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User Reviews for BJs Wholesale Club

4.82 out of 5
615.3K Ratings
4 years ago, Belinda_west75
Life saver
I used to be Paid Member years ago and then my financial circumstances changed and I couldn’t maintain the annual membership. Just recently about 1 month ago now, I was able to redeem FREE 3 month membership to Enjoy Being Bjs customer again. It came at the perfect time because we had decided to begin shopping in Bulk again. I normally shop the White marsh loc but I live closer to Canton loc. I LOVE canton loc. 10 mins from my house and the people are So nice there even through this pandemic. I feel safe when I shop, I don’t feel anxious bcuz the place is Huge and People respect the social distancing And Everything. I have yet to not find anything I have needed or wanted. I will continue to support Bks and they are taking extra precautions right now which I Desperately Seek bcuz I have Weakened immune system and I appreciate Every drastic measure they are taking. The prices and Selection are Ahhhmazing, there is plenty space to shop and You don’t have constant move out someone’s way or Feel like Your not important customer etc. the lines move so fast, even with the pandemic. They have all essentials my household need and wants.
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3 years ago, OmgJdm
This app is as worthless as Bj’s customer support
I have contacted Bj’s three times now regarding their app not working for me. I can login on the website and place an order yet when I try to use the app it tells me I have the “wrong credentials”. I try to reset my password using my email and it’s not registered. How is it not registered if it’s the same email I’m using on the website?!?! The company offers no solutions and it is an it issue on their site. If I try to create a new account using my membership number with the email that is registered (yet the app claims it doesn’t exist) I get a message saying that the membership already has an account setup with dundundun the same darn email. Wait but doesn’t that email not exist. Oh that’s right it does but their customer support is so stupid they can’t figure it out. I have friends that could fix the issue in seconds but hey I guess that’s why they don’t work for BJ’s and make a real living. Oh but wait there’s more!!! If I try to register with a different email it still won’t let me because the membership number is already in use. An app run by a bunch on bozo the clowns. The website for Bj’s is just as bad. If I don’t use it for a few months I can’t login without changing the password. I’ll get a message saying the password is incorrect yet it can’t be because I use a password keeper and have been for 10+ years. There might be 2 websites ever I have had this many problems with and one is no longer in business. Hint hint.
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4 years ago, twimdragon
Nightmare online shopping
It was difficult to navigate the site. I kept hitting the wrong button and had to pray I would not lose my cart. Having to place items in the search bar to find them was frustrating. They have a somewhat limited selection. I recognize they cannot carry everything. However, some staples should be there. They didn’t have sliced mushrooms in a can. Their selection of men’s body wash is awful. And so is the selection of men’s shampoo. People can’t buy what they don’t have. I could go on but it would just be piling on needlessly. The lack of true curbside pickup is unbelievable. Checkout was a whole other animal. First I managed to miss an item that needed to be shipped. The order went through the initial checkout process only to discover the shipping charge. Then I had to find a. Once found, I had to figure out how to remove it. Good luck with that. I stumbled upon it and got it done. Skipping to the other problem area is actually checking out. For safety I guess the site remembers nothing about your credit card information. Then you put the part of the information they want. The program will not let you. Then it red flags you because that information is not there. Okay enough. There was more
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5 years ago, Dom Paul'
Is there not a function for the customer to build a “favorites list or lists” for “quick and easy reorder” of very common items that both BJ’s and their customers know we buy over and over again. While the BJ’s app has the functionality to customize your specific order it’s time consuming to go through and add coupons individually and have to search for and rebuild your shopping list at every interval to reorder many of the items that we all know we repeat buy. In this day and age with the available technology, shouldn’t this be more streamlined to save the customer time and make this a better shopping experience. If this functionality exists and I’m not seeing it please let me know. From a loyal BJ’s customer who also occasionally shops the other warehouse stores, I’d like to see the functionality and app features streamlined to make it easier to buy!! <4-5 stars if this were a more streamlined experience>.
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4 years ago, Rigo.O
BJ’s Online Order service is terrible
In February I ordered a dining set for my kitchen ($500 on sale from $999). Delivery 7-10 days. They use a delivery service that only comes to my area 2 times per month, and I just happen to be out the first day they deliver. They cancelled my order for some reason, and when I called BJ’s (45 minute wait every time) they said they would fix it, so I should get the delivery on 3/17. Of course that did not happen, so I called and spoke to someone that just transferred me to the delivery company who then told me the order was cancelled. I called BJ’s again (glutton for punishment) and just happen to get same sweet lady who dumped me with the delivery service, she promised to make it right. She called back as promised same night, and said the order was cancelled. No duh!! I already know that!! She again promised to fix it... next thing I know I have a credit on my bank account... A week later, she never called back... I just called BJ’s again, and held for 40 minutes and decided they are not worth my business... the worst service I have ever received from a large company. Oh btw, their app is not very good either...
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3 years ago, Llanwons
Problem when product not in stock
Sometimes I am trying to place an order and it will not go through because an item is not available. There is a message that says an item is no longer available, remove item to proceed. However, it does not tell me what the item is.I go back and look and everything says it is in stock. Really? I have over 20 items in my cart and I have to eliminate each one individually to find out which one it is? So he no just go through and order each item separately to see if it processes and I end up with ten different orders as I order things two at a time til I get the same error message. So, I find out this happens when there is a choice in say flavors and one flavor is out of stock and the other flavor is in stock so it still shows in stock. Why can’t they figure this out and instead of telling us to remove an item that we cannot tell is out of stock, set it up so the system removes the item and just states “ this item was removed or saved for later due to lack of stock”
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6 years ago, Stupified Bear
Bugs - coupons don’t work, resets login every time app is opened
I’ve been to BJs twice since I’ve downloaded the app, and both times the coupons I clipped within the app did not apply. The first time it happened, I called an attendant, and they had to get a paper coupon book, find coupons to match the ones I clipped, and rip them out to scan them. The second time it happened, the attendant just refused to help and just said the app never works. Also, every time I open the app and go to membership tab, it is no longer logged in and asks me to link my membership ID. If I try to link my ID, it says an account already exists. The only way it will work is if I manually select logout, then log back in. That means typing out my login and password (because Face ID also doesn’t work with the app..) EVERY TIME. I paid extra money for the BJs perks reward membership so I could use the clipped coupons in the app. If I had known it doesn’t work, I would not have paid the extra money. Going to call BJs support and see if I can get a refund of my membership.
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1 year ago, COR Coaching and Consulting
Ordering via app very cumbersome
It’s very cumbersome to order via the app, particularly via 2 hour delivery which I recently got. It takes a lot of clicks to order things. For example, I cannot jump from clipping a coupon for an item to directly to order it. I need to separately search for it. I also cannot all items that I order to default to 2 hour delivery even though I subscribe to unlimited 2 hour deliverys. It’s a separate click on each item to choose that, and if I forget on one item I’m out of luck and it’s not coming. I also should be able to default on the substitutions checkbox. It currently defaults to allow substitutions for all so that’s an additional click in the shopping cart to uncheck. If I leave the cart to order something else, it doesn’t retain my choices on substitutions nor special delivery instructions. I need to enter them all over again. Special delivery instructions need to be saved across orders and only require changing if needed - that’s how almost all other services work. There should also be an easy way to copy my order from my previous delivery and just add or remove items I want to change instead of needing to build my list from scratch each time.
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3 years ago, NickNameLiu
Too much frustration using the app
1. I cannot find vegetable and produce category in the same day delivery. So, I have to go to the pick up to look for vegetables and put to the cart. But all vegetables are default to pick up. I have to change them from pick up to deliver ONE BY ONE for 10 times! There is no option to change all the item from pick up to delivery! 2. Still in the same day delivery, the meat is not categorized. I tried to buy lamb, but it almost impossible to find it out of 100+ other items. So I have to search for lamb. And the default option for the lamb is also pick up instead of delivery. 3. I tried to make a payment yesterday, and it says there is something wrong for the payment and it ask me to try again. I retry several times. Now I see 5 payment on my bank account. I tried to cancel the payment, but the online order history says I place 0 orders! They are trying to fix it and I hope it will fix the bug and return the extra charges.
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4 years ago, gadjetgal
Bj app trying again
I tried your app before it never worked, that would give a No star, I think when your a member your coupons should be automatic, otherwise if you look at my past purchases that I never used a coupon your the only one getting the benefit, I forget coupons and you could save on paper and coupons if you just honored your paying customers that renew their memberships, what’s the point of membership if you can’t truly benefit from sales unless you bring coupon, and then there is the people whom hold up lines because they need to get coupon, I am always in a hurry , and guess what, I get stuck behind the “coupon cutter”. And end up finding coupons after purchase. Everybody loves a sale, but it’s like your being punished . It’s like this: “If don’t bring your homework home , then you don’t get the grade”. If you don’t bring your coupon book , you don’t get the savings. Get rid of coupon cutting ,time wasted ,people holding up lines, and loose the benefit of saving money. And being a member.
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5 years ago, MrsWeiseNMS
Express Pay is where it’s at!
No need to clip or pre-select coupons on the app. Scan item, and applicable coupon pops up with it. Silly that you still have to tell app to apply coupon. Can’t BJs just apply all coupons when you check out like a sale? Like who doesn’t want the savings?! Anyways this express pay is best way currently to get to use the coupons you want without having to search and clip or tap for over an hour. Only two downfalls with express pay. Limited to 15 items and a certain dollar amount - why?- and both times I have used it, person at exit either needed tutoring in how to “check” me out or didn’t have the device they needed to do what they needed so I had to wait by door longer than usual with just a paper receipt. Hoping in time if more customers use app, the employees will be more experienced and ready to do the clearance process at the exit. App itself is awesome! No more lifting items out of cart to scan and pay.
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2 years ago, krustygatito
I like the fact that you can add the coupons to your account and they apply automatically at check out. You can browse the specials at home, add coupons, check gas price, order online etc. Express pay was the best of all features IMO when I was in the club and wanted to skip the line and touchless pay now in covid times and I love the fact that Freeport was one of the selected clubs that offer this feature. I take one star since I found out that the last two times that I used express pay I was charged $3.50 fee (wth?) and I stopped using it. The only think that I don’t like about the express pay is the limit of 15 items that it is too low when you are shopping at bjs. I can’t find a reasonable rationale why bjs will be interested in charging you for making yours and their life easier in decongesting the lines at the register? No sense. My 2 cents, use the app but stay away of express pay. Peace
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4 years ago, Pink-Survivor
Power Shopper
I shop frequently at BJs and get some really great deals. I will be honest that you need to know your prices because at times I get things on sale at other supermarkets at a better price. If it is something I use infrequently it does not pay to buy in bulk, but dollar for dollar when I break down the cost I get a better deal at BJs 95% of the time. I also buy lots of clothing, good quality at excellent prices. I also find that the set up of the Store also makes a big difference in how much I shop. For example I live and work within 1 mile of 3 stores (Remsen, Gateway, and Bayridge. ). I use the Remsen store for convenience but I absolutely love the Bayridge store because everything is so well organized (especially the frozen foods section) I can find what I want easily without roaming the store for the better part of the day which can be frustrating. The store is also very well stocked, and the staff is very helpful and friendly. In summary if you shop a lot then it pays to shop at BJs the savings will offset the annual fee.
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2 years ago, poodle06
Love the App, but have questions!
I have enjoyed using the app for clipping coupons and purchasing items online for pickup! It’s a simple process, and I’ve never had a problem since day one. ~ But, it would be simpler and save a step or two if a “Clipped Coupon” Item could be directly added to my cart from that page instead of needing to go back to “Shop” to find the item and then add it to my cart. ~ Often, I just want to purchase the items for which I’ve clipped coupons, so it would be helpful (to most BJ’s app users, I would think) to be able to add items to the cart directly from the Clipped Coupon!! :) • Also wondered if there’s any way to scan a manufacturer’s coupon when using the app in order to add to the same savings we can get in-store when presenting these additional coupons? Thanks, and again, the app is quite useful and convenient!
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2 years ago, Hqjrmemsnfn
BJ’s online ordering is horrible and customer service is terrible
I ordered patio set, by mistake I ordered wrong color. I called next day lady didn’t speak English very well, I ask to change the color she couldn’t do it she said because it’s to later ( that was 9 hours difference from ordering 1st time and calling them). She said she will give me answer in 2 business days. The same day I checked my email it says that my order was delivered, I called back again and wanted to cancel the order. The guy promised he will do it no problem whatsoever. I will get my money back in 5 business days. Next day check my email again my order is in transit delivery day is set, called them again for 3 rd time ( every phone call is about 20 minutes waiting and 1 hour conversation) ok after trying to get some answer after 1 hour they gave me manager this is what she said in order to cancel this order the shipment will be delivered on a business day in front of my house in order to get my refund I need to be home and refuse my order from 10 am to 2 pm( I am working till 5 pm) so I need to get a day off from my work. If you ask me don’t buy from BJ’s.
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5 years ago, notnow987
Too much work
Would be so nice if BJs can just make coupons auto so we don’t have to keep going through scrolling forever on what is on sale BFr we get to the club and then scroll again to see what was selected. And then in some cases want to try something new but can’t make the picture larger to see the exact type of the product. Is it too hard to enlarge a picture in this day of age???? The app it self works fine but the concept is out dated. Spend 20 minutes of going through coupons for 30 minutes of shopping I have to do per week. And then there are in club specials??? Just have all coupons come off auto and stop wasting money and environment resources on paper. Have the app show all coupons. Lastly good luck trying it id a coupon during the check out process. When the coupons come off all the way at the end I might add when u scan the product it is in Greek Hebrew or Arabic or some space language. Have the coupons come of when products are scanned so we can keep track. It is 2019 this is all common sense not some MBA degree stuff.
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6 years ago, Josiec/o1992
Not a happy customer
I Looked up a seasonal item & read that the nearest club Manchester, CT (used the store locator) had two of the items available. When I got to the store there was nothing, I couldn't find the item. When I asked for help at the customer service desk, the young lady looked it up and said it showed there was two available. I went back in the area she sent me and nothing. I asked for help finding the item but the young lady told me "there is no one to help, if the item isn't on the floor then we don't have it." I questioned "why would it say there was two in-store if you don't have them?" She replied "The system takes 24hrs to clear an available item once it's purchased, so maybe someone bought it recently & it didn't clear yet." I didn't want to continue the conversation because it wasn't helping me and the line was getting long. I had no other choice but to go to another store & buy a different style, brand & had to pay more. I've have worked in customer service in the past. The young lady failed to call a supervisor or floor person for that department (which I asked for), maybe it was on a shelf up high. Also she could of looked up another store.
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6 years ago, Ravinrican
Latest update broke the app
I had downloaded this app around version 1.4 and it was great I could clip coupons and they would get redeemed correctly never got the gas discount but didn’t really care once I have the credit card. But after the last two updates the app is now broken. I got logged out and I can’t log back in again. I tried resetting my password but keep getting errors to enter my current password. Which defeats the purpose of even resetting your password. After messing it with it at the store for half an hour I get a new error you password is the same as the last 4 you have made. I’ve never made more than the initial password I used to sign in. It’s funny since my WiFi access is still there and they don’t ask me to sign in for that. I guess I’ll just got back to using paper coupons since it’s easier to find them and they ways work when you scan them. It was a shame since I was actually enjoying the app until the newest updates.
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5 years ago, Bev BV
Awesome app
I love the BJ’s app. It’s super convenient to select coupons I’d like to use before a trip and electronically load them on to my membership card instead of having to fiddle around with the paper coupons. I also like how you can search around at other BJ’s clubs near you to find deals if your home club doesn’t have the item that you want in stock. The only improvement that I wish they’d introduce to the app is the ability to sort your clipped coupons by expiration date, that way you know what items you need to get a jump on purchasing. I also wish they would allow you to “unclip” coupons, should you change your mind. The coupons pile up quickly, so having to scroll down a lengthy list can be tedious if you’re trying to search for the coupons that will be expiring soon. Regardless, it’s a fantastic app. Makes my BJ’s experience that much smoother. This app is a fine example of how technology can improve our lives and save us valuable time. 👍🏼
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6 months ago, Oudorobou
Removed the ability to scan membership card from App???
I shop every couple of weeks and was recently in to pick up some things in this busy season. I went to open the app and was sign out, my guess was from the most recent update. Logged back in and could not figure out how to access my card from the app to make my purchases through SCO. I was assisted by a representative and they didn’t know where to access the information either on the app… So then I had to get in the line for the service desk, and then get in line again to make my purchase at the registers after getting a replacement membership card… A trip the should have taken an hour (max with the increased foot traffic) took longer than 2hours! Having to wait in 2 more lines to make my purchase. The Extra hour not worth it… bring back the scannable card on the app!
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6 years ago, emmyjofl1
Digital coupons, great concept, horrible execution!
I have been clipping digital coupons since this app was updated. I have only had it auto apply everything I clipped once. The past two weeks (2 visits), none of my coupons have applied, it happened that they were also in the book so an associate was able track down a book then scan them and trick the coupon bin. This is a really great concept, but it needs to be consistent. AND the associates need to have the ability to apply the coupon without going to find the paper coupon, it’s time consuming to wait to have your digital coupons found on paper then scanned. If I wanted paper coupons I would have brought my book. I would love for BJs to stop sending books and have all coupons digital, but that can’t happen until they figure this out. I use digital coupons at CVS & Publix and don’t have these issues.
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4 years ago, Lipsmckr
Couponing upgrades
I love this, very functional App. I use the scan card feature so I don’t have to keep an actual card in my wallet. It also helps me know what’s in stock at my store before I venture out. This is great when it’s a special item, like that cast iron skillet I keep thinking about! My main complaints are with the couponing functionality. I share my membership with my mother in law, but I’m the primary. She’s not able to use coupons now that they are only digital. I tried to upload every coupon, but it takes a long time. A select all feature would fix this! Also, coupons should reset after a short time so we can use them again before expiration. If my mother in law needs the same coupon as me, only one of us can use it?? Not good! Target app keeps the discounts on items locked in for unlimited use until expiration. That seems to be the way to go, not limiting it to one usage per coupon cycle. That’s ridiculous.
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4 years ago, PiratesArrrCute
Anything you need a click away!
What I love most about this app and company compared to my previous memberships with Costco and sams club. Is that BJs not only gives you coupons through the app. But they try very hard to make sure their inventory is correct and always in stock. By far blasting their competition out of the water. Anything you need is a click away. The pick up order and the now same day delivery with instacart. It’s so versatile and easy! My nana could figure it out. Very convenient during this time of social distancing and if you are like me who is a stay at home mom with young children its challenging to leave the house for groceries. Prices are more than fair. Their store brand name is better than some brand names. I cannot love this app enough. Con: I wish we had free shipping options like their competitors. But that’s the only downside.
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6 years ago, I love flip flops
This app is great...for it being new
I love the idea of this app. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to Bj’s and forgotten my coupon book at home or made an unexpected trip to Bj’s while I was out and didn’t have the book with me. This app along with the new scanners in the store are life changing! So much time is saved. The reasons I gave the app 3 stars instead of 5 are for a couple of things that I hope are updated soon. First, (and an absolute must) being able to search for coupons by name is definitely needed. I missed out on a few coupons tonight because I wasn’t able to search. It was too time consuming to have to scroll through every single one when I was looking for something in particular that I hadn’t originally had on my list. Also, I wish there was an option to check off the coupon as you get them in the store. Sometimes I get side tracked by things I wasn’t originally going for and forget what I haven’t already put in my cart. Other than that this app is genius. Great job BJ’s!!
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5 years ago, CDR Tom B
Love it for coupons and preorder deli
I initially started using the app for the coupons. I’m constantly losing paper coupons, and love that any coupons I ‘clip’, is automatically applied when they scan my card. Then one day I was waiting for my number to be called at the deli when I noticed someone picking up their app pre-order and learned about that feature on the app. I now place my order before I leave my house and it’s ready when I get there. I only took off 1 star because I feel you should be able order the thickness by a number, instead of simply thin, standard, or thick. I’ve had quite the variation of thin and standard. I also had an issue with my order this weekend because the system was down and there was no way to notify me, so after waiting the full 30 minutes, I had to get a ticket and place my order. It wasn’t until I suggested it to a manager that they put a sign up for customers to inform them.
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4 years ago, mematlarge
Review of BJ App
Over all the app and all information on it is great and very easy to follow to get to check items wanted, availability in my local store, prices and most basic information. What I found not readily available is instructions on how pick up in store, and how buy in store really works. The basic guidelines. Can you order the dry good/packaged stuff ahead to be picked up already put together and have them ready at same time you shop for those fresh produce and dairy and pick them up and then check out for all together or separately? Basic guidelines would help. A better explanation of express pay would also be helpful for us seniors who are not as technologically savvy! Over all these past few weeks the site has been helpful, Although I did have an order I was placing with multiple items in my cart totally disappeared! It would also be nice to have not only the cart for purchasing but a list for in store or for future shopping, as some Stores offers. Can you put products in the cart that you will buy in store? Also, the App should have much more information on BJ’s Covid 19 safety measures. Why should I go to the website if I have the APP? Respectfully, Marilyn Lang BJ’s is a wonderful store and we have been customer for years.
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9 months ago, MemberJ7
Overall good but needs a couple of improvements
First let me say that my wife and I do use this app all the time, and it’s especially handy to be able to browse and clip coupons, in advance of a trip or even while in the store (although, BJ’s, it would be even easier if members didn't have to clip the coupons at all but that any savings would just be automatically applied when you check out!). That being said, there are two areas for improvement that I see: 1) the ability to add an item to your cart directly from a clipped coupon. It is very inconvenient and annoying to not have this feature. 2) sometimes the search does not properly return items. For example, I just clipped a coupon for a Wellsley Farms item, then went to search for it (because I couldn’t just add it to my cart from the coupon - see #1!), but no matter what I tried, the item did not come back in the search results.
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3 years ago, wenwerx
Express Pay rocks
I am generally an inpatient shopper. Long checkout lines frustrates me. I always used self checkout and Express Pay has been a life saver during the pandemic because the lines are longer than ever. Skipping those lines and pushing the cart past everyone waiting in line is gratifying. The limitations are sometimes frustrating, such as 15 items or less, no alcohol or other similar items, but I can live with those. There were times when I scanned everything and something happens to cause them to be wiped out and I have to rescan everything. Also sometimes the scanning function freezes and I have to tap view cart and tap back to fix the issue, but I have to do that for every item after that. These haven’t been happening lately, though. The ability to clip coupons and apply coupons in the app and to apply rewards earned as well as use Apple Pay or wallet credit cards makes it very convenient. Being able to see my shopping history is really great too. If BJs rolled it out to all of their locations and if they leave enough space for people using Express pay to get through the checkout area, as well as figure out how to resolve the need to have those restrictions, and make it a little easier on the staff checking the carts at the exit, it would all be even better.
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3 years ago, Piekasbar
Good food, terrible delivery platform
I’ve been with BJs for 10 years. I’m attached to them. However, the following headaches are changing my mind and each week I debate switching to another store. Online app and delivery platform are terrible. They save each item automatically for pickup when I specifically have selected same day delivery. Each item takes several seconds to load. Cart forgets or loses items. Process takes so much time it’s almost not worth the hassle. Clipping coupons is so close to being good, but it has you clip coupons and then go back, search for the item again to put in the cart. Sometimes the app is better than the site, sometimes the site is better than the app. I’m on multiple devices each week to see how to streamline the process and almost always have to call customer service, who are friendly and earnest but not particularly helpful. Probably because they work for bjs and not for instacart. BJs has the best food and the best deals. But I’m considering changing to Costco so I can use Shipt.
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4 months ago, Dany Silk
App works intermittently
I have contacted Bj's multiple times now regarding their app not working for me. I can login on the website and place an order yet when I try to use the app it tells me l have the "wrong credentials". I try to reset my password using my email and it's not registered but then it will say my membership is in use and let me reset my password 100x. I had a pick up order yesterday that I had to wait 30 min for because the app would t let me check in and the store had me on hold for 15 minutes. I had to grab an employee outside to help me & then they forgot to give me something on my order. The company offers no solutions and it is an it issue on their site. I’ve spent a thousands of dollars in their store but they don’t want to take money out of their pockets to fix their app. Probably not renewing in 3 months if they don’t fix this issue because pick up is my main method and I don’t have time to waste. Best part is I have the black card membership, so i spend over $120+ on a membership to only have their app not work.
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1 year ago, liz bead
Its a great app that could be better
I love BJ’s. The bring it to my car is fantastic. I can shop on my lunch hour and pick it up on my way home. This last order I was interrupted while ordering. I came back 25 minutes later and it had lost my cart. So I started all over again. All of a sudden, it found most of my previous cart. Now I had to clean up the doubles. Along the way a couple of items never made it back in. There is a bug in there somewhere. What I would really like is a shopping list which will keep what I want till I hit the move to cart button. It would be great to add items as you think about them. It would also be great if you broke down the groups another level. Frozen foods is a big category with items shown in no particular order.
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4 years ago, Jus NYC iPhone
Do not order BJ’s online!!
I just bought a membership to try BJ’s. I ordered something on the App on my first day and NEVER got the item. I think I want to cancel the item AND the membership. Delivery date was the 17th and it’s going to be the 23rd and still no item, no tracking info, no information as to the status, no contact/message from ANYONE regarding my order, no apologies for delay or whatever the hell is going on, nothing!! Try calling? Good luck. Every time I try, NOBODY picks up. Try the CHAT function on the APP? Useless, as you don’t chat with ANYONE!! Just a bot that is of no use for my situation. I type “online order missing” and it kicks me out the chat!!! REALLY?? So sketchy compared to other stores/apps. Maybe there’s unfortunate circumstances on my first order? Maybe it’s like this for most orders? I don’t know, like I said I JUST joined. I don’t know much about BJ’s, Costco, or any of the like. BJ’s is the first of its kind that I’ve joined, so NO I’m not BIASED and trying to sway people to other stores. But this messed up order is making me not want to order anything from the BJ’s app or online! Would you?
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8 months ago, bakerz
Clipped coupons don’t always work and the store won’t make it right
I mostly enjoy the app. But yesterday we were going to shop and I made to decision to go to BJs over another store because there was a digital coupon for $15 off any $150 purchase. I spent over $150, paid using express pay in the app, and did not realize until this morning that the coupon did not come off my order. I called the store right as they opened and they told me they won’t fix it because the coupon expired and it’s my fault because I did not notice the problem yesterday. Should I ever shop there again, I am going to check more closely when I check out…but I have not seen a totaled up receipt with coupons off your total applied BEFORE you are prompted to pay…if they’re not going to fix their mistakes, they should give the customer a fighting chance of spotting these mistakes before they have to pay.
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2 months ago, IAmAPLuSsS
My VERY FIRST ORDER there’s an issue! *facepalm* Someone told me to get a BJs membership so i did. Placed one order FOR PICKUP and these people can’t even put all the items i paid for in my car! No i didn’t get out of my car and make sure every item i purchased was being put in my trunk because thats what the people get paid to do! I don’t get paid for that I ACTUALLY PAID FOR MY ITEMS TO BE SHOPPED FOR ME AND PUT IN MY TRUNK. So that’s kind of what i expected to happen…. I know, silly right? Now i have to find time in my day to go back out to the store and REPAY for the items already purchased. Which is such an inconvenience THATS WHY I ORDERED MY ITEMS AHEAD OF TIME TO BE PICKED UP! Whats the point of this service if yall cant do it properly??? And then yall wont even deliver the items to me!!!!!!! Such a waste of time….. glad i still have my Sam’s and Costco memberships. I never had a problem like this that wasnt rectified in my favor and then some. All yall did was offer a refund within 24-48 hours …. What about MY TIME???? Cancelling my membership…..
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2 years ago, fanofniceweathet
Erratic unpredictable performance
Update 5/19, the app developer got back to me about my issues, which is appreciated. I followed their instructions and it did not help. Has the app been upgraded to work with IOS 15.5? Thanks This AP seems to be severely flawed. Shuts down completely without any notice. Even though I have a strong Internet connection it just closes for no apparent reason. Coupon search function is very slow and it often seems to cause the app to lock up. On several occasions I have searched for some thing and then put the device down and waited 10, 15, 20, minutes and still nothing has happened. And this is all with either a strong 5G connection or a very strong wireless connection on my home Internet. This is all very disappointing because I like to shop at BJ’s and this would make it easier and quicker for me rather than walking around looking for things, I can check for things using the app and then decide what I want before I go there. Please, please, please fix this terrible app.
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4 years ago, m&m de
Check out made easy
Loaded the app over a month ago and tried to use several times but there were some kinks and some items did scan correctly. However, I tried again today and it worked great. Scanned all my items, checked out online, the checker at the door scanned my payment barcode and then scanned the I items in my cart and I was out the door. I great way to shop especially right now with long lines everywhere. I particularly like the feature where once you scan your item you have the opportunity to clip any available coupons for the item. I recommend giving it a try. It might not be great if you have a huge order because the person at door has to scan everything but very convenient for smaller orders.
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5 years ago, MSchmtt
No more clipping coupons
I love using this app! I hated getting those books every month and clipping the coupons. I would be the one that will lose a coupon while shopping in the store. The app is easy to use. If it’s an item I want I search the available coupons and just virtually clipping it! When we get to the checkout line the coupons are tied to our membership card and we don’t need to hand them to the cashier. Save time and which is great! The only reason I don’t get the app five stars is because sometimes when you click the plus to “clip” the coupons, it doesn’t always move to the clipped section. I learned that the hard way buying paying full price for a couple things. when I “clipped” the coupons and they never moved to the “clipped” section. As soon as I clip them I check.
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6 months ago, rappersmom
Too many flaws in this app when ordering online.
The app is slow and quirky, emptying my cart if I close out of the app, sometimes refilling it after I start to fill it again. On at least one occasion I had to go to my laptop to see the contents of my cart. Another flaw is the discrepancy between actual inventory and what’s on the store shelves. I realize that’s more the fault of the stores than the app, but when something consistently says out of stock and there are literally dozens on the shelves it’s quite irritating. Also sometimes it’s impossible to find something on the app at all even when I have the name. At checkout, if you want to use Apple Pay, you have to accept the next available pickup time. If you want to change that time you have to go through the checkout process and put in your credit card info. Finally, I am having significant problems with my rewards and am going to have to get some tech support. My app shows I haven’t redeemed a reward since June and don’t have any to redeem. On the web site it shows 6 redemptions, although in 5 of those my credit card seems to have been charged with the full amount. I do love the in-store quick checkout using my phone. Kudos. The processes that bjs has implemented to enhance shopping and checkout are very nice and generally run very smoothly with the exception of these major concerns.
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4 years ago, TheBronxBomberGirl
BJ’s A Superstar
I was having issues downloading the app; the person who was in self checkout told me to see the front desk, her words “they are the experts when it comes to the app”. Unfortunately that was not the case, two of the ladies said right away, I know nothing about the app and iPhone, I know they’ve been there for a while, but that was their answer, and they we’re sticking to it. They went about their business. But the African American lady told I know nothing about iPhones, but she tried and tried until I got it. I did admit to her that I had not logged into the bjs account. Thank you ever so much for staying with me while I figured out what I did I wrong. Customer service is never having to say no. I am sorry I didn’t get her name, but she will remember the scenario.
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5 years ago, EvgKal
Ok ap, but can definitely needs improvements
The ap makes it easier to deal with coupons. Who wants to cut them out of a booklet and have to remember where you put them and pull them out when paying (I’m a guy, so this is not a normal protocol when I shop ;) The ap could use some improvements- for instance, why not become more like Costco (which doesn’t require coupons at all), and have a simple “Select All” coupons? Sometimes people are in a rush, and don’t have time to scroll the miles of coupons. Also, I know you can select categories to view coupons, but in the overall section, they should still be in somewhat order. For instance: first food items A-Z, then perhaps cleaning items, then dental etc. The way it is now, you’ll have a coupon for cheese, and right next to it a coupon for toilet paper. It’s a little unappetizing.. Overall convenient, but needs some bolts tightened. Come on Bjs, you can do it! :)
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2 years ago, Moore2itthanthat
The pros & Cons
The ordering system works pretty well. The delivery system could use a bit of work. The last worker brought my items out on some kind of bakery looking tray & dropped some stuff into the ground. It was a very warm day & I was not going to wait for them to go get another item. I took the damaged items. I get home to find I had 2 of an item I only ordered one of & items I ordered were missing. That requires calling to reconcile the discrepancies. Which requires going over the list & insuring you have what you paid for. But, it beats going through the store yourself when you are disabled. And, you get to keep whatever you get that you didn’t order. So, I feel o.k. with the process overall & would recommend it, all things considered.
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6 years ago, BAS12345678
Good concept, but pretty Clunky
Overall this app started in a good place; it is much easier to add electronic coupons vs clipping and brining them to the store. But there’s too many clunky elements I wish they would fix; enough people have complained! 1. Half the time when I load my app it asks me to sign in, even though my login and card are saved to the app. It takes 4-5 refreshes and a few minutes of sitting my phone down for it to “catch up” and realize I’m already logged in. Not ideal when you need to bring it up in a hurry in the store. 2. A complete re-haul of the available coupon would be fantastic. The categories they give you aren’t sufficient. I want a search function to type brands or items and have all applicable coupons appear. And there needs to be a second category search bar at the BOTTOM of each section; so annoying to scroll like a cat allll the way to the top to toggle to another group. 3. A way to enlarge the coupons and mentions any fine print that’s in the books would also be helpful. The “more info” button doesn’t do much but the book is specific to if sizes, varieties, etc. are excluded. 4. Would be nice if every coupon in the book is also in the app. I’ve seen quite a few on paper I cant find online. Although, that could be because the categories are so terrible for searching ...
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4 years ago, natskiee55
Bj’s club
I enjoy shopping at Bj’s because it’s very clean , neat & organized . I’m always greeted with a pleasant person , and help is always available if needed . I was shopping at Bj’s and because of my health issues I needed a scooter and when I was trying to get my receipt validated the person made sure that he personally went on his walkie talkie and got me assistance with bring my order to my car and the nice young man also took all of my products and placed them nearly in my car for me and helped me into my car , then took the scooter back into the store for me. I absolutely love all the savings at Bj’s and it’s very convenient to use the app to help you save money on products you use. I have always had great service at Bj’s’ and will continue to be a loyal customer.
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4 years ago, kalnich
Good with room for improvements
Great to have digital coupons. When they first added, it didn’t always work, but it seems to work now. I would love to be able to add items to a shopping list that could organize by aisle depending on which BJ I go to (there are two I visit). It would be particularly handy when you clip a coupon to be able to add to a shopping list right from that screen, rather than go back to search in shopping. It’s easy to forget things going back and forth. The app has a wish list under your account. It seems useless as I haven’t found a way to add anything to it. (I thought I could use it as a shopping list.) I have, on occasion had the app tell me to log in, despite the fact that I did the keep me logged in bit... unfortunately, it seems to always happen when I’m about to go in the store! It’s a little frustrating to try and log back in when you’re in the store. (That would be me standing in the corner with an empty cart and fumbling around with the app! 😂) Otherwise, the app has improved greatly since it first launched. It seems the developers/BJ’s is listening to feedback which is great. Makes me feel like it will only get better!
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2 years ago, Chani11111111
I love being able to place pick up orders via the app now that I have a newborn. However, this app has flaws: Some items are super hard to find in the search bar, you have to have the wording just so for certain items to come up. When clipping the coupons you can’t go directly to the item and add to cart. You have to clip, then go back to the search and add to your cart. It doesn’t tell you if the items are currently out of stock they just don’t appear at all. You have to be super careful that you don’t accidentally place an order for an item that has to be shipped and then you’re charged for shipping on something stupid like ketchup. I wrote this review a few years ago and this app is still super glitchy. Coupon items still can’t be directly added to your cart. Most inconvenient part about this app.
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5 years ago, Silverbetty69
Easy to use app
I find the app pretty easy to use, but I have one big problem with the switch to online coupons as opposed to the paper booklet. I often buy more than one of certain items that I use frequently. With paper coupons you could use as many coupons as products you were buying. Now that it's computerized and linked to your card, you can only use a coupon one time, so if you're buying three of the same items, you can't use the coupon downloaded to your card, a paper coupon from the booklet that I still receive, and a paper coupon from a friend who isn't buying the same thing and will give you their coupon. This change costs me a significant amount more money and every other store let's you use as many coupons as items you buy. You should definitely change this policy!
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5 years ago, Quark DS9
I belong to BJs and Costco. One has what the other is missing and vise versa. I like both stores. The only complaint I could possibly have is the coupon situation with BJs. Costco will have sales and you always get the sale price. BJs always and still has the paper tear out coupons. The app did make it easier but still you have to go through everything in the store app to see what is on sale and activate the coupon or lose out. The app is great for seeing what is available and buy online. But I still believe all coupons should automatically be activated. I was going through the store as I was looking at the coupons and even after I left only to realize there was a coupon for something I just bought and didn’t have the time to go back.
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4 years ago, Y1829
This app is extremely difficult 1- I have tried unsuccessfully at least three times to link my card so that I don’t have to have antiquated paper coupons and have been unable to do so. It is COVID , no one wants to be handling unnecessary paper. Also as a member of BJs I am automatically entitled to whatever the discounted price is. That is included in my membership. FYI. This doesn’t happen at Costco 2- Btwn last night and Today I had to try 5 different times to complete my order because though I changed my membership number to indicate my new number it continued to tell me that my membership had expired even when I closed out and came back in again. This app lacks ease of use and discourages using. Thank you.
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4 years ago, JABFroggy
Unstable App
The app is fairly functional, but I have not yet used it without it freezing, closing, or totally crashing. Bearing in mind you can only scan 15 items (a policy flaw which needs to be changed), I always experience the app freezing at some point when I scan items. I can usually switch to another screen and go back to the scan screen and continue. Most times I’ve use it, at some point the app just closes. Usually I can reopen it and pick up where I left off. Today when I used it, it closed, and when I restarted the app, everything I scanned had been lost. The previous Express Scan app was basically flawless on my phone and did not have the silly 15 item limit. I will still use this app because it’s better than scanning all the items at the end. But it really needs some work to make it stable. I use the iOS app on an iPhone 11 Pro.
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1 year ago, SahBatYeh
App Bug
The app is great. Its easy to find items. Coupons can be clipped easily. You can see which ones have been clipped vs redeemed. The check in is almost 5 stars. One star removed bc I have to put in my vehicle’s make and model every time I pick up, and I pick up at least once per week. The reason for my 2 star rating is bc every time I go to check out, I enter my phone number, pick a time of arrival for a trunk drop, it moves to the second checkout page and nothing. It just has the bjs check logo on the screen with the word checkout on top. But I can never really checkout. So I have to go to BJ’ and checkout through there…..after I sign in. Thankfully, my order is on there, so I don’t have to “reshop”, but it’s super annoying. I tried to have it fixed in store, but was told they don’t know if any bugs on the app. I tried deleting it and redownloading, but it’s the same. Please fix this Bjs.
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