Why would I only want to swipe backwards?
Go to the search tab, pick a random project, try to swipe from the right or left edge to the next or previous project. You’ll find only swiping right works. Why would anyone only want to go backwards to a project they intentionally skipped and not also be able to go forward. One can swipe backwards and SOMETIMES swipe forward but not often enough for it to be considered working
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6 years ago, PixStunnr
Used to be 5 stars but UI knocks it down
Used to love layout of Behance. Straddled the line between a buffet and a curation. Now they adopted this new UI trend of big round boxes and the experience is kinda ruined. Because it’s one project per screen instead of two - I put in the same effort to go through half as many projects. Its like I have to be engaged with that project when really I just want to survey them and engage with ones that pique my interest.
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4 years ago, d3b5005
Great! But could be better
I love the usability of this app, but there are some things that I think could make way better. 1. Add a Dark Mode 2. Adding something to Mood board is difficult when there a lot of them, it won’t let you scroll when trying to add something to new to mood boards 3. The search doesn’t help when I’m trying to find a certain project. Sometimes it just shows me of image of it without leading me to the actual product itself.
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3 years ago, CrystalCloudXP
Behance is a good portfolio site
I had originally opened up a Behance as I was attending the Art Institute and used this platform for my portfolio siteI am an artist that creates fantasy illustrations and post on here a from time to time. I thoroughly enjoy seeing others work and have found some astounding artists along the way.
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3 years ago, Tom rit
Can’t start any projects
Wanted to try Behance so I downloaded the app and set up an Adobe account. I verified my email address and logged into the app. I can view others work I can create a mood board but I can’t start a project of my own. The app keeps saying I need to verify my email a verification link has been emailed. The only link I have is the one when I set up the account and I already verified my email with that link. I tried the link again, I deleted cache, I deleted and reinstalled app twice and still get the same message.
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3 years ago, Indrajit J.
Loading times could be better
For casual users like me this app is great and has everything I need! The only issue for me is that images seem to take forever to load. I believe it's an app issue because when I load Behance on my web browser it loads just fine. I really hope this is something that gets fixed soon.
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6 years ago, p29468
Newest update ruins UX
The giant tiles make trying to look through a feed of projects much worse. Being able to look and survey many projects all at once, like on the website, was one of the key reasons for having the app. The ability to have access to all of those resources on the fly was valuable. Now this app is pointless, especially when Behance has a separate app that does a better job at showcasing your own work. Overall terrible UI update, it should have at least brought with it the option for larger or smaller tile view
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2 years ago, Tony Chua Studio
It’s alright
I would like to be able to do more things in the app like I could on the website. Also, it’s a pain when I open a link from discord, which opens up the in-browser, which jumps out to chrome app, login, and jumps out again to behance app, to relogin again, but to the homepage instead of the page i’m trying to view.
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5 years ago, Kohakoa
Listen to the guy before me 👇👇
Everything the person said before me was spot on. I love Behance I live and love everything about Behance. So it pains me to rate it 2 stars. But I rate it 2 stars because since the update I haven’t really been using the app because I always get stuck in a piece of artwork. And since I’m not using it as often as I would, considering I post art work nearly everyday. It can’t be 5 stars. Everything else it great. But those issues the review posted before me we spot on. Please fix this. We need it ASAP.
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5 years ago, kitkatsplash18
When you follow and like it doesn’t register
Love the app except when I follow someone, the follow button shows “followed” and then reverts back to “follow.” When I return to that person’s page it’s no longer says followed. I can’t keep track! Also, when I click the “like” button on a project it registers and then disappears. So if I return to that page, I can’t tell if I’ve liked the project. Every update helps but this issue is never corrected.
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5 years ago, Boxo391
Content won’t load
Downloaded the app, opened it and was greeted to a “Connection error” on the home screen. It wasn’t an issue with my internet connection because I just downloaded the app successfully from the App Store over the same connection. I thought it might be a temporary glitch on their server side and held back from writing this review, but 10 minutes into using other sections of the app, I realized it is also terribly slow, with images taking up to 15s to load. Not a great user experience for a site/app that is supposed to showcase good UX work.
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1 week ago, Ismail H. Rahat
Search icon position
Instead of putting the search icon on top left corner which is very uncomfortable to reach also when you have a 6'7 smartphone, directly put a big search bar like google on top. after search, leave the search bar there. when scrolling, make it disappear and reappear it again when slightly scrolling up.
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5 years ago, DiFF_Proj
Need this feature back!
Really like the mobile app comparing to desktop. But now in the project the gif becomes still image unless you view it in the slideshow mode. Will this lost feature come back? Can the gifs auto play in project layout again? Please let me know if this is just my phone.
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2 years ago, @WorldFamous_Kev
For Creators This Is Home
Whether looking to share your work or searching for inspiration for new projects, Behance is an essential tool for every creators toolbox. I am inspired by the work of others but also appreciate the feedback received on my projects from others.
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5 years ago, Notme96
Nice app, but won’t stop weekly notifications
I really like how large and pretty the ipad app is. usually functions pretty well, but I am running into a problem with the notifications where I have shut off all notifications but the ones directly impacting me. However, the behance app doesn’t seem to like me turning off the weekly notifications and so they send them anyway. will remove the app until its fixed.
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4 months ago, Dsgnhouse
Gotta get!!!
Amazing app, I get inspired at looking at the pros do their magic and easy posting for me to share with other colleges. From graphic design, photography, illustration etc. One of my favorite apps to use and tie in my artistic work. Must get. Highly recommend for any artists. See you there
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4 years ago, turmoil plume
a showcase for the world’s best graphic art!
Behance has a beautifully simple upload app that makes it easy to add, move, promote and delete images and projects. It integrates seamlessly with Adobe Portfolio if also features artwork from some amazingly creative people. Nothing else like it. ❤️
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2 years ago, chicaqo
Where’s the beef? I mean jobs…
Can’t believe there is still no integration of the job listings in the app. This used to be a great resource but the site and app fail to improve while the job listings get more and more inundated with junk job listings. I’m sure adobe isn’t throwing enough money into Behance just like they care not about Adobe Portfolio, but it really is degrading what used to be a great reputation. The wolves are at the door and adobe is busy making apps pros don’t even want while letting useful resources continue to drag.
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5 years ago, Cenyd
Great Work Goes Unseen
For some time now, Behance has sent notifications of work I might be interested in. However, when I click on the pop up notification on my iPhone, instead of a preview of the art work, I see only a blank white screen. The pop up preview works fine for other apps, but not for Behance. It’s great to see the work of other artists in the Bahance app, but I only wish the initial behavior was more successful.
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6 years ago, Comavet
Fantastic site, heavy graphics can be slow to load
Behance is a must for art lovers. The high quality art graphics can be slow to load sometimes but this is more due to the quantity and quality of the graphics than a fault of the app. I hope they can optimize it to make it faster.
Show more
5 years ago, TaylorH03
Almost Great
This should be a better platform than it is. The content on here is incredible, but taxing to find. If you are in the mood for purely discovering beautiful work, then your are in luck! However, the search capabilities are lacking when it comes to finding any kind of specific inspiration. Still a fan and I look forward to seeing it get better!
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3 years ago, Comelia 89
What happened?
Why can’t I see all of my work? I have multiple folders on my profile and it only shows so many. Actually considering the amount that I do have on it purposely cut some out and I have more views and appreciations on the other ones they’re purposely not showing. I cannot properly show people my portfolio so there’s no point of having this app on my phone.
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4 years ago, shamanaura
Love the app but have to force-close often
Love everything about Behance and the interface is great, but anytime I attempt to save an image, it completely crashes, freezes and I am forced to close the app and open again and search for the last point I was at. Everything else is great but no feature should crash an app this often on a brand new iPad Pro...
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