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User Reviews for Hotels & Travel

4.78 out of 5
825.8K Ratings
2 months ago, RoxiHeart
Beautiful but Tacky
The Cambria Nashville is a really nice boutique hotel. I loved the hard wood floors, the room design, the luxury bed and bathroom. I didn’t want to leave. John, the front desk attendant was courteous and very helpful. Three things I didn’t like about Cambria: We scheduled our room to be cleaned after 2pm, but housekeeping was knocking at our door (when the privacy sign was on the door) at 1:30. I’m good with being early/prompt but 30 minutes was too soon. The prices at the bar and the snack bar are too expensive. $3 for a candy bar. $34 for a mini bottle of wine and red wine wasn’t even an option. That’s outrageous and a slap in the face when we are already paying almost $300 a night. Lastly, at check-in there were gift bags behind the counter with bottled water in them and when I asked for one, because I was parched, I was told those are for Diamond Alliance members. Even cheaper hotels give two complimentary bottles of water in the fridge in the room. But if all you receive as a ‘Diamond’ member at Cambria is a bottled water, is the rewards/loyalty program really worth it. It’s very tacky to not offer your guests complimentary water then turn around and give them a $5 coupon for use at the bar/snack bar. Very tacky for such a beautifully designed hotel that charged $300 a night. Hopefully next time we stay here, my concerns will have been addressed.
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1 month ago, Kaileyccc
Our perfect staycation from the US
My boyfriend and I decided to make a trip to Austria from the US in the end of April and this was the absolute perfect place to stay at. The view that we had from the yard of the house was phenomenal with the mountains. It was one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen and it was in the yard of the home! This place was quiet, relaxing, and one of a kind. Not only was the home beautiful and clean but the hosts were amazing and so kind. They made our stay exceptional with the communication and gestures they made to make our stay elite. The hosts made sure we received farm fresh eggs every morning for breakfast and if the chickens didn’t lay any eggs the hosts would offer their farm fresh eggs they had in their fridge. They also were kind enough to show us their baby farm animals. The baby bunnies were so so cute. I can’t be more pleased with this experience. We also didn’t realize we were in Austria in the off season so a lot of excursions we wanted to go to weren’t open. This hosts then a helped us find different excursions that were open while we were there that I never would have found without their help and I am very grateful for this. The trip all the way from the US was so worth it. We hope to visit Austria and stay at this magical place again! :) thank you to the amazing hosts.
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7 months ago, Jahlightshines
Exceptional Service Every Time
I usually don’t do reviews, who has the time? I am moved to provide a review for Booking,com as it may well be one of a very few experiences I’ve had in which the services provided far exceeded the expectations. Every encounter I’ve had has been quickly and appropriately handled with professional courtesy and superior results. Whether the property didn’t show my reservation, or was not at all as was described such that it appeared unsafe to remain, or the hotel clerk was unacceptably rude, the folks at Booking were quick to ensure we were properly accommodated at the property or provided an alternative accommodation elsewhere that exceeded the original booking in value but refunded the difference in price. I am impressed by the genuine concern shown when a customer needs help. This was all before I had reached genius status, in which I am now entitled to a prioritized customer service experience, which I cannot believe is possible as I have never been on a call for more than 5-10 minutes having all issues resolved. I am genuinely grateful and impressed by this company.
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2 years ago, Disgruntled Sohnrey
Comfort Inn and Suites
We won’t ever stay here again. First off, I reserved a King Suite. They gave me a double Queen. I called the front desk and the little gal lied to me about the computers going down , so she couldn’t check. She then said well, you paid so your problem. Ok, so I check the room. We have a broken main outlet ( exposed wires too) and the three outlets on the wall were out. Major OSHA issue. I go in person to the front desk to change rooms , since now they put a room full of partying neighbors next to us. Now, I’m getting the room we originally reserved ( really).Our 2nd morning, No water ( the water pump is broken). Now we have a toilet that filled with dirt and sediments after it was fixed. We leave and return to no maid service was done to clean it, no fresh towels, no room coffee given. Simple things I paid for. Had to go find a maid cart and replace everything myself, since that what the young man at the front desk said to do ( another really). I also was also shocked to come upon a manager being very rude with her front desk person while the lobby was filled with patrons waiting for their bagged breakfast like she couldn’t put the customers first. In all my years of hotel stays, this by far was the worst experience ever. I’m getting up in my years and had a tough time changing the rooms by myself, hunting down towels and coffee , going to the front desk for way too many things. Oh, yeah they deactivated my room key. Had to fix that too😢
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4 months ago, CaldwellMom
Horrible! Awful front desk staff Moe
We as a family of 4 stayed here and had a clogged toilet. We called requesting a plunger thinking we could fix it ourselves. We were told by the front desk person, Moe, that she was looking for a plunger Later she responded that she assumed the previous guest she loaned it to never returned it and she could not find a plunger at all within the entire hotel. She proceeded to be belligerent and hostile attempting to argue that we had to change rooms since she couldn’t locate a plunger. She immediately requested we turn off the water which we did. At the end of the discussion, which was recorded, she said we would have to change rooms, and we had no choice, even though we had cut off the water as requested. We explained we had children sleeping and were not going to disrupt everyone since it was after midnight to which she hung up on us. We proceeded to lie down and go to sleep. Then at 12:40 AM we had two police officers knock on our door waking us all, stating that the hotel, Moe, said we were refusing to move. At almost one in the morning, we re-packed all of our bags and moved ourselves and our two children to a different floor in a different room with a “working toilet”. Horrible customer service! For our children to wake up to police knocking at the door and have to move to a different floor at almost 1 am because of a clogged toilet is ridiculous and traumatizing!
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3 months ago, Leah Webster
Be aware!! This hotels pictures are not what the hotel looks like. The owner was screaming at me ! This is a longer review . Stick with me! I called before we booked to make sure the pool was working ( 15 minutes before checking in), because this trip was for my sons birthday. We check in, unload the car, and go straight to the pool. The pool was FILTHY. We tried to make the best of it and let the kids swim , but ended up getting out due to green allege absolutely everywhere. We got out and went to the manager. He said” it’s been raining”. He then told me to go call booking. I called booking and they said that cancellation has nothing to do with them, but that they would email him and try to get my money back. I went back up to him and he said no he needed them to call him. I got them on the phone right in front of him. He started yelling and told us to get our things and get out. My partner told him she did not appreciate him treating me in that way. He then gets in his car and speeds away. After telling us to come back when our things are out. The receptionist told me we would get charged $49. When I checked my bank Monday. There were 4 separate charges. I called the choice hotels. They told me he put multiple holds on my account. One in which there was no reason for it being there. I’m my eyes that is fraudulent. Please please be careful of this hotel and manager. Very shady.
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3 days ago, Beth4521
Don’t use them! They do not guarantee accommodations
I booked a stay at an apartment 3 months prior to my trip. I arrived at the apartment complex and could not reach the host. I reached out to customer service (I use that term loosely) who also could not reach host and I was told I had to pay nearly double to stay at a hotel because of availability. They stated if I booked a new room through another company, I would be charged for canceling less than 24 hours before my reservation and would not be able to refund the stay even though they could not reach host to give me access to the accommodations I had paid for. Booking a new hotel through them at almost twice my original rate was the only way they would refund the $420 for my 2 night stay. They didn’t even transfer the payment to the new reservation. I have to wait 5-7 business days to see if my refund will be processed. So I have basically paid them $1100 to stay at a Hampton Inn double room for 2 nights in Phoenix. The supervisor stated they are just a middle man and not responsible for me not being able to get into the apartment I was standing in front of. I asked him what the benefit of using their services was if they didn’t back their services and he said he could give me a $75 voucher off my next stay but not the one I needed for that night. I have not received any confirmation for my voucher or my refund.
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2 years ago, GajSuntra
Booking is a fraud
My parents made a reservation at a hotel in Winchester, England, then cancelled on time to not get charged, per the terms of the reservation. They received an email confirming it was cancelled and that no charge will be made. To their surprise, one week after the cancellation they got charged the full amount of €240 a night. Then the nightmare began. Calling booking customer was a horrendous experience. Every person picking up the call would tell us a different story. They would say they did not charged it, or that it corresponded to another reservation (which it didn’t), or they would acknowledge it was a mistake and that they had to wait. We also called the hotel which confirmed that on their end they never charged us and therefore it had been Booking making the charge. After one month of about 17 calls with Booking customer service and sending bank documents to proof that the reservation had been charged to their bank account, finally my parents bank was able to present a complaint to Visa, providing all the documents, and they received the refund that Booking would deny them over and over again. This was an absolute fraud on the part of Booking and my family members and myself will never use this app again, period. There are lot of people in travel forums sharing similar experiences. Bye bye Booking.
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4 months ago, Liberta56
Arona Prestige Apartments
Beautiful view of lago Maggiore as the building sits centrally in the main piazza on the water. Parking is a BIG issue on the weekends. Apartment comes with a parking pass for all spaces in Arona but unfortunately, almost impossible to find and if and when you do find one, you can never move your car. Entrance to the building was dark but we were met by Angelo who was very helpful with bags, building thankfully has an elevator. Upon entry the apartment is bright and airy with large French doors that open to the Piazza and many windows that provide a nice cross ventilation. it is advertised to have a pull out couch in the living room, but the pull out couch is for a child not an adult. The bed in the bedroom was very uncomfortable as the mattress probably needs to be replaced. The worst part was that we never were able to sleep until 2 o’clock in the morning because of the fact that the piazza fills up with people at restaurants, music, lots of cars, lots of motorcycles, It’s great if you’re part of it, young crowd. Garbage and glass pick is at 6:00 am right outside the apartment windows. We really feel as if that should have been mentioned in the description. All in all lovely apartment beautiful area, beautiful views, and very hospitable hosts
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8 months ago, allnicknamestakenwth1
My first option for rooming
I have used booking for about a year now and I must say if your aren't using it you should be. I like to get out of town sometimes at a last minute notice and booking always comes through clutch with better rates than I can even find on the actual hotel websites. On the trips I do plan its great because I can use the pay at hotel option and save money how I want until I arrive for check in. Once you start reserving you almost immediately get genius discounts on your rates, like we know how airbnb and hotel prices are, who does that like discounts. I recently did have an issue where I was looking over rooms at a hotel I booked in case I wanted to upgrade and accidentally spent $600 on a room.. Booking customer service helped me square it away so I can get a full refund and to me that sets them apart from any other travel site. Have a upcoming trip for an all inclusive out the country im looking forward to and of course booking had the best rates so no lie this is your wallets friend.
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3 months ago, ibigjim
The Good the Bad and the Ugly …stayed here 4 nites july 2023
The good… location is great. Right next to underground Glouchester Road tube station. Close to many restaurants and markets. Room had safe and mini-frig. Nice big towels .The Bad…. Very small TV. Small room. Unable to open two suitcases at the same time. Bathroom very small especially the corner shower. Very difficult to even turn around in. Breakfast not included but if your willing to pay 16 pounds u can get cold food in a buffet in the basement….nothing even came close being warm or hot…..dinner was not an option since they discontinued it totally before our arrival….the bar, this is a great one…the bar is only open thuraday, friday, and saturday from 5 to 9…thats it but i can understand why….its the worst looking small unfriendly uninviting bar i have ever seen. Went by it all three days and never saw anyone in it…..seriously why waste your time. NOW THE UGLY Our room did not look like any of the pictures on their web site. We had 4 steep stairs to climb into the bathroom. Not very much fun in the middle of the night when you have to use the facilities. Then come back down the same very steep stairs…. Not cool when you have walking issues and stability issues and your 77 years old. Would we ever stay here again …that would be a big fat NEVER AGAIN
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10 months ago, Pro_dinko
Update Developer response: the website you gave is for booking FLIGHTS!! Didn’t even give a proper communication channel. THEY SCAM CUSTOMERS. THEY FORCED A CANCLE? GOOD LUCK GETTING A REFUND. Look at the developer response. They provide NO EMAIL OR PHONE NUMBER. If they did it would be from INDIA and they will say “SORRY” that’s it. They will laugh as they took 800 dollars from you booking a flight that they canceled. I received emails about booking canceled flights to my last destination, so this forced my hand to cancel my remaining flights since they couldn’t find me connecting flights anymore. Booking inc has gave me wrong confirmation numbers, gave wrong phone numbers, and Hang up the phone each time I have called. Singapore airlines tried hard to process my refund. They needed phone number from booking (which booking was unable to provide), they needed email address which they gave me incorrect one. Ultimately booking stopped giving me updates on the refund status. The money is gone, since it first has to reach Booking inc hands before, so if Booking inc doesn’t report it to me it’s their money. Highly unethical. I tried to escalate the case and they didn’t give me a supervisor. You will get a guy from India, so their wage vs your time it’s profitable to keep your ticket money.
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2 months ago, Booking never again
Stay away from Booking
They just want your money. I arrived at the La Brea In hotel in Los Angeles and decided to make a reservation for two days, which would be the period we would be there to see the park. I checked in and went to the room with my family and when I got there I realized that the room was not clean after being used by the last guest, I went back to the reception with the photos of the situation in which the room was and asked them to change me for a clean room, the very rude Chinese gentleman who checked me in said he couldn't move me and the previous guest had only used the room to take a shower (this was unbelievable), and I asked him to cancel my stay that I was going to look for another hotel, he said he couldn't because I had booked through Booking, when I contacted Booking she wanted to deduct from me the value of one night since I had just arrived, I explained the whole situation to the Booking attendant and I realized that Booking transfers the responsibility to the hotel and the hotel transfers it to Booking and nobody solves anything. I sent several messages to Booking and I also have photos of the dirty bathtub with the soap open in the bathtub, the litter bins full of dirty toilet paper, in short, a very unpleasant situation that I had never experienced before!
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1 year ago, fcbsdukes
Reservations not accurate on arrival
Apparently according to the hotels they never received all the information for my rooms. First one had been confirmed on the way 3 times. Worked out in the end. The second had nothing correct & blamed this booking site. I’ve allergies ruined the evening & we didn’t stay an extra day because nobody cared. They made it seem like they jumped through hoops to make me comfortable They did not I’m allergic to down removing it doesn’t remove all the presence of down Zyrtec & epipens later I was still not well the next am. At first they had 2 King rooms on different floors I booked 2double bed rooms next to or near each other Traveling with elderly parents. Then said we’re going to get you 2 new rooms I was waiting in the courtyard we put our stuff back in the car It took way too long. Went to dinner & found out on our return they just removed the down bedding. No manager. Nobody cared. And I reserved with breakfast & had it printed out. They wouldn’t look & said they didn’t have it down. What a nightmare. Double Tree in Gainesville. We would have stayed another night there. Next time we’ll choose a different hotel directly.
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2 months ago, Bats2008!
Diamond in the ruff
Our first impression almost turned us away. But don’t stop reading there… when we pulled up the outside and surrounding areas are somewhat run down looking, but don’t let that fool you! We went ahead and checked out our room and wow! All we needed was a clean bed and a bathroom and it did not disappoint. While the outside is less than attractive the room was perfect for what we needed. Spacious king bed with plenty of room to move around. The room was clean and there were even mints on the bed. There are also a few snacks in the desk. Bedding and bathroom were cleaned and freshened room didn’t stink. Overall for a one night stay this was the perfect place and it didn’t cost and arm and a leg. Highly recommended for travelers just needing a place to sleep for the night. If you are staying multiple days in N. Platte area and going to be spending vacation time in your room, this is where I may recommend spending a little more for a hotel/motel with more amenities. But seriously we enjoyed our stay and if we ever travel back out this way we would stay here again.
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8 months ago, FRANCOISENYC
Layover as an Art Form
I spent 2 separate layovers in one month at the Nairobi airport hotel the Crowne was truly a most pleasant experience on both occasions.. Firstly, I am a restaurant professional in NYC and i was more than satisfied with my experience.. Secondly, the staff and service were generous, genuinely kind, and gracious.. The hotel itself is modern and posh..with a beautiful penthouse house pool .. on my layover i arrived tired and ill tempered..after a lovely lunch and some sunbathing, a dip in the pool and a nap in a most comfortable room.. I departed refreshed and rejuvenated ready for my 15 hour flight back to NYC.. I spent both layovers here coming and going en route to and from Zanzibar and this was definitely a highlight of my travels.. I m still thinking about my stay there 2 days after my stay whilst home in NYC.. I urge anyone that is traveling to Nairobi to stay there( the free shuttle to the airport is a bonus) you will create a memorable experience and meet some truly wonderful hospitality professionals.. I know ill be back..
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3 months ago, Tommyguns1966
Incredibly not satisfied
Horrible 1st to days in Denver Co. Paid for room with two queen beds. Get to hotel and had one king bed. Me and my brother aren’t going to share the same bed ( I’m 56 and he’s 59 ) so I had to sleep in a cot for two nights. Sooooo uncomfortable and unacceptable. But yet I’ve heard no reply since 5/26. Today 7/14 pathetic. I booked a mountain room to be near one of my late wife’s favorite places to go so I wouldn’t have to travel far. I get a call and email from property management saying there is a major water leak and this place isn’t available. Here’s the downside. When I booked it I checked to be pet friendly. Well !!!! Guess what !!!!! The other properties they had to offer weren’t pet friendly. And neither was the one I booked even though I checked the box to be pet friendly. So now instead of have a 2 bedroom house I’m in a one room old make shift apt. It’s ok but not what I wanted and it’s $100 more. WTH ???So now instead of being 5 minutes away from where I wanted to spend my time, I’m about 30. This was to be a special weekend trying to celebrate what would be her 57th (7/14) and her passing (7/16). I’ve cancelled dinner reservations because it’s so far to drive now. Urrrrggggjhhhh !! I’m livid but going to try and make the best. Sorry for the long rant.
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3 years ago, Do Pangea
Usually my go to app
Overall the app is pretty good, there are just a couple of things I wish would be changed. First, a lot of accommodations (especially in the US) charge a security deposit. It’s almost never easy to find out how much it is and it can even cause a cancelation if it goes over your card limit. I really feel security deposits are a form of age discrimination. What I would like is a way for the app to filter OUT properties that charge a security deposit. This would show age discriminating businesses that we won’t tolerate it. Secondly, again in the US, it doesn’t show the taxes until you’re on the last page to book. It makes properties seem cheaper than they really are. Booking even in expensive countries like the UK can still be cheaper because it’s difficult to find something affordable and safe in the US. Some of these things may be difficult to change given how unfriendly the US is towards its own consumers, but I overall love using this app and hope they can do something to punish age discriminating businesses and help save us money when booking domestic.
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7 months ago, Jennybugg45
Econo Lodge
The first 2days I stayed was a awesome experience then the guy that works weekends made us leave because we was in room 106 which the man and even the housekeeper told us it was a smoking room that’s why the non smoking sticker wasn’t on the door anymore so we had to switch rooms from 106 to 116 after we moved the housekeeper told the man that our room smelled of smoke and was dirty well he gave us 5 mins to get our belongings cause he kept calling saying we needed to get out so we had no time to clean up a lil bit so the housekeeper went to the man saying our room smelled like cigarettes and it was dirty he calls our room about a hour being in it saying I need to come to front desk and bring my card because I owe $50 I told hi I don’t owe anything so he made me leave the next day very very unprofessional and rude I will not be back at this place because all they’re doing is trying to get money as best as they know how. Oh not to mention the same housekeeper that went to the man cleaned my room for me the 3rd day we was here had left cash on our bedside table and it was gone I know it was her because she was the only one in there so don’t trust your belongings being in your own room. I thank him for making me get out of this rotten situation.
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2 years ago, And M not happy
Terrible customer service!
Last year we had a trip planned in March, flying out 3 days after the pandemic started. All of our travel plans got canceled so naturally we had to cancel the hotel room we booked through your app. We were told we could not cancel and get a refund, but instead could inform them of when we planned to travel again so we can change the date/get a credit. Now that Iceland has opened back up (this is where we had our hotel at), we rebooked our trip and called Booking to get the credit for the room. We were told today that because we did not call them to change the dates prior to our original hotel booking (March 15, 2020), that our credit was no longer active and there is nothing they can do. They told us to call the hotel but when we did, they said Booking never gave them our money and that we have to resolve it with Booking. Basically you all expected us to magically know when we would travel again 3 days after the pandemic started so now we are out 3 days worth of a hotel. I’m extremely unhappy and cannot express to you enough that I will not be using Booking in the future!!! You have stolen our money and that’s all there is to it.
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4 months ago, Happy Couple from Modesto
Second trip we have book with them
We like to book trips for our wedding anniversaries. Each time is better than the first. Last year’s trip, We booked a king size bed room Monterey Tides. It was an amazing oceanfront stay. A little small in the room, but the view made up for it. The beach was right next to our room. We saw seals and other marine life from our window. We were soothe by the sounds of the ocean. The bar had a different house drink every day which was very tasty and not a watered down freebie. It was nice to sit in the lobby and watch the ocean while having a drink. There was some construction on the elevator, causing some longer wait and odors. But over all it was a great trip Elegant beach bungalow is awesome. Quiet neighborhood. Great amenities. Map on the phone sent us to the wrong place at first, but we found it. Close to restaurants and stores. Used the bbq grill and backyard for a home like relaxation. If I ever retire, this would be a great place to do so.
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2 months ago, Chi Patel
Loved the stay . I wish I could have extended
"We had an absolutely fantastic stay at this charming hilltop view hotel. The exterior was beautifully decorated, and the presence of friendly llama animals on the farm added a unique and delightful touch to the experience. The owner was incredibly kind and helpful, making me feel right at home. One of the things I loved most about this place was its unbeatable convenience. The hotel's proximity to the train station and the village which you can find all you need for groceries , and I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to reach all the nearby attractions from the hotel. It's rare to find a location that offers both natural beauty and accessibility in one package. All in all, I can confidently say that I couldn't have asked for a better stay. If you're looking for a picturesque retreat with a welcoming atmosphere and unbeatable convenience, again this view hotel is the best and breathtaking. My kids love it .
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4 months ago, Fossas Family
This place was so beautiful. Every turn was magical. The people were super nice and helpful. We stayed in the Timbertown Cabin. The room was clean and had everything we needed. The bed was way more comfortable then any hotel bed we’ve stayed in so far. The golf cart was an awesome experience and allowed us to ride around the farm freely. The farm is stunning. I honestly wish I could give it more then a 5 star review. Our son did not want to leave and was already asking when we were coming back. Our family loved every minute of our stay and we will for sure be back and planning a family reunion here. I highly recommend this place and guarantee you won’t regret it. Next time we plane to stay in the hobbit house. Oh wait and how can I forget… we loved the farm dog Bear. He was the sweetest super friendliest dog anyone could ever play with. Thank you June Farms for an amazing and unforgettable experience. We all left with huge smiles and our hearts filled.
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4 months ago, SisemD
Great apartment in Roma
Roomy, clean, historic apartment very close to Pantheon and about a 20+ minute walk from common visitor sites. Having two large bathrooms was very helpful; great water pressure and plenty of hot water-we went at the beginning of summer and it was already hot…nice showers were a great finish to our days there. Spacious bedrooms with lots of storage. Washer/dryer combo was great to have. One set of stairs to get to apartment from the street door. Careful with loose floorboards outside of bedroom-but again, non issue when considering the age of the building. Below window air conditioning was nice to have but the high humidity while we were there won. Great little restaurant downstairs; il Buco. We didn’t use the kitchen much but it was large and well equipped with plenty of refrigerator space. Must visit the tiny store front downstairs; lovely art by Jose Grave de Peralta. Small market around the corner for basics. Bank ATM on vía del Corso. We would love to stay here again! Thank you Paola & Alessandro!
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4 months ago, Live love no regrets
Checked into a reserved room that had the wrong bed size so I called to exchange. The employee from the front desks comes to check it out because he so heartedly believed that their hotel keeps no twin sized bed, but there it was, a twin sized bed and a full sized bed when I reserved for two queen beds. He then proceeds to discriminate the second party I bought with me, who had no responsibility for the room. The room was in my name but because of supervisor instructions, he proceeds to talk to my husband like he is a threat or is disturbing anyone. We’ve checked in here multiple times and the staff is as fake as a two dollar whistle. The night before, we checked out 20 minutes late and apparently he(my husband) was placed on a no rent list. Usually that happens when you become a disturbance. But where has any hotel checked for guest names or identity? Their policy doesn’t state anything about checking out late other than the times being between 11AM-12AM. And they never looked to resolve my issue, but because the supervisor has a vendetta against my spouse, my time and money was wasted with this flamboyant business that can’t even maintain services they claim to offer.
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12 months ago, Nagi Elmasry
Fantastic resort, second to none management and customer service
Simply put, look no more for a resort in Sahl Hashish. Stay here and you will be treated like you are the only guest. This resort boasts five restaurants serving delicious food. International, oriental and Italian cousins are all available. Hats off to Mr. Mostafa, the assistant Reception Manager. You will find him in the reception. Actually he will find you and greet you with a great smile and will make your stay pleasant. He gave us a quick orientation and made sure that we get the rooms we liked. He is the right man to take the “ice” out of “service”. You will find Yoga and Zomba classes by trained professionals. Nightly entertainment is by highly qualified teams. Fire work shows fly boards, DJ. Alas too much to mention. Golden Buddha is a night club in the same resort with great atmosphere. I can’t say enough about our satisfaction with this Resort especially with Mr. Mostafa. Congratulations for a job well done!
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7 months ago, JStitch07
I booked my reservation to a condo in July. Money was taken out of my account. Put back in a day later. And then I get a message saying my card is invalid and to update my payment information. Fine. Update my card number with a new card-communicate this to customer service. Money gets taken out of my account And the next day I receive a message saying my booking was cancelled!! For non payment!! Except I look at my account and they took the money out! I call and reserve it again. My money gets taken out of my account again. Now I have to wait and hope that one of the payments fall off my account. And now I’m terrified that July will come and they will cancel my reservation again and leave me and my kids stranded with no where to go and no money back! Sad thing is I had a wonderful experience with them last year when booking a place in Colorado. What is the deal?! Customer service is horrible. Communication horrible. I was using the app to text back and forth about my reservation and what the issue was and how to fix it and they were taking hours to get back to me!
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1 year ago, Alisha Saunders
This app almost caused us to lose our vacation!
I have used this app twice now! The first time in 2021 and had no issues with it. They took out the money right then and there, everything was done and paid for. Good to go. We just came back from a trip 2022. But the day before we left, the owner of the resort calls me to let me know my card didn’t go thru. I explained to him I had already paid for the trip months ago when I booked it. I’m not sure if they just preauthorized the money at that time or what. Because after I booked it, it showed to be deducted from my bank account. Then I went back to my previous months statement when the owner called me, and sure enough. It was never taken out! (Which is kinda on me, I should have paid more attention.) but it did show it was taken out the day I booked, so I never thought anymore about it! We were able to go, no thanks to booking! I should have just stayed using the AirBNB app like I normally do, and that’s what I will do from here on out! I do not recommend this site at all! I have already deleted my booking account! So deuces booking! ✌🏻 you’ll never see me using you again!
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2 years ago, Kahunahammer
Please post warnings!
We do not live in a state that is running in fear from Covid. We have not had to deal with masks for over a year and a half. So we were a little taken back when we got to the hotel and had to mask up. No big deal, I carry my Shaun the sheep mask with me. We are also greatly disappointed that nowhere on the app does it disclose the yuge number of amenities that were not going to be available. That’s a yuge selling point for some people. Not whether or not I am forced to wear a mask, could care less. However nowhere did they check our temperatures, ask us any questions in regards to our health. They did not make us wash our hands or use sanitizer, but we had to have the mask on! Let’s get back to the truth in advertising part for things that you pay for. Greatly disappointed about the pool being closed. Have you done any research in the area of chlorine and Covid? Because your paper masks are far less effective then hand washing. The three stars is for the staff they were great. The two missing stars belong to ownership.
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3 years ago, Yoi618
Great location but not what I expected.
Not what I expected for the price we paid. The hotel is in a great location but could use some upgrades and better housekeeping skills. The room was spacious but not as clean as it should be. The bathroom curtain was white with some gray stains which showed it had not been properly watched in a long time. The bathroom sink had some yellow stains in the corner and the toilet paper holder was falling off the wall. This one had a whole right next to it that was never patched up and the footboard needed some real good cleaning as they were gray instead of white. I spoke with the front desk about it and they sent the housekeeper to clean the room but everything I mentioned was still the same when we got back to the room. You could tell they switched the bedroom sheets, replaced the towels and vacuumed the floors but nothing else was done. This is the first time I experience anything like this in a hotel and it was a shamed. The food is also over priced. I was only there for two nights and didn’t want to make a big deal about the cleanliness of the room but unfortunately, I would not be staying here again.
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2 years ago, Jerryd180
Run fast the other way!!! This hotel needs to close down and have a total rehab. I don’t mind older properties if they are kept up. This hotel has lots of deferred maintenance. We asked for a quite room. We were given a king room that faces Canal Street. First mistake! The road noise, vehicles honking, people screaming, sirens all day and night, and some dude on a megaphone for hours at a time preaching. This is definitely not a relaxing hotel. Once you wade past all the homeless people you finally get to the front doors. There was a security guard on call at night but he isn’t checking anyones id or proof you are staying here. Once we get to our room it was awful. The drapes are stained with brown spots all over them. The carpet is stained. There are ants crawling on the bed. The bed frame has iron pieces hanging out and my wife cut her shin. The bed cover is ripped to shreds. No blankets. The front desk does not answer the phone. The commode was broke. Mold in the shower. Air conditioning return vent is filthy. The positive are location within city and air conditioner works great. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS RUN DOWN HOTEL. For $900 for 3 nights, we were definitely ripped off.
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1 year ago, DNGKATG34
Great stay for a great price
The check/check out process we so easy. Rooms weren’t anything spectacular but they were spacious and got the job done for our home away from home for 10 days. The beds were SO comfortable. 2 pools on site. Hotel is in a great location with in walking distant of some restaurants/activities/shopping areas. Super convenient that it had a “convenience shop” in the lobby, as well as an arcade, breakfast restaurant, and lounge/restaurant. About 25 minutes from Disney and 10 minutes from Universal Studios. It has a free shuttle to Universal which we definitely took advantage of. Staff were all nice. Will definitely book again if ever in the area! Literally the ONLY negative of the stay was the 2 story part of the hotel we stayed in didn’t have an elevator and we were on the 2nd floor. Slight inconvenience but nothing worth rating the hotel any less than 5 stars!
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9 months ago, tstleger
Excellent hospitality at peaceful riad
Our stay with Guido and Mickael made our trip to Marrakech the perfect experience. They ensured that every part of our stay was wonderful. They provided excellent guidance on what to do and how to do it. They taught us how to negotiate with the horse and carriage drivers, and the deal went down exactly as they predicted. They arranged restaurant reservations where we had delicious meals on rooftops overlooking the night sky on the square. They arranged a spa visit that was truly a highlight. The breakfasts were delicious and a relaxing way to begin our day. We arranged for a family dinner one evening, and it was delicious. Everyone at the riad was hospitable, including Abdullah and Aziz. The riad itself is like an oasis. It is beautifully decorated with so much artistic detail. My whole family gives this riad and our hosts the highest compliment and would highly recommend it. Thank you so much!
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3 months ago, Mamaw127
Days Inn by Wyndham Hershey PA
Our experience at this hotel started off poorly! I walked into the lobby to find a customer literally screaming at the on duty management including who appeared to be the big boss! He was being double charged for his stay and was told no refund! I asked my husband to come in because frankly it was scary! The lobby was not appealing at all and my husband didn’t want to even check in! Also we questioned if we were even at the right hotel! Zero curb appeal and signage well we didn’t see any! However, the women who was checking us in along with the management team there, Checked us in immediately (even though we were there way early and didn’t expect to be checked into our room right away), they even changed our room to accommodate us being early! Our room was somewhat old but very clean! After the experience and appearance of the outside and lobby our room was acceptable! So we were relieved. Another stay there for us…sorry I have to say no.
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4 years ago, Nancy Broda
Roadway Inn- North Miami on NW 167th St
Absolutely the worst hotel experience I’ve ever had and I’m 62 and travel frequently. I was there 5 days... the police were there multiple times, vagrants were always around begging money, the elevator was broke down for 2 days, the halls reeked of pot, the room was filthy, we were moved 3 times because the toilet was not working, the carpet was filthy, there was black mold on the ceiling, the air conditioner rattled , the shower barely worked. I paid for my stay in advance so I was stuck. My daughter and her family stayed 2 days and left and found another hotel. Today when thankfully I checked out, the elevator was finally working, there were 6 guests with luggage on the elevator when the rear door opened and a housekeeper with a cart and vacuum forced her way on the elevator pinning my 11 year old grandson against the wall. We all tried to tell her it was too crowded, she pretended she didn’t understand English... I later heard her speaking fluent English. Ironically, I had to wait to get my cash deposit back while someone inspected the room. What a joke. The only reason I gave that dump 1 star was because it had a bed ( with stained linens ) and a roof.
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2 months ago, Zeph_
Good App
Booking has a great app with really helpful features, especially with keeping track of bookings made and messaging properties directly. I do prefer the user experience of the website proper when researching and booking hotels though. I don’t like that mobile searches (in the app and mobile site) show a lower price until you get to the checkout page and then all the taxes and fees are added. Also would really REALLY like to see an update that includes being able to filter reviews based on room type and for reviews with photos rather than having to scroll through endlessly to find these. If anyone from Booking is reading this, please make this happen. Either on the app or on the website cause its the main reason I’ve written this review! Many travelers rely on other peoples reviews to make decisions on what to book and these 2 filters would greatly improve and simplify the experience.
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1 year ago, H Mir Zaman
Flora Barsha hotel
I stayed at the flora Barsha hotel in Dubai from June 30th till July 6th, 2022. It was a very pleasant stay starting from Checking in, I had request an earlier check in as I was coming in the morning. They let me check in at 10:30 am although the regular check in time was 2pm. The receptionists lakshmi and Manas very helpful and professional. The room was nice and spacious, the breakfast had nice variety and the house keeping guy, Saurabh always had a smile on his face. He always clean the room and make sure we had enough water, and our coffee and other things were always filled. Very kind. I had a car so basement had lots of parking available. No matter what time of the day I would come. One day I left my car light on and the front desk called me to let me know that my car light is left on, that was so nice of them. Otherwise my car battery could have died, in this hot humid July month. When it was time to check out, my flight was really really late at night, and they kept my luggage for good 10 hours with them :) it was so easy. There was a small hair Salon on ground level where I went for blow dryer twice, it was so convenient to have a salon at the hotel site. One day I used the serenity spa and had a massage done, it was really relaxing. Overall I would say, it was 5/5 experience for me.
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5 years ago, Prairie Pug
Amazing Books!
From the beginning, this app, even within context of changing infrastructures, within networks, and all of us with individual security challenges test our patience I knew something was different immediately in the software design of this app. That is, I have often felt I was falling between the cracks in apps in the last 2 years, so was this skeptical of one that would hold so much info ( safety, financial) and transport hotel details of a reservation. But, it does, and so seamlessly set up my personal and business accounts (and led me thru process of organizing my 'books') in just making a travel plan that I was unaware of all the gains until now. The ease of use, for those of us with little or waning patience for glitches, 'fear of losing things' syndrome is great...hang in there thru a 3-4 bookings. it will all start appearing, syncing, all history intact, etc. My hope is (once again...) restored!!! Beautiful.
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Savoia Johnson
I love everything about this place and I LITERALLY MEAN EVERYTHING !☝️😫 from the beautiful clean fully loaded house to the breath taking ocean site ! Like you literally take 8 steps out the house and your feet is in the sand and the view and vibe is taking your pain and stress right away ! 🥺🙏♥️ I loved everything I slept so peacefully 🤦🏻‍♀️ and they even had items in the closet for the beach such as children toys 🧸 and beach layouts ! 🏖 I definitely will be renting again and definitely would give 6 stars ⭐️ if I CAN ! let’s not forget the $200 dollar deposit they gave me back literally I’m 24 hours 🙏 not 3-6 business days , (24 hours) ! Which was definitely appreciated because it help save me from coming out my pocket for extra expenses while I wait those few days so I really do appreciate and thank you guys SO MUCH I promise this was one of the best birthdays EVER 🥺☝️♥️🤲♥️🌎
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6 years ago, Datjushappend
Outstanding location and service
The room was large and appeared even more spacious with the tall ceilings. The view from our first floor room was amazing. Very large windows and remote control blinds made it all the better. The bathroom was up to date and clean. The bed slept well and I would rate it above above average. The addition of the included mini bar was a nice touch. They restock the wine, water, coke, diet Coke (Coke Light), Sprite, beer, and peanuts every evening. I never heard noise from the nieghboring rooms. The location was central enough to get around easily. It is only an eight minute walk with luggage to the central train station. The staff was welcoming and accommodating. I had but two complaints. First, the water in our shower and one of the double sinks in the room had a drainage problem. They backed up very quickly. The tub and other sink did not have the same issue. Overall, I would say the hotel was the best I've stayed at in Amsterdam.
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6 years ago, This is a Scam, and costly!
Extended stay in Tampa Fl
My check in time was supposed to be 3 pm and I got there at 4:30, I still had to wait sitting in the lobby for another 10-20 min waiting for her to give me a room number but a man walked in behind me to check in and she gave him his room and he did not have to wait. I booked well over a month in advance requesting a bottom floor and got a 3rd floor room. The breakfast was nothing like it said had coffee and granola bars really disappointing! They say they are only 2.6 miles from the stadium and they are over 6.6 miles away!! The person checking us in seemed very rude and not very friendly at all!! At check out the lady was leaving the lobby briefly asked me what room and said fine and walked away not sure if I was supposed to do anything else instead, I really hope it was fine because there was no one else around to ask!! Was very disappointed and the facilities was a big let down!!
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2 weeks ago, RJVELLA
This hotel checked all the boxes. Very good reviews, location close to the train station, and the price was in line with my budget. If I could give it 10 stars I would. The customer service was over and above and outstanding in every way. I cannot believe how wonderful the staff was. My room was ready early, everything was explained as to their services, what I received with the room, etc. They were very attentive with me as to what I might need, what could they do for me, what tips I might want about the city, etc. The room was lovely and modern. Wonderful large window with a view. And I utilized the rooftop terrace a few times and enjoyed it very much. They reserved a taxi for me to get to the airport no problem. The Sophie Terrace Hotel provided me with some of the best Customer Service I’ve ever received along with outstanding accommodations. Highly recommend.
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1 month ago, Thivanhanh
Scam site, irresponsible customer service
BE CAREFUL when using the booking service from this website. When I arrived at the hotel reserved by booking, it was overbooked. I was NOT given the alternative by the booking support staff. They urged me to book other hotels on my own after numerous calls, and they said they would reimburse the difference. They also affirm that there are no price restrictions on the hotels I can book. However, after I turned in the invoices, they indicated they would only reimburse $25 because I had made my own reservations for the alternative and would have to pay the remaining amount. I reminded them that, the booking support team asked me to find alternative because they couldn't do it, that’s why I must find other alternative by myself, but they ignore their liability. I requested to speak with the customer compliance agency, and they provided me with the EU commission, which does not assist US clients. They said that Booking is a Dutch base company so there are no agencies support US customers. For the protection of its customers, the FTC must conduct an investigation into this website.
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3 months ago, jnjaco
Booking process
The process was completely easy and took no time to complete. Very satisfied with the online registration process. Looking forward to my stay. This booking turned out to be a nightmare. As stated in the reservation for some hotels, you can cancel within a certain time limit of your reservation and not be charged for the booking. Not true, I booked at Quality Inn in Sandersville, Ga, cancelled the reservation approximately a week ahead of the reservation and quality inn still charged me for the room, they said it was a no show, but they didn’t even check to see if it was canceled or anything before charging me. And it’s been a few days short of a month and both places are still giving me the run around about the refund, even though I have all the information needed to prove it was canceled in time to avoid being charged. This will be my last booking with both of them.
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6 years ago, Whereismare
Gorgeous but out of the way
It was not near or convenient to anything. When you look at the map you think “oh its in Jimbaran so it near...” as there are many great things worth seeing & experiencing here in Jimbaran or Uluwatu area but its quite far from anything due to the windy roads. You have to hire a car —no taxis available from here —and you are at the mercy of whatever they want to charge you, even to go 5 minutes down the road to the closest restaurant. I’d recommend stYing here for a night and enjoying a full day relaxing by the pool and taking in the views. The dinner at the restaurant is quite good and reasonably priced for the portions and quality. Then, after enjoying your time here, find another location for site-seeing the rest of Bali as this is not a convenient base for going on excursions, shopping, dining, etc. its gorgeous and inexpensive for what they offer—this makes it a great value, but its too far away to enjoy anything beyond this property itself.
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1 year ago, Raqueljmm
Not for hotel payments on behalf of someone
I’ve had the same problem three times during the last month. I’ve tried to make a reservation on behalf of my parents three different times in three different properties and countries. The problem is that Booking does not clearly specify that you’re not paying but just reserving, and it is a "pay at the property" kind of deal, but they keep your credit card on file just in case. My parents don’t have the resources to pay at the property which is why I was using this service. At the moment of their check in they’re informed that they have to pay there, so I decide to go through Expedia instead and cancel with Booking which of course says, there’s a cancellation fee that I have to pay. My dad asked the manager of the hotel and they said their hotel does not have a "cancellation fee" even though that’s what Booking said and probably will charge. What a waste of time. If you’re the one traveling and paying for yourself at the property, it should work.
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4 months ago, CaliforniaGirl2143
Sick Joke of a Company!
Used the all to book a reservation today. They charged my card but gave me an error message saying I needed to contact customer service. Without explaining the nature of the problem, they sent me an email asking me if I wanted to rebook. I replied yes hoping it’s fixed. But no! Received another message saying “my reservation couldn’t be confirmed” and would be canceled. Meanwhile, the reservation the reservation still shows as active on the app and no refund has been made. I submitted a detailed inquiry with screenshots containing all pertinent details to customer service requesting clarification on whether the reservation is canceled or active. They replied with a message that made ZERO sense saying I needed to send them an email describing my concern when that’s exactly what I I already did! Zero explanation. Zero help. Zero rationality. And zero refund - even though I don’t seem to have a reservation for reasons I don’t understand. Save yourself the hassle of dealing with these jokers! A simple transaction turned into a big, unnecessary headache. Wish I never tried to use their service! 🤮
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3 years ago, Dabate074
Awful customer service And bad customer relations.
I’ve used boooking several times in the past without problems, until recently. It was my birthday and wanted to celebrate with my girlfriend. I went on the Booking app to find a Jacuzzi Suite and located one in their site at a Holiday in express and Suites. Drove over a hundred miles to this hotel that I reserved And got to hotel. Checked in and went up to room only to find their was no jacuzzi in room. Called front desk and was told that they didn’t have any rooms with jacuzzis, and that I would need to talk to manager in the morning. Talked to manager at checkout and was told that They are not going to refund me at all because it’s not their fault, it’s Bookings fault and I had to call them. Called booking and they said it’s not their fault either. So I guess it’s my fault that I was lied to and lured into a hotel for something I was promised and paid for but didn’t receive. Beware of Booking. Com as they will not stand behind anything, and don’t care a lot guest relations. Again I used them to book many times in the past and will not again and suggest for your sake you do not either.
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2 years ago, Sweetbeats33
Update: Customer service is useless. They don’t want or even try to help you because it’s not in their best interest. Their Deals are no better than Priceline etc. The travel credits you earn can never be used because there is no way to apply the reward on the app. I called a rep about an issue with the hotel I booked. They handled it worse than a 5 year old. I guess British/ European people are a bit odd. Why this woman said what she said is inexcusable and definitely not proper customer service. They will not help you if you need it. Try another hotel app. The app gives you errors when you try to claim you $50 rewards. I wonder if people ever get them and use them successfully. I find it really hard the people in Europe do not understand the English language. I think they purposely try to act confused to avoid taking any responsibility. These people are a complete waste of time I think even a five year old in the United States could offer more customer service and these people can. They are truly a waste of space in the customer service industry.
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6 years ago, Ms. Mila
I wish i could give it no stars
The rooms were dirty. Yes the floors were sticky in the hallway. The room was without light bulbs. One chair was so dirty. The housekeeping staff turned it over on the other side. However that side was dirty as . Not one time did the manager come to talk with me. We looked at 4 rooms and still had to stay in the first dirty room. The pool was cold. The housekeeping didn’t give us fresh sheets. They just made the bed. They didn’t bring fresh towels. We had to ask for them. Then when we asked they didn’t bring them and we had to call again. The walks in the room was peeling. The bathroom walls were cracked. One of the rooms I looked at the door to the room looked like it had been broken into. When the person came up to look at it they didn’t even say anything other then that’s not a hole. Then on the 2nd night there was a room with 20 kids in it. They kept running up and down the hallways being loud. Then they took over the pool. The breakfast was not fresh. I ended up drinking spoiled milk. I complained and all i was offered was $44 for my trouble. That’s not even enough. This hotel is not worth the money.
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