BookBuddy: My Library Manager

4.8 (7.5K)
26.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Kimico, Ltd.
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for BookBuddy: My Library Manager

4.83 out of 5
7.5K Ratings
4 years ago, what what 82
Great for book collection and wishlist
I used to keep track of books, movies, and shows etc. on plaintext lists, but these apps designed specifically to keep those lists yet also provide additional information and a better interface are so nice, this is the best one I found for keeping track of books. The app is updated fairly frequently for this type of app also the developers seem to care about improving this experience. Update: using this app again after not using for awhile and book collection has grown exponentially. I love the variety of types of categorization (categories, tags, physical location, and many more options including custom fields you can create. This is helpful as my books are all over the place-multiple physical locations, kindle, Apple Books, audible, etc. There are also many options for tracking progress and status of books. The design of the app allows for vast complexity in organization while maintaining simplicity in user interface and makes it easy to edit the metadata on the fly. I also own book track app, which also has Mac app, but the design and usability of Book Buddy made me confident going all in with this app. Hopefully, with Catalyst and other developments on the Mac, this app will eventually be ported to the Mac also, which I would absolutely pay for again!
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7 months ago, Krys107
We love books!
Happily paid the charge to put in as many books as needed I just spent a lot of time putting in one shelf worth and we have 148 already! It even shows our duplicates which I didn’t notice all of them right away I can add a format which is amazing as I have audible books as well! I am bummed that quite a bit on the first shelf had to be searched for I wasn’t able to use all of our barcodes I guess the ones that we had to search were older editions of Stephen king and dean knootz books but not a deal breaker I am constantly trying to guess which ones we have and now I no longer have to do that when I’m out searching at thrift shops I can add notes as well like hardback or missing cover or damage as well giving me the opportunity to replace ones that are damaged absolutely love it! We’re in the process of moving so I’m going to inventory all of the books that haven’t been packed yet and once we move I’ll inventory my daughters as they are already packed! I am so excited to have this app I’ll be using it for years!!!!
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1 month ago, Gregory :-)
Exceeds expectations
Hello- I would like to thank the developer for their work upon this cleverly designed app, and to recommend it for its utility and value. The app is easy to navigate. It features numerous library view and sort filters. Book catalog information is easy to share with friends to ensure accurate recommendations. Adding books, modern and old, is a delight. I use the camera barcode scan for most items, but there is an integrated online search feature helps identify and properly catalog older items (a feature that has yet to fail me). There are numerous ways to customize cover photos and detail catalog information. It also allows me to track my progress with individual volumes. I'm sure I missed something, but these are my standouts. Getting a little war and peacey here, so I'll wrap it up. I'm just impressed with something so well executed. This will help manage my little kernel of a home library. It is a remarkable value for the utility, Thank you.
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2 years ago, successfultea
I simply love this app! I have my entire book collection with a picture in my hand at all times.
I didn’t know how much I needed this app in my life. I am a true book lover. I have bought multiple books on by accident not realizing I already had the book in my collection. Now no matter where ever I am in the world I have my entire book collection in my hand with a picture of it. It also has a feature where you can list the exact location of the book. So if you have a book in a storage location, you can included that under the book’s profile. There is a feature for loaning books, borrowing books and a wish list. Absolutely love this app. It also tells you how many books you have ( for those of us who don’t know how many books we have.) You can included the exact price of each book, also it contains the list price a great feature for people who love to buy bargain books.
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10 months ago, Stacethebooknerd
An Evil Heart by Linda Castillo
An Evil Heart is a propulsive murder mystery that will leave you on the edge of your s until the last page. Inclusion of Amish tradition and dialect offers readers an inside perspective on this unique enclave of American culture while juxtaposing Amish religious ideals against a more sinister invasion. A young man is brutally murdered in Painters Mill, a small Amish town, propelling a chain reaction of inquiries. Who was Aden Karn why would someone want to kill him ir such a horific manner? Chief of Police, Kate Burkholder and her department relentlessly follow clues that lead them to Aden's murderer. It becomes clear that Aden was not the Boy Scout everyone perceived him to be. The case takes on an unexpect twist when a second body is discovered, intensifying the hunt. The citizens of Painters Mill find themselves challenged by secrecy and lies while the innocent pay the price fo the evil that exists among them. In this 27th installment of the Kate Burkholder series, Castillo has created a strong female antagonist who is a fierce defender of truth and justice, all of which contributes to a thoroughly enjoyable heroine in An Evil Heart.
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2 years ago, A Gilbert
Just what I was looking for
This app is truly what I've been looking for. I had bookshelves full of books that I have read and on more than one occasion I have bought the same book twice. This app allowed me to scan all of my books (around 300, and it didn't take that long, I added the books I've read on my kindle with the Internet search option which works well also) and add ratings and comments to them. Now when I'm at the bookstore I can easily see which books I've read and, using my ratings, I can tell which authors I really like. I've also emailed myself the book list and so now I have a backup copy in an Excel spreadsheet. It's been perfect for what I was looking for. Update: I have been using this app for years now (with over 1000 books) and it is still working perfectly for me. I haven’t bought or checked out a book I have already read since using this app.
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8 months ago, ASCPA
Exactly what I was looking for
I wanted an app that was flexible and easy to navigate. I definitely did NOT want a social app (like GoodReads). This was affordable and met every need I was looking for: easy to add books, easy to update status, easy to look at from different angles (filter by series, author, genre, reading status, location, recommended by, etc). It doesn’t have the same bells and whistles as some other apps, like tracking your reading time and creating reading challenges, but all the apps that do that are expensive (note, you can create a filter view for date finished and you can see how many you finished in a given year. That’s cool and can help if you’re trying to reach a goal for a year). Overall very happy with this app and more than happy to pay the one time fee to unlock the pro features (one time fee instead of subscription? What a breath of fresh air these days!!).
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4 years ago, Scatter Joy
Good App - Could Be Great
I tried several apps before deciding on this one to organize my home library. I was looking for something that would sort my books by genre and alphabetize them so I could put them on the shelf in order. I like that this scans ISBN; however, the majority of my books are older and can’t be scanned. It would be nice if this incorporated business card scanners so that I could simply take a photo of the cover and it would recognize the text. Instead I am using the search online feature to look up titles and add them. The other thing that could be improved is the genres. They get ridiculous. Nancy Drew mysteries will come up as fiction for juveniles, juvenile fiction, adventure, young adult, etc. Fortunately, you can manually change the genre, but it would be nice if there were a way to limit the options. I’ve entered close to 200 books at this point and have several hundred more to go. It is time consuming, but I’m looking forward to finally having my library organized!
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1 year ago, Black Orchid2
Great app! Absolutely perfect
I love this app so much. It really helps me keep my library organized. When I’m out and about and see a good deal on a book I want in my library, I can check my app to make sure I don’t already own that book. I also love the feature that helps me keep track of who I loaned books to and when. I have lost so many books in the past because I can’t remember who I loaned them out to and they were never returned. There is one thing that would change my rating from a four star rating to a five star rating. I don’t like how titles that begin with the word ‘The’ are alphabetized under the letter T. For example, I wish the book titled The Henna Artist was alphabetized under the letter H for ‘Henna’ instead of the letter T for ‘The’. Other than that minor detail, this is a really great app and I highly recommend it. Update— thank you for the response! This was perfect!!
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1 year ago, CorinneMSD
Fantastic app, perfect in almost every way
It is rare enough to find an app that actually does what you were looking for but then on top of that to have it be easy to use and to actually work without crashing, it’s like a miracle. This app is about as perfect as it gets for a simple book database - incredible flexibility to add tags, add your own classifications and even more amazing a super simple, fast lookup process to automatically get all the core data from the internet! A super fast & easy process to pick the image you want. In fact the whole app is about as intuitive as you can get. Honestly I can’t think of anything I would change or anything I would add. It just does exactly what I wanted. I hardly ever even rate apps much less write reviews but I had to immediately pay 5 bucks for the app and leave a review because I am completely, absolutely impressed!
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1 year ago, Me2345pop
Great app for big personal collections!
I’ve been using this app for a while now, and it has been well worth it to keep our 1200+ books organized. I really appreciate how customizable it is, that I can group books with tags (big help), and edit as needed to uniform the info on my books. The database is big and being able to manually enter books from pre-isbn times is great. An exporting list option was my other big criteria in finding a library app, and this app has that feature and the export is easy to use. The two annoying things that would make this app better would be to be able to crop pictures for book covers as Also, there is also no way to perform a search and select more than one book at a time from the search results. But it’s been a great app otherwise!
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8 months ago, A Sailor Fan
Perfect …well, almost
I never take the time to write a review even when I’m happy with something. That is a habit I must change. Anyway, I felt compelled to write this review because this app seems to have been sent from heaven to me. I have had other apps for my book collection but they were all so tedious. The ability to scan multiple books at once makes this app stand far above the others I’ve found. And the amount of info it pulls from the online resources gives you everything you might want at one glance. This app was definitely worth the $10. I would like to be able to select more than one book and then apply some action such as moving to a certain category or apply a similar group or tag. That would make this app perfect.
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5 years ago, jcm1979
Great for us teachers
I started with the free version and then quickly upgraded to the plus which I’ve had for a little over 3 years. I teach middle school and I’m constantly checking books in and out. Some suggestions/wishes I have are the options of uploading a document to have all students names at once, like a CV card or something? I don’t know what those are called. That as well as it would be great if I could simply scan the book when its time to loan it out and then return it. Searching each time, whether it’s checking out or returning, is time consuming. This is definitely the best app to keep a library organized and I love having knowledge of all the books I have and all the ones checked out. I even use this for my teacher books since I loan out Kagan books and reading resource materials! Excellent app but just a few minor fixes would get it 5 stars from me.
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6 years ago, blessed by Jesus
Enjoying the app
I am enjoying the app very much. We are a home school family and have many books coming and going from multiple libraries. Keeping track of them all can be a crazy task. With this app I can enter in all of the books as I check them out and know quickly what books we have. I really like the feature of returning the books. Sometimes our libraries may not get a returned book scanned in and I comes up over due. But I have no way to prove I have returned it. With this app I can have a record I have returned it. One change I would make to this app would to allow scanning in movies, cds, magazines, anything that could be checked out in a library. This way app users could keep track of these loaned items also. Thank you for a sanity saver!
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2 years ago, Ddrgfts
Sync problems
I wish I could give this a 5 star review. The organizational capabilities are superb. However- I’ve had this app for over a year. And the syncing problems between devices have resulted in so much wasted time and frustration- including requiring me to re scan several hundred books due to sync problems: either the sync Will not sync or it takes a very long time for it to show up- it doesn’t help if info doesn’t sync from 1 device to the other like it’s supposed to. This app really needs some kind of sign in process to store things online and easily access info from any device without constantly having to check to be sure things are “syncing “ from One device to another. Would also be nice to have compatibility with Google cloud for storage…would also be nice if info was stored on the web instead of device (or at least the option to pick either one) for people who don’t have tons of storage on their actual device.
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4 weeks ago, Justin_shazam
BookBuddy is a Bookseller’s Buddy
I work in an independent bookshop, and keeping track of our current stock can sometimes be a bit messy. We're a mom and pop type of place, so we kind of just figure stuff out as we go along. However, this app has been the first tool that has allowed me to successfully keep track of all the books with just a click of a button. The organization features are stellar, honestly. The only nitpicky thing I would like to see as a feature would be the ability to sort authors by last name, as we personally organize that way. I had to manually edit the names of each author so that when I sort by name, it reflects what I see on the shelves in front of me.
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5 years ago, rigormorti
NEVERMIND FOUND EDIT OPTION. Needs to update ‘cover coming soon’ books
This is probably nitpicky but I was testing the free version out before I bought then-aid version and I scanned 4 books and 1 came up with a ‘cover coming soon’ picture when the book has been our for a few months. I like this program specifically because it shows the covers but if they aren’t going be keeping up to date with new release covers then what’s the point? Also covers get released way before the book even comes out so there really is no excuse. I like the multi scan feature and the simplicity but what’s the point if I can’t see the picture. Edit: I found the edit title option but once again if I’m going to be paying for this I shouldn’t have to do this except for maybe special editions not in the system
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1 year ago, KeenFamily
FINALLY, an app that allows me to easily search my list!!
I have gone through several different apps that allow you to scan the barcodes of your books to track them for whatever your purpose. I’ve been searching for one that allows me to both easily search my list (my main use is tracking books I own) and easily enter books manually for the books I own digitally. These two features, which this app has, allow me to, when I’m used book shopping, quickly check if I have a particular book. No more getting home to discover that I’ve already purchased a certain book!! This app saves me time and money! What more could I ask for?!
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5 years ago, Linnzeemarie
Great app for a home library, classroom, office, or small library
I can’t say enough good things about this app!!! You can even do a backup to Dropbox or Google drive with ease. Great app for a home library, classroom, office, or small library & anyone who needs to quickly keep track of a small collection. The following are merely suggestions as I’m hoping the develops will read this review: As a librarian, I love how it allows you to choose your own categories and it allows you to get down into the details. As a layman, there are just too many options. Suggestions for update1)Create two areas one that is simple and one advances users. 2)More suggested answers for say genres, categories, & format for the non-librarians vs the advances users
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10 months ago, RoniFaye
I downloaded this app so that I could have a visual of all my childrens books. I love that I can scroll through all of our picture books. Also it helps when I am out and can’t remember if they already have a specific book. My only complaint comes from using the tag feature. I have books that may fit multiple tags based off of themes/categories. An Example being an ocean themed alphabet book. I would tag it “phonics” and “ocean”. I was hoping this feature would help me set up their book shelves more quickly because I could type one of my tags into the search engine. In this case I would search either ocean OR alphabet depending on exactly what I wanted to put on their shelves. What is the point of “tags” if I can’t search my library for books with a specific tags.
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4 months ago, Pepaw Tom
A lifelong book challenge
I have always wanted to have some type of literary control of my library. Have always tried to have sections, such as history, biography, fossils shelves, but as I collected books I was overrun, my sections and books kept getting put anywhere. Recently, my daughter told me about BookBuddy. Once I started using it, everything changed. How, you ask by using a simple app. I am now having the books categorized by genre. Also having control of my books, the control begins with listing them in alphabetical order, but the best part is, I’m able to take a picture of each book. I find the site extremely easy to use. That’s important to me because I am an enthusiastic 82-year-old. Many times I back away from what I consider new technology. Well, BookBuddy is a new technology for me, and I find it very simple to use. I highly recommend this to anyone who stops by the site. My library is large so it will take me a while to enter my holdings. But with each book added, I am getting a great deal of satisfaction. Thank you.
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11 months ago, Orionhawk
“ISBN barcode required”
Grabbed the most convenient 6 books to try scanning. 4 of them flatly refuse to scan, giving the response I put in the title. There is zero identifiable difference whatsoever between the barcodes on the books. I am not sitting at my shelves manually typing hundreds of ISBN’s into my phone. EDIT: in response to the developer reply to my review, I gave it another chance. Looking at the inside of some books did indeed get me more successful scans; however, I then discovered I have a large proportion of my books that apparently entirely lack ISBNs. I can’t blame the app developers for that… but it means still having to manually input a large enough number of books to render the entire exercise not worth the trouble compared either to just typing a spreadsheet or continuing to do without any inventory at all. If you mostly have reasonably new books, you might have better luck.
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2 years ago, Dormitorius
Almost Perfect
I would of given this a 5/5 if it weren’t for the fact I don’t have a have to fix the way it sorts multiple numbered volumes of a series in order. It will list for example volumes 1-9 in order numerically, but then volume 10 will be inserted after volume 1 and not after volume 9. Not sure if this is how things are sorted via some method I’m unaware of. I am admittedly not a librarian, just a guy trying to keep track of my books. However, other than that the app works great. I can scan multiple books via barcode, or manually enter. Multitude of sorting options. Interface is good. I did pay $5 to unlock unlimited cataloging, which if you have a big collection I think is worth it for ease of use.
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5 months ago, Lola vdn
AMAZING!! I was in shock this is free. I am soo happy with this app
I saw a TikTok of a woman who got a library book scanner as a Christmas gift and it digitally organize all of her books in alphabetical order, and she could add notes to each book and they had a picture and everything. I was so jealous and immediately looked it up to see how much it was, but then realized that this app is free, and does the exact same thing! You literally just scan the barcode, and it adds it straight to your library. You can see pictures of all your books and their organize Sony Lee, you can add them to folders, add notes, reviews, favorite them, it’s perfect.
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8 months ago, Ann Caradonna
Great way to keep track of books
I now have over a thousand books recorded. This is mostly the new purchases since the start of using Book Buddy. I would like to put in old titles but listing older dates is tedious as you are forced to go back in the calendar one month at a time. You cannot type in the date. Something bought in 2021, hum? Also would like to see computer version as it takes 3 times longer to type on phone. They would have to be able to be synced. The layout and categories are great. It doesn’t always find your book during a search even if you have the name exact. Overall I give it a B with a lot of potential to become an A.
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2 years ago, kathylovestoread
I LOVE this app! It’s exactly what I was looking for. What a perfect way to keep track of my home library, I love it!! I mainly wanted to be able to enter books by scanning the barcode (yep! As long as the book isn’t too old; but if it is too old, you can type in the ISBN; and if it’s too old to have an ISBN, you can still add it using an online search), and it allows you to mark the books’ locations, and it allows you to mark books as loaned out—and lots more! If you own more than 50 books (and if you’re looking at this app, you know you do!) go ahead and pay the five bucks for the unlimited version! I guarantee you won’t regret it.
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2 years ago, Lepeche
Great Experience
Amended review (original follows): I am now at least 5 years in. I had my second contact with support this week. It was related to categorization of books following CSV import. I received an accurate response to my email within 24 hours. This app just works. It is responsive in handling what I think is large personal collection. >>>>>>>>> I have used another app for years (from my iPhone 3 days) but its user interface has become difficult to use. Not long ago, I moved and unpacked my books expeditiously for emptying boxes but its not easy to find things. I decided to add location information to each book. I started using my legacy app and found the UI to be too cumbersome. So, I created a CSV export that was easily imported into Book Buddy. I have gone through a few iterations (as I tag each book case). So far, I have had one question that was excellently handled by support. The responsiveness of support compensated for lack of real documentation. The PDF export produces a beautiful catalog.
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2 years ago, KaralynnNicole
IN LOVE with BookBuddy
As a person who has always loved books and reading I bought the cost version of BookBuddy after trying the free version when I was in my late teens. I had about 150 books then. Now as an English teacher I use BookBuddy to keep track of all the books I own (400+ now). The ability to separate books into categories is a feature I love because I can designate whether a book is “at home” in my personal library or if I bought a book for my “classroom library”. I would recommend this app to anyone who collects books and likes to keep track of what you have!
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2 weeks ago, SirLeeWombat
I have been looking for an inexpensive app that allows me to have my whole library on my phone. THIS ONE IS AMAZING (hence the title)!!! The features that I love are: Being able to scan ISBN codes, Being able to rate the books I own so I know if I should suggest them, Being able to sort books is many orders, Being able to have a “lent out” list that is connected to my phone contacts (optional) And, being able to have my whole freaking library on my phone I paid the $5 for the lifetime subscription to have unlimited books because I have so many, and it’s been great! Get it!!!
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2 years ago, Maylanie Bosg
Great if you have a small collection
I love this app a and it’s sister MovieBuddy. The Only downside to this app is when searching online it doesn’t automatically add it to the series it is in. I find that frustrating because in MovieBuddy you can add the movie by tv series and not have to list what is in it and what order it goes in. Even when adding movie series it still shows all the possible movies in the online search. You just have to add the order they go in. I think it would make this app easier if it not only added the author and title but the book series and the volume of the book in that series. When adding from online. Otherwise great app.
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3 years ago, OhUh Gee Rick, i dunno
Upgrade pays for itself
I started with the free version a few years back and quickly decided to upgrade. It was the best financial decision I’ve ever made. I’m still working on getting my entire library on (it’s grown a lot and I’ve been lax about my BookBuddy use), but I’m nearly 500 books deep (I have at least 800 books in total) and it’s already saved me hundreds of dollars from unintentionally buying multiple copies of the same book. There’s a movie version of the app I’m confident works just the same. My only complaint is that there isn’t one for a video game library. =(
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4 years ago, PatLRO
Best Book Library
I read a lot, including many books by the same author, so it’s easy to forget which ones I’ve read. For years I have kept a manual record but recently found Book Buddy. I have now downloaded over a thousand books from about 20 years of reading. With this app it was quick and easy, taking about 20 hours to enter all the books from my manual record and now the new books can be entered in a few seconds by scanning the barcode. I love the app and would recommend it to anyone who wants to keep track of books owned, read,etc.
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1 year ago, MGring
Almost..but not quite
I have been using Delicious Library 3 for several years but it is no longer supported. Thus, I need a new app to manage my books, lendiing of books, and listing of the 500 books and countless other music, games, etc. I need something--now! This is a great app for the phone and iPad but it does not have a desktop version to sync with it. It has the barcode reader (needed), a way to view yur books by images or lists (needed), a way to edit the information either manually or through a sync process (needed) but it is only available for an iPhone or iPad (wonderful) but not the Mac desktop (oops! Needed but not available!).
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5 years ago, GreenVariety
Just What I Needed
I love this ap. I have almost 600 books logged in it. It makes searching for books easy and keeping a catalog of my library very easy. We homeschool and I’m an avid second hand book buyer so this ap also comes in very handy at the second hand stores when I can’t remember what’s in my library. The only criticism is that when I add a book from my wishlist by scanning it still stays in my wishlist. Would love to be able to skip that step of going into my wishlist and having to manually move if I scan a book in. Would also be cool if it worked with Goodreads.
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4 years ago, triplovingmoma
Perfect during Covid
After much research, I decided on this app for my classroom library because of its ability to label which books go in which book boxes. Checking in books is a breeze (as with other apps), but because of the labeling, I can have parent volunteers return books for me. Update: This app has now turned into a lifesaver during Covid. I can have students browse books virtually by uploading sections of our library as a PDF. The upload is in color and includes covers and book descriptions. Wow!!!! (Note: I do my labels by reading level and by book box name.)
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2 months ago, stephgemm
great app for tracking books
I just got this app and it took me less than an hour to input my existing book collection, over 100 books, into the app by scanning barcodes or searching them. Sometimes the cover photo comes up wrong but it’s easy to fix. It’s so convenient and lets you track what books are read, in progress, or unread, and also has a feature for keeping track of books you loan to friends. Very happy with this and glad I got the $5 full version.
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4 years ago, SantoLuzbel
Best in Class for iOS, BUT...
It has to be better. PROs Structure: Structure is the best this reviewer has found in library apps for iOS Design is easily navigable and logical, clean, uncluttered, very friendly Good selection of developer-created fields that can be added to book info page CONs First off, customer service: From within app Support tab takes you to static web site page describing features of one or several apps, it isn't clear, and to a Contact page with email form. No Forums. No FAQs. So, basically, invisible developers. Accessibility: Few if no accessibility options Book image offered in one size only No option to customise fields, that is, to allow users to create their own book info fields, such as: Foreword, Preface, Print Run Total, Print Run Number, Signed, etc No option to rearrange layout of book info page No option to insert user's own values to field values, for example, the default status for a new book cannot be set to be a value not included among the three offered All in all, the best available, BUT it has to be more flexible to be worth the $4.99 developer charges for unlimited-entries version.
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5 years ago, Mfletcher1213
The scanner is awesome and easy
I’m an education student preparing for teaching. I’ve been buying a lot of middle grade books and really wanted an option for me to catalogue books and let students check them out. I haven’t used it with students yet to know how easy and effective it is but it seems like it will be a good option for the price. The only thing I would love to see is being able to use the barcode scanner to loan books to make it super fast. The scanner is awesome for quickly adding books although it won’t work for every single book. Hopefully I’ll remember to update once I’m using it in my classroom.
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4 months ago, K4christ01
So Far So Good!
I am loving this app so far. I was very disappointed in Goodreads’ app and was looking for a better one. This one had some really good reviews so I gave it a try. I love how it organizes the books and gives the user the freedom to make their own categories and enter books manually. My only concern is I think I accidentally purchased the premium membership twice and I don’t know who to contact about that. Apple hasn’t helped much yet. That has nothing to do with how great this app is for me. I definitely recommend it.
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3 years ago, Vocalartillery
Best book catalog out there!
I have tried many apps to store my large book collection and they all fell short. This app blows them out of the water. Take the step and GO PRO! It’s so worth it. All the books you want to store, a huge wishlist, online search function, an endless amount of categories, book ratings, reviews, and a borrowed list are just a few of the amazing things this app has to offer. I am obsessed with books and to have found an app that loves my book’s as much as I do is priceless.
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1 year ago, Danior's iTouch
Not a fan
My husband was using this app and I tried to use this also. There is no easy way for us to share the library without me scanning every book he already has scanned. There is no “account” to access to share the information between the two of us. We have also been charged for a subscription but have no more functionality. Have tried to share via iCloud and it is not working. Very frustrating to have to totally reinvent the wheel per say.
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6 years ago, TMascara
Favorite of the bunch
I love books. While my library is probably small compared to many, I have about 1,000 currently. For years I used Delicious Library. However I felt like their iOS presence was not that great. I also recently moved offices, which meant moving my books, which gave me the opportunity to update my catalogue. I downloaded about 6 other apps and ways to catalogue my books. Book Buddy is my favorite of the bunch. I like the features and the design compared to the other ones. The only thing I wish it had was batch updating/editing and smart shelves (categories). Hence the four out of five.
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2 years ago, baird85
The Best Library App
I have used one particular app for organizing my books for a long time but noticed the information I inputted regarding the book would change if someone else added the book and edited to their preferences. So, I went on the hunt for a new book managing app. I have only been using BookBuddy for about a month but throughly impressed. What I like most is where I can change a book to previously owned. There are SO MANY great features in this app that I haven’t found in other apps. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!
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3 years ago, Ed&Ben
Why No ISBN Search?
I have given this a 5 Star review, but it seems to be lacking a critical function for some book collectors. I cannot find a way to search for book data by ISBN. Many older books lack barcodes and the author has written many books. Thus an ISBN search function would be great. Other than that it is easy to use and a very good library style database. I’m still giving it 5 stars because it’s been so incredibly helpful in organizing my extensive book collection.
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4 years ago, TWINkiesMommy2009
Great... but...
The app works really well, and I can make it work for my needs. One really frustrating thing as I set-up and log all of my books though is the function and location of the stars to rate each book. When I’m trying to adjust the category and add tags, I continuously hit those stars accidentally. It’s adding a rating to the book that Incan change but can’t remove. I don’t want to add a rating to a book we haven’t read yet. If the location remains where it is, it would be useful to have the ability to remove all stars and ratings, in case of accidental use. Thanks!
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5 years ago, Mkbenton
I really like the app except for a couple major issues for me. It would be nice to have the files on my PC, to be able to scan with my phone and then have them transfer to my PC. Also wish there was a sign in, don’t know if this would be efficient then using the cloud? Tried other apps that did that and it was instant and worked very well. As I am typing I can’t get my iPad to sync to get additions although I pushed the sync now. Was working earlier? I choose this app because of several other features, one being that you are able to scan multiple barcodes without having to click after each one.
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5 months ago, spo0pyLilac
Hard to move books
I love organizing books to my liking, and while there are many organization categories it simply isn’t enough. When adding books by author they aren’t in order of series (ex: the 3rd volume is in front of the 1st volume and so on) and when trying to drag and drop to move them to their correct place I can only move them to separate folders. I love everything else about the app! I love being able to edit the covers and genres and rate them to my liking. That is the only problem I have with it :] I’d greatly appreciate it if this could be fixed!
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1 year ago, 드라군임
It is excellent for keeping up with my reading plan as well as recording my reading history.
I am a book hoarder. That means that I just buy books and wait for a long time before I commence to read. Sometimes I forgot what I bought and I was overwhelmed by the stacked books and frustrated with my sluggish reading. But this app Bookbuddy solved this problem. I can manage my reading schedule well with this app and set the aim of reading easily. It also satisfy my vanity of intelligence positively.
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5 months ago, Kaiidera869
Almost Perfect
This app had the best scannable options and visuals for the book covers, but I have a few thoughts on future improvements: Finished Books: why do previously owned books have to be separated if we finished reading them? I just want one spot to view all the books I’ve read vs having to split that list between books I’ve donated vs kept in my collection. Online Sharing: Should be a “view all books” option than forcing the looked books between library/previously owned - just to get a high view of options to see what you rated. Home Button: none of the buttons on the bottom screen in the app take you back to the Home Screen - you have to swipe left/back, and it doesn’t feel intuitive. The middle space should be a “home” or return to Home Screen button - otherwise feels slightly overwhelming by options. Otherwise, this I think is the best app for logging books and sharing them with folks online!
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3 years ago, The Outlaw Belle
Incredible App!
Simply put, this app is incredible. I’ve been tracking my books with Pinterest boards, notes on my phone, and a Google sheet, but not anymore!! This app is so easy to use and has a bunch of awesome features! I’ve spent the past few hours sending screen recordings (my last one was of me choosing the cover art of a book from online) of all the things you can do with BookBuddy - I’m that excited! This is the only app I have willing paid for in YEARS! So worth it!
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