Bible Offline-KJV Holy Bible

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User Reviews for Bible Offline-KJV Holy Bible

4.89 out of 5
57.3K Ratings
1 month ago, Breii J
Holy Bible
I really enjoy this app it helps me with my daily walk in Christ. Today is February 23,2024 I’ve been feeling really down and discouraged this month bc of the fact that this is my baby brother Birthday month his birthday is on the 6th of February and he was my best friend so many people use to say that we look so much like twins, even though he was three years older than me, we did everything together and My Baby Sister, until he went away in the military in the army that was the hurtful thing to me as well upon his return from Boot Camp, he was able to come home on a leave of absence and he went to Las Vegas to visit my father and he never returned. He was shot by mistaken identity, which caused my mother and my five other siblings a total devastation my Mother had suffered a stroke and his death took a toll on my family especially my Mother who never fully recovered from his death she suffered from diabetes and high blood pressure, high thyroid, and congestive heart failure and and coincidentally she died on the 7th of February 2010 and was buried on the 14th of February Valentines Day I remember that being the most painful but beautiful day I’ve ever seen it Snowed and my Mother funeral was absolutely Amazing and so Serene I have had so many lonely days just thinking about the loss of my loved ones but I can truly say that with the help of your daily devotions and prayers 🙏🏾 I would not have made it. Thanks so much for Sharing the Gospel 🙏🏾🙌🏾♥️
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8 months ago, Kelbobbelly
Where will I be
I’m not sure I raised 2 beautiful kids a son and a daughter by myself after their father passed away. There was no time to mourn nor time stop I just kept pushing and pushing and one early morning I talked to Jesus and said please help me mentally and physically I’m not sure I can do this and I will never forget the feeling that went over me and how my tears just stopped and I got up and was praising him. I always told my kids that it was me, them, and of course our dog rocky and Jesus. I never stopped saying that because it’s true without him in my life I know I couldn’t have raised these kids by myself. I thank you Jesus for being my strength, my father and my best friend. I know that may sound silly to some but really it’s not, he is the only one I could turn too and still it’s this day I have kept pushing. I know sometimes I get so stress at work and then come home and let it out. He knows the struggles and I just hope he forgives me when I get that way, and I believe he does, I just don’t want to be that way, stress and angry and just unhappy with myself for not getting a better job that makes me happy. I will turn that around my life isn’t over yet and he still has plans for me and I cannot let him down.
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1 week ago, Thunderwindbow43
Deacon Leroy Handy
At the present we are without a pastor. Our pastor went home to be with the Lord January 6, 2023. We have this young minister that has been preaching at our church since the passing of our pastor. This young preacher is anointed, and a gifted teacher. We members just love him. And I am encouraged through the scriptures that I have received thus far that God will give this young preacher to us for pastor. I am asking your staff to join with us in prayer asking God to grant our request of this young preacher for our pastor. Thank you, and may God bless. Thank God, and thank you for your prayers. As a result of yours and our prayers, the Lord grant our request. That young Man that I text you about is now our Pastor: his name Robert E. Gaines SR. He has been a God sent. We are so thankful to God for answering our prayers. The short time he has been there has given us hope and inspiration. We are so happy and hopeful for the future of Logtown Missionary Baptist Church. A church with a rich history, organized in 1865, and it has been on the march every since. Thank you for praying with us for God to give us this young man to us for a pastor. We are so blessed.
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3 years ago, A person who wanted to help
This is a wonderful Bible app😌💯
This app is good to have on your phone, when you want to read the word of God, but isn't home to read the actually Bible. Downloading this app can change that, this app gives you a morning verse, meditation, your thoughts ( you can write how you feel about the meditation, verse or you can just talk to God, it also give you a prayer. They do this for the night as well.😌 If you let them send you notifications, you will get notify to talk to God for both morning and night, so you wouldn't have to stress about missing out or not knowing when the next prayer come up. Don't just rely or the app tho to talk to God, talk to God when your in need or need something or just want to talk. This app is really handy tho I use it all the time, for when I wake up and before I go to bed. They have a bunch of other stuff you can do on this app like quizzes (to test you on what you know and learned), audio, for when you want to listen to learn how to pronounce the words and names ( I prefer you listen along to understand it better). And so much more!!! I hope this review help other people.
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7 days ago, 6plus14
God is great
I have been in so much pain I continue to call on God I pray and I feel God hears my prayers .I pray that he hears my prayers . I pray that he bless the little children at St. Judes ,Shrieners and other like facilities to heal their little bodies. I thank you Lord for all your blessing for young and old Lead us to always do what is right in God's name. Bless the Bereavedfamilies and give them peace of mind and understanding that they need to turn to you. Amen I pray for myself and my family I want to always do what is right I love people and I do not judge thwm at least I try hard bot ro judge owiplw we are all Fisa children ans we need to always remwmvwe that , with the sermons you give us every Sunday our minds should be on only the sermons you give. I love hearing you preach We all should. I thank For you and tour family .I always take notes . It is a good way to keep my memory awake . I can go back to them and read it is very good to be able to go back and read the notes. Thankr you and your family for being in my life
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4 months ago, Dreams of the future.
Dreams of my life . Gerry .
That my goal ask God’s opportunity what I need about my prayer everyday I hope God will help us new live move to other new house , but We got a marriage’s going to get a new house for our family so it’s a good thing that we’re getting the new home for our kids so that they have a new place and they can get the new one that they need to get their own house for them so we have to move in with them and then they will get their house ready and then we will be able early on the schedule for the next couple of months and I think that is going forward to see how things work for us but we will have to see how it goes with our family and then I hope that this will help us to move forward with our kids will be very excited about this new home for us being in a lot of things are very important for our children are going through it is just like you know that we are working hard for the future. In Jesus Christ is very much appreciated. Amen
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1 month ago, Nkd♊️
Giving my praise
Thanks for lifting me up. I give my thanks to to Savior and Jesus Christ for allowing me to read your scripture 🙏🏾 I think you, father God for waking me up to see another day watching over us through the night in Jesus name I pray Amen Thank u Jesus for another day Praying for all my children in the name of Jesus Forgive me for my sins Thank you Jesus for another day watch over my four children all my grandchildren sisters and brothers my children’s fathers all my family and friends continue to watch over me in the whole world Amen Lift all my children up in the blood of Jesus Keep me and and everyone lifted up in your name sake Help me Father God to get my finances together and keep allowing me to put food on our table Bless all my family Amen I pray 🙏🏾 Thank you Jesus for another day Lift my son in Law up Galand Lawis is Jesus name heal he’s leg touch my children and grandchildren Lay your hands on all my siblings me and my children’s fathers Anen
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2 months ago, PandaGamer82
I Feel Faithful Once More
I’m actually a month away from the next step in my religion, but I have lost my interest and devotion. I am respectful, but I have forgotten God’s place in my life. I had remembered a bible app someone told me about and looked for it. Yes, I found it, but my curiosity led me to this bible app which appears more traditional. In the short time I’ve owned this app, I feel more relaxed, for I have started to return to my Lord and Savior. I was always His, but I ran away and found myself lost in earthly temptations. I believe that this happens to others as well, so if you are looking for a way to stay connected to God and His Son, I suggest this app. However, in the measurable time I’ve had this app, I’ve also received many ads that distract me or anger me because I wish to explore it without interruption. I shall give this app five stars, but I do hope that the ads stop soon. Let the Lord bless us all.
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1 month ago, Jjgfhbfh
Jesus is returning soon
I’m just now coming back into reading my Bible especially now that everything is coming to an end and Jesus getting ready to return I will say if you’re a lost soul even if you’re not read the word to get you prepared for Jesus return especially now because we are being targeted because we are trusting in the most high Jesus Christ and people will try to make you turn against our father but it is he that will protect you in all of this fast pray and keep your Bible close we are his weapon in these last days so read the Bible to save your soul and if you are saved read your Bible to learn more about how to save souls and to keep a close relationship with our father and DO NOT BE DECEIVED demonic people are coming after us so let God use us for his glory so he can make the proper return READ YOUR BIBLE IT IS GOOD FOR THE SOUL I love you Jesus thank you for using me to help save souls 🙌🏾🙏🏽
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5 days ago, DomossZu
I needed this right now due to my husband’s Alzheimer’s which is making life very difficult and this app helps me cope. I strongly support having a Bible app in this busy time and especially for people going through difficult situations! It’s a blessing when you need a reminder that god is with you and will help you through this journey of life! Since I wrote the message above my husband passed away. I prayed so hard to help me take care of him! I wish he could have stayed with me longer, however, he went home on Easter morning in time for the resurrection of Christ! I wanted something to tell me his thoughts and I found the Bible he was reading and I found a letter from him to me and it gave me answers I had been praying for. This Bible app gives me the strength to go through another day alone. We were married 55 years and he was my rock! Thanks for this app!
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1 week ago, My First Love God
I need prayer in many ways
I want to be much closer to The Lord,spiritually,mentally,emotionally, physically healthy,and financially giving unto Christ. My life has not been easy,but one thing I do know that Christ has always been there for me in order to get me through those that I’ve been through. I hate anger,lies,stress,fear,having spiritual weakness,emotional weakness,and physical weakness,I know that The Trinity have been covering me but I know I haven’t been doing my part . I pray for better understanding of TheWord(Bible) my concentration gets taking away many times. I pray for a better living situation. I live with my daughter. My job doesn’t pay enough for me ,matter of fact it’s hard labor on my body now Im out for my knee has a lot going on with it. Im really pray for better situations me and my adult children(therefore I will not to be so concern ) I guess that’s life. Prayer prayer ,I need prayer!
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4 months ago, wdonat451
Serving Christ not man.
This hit home for me. Serving has all rewards through Christ but no rewards with man. He is not of this world but satan is in control if I allow him to be but I am under the protection and the Blood Of Christ and chose Him over the worldly way. Father Hod, Jesus, thank you for standing next to me and taking my hand and guiding me on the righteous path because I was on the unrighteous road to eternal death. I wish to be with you and please you not man. Help me to be steadfast in my walk with you and always see you next to me. Thank you for carrying me when I could not walk, thank you for loving me still even when I was in sin, thank you for your forgiveness and love for me when i feel so unworthy. Thank you for calling me your daughter when I don’t deserve you but you say I am still loved by you. Help me to be better, according to your will Jesus , Father God.
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4 weeks ago, Nicole8407
New chapter
I’ve started a new chapter in my life, and was reading and listening to verses from the Bible and answering different questions within myself. It’s really eye-opening I now wake up and read some and I go to sleep and I read some more. I believe I’m gonna love this chapter more than ever. Also, the only thing that kind of bothers me is that after I’ve done a prayer tally up and it keeps saying my 20th my 30th my 40th prayer of the week but all those prayers were within many weeks not one. And I guess it doesn’t really bother me I just try to. keep track of the things I do because my memory is not too well I would like to read some new prayers on here over the weeks and months. I seem to keep reading the same ones not sure if there’s other ones that may be able to be implemented. But if not, it’s still great.
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3 years ago, rufusthepig
An encouraging app
I love that it keeps me on task to read and meditate on a few verses each day. I have used many different apps. Other Bible apps I’ve had to stop using from time to time because they have too many advertisements, glitches, or cookies. This scripture app by this developer, on the other hand, seems very straightforward: bravo. Thank you for creating this for students and people of all ages. And this is one of the ones that works consistently well. Thank you for your hard work that was obviously put into it. Looking forward to future such apps. Giving you a five-star, even though I have one suggestion for improvement: there are sometimes errors in grammar, just simple ones like “s” at the end of words. Still very readable, very usable to get in the mindset for the day or evening. Thank you.
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1 week ago, ducky, Jack
I trust you, Lord, and where do I start now?
I know I couldn’t remember a lot of the tragic things that happen in my life. There was certain things that my eyes stayed close to in my life and I lost my faith in God I’m just realizing that now and also I know in my mind, I made a vow not to read god word I kept telling myself I didn’t understand anything in the Bible, and that I could read and understand what I was reading, but I didn’t know that was the carnal way of me not having to have faith and trust in God and put blinders on my eyes so I couldn’t see what God was protecting me in those troubled times with God love me for me I couldn’t see that was lord of thank you, thank you, I just as you, Lord, open my eyes to your word and my understanding and make a relationship the best I love you, Lord in Jesus name amen
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3 years ago, mydogcharley
Need for Christians who feel “stuck.”
I’ve accepted Jesus into my life about a year ago, and then, I was on top of it. I prayed every night, read a chapter a day, felt good about myself. More self-esteem, etc. But then I just-lost that feeling. My bible was neglected. In moments of silence at school I just stood there, a prayer never on my mind. Then I got a new phone, and was almost addicted. And God spoke to me- get a bible app! More portable, has motivations unlike a normal bible, and it works! So I did some research, and this app caught my attention. And the plans are soooooo affective. There is one on prayer- one of my greatest spiritual problems. They helped me turn my praying from routine to something I wanted to do. There was one on fears- I struggle with anxiety problems. It was like a free therapist. So, thank you thank you thank you, developers. This has helped me so much. Totally recommend.
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3 months ago, Faith14,1_26_2010
Holy Bible app
This is amazing! There’s so many different tools for Bible study to choose from. I love that it reads to you and adjusts the speed to fit my time schedule. The sounds in the background are really relaxing too! I love that it gives you a morning and evening prayer and meditation to reflect on his word. And the many different options on the reading plan and I love that it tracks your progress on reading making it much easier to understand and keep organized. The only thing I think could use some improvement in the scheduling setting I wake up at five on week days so I need my Bible notification a bit earlier so I remember to read before I go to school but other that that this is amazing and has really helped in my spiritual development and walk with Christ.
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1 year ago, Biruk and Rute
Best bible in the world
I think that bible is a very important part of being a Christian. because the Bible has God’s word in it and the most important thing about being a Christian is love because God has unbreakable love and he loves everyone equally in John 3:16 it says for God so loved the world he gave his only beloved Son so whoever believes in him well not perish but have everlasting life so if you do the right thing you will have everlasting life in heaven with God so reading the Bible everyday will grow your love with god and remember not everyone is perfect everyone makes mistakes but you also have to learn from your mistakes in life so that’s why God’s forgiveness is infinity and remember God loves everyone even the bad people and even the people that sin on purpose so you always have to pray read the Bible and love God as much as you love yourself.
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2 months ago, MANVERBOY
Verses of the day
I really love reading my verse of the day everyday. I try not to miss a day reading the verse of the day. When I read the verses it gives me joy, happiness, understanding & most of all, PEACE. I’m glad that I am able to read verses of the day. My hope is that you continue to share these verses. Thank you, Cornelia When I read the verses of the day, it really picks up my spirit. I can fill down and then once I read the verse, I’d look at life in a different perspective. So I will continue to read it as long as you provide it financially, I am a little low on funds. Once I get in a better financial situation, I will definitely send something to support the verses of the day. Thank you for providing these verses and have a blessed day. Cornelia.
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5 months ago, Coyote2256
Guys glow
I am grateful for God being in my life, being part of my life lean and guide me through every day straightened and healing this day. He blessed me with the news while I’m here on putting a roof on my head full on my table, watching you know my children, my grandchildren, my great grandchild protect me now and my family at this start out on my journey day not only my family, but every family he in the sick in the dinosaur shed, and all over the world and protecting yourself from all evil and wrong, doing my grace, and my glory goes to God Almighty, whom my love more than likely self, and whom I trusted more than myself or anyone anything or anybody on this earth. I am grateful to be in God friends. I am grateful that God saved his son lightning in his holy name, I pray, amen amen. Amen.
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11 months ago, Stevie Ray Stockstill
Beautiful BIBLE
I like having a BIBLE app at my right hand because this day and time in our lives we really and truly need it. The only thing that I don’t care for is that I like to have my BIBLE read to me during the night while I am sleeping & this doesn’t do that. It reads maybe a chapter well yes a chapter. The other one that I had downloaded the You Version was awesome but it started acting up so I deleted it. I’m going to check back with them because until here recently I had NO problems at all with that one. It would read and read and read some more! I’ll give this one a chance though only because it’s the WORD OF OUR GOOD LORD! WELL GOD BLESS EVERYONE AND PLEASE SHARE ANYTHING THAT U SEE THAT THE LORD SHOWS TO U THAT WILL BE BENEFICIAL TO SOMEONE ELSES GROWTH! MAY GOD BE WITH YOU ALL IN JESUS PRECIOUS AND HOLY NAME I PRAY AMEN
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1 year ago, AngPigman14
Inspiration, Closeness, Dedication, and Love
To stay dedicated within the Lord through his word, giving us inspiration to walk closer with him so that we may know home better. Everyday it is a pleasure, a relief to know all I have to do is pick up my phone and begin to read his precious word. No excuses of forgetting our Bibles, or not having time, it is so wonderful to have such access to our savior!!! What Love we feel each and every time we get a little closer to our father in Heaven. The verses of the day are amazing and seem to speak right as we need them. Glory be to God through Jesus for this amazing gift of Gods word in such convenience. Thank you for creating this app so that we may stay connected in our Father. A very powerful gift!!!
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1 year ago, Warrick3612
Crying for help.
I’ve been through so much in my life, I’ve grown up in church, I lost my father at the age of 12. I did a lot of dumb things in my life as I grew up . Still to this day I’m filled with so much anger and I don’t feel like I’m loved. So many times I tried to hurt myself and end it all. I’m now 43 with a husband and 3 beautiful children. And I know God has kept me under his light all my life. But I still feel hurt, anger, alone and not loved. I’m now in such a depression that it’s killing me deep, deep inside. I don’t know what to do anymore I have no friends to talk to, I mean no body to talk to and I’m tired of always hurting. I want to feel loved, happy and content. God I need your help, love.. just knowing your there. Help me God.
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7 months ago, brenda -joy
KJVJesus Christ Our King!.
I love the option to get prayer from a mood. I love the quiz And I love evening prayer and being about to find what I need inscripture. You need to add some graphic teaching games and do it by stories. The graphics have to be colorful and good. And I’ll share it far and wide as well as my deciple and ministry friends. Teach like a child but levels are important to with mini games. You’re be amazed at the support in these days. Teen Ager’s and kids are like new baby’s. Give them milk. Now is the time to grab them. Socialism got my granddaughter and I have to grandsons whom are water baptized and are saved. Male virgins who are not street wise and I know Jesus angels are like this. They would dig it. Brenda Dickey
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11 months ago, Andrea Negron
God bless everyone
I love you father, I thank you for everything you’ve been giving me and blessing me with. I pray that I come closer to you lord and pray that you heal me and make me stronger so I can continue to bless people as well. I am a sinner lord, and I pray that you take everything that is not good away from me lord. I pray you continue to help me with strength so I can continue to help other people and please father bless me with a good income where I can take care of myself and my family, and also other people. Father please continue to protect me and my family and my love ones lord please keep us safe and help me, so I can continue to help others lord. I love helping people and seeing people happy lord. You get all the glory father I lOVE YOU SO MUCH LORD PLEASE CONTINUE TO WORK ON ME IN JESUS NAME I PRAY AMEN!
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8 months ago, Reign 2 U
No excuses
If time was or a lack of time to have fellowship with the Heavenly Father was or is keeping you disconnected to reading the Bible every day and also your prayer life. This is the app for you because it has a good daily reminder if you get the notifications and it has a step-by-step plan to help your prayer life become what you’ve always wanted to be. The app is fun with its quizzes and also the ability to pick and choose what scriptures you would like to read, and it also guide you along with daily quotations of the word that will help you have your life better your heavenly father, and get all the needs met by being faithful and dedicated ideal of worship.
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3 weeks ago, Bordua
I love you God
I like this when I’m reading this prayers it brings me closer to God. He has help me in a lot of ways. I don’t want to disappoint him but I would ask him if he can trust me again with money like we had before. He taught me a very valuable lesson when I had money I used it to help other people and not myself and now we have no money to even buy groceries. So God if you give me another chance with money I will never abuse it again. We aren’t eating on one meal day that isn’t that much. Please help me get food into my house for me and my husband he has serve dementia and it’s so hard to take care of him but it’s getting better thank you God.
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5 months ago, Negroyshygirl
The bible
I live day to day cuz god i know i am always falling shortof his glory but i do need him in my life every day please help me lord dear god i love u n show me the right path i need to take reveal to me everything i need to know n see please even with Angel that i ask to have him call me n talk to me please i love him so much i ask for ur guidance please.i ask that u make him change his ways n be sober now and him want a good life with me n to stay out n him get his life together with ne n for us already i want a future with him n a baby n a beautiful wedding n i want it with him n only him so please change both of is do we can have that life again this i ask in ur glorious name god AMEN
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1 year ago, Chinna65
It is amazing when I wanted to continue to follow God and had a steppingstone and didn’t know where to begin. This app popped up in the nick of time the same as Christ is always there when you need him . My life have been better, and also my understanding of the Bible has been great. I took the opportunity to do the quiz to test my knowledge and things that I’ve read to my surprise I realized that I really didn’t understand the Bible as well as I thought!!!! It’s not just reading the Bible is more like the history of Christ and the history of the Bible, the greatest history lesson ever told thank you for this app. It was very helpful. God bless you all. Miss Teresa Jennings
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2 months ago, Barb$30
I want to be closer to God who is the head of my life I am so thankful and grateful for the word of God today when I feel down the word of God helps me through the day and I know I need to start back reading my scripture everyday I need to make more time for God without him in my life I don’t know where I would be Lord I Your strength and guidance I pray that my heart grow closer to you sometimes I just feel so lost but I know you are by my side every step of the way you said you would never leave me you would fight all my battles if I just ask Lord I am asking in Jesus name I can’t do it alone I need you in Jesus name I pray Amen Amen Amen praise God
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3 months ago, Keljan 7
This app is amazing!
God is really moving in an awesome way through this app! It makes the word clear to the reader and the listener. I enjoy reading it out loud because it resonates in my hearing spiritually. It allows me to process with the world saying to me in this moment, even when they're distractions around and I'm reading it I am still able to hear from God! I place my mind in a quiet place when I can't get to a quiet place that I may receive what God has for me!!! I appreciate the opportunity to use this app, and I pray that from what I get from it others are blessed because of it the name of Jesus Christ!
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2 weeks ago, cathyk14
Love app, but the adds
I have an iPhone 12, the adds are constant and I haven’t been able to figure out how to remove them. I’d gladly pay to remove them if it wasn’t an outrageous charge. This app is great and has really been helping my husband and I on our spiritual journey with Christ. But the adds are frustrating, having to wait while in the middle of a plan or just reading in general. I get them every time I move from the home page basically. Having to pay a $6 monthly fee to remove adds from a bible app is a bit ridiculous. I think half the adds would be ok. Every 3rd or 4th chapter instead of every single one
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8 months ago, tastysb
Blessed my life App.
I wish I could have given a higher rating than five stars, only because after downloading this app on my iPhone was the best decision I’ve made all year long real talk y’all. I opened up the app and begin reading and listening to this lovely music in my background. This is when it gets really good when reading the scripture and background music somehow activated my Holy Spirit and tears begin to slow down my face uncontrollably and that’s the first time in a real long time y’all that I felt connected to God again so this app literally changed my life so I encourage you all to download it
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5 months ago, Madam Boricua
Learn more about jesus .
I have aways believed in Christ our father I love him with all my heart I know he’s going to change my life and make me a better person it will be through the Holy Ghost that I want feel what it is to know the feeling so my life can be in rich and learning and understanding what I read . Bless me father for I need u in my life my love u has always been there help me to get better sleep and have patience that I don’t longer stress over miner things . Thank you for u have given me jesus help me to stop smoking and I’ve me peace in mist of the storm. Amen . Your faithful servant ; Maria Monge Merryman .
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7 months ago, Joeb1DEN
One of the only reasons I can get through a day
Gods word is more powerful than you can ever imagine. It’s hard sometimes to find the time to pray or to listen to what God wants to tell us. For me this app has become the easiest way for me to get closer to God and listen to what he has to say for me. Throughout the morning or afternoon or evening this app sends you notifications that ask you to listen. It only takes about 2 minutes to get through a prayer. If you’re starting to turn away from God this app is the easiest way to turn around and hear what God has to say to you.
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8 months ago, plush pillows
It is amazing how much you can read the Bible and enjoy doing it and it speaks to you about the thing you are going through. This is our therapist and it has the answer for us even when we don’t like it. My brother hurt me bad it broke myself for a little while because I wanted God to get revenge on him and still do sometimes because I did not deserve for my shirt to be ripped, dragged out of his car by my hair and grabbed in away that someone says they love and care about me. If that is love I hate to see hate. My brother is trying to show a United front in front of my mom. Sorry I have discernment
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1 year ago, Monicagray42
Have Faith in Jesus
Thank for sharing your story, it hurts me so much everytime i hear about the word grieving, i love my husband so much he just pass away recently due to brain cancer he is young to pass away its hard to accept , cant explain deep in my heart no ine understand what feel and it turn me a christian after what happened because i felt like the only person i have is God to help me and comfort me .. i realize all this pain is calling me to know and love Jesus above everything.. even though how painful everyday all i can do is to cry and pray because i can feel he love me . thank you Jesus
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5 months ago, Kata Abreu
APP Study Bible
It’s not easy for me to understand to the fullest when I read a verse. I have to read it over and over again. And I wait for the Holy Spirit to guide me. But with this study Bible App I’m able to read a verse when you send a devotional because you also send a brief explanation of the verse and it shows me to apply it to my own self in my daily life. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE because I’m able to understand better. I’ve learn to take notes and keep the explanations. Thank You for Teachers & Instructors & Pastor’s and Apostles; EVERYONE that puts that little grain for this education. Thank You. Abundant Blessings 🙏
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8 months ago, ibemg
Holy Bible
This app is awesome! It definitely gets my day going and even on the not so good days it helps me get through all of my trials and tribulations and reminds me that God will never give me anything that I can’t handle and no matter how big or small the situation he remains. He is the only undefeated person and spirit I have ever known and will always be. His forgiveness is true, his love is unfailing, his spirit is the most powerful and mighty in all the spirits know. As the saying goes, “ To know him, is to love him.” Once you have accepted him and have came to know him, nothing in this world can defeat you anymore.
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1 year ago, sambo518
As I’m new to my faith ,my relationship with my Father , I keep hearing from my brothers and sisters that gods word comes in many ways. I’m able to see him every morning speak to me through technology here and it’s one of the most important exhilarating feelings I’ve felt in along time! I can feel his presence here and I can learn his “words” for us through the Bible app! I feel so alive today. To whom ever is reading this I’m a newfound believer and through this app alone I’m getting so much ( his word and the teachings of the Bible). God bless you my brothers and sisters and may you find him now!!!😇
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1 month ago, Milee'
The Bible App ✨
I Thank You for this Bible application, it is truly bringing Me forward in My Journey with Jesus ! Thank You 👏🏽 I’m in a study plan, and, I’m very pleased 👏🏽 God Bless You Abundantly 🤲🏽 January 2,2024 ✨Your Bible app is Delightful, I enjoy it everyday, I do not ever want to miss a Day of communing with Dear God, Our Father, in Christ Jesus Our Lord, through Your Bible app, Thank You very much for sharing the Word of God, and for making it available to all. God Bless You, and the Encouragement it brings to Me ✨ I am Blessed with this Bible app ✨ Here lately though, I’m getting the same Scriptures for my daily reading, is it supposed to be that way❓
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3 months ago, Kestlee
Why I love this app
I feel like this app has helped me being closer with the Lord and it giving me daily motivation pray and that way I can do quiet time without having to plan anything. I really feel like this has changed me for the better. Sometimes I don’t feel like doing it but knowing that notification is just sitting there, I feel like I really need to. I also think that this app could help you if you want to get closer to the Lord, and also, it has challenges for me in quizzes, those also help me gain and test my knowledge about the Bible
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2 years ago, Elijah0002
Review of Holy Bible App
Very much like your personal input to the meditation section, helps a lot and is very relevant. The daily prayers and scriptures also find me being very relevant, every day it seems a meaningful and pertinent scripture shows up. Thank you so much for making this program and nit being afraid to refer to rhe strange and changing contexts if the present day. Especially like that you included some of your own experience in one or two of the meditations, that is very meaningful. Again, thank you for putting this together, I am sure it has helped many. -Elijah
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1 month ago, babe4real
The word of God is yes and Amen 🙏🏽
The spirit of God dwell’s in us. So we must do the things of God at all times. With God all things are possible. Amen 🙏🏽. Our God is Faithful 🙏🏽. God is my light, now and forever. Amen 🙏🏽. Lord God, my hope is built on nothing else, but Jesus Christ my righteousness, Amen 🙏🏽. I thank you Lord. Amen 🙏🏽. Hallelujah ! Amen 🙏🏽 My God is alive, Amen 🙏🏽. Have mercy upon me oh Lord. Amen 🙏🏽. There is no one like Jesus Christ, our Lord and personal savior. Amen. Amen 🙏🏽 Hallelujah ! I trust you oh my Lord and personal savior, Amen 🙏🏽. Amen 🙏🏽. You are great Lord. Hallelujah ! Amen 🙏🏽. God is God…He is not a man, Hallelujah ! Amen. God is great 👍🏼. Amen 🙏🏽. Hallelujah ! Amen 🙏🏽.To God be all the glory. Hallelujah ! Amen 🙏🏽.
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2 months ago, LovelyLouisa
Easy to read using my iPad
I’ve read like 90% of my New Testament plan, I’m at 1st John, but it keeps bringing me way back to John. If possible, p,ease fix, thank you. 😊. 5-24 Please add more background color choices. Thank you! I love that I can easily read the KJV bible with larger font as opposed to a book and I don’t need my reading glasses, but I still want to get myself a new KJV Bible. I love that there are prayers of the day and daily Bible verses and motivational messages. I wish there were more color background choices. That’s all lol. Thank you for making this app!! ❤️🙏🏼
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2 months ago, HE has found me
If HE wants you , HE uses anyone or anything
It’s funny the first time I use this app I found it inviting. A week after, I fell into a struggle in my life, I left this app alone for a while . Than every time I turned around I had a notification from the app and I started to feel like I was being held back from it I started to use it again and it started working on me again and bought me back to the right path again. I’m not making this up. I feel I’m back to my normal self again God if it’s truly your will I Thank you Amen
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7 months ago, NitaAintGoingdownw/oafight
I’ve found in order to get any revelation from God I had to do away with my own understanding, displaced emotions & let God teach me cause I was full of self & generational curses and not healing in many areas from abuse all of my life. I’m happy God has given me this chance to get things right by him, myself , my children and grandchildren & rest of my bloodline. Father, Son(Jesus) & Holy Ghost I am grateful for all you have done especially offering me salvation and allowing me to accept it & never ever leaving me alone or failing me as long as I obey your voice and keep your covenant, amen
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2 months ago, consis6710
Loving our lord is always ok with life situations
I love you lord for everything that you do over the courses of my family life forever amen lord thank you for loving me and my family now always remember that I love you Jesus Christ to the point of I would love to dedicate myself my life my family and my children especially my childrens fathers to realize that nobody’s perfect lord in ur eyes everybody sins so I pray for everything lord bless us o lord for every blessing lord that u give me I know that you will always keep me out of danger and forever show me who is real and not😍😍😇😇😇😂😂😃😃🥹🥹
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12 months ago, Ybsjsihsfolc
God is good
It all just takes you to trust and believe it starts with you in your heart if you truly want Jesus in your life seek god he is good, he’s love he’s hope he’s the thanks we wake up every morning too although sometimes we forget to say thanks our selfs and yes I am one to blame. Seek god when your having worry’s, depressed, closed minded, because that when he’s mostly close to you he wants you to find true love in him peace in him take time because this beautiful book will be the book that saves life’s (don’t be ashamed to spread the gospel) in Jesus name AMEN ♥️
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1 month ago, Tammy411
Love this app!
The only thing I don’t like about the app is all the many advertisements for games. I did upload some of the games that were offered. Many of them are helpful for my cognitive after having had a brain tumor removed such as the Word Search game. I just wish there were less advertisements so that we could get down to the prayer section of the Bible app. I will, however continue to use the Bible app because I find it comforting in times of need and also in times where things are going smoothly in my life to give thanks for all that I have.
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