Blacklane - Chauffeur Service

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User Reviews for Blacklane - Chauffeur Service

4.92 out of 5
21.4K Ratings
9 months ago, Jules-86
Lucky to have found this!
TL;DR Easy, professional and trustworthy. Highly recommend. I found out my train for the next day was cancelled while in London at 11pm and needed a way to travel for Christmas. I searched a bit and considered a black cab or Uber, but was looking for something I could plan (I’ve had terrible experiences with Uber). I found Blacklane and decided to go for it based on reviews and comments from people. I had a car booked to pick me up at 11am the next day, it was early and they were happy to wait until the start time no problems, we ended up leaving early and I made a connection in minutes that saved me 2 hours. Worth every cent. Used them again to the airport and got an upgraded car; there’s not really any better way to travel than a 7 series, I even had a rare nap. Again, worth every cent. Drivers in both cars were professional and friendly, both times they arrived early and were happy to wait to the agreed start time to even start waiting 15 mins. I don’t often leave reviews, but good service deserves it, and I’ve not had better service in 2022 than with Blacklane. Look forward to this being my go-to in 2023.
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10 months ago, ecm0415
App Glitch & Terrible Customer Service
This is not an honest or reputable company. I tried to update the payment info for my ride pickup at Heathrow airport hours before the ride was due. When I updated the payment with the correct credit card, the Blacklane app suddenly informed me my ride was cancelled. I was in the middle of boarding my flight to London. So I quickly rebooked a new ride, confirmed it had gone through, then I had to shut off my phone as we were about to take off. When I landed in London, 2 rides had shown up. Both drivers are calling and texting, as is Blacklane customer service. I explained to all of them that the first ride had been cancelled by Blacklane. I was not sure why they had shown up. At this point, I had to get off the plane and go through customs. So I told customer service I would call them back as soon as I was able. After I hang up, I get emails saying my first ride had been cancelled outside the 1 hour window and now I owed for both rides. In my ensuing conversations with Blacklane, they refused to take responsibility for the glitch on their app and even went so far as to patronizingly explain to me how time differences work. Please spare yourself the trouble and never use this company. I had been a loyal customer for years, but recently, their tech (particularly their app) and their customer service is so bad it's honestly not a company to recommend to anyone.
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5 years ago, Ben8720
Excellent, professional service
Review: On time airport pickup, luggage handled from bag claim to vehicle by the driver. Clean vehicle, professional and courteous driver. Just booked another ride for two returning from vacation, which leads into my suggestions: 1. It would be helpful to allow two drop off locations for an airport transfer, instead of having to book by the hour. The cost was similar, and fair in my opinion, however you must then discuss additional mileage with a representative if it will exceed their base mileage (25 miles for 2 hours). I prefer to complete everything via app, without the added step of calling in and/or chatting live. Representative who helped me through Facebook messenger was extremely responsive and very helpful. 2. After booking, I had to make an adjustment to the time and flight number a week in advance. Very simple to do through the app, however they re-verify the funds for the whole trip for each change. I was surprised when my bank notified me of two additional $113 charges, and didn’t feel this was properly noted on the page while making changes. The charges never posted, and were only left pending for a few days - however I can imagine not all customers may necessarily have the funds available in their account or are prepared to be without them for a few days just to make a change. Overall I intend to continue using Blacklane and appreciate their service. Excellent company to book a ride with.
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4 years ago, Jenjen77639
I Will never use any other car service again. They are amazing and reasonably price. Tip and all taxes are included in each ride so you don’t have to worry about that at the end of the ride. I sent my 18-year-old daughter with a black Lane chauffeur and I will never do anything less again. I don’t trust any other car service to keep my daughter safe but I know I can always count on Blacklane. Reliable and courteous drivers. Professional. Their app is amazing because you can track the ride including arrival and departure through their app. I felt so safe with my daughter using them and I never felt like her safety was compromised. Thank you black Lane for always being there for us they are our number one travel need. They operate out of multiple states and you can’t go wrong getting a nice ride to the airport to your hotel quick fast efficiently and often extremely friendly and talkative
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3 years ago, roobes
The best period
I arranged a picked up for my aunt and uncle who came to visit me in Mexico City. International travel can be stressful enough, so I thought this would help ease the stress. Boy was I right. Their flight arrived on time, but the customs line was super long. Our driver kept me posted on her every move. From the the moment she arrived at the airport till the moment she was in contact with my family. She was really professional and patient. She waited till my uncle and aunt finally made it out of customs. My family couldn’t have been happier. The car itself was flawless and very comfortable. The driver gave them a sense of security at every step of the way. I received a txt when they were dropped off at my front door. I’m really excited to be using them again for my own trip coming up. Thank you Blacklane!!!
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1 year ago, camyoshi123
Great service, but one serious design flaw
Blacklane is a fantastic service. On multiple occasions, however, I have needed a car same day and ended up booking one for the next day. It's quite frustrating to realize this only after the car you expected to pick you up never shows up. While Blacklane does support same-day pickups, their app defaults the date to the next day. This is the most ridiculous design choice I think I've ever seen in a mobile app. In an on-demand world, there are only two valid defaults for the pickup date: Today or Nothing. Make me tell you that I need a pickup tomorrow. Don't just assume that. Think I'm wrong? Have one of your engineers query your data to see if the majority of your cancellations are for bookings the following day. And then see if they are cancelled right around 24 hours before the pickup time. If you ever wondered why that was, it's because they were expecting to be picked up today!
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3 months ago, Texas Girl in the ATL
Be Warned!
This app books third party drivers, so you may get cancelled on during a big event! We booked them in Hamburg for the Beyoncé concert and an hour before the show got a text message that they were cancelling our POST SHOW ride that had been booked for almost a month. Obviously at that point we couldn't book anything else and we ended up walking around trying to find a cab for over an hour because of the high volume of people. It was a disaster. Our preshow reservation that they kept was no better. The driver was over 20 minutes late and so when we got stuck on the expected concert traffic, we were up against the clock of the show starting. We decided to get out and take the 15 minute walk. We were unable to get our VIP bags and had to go straight inside. Thankfully, she held the show so we didn't miss anything! The driver was too busy recording the traffic and texting it to offer us water - if he had any for us. They are not ready for the big time in smaller cities!!
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10 months ago, 340533909
Blacklane customer service
Our flight to London was delayed and then canceled. We were then rebooked on another flight without our approval. It was either take it or lose another day in London. We did not have time to contact Blacklane to advise that we were rebooked and you are not allowed to use your phone in flight. However, their website says they follow the flights and keep track of customers, delays and cancellations. Our driver arrived at Heathrow at the original time, waited the hour they usually wait, and then left without us. When we finally arrived at Heathrow, we immediately called the driver who advised he would not be returning to pick us up and no one else would either. The customer service line at Blacklane is unmonitored (how convenient) so we had to leave messages. No one got back to us. When we finally did reach an agent via email, they advised we were a no-show and the fee was not refundable. Several different agents told us the same thing. Although we had already booked a driver for our return to Heathrow, he picked us up in a compact car that barely fit us and our luggage. He was a large man who had his seat all the way back and leaning into the back seat. He was nice enough, but it was not the service we expected and the London Black cabs would have been about the same cost. We will never use Blacklane again. We were told similar stories by multiple people in London.
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10 months ago, Jenn VEZ
False Advertising and Non-existent Customer Service
It clearly says on the app and website that you can change your pick-up time FREE of charge up to one hour before pickup time. I changed pickup time from 1:00AM to 1:10AM to 12:50AM within a 15 minute span, two hours before pickup time. My rate changed from $249 to $253 to $282 - NOT EXACTLY FREE. I tried the customer service chat function and while the person I was chatting with agreed that I was correct about the policy, he said the “system” calculates the rates?? SMH. Best he could do was forward my request to the right department. Haven’t heard from the right department. I tried calling customer service - good luck getting a human being on the phone. I don’t mind paying a premium for premium service but I do mind being nickel and dimed on top of it and false advertising. Added some stars because the driver and vehicle were both 5 stars.
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1 year ago, jv---
Top quality
I’ve used this service many times in the NY area. It’s mostly been flawless/amazing. I highly recommend. (Most drivers are Amazing, some are “just” good). One time there was a logistics mix-up and the customer service was wonderful. There was an honest mistake (probably a communication error on both our parts) and they made sure everything was resolved and that I was taken care of. One thing - and it’s just a head up - if you have specific requirements you should definitely write them in the Notes of the request. The service will work to make sure you have a car that can accommodate (whether it’s a dog with or without a crate, special physical accommodations, etc).
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3 years ago, TooFanci
Booked for two “Jewels”, my Mom and Aunt
I had not ordered a car service before other than Uber. I knew this would be a little bit more expensive, however traveling during a pandemic makes you rethink things, especially when it’s your mother and your aunt who are traveling. So I spared no expense as I thought it would be best that they have a carefree travel experience. Stan S. of San Antonio, TX was their chauffeur at pick up upon arrival to SAT and he happened to be their chauffeur going back to SAT. He was very professional, very courteous, and very personable. The next time I travel I will order a chauffeur as well. I’ve added the app to my phone. Thanks Blacklane and Stan, for keeping my family safe! Gwendolyn B. North Carolina
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2 months ago, fbeagle
Tried once; never again
Booked my first ride. When I updated the time, Blacklane’s system reversed the pickup and drop off locations, so both the driver and I were in opposite places. They admitted it was their fault but had no options for an alternative ride, and when I informed them I had to get my own ride at a much higher cost, they made no offer other than not charging me. I can’t make plans if my rides aren’t in the right place, and I shouldn’t have to pay for someone else’s screwup. Very unimpressed. Deleting account now. Follow Up to Developer response below. I emailed Mr King with a receipt for my expensive uber replacement and got a non intelligible response from someone in Germany telling me once again that I would not be charged for the ride that Blacklane screwed up. So, I’ve wasted even more time with Blacklane. Oh, and the online chat is in French even though I booked in English. This would be funny if not for the sad.
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8 months ago, jr12290
DO NOT BOOK WITH THIS Company, and the other most of the unproFessional place I’ve ever experience worse than Lyft and Uber combined I ordered a ride an hour and advanced the pre-authorize $216 on a credit card about five minutes before the pick up time. I called them because my account was suddenly locked and they told me that the ride was canceled because there were no drivers available. There was no notification no email no call to let me know this had I not even cold I wouldn’t have even known that I was canceled then when I reach out to Support, they suggest that I ask a family or friend to get me home because my credit card and reached its limit with that $216 authorization for the day which was not gonna come back to the card until 3 to 5 business days This happened today I’m currently still stuck in their response and solution is called a family or friends get me home
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4 years ago, Out the money
Beyond the call
Dragan was to pick up my elderly brother in law from LAX on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, busiest travel day of the year. The driver called to say that he couldn’t find my brother in law and that that he wasn’t answering his phone. I tried calling multiple times and when he finally picked up he said he hadn’t heard his phone in the noisy airport. Dragan was able to connect with my brother in law and the next call I received was from Dragan to let me know that my brother in law was in the car with him and on the way home. This is just old fashioned good service. Dragan wen beyond the call in a difficult situation. Uber would have left after waiting 2 minutes. Thank goodness I used Blacklane!
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2 years ago, langostittas
Unrealistic airport pick up policy makes these unreliable
I was super excited to give Blacklane a try to pick up a relative in a day of very bad weather. The chauffeur was great and polite and really great to deal with. Unfortunately, Blacklane has an hour wait limit when picking up someone from the airport. After this, the chauffeur simply leaves, the service still charges you and the guest is left hanging at the airport. While I understand that the chauffeurs need to keep doing their scheduled rides and get paid for their time, I think airport pickup policies need to accommodate the intrinsic uncertainty of international arrivals - for instance, longer than average immigration lines. There could be a better way to deal with this issue - for instance, a charge for extending the wait time or coordinate w another driver in the area to take on the ride. I was very disappointed.
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4 years ago, WaGoodman
Excellent Service
My flight was delayed almost 3 hours into Gatwick. I contacted the company and updated my pickup time. This only left me a 2 hour window to transfer to Heathrow to make my connecting flight home to Boston. My driver Stoyan Chimedzhiev was right there to meet me. I explained my transfer issue, he checked my flight status out of Heathrow and told me that he would do everything that he could to get me to Heathrow to make my connecting flight. He took my luggage and we ran to the car which was clean and very comfortable! A man of his word, as we were in traffic, he got me to Heathrow in as little time as possible. I would highly recommend the services of this company!
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2 years ago, GeraldineCoh
Warning - Terrible customer service and refund policy
I ordered an escalade SUV for a trip to the airport. Not only the driver brought the wrong car seat, but refused to accept us because we have one extra piece of luggage. The driver threatened me and my kids, then unloaded the car and left us on the road. I contacted the Blacklane customer service, which justified the driver’s behavior and charged me the full ride price. After complaining multiple times, they finally accepted to reduce the price by 50% which is of course unacceptable for a service that was not executed at all. At 200$ a ride, you will find much more value in other car service apps, and more customer-friendly terms of usage. Blacklane is not the luxury car service you would expect. I will never again use Blacklane, and by reading several other comments I know that I am not the only unhappy customer!
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4 years ago, Mariam Saoud
Easy, efficient, convenient, professional.
This service is the best ever. It’s so easy to navigate through the app, it’s quick and direct. They are very professional, and always on time. The driver asks if you’re comfortable, if the temperature of the car is okay. There are bottles of water in the car for your comfort. The car is clean. You can edit the date and time if plans change. You receive a confirmation email. Before your ride, you will receive a text message informing you of the drivers name and number, where you can contact him if you need to. I just honestly cannot fault it, it’s amazing. Downloading this app was one of the best decisions I made.
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4 months ago, NBPT Travelers
Boston Logan Ride
We used Blacklane in the past and they are always professional. However, we want to point out Samir, our chauffeur that drove us from BOS Logan airport to Newburyport, MA late yesterday evening. We were tied up waiting for our luggage to come out which caused a delay. Samir was an absolute gentleman. We realized this morning that my husband had left his iPhone in the back seat. We contacted Samir and within a few hours, he drove an hour back to our home to return the phone and did not expect payment. We gave him a generous tip anyway :) Would highly recommend Blacklane and it will be a bonus if you get Samir as your driver in the Boston area!
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5 years ago, staygar2018
Great experience
I was put in a weird situation where my daughter had to be at a camp in Colorado and I am in Texas. She flew into Colorado Springs and there was about an hour and a half drive to get her to her destination. I did not feel comfortable putting her in an Uber,so I used Black Lane. At one Point late in the afternoon, her flight number changed and I had to call customer service and they were very nice and professional and helped with the change. I was kept informed with the app and through emails and The Driver arrived right on time. He was polite and courteous to my daughter and she felt safe the entire ride, which gave me much peace of mind!!!
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2 years ago, uS*GqTSj%733UJiGdL#*
Great service and experience, just one annoying app issue
Overall, great service. I’ve used this for door to door and also to/from airport. Clean cars and professional drivers, always on time. The one thing keeping this from 5 stars is the app. The app resets back to the Home Screen if you switch to another app during the booking process. For example, if you’re inputting your addresses, and then toggle to your email to get your destination address or look up a time or something, when you toggle back to Blacklane, it resets to the app’s home screen. It would be a great UX if it would just return to where you left it so you don’t have to start from scratch.
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2 years ago, midmorningsleep
Thanks for the nightmare
Blacklane canceled the ride I had booked on my wedding day to get us from our venue back to our hotel. Here’s the kicker though, I never even got an alert that it was canceled— no push notification, no email, nothing. It just vanished. I didn’t realize it until I opened the app about 10 minutes before the car was set to arrive to find that the ride had completely vanished from my account. To head off any questions: - push notifications worked as expected for the Blacklane ride I had booked that got me to the venue earlier in the evening - my phone wasn’t in Do not Disturb mode, airplane mode, turned off, silenced, or anything else that would suppress notifications - notifications worked fine for the alternative car service app I had to use when I was scrambling to arrange a ride in place of my missing Blacklane booking Whatever may have happened, it’s too late for me to care. Blacklane is dead to me and I very sincerely hope that it fails. Bonus points: the Blacklane driver who actually did show up for the first ride I had booked couldn’t be bothered to properly wear his mask above his nose until we were all in the car and in transit to the destination.
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3 months ago, JG reviews Blacklane
Blacklane Driver Never Showed for pick-up
I booked Blacklane to have a driver pick me up from Paris Orly airport . My flight came from Mallorca and arrive approx. 11:20. I booked pick-up time for 12:05 to allow time to collect luggage. No one was outside luggage claim with a sign with my name on it. I had to go driver- to -driver asking if they were from Blacklane. After waiting 29 minutes I went to taxi cue and waited another 39 minute for a taxi to take me into Paris. I have used Blacklane in the past with great results ( it should be, thier prices are high), but not at Orly. Do you think anyone from Blacklane has bothered to contact me about this mom-service, even though I had a confirmed reservation? Nope , not a peep from them. Also for my pick-up on 16 June, Blacklane raise my confirmed price from 154 euros to 227euros. Why? Blacklane your going downhill with your service ( no service even though pick up was confirmed by Blacklane), and changing prices at the last minute. Keep it up and you will lose me as a customer. Let’s see if anyone at Blacklane bothers to go to my profile, get my contact telephone and calls me to discuss this review. I doubt it, but stay tuned, I will let you know if they do or don’t.
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4 years ago, robert szechter
Robert Szechter
My daughter and I used Blacklane to arrive at warner brothers studio this morning and I rebooked for a pickup to return to our hotel at Dream Hollywood and 20 mins before pick up I was emailed that the ride was cancelled. Absolutely not acceptable. If I was by myself it would have been bearable but with my daughter who I brought to Hollywood for vacation and for us to be left stranded is not how u treat a customer like me. Who has used your service over 50 times already. I’m sure I’ll get over it but it’s very hard to swallow I’d appreciate a phone call from someone who can make this better with me and my daughter
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4 years ago, Frank/Trish
Milan service at MXP airport.
We were a little nervous using your service based on a couple of past reviews. However there were more great reviews so we took the plunge! We were not disappointed in fact very pleased. The gentleman was waiting for us with our sign. He helped with our luggage and got us to our destination. He was very helpful giving us some suggestions for sightseeing and dinners. We enjoyed our ride to our destination. Our trip was July 8,2019. It was a pleasure doing business with your organization. Thank you! We will recommend you and use your service in the future.
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5 years ago, yasonofsky
WAS a satisfied customer
Beware of the small print. If you book by the hour and cancel within 24 hours of pickup, they will charge u for the whole ride. I by mistake canceled a reservation I made to be picked up at the airport (while waiting for takeoff of a 14 hour flight which was delayed about 15 minutes) instead of editing it to change the pickup time by 15 minutes! I canceled and immediately rebooked . To my surprise, I was charged twice !! More surprising was their unwillingness to refund the second charge. I was a satisfied customer for over two years. Not anymore.
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1 year ago, J D of Long Beach
Best ever!
This was my first time using Blacklane & it was beyond wonderful. Driver was right on time picking me up at 3:30am to take me to LAX. He knew my gate number & flight info. Smooth ride in a beautiful Lincoln tow car. Water provided! I’ve told several of my friends to use Blacklane. I will be using Blacklane in all my future trips to the airport as well as other cities from now on. Reliable, Safe &Luxurious.. quite reasonable rates. Very simple to use their app and updates ahead of time on your drivers name, cell number & ETA on his arrival time to my home!
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11 months ago, jerry gogosian
Ghost customer service
The drivers are lovely. The cars are nice. The service is premium. But imagine getting charged every day for a week $700 for one ride you took. No customer service. Just not answers. My cards had to be canceled. I had to dispute it because it wouldn’t stop. They wouldn’t bother to fix the glitch on their end. Just an eternity of ghost charges and no humans to help fix the error. Tonight my driver was coming an hour later than I was arriving due to miscalculation of time zone differences . My error completely. I called him to see if we could fix the issue or get another driver to come earlier. He referred me to the ghost customer service and hung up on me. So long, Blacklane. Good look staying in business long term treating paying customers like data sets.
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5 months ago, Kimbra Audrey
The Worst Car service I’ve ever used
I pre-booked a car several days before a flight landing in LA and the driver never showed. My flight landed early and the driver said he would be way later than the original time scheduled. They say they check the time of your flight an adjust pickup times but it’s a lie that they check your arrival flight. I also communicated over an hour before original arrival time that I landed early. Then when I did land and call the driver he was not forthcoming at all about how far away he was, I spent over 40 minutes waiting for him on the CURB when I paid for meet and greet service and then ordered an Uber that arrived in 4 minutes. Use any other car service but them a normal taxi is better. Horrific customer service.
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2 years ago, mrtorbert
Major issues
Update: Chris King replied to contact him, as though he’ll address the issues in the review, but all he does is just forward your email to the customer service queue who then doesn’t pay attention to the issue. This is just another example of the poor customer service at Blacklane. ——-Original Review——- This could be a great service if not for two major issues that need resolving. 1) Rides booked via travel agent do not show up under the customer/rider account. For some reason they actually show up in the travel agent’s account. This makes it difficult for the traveler to keep track. This should work like hotels, where the travel agent makes the booking, but it is under the traveler account. 2) when you click “change” to edit your booking, it doesn’t really make changes to your booking. What it actually does is cancel that one and create a new booking. I did this to adjust for a delayed flight, and got a message that there would be no driver for the “new” booking, and apparently no way to just tell the driver to come at a different time. This is a terrible user experience.
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2 years ago, JPB2022FL
Less Reliable During Pandemic
I've used Blacklane for years. But my last two interactions have reflected a decline in service. The first was a cancellation by Blacklane, after confirming ride availability. This happens but it's not ideal. My second was when I needed to attempt to cancel my ride. I have used Blacklane intermittently through the years but the app failed, the phone line wouldn't allow convenient cancelled and I disputed the forced charge. Needless to say, Blacklane insist I should prove every attempt to contact them, despite my existing history as a compliant client and they seem to be very reachable over a charge dispute, but not when needing to cancel my ride. My booked driver in this interaction acknowledged app disruption and phone issues. It has ended my use of Blacklane.
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2 months ago, Ron, Florida
Airport transportation
Flying in from the States, I have used Blacklane several times to travel from Heathrow into central London. Drivers have always been there waiting as I exit arrivals, car is usually Mercedes, Jaguar or BMW. Vehicles are always new, spotless, driving and navigation faultless. Reasonably priced and the best of the various limousine/transport services I have used. Lately I have been opting for the “green option” which is in a Tesla S. Although slightly more expensive, this is an ethical choice more travelers will have to make.
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3 days ago, Mayailanat
This service is ridiculous. My in-laws are elderly and visiting from another country. I arranged for a driver to greet them (and even noted the above in the reservation). Knowing this flight they are on is often early, and it would take them time to get through customs, I opted for a reservation a half hour after arrival - and Blacklane actually sent multiple emails suggesting I do make sure to allot extra time. Our driver sent me a text an hour before the reservation that he was already there and that he couldn’t greet them in the terminal. I explained the situation and, thankfully he said he could figure it out. However, he then cancelled the reservation after waiting an hour from when HE chose to arrive. Blacklane said it would take another hour to get someone there. My in-laws got out about ten minutes later, and ten minutes BEFORE the hour i had built in for cushion ran out, and they didn’t know where to go or what to do. This service is nominally cheaper than top of the line driver services but it’s not worth it. Either use a trusted service, or Uber/uberblack
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6 years ago, Ntsecrets
Saved my marriage
When we were in Portugal I had no idea how to get a limo to the airport for 5 + luggage. Uber has a fixed capacity of 4 passengers. My wife was on me because I had not helped find a solution. I came across this app and I scheduled the limo a few days in advanced not knowing if it would work. Well, at exactly 3:30 am as scheduled the driver showed up in a brand new Mercedes SUV with a very courteous driver. I got a notification an hour before from Blacklane with his info. I couldn't have been more relieved it worked and the price was very reasonable.
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7 months ago, JACK JACK JACK 3 times!
Ditched us, didn’t tell us and then charged in full.
If you book this service, and get stuck in a customs queue then the driver will ditch you, no one will tell you and you will be charged in full. $140. LAX Customs took a long time, I was in constant contact with our driver via text. When I booked I had arranged for him to meet us inside but he refused. We waiting curbside, as instructed, and then he stopped replying to our texts and wouldn’t answer our calls. There was no explanation. Blacklane didn’t contact us either. Blacklane has refused a refund. They say it is their policy for the driver to leave after an hour. This is - according to them - a typical experience with Blacklane. Be aware that your will lose the entire fee if you get stuck in customs. I had assumed we would be charged extra for the wait time - I’ve never seen a company simply ditch you. An airport chauffeur service needs to be able to accommodate customs delays, this is basic. Eventually, we booked an Uber Black. That Uber, with the exact same curbside pick up service and car was $100. It arrived in 3 minutes.
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5 years ago, Traveler Jacqueline
Excellent Car Service
This service is fantastic!! Not knowing whether I would easily find Uber during my overseas travel, I decided to try Blacklane for all phases of my travels beginning in Dallas, TX (USA) and twice while in Hong Kong. Throughout my travels, the drivers arrived on time; they were courteous and professional. The vehicles were immaculate. The drivers drove safely and deposited me at my destinations in a timely manner. The prices were reasonable for the quality of service. I will definitely use this service again and recommend it to my friends.
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1 year ago, MikeCosmo
Blacklane Service Top Notch!
I’ve now used Blacklane 3-4 times and have never been disappointed. I made reservations well ahead and very short notice and they have come through time and again. I primarily use the service for airport pickup and drop off to hotel. BL just gives me confidence knowing they will be there and get me safely to my destination. I’ve used in 3 different countries and it’s been great service each time. Highly recommend! The cost is worth it!
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2 years ago, moopoints
Awful customer service
I was a very happy customer until Blacklane’s software failed. I modified the time for a pick-up and then all of the sudden two drivers showed up instead of one. Blacklane went ahead and charged me for both rides. When talking to their customer support they insinuated that I intentionally placed two bookings. Not only is it absolutely infuriating to be told by a customer service agent that you are lying; it is so much worse when you know that the fault is with the software and the company would not even consider this to be an option. And all of that after having spent $1500+ for Blacklane services in that same month. This is the quickest way to lose a customer.
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3 months ago, Schmottie
Left stranded by rude driver
When the driver arrived he informed us our bags wouldn’t fit in the car. The same bags fit fine in the S-class we booked, but Blacklane chose to send an older 7 series BMW, with a much smaller trunk. I asked to use one of the open seats for the one carryon bag that wouldn’t fit and he insisted it was illegal to do so. His demeanor the entire time was rude and dismissive in a stressful situation. We were basically left stranded, scrambling for a cab to get us to the airport. And we got charged WITH gratuity for this. I’ve used Blacklane before without issue, so maybe this was an isolated incident but Not what you expect when booking an S-class Mercedes. Will go with a more established and trusted local option next time.
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5 years ago, BankershillRick
Excellent Service
I booked Blacklane after reading reviews answer I was very happy with the service. We flew to Beijing and not knowing the language or city we wanted to get to our hotel with as little hassle as possible. Our driver met us with my name on a sign, just as I was informed he would, outside baggage claim. The SUV we rode in was spotless. Our driver did not speak English or perhaps chose not to so he used a language interpreter app on his phone to communicate with us. Worked for us. Very good service and I will use again.
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2 months ago, Ati d
Blacklane car service
I have used this service numerous times for travel from my homes to airports, I am a single female and sometimes fly in alone at late hours, the service is always on time, professional, beautiful clean cars and friendly service. When I had an issue customer service was easy and efficient even tracking my flights and knowing the delays. Highly recommended.
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4 years ago, R___orete
Business class is a fail
I booked a business class car that shows i’ll get a mercedes car but got a big Chevrolet jeep instead. The driver said that the mercedes had an issue while it was on its way to me and thats why they brought a chevrolet instead and said they will give me a free trip later whenever I needed, and that never happened because the driver never replied! and when i emailed the company they said that the chevrolet jeep is also business class and its as the mercedes level and its normal to get a Chevrolet when you request business! lol how come? so paying for a mercedes is as same as paying a chevrolet?? anyways, they never payed me back or gave me a free ride and said that they are right.
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1 year ago, SLGNewYork
Needs work
Truly awful customer service. Impossible to get ahold of anyone, chat is always down. When you finally get someone it’s a 20 min wait. When there are technical issues with the app, no one seems to know how to fix it (ie can book something point to point but then gives error when trying to book hourly). Secondly, there is very little flexibility when booking and the driver does not go as directed like a normal car service. Even Uber does this and will allow you to change points of stop. This should be a level above. I would suggest not using u til the fix all of the above issues. Great idea, poor execution.
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1 year ago, Markstlnj
Great Aop
I use Blacklane on every business trip I take when I don’t rent a car, which is often. The drivers are always on time, they have always been professional - without exception - and are always friendly. The service is not cheap compared to other ride like services, but i have also had some rough experiences with those other apps….rolling the dice with my safety. Highly recommend!
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5 years ago, JhornOK
Excellent, but would like option to tip.
My experience with Blacklane was great - it made airport travel less stressful, the vehicle was immaculate, and my driver was excellent - timely, polite, and attentive. My only issue was that I rarely carry cash and would have liked the option to tip my driver for his services directly via the BL App. I hope they will add this feature soon. Nevertheless, I am still a very happy customer and will definitely be booking a Blacklane driver for my return trip!
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2 years ago, ChrisJ10
Horrible experience
Used Blacklane as my wedding night car service to take my wife and I back to our hotel. We didn’t want a limo or a crazy car so thought this would be a reliable, black car service to use. They cancelled my booking the day before my wedding, giving no explanation, and only sent an email to inform me. If I hadn’t checked my email that afternoon, I would have had no idea there would be no ride on mg wedding night. I couldn’t even get someone at the company to speak to me when I called the company and emailed them over and over again. Fortunately a local company in the area came through. Thanks for the added stress.
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6 years ago, AP-2010
Service is not consistent
Arrived in Boston and nothing is told to the customer on where to go! You have to go outside and find the car with a sign outside on a parking lot but when it is winter it is not pleasant that you have to find your way around at below zero temperatures. I had to call (was also given wrong directions) to find out where my driver was and only after 20min or so the guy finally came to pick me up.
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4 years ago, Jennifer Kwon
We were picked up from Menaggio, Como to Milan airport. The driver arrived right on time. Very nice clean car & perfectly professional driver just as expected! Everything was perfect until we were in a minor fender bender accident. Even though, no fault of our driver’s (thankfully none of us were injured), we were stuck in a car just minutes from the airport for more than an hour. Our first experience of this sort unfortunately.
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5 months ago, S. G. Nichols
Black Lane takes hassle and uncertainty out of Airport arrival
On May 2, we arrived from Boston fatigued after an all-night flight. The Black Lane driver was waiting when we came out of baggage area. He took charge of our luggage, guided us to the car, and we set off for our hotel. The ride was very pleasant, the driver affable, and we were able to relax. No hassling with taxis, S-Bahn, or Lufthansa bus. Black Lane made our arrival a pleasure.
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2 years ago, Wavyyyxoxx
This is a terrible service. They are unreliable and will leave you stranded at the airport and will not refund you. PLEASE READ TRIPADVISOR REVIEWS - there are hundreds of comments of people, families, children being left stranded at JFK. You are better off ordering an Uber Or Lyft Black. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE. They will not wait for you at the airport for more than an hour. Everyone knows there are often delays at JFK at the gate and baggage claim, but the drivers and company do not care. They do not wait. I am speaking from personal experience and there are hundreds of people with the same experience. Please read trip advisor reviews and use another service.
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