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Big Bus Tours Ltd
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User Reviews for Big Bus Tours

4.77 out of 5
19K Ratings
4 years ago, genifurh
Absolutely the best
After researching both major tour buses for NYC (big bus tours and gray line), I decided on Big Bus because their fleet is 100% wheelchair/scooter accessible. We visited from Nov 7-11. The app was very handy. The staff at Madame Toussauds were great and gave helpful information. The bus reps at the stops very very helpful making sure we were all on the correct bus and were very accommodating to us. We had a large 16 person party and one scooter. The guides were funny and entertaining. Some were better than others but we enjoyed all of them. Each offered different information along the tour and all made sure we were comfortable and had earbuds. I was so worried after reading mixed reviews, but we were completely satisfied with this company and would recommend it! The bus stops were easy to find. We had NO problems at all hopping on and off and we did that a lot. We did the downtown tour two days and the uptown tour one day. We skipped the night tour and the cruise because it was so cold when we visited. Buses ran so frequently we never waited more than a few minutes at each stop/pick up. I would absolutely recommend this company!!
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5 years ago, RickyZ12345
Stay away from the drivers
The drivers of the bus are salespeople and not very good at all. They hassle you, berate you for not buying more attractions and worst of all, they hold up the line while they oversell and oversell. They say it's hop on and hop off but every time you try to hop back on they try to sell you again and again. I tried to show my ticket and grab a seat but driver after driver tried to sell me more. And they are terrible at it. Just awful. I love sales but these guys need serious help. I was told to wait to the side (while trying to show my ticket) while others were pitched a sale and said no. It's obnoxious and we all deserve our money back
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3 years ago, rather be walking
Not sure I’d call it Hop on Hop off
We purchased a two day pass & good thing. The app worked great on Sunday; we could see when busses were arriving, how much time we had before it arrived etc but by Day 2 (Monday), the app was not working at all. We couldn’t even plan to utilize the other perks that came along with purchasing a deluxe pass b/c you never knew when your rude would show up?! There was no way to know when the next bus would arrive. It was taking over an hour & a half for the next bus to arrive. For this reason we had to skip our next 2 desired stops b/c we didn’t want to get stranded & had made plans to meet up with friends later. In fact, once we arrived at Pier 39; we ended up taking a taxi to our hotel near Union square since we were told they needed to sanitize the bus which is understandable, but would have to wait 30 min before we could leave. Obviously it became apparent that they don’t run multiple busses on weekdays. Next time I’ll wait until the cable cars are operational or spend my $ on a taxi driver to take me around to see the sights.
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6 years ago, Twinkletoes 63
Didn’t get what I was expecting
I was only in San Francisco for 2 days and was looking forward to a great bus tour with a guide telling me all about the city. I paid $49 each for my daughter and myself because we were expecting an actual tour. The first bus we got on was so packed, we had to stand and couldn’t see a thing out the windows. We got out at the first stop just to get off. We skipped the next bus because it was just as full, and got on a nearly empty one that came up behind it. There was no tour guide, and the driver did not tell us that we needed ear buds to hear the recorded tour. Thank goodness that after we went over the Golden Gate Bridge and stopped, a guide got off another bus and gave us a choice to join him. FINALLY we got what we paid for and he was fabulous! Unfortunately, we had to get off after a few stops so we could get a different bus to the stop we needed to get to. Luckily we had a tour guide on that bus, too, but we missed so much of the tour beforehand. A crowded bus with no guide to explain the city was not what we paid for.
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5 years ago, Msparker
Chicago your was good, app not so much
My husband and I have done a few big bus tours in other cities. Chicago’s tours were great and even more fantastic was the covered top so we were not cold(and with the midday sun we were actually hot). However we got off to have lunch and while we were waiting we watched the app to see when the next bus would come. All the busses showed they were far away and we had plenty of time. So we waited and looked at the app, figuring when the bus was as the stop in front of us we would go to the stop. Suddenly the bus was coming! Since the busses run every 30/45 minutes it would be a looooong wait for the next one so my husband had to run to catch the bus. I can not physically run right now, so he asked them to wait for me, oh boy! He was told they run on a schedule and that they are tracked and they couldn’t wait very long for me. The next time we waited for the bus we watched the app, and lo and behold the bus was tracking that it was in the river! And again never showed up until we heard the tour guide BEHIND us. So the moral of the story, great tour, crappy app.
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2 years ago, a$hca$sh21
Fun service sometimes hard to find the stops
My family had only one day in London and this was a great option to get around freely while also seeing the top sightseeing attractions. Audio tour was okay but would have loved a really person presenting. Did the walking tour with Julia, she was amazing, very informative and funny. Only think I had trouble with was knowing the right stops. I using both the paper and the phone and still had trouble with getting to the right stops. Then also transferring from the red line to the blue line was also difficult. But overall a great option to do when in London and just want to try and see as much as you can! Also, River cruise is a must! The live tour guide was funny and very informative. Both highlights where the walking tour and the river cruise!
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2 years ago, Big Bus Blows
Don’t use Big Bus tours
I was booked on a Big Bus tour in London to use the one full day I am here. I waited at one of their bus stops near Trafalgar Sq for over 30 minutes and did not see one bus. The app that was supposed to tell me when the bus would arrive didn’t work. I reached out to Big Bus and the only way was via chat. They responded by sending me a list of all the places the bus wasn’t stopping today. 12 out of the 25 stops! No mention of that when the tickets were purchased. And I asked for a refund since I couldn’t use the bus and they said NO but I can use them for 6 months! As if I will be back in London sight seeing again in the next 6-months! There are loads of on-off tour buses in London. Don’t use this one! I saw lots of buses from a company called Toot Bus. Try them. Over the chat I asked if they had a phone number I could call during normal business hours to speak to someone and they said no. They don’t have a phone line! So shady.
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5 years ago, sweerpeas
Big bus tours
Our Washington DC night tour was a great experience. We are a family of 5 and our teenage kids really enjoyed the tour. It helps that they take interest in our history and keep up with current events. The only reason I could not give BigBusTours 5 stars is because some of the audio was not working and 2 of their bus tour guides were not very good. One gentleman didn’t seem to be prepared and was not as informed about the sites we were going by. Another guide, a lady, was difficult to understand. Overall, we didn’t really get to visit every site but big bus tours serves its purpose. They are hop on/off type of tour so it is impossible to go through all the sites just using this resource because of their daily schedule. I would have like it if they had 3 day passes. That would have been better.
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10 months ago, danoriel
An absolute waste
I purchased from this site today for today on London. My observations so far. Buses can be too crowded to have a seat or be able to use the earphones. If you cannot use the earphones, there is no way at all to know where you at. Shouldn’t be an issue right? There are brochures with maps that show the stops on the various lines. Those are not reliable because they’re do not follow the stops as listed. The attendants are really not that helpful. I am in a bus now as I am writing that has now been to the same stop as the one I got on for the third time without ever having stopped at the stop I want to get off. How can that be? There is obviously not a set route that you can rely on. So again, this seems like a waste. My suggestion? Rent an e-bike, or one of the London bikes, get some exercise, experience from ground level and most importantly save yourself some serious frustration.
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5 years ago, peace1808
Better options out there
I booked a day pass for myself and my husband while in France, last week, that included a river cruise. Because the bus driver did not print out my ticket for the boat we were unable to board, even though I had proof that we had paid for it. What’s more when I contacted the company they informed me that I was ineligible for a refund (I asked for a refund for my boat tickets alone, not for the bus) because I should have known to ask the driver to print them out even though that is their job. I assumed that the eTicket I had been using all day long was would have sufficed, boy was I wrong! What’s more the app included no directions as to how to find the boat we ended up having to ask for instructions from random strangers because the bus driver was completely unhelpful. With so many options for hop-on and off buses I highly recommend you go with anyone else other than this company. Worst customer service.
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5 years ago, skothmire
Very negligent company, will not use again.
The only thing good about this bus service is the rides, which are still very much below par. My daughter and I got a three-day pass for DC and decided to explore on the first day. We got on and the bus was very empty, no AC and smelled of bad chemicals. We wanted to go one place, but ended up spending 40 min to go to suggested place. Second day was much worse. We wanted to go to Madame Tussaud’s was museum, but were told that the maps had changed THAT morning and we had to wait another 20 min to go to the second route. My daughter was very hot and began to feel ill. We just took Uber to go to the museum. Then we tried to go to a White House grounds tour run by Big Bus and we tried to complain to them. They were very apathetic and did not care. My daughter was not getting good feelings from the tour and we left soon after. Overall very bad service. Negligent and they are so unprepared. Future tours beware
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3 years ago, Sarge3107
Lost phone
I read some of the past negative reviews and I was hesitant to book our tour. But we had a very good experience. Wait times were not long at all. Some drivers were better than others with information. William Field was exceptional with a lot of architectural info and general knowledge of people and places. My phone fell out of my back pocket on one of the buses as we were getting off. I didn’t notice it until we were on the next bus. The drivers went above and beyond to figure out a way for me to get it back. I was beyond thankful!!
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6 years ago, @@@@@555()899
I was very excited to spent about $70 a ticket for 5 people in my group to experience this big bus tour. This is about $350 that I spent to enjoy a nice tour of Washington DC. These were the deluxe tickets. I was unable to experience an enjoyable tour with my family because it rained. The buses were filthy and leaky. I literally sat in a seat where I smelled urine. The buses were overcrowded with wet and very uncomfortable people where some people had to stand because of perhaps overbooking. For the money that I paid, I did not get a chance to enjoy the experience of a good tour of the city with my family. When I called to get some type of compensation for the money that I spent on it, they did not offer compensation that I could use on my trip. The only things that my family were able to enjoy were 2 museums. I was very disappointed in how these tours were handled this weekend.
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6 years ago, NYLois
Our time in London
We bought a multi day ticket for our first trip to London. It has been wonderful. Dave was a young funny commentator who shared stories as he pointed out the sites. Another day we had Emma who was witty and clever. Her history facts enriched the experience. We mix up our day with walking and then hop back on for the brilliant commentary. The only negative has been the multiple times the bus/driver changed and we have to get off and move to another. Each time we lost good seats. But overall this was a fantastic experience. PS the bus is on time and we tracked the routing on the app. Thanks for making this a great vacation!
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1 year ago, BCBhorizons
Best way to see any large city
Washington DC - great because of the different lines and the area they cover. The DC Metro is great but you don’t have the views or the commentary. New York - You get to see so much without getting caught up in the crowds. Perfect for a first time visit. When you go through a quaint neighborhood - hop off and walk around. Perfect way to get to Macy’s. Barcelona - Our hotel was at Las Ramblas, a wonderful walking area. But to see anything else the Big Red Bus is the best. Takes you by La Sagada Familia, The high end shopping area and wonderful neighborhoods were we enjoyed tapas and wine. Our next adventure begins in Paris and we will be on the Big Red Bus I love that you don’t need to plan ahead - so much planning already goes into a trip like this. Download the app - find the stop closest to your location and - buy your ticket from the driver or ticket sellers located at some of the stops - hop on and enjoy!
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5 years ago, Paulitodc
Disappointing experience
We purchased Big Bus vouchers (turns out not a ticket) at the London Airport, mistake number one because there are other tours that stop outside our hotel. After walking a long way to the first stop, we couldn’t find it. There were no markings and nobody there. Fortunately, a competitor to Big Bus told us where to go. The app doesn’t tell you much about the attractions. Also, we had our voucher but couldn’t input it into the app so as to have a ticket and get access to the bus. Instead, we had to give up our seats, get off the bus and see an attendant. No use of QR codes so the attendant had to painstakingly enter in the number and print the ticket. The buses have WiFi, which is nice. But the app should leverage this with a default map and tracker and pop ups of the next attraction you will see. Also, why not provide the tour audio in the app? Then I could use my own headphones and don’t need to be on the bus to learn about a site. These services could be verified/available by inputting ticket info into the app. There is so much more that this app could do if the product managers actually got on a bus and used this app.
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4 years ago, Sherbet0923
SFO Tours 2019
We had a wonderful BBT SFO experience!! We did point to point - from the Wharf point to Golden Gate North vista. It was a like a 2 hour bus ride, waiting in line at Wharf was 30-40min, stayed like 20mins at Vista Point then waited in line for the bus again for 40min and we went down at Union Square. So more or less we spent 1/2 a day. It was hop on hop off but didnt get to do this as it was a peak season and getting a ride at a specific pick up point would take hours and hours of wait. Our drivers was okay and the team members who assisted the tourists while waiting were attentive. Overall we had a great experience even on a very cold winter day at the upper deck of the bus.
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9 months ago, BowserBiscuit
The only way to get around DC!!
Used the Big Bus on a recent family trip to DC. Highly recommend!! While driving around the city isn’t too bad, these is no parking anywhere at the major sites. Took the full tour the first day to come up with a plan for stops on day two and three. Worked perfectly! Go see a monument or museum go back to bus stop when done and another bus came along in 15-20 minutes. Will DEFINITELY be using again when we take our trip to Philadelphia!!
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4 years ago, FrustratedButExcited
Where are the Time Tables?
Very disappointed- I loaded the app to get specific times for the buses and to see how much time a full circuit would take to get me to a specific location/stop, as the app description says it has a time table. Nope. All I can find is start and stop for each location, not the ongoing schedule. Trying to coordinate one of these tours with planned excursions in the area is not happening with this app, and I’m not willing to do the math to figure out three different activities, assuming 15-20 mins per bus pick up and calculating arrival time at a specific stop midday. Trying the other HOHO tours to see if they can do better with a real time table before I buy tickets. Please upgrade your app to true time tables as marketed in the App Store.
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2 years ago, Happy user 58
Great experience
My family and I really enjoyed this bus service. The bus and the announcements were great and we also really enjoyed ‘George (sp?)’, who was very helpful with what to see when we got off the bus at his stop. He even recommended a great place to get the best ‘Donner Kebob’, which was one of the best meals we had in Berlin. The other benefit is that the buses run regularly so we didn’t have to wait long to get back on the bus (some other bus services can have long waits as their buses get off-schedule).
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2 years ago, CraigHarvey
Times unclear/hateful drivers
We parked at Arlington Cemetery and paid for the red line that goes to Arlington. We got back to stop #1 at the Spy Museum at 4:35 and they told us they wouldn’t be going back to Arlington after 4:30. That was not on any info when purchasing. The only place it was posted was on a sign they pointed to on the bus on the 1st floor, but nobody ever pointed it out when we boarded. We also sat on the 2nd floor, so we never saw the sign when boarding or riding. They were very hateful about it too and kept saying “read the sign.” We had to walk over a mile from the Lincoln Memorial to Arlington after paying $300 for a bus tour. The narration is not live and none of the bus drivers were nice! Will absolutely never recommend or do again!
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5 years ago, Mom if my three sons
Left us out in the rain
Originally this company to see my to be ok... and shortly after the 3rd stop the true paintings of big bus showed. We were left at madam toussant by the yellow line along with about 30 pax. We asked 2 other drivers that came along we were told the bus came, WOW!!! It took another bus to further take the time to care and it was pulled off the line this all took place on 2 July 2019.... we’ll sure enough again 3 July 2019 with a Big bus representative that wonderful yellow bus went missing again waited for about 1.5 hr from madam toussant just to get to Eddie’s cafe to walk to the zoo.. this was enough of a lesson for us and you may say foolish on our part.. after the zoo we DID NOT take big bus eventhough we purchased a premium package. Lesson learned not to use them.
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3 years ago, Tougaloo Blue
My Family in DC
Our last full day I got four tickets on line and then led my family to the nearby stop which had been moved due to a demonstration. Nevertheless we followed the route under a wilting sun until we came upon one of your buses which had stalled due to an engine overheat. The driver explained the service disruption, scanned our tickets, and hailed the next bus for us. His name was Ed and he confirmed for us that I will continue to take BigBus services wherever we travel. Thanks, Ed.
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8 months ago, jillyp1
Purchased tickets online then went to the stop in DC and the kid walking around with a scanner scanned my phone and printed out a ticket. Never said the busses were delayed. Waited over an hour. Never got on the bus, we had to be in a different state. The kid told us to chat with someone to get a refund. It has been weeks and the only response we get is, the best we can do is 50% refund. They did offer 2 tickets anywhere on there busses, but I want my money back in full. Even the terms and conditions say I’m entitled to a full refund. So disappointed I’m out $120 and didn’t get to see the sights. So I would suggest waiting until you are actually on the bus to purchase tickets.
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1 year ago, Kimberlydsav
Big Red BLAST in Dublin!
We really enjoyed the service and the staff with a Big Red Bus in Dublin. We bought the three day pass because of the cool weather, and used it as our primary transportation around the city. With that three day pass you also get a night tour to see the Christmas lights and the docklands and an amazing tour up to Howth to see the Irish Sea. We think that it was completely money well spent and really enjoyed the tours with Michael, Ross, and Aly! job well done, thank you!
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2 years ago, B-Behr
New York Service was Awful
As it is generally a great idea, the Big Bus Tours in New York screwed it all up. Every single service employee we talked to lied to us. They did not just not know, but deliberately gave us wrong information. Even with pre paid tickets we had to wait over an hour to get on the first bus. When we got off and wanted to get back on we were given wrong information every time. The App is supposed to show you Bus locations, and directions. BUT the moving buses on the App Map are fake. This had nothing to do with the real position of the busses. Also BIG Tours Buses modified the Route around Tine Square and the App did not show that. In New York, Big Bus Tours is Scam. Use other vendors!
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11 months ago, Nigeria nola
First trip to San Francisco
My husband and I was there celebrating our wedding anniversary. We decided to take the big bus tour. Everything was amazing. The staff was very friendly and courteous. The tour for us was approximately 3 hours but we got to see a lot. You are able to get off at different location and sightsee, then have the option to hop back on when the next bus comes. I would recommend this tour if you are visiting San Francisco for the first time.
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12 months ago, Mesey Fam
Big Bus Chicago
We have been on Big Bus in several cities and have loved them all. We rode again today while in Chicago. This was our first time taking our son who is 3. He had such a fun time and our driver Candice was fantastic! She was so fun to listen to and was awesome with our son. Riding a double decker bus (like Peppa Pig) was the highlight of his trip and Candice made it even better. She took a picture of us on top of the bus from the sidewalk and we were so appreciative!
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7 months ago, ghacuba
Sisters trip
Thank u to Casandra (Times Square) for giving us the info and service we needed. She explained the process in a professional manner and gave us her # in case we decided to buy tickets. The other sales people were too too pushy and aggressive. We were completely turned off. Casandra was fantastic in her approach to selling the tour. We came back next day to find her and book w her. She even extended the time line.
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6 years ago, moms and daughters
Recent trip to Chicago Saturday August 18 & 19
Highly recommend Big Bus Tour company. Pleasant staff, fun guides, Austin, Shea and (Matty Saturday night 7:30 tour), drivers one of which is Ricky night tour and awesome ticket sales person(Loraine in front of Navy Pier shopping center. There were four on our group. We laughed and was able totally relax. Loved the fact that one of our bus stops was in front of our hotel Chicago Hilton. Learned some history and went places would not have went if had been driving. Thanks!!!
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5 years ago, Brian-Lisa
Well worth it!...
My family was visiting LA and had never been there. The cost of parking at all the different stops alone would cost more than the Big Bus tour. Being able to sit back and enjoy the guided tour, getting on and off the bus at 13 different stops and eliminating the driving part of our visit to LA again was well worth it. The guides are all knowledgeable and very courteous. Thanks Big Bus LA for marking our vacation enjoyable!
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5 years ago, Smsr3d
App and Bus review
First and foremost don’t forget to keep your ticket because the phone is “just a voucher”. They won’t allow you to ride without the ticket even though my phone shows the date time and I can prove my identity. What a crock. We had to Uber home. If you are going to Bondi just Uber. It’s cheaper and less of a hassle. As far as the app it was ok. It had trouble pin pointing the buses and if they were close. We would have missed the one because it shows it a few stops away even though we could see it down the street.
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5 years ago, Cp13cougar
Excellent experience!
My mom and I rode on the bus several times, as we kept getting on and off, and had a great experience with each driver/guide. “Big Bus Blake” and “Marvelous Mauricio” were definitely the best combo though. Tons of energy and made the ride memorable to say the least! (Love, Team Phoenix!) 😊 Learned a ton of history from the audio tour and a lot of local secrets from the guides. Worth the money 100% and we’ll be recommending it to anyone coming to San Fran!
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1 year ago, Homesteader ND
Golden gate in the rain!
We went on the big bus tour of the city in the day. We really enjoyed the view from the top of the bus, even though it was raining and cold. The bus driver handed out raincoats for everyone even though we had prepared. The narration is interesting and the app is wonderful. I highly recommend it to anyone visiting the San Francisco area. The drivers are friendly and very competent. Thank you.
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6 years ago, Cleveland, OH on 6/29
Craig from California...Awesome!!!
Our guide “Craig from California” was excellent. Craig did not sound like a tour guide with set things to say about points of interest. He was so personable and made the tour feel as if he was talking directly to us. He asked questions as to where we were from and somehow had knowledge of where we live and made a connection. It was more like a friend giving us a tour of the city not a tour guide.
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2 years ago, bill one 1
Not worth it!!!!!
Don’t waste your money now, maybe later they get it together. Only one line is working, they say last bus leaves at 6:30pm from last stop, not true, We had to take an Uber back to the Eiffel Tower, because bus never made it to the louvre museum at 7:00 pm. Later, we find out, last boarding is at 5pm at the Eiffel Tower and ends 4 stops later so they don’t finish the whole route at last call. They don’t said that either. I believe the other tourist bus company is better as I used it before, this one was a mistake.
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6 years ago, loumassfl
Night tour
Tour was great. Great views from roof at night. Guide was very friendly. However... chatty with those sitting next to him. Rest of us felt a bit left out of the conversation. He seemed to get distracted. We passed quite a few landmarks and areas that were never mentioned. Would have been nice to have more places pointed out, history, sports venues, funny stories, historical anectodes, architecture, etc....there must be way more that could been shared on the tour. But it was overall very good.
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3 years ago, Johnstown tourists
Not what expected
I got the impression that serval buses ran a 45 minute route. If you wanted to “hop on/hop off” you just wait for the next bus, or the one after, to continue your tour. Our tour started at the Excalibur and went about 10-15 minutes and stopped at the MGM GRAND. We were told to exit the (parked in shade) bus, which would continue in 30 minutes. After 40 minutes the employees moved the bus 100’ to a stop sign, in the 107 degree sun, where we were allowed to reboard. I felt the employees were getting humor out of messing with us.
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5 years ago, mfruithandler88
Save money, get a taxi
I’ve been on a few of these Hop on-Hop off bus systems and usually there are a few lines but some kind of organization. I downloaded the app thinking it would help make things easier on a day trip in Miami - it didn’t. Worst experience I’ve ever had on a bus system, totally chaotic, no organization, waited in lines over 45 minutes at the terminal, and no one working for the company could answer any questions about what line to get in or which bus went to each location. It definitely would have been less expensive and frustrating if I had just grabbed an Uber or something.
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6 years ago, The New Orleans Ladies
Ivory Knows the Town!
We had an amazing time on the Big bus Tour with Ivory! He was by far the most knowledgeable and most enthusiastic guide we’ve ever experienced. He has spoiled us for all others. We spent the whole day touring including a boat tour and night tour and never lost interest. We will definitely recommend this company. All of the employees seemed exceptional especially Ivory! The New Orleans Ladies
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4 years ago, allensbuf
So convenient
This was a great way to see New York. Would def use again. Bought the deluxe ticket and well worth it. Had some questions before I booked and they answered quickly! Only one sore point is on the red route..the stop near Times Square was incorrect on the app... said in front of Daniela tractors but it wasn’t... luckily we went to M&M and got started. Also difficult was trying to figure out if the bus was coming on the app.
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2 weeks ago, Sanam2020
removal language and Lack of buses
hi dear Big boss manger and customer service. thanks for you efforts and services. I love big bus but I believe there must be bus every 15 #minutes! and you need to have Station in AYA too. The only disappointment for me was the shocking of Removal of Farsi language from the bus speaker navigation due to the existence of Iran in the neighborhood of the United Arab Emirates and the old friendship of these two nations and the presence of immigrants and others who speak Farsi, Iranian, Tajik, etc. to Dubai
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6 years ago, GAVisitor
Great way to see/learn the city!!
Great way to see the city and learn about the buildings! At times, it was hard to get a seat on top but you can get on and wait for people to leave up top (then, you get to go up). Also, night tour bus fills up fast! For a guaranteed spot on top, get in line early...buses run about every 15 min for night tour. Our kids (ages 13, 12, and 7) loved it, too!!
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2 years ago, Lola F.
Good tour, inaccurate app
The tour itself was fun. We hopped off at a stop to have a coffee break. Once we were done and heading back to the stop, I decided to download the app to see when the next bus would be arriving. The app said the next bus would be in 36-44 minutes so we decided to cut our tour short rather than wait. We called an Uber and just before it arrived (about 4 minutes later) the Big Bus went by. We were halfway down the block with the Uber coming so we just went home. We would have been better off without the app.
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Amazing tour
I made this tour in summer 2017 and this year was amazing. We stayed at the bally’s hotel and we walked To the caesars palace hotel bus stop. If you want a better tracking download the app to check where the buses are located. Tour last like 2 1/2 hours and this time went up to las vegas market, the outlets and many other places than the first time never visited. 5 stars.
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2 years ago, providerlove
Around Sydney
Great great service very good price. Just make sure to get there early so you can enjoy everything they offer. Also ask for the 4 Attractions deal . Adam great driver went out of his way to help me and other customers great service. Also Scott great drivers great service highly recommended.👍🏽
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5 years ago, RaquelR12345678910
Big Bus tour in Washington DC
I paid for a deluxe ticket for 4 ! For two days ! We were their on the Rolling thunder weekend! However the first bus we were on had a wonderful man tour guide the second bus had a lady that said words that I’m sure she didn't mean for us to hear like god several times and by her tone could tell she was not happy by the way she was doing the tour! Got off that tour bus and didn't get back on one ! For the second day! Will not again not worth the money
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1 year ago, 12💙💚
Service was spotty
Got one day tickets so we could tour DC, the first couple of stops were good but the rest of the day we didn’t even see a bus until we got back to the Lincoln Memorial. Ended up having to walk over 10 miles that day because busses never came to the stops we were at (we tried three). Not sure if it was just an issue with the day or what. Kinda disappointed, although service was good when a bus actually arrived.
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2 years ago, bekkles75
Almost great
Great way to get an overview of the city but missed a bus due to the driver not being able to communicate we needed to scan our digital ticket and get a paper one at the stop. We got on the bus after waiting in line. He told us something we could barely understand. We just went in the direction he was pointing. Figured out we needed the paper ticket from the scanner held by the man on the street. By the time we got it he was gone and we had to wait for the next bus. Other than that, we enjoyed the ride! Oh, headphones provided not great. Maybe bring your own wired headphones if you care to have better sound.
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2 years ago, Travel Burg
App is not good
I give the tours 5 stars! We have taken many visitors on the Philadelphia tour and highly recommend it. I give the App 1 star. I wish it was as easy to use as the website. For one thing, you are limited to search for cities they provide and Philadelphia isn’t on the list. I have to go to the website to order tickets and then download the tickets to my Google drive. I would rather have easy access to them in the app. If the app were like the website, I would give it 5 stars.
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