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Best Western International
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User Reviews for Best Western to Go

4.79 out of 5
24.5K Ratings
4 months ago, Ty 1962
Mr Ty Diaz- Galvan
I want to say that I’ve been a best western reward member for a long time I have stayed in different best western hotels, especially siesta keys in Sarasota’ Some places where you stay people are different. I guess it’s franchise and they don’t give points like they used to best western has changed a lot and people are moving to other industries, hotel industries, Marriott, the Hilton. I just feel that we should give more to our veterans I am an army veteran and of course I do have AAA but I feel that, bestwestern should promote more veterans discounts. Word of mouth is great recommendation passed by by others, and I feel that every best western hotel should at least give 20 to 25 discounts for veterans I like the old way 20 years ago I got more points for my money than now that everything is going up Blessings to all and I also feel that are the bestwestern staff’ should recognize bestwestern reward members and treated with more respect!!! prices are going up everywhere and I also feel that maybe you guys should charge a monthly stay for those who feels like staying a long time at the hotel!!!
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2 months ago, Z&LBully
Comfortable & Friendly service & wonderful breakfast.
We are traveling to Yosemite National park stayed at Yreka & Visalia Best Western. Very impressed with the price, rooms & service & continental breakfast served eggs, sausage, biscuits & gravy, plus pancakes etc. Super convenient & really good. Noticed lots of workers staying & I know why very good service & quiet area. Again nice accommodations & reasonable price. We stayed 2 nights in Visalia, need to give a big shout out to Amanda who ran the breakfast area, she was a wealth of knowledge to the 3 parks we were going to. They served fresh baked muffins and she gave us great insight to the trails & things to see at all 3 parks. We had never stayed at Best Western before we are going to always check them first now.
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4 months ago, Madacada
Good and Bad
First the good….We stayed at the Best Western in Saint John New Brunswick Canada at 55 Majors Brook Drive. The room was excellent as well as the people who work there. They were very friendly and accommodating, even checking on us to see if we needed anything. Now the bad….We stayed at the Best Western in Augusta ME at 110 Community Drive and the room was small, the tub didn’t drain, and at 2 in the morning someone in a car starts playing loud music that woke me up. The overnight clerk named John was very nice. The worst part of the stay was due to a woman named Jessi who tried to “double” charge me. She swiped one credit card but said it didn’t work and the asked if she can use the one I reserved the room with that was on file, which she did. Then I get notified by both of my credit card companies that both charges were charged to my account. When I confronted Jessi she denied she charged the first card. In my opinion she was try to steal the money from the first charge. Don’t ever go to the Best Western the Augusta Civic Center in Maine.
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4 years ago, Mountain Mater
Sorry excuse
From a Platinum Member - I’ve had this app for a number of years. It consistently rejects my attempts to login from mobile devices and I have to go through the hassle of resetting my password. I just did this again, May 2019. I inevitably have to end up calling best western to make the reservation which is OK because the rates are generally less over the phone and they are on the website. The only way I can get into my account reliably is through my web browser. And lastly, the app is “portrait only“ which stinks on my iPad. How tough can this be in 2019? Update: July 2019 - After numerous attempts through Customer Service, who are always very apologetic, to “reset my password” I can only access my account my account a short period of time before it no longer works. They suggested using my membership number, which is not exactly in the front row of my fading brain cells, but to no avail. I still have to phone the reservations number to get a room. Maybe they feel it adds a nostalgic personal touch. I hate to credit them with one star when my experience has been more like one candle.
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1 year ago, i2Reviewer
Horrible Hotel Chain
Run Far Away from this chain! I booked a room with water view but when I checked in it was not a water view. It was at best a partial water view. We booked for four people but the room barely could accommodate 2 people. I complained to the front desk manager but he was outright rude, inconsiderate and felt threatened. He gave us no option other than leaving the property within 30 mins of checking in as we were afraid for our lives. I called Best Western support the next day and they literally sided with the manager and said they cannot refund. In their words “you can pursue whatever you want twe cannot refund”. I wonder what’s the point in booking through you? I get that these people are powerful and normal people like us cannot even touch them in anyway. I never had this experience in any other place or hotel chain. It was my second time staying with them and I’m out of their chain. Staying with Best Western is at your own risk!
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2 months ago, totally cool katy
Never disappoints
I am a district manager and I travel quite a bit. I have stayed in many hotels and paid many different prices for rooms and I have to say I always get a great room at a great price and best Western plus is definitely one of my favorites different amenities at each one I never know if I’m getting, an omelette for breakfast at one of their omelette bars or if I am going to be able to enjoy a drink on the house every night that I stay It’s nice coming back after a long day and finding that my room has been cleaned and even the mess I left with my clothes and make up. I have been organized very neatly and I truly appreciate it. I wouldn’t stay anywhere else.
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1 year ago, Tin102cute
Round Rock TX
My husband and I stayed here on occasions and more recently several days in a row because our truck gave up the ghost and had to be repaired. Everyone that is employed here has been very helpful in our stay. Our stays were often on a day to day basis and when we knew, they knew. They have been very understanding, so understanding! Not every BW is like this, they have a great customer service know how. We are still here, today and hope we will get our truck back soon.
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1 year ago, paladin442
Login fails. App has too many bugs
Login worked once the first time I set it up, but has not let me log in since. System says invalid password. I set PW reset request and never got and email link until the second day. I finally reset the password back to original m; and guess what? Cannot reuse old pass word-REALLY? System will let you locate a property to reserve room but will not let you login to get points and price. However, when you abandon the search it’s real quick to send email letting you know to complete your reservation. To get login support you have to fill out an online form with your email in order to get a reply. I can’t get anyone to answer the phone. Even though the reservation recognizes my email and contacts me five minutes after abandoning search, Customer Service has not contacted me in over two days.
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2 years ago, CLKING100
Terrible App
I have given this App one star because 0 isn’t available. Over several attempts and several years and being almost a strictly Best Western Customer I cannot understand why they cannot develop an App that actually works. You may easily search for hotels but most of the time all the steps never complete and you will end up using a web browser and having to start from scratch or even call the hotel out of sheer frustration. I travel quite often with a Pet and find that even though you find rooms that say Pet Friendly when using this App it doesn’t confirm that is the room you are booked into - now, using a web browser it will!!! Today just switching pages it repeatedly made me start over and sign in. Save yourself the same frustration that I have and just delete it.
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1 year ago, dadd1919
App is a little sketchy
Been using Best Western hotels for my travelling for the last 10 or so years, and for the most part, the hotels are satifactory and reasonably priced. But the app needs work. The last time I tried to log on to book rooms, the app said my password was incorrect despite using the same password for years. Had to reset it. And it would be nice if the app allowed you to add your reservation to your calender (the Holiday Inn app does). Finally, and this is an issue I have with almost all apps, when typing in your password, the QWERTY keyboard displays and I cannot switch it to a Dyvork keyboard which is the keyboard I use. Why not?
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11 months ago, greggT555
It’s fastest to just call them. The app has bugs. 1) It doesn’t show the current reservations properly in that the tabs for “past”, “upcoming” and “cancelled” do not show on the second reservation, and this can only be reset by killing the app (sometimes even that doesn’t work). 2) It has a “Done” button that you’d think you tap when you’re done filling in the reservation details, but nooo, you have to scroll all the way down the page and tap “make reservation”. 3) It forgets my password — I have to reset it way more frequently than for other apps (maybe that’s a feature?). 4) I can’t see points as prices (even if I click “use points”) — and can’t see what points I need to get, per room, only prices in dollars.
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1 year ago, Alex Davila
Why nobody update the app????
Has been using this app for a while, but looks you’re working on at web page, can’t even see the hotel map option (really helpful for traveler like myself). Can’t switch to other apps on my phone to check calendar or an address on my mail because when I came back (just a couple seconds) the app kicked me out and I have to sign in again… Hope some day (or year) someone fix/update this app.
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9 months ago, Crystál
I love Best Western
The app is so easy to use. I work for Best Western in Isanti, MN & when I sign guests up for rewards, I always encourage them to use the app. I always let them know of how easy it is to book with no extra fees that 3rd parties require. I tell them how their points will never expire & how there are always good promotions to offer! My success rates with guests signing up is about 95% solely because of the app suggestions!
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7 months ago, ATA Veteran Player
App Does Not Work
After resetting my password, thinking I had lost my account, as a BW employee and Rewards member frankly it was so disappointing to see that I was logged out of my account on the app. The CSR did not care to fix the issue, blamed the developer (Best Western International) and ended up not resolving anything for a long-time customer and employee of the brand. How do I recommend a hotel brand when I cannot trust in it myself? It is disappointing beyond regard that a phoe application does not let me login to my own account even after changing password information. TLDR; I wish there was a 0 star rating, because this application does not work at all and the brand looks terrible because of it.
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11 months ago, djjazzyjeff1995
Truck Parking
I like best western hotels, but being a truck driver, sometimes plans change and you gotta find somewhere to sleep. I’m in a regular cab truck , traveling all over the place. So sleeping in the truck isn’t an option. I’ve noticed there is no option to “filter” hotels by truck parking. Which is pretty inconvenient. I don’t have time to log into the app and click every hotel to see if they have truck parking or not. So I usually end up going with choice or even Wyndham. I hope someone can fix this issue and make it easier to search for hotels 😬
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1 year ago, Airway4me
Poor sign in options
Despite poor ratings I decided to set up the B/W app since I occasionally stay at a Best Western. After opening the app it shows an I have the option to use facial recognition on my iPhone but I can’t activate that option (even after signing into the account manually then going to account options & settings). I called customer service to no avail. C/S said I have a “touch” fingerprint option to sign-in but that option is nowhere to be found. Other reviewer‘s are correct, this app doesn’t work well despite my patience and calling customer service before writing something negative.
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4 weeks ago, BadBrain13
How to view customer reviews?
Actual customer reviews are important to me as an older lady who travels alone. I can only see a star rating within this app and was recently forced to use a few other apps/sites to read recent reviews of best western properties. I just completed a survey for a stay so I know this information is collected. It seems rather shady to not share it. I can’t tell anything from a star rating and believe if you aren’t open about sharing actual customer experiences there must be something to hide 🙈
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12 months ago, Tabuteau
Kept timing out - made 3 reservations
First time user. App kept timing out after I made my reservation. I checked my account and reservations and nothing was listed so I tried again since it said “session timeout” when I was trying to submit additional emails to send my itinerary to. It’s slow on the uptake. After a few minutes, the registration “took” and I had 3 of them. Experience could be better. There should be an additional blurb about waiting for your reservation to appear in your account.
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1 month ago, TattleTaleOnYou
Something is not right
Recently I redeemed points for a free night, the points are gone and I was charged for the night and charged twice. I just tried to use a gift card, second gift card I tried to use first at the hotel, and second just now on the app. Looking over records and receipts it appears I did not get credit for either gift card. The hotel rooms have been fine even though very overpriced. Especially considering that the chair in the room has had a broken leg for months now. But the staff needs more training on how to conduct a transaction and listening to what the customer is saying when they talk. I don’t know her name, but the one with the cool pink hair seems to be the only one who can conduct a transaction at the desk. Others are getting better, I will kind of miss this hotel when I move away from here.
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2 months ago, _EmpirE_
Very satisfied with the property and best western.
I’m very satisfied with the properties that have gone the extra mile for my wife and I, and we are also very happy with the loyalty program that best western provided, I think the concept is really helpful for many customers more so like my wife and I, she is going through health issues and we could really save every penny in our situation. Thankyou best western…
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5 months ago, yoREALmamma
Surestay Billings Montana
Mina is an amazing asset to your company, her customer service skills are impeccable! With all the things going on in the world she has maintained a great attitude! She’s willing to go above and beyond to make sure all her customers are happy. I could stay anywhere in Billings but I choose here because of her attention to details and personality! If she’s not a manager she needs to be one or she needs a huge raise!
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1 year ago, jkchappy
Had a great experience staying at Canton Best western my last visit. So much I came home and got the app so I can enjoy many more visits. The app is very easy and looking forward to the rewards and free nights. Thank you Canton Best Western for your over the top customer service. My husband is disabled and usually don’t give positive feed back but he said we will definitely be back there.
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1 month ago, Best Western Starke, Florida
Best Western Starke, Florida
This establishment has undergone many upgrades. It has always had the most fantastic staff and Management, they’re always going over and beyond to provide for their guests. The new upgrades are amazing. It always makes one feel as if it’s home away from home, and the Staff and Management make you feel so welcome, as if your family.
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1 month ago, God is Faithful Day and Night
View at Moro Bay
When we arrived we received our room on the car port side but I asked to move to the bay side and was able to get a beautiful room with a view of the famous rock and the bay and ocean. The weather was great the staff especially Shelby at the front desk. The free breakfast really good and a changing menu daily. Just a really great stay! Highly recommended!
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2 years ago, this is almost impossible
Definitely the worst ap
Best Western Platinum Member. As many have noted the log in problems with this ap are impossible to deal with. Even if you manage to get logged in with a temporary password it’s not possible to then change your password. Nothing on this ap works!!! I got logged in and was trying to make a reservation and several fields like country, state etc wouldn’t populate and in the end the process completely failed because a field that I couldn’t even find (first name) had a value that was too long! Really, REALLY! This ap is no longer on my phone.
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2 months ago, alyflowery
Bad check in and horrible experience
The staff downgraded my room to be in the motel section not the other side which I reside every time. They have their preference to give good room to certain people does that matter your reservations or membership which should shown in your system for new or old staff . The check in process become horrible . I just need to highlight how my experience with the hotel is going down . It was the only hotel I book her in Austin and we're have a good staff
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3 years ago, radiojen
Got the app while on a road trip. With the promotion $25 coupon for each stay. Looking up hotels was easy enough, but traveling with a pet needed to call hotels. Could NOT call from the app, frustrating. Logging into the app is worse. I have had to reset my password every time I try to use the app. So just been using as guest, find hotel to stay at, try to remember the phone #, call the hotel. When we get to the hotel add our rewards #. Very frustrating for an app that should make things easier
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2 years ago, travelingwelder1
Great when it works
It’s been several weeks since the app worked. I was using it weekly to book rooms for work travel. Last couple of months I’ve had to go to the particular hotel’s website to book. Not as convenient as the app . But it works and the app doesn’t.
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2 years ago, art davis
Will not cooperate
I found that the app would not allow me to log in a few weeks ago, so called BW call center and spent 30 minutes talking with a very nice person who made sure my email address, home address, contact info, and password we’re all updated. Have tried to use twice since then and it will not accept the updated — or past — passwords and is not sending a password help message to my confirmed email address. Very disappointed that an organization as reputable and large as BW would have such a unusable app.
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3 months ago, Chrisbleicher
Stay review
I was stranded by the airlines in at Louis for 2 days and had the good fortune of landing at your airport north location. I travel a lot for work and have seen and interacted with many hotel staff members and have to say that shawna Moore and her staff at this location are by far the most pleasant and helpful group I’ve come across in a long time.
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9 months ago, Januarygirl69
My home away from home!
My favorite hotel! Absolutely the best place to stay, their staff is awesome, always helpful and caring. The atmosphere is so nice and welcoming, calms my soul as soon as I walk through the doors! I can’t say enough great things about this beautiful place, you most definitely should check this place out for yourselves!
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1 year ago, bartman44270
Easy to Use App
The app is easy to access and use. See all amenities available at each location. I have used it ahead of time and also for last minute reservations on the fly. So glad I have it for our travel needs.
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2 years ago, Mzwarrior
Good hotel but horrible app
No matter what I do I have to relog into my account every time I close the app even though remember me is selected. Also there is no way to look up any information about your stays (past or future). I guess there is but it doesn’t work. Anytime you select a stay it just loads until it times out. Practically worthless app. I have restarted and redownloaded it on several devices and it doesn’t work on any. If an useable app factors into your decision on what hotel chain to stay in stay away from BW.
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1 year ago, Deathweeps
Doesn’t function properly
It worked fine for a while, did my bookings and everything in there. However some things don’t work,face recognition worked but then asked me for my password. Stated it wasn’t correct but face recognition unlocked the app? Tried to reset password and nothing in my email for 2 days until I actually went to the website to reset. Password is reset but doesn’t get me into the app…oh well.
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4 years ago, chetamorton
Useless password memory and navigation
Much as I love Best Western, this app will NEVER get more than one star until it a) allows you to dictate more than two words in a review without having to hit the microphone again; b) works with the iPhone so that it can remember your password; and c) if you sign in and go to booking screen then want to GO BACK to check something else on the app, it will let you go back to e.g., look at your points or where you stayed rather than requiring you to close the app and yes have to completely re-sign in again.
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4 years ago, Matt Starbuck
From a wanna be browser to functional
Previous versions were probably the least intuitive apps I've ever used. This update cleared all of that up and made it functional - no more massive loading, or random timeout errors, or making me log out each time I opened the app.
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4 years ago, Noahbuzz
Was working fine until latest update
I’ve booked through this app a few times in the past. Most recent was a month ago. While this isn’t the cleanest looking app and the developer has taken shortcuts when building it, this app doesn’t allow booking anymore. Trying to book rooms for another trip and all I get is a spinning icon after hitting the “book” button.
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5 months ago, TraeHanks
Enjoy our stays
We regularly visit our family and stay at a Best Western in the Eureka/Arcata area. The hotels have always been accommodating and helpful. We especially appreciate the Bayshore Inn and Arcata Inn for allowing our grandchildren to swim in the pool(s) e while we are guests there. They love it and so do we! Thanks!!!
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9 months ago, Jami Fitz
Loved my last stay at this hotel meant owner nice and hotel check in staff very friendly loved the updated room and stay and the bathrooms were great Enjoyed being on a highway close to restaurants & ate breakfast here enjoyed not one complaint honestly !
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12 months ago, bluestravelermf
Put the map back
You use to be able to see all BW in the area to chose from, making it easy to pick the best hotel based on location. With latest update you can only see one hotel on map at a time. Time consuming and not user friendly.
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1 year ago, Fly 2 Much
Need better updates
The app is fine but seems they update the app and then you lose your previous login information. Updates should not require me to go back and re-enter all my data again. This doesn’t happen on most apps so why here?
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1 year ago, Pilgrim 96
Worst of all Hotel Appa
This mobile app is miles behind other Hotels apps. The other hotel apps allow you to login and actually use the app. This app doesn’t. The password works on a browser, just not in the app. Pretty basic in todays world. Thank goodness I get a confirmation email so I can locate the directions to the hotel. The app has definitely cost you business as I’ve booked rooms at other hotels when this app just doesn’t work. Time to hire some new people!!!
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4 years ago, mdcnmn97
Always a hassle
This app always has something broken on it. The point of using the app is to avoid having to call the booking desk and recite my credit card number and my rewards number plus any other miscellaneous info needed to book a room. Recently I tried to book a room for business travel and the app said it could use my current credit card. So I could t book my room. Look if y’all don’t want my money I’m sure someone does. Fix you app before it fixes your pocket book.
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4 years ago, dbeoriginal
Horrible & useless
Why have an app that does not allow you to long in? Can input your user name but no place for password! And password help is useless! I use a iPad so it should be easy. I just move on to another hotel or use the www. on line site.
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2 years ago, Standup12345
Bad app and bad hotels
This app is a joke just like the hotels. Do your self a favor and stay away from BW. Their hotels are individually owned and that should tell you a lot. In 2021, I’ve been to 20+ BW hotels around the country ( I had to bcuz of work). I would say that I had a positive experience with less than 3 of them. The rest were just bad bad bad to horrible. Owners are cheap and all they care about is making money. BW corporation doesn’t care either bcuz they make money from the brand.
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4 years ago, goalball
Pretty bad app!!!
Hate to say as bad as it gets. But this app is exactly what it is. There is no comparison with other services like Expedia. I much prefer use Expedia's app to book Best Western hotels. Don't get me wrong. Best Western has really decent hotels with great prices. The app does not begin to do the quality of the brand itself any justice. It looks like an HTML enclosure of the website. I had better luck using the website over the app. The app is not even optimized for the iPad. & then there is accessibility. I'm not sure where to even begin.
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4 years ago, Ethden
The worst hotel app of any I use
This is the most annoying hotel app. Just logging in is an exercise in frustration-each and every time. It somehow logs me out and then won’t recognize my password. Even if this is something I am doing wrong (and I somehow don’t have this problem with any other apps), it seems very user unfriendly. I finally gave up, deleted it and moved on. I’m obviously not booking BW properties due to their app. There are too many other easier choices.
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7 months ago, lildeezmom
Need Map search option
App & website need the map search option so that we know the location without going to through the hotel list information.
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3 years ago, Travel it's
Face ID failure
I have the Best Western app installed on my iPhone & selected Face ID for sign in. It worked for a short period of time & then stopped working. It still shows login with Face ID when I go to the app. There is nowhere in settings I can find to choose Face ID. Very frustrating
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1 year ago, zenhuman80
App suggestion
Something that annoys me on the app is how long and complicated the explanations are for the special offers. So many words and parentheses and tiny font. How about give a simple explanation of the offer, then use all the excess in the “more details” section.
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