Book Flight Tickets by Pegasus

4.7 (8.4K)
113.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Pegasus Hava Tasimaciligi A.S.
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Book Flight Tickets by Pegasus

4.65 out of 5
8.4K Ratings
6 years ago, Greetings from Istanbul
Not as clear cut as it should be
All options are not stated clearly with seat extra luggage and meal. The flight is sold with no luggage and then they tell you have to pay extra for the luggage but it doesn’t state how much it will cost if it is more then 20kgs. They try to sell you a sandwich and the right to choose your seat for 60TL. Overall all I get the feeling I am trying to be tricked.
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5 years ago, Varskvlavino
The pegasus app and website both are user friendly and very convenient options. Always enjoy special offers and great campaigns it offers.
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1 month ago, baroxxi
Worthless update ruined the app completely
What is the point of an app update, if it’s just going to ruing the entire app? Don’t push the update at all! The app worked fine, but when it prompted a warning saying “In order to use the Pegasus application, please update it to the latest version”… I updated it. And it’s still showing the same prompt. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled, and same thing. Bogus.
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3 years ago, LuccasRuschel
App stuck
Unfortunately, having a bad experience. For more than a week I’ve been trying to buy tickets, when I click on the “from” option to select airport, in the screen appears “just what to fly” and the plane animation, and it stays like that forever. In the login area, same thing, whenever I try to put my number to log in... the app gets stuck into the animation of “just want to fly”....
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2 months ago, FA1969
The user journey is pathetic
To start with you can login with Turkey cell numbers. No email login options. After selecting a flight and all extra services, the app refused my US credit cards. Looks like someone in Pegasus only wants to use Turkish cell numbers and credit cards. Even PayPal is not an option. China Union is an option. Someone sending a message to American tourists to skip Turkey??
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2 years ago, rnfig
Difficult to register in points program.
It is difficult to instal in to points program. Constantly giving error. Could not register half of the family. Took me 2 hours to to buy some tickets.
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2 years ago, okradziony przez Play
The app itself canceled my flight.
The app itself canceled my flight. As a result, I had to buy a new ticket and lost money on it. None of the tele-service advisers could solve my problem. The second thing is the application does not send the travel ticket to the e-mail address provided. There are more problems with this application. I demand a refund for tickets canceled by your application!
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6 years ago, Amarouf
Very easy to use
Very easy, great quality and smooth. You can do all transactions for your flights easily and smoothly. Recommended.
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7 months ago, دكتور انمار
I can’t booking a flight by this application .. when I choose my direction flight the application show mw " An unexpected error has occurred. Please return to the main page and try again" Can you tell me why this happen or can you fix your application?
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5 years ago, jangomohammed
very bad App with very bad company service
they buy to me ticket when i try to online check in it not work and ask me to go to airport then check now Iam in airport and I go to them office to solve this problem to dont happen again but they told that they dont know why and I ask them how can I know they told me that company dont know soo what shall i do u buy me ticket very bad service
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4 years ago, patakut
Why do I need to renter passport information for checkin. I am a dual citizen, and I cannot checkin with neither my Turkish Passport nor US passport. No other airlines asks me these questions. If you have to ask, ask it one time and in profile and it is automatic after registering the passports. I guess you don’t need my business. I have requested this a year ago, still not fixed. You should also fix other UI issues. 1 click to checkin, 1 click to purchase as default behavior.
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6 years ago, likebitcoin
Ilan Falkovich
All good, but why can’t I see multi segment options? Like tlv IST And after a week IST Bcn? With return from London Nov 18 to tlv Did I miss any option that is there ,but I didn’t see Thanks
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3 months ago, haneen96jo
Bad service, bad staff
The employee's behavior was very bad, and she has hostility and racism towards Arabs, she is not nice at all, she talks and laughs with a colleague as if we are not there, she delays us and deals arrogantly, we ask her some questions and she responds in a not good way at all, unlike other Turkish airlines, I very much regret this Experience and I do not recommend this company at all.
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5 years ago, Happy meal 21
Crashes, needs work and improvements
1) App crashes very often. 2) there is no section for settings, for instance, to set language and currency. 3) payment does not go through the first five or six times. 4) there is no review of the full order before pressing to confirm the payment. 5) there is no place to add the flight to the iPhone wallet.
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1 year ago, fukurtakma ad
Won’t Let ME Copy&Paste
It’s always the little things with pegasus, you have to pay for a cup of water and if you pay cash it’s more expensive. And this app won’t let me copy paste any info. Gonna delete it after purchasing the ticket :/
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12 months ago, B.urmiahchi
Efficient application
I am very comfortable with the application and its very user friendly and efficient Thanks
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1 year ago, alijur
I appreciate Pegasus Airline to facilitate passengers with such an easy access application to take tickets.
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2 years ago, MadalinaNYC
Issues with payment.
I set my currency to USD . Tried paying with usd and got an error every time. I had to do some research online to figure out to change my currency to Irkish lira. Then the transaction went through.
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1 year ago, broken functionality
Doesn’t let you log in with a foreign phone number
Doesn’t work without Turkish number. Email doesn’t work either. Unable to use app for buying tickets
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4 months ago, dr . imad mahrouq
Separate the number of tickets from the number of bags
There no way to reserve 4 tickets with only 2 bags
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2 years ago, Hasoun Haddad
Flight Ticket reservation
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5 years ago, Khaled Almahini
It’s one of easies site
It’s one of easy site . Fast and clear to understand . I like it.
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6 months ago, Lebap422
Reach out to me
Very poor UI design, mobile app has many bugs, and defects which lead to the bad user experience
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5 years ago, Abu Deyaa
Good app, but i faced some troubles counting the total amount on payment! Flex ad on didn’t included! And confirmation ticket by email didn’t get fast!
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1 year ago, NbaQatar
Good services
Good airlines I liked when I booking
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4 years ago, Jamy s.
So dangerous
Bad service and bad pilots! When it lands you might get vomit and strong pain in your head because the pilots are landing very steeply and this can affect your child’s health if you are traveling with your family please take any airline rather than this bad airline!!
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5 years ago, Abomish3al
Bad App.
I tried many times to book a flight from Pegasus airline web side, but always fails due to errors. I have downloaded their App. and try again to book a flight it’s also gave me errors.
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5 years ago, Arifoztrk
Here is the Allegiant air in Turkey boys! You can always find a cheap flight in this company.
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4 years ago, skymineee
Please add landscape mode for ipad
You should either make a proper app for iPad or at-least add a landscape mode. Using it in vertical in big screen is pain
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5 years ago, gagavüz halki
Flight on line ticket
It was easy and friendly to porches the ticket BUT THE BOLBOL POINTS PROGRAM IS HORRIBLE
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4 years ago, TC Suzan
Bol Bol BS!
Stop bullying us about joining your Bol Bol program every time we try to book a flight. Let us search our bookings without joining your program. There is such a thing as a passenger that doesn’t wasn’t your program.
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1 year ago, jesperadi
Not logical enough
I can do everything on the app, but it’s simply not built very logically.
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9 months ago, zo_mq
Very bad app and very bad company and the employers have no humanity with the passengers and no compensation for anything can happen for you I really recommend you to run away of this flight
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5 years ago, joharajas
Car rental
Car rental is not working. I typed city and nothing comes out to select; ie app freezes.
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3 years ago, Koseph Kohnson
No more working due to frequent update
It was a stable app yet due to continuous updates and restricting the newer versions to recent versions only, I can not use it anymore ! It is disappointing .
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4 years ago, Nomad Journalist
Becoming a fan of this airline
Efficient booking process with the app
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6 years ago, Keg8h
I love flying Pegasus - the staff is always amazingly nice and the pilots are expertly skilled and smooth with the plane :)
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5 years ago, heimann83
Best airline if you ever fly to Turkey👍 highly recommend it
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4 years ago, marghanTR
It is really weak user experience..
The app does not have a easy user interface especially for adding the new traveller info..
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1 year ago, Iraqhamzah
Good app
Easy and fast
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5 years ago, NS700i
Great App.
Application amazing , tabs are clear , thanks a lot .
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12 months ago, Avocato2007
Very good
My best app for traveling
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6 years ago, Senior programmer
Very good application. Thank you very much
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5 years ago, سمسوم الدمام
Easy to use
It is easy to use and easy to get what you need 🌹🌹👍👍💐💐
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1 year ago, Nazar Adnan Al ghazali
Very good company I like all the worker in pegasus
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2 years ago, aylar2836
Very good
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5 years ago, raid younis
Very nice help and happy
I like to fly with this company
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5 years ago, Ekagiorgadze1
Great application
Good and comfortable to use
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5 years ago, Xceko
Can’t even login
Guys, come on, r u guys testing this app? I can’t even enter my password to login because showing me only numbers keyboard!!!
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5 years ago, altayaskin_atik
Still no iPhone X support.
Stop changing the name of your frequent flyer program card and do something useful like iPhone X support
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