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Belk, Inc.
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2 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Belk

4.8 out of 5
183.1K Ratings
2 years ago, hhhhheeeewwwwhaaaawww
Bras today
I shop Belk a lot. I buy a lot of my clothing for myself and my family here. There are some items that I am not so crazy about but it doesn't keep me away from one of my favorite stores from clothing all the way to bedding to my bath kitchen and much more. Oh not to mention the beauty department that I spend tons of money there, can't seem to find that one kind of perfume that I just can't seem to live without. So I buy a selection of kinds that like and so that another downfall of mine. I may have to ask you guys to add a building department so you can add to my closet for just my shoes to have their special place. My husband has really enjoyed your store is closed, because it has kept me home more. Thank you for a really nice place to come to shop. Very nice customer service for the customer, they are a very big help when needed. Also thank you for all the different clothing for all ages and selections of clothing for all to shop. You make it a very nice place for families to come and so a all in one shopping day. Thanks for all you do. SC.
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5 years ago, Class clown 77
So disappointed
I spent 4 hours Monday night ordering my Christmas list for my family with my new credit card. Went to check out and it froze. Finally the site started working but several items were now unavailable. Got all that fixed but it said my total was over $5,000. Went back in and found everything was in lots of up to 10 for each item. Cleared that up and was ready to use my reward card and they wouldn’t take my I and my password. I hit the button for help getting my ID and my password but I needed to know these to get help so I decided to pay through Apple Pay but they said my shipping address was invalid. After 5 tries it took my shipping address but then it said my email address was invalid. I couldn’t deal with it anymore and decided I would go back Tuesday morning. My cart was empty. The 42 things I wanted was all gone!!! I did start all over but they wouldn’t let me use my first time shopping w my card discount! I’m unable to go shopping so I was stuck. I will be really hard up to use the site again!!!
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2 years ago, toorphan
I am back: You did it.
I have sent in numerous complaints about the terrible website for Belk’s. I ended my relationship with Belk’s and my Belk’s Elite Card. I grew up shopping at Belk’s since 1955, purchasing all my school clothes and Sunday church clothes. After finishing High School, and when I was of age, I got my Belk’s credit card. I bought all my clothes and shoes and accessories from Belk. Actually bought everything I needed to live from Belk’s. I love the bonus bucks and bonus rewards. I miss a lot of the older Belk’s. We were given so much more. Free gift wrapping, shopping bags, and the best sales than any other stores. I bought my daughter’s clothes at Belk’s until she was buying her own. She still loves Belk’s and buys. Thank you for updating the website. I can actually get to all my activity I need in one place and can see it. I like it. I am back now. Going to shop right now. Betty Ann Galant
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4 years ago, jojogreene
Beware of app updates!
For some reason, when I last updated my Belk app, my default payment switched from my current bank to an old account linked to my Belk card that I no longer use. I made my payment in haste as usual BEFORE the due date, and did not check to ensure the bank account, as it hasn’t changed since before 2017. Totally my fault, but an honest mistake. Upon receiving a call from Belk saying it did not go through for insufficient funds. Again I logged on and made the payment again in the same way just thinking that I must have been distracted and it didn’t go through. After a second call from Belk, I realized something was amiss. This time I checked carefully and found that the default bank had been changed. However, I was told that bc in the terms it says IFs twice in a 12 mo period results in account closure, there was NOTHING they could do. It hurt my credit score automatically. I’ve been a LOYAL Belk customer for YEARS and they are “sorry and wish there was something they could do.” I realize it was my fault but it was an honest mistake. I thought I would leave this here to help some other ‘very busy and use the app for a reason’ person who Belk will NOT help if you aren’t careful!
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1 year ago, Kyky12109
Never easy to just buy something
Can't get beyond your app's inability to process real time updates. Want me to use my new Belk card and defaults to my old card so let's chose my new debit card and then it defaults to my old debit card. I even re-added my new card and it defaulted to the old one (despite every attempt to choose the new card) which means the CVV doesn't work. Maybe it's in effort to force me to use my Belk card? Well they would be fine with me but that brings me to point #2. How can it show I have overpaid the amount for, be negative or wayyyy below my budget but will not authorize me to use my card, actually something random about a negative amount I can spend? I don't need this stuff just marketing made me think I should use my card and save another 45 cents oh and 5 cents if I pick it up! Back to my point, I have never missed a payment and quite frankly Synchrony is not being a good partner to Belk in the servicing arena. Especially since most of your loyal customers get better sales prices with the belk, uh hem, I mean Synchrony card. Get with the technology and banking speed of the 21st century...
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1 year ago, Money to spend💵
Need shopping carts
My sister and I enjoy shopping at Belk. Our problem is that we both are older and would greatly benefit from shopping carts to put all of our items in. Our arms get tired of carrying our items plus what few carts you have are always out being used. I was informed that in order to get a cart we have to be there first thing in the morning and that doesn’t work out for us. Also we both have just became weary of trying to carry our purchases plus our pocketbooks (purses) and just called it a day and cut our shopping short. Sure we could lay at counter but we don’t care for that as items could be put back , etc. If Walmart and all the other stores can have shopping carts why not Belk?? I think it will cause sales to increase. Thank you for all you do though that the other stores do not do. We love Belks!!!!
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2 years ago, Adreguh
The Worst App and Site EVER!!!
I have been trying to order for the last two days. I started last night, the app kept saying something was wrong with the page and my order was not complete. I tried another time the same thing, but it would say complete, but give the sorry page error. So, I called this morning, and was told that that transaction did not take and that I can try again. I have gone online this time and it did the same, but once checking the app, it did show that it was pending, and the amount had been deducted from my account. Although, I just checked again because I had not received an email or anything giving me a confirmation number or anything. I check and what was deducted, was no longer showing. I’m thinking all these pending transactions will show up later, as I read from another review. It’s sad, when you call and no one can help you, it seems that they aren’t interested in making any sales. I guess, I will do my shopping elsewhere, but make sure I’m not going to be charged for these pending transactions. A waste of time…..
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1 year ago, lovesbaseball67
I love BELKS I love their ad I love their customer service I love their products I love their sales I love their rewards I love everything about BELKS! New update, I’m not real happy with their new format. It is harder to navigate and more confusing. The one thing I wish BELKS would do is to put everything in the continuous viewing ability not having to go to one page then to two then to three them to four, and so on that is upsetting and if you look at an item, it starts back at the top and you have to go to see the whole list again they need to change that it’s very aggravating and I get tired of looking so they will lose sales in my opinion but I love BELKS and their sales. I just don’t love their format on their app.
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6 years ago, 2brain cells
Using app
Disappointed yesterday when I ordered 2 pair of jeans for my son. Put in a size that would have fallen to his knees for 1 pair. Called customer service. Listened to music for a while-understandable. Then recording suggested going to Belk credit and sending an email. I did; explained my error, asked if they could change the error to the correct size. This was within 10-15 min of checking out. No one had started working on order yet. Received a response that “CUSTOMER SERVICE” was not allowed to make any changes to orders. I could understand if I hadn’t signed in to my account with 2 step identification or if my request was going to change the total that needed to be paid. Very frustrating. Also, I have spent a pretty good chunk of change at a Belks online. Somehow, even though my total is well above amount needed to use coupons; every time I tried to use any coupons I got $0.00 off-very different from when I shop in the store. This is the 1st time I have had these issues when using the app.
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3 years ago, 2558975431356
Someone hire someone to fix this
I have made two purchases online with Belk in the past six months. They have both been nightmares. If I weren’t so desperate to get the product I needed I would definitely shop somewhere else. I know people that work for Belk —-I want to support Belk!!! but it is almost impossible to buy something online. During this last transaction, I have had to login three different times every time I tried to check out. finally I tried checking out with PayPal and had to login a fourth time. someone needs to fix this. I don’t know anyone else that would do all this. In addition the last time I ordered from Belk I paid with PayPal and it was an absolute nightmare because I had to return things. Also my order was duplicated four times online. And please know, this is not me. I’m a website designer and an online instructor I know how to order things online. But something is wrong. For example, right now I have written this feedback to help. I can’t submit it because I have to choose a nickname and every nickname I choose is already taken 🤷🏻‍♀️ bypass the nickname and take the feedback
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7 months ago, Annoyed Couch Potato
Overall useful but huge bug
This app is overall useful. I can look up sale prices while in store through the barcode scanner without hunting down a salesperson to verify. Sometimes it’s even cheaper online than in store this way, which Belk thankfully honors. I also like that I can pay my credit card bill within the app instead of logging into the separate website as I would have to do without it. My main complaint with this app is that anything I have favorited becomes un-viewable. Any time I try to look in my “favorites” tab the app completely crashes, taking me back to my phones Home Screen. This is frustrating because I can’t always remember what brand/style I favorited while browsing the site to just look it back up as easily as viewing within my favorites folder. Belk definitely misses out on more sales because of this.
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11 months ago, KDJ654
Belk App Review
This app has made shopping so much easier. I love how simple it is to find everything I need. I’ve been able to save so much money through the ability to narrow items down to those that are on clearance, sale, or are a doorbuster. Coupons & Belk bucks can be found on the app and can be applied at checkout to lower the total cost of purchases. The only downfall with the app is that it occasionally freezes & will not refresh. This usually happens after spending a long period of time on the app & turning the phone off and on will usually fix the problem. Overall, I highly recommend getting the Belk app.
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3 years ago, gavevahna
Absolutely awful
The prices are great but not worth the hassle of online shopping with them due to Synchrony bank they use has no communication with each other. If you call Belk CS they do not have access to card info as your order has already been cancelled, you MIGHT get a text confirming that you the cardholder made the purchase AFTER the order had been cancelled. When and however you do manage to get through to Synchrony after, at the very least 1/2 on hold, they will tell you it’s fraud prevention. Then, they tell you to place your order again. I placed my order again and……it was cancelled. So Belk can’t remove the cancellation or access to why it was cancelled. Synchrony cancels it for fraud prevention, yet the order can’t be reinstated to ship. Synchrony ,once I got through to them, said the restrictions have lifted and with no further issues. WRONG AGAIN placed another order, CANCELLED 😡 Only 1 of my 5 orders has been shipped without being cancelled.
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4 years ago, Cynthia Jeans
Just Too Much!
I can safely say I am a Belks Gal hands down. I shop almost on a weekly bases. What I love most (besides their products) is the customer service. I purchased and item (super fast shipping) and when delivered it was wrong ( this doesn’t happen often). I reached out to a representative via email and she told me what was delivered is correct. I must say it didn’t sit well at first so I sent her a photo copy of my order from my phone can you say convenient) . A couple of days later I had an apology, and my order( a matching king pillow sham from precious order on the way). Their ability to correct the situation swiftly won me over. It wasn’t “just too much” to take care of me! #foreverbelks
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1 year ago, LakLanMan
Avoid the Belk App
I made the mistake of adding this app to save a few dollars at checkout at my local Belk. Bad mistake… now I get 3 or more emails daily with way too much advertising of pretty much nothing, the same sale items over and over, and mostly geared towards females and I am a male. I daily have trued to unsubscribe and it always says it will take 24 hours… in other words it does nothing. Why 24 hours? Should be automatic and instantaneous since there is no need for any 24 hour review. For weeks now I get more and more unwanted Belk garbage sales material that I do not want or need, since the point of an app is to allow you to peruse sales and items onnthose days you plan on shopping. Belk has lost me as a customer and hopefully they will go out of business soon since otherwise I will have no other way of ridding my mailbox of their crap without changing email addresses.
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5 years ago, Mrs Yelvington
Usually have great experience using app
I recently started shopping for my niece and nephew for back to school stuff. I had added everything I might buy to my cart, but as I usually do I changed my mind about several items after I had looked at everything. Wanted to remove my least favorites as my total had added up very quickly. However, my app is not letting me remove any of the items I don’t want from the cart, so I cant check out. I have tried multiple times, for the last three days and it still isn’t working. I have 29 items in my cart and can’t keeping shopping because I have the “maximum amount of items”
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1 month ago, MamaBearoftwo0607
Unknown Number
I’ve had the Belk app for years and it’s been great until recently. I moved and as I’ve done in the past, I went in the app to update my address. The phone number listed for a one time security text or call was not mine. There is a phone number listed to call if you don’t see your number. After speaking with four agents and having been transferred twice AND getting ready to be transferred a third time, I gave up. I got one of the agents to update the address and phone number. However, when I look in the app, I can now see the correct phone number, but the unknown number is still there. Another agent’s advice was to just delete the app which I did.
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4 years ago, Jan Ellen
Worst online store website
Online site does not do these things: 1. Does not have a previous orders sections that customer can see what they have orders in past days,weeks,years. A. There is a place where it says check in order but I don’t keep previously ordered numbers so they don’t you can’t do any further checking. 2. When type something in the search bar and then clicking on the “go” button right after it, you can’t go back to the search bar where you typed something in to check on another item in drop down list as their isn’t any. 3. Also, I sign in the first time I go to the picture of the house on the far left( on cellphone app) to check and see what percentage of sale items there is. Then go back to main page and click on shop. And then I am forced to sign in and then go to the shop picture at the bottom pick out what I want and put it in bag then I should go be going to checkout but ohhhhh noooo, it makes you sign in again whether it is your account or guest or something else that I can’t remember. So then I pick guest as it won’t let me use my account and then when I click on checkout it forces me to use PayPal ( which is the second choice) Belks really needs to update their online shopping website very much. Sincerely, Janet Arthur
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5 years ago, Avenged HD
Not easy to enter coupons
I tried for several days to place an order but the discounted price would not show up on the order list. It also wouldn’t take my birthday coupon. I tried several times, I called customer service 3 times and one person suggested I try on a desktop computer and the other two had no clue. I tried emailing a request for assistance and got back a message suggesting I call customer service. I never got the order to go through though the polite service reps all agreed the items were showing as “on sale” and there must be a glitch. I did not get to use my birthday discount nor access the sales. ☹️ Very disappointing! I have used the app before with no snags so it does work- they just need a plan for when it doesn’t. Apps are not helpful if they don’t work. I like Belk and their quality items.
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10 months ago, BC2327
Can’t get rewards money that Belk says I have
I have received emails saying congratulations you have $$ rewards dollars to spend. Then I go to the help line and they say, yes you have $$ reward dollars let me switch you Belk and they can help. The next thing I know I get a recording saying it is after hours and I need to call them back 😤. I was trying to make a purchase that had limited availability. Then I get a notification in the mail saying that I switched to email notifications for my credit card. If I did that, I didn’t mean to and now I can’t find a way to change it. Please advise. Cathy Gorin
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2 years ago, ashleighcarrell
Hate this app
This app is absolutely terrible. I hate this app. I ordered from it one time about 2 years ago, it charged me three times for my order, which was over $200. Never got that money back. I would call belk, they would say to call my card company, it was a prepaid card and they said it was on belk. I called both places multiple times and just lost the money. Whatever. I deleted the app and didn’t redownload it for over a year. And when I finally did redownload it, just to use the coupons in the store…. Now I decide I may try to place another order and I can’t even delete things out of my cart. I put things in my cart so I don’t lose it, but if I find a better option I want to take them out and it won’t even let me. I’ve tried one item at a time and every single time, an error occurs. It’s just stupid.
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3 years ago, Shamarrah
Can’t log in on App
I have been having issues logging in on the shopping side in the app. It works great on a computer and on the credit card side in the app, but when I log in to shop, the app won’t log me in. I have already emailed support but was only told it will be forwarded to the correct department. I tried deleting the app and reinstalling, but still no change. It’s really inconvenient and if I want to “favorite” anything, I won’t be able to view my list since I cable get into my account. Im giving it 3 stars because I’m able to see my card activity and pay my bill but other than that, I can’t fully use the app. I hope it’s not an isolated issue and can be fixed soon. Thank you.
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1 year ago, Nana’s Girl
Following in Nana’s Footsteps
My Nana raised me and the only credit card she ever had was a Belk card. She did my back to school shopping with her Belk card. Would always ask me to go with her when she wanted or needed something. And it will always remain one of my fondest memories of her. Belk isn’t the only credit card I have, but it’s the only one I have that’s dedicated to one store/department store. The rewards are great. I’m always so pleasantly surprised by all the really cool, stylish clothes I find here. It’s been a great experience so far. Always clean. People always helpful. The sales for card holders are fabulous. Happy all around.
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1 year ago, Blessed756
Mrs. Darlene@ Greenville NC store
This an amazing customer service representative, it was extremely busy that Saturday and she had a medical boot on her foot and the people kept coming, she was extremely pleasant and I know she was in an enormous amount of pain. She never complained and was in the best of spirits and I began to ask how she worked like that and found out she has recently lost her husband and was going to a funeral for her brother in law the next day. She deserves a raise and truly needs to be commended for her customer service. I was happy to have her help me!!!!!!!!!!!!! And will look for her when I shop again!!!!
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2 years ago, Leelee92893
Bug Fix Update review
I see some of the comments are the same reading the new iPhone 13’s, the app use to work phenomenally, but all I can do is login go the app of the iPhone 13 with 5g. I am not able to shop or do much mor with out getting the spinning circle of death only for it to never work. I also have an iPhone 11 for work and the app works just fine shopping and all. I’ll just have to use the website versus the app until Belk can get this issue fixed. This is an update to my previous statement with issues. Just as everyone else has noted the app is useless as I am still unable to purchase anything using the app. The app no longer loads my cart, allows me to add items to my cart, or check out. The most that I am able to do in the app is browse. Still just have to use the website versus the app.
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3 years ago, IrishCharmer11111
I promise you I will never shop with this company either through the app, online or in their stores! I made an online account with my name, address and email because I was thinking of ordering a purse, which I did not do. I did NOT sign up to receive irrelevant emails, nor did I want them. However instantly I was bombarded with 6 or more emails A DAY, EVERY day starting in the middle of the night while I was trying to sleep! I’ve made many attempts to try to stop the emails. I get a screen that says it may take up to two weeks (yes 2 weeks) for the emails to stop, but they keep coming….at least 6 EVERY DAY! Yesterday I started receiving the emails at 3:00 AM, then another one at 9:30 AM, then 1:20 PM and again at 5:30 PM. In only 12 hours I received 4 friggin emails from this company with 12 hours to go! This is such an invasion of my privacy! This company obviously has NO respect for their customers. I’ve had no problem stopping emails from other companies, just this one! They refuse to respect my wish to unsubscribe from their emails! This company won’t even let me remove my name, phone number or home address from my online account. I’ve and tried. My $$$ will go elsewhere! 😤
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3 years ago, Belk fanatic
Belk forever
I am a completely devoted Belk’s customer! My mother always shopped at Belk and I have always done the same. My daughter is not as devoted as I am she will shop other stores. I won’t I always find what I want and the Customer Service is always the best. This last year has been rough on the shopping industry but the stores are open and people are shopping again. I shop online then just go pickup. Shipping hasn’t been bad even through Covid. Thank you Belk for keeping this penny pinching lady from going broke! I use my Belk Reward Dollars with coupons and sales and love it! Thank you! Happy Customer in SC
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4 years ago, Belk customer since 1972
Store Pick Up
Today, I was in the Belk store in Mt Pleasant, SC. I saw several items I wanted, 5 to be exact. I did not purchase them in the store because I had left my $15 Reward Bucks certificate at home. I decided to go home order them on line and use the store pickup service. Thinking this way I would pick them up tomorrow. Once I had put the items in my basket, clicked on check out, selecting “store pickup”, I received the message “item not available in Mt Pleasant store”. This message was not just one item but for all of the items in my basket. I find this very hard to believe since I was in the store just an hour earlier and there were multiple items of the items I was attempting to purchase. If it is too much trouble for the Belk store in MP to offer this service then the website should just state “store pickup service not available in MP”.
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1 year ago, Kodak Lloyd
My Belks
We have a great store in Gastonia,NC. Good location and hours. There is a good variety of clothes, shoes, purses, fragrances and Makeup. Jewelry is very affordable as I have several pieces bought from the fine jewelry department. I love the fact I get reward dollars every time I use my card. Easy payment setup and I can see each purchase that was made with my card quick and easy. The cashiers are ver nice and help out any way they can to get us the best deal for our money. Easy return also. I enjoy going shopping at our Belks store very much. Kathy Smith
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1 year ago, Robbed American
Worst app
It is utterly frustrating to try and work with this app. For starters the webpage requires a login name and password, the app does not recognize the login name and asks for email for that purpose. It keeps on reporting login errors. I spent almost one hour on the phone, they ended up hanging up on me. No help whatsoever. If I want to use the app, I must checkout as a guest and forfeit all my coupons and rewards. INSANE!!!! The response from the representative before she hung up on me was: “it’s two different softwares”…. Really??? What kind of idiot do they think is calling for help. Please this is a cry out to the app developers: the website works well…. Make sure you FIX the problems in the app so customers can use it as I am sure you intended to. So far, up until today, this app is absolutely useless.
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7 months ago, Y3tiSwag
Terrible customer service
I recently ordered from this site and was very disappointed. I paid for the express shipping so I could have my item in 48 hours. I ended up getting it almost a whole week after I ordered it. I wrote an email to customer service. After I did this they sent an email no to reply to my message but just to say my item was delayed. I knew it had been delayed that was the problem. I paid quite a bit to get it early. Just to be cheated out of that money. Then ignored when I tried to get it resolved. I have shopped at this company for years but this experience has really changed my view of Belk. I don’t think I will ever buy from them again. Be careful paying for faster shipping or you may end up being cheated as well.
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4 years ago, rlmcnutt
Account issues
I’ve tried several times to get this corrected and don’t expect this to work either but it doesn’t show on your side but I have this account and an old one that keeps showing up. It has caused me to be late with payment because the old account shows I owe nothing and I mistakenly assume I’m looking at my active account. I’ve tried to get the old account removed because it won’t let me go to my new account. Every month it’s a chore to find my new account to make a payment. App is useless! I have to go thru hide and seek to find it finally remembering I have to bring up FULL website to make a payment. I just want ALL of the old account wiped off. Please!! Thank you
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6 years ago, Tarheelbilly
Paying bill on app problem
For the last few months, I have had a difficult time paying my bill through the app. It tells me my password is incorrect and then I try too many times and it makes me change it. The password is correct. So, I change it anyway and then next month- boom - same problem. Now it works when I shop and login to charge on my card but doesn’t work to pay my bill! Crazy! Please fix it! I do love Belk, but may be forced to go back to mailing a check. Don’t have time to change password every single month!
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7 months ago, caillala
I love having the Belk app in hand. With just a click or two I can see what my balance is, if my payment is due, my Belk rewards and the best of all everything that is on sale. Sounds strange this coming from a woman but I do not like to shop trying on clothes is the worst for me. So again with a click or two I can order what I want and if they don’t fit I have a choice to return them through the mail or take them back to the store. So convenient. So yeah LOVE LOVE the app. Great job Belk, here’s you one more satisfied customer. !!!!!
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8 months ago, Chris90008
Took my money and received nothing in return!
I went to place an orders few days ago. When completing the purchase an error message appeared. I thought I entered my card info incorrectly, went to try it again same message popped up. On the third try I used a different card. The same error message appeared but I was notified by my bank app that I was debited from Belk! I looked at my other account and I was indeed charged for the other purchases without receiving any order number or anything pertaining to my order! My cart was still present as if I never tried to purchase the items. I was charged over $700 and received nothing in return!! I’m still waiting on my money back!! This will be the last time I shop with Belk. Crooks!! Zero stars!
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4 years ago, Firstbiteoftheapple
Security flaw within app for IPhones
Since the last few updates, the Touch ID (IPhone) feature no longer works! The app loads and opens without using Touch ID as a security measure. Please work to restore this function. Also the payments are not updated immediately with Synchrony Bank especially if you pay through this app and set it up to draft the payment from your checking or savings accounts. Coupons and rewards should also be accessed on the final payment step/window.
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4 years ago, jujululukukufufu
I have been trying to order one item since 11 a.m. I have had to put all of my information in so many times that I’m sure the hackers are delighted. To say I’m frustrated is an understatement. So far I think I have paid. 4 times, created new account twice only to be told that that email address is already taken. So I tried to cancel— no good. I’ve tried calling. I was put on hold for 30 minutes, and then they just hung up on me. I called back and I was put through the same dewloop again. So the bottom line is I started all over. This time I got all the where are you to the end and was prompted to create new account. I clicked out, and now I’m going to see if I get any emails. If not, I plan on burning my card.
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6 months ago, Momof4coopers
I love the app
I do love the Belk app and being able buy on line but the only thing is when I go to pay my bill for some reason it will not let me onto pay my bill. It only lets me after it’s been due a few days and I will check it everyday I’m not able to drive to the store to pay my bill like some people cause I have a disease that makes it hard to walk and do anything. It would be nice to be able to pay on time instead of it being late every single time.
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4 years ago, angryMom31763
Pick up options
I love that I can order online but I really hate the way the local store search and add to bag feature is not user friendly. Even after sliding the button over to the store I want to shop at for pick up.... I still have to check availability (this should be automatic after sliding the button as stated previously). And what’s even more annoying is having to check every size !!!! Individually!!! That made my shopping experience take over 3 hours!!! That is madness! I also have noticed that the entire store is not on the site. Things like candy I have seen in store, and tons more. Plus, I should not see items that are NOT available in my store, again another issue I noticed hunting for sizes in my store that WERE available for pick up at my local store. Just make an option to ship if the item is not available in my store because all it says was not available or something. Very frustrating trying to make purchases!
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1 year ago, Betty Mor
Love Belk & Love the Belk App‼️😀👍
It is always a pleasure to shop Belk’s. The store is super clean, neat, well laid out and all merchandise is great quality!! I love shopping for bargains and Belk offers fun shopping😄‼️ I also love shopping for specific items desired - and finding sale items not always available at my local Belk. I recently called customer service for help w/ my on-line order - and the customer service rep was knowledgeable, extremely helpful, and was genuinely interested in helping me… and did an exceptionally good job‼️ Belk is my favorite store‼️😀
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6 months ago, Odysseus 14
While most Apps give you information you may want, but the Belks App gives you more. It has been Professionally created to aid the customer to pay ones bill; It gives the customer their balance; it gives the amount they can charge; and, any REWARDS they have achieved by being their customer. Everything is there — on the one site. You don’t have to look on any more sites; it’s all there and is CONSISTENTLY updated for the customer’s convenience. Thanks BELK!
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5 years ago, Auntsugar
Frustrating website
I’ve shopped at Belks for 50+ years and trying to shop online is miserable because the screens tend To jump around when you’re scrolling. Then try to sign in to pay, change password, pay or any utility and it is a mess. I finally asked to change my password and an email was supposedly “sent” but never arrived. I decided to check out as a guest which I’ve had to do before. It took me 45 minutes of trying to order 3 items, use Belk rewards dollars and coupons then to check out as a guest!!! This was after I’d received an email inviting me to stack my coupons and sale offers! Guess what, change email arrived 20 minutes after I’d checked out as a guest. I have never left a bad review but this experience was totally frustrating.
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4 years ago, LDWillis
Excruciatingly horrible customer service
I just spent 1 hour, 15 minutes on the phone with a customer service representative who seemed inept. After she finally realized she didn’t know what she was doing, she put a supervisor on the phone — who frankly wasn’t much better and identified herself as Taylor in North Carolina. To make a long story short, I wasn’t aware that the current 70% off sale on your website is for Belk credit card holders only. I own that. However, it should NOT have taken that long for that to be explained to me. There were other things that occurred during the telephone call — while I was on the phone with the initial CSR — but honestly I’m too annoyed/angry right now to even get into it. Suffice it to say I do HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED in the extremely poor customer service I just received.😡😞
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12 months ago, stinky web site
Sign in problems
It is a pain trying to just make a payment! Once again the site does not recognize my password. Then I sign in with my Belk card number and try to add my last four digits of my Social Security #. No number keys appear so I can do this. Then miraculously four dots appear in the box. Are they my #? I can not check them to tell if it is my number. Do I send anyway? Desperate to end this mess, I press apply! Nothing happens—— You must correct this. I will make no more purchases on my account. Lee Forbes
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1 year ago, needabargin
Frequent shopper
I want to compliment Barbara in the women’s dept at Northpark Belk store in Jackson ms. I was making online returns and didn’t seem to have adequate info on my account for her to make my returns Instead of turning me away to figure it out in my own Barbara took the time to research my account, find my purchases made online and help me with my returns Thank you, Barbara for being an excellent customer associate! Barbara is definitely an asset to the Belk team! I really appreciated her kindness, patience. and knowledge to get my problem resolved!
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3 months ago, Patricia Weber
A little over a month ago, I passed out in the Waynesville Store. Your salesperson MARTHA at the woman’s wear register was amazing! As I stood in line she asked if I needed a chair and at that point I thought I was ok. I thanked her and said no. When I got up to pay down I went. She was right there. Went and got help and was always attentive. Martha was by angel that day. I appreciate her and never forget her. If you have an Accommodation Program please thank her. She is always a great employee and I hope Bell’s appreciates her as much as I do.
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3 years ago, PuzzleLadybug
On line Shopping
As far as buying makeup, perfume or certain items, online shopping maybe a lot easier for some, but I believe people like the experience of getting out and going. When purchasing clothes though, I do not like buying them online. I like trying seeing the material and trying it on and seeing how it actually fits. Just because I love it hanging up, doesn’t mean it’s going to look good on me. Also, one size does not fit all. It depends on the material and how it’s made. I have tops that range from Large to 3x that I wear. And the hassle of having to send stuff back is a nightmare.
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5 years ago, datachip1258
Updating my dress wardrobe
I enjoy shopping online at Belk’s. Selections are well represented & navigation is very easy. Sale items are presented in all categories you select, allowing you to make purchases without feeling that a savings was missed. Adding any applicable coupons or discounts is easy at checkout, website also lets you know coupon discounts when viewing each product. This definitely helps in making good affordable choices. Thx Belk for helping me & my beautiful wife update our wardrobes. Datachip1258
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4 years ago, gracieellyn
Not all Belks are Equal!
Belk at Crabtree and Southpoint are classy and service oriented. There is always a goodly assortment of brand names and pricing is clear. Belk at Cary many times appears like a bargain basement. Pricing is confusing; I am tired of being told the sign is wrong or old. For example, Clearance price for a pair of Shoes was one cents less than the original price. The clerk verified this -.01 was so. Up to 70% off many times is 50% off. The clerks are wonderful, but I worry about management and and product choice—children’s section needs choice, not clothing from last Christmas. The same is true with some food products.
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5 days ago, Coyote-Kid
70th birthday
Phil and I decided to plan a trip to the beach this July and celebration of both our birthdays. We decided to invite family. We booked a three bedroom 3 Bath Pl. on Panama City Beach. Philip Maria, Sylvia and Grace were coming. Kevin and Leannda were coming. Kent had already paid to go with his in-laws to the beach. We also invited Sylvia‘s friend Lucy to come with us. Sylvia has spent a week with Lucy in Fairhope twice already this year. When we told Kent and Ashley the dates we were going, they said the date we were leaving was the date they were checking in. And they wondered about coming a day early to spend the Saturday with us. Imagine my surprise the first day at the beach when Grace came walking out with Jack Henry, and Kent and Ashley right behind her! I was out in the water when I saw them! It was extremely hot, but it was so sweet to have the people I love the most at a place that I really enjoy! I don’t think it gets much better than that this side of heaven!
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