Bolt: Request a Ride

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3 weeks ago
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13.1 or later
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User Reviews for Bolt: Request a Ride

4.8 out of 5
129K Ratings
4 months ago, SolveThisNeedUpdate
UPDATE: [Not]Terrible customer support!
After my frustration on yesterday, customer support finally get back to me and rather than a partial refund, they applied a full refund to me. I was only expecting partial refund not a full refund. That’s why I kind of take it back what I told to them. Thanks for the help! ———————————————————— I was charged £51 for a £34.5 trip with all fees included. There was no heavy traffic, we even arrived earlier. I contacted support, and it automatically offer refund to my bolt account and I said no, because I want refund to my original method of payment. Then I got assigned someone to and told me to chose refund in two ways. I said want a refund to my account. And it almost 1.5 hr, I’m still waiting the response. Worst customer support so far!!
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2 years ago, icp0492
Leaving a review has an opportunity cost. I don’t want to waste my time leaving a detailed negative review because it’s just not worth my time. For Bolt, though, I’ll make an exception. I decided to try Bolt for the first time this weekend. I was in a rush, and Uber wasn’t connecting me to a driver. I downloaded Bolt, thinking I’d give them a chance to win me over. This was a Friday. Bolt tried to connect me, failed, then reconnected to a driver, failed again. At that point, my Uber had connected so that’s what I used. Flash forward to Sunday. We’re in London, pubs are closing. My wife and I are ready to go home. The bus (love it) will take 45 minutes. Uber will take 20, but costs an arm and a leg. Bolt is half the price, and only adds a couple of minutes of wait time. I select Bolt. A six minute wait turns into a six minute wait. And another six minutes. Three minutes have elapsed, and it’s still a six minute wait. I’ve been connected to a driver - hurray. Except my ride is cancelled. I decide to take the bus. My wife wants to try Bolt on her account. We connect to a driver. A three minute wait turns into a four minute wait. The driver cancels. We end up taking the TfL bus. It’s reliable. I delete the Bolt app. I leave this review. I hope that others don’t make the same mistake. Peace out Bolt, good luck ✌️
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3 months ago, Josezarate
A Disappointing Setback
Experience: Needed to commute to work, located an hour away. Issue: Encountered a major hurdle with Bolt’s payment system - my debit card, despite multiple verifications with the bank, was consistently declined. Bolt’s system is apparently at fault. Customer Service Response: Lacking effectiveness. Now, there’s an additional 48-hour wait just to attempt adding a card again. Overall Assessment: Bolt’s failure in a basic service aspect - processing a payment - is more than just a personal inconvenience; it’s a glaring flaw in their system. This incident isn’t just about being stranded without a ride; it reflects poorly on Bolt’s reliability and customer service quality. Impact on Bolt’s Reputation and Business: Such experiences can severely damage Bolt’s reputation. In the competitive ride-sharing market, reliability and ease of use are crucial. Issues like these drive customers away, potentially to competitors. Every frustrated customer like me represents not just a lost ride but a loss of trust in Bolt’s ability to deliver a basic service. Moreover, word of mouth and online reviews magnify the impact of negative experiences, further eroding the company’s standing in the eyes of potential customers. Bolt needs to urgently address these issues to retain its user base and uphold its market position.
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1 year ago, Nana Gh 17
Poor Bolt Driver Service and Client service in Ghana
Bolt has a very poor driver service as well as poor client support service in Ghana, I tried using their service but due to the poor service, I will recommend that NO one uses Bolt services in Ghana. My ordeal was a day that 5 out of 5 request that all request never happened and I ended up using a local Taxi service which was high but reliable. Out of the 5 request for Bolt to pick me to my destination, 4 Bolt drivers ‘ out of the 5 ask me to cancel my trip which I declined doing so since I am not the one who wanted to cancel the trip. The Bolt Drivers’ were giving me some fanny excuses “Sir I am stuck in a traffic, I will be there soon”. While the app will be showing that driver will pick you in 4minutes and this minute has elapsed and it heading to 10minutes. Then then driver will chat you “ if it is taking too long cancel the trip for me” this is one of the excuse from a Bolt Driver. 1 out of the 5 request was more than worse. “the Bolt app indicated the Bolt Driver is driving me to my destination. O my goodness, this is bad for a service provider like Bolt to have this. Hello guys kindly do not use Bolt service at all. Thank you
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11 months ago, CPT Brad
Mediocre equipment, bad app, horrible support
I used Bolt scooters and bikes all over Krakow for several days. I had poor experiences with the Bolt scooters, many being under powered, not recognizing clear corridors between red zones, and misrepresenting the available power. I had to uninstall and reinstall the app several times, including once just to end a ride because the app froze and wouldn’t let me stop. I also had the app freeze at the end of a group ride and only let me finish one of the 4 scooters in the group. When I contacted support, they kept asking what error message I got, and either because they didn’t understand me, or were being intentionally obtuse, would not accept any explanation I tried to give. I uploaded photos of the scooters parking spots, screenshots of the 1st scooters’s completion and tried to appeal to them using their own data, it to no avail. The poor app ended up costing m an additional 45PLN, more than the original ride cost and their support team refused to refund my money despite the overwhelming evidence I presented. I would suggest using Lime or Tier or Bird but never again Bolt.
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5 years ago, Deceived user. OVERCHARGED
They may overcharge by 70!!!
I was using this service to n daily basis. In most cases drivers are professionals, but last time I got driver who didn’t know rotes or specially was driving wrong directions to increase driving time. When we riched the destination application showed 70% MORE amount than ride costs. Regular taxi would take 16-20 GEL but this application charged 35 GEL !! CARL 35. Even driver was surprised by this amount, when I said it’s too much driver said that application sometimes overcharges, he agreed with me but said if i won’t pay he will have to inform Taxify to block me. So I payed having hope to refund that amount. I contacted them trying to proof that I was overcharged, asked them to check rotes driver took. Young woman from support checked and agreed that driver took wrong directions and it made about 4 additional KM and didn’t say anything about crazy charge they took. So they agreed that driver was hitting cycles around city( we several times argued) and agreed it was too expensive but they do not gonna refund. So if are ready to be overcharged because application decides that you are capable to pay go a head. I was using this app to go to work and back everyday and I had five star rating, but decided to delete it.
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2 years ago, asfhu nkk
Useless app
There are issues with the app. First of all, customer location is inaccurate. Use it the first time, never saw the bolt taxi driver. App kept saying driver is here but was never able to find him. Had to cancel. Second times I used it I specifically dragged the starting location to beach rd on central festival mall. Driver still ended up on central festival mall side. Tried message him. He never replied or try to go to where I was on my app. Driver cancelled the ride. Third time driver stated that he is only allowed to take 3 people but app said 4 seats. I assumed it was for 4 customers. No, it means car has 4 passenger seat. Doesn’t really make sense does it? Driver charged me 25 baht more for not kicking us off his car! Apparently only taxi can take 4 passengers. Fourth time, it was raining. Waited for driver to show up. Never saw him. Through the app I saw him continue to take the route I was going to take except without me and charging me for it. Never had this issue with Grab. It is true Bolt ride are cheaper but the app is not very dependable. It is a hit and miss using the app. I really wouldn’t recommend the app till they got the problems corrected.
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2 years ago, Grybai
Need to improve on hiring drivers and improve their customer service
Our driver took us around the city … thinking we don’t know directions . We were obviously from other country and speaking with my daughter other language .. however I was born in Kaunas so besides cigarette smelling car driver was telling me he is going right way and at the end we were overcharged and the only reason I want people to read this just because principal thing .. Bolt couldn’t give me a refund of overcharged trip even though they agreed that driver really should have not taking that route on our behalf … no big deal but I do not like being fulled and most importantly me and my 5 year old daughter got scared at some point when driver took a highway for prolonged trip …not going to use this service again because it’s poorly handled… they gave a credit to bold account for extra charges that only can used with bolt within few months Hello we live in USA and come there once a year ! So keep your refund to improve your services Good luck !
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2 years ago, ($)(&(@)(&(&()(&($(74'fidjd
Nightmare drivers
My 15 year old brother decided to go to place that’s 7 mins away from home as he sat back in the car the driver insisted that he comes to the passenger seat and started to try kidnap him by saying “I have a PlayStation in my home wana play?” But my brother was smart and scared the driver by saying my dad is tracking my phone and he’s going to come to the current location if the driver goes the wrong way and the driver tried to sexually touch my brother in Saudi Arabia kissing someone’s nose shows some type of respect but we are from Egypt so we don’t do that the driver kept touching his hair’ inner thighs’ hands’ and took advantage my bother had shorts on as he also kept touching his knees and the driver acted like he was helping my brother by putting the seat back bec he thinks my brother is not comfortable and he puts the seat back on the way back he was sliding his hands on the short till he reached his private parts and my brother scared him and called the cops he immediately stoped and was focused on the road till my brother was in his destination
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9 months ago, King.Mufasa
Terrible and Frustrating App
The current location feature doesn’t know the meaning of accuracy. Bolt always like to estimate that your location is in the neighboring city which always about 10km away. Mind you this is the same feature that other ride share applications use, but this issue always happens with Bolt. They should prompt the user to either select the pick address or use current location service, but they for some reason decided to make everything inconvenient. Apart from the outrageous pickup wait times, which could span for about 30 mins all while the app still says driver is 2 mins away, the driver license registration was wrong. I was expecting the license plate number listed on the app, but in reality it was completely different. I don’t understand why they don’t do driver information check up. It’s a matter of safety and safety should be their top priority. Sadly, it’s clear that money is their number one problem.
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4 years ago, Tunisia User
Unsafe and bad customer service
I had a bad experience with an aggressive/impolite driver. I couldn’t find a way to report the misbehavior during the ride. I called the customers service as soon as I arrived to my destination. I was in a hurry, otherwise I would’ve gone to the police station directly. The customer service was busy. I had to call again and again (apparently they were receiving too many complaints to handle them at the same time). I reported the incident, and asked if I can send them the recorded conversation with the driver by email. They said no, upload it through the app, knowing that the app doesn’t have an audio upload tool. I ended up uploading the file on gdrive and sending them the link via the app. Then I called again to check if they received the file. Again, not responsive. After several attempts I was able to reach another customer service employee who was not able to follow up with me because he’s not the one I talked to on the first time. He said they’re gonna call again. Still waiting ... Total disaster !!
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3 years ago, 都就快
Registered for an account using all of my personal data, after registration, the app doesn’t let me request a ride with any of my international credit cards that works perfectly with every merchant in foreign countries. The app doesn’t even let me request a ride with cash payment option, since my account has “suspicious activities”, I haven’t even had a single ride, what suspicious activities????! I’ve decided to walk to my destination instead since none of the payment options were working. A few hours later, I get a notification from my credit card company saying €30 was charged for a Bolt Food order in Latvia (I was traveling in Georgia)!! I definitely did NOT order this and froze my credit card immediately!!!! Not only does this app not work, it also leaked my credit card data. I tried to cancel my bolt account immediately but the only way to do so is to contact support. Support hasn’t responded to me in over 5 hours, this is completely unacceptable. Never again.
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4 years ago, MiMo.22
I have 2 Bad and Sad memories with BOLT First is around 1 year ago with some aggressive driver who mad problem for me and my business partner during the trip ! And already Bolt just in a funny way promised us ! They will punish this guy ! ( Oh Mama ) The second is about 1 day ago ! I just forgot to finish my ride ! and they took from my bank account 90 PLN ! That’s really sad because imagine maybe I got some accident and I dead ! You should charge someone who didn’t use your scooter !?? That’s really big and bad bug BOLT or if it’s for some other reason there ! It’s really SAD because it’s kind of stealing money from people ! I am mentioning again ! I just forgot finished my ride ! and you could check with GPS it didn’t move anywhere! And for what reason you charged me ! I delete your app, as I got from my first story so far so good ! You don’t care about your clients you are just thinking about money ! If you care about your future clients update your app very much fair ! I hoped for rating I would use the 0 star but that one is very much enough for you BOLT !
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1 year ago, MommaT112233
Outdated maps and cannot tip driver!
I normally use the U*** competitor, but received a discount promotion for Bolt. The reviews I read claim you can tip the driver within 15 minutes of completing the ride. I was short on change so thought I could just tip in the App. Nope. I then read that one has to apply the tip within 15 minutes of the end of the ride. Still, nope. It really irritates me, because these guys are out driving for this company on holidays and I can’t give them a little extra for their efforts, while Bolt corporate still generates revenue for shareholders…. In addition, I’m not sure what geo location map they use, but it needs to be updated, as I have had to cross the street on several occasions with heavy bags, after realizing they can’t find me. The second time it happened, they were off by 3 km! I would have had to eat that fare had I not noticed it. Bolt developers, you need to step it up!
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2 years ago, hypratt
GPS for pickup is not working correctly
I used Bolt twice in Budapest. Then on my 3rd attempt the driver passed us and stopped two blocks away. Fortunately we saw where he stopped and he was still there as we inconveniently had to run to catch our ride. The next time I used your app (also in Budapest). The driver had an incorrect pickup location. We used the chat feature to contact the driver to give him a precise location but he could not be bothered and cancelled. I am now in Vienna and the first time I used your app the driver went to an incorrect location and cancelled. Tonight (also in Vienna) we saw the driver stop about a block away and before we could get there he cancelled and drove away. We have never had issues like this whenever we use Uber. (Also, their price is always lower). You need to correct this problem while you still have customers willing to put up with an app that cannot locate the correct pick up point.
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7 months ago, Musictemporun
Unreliable driver and insufficient customer service
I was in Paris to visit and to get direction I used google maps. There I found out about bolt. I think I used it in NYC longtime ago. First in the morning the drive disappeared after a few minutes of wait time. Later it was rainy and cold and the driver did not bother to come and pick us and sent a notification that there is no parking. There was ample place to stop and pick up. I said OK I am coming to you but kept walking and could not reach her. Eventually the map showed that I am at her location but I could not find her car. I told her and instead of any guidance she cancelled the trip and I got a charge for 7 €. I contacted their customer service and they sent a generic message without really discussing what I write more and when I said I am not satisfied they send another message by a different person asking to get 7€ reimbursement and say that I am satisfied with the customer service. Not a good drive experience and not a good customer service.
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1 year ago, UserHappy450
Bad service
Bolt is good but the riders can be dangerous I entered bolt and the bolt rider was asking me to pay more than i am suppose to pay cause i wanted to use cash he said the place was far and i should pay extra but the bolt app said a different amount which is fair It will better for bolt to remove cash from bolt and allow only card payment or make a feature where u can deposit to bolt first then from ur bolt the money should be deducted just like when using card no need to talk to the driver to avoid harm just in someone was killed in Bayelsa cause of same issue this not bolt but can happen too if they ask to pay more the drivers can be very ignorant and cause harm to the passenger so please if u can remove the cash and accept card only and a feature to deposit into bolt and the money will be deducted from your bolt app automatically when the ride ends to avoid long talks and harm just saying cause the drivers can make bolt dangerous for people
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2 years ago, CKGS-1
Bad experience
Everything is great the prices are amazing and affordable and fair But my experience yesterday was not good at all , I order a taxi and it arrived on time after a few minutes in the car the driver told me that the company cannot makes update and change the prices with using a bad Bad language ( cursing the employee of the company and the company ) he told me I have to pay more if I want to continue my ride I told him I will pay the amount that the company asked for , and he said I cannot take you to your destination , he dropped me of and I had to order another taxi waiting in the street , I like you guys and your company is the number one right now I lebanon , don’t change this number keep the good work .
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2 years ago, Zeeriat
This is more like a compliment
Bolt need to gives an award to one driver of yours so sad I wasn’t able to rate him but he is the kind of one most honest being I never seen... I did a transfer to him yesterday when he dropped me at my destination but unfortunately I made x8 of his actual amount, I didn’t even notice till the next day which is more than 24hrs, immediately I called him and he said he has called the number I registered with bolt and I checked the phone and I truly saw his missed, he asked me to send his account number and send me the money with hesitating... I think he deserves the best bolt driver of the year... His name is Osemene Andrew Okudili His plate number : KSF61GQ
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5 years ago, Good lov
Wouldn’t even advise my worst enemy to use this app. It’s a BIG SCAM! I took a ride which was meant to be 4500 but an additional 2k was put to it. I ended up paying 6500 for my ride. After my ride, I got an email from taxify showing the amount the ride was(4500).I quickly sent an email to them saying that I paid 6500 for it and I wanted a refund of 2k back. After carrying out the investigation, they asked me to send my account details so as to make a refund, which I did. For 5Good weeks I kept emailing taxify saying I haven’t gotten a refund back and they kept replying my emails saying they would make the refund soon and I should wait a little. To cut the long story short, I never did get a refund and a two month have passed now. In as much as Uber cost more money, I would rather use their app because I know if anything like this happens, before the week runs out i would already get a refund. Plus their employees are very professional. Taxify just picks anyone from the streets and Gives them the job! Stupid
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2 years ago, Iraqi Boy
BOLT is the Worst company in the world, there is no reason fir their work, their job only to get ur money without any support, before 4 days iI forgot my back bag in Bolt’s taxi in Paris (contained laptop, iPad, phone and confidential documents), i shared all the data of the driver (name of driver, picture of driver, plate number of the car,…etc) with the support team but no action from their end, they just advised me to contact police !!! even they couldn’t reach the driver !!! I think this this company registered its drivers without any data or security clearance as following on other companies !! I asked them to share with me the phone number of the driver so I will reach the theft driver directly, but no response from their end, this company should close and proven from work in Europe because their services are useless and they just steal money. For me, I hired 4 lawyers to raise an official case to French authorities to close this company because they are thiefs.
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1 year ago, Alex13498235
Why is it so difficult to get a ride?
I've been using this service in Azerbaijan for three years. Over that time the quality has gotten worse and worse. It generally takes about five or six tries to actually get a driver to show up. Most of the time they never move, or else get to a place and then stop without responding to calls or messages. Worst is when they call and ask you to cancel – if you cancel too many times Bolt locks you out of the app (great customer service!). It's really a very frustrating experience. My suspicion is that part of the problem with the service is that they pay their drivers almost nothing. For example, a 15 minute ride might cost 1.75 USD, depending on the time of day. I'd gladly pay four times this if I only had to request a driver once and if the car had a seat belt when it arrived.
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1 month ago, Kasra Lavasan
Stressful and upsetting experience in Paris
I used it to go to the city center from the hotel cost me 40 euro , I took a car coming back from almost the same location back to my hotel it showed me 38 euro, things are fine, until we reach the hotel and driver says its 104 euro , showing me a different and far location , I tell him but we are here not in the address you are showing , he says I dont know , its not my car , I am working for someone else, he will ask ke 104 euro!!! I tell him to call Bolt support team , he calls a number it goes to voice mail and thats it I had to pay him extra 60 euro , while I was chatting with a support team online on my phone again no luck until the driver left and I am in my hotel , the support team offering me 60 euro credit and not the refund which I refused , as I am leaving the country and will surely never use Bolt in any other occasion/country.
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1 year ago, MaeSimAn
Waste of time
Waited for Bolt for over an hour in Manchester, ride was cancelled multiple times and yet kept showing drivers around. Unfortunately good public transport seems to be lacking in Manchester as well, nothing was available to get me to my destination that was literally only 2.5 miles away. Thank the lord for the black cab drivers because they at least seem to take their jobs seriously. I wouldn’t even bother trying Bolt because you’ll just waste your time and make an already miserable experience of going through the airport even worse. If you’re in London just take the public transport, I can guarantee it’ll be much more worth your time (literally takes the same amount of time to arrive that it does to use any rideshare) and save you tons of money. If you’re outside of London, just take the black cab and give your money to people that deserve it.
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2 years ago, -_- Sarah -_-
No route planning for scooters/bikes to help avoid dead zone
App is mostly fine, though loads very poorly on slow connections, BUT it’s incredibly frustrating to not have route planning for scooters, especially when there are dead zones all over a city. I use Bolt as a tourist to get around cities I don’t know very well. I can’t see my destination on the Bolt map, and I can’t input it there, so I have to switch to Google Maps to navigate. But Google Maps doesn’t know where the Bolt dead zones are, so I often end up having to stop, flip back and forth between maps, drag the nonworking scooter back out of the dead zone, and try again. This typically happens at least once a trip, and I can see from how the Tallinn city is covered in dead zones that it’s going to happen multiple times today. You have route planning for cars. Why is it so hard to add for more environmental scooters/bikes?
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1 month ago, dickfong69
Watch out for extra charges!
Often times the driver takes “the long route” to increase your charges. He decorated from the Bolt mapped route then your rate that you agreed to is significantly higher without your knowledge. When you try to contact Bolt Customer Service, they won’t respond. I’ve been waiting over a week for any response. Watch out, Bolt is a SCAM. I have contacted Customer Service over 13 times and every time no one has ever ever ever responded. So, I just contact my credit card and say it’s a fraudulent charge and get credited back all the money. Bolt is the worst ride share app out there. Never ever use them because you will get scammed and over charged. And the Bolt drivers are the ones that got kicked out of Uber for being terrible drivers. Ladies, be very very careful with Bolt drivers. They are very sketchy.
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2 years ago, go091e
Consistently wrong home address
Every time I initiate a search from my home address (which is saved in my profile and hasn't changed for about a year) I have to manually change "Where from" which is off by two houses EVERY TIME. My house number (saved in profile as Home) is 30 but for some reason it always sets starting address to house 26. So I have to manually change my From address every time. Very annoying! Update: this issue has been fixed for me, my home address is now correct by default (yay).
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10 months ago, drmoush
Bolt Nairobi
First the biggest problem is the app, you are in hurry in the city there’s no traffic/ no jam , then there’s driver will accept that is far away 10 or even sometimes there’s rider an you will be waiting to drop the other passenger off and come to you ridiculous and there’s drivers that free maybe away from you like 2 /3min and then app says don’t cancel in drivers, is just ridiculous. Secondly some drivers are inappropriate with their costumers. Just they’re absolutely no no for me and I will cancel it. Last but not least the most worst one drivers will be driving unmatched plates number telling you is okay face matters low key creepy driver or they will be saying the car isn’t working today or i will change soon I just forgot about it, ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE . No MY SAFETY MATTERS. I can confirm is majority of them. Fix those issues ratings don’t matter when it comes to safety.
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2 years ago, Smurfml
Very disappointed
My husband and I are two regulars, we use Bolt almost every day in Malta and sometimes in London. Today I was in London and I needed a car to go to the airport and after waiting several minutes for Bolt to find a driver, we finally found a car that was supposed to arrive in 13 minutes. After several minutes of waiting, the app timer increased the wait to 14 minutes. The car seemed to be stationary and changed direction. So I decided to cancel the race. I was charged £8 for canceling! I tried to contact customer service but doesn't seem to be anyone there. No response despite sending several reminders. This service is very disappointing, especially considering that every month my husband and I leave them a lot of money for various trips. Customer service Bolt London is a joke. From now on I will take Uber when in London.
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9 months ago, itsy_spider
The absolute worst. Do not waste your time and money!!!
I tried to use it twice today. First for an airport pick up it told me to go to a specific pick up area. The driver went somewhere else. Then he couldn’t find where I was and I don’t even know if he was looking for me. Then he stopped answering. I was forced to cancel and pay a 15 euro cancellation fee. I gave it another try for a simple ride within the city. The app mis-located my gps position by a block. I couldn’t correct it. I tried calling the driver twice, messaging, and sharing my location with him not willing to drive around the corner in the pouring rain (the reason for the ride) to pick us up. He drove around elsewhere except where we were for the free wait time and then cancelled on us, costing me another 7 euro fee. I’m never using this unreliable app with shady drivers.
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1 year ago, Cici keys
Frequent Traveler
As a foreigner, visiting from the United States, my experience with bolt has been a 7/10. I use Bolt mostly in Romania. My experience with the drivers are a hit and miss. Some drive out of control and some are safe. I would recommend making it a requirement for Bolt Drivers to know English as well no matter what country Bolt is offered in only because there will always be travelers from the U. S. Being able to communicate with the passenger makes the ride more fun and safe. As for the app, it is easy to navigate. I like how you can see where and who the driver is. I like how you are also able to track your ride as you go along.
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2 years ago, Mike173
Terrible experience with app and map and support
Bolt let me pick up a scooter in some kind of no parking zone. And only when you start going do you realize the speed is limited to like 1 mile per hour! And you can’t end your session in that zone. So I had to push the scooter (with the brakes on) for over a mile before I could return it. I tried to chat with Help, but they never answered. Extremely frustrating. Also on the bike it would slow down to like 3 mph and be very hard to move in seemingly random places. Maybe coincident with no parking zones or something, but to know you would have to spend a lot of time on the app panning around in the map (which is slow) to preview each part of your route. The whole experience was frustrating. Walking would have been faster. And Uber was cheaper.
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2 years ago, rijanbansin
Not being considerate to drivers
Bolt is like a rip off... You work work work buy fuel pay commission and end up with a token. If your car develops fault, you’re a gunner! There should be conditions such as increase in fare if there are more than one passenger but bolt never looked into this.. The fare charges are too low compared to fueling ones car... One can be living from hand to mouth without any savings and that’s not a life bruh! If bolt really wants to help and impact lives then a good review should be done and stop all these nonsense driver rate or acceptance rate... bolt should also consider drivers location to a rider and add that to fare cost. Bolt is being unfair and if it goes on like this, sooner or later it will take a toll on the company.. That is if they care though or care “less” afterwards they (owners) already made billions of naira..
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12 months ago, krb312
How many app designers are there in the world?
And why can none of them make a functioning app? This app is worse than Uber, and Uber is a frozen toilet seat stuck to your thighs. Imagine functioning more poorly than that. Bolt did! Then they made it! How many app designers exist in the world and not one of them can make a basic yet functional app?? Or y’all are paying your terrible friends or something but JFC, get it together. There is no map function. When you go to schedule a ride, it changes the address if you aren’t at that spot. Why can’t I schedule a ride to the airport before I get home? Is that truly too complicated for you? And why can’t I SEE A MAP of the ride I’m scheduling so I can make sure this trash app is doing what it’s supposed to??
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11 months ago, Wynterwonderland
Stealing from Drivers
I have used bolt in the past about two years ago and didn’t have this issue then but now after a ride completes it asks you to rate the driver which i rated ours 5 stars. On that same pop up it asks if you want to leave a comment or continue, i clicked continue to add a tip but was shocked no such thing popped up. The ride was marked as completed and then when i went back to the ride immediately it would not let me add a tip. After unsuccessfully trying to add one i reached out to customer service immediately and they took forever to reply back! First they said there was no way to add it, then they said i should have added it within 15 minutes of ride completion but that’s NOT AN OPTION! I would rather pay slightly more and use Uber than to not support drivers.
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2 years ago, Lc8801
Driver asks you to cancel, you’re stuck in app
Almost 40% of the times I’m using the app in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the drivers call you asking if you’re gonna pay by cash or credit card. If card is the case the will cancel your trip because they can’t get the money the same day. Some of those times the driver will wait for you to cancel the trip to save their reputation inside the app, which will make you be attached to that driver who’s driving in random directions for 15 or 20 minutes, without any possibility of getting another trip. They waste your time, zero profesional. If you cancel the trip yourself the app is gonna end up punishing you with more waiting time, and there’s no option to report the driver before the trip starts. For those cases, there should be a report button.
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4 years ago, xrajiv
Seriously bad - app, customer service, routes
My first booking was in London and the driver said he is stuck and would take 15 mins instead of 4 mins, so he can cancel. We agreed to cancel and I still got charged £6 cancellation charge. Customer service [Stefan] is unhelpful, outright rude and dishonest. They refuse to reverse the charges, £6 is not the concern but by principle putting the customer in a helpless situation is — if I cancel I get charged, if driver cancels (or not) I get charged. Since Bolt has access to my credit card, they think they can charge me whatever. Driver sounded genuine on the reason to cancel but it seems Bolt is happy to fraudulently collect the fee from me anyway. Being the only alternate to Uber in London, this app seemed a necessity but they’ve lost my trust. And Stefan, thank you for your coupons but they will not compensate for your dishonesty and outright lies.
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3 months ago, Kimbodbimbo
Customer service will keep your money
I was unable to get across the street the meet my driver, I had set my location to my airbnb which it has been set at for days with no issues prior with pick up. I am disabled and was unable to walk across a busy road full of buses and moving cars to meet this driver, as it was unsafe and would have started the money costing wait timer. So I tried to wave the driver down with my hands but they did not notice me. I canceled my ride as I was unable to take it, and took the same exact ride a few moments later with a driver that went to the correct pick up location. I contacted support 2 times and they keep saying the driver was at the correct pickup location and would not be refunding me, I am disputing this transaction with my bank.
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10 months ago, nixkxlxs
great app,
the app works amazingly there’s no issues here in spain other than the city regulations that force you to wait a few minutes before ordering a ride. however it’s confusing to see ride in comfort costs less to a regular Bolt when it’s rush hour. the app works great though the drivers are great, the cars are amazing i got picked up in a bmw. this app is also cheaper then uber when i compared the two and it takes less time for a Bolt rather then a UberX to arrive, love this app 🤗
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2 years ago, Szn9
Not safe to ride with, dangerous for travelers
My first ride I took with them, the driver picked me up and took me to a location out of the way to where I was going. He got out of the car and told me someone else would be driving me. I told him I want to just get out and call another car and he blocked the door and wouldn’t let me out. The new driver came in, and started diving but the driver in the app was not him. He didn’t know where we were going and didn’t have the Bolt device with my profile. This was just some stranger off the street now driving me. He made a bunch of turns and again went out of the way of my destination. It took an extra 30 mins on top of how long my ride should have been. I asked for a refund and they offered me a 5 euro credit. Terrible!!!
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6 months ago, adeniran olu
Bolt is not cheap and affordable and it’s full of extortion.
I use bolt app up to 2 to for times a day. What’s annoying is the fact that the rider asks you to level up their dedicated prices because the generator of the app is incapable. I know this would be swept under the rug and possibly not being tackled. I don’t imagine someone being at the verge of death but keeping her calm yet, some driver giving you negotiations when you are in their cars. To crown it all, when it is midnight, it is four time the bolt price, I have reported many riders and you guys didn’t do anything about it. Also, they cancel on us without our knowledge after picking us up to our destinations and end up negotiating the price once we wan our destinations. Is this bolt strategy or driver’s strategy?
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5 years ago, Michael6383928
Scam and Rides No-Show but leave u waiting
I wish I could tell you how the ride was but none pick me up, just make me wait 20 minutes before cancelling, then reconnecting to do this with a new driver again and again. Tried on two different days in the center of Paris, matched with 6 different rides but they all cancel on me. They have no customer support because you can only complain about completed rides. I wanted to pay to use your service but the cars would drive around for 15 minutes then always cancel. Driver doesn’t answer calls or messages about what is going on. Not sure if your drivers actually exist. Always gave up and just used Uber which showed up in two minutes. Uber is much superior, just wish I could get money for the time wasted trying this joke of an app.
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1 year ago, First Time User_037
Charged for a ride I didn't take
I was charged for a ride that happened without me. The ride was completed to the destination despite the fact that I was not a passenger. I reached out immediately to the customer support team, who professionally requested indisputable proof of my absence on the ride. My explanation was deemed inadequate, so I'm left having paid for both the fraudulent Bolt ride and my actual transportation need. Though I appreciate the timely communication I received, I strongly caution any user who uses this ride service. I would not recommend this application to any of my friends and colleagues.
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12 months ago, really?tentryswithanickname
Terrible App that Works about 50% of the time
I’m guessing most of these reviews are paid for. No way have all these people not encountered the same issues I have. I’ve used Bolt for about a year now. The fundamentals of the app are fine if not a little clunky. The issue is with the service. Drivers cancel on your CONSTANTLY. They also intentionally double book. I can only guess this means to get to the general area and see which ride is longer. This has meant at times I’ll wait 10/15 minutes for a Bolt to just have them cancel. Now, at least 10 minutes in the hole I have to start the whole process over. I assume as well that there are no penalties for drivers to do this. Cabify is slightly better but suffers from similar issues. Though they don’t cancel quite as much. FreeNow is better but it can be very hard to get a cab at peak times. The stupid cab union booted out Uber for some time but it’s sort of back and I’ve heard it’s getting better. Either way, when Bolt works, it works fine. But with so many issues I end up a half an hour late or more (just like today)! Thanks for nothing.
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3 weeks ago, arcane93
Unreliability is unacceptable
Very disappointing service. I needed a car to the airport. Opened the Bolt app, it said it had a driver three minutes away. Ok, no problem. Stood there waiting for over ten minutes watching the driver get closer and closer on the map. Ok, London traffic, I get it. He finally gets to the point that he’s literally right around the corner from where I’m waiting for him and then… he cancels? Then the app just sits and churns saying that it’s “finding me a driver” with nothing. I need to get to the airport, I don’t have time for this. Finally I gave up and switched to a competing app and got a car. I hope drivers at least get penalized somehow for doing that to riders. Still, this will not be my first choice of ride apps if that’s how it’s going to go.
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5 years ago, Tamar_M
Very disappointed with this company
I am using Taxify in Tbilisi, Georgia. They say one price but charge you with more almost always. Today was my final ride with them. The initial price said 4.10GEL but I was charged with 6.10GEL. Thank you very much, taxify! I am going to delete this app and never use their service again. They used to say a range of price before the update but they've "updated" the app to say only one price which is almost never correct. So don't trust the price it says initially, you will be charged way more. I submitted 2 claims for being overcharged and they sent me promo codes to return the overcharged amount but I am done with the claims, it just keeps happening over and over again. Be aware, you will be charged with more then it says, at least this is happening in Tbilisi, Georgia.
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1 year ago, MomUV-4
On time! Great rates!
We used Bolt the entire time we were visiting Tblisi. They were very efficient. Average wait time was no more than 5 or 6 minutes. You have the option to pay a little more for a vehicle that can get to you very quickly( 2-3 min) or if not in a hurry, you can wait an average 7-8 min during peak traffic hours. We are Americans and the drivers do not speak much English, but they communicate well enough to navigate. All that we encountered were friendly and helpful.
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6 years ago, Charlesfsl
Great service in Bucharest
We have used Taxify for a week while visiting this city and must have taken 20 rides - every one of which were superb - and the price very reasonable. Several of the drivers spoke excellent English which was a real help as a tourist. We never waited more than 5 minutes and in contrast to the regular taxis we were never cheated on the fare. One thing- Taxify should add a place to add a tip when rating the drivers. I wanted to do this several times when the driver was especially helpful. Overall I was very satisfied with this excellent service.
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7 months ago, Professor_Moon
I’m new to Bolt
I have used Uber in America, but Bolt has given me some trouble and I’m still not sure what I need to do differently. I have not been able to tip my driver at the end of my ride both days I have tried. I even asked one driver if I was doing something wrong, but she was not aware that the app could block an add on tip. I also had to cancel 3 different rides because of confusion about whether my credit card was approved for the ride or whether I had to pay with cash. I leave Budapest tomorrow so my life should be simpler 2 days from now.
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2 months ago, swimingdolphin
Terrible customer support
My first attempt using the app was terrible. I waited for 15 minutes pass the time with kids in cold weather and did not get to use the service. The support staff told me the driver waited for me and attempted to contact me. In my app I have no record of that. I was charged cancellation fee but the customer support only supported the driver but did not listen to the customer. If there was a miscommunication, and if the driver did wait(as I trust), at least they waited in a warm car. Plus There was no attempt to communicate with me(I sent the time and screenshot to Customer support and got closed the case). It is not a huge amount but it shows how the business treats customers. Uber is way more user centric in similar situations.
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