Blue Hat, Green Hat - Sandra Boynton

3.8 (35)
31.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Loud Crow Interactive Inc.
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Blue Hat, Green Hat - Sandra Boynton

3.83 out of 5
35 Ratings
11 years ago, KCRxGirl
Lots of fun!
My 2-year-old loves this app! I agree with previous reviewers that the narrator is monotone & boring, but really my son isn't listening to the narrator - he is playing! We played this several times before we found all the fun things you can do on each page. On the shoe page, you can get the characters to walk all the way off the page! My favorite is dressing the turkey in whatever combination you like, and you get to put the extra clothes away in the dresser! Cute & fun for little ones. It is pretty expensive compared to other apps we have which give you a much longer & more in-depth experience.
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6 years ago, SilllyJilly
But the bundle. Totally worth it!
My husband and I both use these. iPhone 6 Plus and 7 plus. Never have issues except 1-2 times if my phone had been on vibrate when I went into app there wouldn’t be sound. Turn vibrate off, exit app and go back and it’s perfect. My children love these. 2 and 3 and both with autism. When my son, 2, is having meltdowns sometimes the sound of this book is all that’ll bring him out of it. Works on his fine motor skills too.
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6 years ago, Krtrvlr
Excellent interactive story
After our first read through my almost 2 year old asked, “again”? The narrator’s unremarkable reading is perfect for letting the illustrations and animations tell the story. My older children enjoyed this board book when they were young and now the app will allow us all to enjoy it over and over together on-the-go when we need to pass time or cheer up a sad little one.
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9 months ago, KC Ft Wayne
Interactive Book for Children of all ages
The Boynton books are a staple in our home. This app has the full book and has added animation to make it even more fun! It can read to you, or you can read it yourself with or without background music and animation sounds. When in read to self, clicking on a word says the word out loud.
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4 years ago, ThaoDini
No sound on this one either
Everything in this bundle except But Not The Hippopotamus lost sound after a few months. The sound is working for the other apps on the device, so this is definitely a software bug. Until it is fixed you should not buy this.
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4 years ago, Mary Lu hu
Fun and Funny
Love the original book and the app is so well designed to add to all the silliness. Your kids will love it!
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6 years ago, #604
No sound
Do not buy, there is no fix if you buy it and do not have sound. Too bad, good books but does not work well on my iPad 2. No sound, tried loading, reloading, etc. no tech support, no refund.
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6 years ago, Coleymagolry
So Fun!
Two generations of Boynton fans and the app brings their favorite stories to silly life!
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6 years ago, Bouldermom2016
No sound
This app has no sound. I can’t find any way to turn on the sound. I am super bummed as I think my son would have really liked it. I am going to be asking for a refund.
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3 years ago, ):LL
Sound doesn’t work
The visuals are wonderful, but no sound? Please fix or refund.
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6 years ago, StephP82x
No sound
No sound on this app.
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13 years ago, Sayuki44
We love Oops! :)
My 3-yr-old son loves books and this happens to be one of his favorite! He had a blast the first time we read the original hardcover book to him when he was younger. And now that this digital version is interactive, he enjoys it even more! Even if your child has not read it before, I recommend this story because not only is it silly but it introduces basic colors and articles of clothing as well. You can either have the narrator read it to your child to follow along or allow your child to read on their own. We love all of Sandra Boynton's books!
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13 years ago, J Mendolo
Good now that it doesn't crash
This app is very cute. First though, I had to sync the iPad with the computer before it worked, otherwise the app just showed the cover page then crashed. Each of the famous characters is animated with a touch of the screen. My four year old has loved this book since he was 12 months old, now he read this by himself and laughed as the he tapped each animal, making them move and their clothes bounce.
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13 years ago, amcpherson
Huge hit with the toddlers
My two-year old twins absolutely adore this app, and ask for it by name constantly. It does a great job of translating the classic board book to an interactive app. Much better than the Pop Up! books for small children, as there is more to do. My only wish is that there was a way to disable the home button, because they keep hitting it and exiting out of the app; however, this is an Apple problem, not a developer problem.
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13 years ago, SandwichinWi
No problems with crashing!
This app is so cute. We have all the Boynton board books and this is one of our favorites! Even tho my kids are too big for board books, I bought this (and Moo, Baa) just for nostalgia's sake and my kids love exploring them. For the record, my 10 year old loves playing with this the best. I love things that keep our kids innocent and don't turn them into premature teenagers. Thanks for the creative work on this!
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13 years ago, Audrey's Nanna
Blue Hat Green Hat
My 2 1/2 year old grand-daughter really likes it but not as well as the other ones, I don't think there are as many different "activities" as in The Going to Bed Book & 3 Singing Pigs. She does enjoy it though & it was well worth the money. I am just wondering if you will be doing But Not the Hippopotamus?
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10 years ago, MommyMuses
What every children's book app should be
My kids love to come and read through the interactive story. I think all kids books on the ipad should be like this. I only wish there was a way to set the screen differently, showing just one page on a larger screen setting for kids who can't see as easily. The page turning to all the cute animations make this book one of my kids favorite apps.
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12 years ago, LarryD_Austin
Delightful, interactive, imaginative, highly recommended
Very glad I did not follow the negative review. Could not disagree more. First there are 14 pages not 6. Second each page is chock full of fun stuff. This is probably the best color teaching app I have found in the app store. So well done and fun. I have around 10 Loud Cow apps now because they are so well done. Charlie Brown and Peter Rabbit ones are equally delightful and charming.
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12 years ago, StevieAng
No surprise that a Boynton app is as awesome as a Boynton book!
My daughter LOVES "Blue Hat, Green Hat," and when she saw the app, she laughed like she does when she reads the book. It is a thoughtful, developmentally appropriate, calm, and silly app that my 3-year old daughter LOVES. I highly recommend it! In fact, after I bought it, I bought the rest of the Boynton apps on Loud Crow. Congrats to the developing team!!
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13 years ago, babyholder590
Blue Hat, Green Hat
This is absolutely wonderful. Entertaining, keeps their attention, and such a great way to teach language while spending quality interactive time with your child. I plan to buy all the books from this company. Looking forward to lots of play time and interactive reading! Didn't have problems with it.
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13 years ago, VishalDuggal
Just like a book I grew up with!
This is one of our favorite books! My 10 month old son loves to have this read to him and especially the clothes flying around at the end. It's similar to those that I grew up with and also like "My Favourite Hat" by Marc Tetro (and his other books). Highly recommend this to anyone!
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12 years ago, Almischa
I bought this to share with my two grandkids......... I previewed it and found myself laughing at the cute things the animals do and all the discoveries there are for the user. I decided to share it with my third grade class....The kids loved listening to it! Will buy more from this author.
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13 years ago, Carla409
Once again this company has made another FANTASTIC children's book app. There is plenty of interaction in the book, wonderful illustrations and it is just great. I always gift my great nephews this companies book apps and this will be gifted as well. This is a MUST BUY. Kudos again to the creative power that is fully seen in this book. WONDERFUL!!!!!
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13 years ago, DMMHGM
Love this app
My daughter loves this book and all the interaction! Thank you to S.H. We found you can dress the turkey and put the clothes away. I would love to see the option of recording our voice for the story as many other children book apps do. Mom and dad use much more expression then the current voice.
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13 years ago, Denyse SLP
Love Sandra Boynton books!
Love the apps even more! Very cute surprises that my three year old loved finding. We think there should be a "reset" button on each page so we don't have to flip back and forth to do the page again. Cannot wait for Barnyard Dance!
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11 years ago, Dbrand7
Great interactive book!
This book is even better than the normal hard copy because your child can touch each item on the page as it is read/described and it moves! Perfect for my 18 month daughter.
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13 years ago, Alcibiades33
Adore this!
My daughter loves the book, but I wasn't sure she'd get much out of a new electronic version. How wrong I was! There is so much to love in the illustrations, animations, sound effects, and narration. This is exactly what I'm looking for in a family app.
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13 years ago, Hplayer
Lots of fun
This is a fun book and the app is awesome. Every time you tap something the turkey moves, the clothes move, in one page it even rains and "fills" up the page. At the end all characters can jump in the pool and makes splashes. Great app for preschoolers.
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12 years ago, Columbia Reader
Should be cheaper
All of us in the family love this book/app but since it seems so much shorter I think it'd be at least a dollar or so cheaper. The going to Bed and Barnyard Dance are better. Consider buying it for sure if it goes on sale!
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12 years ago, tvfun
All the books are great! Sandra needs to do more of her books...PLEASE!!!! My kids 3 and 7 love them. It is so much fun to play with the characters and see/hear them do funny things. Please do more of your books!!!! PLEASE!!!!
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10 years ago, purplemama
Love this book
This is one of my favorite boyton books. I love that is now with me at all times. The pages match the book, but with a few bonus interactive things. I like how he jumps in the water at the end.
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13 years ago, Damien_Ryan
Love this...but
We love her books...this one is great...but be careful parents. The narrators voice isn't really clear and when he says, "shirt" ... It sounds like another word that kids shouldn't be saying. I suggest the developer fix the narration in an update. (I will admit my wife and I laughed when we heard it...but realized we should do this app w/out the VoiceOver for now)
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13 years ago, doovid351
Well done interaction
This is one of my 4-year old daughter's favorites. She plays with it over and over and likes all the interaction. Your child will enjoy it most if he/she likes being imaginative and playful with this.
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13 years ago, Prof.HillBilly
Love it
My son and daughter both love the books. We have many of Sandra Boynton's books, but this is a completely new way to enjoy them. Love the interactivity. Can't wait for more of them to be available!
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13 years ago, Michelle D., Baton Rouge, Louisiana
This app does not crash on the iPad. My guess is that those saying it crashes are using it on an iPhone. We love all of the Boynton books. This one is our favorite.
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13 years ago, punquin
Very cute! Reboot after install to stop crashes.
This is our third Boyton ebook. Love them! It crashed on the loading screen twice on my iPad1, but a reboot fixed it.
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13 years ago, SusanLHancock
But it is interactive!
It takes some experimenting. But try opening the drawers in the dresser and then changing the clothes the turkey is wearing. Then clean up by putting the clothes back in the dresser again!
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9 years ago, Ktmax17
Great app
This app is so much fun. I'm a speech pathologist and have used the app (and the book) with my students. The pictures are cute without being overdone, and the words and rhythm are engaging. Definitely worth the money.
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11 years ago, Anne the librarian
Fabulous surprises
Tapping the "oops" button on each page brings surprise actions that are sure to tickle kids' sense of humor. What kid doesn't laugh at flying underwear? The gentle repetitive music is a nice contrast to the laughter and giggles that will accompany the reading.
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13 years ago, Blue hat..
Eh.. Not worth the money
This book only has 6 pages and it's not that interactive. You can click the words and it repeats it and you can click the clothing and says the color or it wiggles. It's not worth the 4 bucks. You find cheaper books that have more interaction. The last page is the only one that does something.
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8 years ago, Grammieof3
Fabulous interactive kid's book
My grandkids love this book! They love discovering all of the things the book lets them do. They ask to "read" it every time they visit. Great book.
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13 years ago, Batman122071
My Daughter loves this
In fact she loves the other Boynton books/apps as well It's soo cute she calls them the "Santa Boynton" books These are a must if you have an iPad and little ones.
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10 years ago, Arch5
Blue hat green hat
I loved it. The little surprise at each page kept attention, simple, engaging, colorful and much to talk about for children and parents. (Especially important to this slp.)
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7 years ago, Psalm127
An old favorite done well digitally
Read it with my 20 month old. Lots of giggles. Kept his interest for 10 or 15 minutes.
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13 years ago, dwluvspool
I am very pleased with the app. Nicely interactive, and the animation added to the charm I already love about Sandra Boynton. I look forward to seeing more of the Boynton books transformed to apps. :-)
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11 years ago, CSSC129
Blue hat, green hat
This was my first Boynton book purchase for my iPad. It was the least expensive and definitely worth $1. My 2 year old loves dressing the characters. Very cute!!
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13 years ago, MyInput
Blue hat Green hat is very well done.
My two year old son loves it already. The graphics are excellent and the interaction is very fun and keeps his attention. Very nice e-book!!
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11 years ago, AVH2
Good fun!
My little girl loves this. It's great to read together or on her own. Lots of little surprises and clever details. It's silly, sweet, a great version of the original book.
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11 years ago, JBLsMom
If you love the humor of the book, you'll love the app. It's sweet and had me actually laughing out loud. The jokes are fun and actually quite surprising.
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13 years ago, Evbot
Love love love it!!!
We have all Sandra Boynton book apps but this 1 is our favorite! Every time my 4 yr old boy leaves the turkey in his underware he bellylaughs!:-)
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