Black Friday 2024

4.7 (9.7K)
13.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Orave Technologies
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Black Friday 2024

4.69 out of 5
9.7K Ratings
3 years ago, Monyonia.S
Simple but perfect!!
So far I’ve been able to find just about every deal I’ve already purchased and then some… I actually wished I’d of stumbled across this app sooner. Of all my deal/shopping apps I have this one is truly just simply perfect and I’m a bit in wonder why I didn’t already have it…. Considering I am the super shopper when it comes to shopping discounts lol I’ll definitely be keeping to see what’s next. And will for sure use for few gifts I’ve got left to get and every year for now on. Will be telling my mom in the morning about his app too.. too late to call her or she’s have it too!! Thanks and happy holidays!!:):)
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3 years ago, chaylow
Price difference
The app gives one price and then when you grab the deal, the price is totally different!
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5 years ago, D. Hill
Black Friday
This rating is based off a one time first time use so when we get closer to the holiday season it might change based on a better idea of shopping management. From what I can tell so far the interface design is pretty basic. Users can simple navigate to the few sections they want by way of the bottom menu. The app lists retailers they have deals for and in case you don’t see yours you can enter a store’s name to see if or what deals they have listed.
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2 years ago, pdx_mommy
Clean old ads out
The interface looks nice and clean. But it’s filled with old ads less then a month before Black Friday. I sat and went through a bunch thinking what great deals were out until I realized they were all from last year. Seems like we are to close to still have old ads up. Also seem like an easy fix. Or at least add a banner saying they are from 2021.
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3 years ago, khzsgcb
Useless tabs
Has a saved items tab and mentions saving listings and specific items, but there’s no way to bookmark/save anything. There’s no back button for when you’re finished looking at a specific store, no bookmark button to save an ad, and all tapping on the items and the ad does is zoom in, so there mustn’t actually be a way to save anything.
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5 years ago, DaniB770.
Great app...needs a sweeping
The adds shown are from last year...once the sale season is over I believe it would be helpful to remove these old adds and put the new adds in once made available. I do enjoy having an app to shop from tho! 👍🏾👍🏾
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5 years ago, Nessi08
Love it when it works
Sometimes when I click the tab to pull up the ads an advertisement on the very bottom will load but the buttons that you can click for the stores do not load; that part of the screen stays white- frustrating.
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2 years ago, 200 in1 app
Every thing requires leaving the app
This app is a bad Black Friday app because the stores take you off of the app to safari. That makes this app not worth downloading when I can just go to the store website faster instead of downloading this app to take up more space and take longer to get to a store website. This app wasn’t quite made the right way.
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3 years ago, BFPro
BF Pro
This app needs a sweep, showing all old ads and deals. I clicked on a deal supposedly 11h old and was from 2 years ago! Don’t show that you have a Black Friday ad unless it’s for this year, we shouldn’t have to dig through each one looking for dates!
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2 years ago, Alshashtari
Perfect app! 😀
This is so awesome! It even does discounts on the items you want to buy. That’s all I have to say. Thank you so much!🙂☺️🤗.
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5 years ago, Kris021
What is the point?
Ok so all I can do is see the ads. I can do that anywhere. The search feature doesn’t work, or I guess at least the way I figured it would. When I search for laptop, shouldn’t it show me all laptop sales? If not, what does the search feature do? I see a button that says list, but I can figure out how to save anything to that list. WhT does that button do? Unless app...
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7 months ago, imbunky2
Black Friday App Review
I’ve used the Black Friday App for several years. It’s been fantastic. However, this year my searches repeatedly come up blank. How can the app not provide women’s sweaters, or women’s sleepwear? The latest version of the Back Friday app is installed on my Apple devises. The information is provided if I go directly and individually to each store’s website. I’m disappointed.
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5 years ago, capeta legend
Room for improvement
There is always room for improvement. Pdf display needs work. User should be able to save deal for future ref from pdf ads. Pdf loads slowly. Filtering takes time. Images doesn’t load fast.
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7 months ago, Nottyshotty
Overall the app has good information. However find it difficult to go back to the store link page when you are in mid of a store pamphlet.
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2 years ago, gove me last years back
Too slow to look thru
App runs way too slow having to switch page by page unlike other years when they were ad scans that you could look thru much easier.
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2 years ago, Jezzy M.D.
Decent 👍
❌ Only thing missing are some chic store like “Five Below”, “Family Dollar”, “Dollar Tree”, “Trader Joe’s”, “Michaels” & a few others like “Sam Ash” & “Guitar Center”.
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5 years ago, Trevor Mace
The best
I don’t usually write reviews but this is hats off the best most accurate Black Friday ads for just about any store. Love it
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4 years ago, Abby0997766543311
Black Friday
This is a awesome app where it is really easy and convenient to find all the Black Friday and Christmas deals
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5 years ago, bethsmith76
A lot of freezing that I can’t back out of to restart. Does have a variety of stores.
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2 years ago, Albo1
Great, simple
Simple, working again 👏
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5 years ago, Weston8701
Not a good app
First one I tried for Black Friday, doesn’t have many options. I really hate that you can’t save any of the items or make a list with them. Only the few items they seem to sell from eBay. Didn’t like it, deleted it. Went with another that has been great.
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3 years ago, Augmomoftwo
Not impressed
Not impressed everything I click on doesn’t open. Then when I go directly to the site it’s not on sale
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6 years ago, lapaplqndlapa
Great app, works just how it's supposed to.
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3 years ago, WilMat1123
Extremely Limited to Big Box Reatailers
Not much here that you haven’t already heard about. Search engine needs some serious work as well. Not very specific even with a generalized search.
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4 years ago, stacip930
Not up to date
It would be nice since the name of this app is Black Friday 2020, if the ads were actually Black Friday 2020 ads and not 2018 or 2019 ads. If no ad is out for this year yet, then the store should show coming soon versus showing random previous year ads.
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5 years ago, Brittany89427
I loved it at first now non of the ads are showing up I restarted it and my phone deleted it and reinstalled 2 times still nothing Got a suggestion to try again because of sever issues but it’s still not working
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5 years ago, lmf047
Older version
The older versions were much better. I don’t want to see circulars when I select a store. 2018 and prior was much more user friendly. I’m so disappointed with the changes.
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5 years ago, GADSavage
It’s not great
Download a better one it laggy and slow when trying to go on to the next pages doesn’t allow you to select the items. There are better apps don’t waste your time with This one
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2 years ago, Nabisco64910
App crashes
App keeps crashing every time I open it. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it still does it.
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2 years ago, EJBNTT
Useless App in 2022- All 2021 Ads
This has been my go to Black Friday app for years. Unfortunately all ads listed in 2022 are still the 2021 ads which could be very confusing and misleading. Avoid downloading.
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5 years ago, Tibbits01
Love the app but...
I use this app every year but this year I can’t save to my shopping list
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5 years ago, Paddy2Thumbs
Bad search results
The search feature was pretty bad and pages were slow to load
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5 years ago, NShAnE
Lags something awful
Freezes to much and isn’t consistent with its loading, needs Help and there isn’t much time left before Black Friday, 👎🏼
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5 years ago, 1097535
Very slow
Can look up ads faster with web. Load times are too slow.
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2 years ago, Whack-A-Hillary
Last year’s ads
Great app except please remove last year’s ads!
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5 years ago, sbdkcienkakd
Constantly freezes
Do not like the “features” deals. Just want to review the ads, which constantly load slow or not at all. All other apps are fine.
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5 years ago, Becki Y
It only works half the time
This app seemed like it was accurate when you can get it to work. One day ads pop up and the next they’re missing. :-(
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6 years ago, Jvicstef
Can’t get from the circular ads back to the list of stores.
I can’t get from the ads back to the list of stores. Have to close out the app and open it again.
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5 years ago, plma19601
Went to order an item and was gone already
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5 years ago, Shiva135
Outdated information
Does not have the latest ads, and the search functionality is broken.
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5 years ago, Adnileo
Why doesn’t your search function work?
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5 years ago, grammielhj
Awful App
The old app with the exclamation point was wonderful. This app is just awful! I don’t want you to pick my products. I want to see what each store has to offer me.
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4 years ago, CodePapi
Latest version force closes
Latest version that tries to implement additional ads forces the app to close. Not great at trying to see the ads.
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3 years ago, Andyc140
Immediately crashes. Doesn’t work.
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5 years ago, bhagudjc
Old flyers!
Ads are last years and i did double checked several times. Thanksgiving is not on 11/22! That was last year. Kohl’s and Walmart ads especially
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5 years ago, akqt68
Search & Filter
The search & filter options do not work in the app.
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4 years ago, trapvibezzz
Don’t bother
Pointless when you can only search live deals and not all the ads at once. Trash.
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5 years ago, Cherice95
You can’t save items from the ad scan to a list. I immediately deleted.
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3 months ago, isabellaclrk
Sick Deals.
Good stuff on here. 🤭
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4 years ago, PiliPR
Search does not work
Useless without the search function.
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