Binny's Mobile

1.9 (40)
56.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Binny's Mobile

1.85 out of 5
40 Ratings
1 year ago, K5shortie
Doesn’t work very well
Keeping this simple: Please update, redesign or create a functioning app. All technological efforts will be greatly appreciated. Cheers🥃
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2 years ago, Double haul
Works well
The app links directly to my local store. It is not a delivery or shipping app. But works great if you want to buy online and pick up at your Binny’s store. The barcode scanner is very cool. I can scan bottles of wine I have at home to read more about them and see if they are available.
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1 year ago, "The Chad"
App needs one of those transformation changes
This is one of the laziest and most boring apps I have ever used. Doesn’t work half the time and there’s no apply pay. Design is boring and clunky. There needs to be a investment into a new app design or perhaps a new company needs to take over to give this app the respect it deserves with a fresh UI and better features for search and getting coupons. There’s no way to add a gift card to the app in accounts!? Come on… Binny’s needs a new change in 2023.
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2 years ago, IDK.Y?
Doesn’t even work
You might want to start over. Doesn’t work. Can’t even shop for wine — only options are spirits and beer. Not intuitive. Clicked around on just about everything. Rebooted the phone. Hope you did not pay anyone to develop this. Tried the website but can’t filter on what’s in stock so have to scroll through a bunch of noise. Just easier to go to one of the online places and have them deliver.
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2 years ago, Keith*L
Works great!
Easy to find what I want and what’s in stock & on special. Also very fast. Hard to understand what some of the previous complaints are about.
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2 years ago, Joe Biden's Watch
Can’t Enter My Binny’s Card
I’m unable to enter my Binny’s card number which makes the app worthless to me. Tried to enter my card number on the edit profile but it won’t work. The store browsing feature is limited to the point of useless. This app needs to be withdrawn until it is usable, consumer friendly and reliable which it ain’t now. I’m deleting the app on my phone.
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2 years ago, cosmossagan
Easy to use app
Love the barcode scanner feature to read product info and reviews.
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11 months ago, alipicatso
I tried to create an account, thinking I could sync it with my phone number. Entering my email and creating a password, I get multiple notifications that my email and the brand new password I’m trying to create are incorrect. Maybe I already have an account? But when I try Forgot My Password, I get an error. So I try to log in via my Binny’s card. I don’t recall ever being given a physical card but it’s been so long at this point. There’s no way to log in with my phone number. This is bogus. There doesn’t appear to be any way to contact customer service/app support to resolve this.
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3 years ago, TLaudy10
Can’t update profile
I had to reset my password. I logged in with the temp password sent to me and then went to update my password in my profile. But I could save it because the phone number field was expecting an email address and would not save my profile. Nothing I tried worked.
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3 months ago, chris.ridgeway
No apparent way to associate your binnys card
Most folks are used to telling the clerk their phone number to get credit on their binnys account. This app has no apparent way to associate that account with email or phone if it wasn’t already in the system. What? Customer service desk at store was struggling with it too. App password reset fired 3 emails at me for no reason. Honestly looks like binnys ownership has entrusted this to someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. Not an up to expectations.
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2 years ago, Frustrated with Facebook.
Error Messages
I have shopped on this app before but it is no longer working. You can’t use Apple Pay and you can’t type in your credit card. You just keep getting error messages.
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2 years ago, Jplecha
This app is trash
Go figure, binnys would screw up another BCBS release. Apparently to enter the lottery you had to delete the app then download it again when the lottery opened, otherwise the app just said coming soon. I swear I'm done with this place.
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2 years ago, Warlock7
Cannot use Apple Pay!?!
The app says configure Apple Pay to use it. Funny that no other app has a problem using Apple Pay. Think maybe the developers are partaking in the products too much…
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2 years ago, az837183
Painfully bad
This is not a professionally made app. Poor navigation, lack of access to major categories, lack of basic information…. Not sure why they bothered to release it.
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6 months ago, Lockmistress
Forgot password
It worked then it didn’t. I save my passwords and one day it stopped working. I’ve been trying to reset my password for 8 months!
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9 years ago, kaderly8
Not good at all
The app is better than trying to use the website or mobile website but it's hard to navigate between store locations. When you search you won't know which store has the product you're looking at and it'll say something is at one store but it actually won't. I've also used my rewards card number for a few purchases and never received my points. I sent emails to Binny's without a reply. Not the best reward member support. This is what I am really irritated with. I make special trips to the suburbs to buy and try new things because of the rewards program. So to not get credit.....I won't be wasting the gas and I'll stick with the usual in my town.
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7 months ago, adognamedFudge
"Bad request" errors when simply adding an item to a list. This app is seriously terrible!
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2 years ago, wlewnka
This is a poor developed, incomplete app to say the least. Any update breaks your signin. Can leave no feedback. FAQs page empty. And most frustrating of all, can’t add my ID into Apple Wallet. Jeez.
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2 years ago, djxcra
App barely works. Search inconsistent. Have to start over to refine a search. Filtering does not work.
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2 years ago, mkx0987
Add iPhone wallet support
Despite what binny’s pass website says, this app doesn’t support iPhone wallet
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2 years ago, Bbbbb18
Doesn’t work
Apple Pay broke
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2 years ago, MostDope KnuckleHead
Binny’s card in Apple Wallet
Please add Apple wallet support.
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2 years ago, Isssxd
Add Apple wallet support!
Websites says it supports but there’s no way to do so
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10 years ago, J&R05
Good solid start; look forward to updates
I love Binny's and this app makes wine exploration more informative and fun. I like using this app to lookup wines, check availability at all stores at the same time, see what deals they have, and use it for my Binny's Card. Things that need to improve, are the two stores I went to can't scan the Binny's Card from the app, the points in the app don't update (says zero even though the receipt and online store agree I have 83), I can't seem to take wines off of lists after I add them, and the search needs to improve (some searches find no results in the app even though the same search online finds results).
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9 years ago, Thatguy101788
Just terrible
First off the app runs terribly slow. Secondly it list products available at certain locations but then when I get there they say that it's been sold out for a week. What's the point of listing a product's availability of it takes more than a week to update it. Very annoying. Deleting this app.
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6 years ago, martian_mellow
Much better!
The older versions were okay. The new version is great. Browsing is really fast and I really like marking items I am interested and throwing them in a wish list for later. Really like that my points are right there and that I don’t need to have the cashier look me up. The scanner seems to work pretty well too.
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7 years ago, Cubano888
App doesn't work
I really didn't want to rate this app bad but its hard to give it a good rating when the app doesn't work. I shop at binnys store alot and the app used to work but it doesn't now i cant see the wines i had saved under my list so now i lost all the good wines i had saved, i cant see the wines in the apps or nothing is useless. I rated 1 star because i use it for card scan on my mobile device when i got to the store thats it.
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4 years ago, 8l15t3r
Great app
Would love to see in the minor description below the name the ABV of a bottle. Other than that I am impressed by this app. Being able to create personalized lists is a great feature and I appreciate the reviews attached to most items.
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7 years ago, mic[A]h
Great App!
This app is fantastic! Very easy to edit Binny's card info, and I love the new redesign. If you want to quickly place an order or see if your local store has something in stock, this app is for you.
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9 years ago, KwinArt313
Handy for searching purposes, but that's all
I downloaded the app to search for different kinds of liquor. The "My List" option is a cool concept but it's very buggy. New lists appear up with a blank title until you add something, then it freezes. I haven't tried the scanning option yet.
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6 years ago, Pomp Le Moose
Useful and easy to navigate
Enjoy reading the product reviews from the customers.
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5 years ago, Shizzlegizingard
Can’t create an account
I’ve tried multiple times to create an account over the past few days and I’m unable to. Is this app completely shut down??? Terrible Follow up review from months ago. Still can’t Crete an account. It’s been almost a full year since I got this app and I just tried again. Still nothing......fix please.
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3 years ago, Jennifergc74
The entire Binny’s online experience whether desktop or mobile is glitchy. I spend 2x the amount of time trying to manage the cart and for things to process.
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5 years ago, Mick B.
Can no longer add pass to Apple Wallet
Not sure at what point it changed, but the most useful feature seems to be no longer supported (adding pass to Apple Wallet). Can’t even do it from the mobile site. Seems like a regression bug for an app they no longer plan to put effort into.
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5 years ago, PaulFGO
Fails to scan card
Lol - app won't even scan the store's own card. Manually entering results in message: not a valid card number. Stocard scans it just fine and identifies it as Binny's. Further, something is wrong with birthday entry when trying to register account. This app isn't worth the trouble.
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4 years ago, bussfeed
Search Filter
Search filter needs an “available/unavailable” option.
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3 years ago, Mz Tray
Favorite list
For past 3 mos I’ve been unsuccessful in saving items to my favorites list. I uninstalled & reinstalled the app still no go. I like to go in store and get exactly what i want
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6 years ago, gabrielfollis
Great app! thank you Binny’s!
Makes ordering my goods so much easier! No more wandering the aisles thirsty! Could not be easier.
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3 years ago, MusicaholicWIU
They took an app that was terrible and made it unusable
Search doesn’t work AT ALL now. What a JOKE. Not to mention the previous issues of Apple Pay not working either. Garbage app. Fire your developers. No longer shopping at Binnys.
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7 years ago, imalancer08
Getting there
App update addresses several issues. Adding your Binny's card to Apple Wallet will be everything I need in life.
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10 years ago, Nonicknamesleftagain
Pretty but mostly does not work
1 has problems determining if you have an account or not 2 does not allow cut an paste 3 will not save personal information 4 will not save birth date 5 unable to change password except for reset 6 other functions also fail Hopefully they'll fix the app in the near future since I would like to use them as a go to.
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3 years ago, DZ511
You’re better off calling your store
The inventory tracking on this app is garbage. They won’t list rare or allocated bottles of anything and even the stuff they do list in the app may or may not be in the store. Save yourself the frustration and just call.
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3 years ago, Grandpa-Steve1940
Literally can’t search
Why have a search bar if I can’t search a general type of alcohol. Can’t even browse with ease what a useless app you’re better off stopping by the actual store.
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4 years ago, Drjdo2
App doesn’t allow you to go back to a prior screen. It has me living somewhere else with stores 20 miles away and I can’t fix it. Not user friendly at all. I was talked into it by a Binny’s employee who said it was very easy—NOT.
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5 years ago, Deus3041
Bad App
This is one of the worse apps on the market. It has log in issues, items can’t be added to the cart and the items it lets you put in the cart you can’t check out. Really bad app
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10 years ago, Killerdexter
More efficient
Doesn't scan products to show price properly.
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10 years ago, MacMuse
Crashing, and a fix
All crash, never loads after this update. I finally deleted it and reinstalled from the store. Seems to be working now, but clearly this is a 1-star release that needs to be replaced ASAP.
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3 years ago, jv1196ba
I can’t even search anything. Click on the different tabs and doesn’t load anything. No products found. Apparently means no need to download and use the app.
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7 years ago, Ckmscott
Horrible App!
Long time customer here. I mostly go to stores and use the app to scan my account. Since the update, it makes me login in every time I use the app. Will probably buy my liquor elsewhere because of it!
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7 years ago, FMoran
Worthless Bug of an Update
Lost all my way information and continues to provide login error, even after resetting my password on the website. Major bug
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