Berlin Travel Guide and Map

4.7 (31)
98.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Kulemba GmbH
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Berlin Travel Guide and Map

4.74 out of 5
31 Ratings
7 years ago, He who shall not be named asdf
Great way to not use cellular roaming data
This app once fully downloaded allows you to use rough gps without cellular data. Actually pretty accurate. I also love the format and the articles that are downloaded.
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7 years ago, elmasbacano
Great app
The application is amazing. Very easy to use and very informative. It helped me in my visit to Berlin in a way that I was able to organize every place I visited. It is linked with google maps and iPhone maps. Great pictures.
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7 years ago, Gdts
Practical and works
A very practical a funktional App for offline use. I use it all the Time to navigate the city.
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7 years ago, Chumly0005
Easy to use map
Used the app wile in Berlin. It was easy to use and had a good map that made it easy to get around without data used on my phone.
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7 years ago, NoahThirteen
Great offline map
Good information and you can add markers for things not in app.
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6 years ago, mjdindc
It’s just an offline google map
Very disappointed. All it is is google maps offline. No more functionality.
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7 years ago, Moni1127
Great to use and stay informed!
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9 years ago, Marzico
A life saver
Usually don't rate apps but after a trip to Europe using this offline maps, I can asure you, this app will make your trip easier and you won't miss any important spot in the city. I used London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Venice, Rome, Florence, Barcelona, Madrid and Lisbon! In Budapest I felt lost because they don't have a map for this city but Google also doesn't have a map for Budapest offline. I'll put 6 stars but I can't so 5 it's the closest. One more thing, all this is for FREE! And this is not all, also you can download the information about the historic places in the city and then you can get the info offline. You have to try it!!
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7 years ago, #madiisawesome MSP
Great Detail
Great detail and very accurate.
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8 years ago, Lovechef21
Lost no more
No more trying to figure out where you are on a big clumsy map, blowing in the wind and ripping wet in the rain. I've used the maps from this company for several cities so far and it's like discovering the convenience of smart phones all over. Enter and mark all the places you want to go in the city, and plan much easier and faster knowing where it all is in relation. Easily walk to your destination without relying so much on taxis, public transportation and locals who don't know either. How did I travel before Ulmon Maps?
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8 years ago, ACA Flyer
My new "go-to" App
Used the free version in Berlin and it had all the features I needed. In fact, deleted other Apps I had downloaded since I never used them. The best feature was the ability to track my preferred places to visit on the map which also gave me thumbnail reviews of each place.
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11 years ago, Geoff123456
Something is missing
I used Ulmon's Rome app a couple of years ago (called Rome2Go) and found it very useful. Since then they seem to have rebranded and redesigned their city guides, and this year I tried to use Berlin and Prague, and didn't find them as useful. It has an offline city map, which is extremely useful. I think that the old versions had a list of popular attractions in the cities, which the new version is missing. You really need some recommendations in a city like Berlin - the list of things to do is much too long. The app has the ability to rate the attractions, but nobody has submitted ratings, so that feature is not helpful at this point.
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11 years ago, ehc2000
Needs public transportation maps
As others have said, this, and other travel apps by this developer need public transportation maps, specifically U-bahn and S-Bahn maps. Bus maps would be great too, but not needed as much by most travelers. also, I've found that the GPS 'direction' is usually off by 90° or so. When facing north on a street, the 'scope' of the GPS claims I'm facing west. Or east. Or somewhere other than I'm pointing. Not a huge issue unless you're lost in the woods, but ... Also, the POI buttons that pop up are often slow to respond and/or don't respond at all. The subway/tram/sbahn/bus stops don't even list what line they're on, let alone where they go. Not really useful unless you just need *somewhere* to get away from where you are. Also, the icon for a subway stop is just a square. not so helpful, either, since the map is otherwise pretty full of icons that represent what they are supposed to. Better than nothing, but could be improved.
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9 years ago, Mustafa Adel
I fell in Love with Berlin because of you
I love it. So easy to use and has everything you need to know about berlin from sites to visit to places to have an amazing german gastronomic experience. And the offline map is a huge plus. I fell in love with berlin before i even go thanks to this great app.
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10 years ago, Ejs42
Great app for offline use
I didn't buy a data plan for Europe so I was happily surprised by everything this app could do offline: locate where you were, give directions and show you the Wikipedia entry for landmarks. It met all my needs.
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9 years ago, Jki2
Easy, helpful map
High recommend - great offline map, knows where you are, points in right direction, knows almost everything about the city! I got around without looking like a lost tourist.
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9 years ago, Juan marcos rodriguez
We have been traveling throughout Europe and in all the major cities like London, Paris and Berlin, this maps performed just excellent. I would recommend them to everyone.
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13 years ago, Karlvonherber
It was a bit disappointing. Te map was good but the guide didn't often work. I was looking forward to just being able to use the iPad more or less by itself, but there was no subway map, and the guide didn't often work. When I had wifi, google maps was much more helpful.
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11 years ago, Mackenzie080
Best travel app!!
The best brand of apps for travelers! All functionality works on airplane mode (without wifi or cellular connections) which is incredibly helpful for the cost conscious traveler. Couldn't be happier with this hidden gem!
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8 years ago, Mari28Mari28
Best travelling map ever
I use these maps every time I travel to Europe and they are fantastic. They work accurately, without wifi connection, and don't consume much battery.
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11 years ago, Mercury11
Very useful
It's a very useful offline map showing almost every point in the city. A must have app if you dont want pay high 3G bills to your gsm provider.
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9 years ago, RoadCone42
Love offline use!
Without my data plan, I love being able to go around Berlin and still get information on sites.
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9 years ago, Berlin TravelGitl
Great map app
It's great to have this map downloaded so I'm not burning megabytes while traveling abroad. It shows you where you are and what direction you're facing. Very handy.
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11 years ago, Geowombat
Great for trip planning
Love this ap. great maps, on the iPad makes it easy to scan an area. Lots of information. In a week, I find out how good it really is on the ground.
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10 years ago, Indusbay
Cool app
Really cool app for the city when you have no internet. Don't forget to download the wiki guide. Helped us a lot when we were there and biking around town. Thanks.
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10 years ago, Tageesa
I never could've navigated Berlin without it! Used the pins for the addresses so I could get from place to place.
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10 years ago, Jasknucklehead
Great offline tool
If you don't have internet available the offline package is great. Good pictures and descriptions and easy to find things near by and far away. Get the Berlin transit app too
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7 years ago, srecko17
Great app
I haven't rated any app in ages. I would be totally lost in Berlin without this app. It's great! I definitely recommend you this app If you go to Berlin.
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8 years ago, Rickj0816
Great app.
I will never travel without it again
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9 years ago, ellacargill
Dead useful!
This app has cut down on the time I spent planning and struggling to get on Wi-Fi abroad, so I could navigate effortlessly! It has no transit planner, but combined with Berlin's BVG transit app or Google Maps it's all you need.
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8 years ago, Toonces
Pretty useless
The information in the free version is almost nonexistent. There were only two food related stories and one other one. The offline map could have been fine, but once I looked at on of the aforementioned info stories I couldn't get back to the map.
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11 years ago, AdrienneSip
Even gives my location w/o wifi!
This app helped me walk home when I couldn't find any wifi & I was staying with a friend abroad! Hooray!
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11 years ago, Movie Dr.
Smart app!
This is a great app! it work of line which is a Big plus!!!
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13 years ago, Sam @ younevercall
Not much more than a map
I had hoped for more. Would be good if you could enter an address and see it on the map. Also since subways and trains are so plentiful - a map and the ability to enter an address and get the shortest train routes to there would be really good. Teh descriptions are from wikipedia - not really focused on tourism per se. I would pay $5 for something that had more complete feature set. This was mildly helpful.
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9 years ago, Markepmn
International Finder
Great app to navigate and find stores etc.
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9 years ago, constanteenager lsdsd
Best app ever
The best offline map and guide. Genius design
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12 years ago, Gro-uch
No transport map - USELESS
Without a map of the u-bahn, s-bahn etc lines (compare with London2Go, which has a Tube Map as well as the city map) this app is basically pointless. Total waste of $2.
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8 years ago, Ov1pilot
Must have!
Best city app yet!
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9 years ago, Ad3l-0x
Very good
A must app for berliners
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11 years ago, TEfromNC
Nice App!
Looks good & detailed with popular retail locations listed.
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10 years ago, Cylon Sam
Cylon Sam
Great app, very useful!
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7 years ago, Danny patz
Thanks for draining my data plan!
"Offline" alright. I opened it and it downloaded 100Mb of content!
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7 years ago, Mari_slova
Muito bom!
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10 years ago, Adrian Gamboa
Buena app
Muy buena
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