Bookly: Book tracker manager

4.6 (34.9K)
225 MB
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TwoDoor Games
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3 weeks ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bookly: Book tracker manager

4.61 out of 5
34.9K Ratings
6 years ago, enthusiast_fabi
Who came up with such great idea!
I needed something to know how many pages of a book I'm reading a day and track the progress of the book. Initially, I was using stopwatch and writing the minutes and pages down manually, but then I found this app and it made everything simple and easy. Really loved the idea of this app! You think about something and there is an app for that. I like so much about this app from the layout to colors, feel and esthetics. Visual data and graphs help me track my progress and encourage me to read more everyday. Finding titles online is really handy, you don’t need to fill up author name and title info or take the cover photo. For the future updates, we would love to see if there is something we could link this app with Goodreads. Now, there is something I don’t like, the pattern of subscription. How something so simple is a monthly subscription service? I understand that there are engineers constantly working on it, but there should be at a way to pay one time and may be get some extra features. Since I'm not a heavy book reader, I would not subscribe and then forget about it and keep paying for something I’m barely using. However, I would love to support the app if there is some onetime buying feature may be with just few extra features like the option of adding 10 more books. Again, thanks to the team for such great app and their work.
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2 years ago, Raie
Encouraging, Informative Tool for Reading
I’ve always been an avid reader, from a toddler whose punishment was to have her bookcase turned around, to a school aged kid who devoured all the books teachers threw at her to a college graduate with a BA in literature. Books are essentially my personality. But then a lot of real life happened, a lot of adult stuff and work stuff and mental health stuff that put me in the worst reading slump of my life. For the first time reading felt like a chore. In a last ditched effort to bring books back into my life I consumed as much BookTok and Bookstagram I could, I started my own LGBTQIA+ book club, bulked up my TBR, and introduced audiobooks into my life. But still I was looking for a single app that could not only track all my books, but also be used as an inventory, allow me to rate, and encourage me to read. Bookly is all of that and more! I love getting the reminders on my phone everyday to read. I love the infographics that are created after I finish a book. I love the goal visualization and the countdown of how many days I’ve read, and the fact I can listen to white noise all within the same app! Whether you are a seasoned reader or just trying to get into it, this book will support and encourage you with healthy reading habits with enough cuteness to keep you tethered!
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2 years ago, bangabgn
Amazing app but…
Don’t get me wrong it’s a very good app and it’s definitely got me reading a lot more. Like the features to add my thoughts and quotes from book it’s amazing and the sounds that are provided for you to listen to are just spectacular even though I can only afford the free one. To be honest my main problem is the fact lot of the things is pay for access. Everything else I’m fine with is like the access to the assistant or the other things yeah OK I get that but the thing that bugs me the most is the fact that I can’t add more than 10 books and I can’t delete books. Because I don’t wanna a book that I just finished to just be taking space when I could add another book but I can’t delete it is only for pro. I respect the hustle but you at least let us non-pro people be able to delete books. There are other features that bug me like I can’t use diction to type out quotes, thoughts, and vocabulary words and I have to manually type it out. The fact that I can’t delete a book after I finish reading it most definitely bugs me the most so if you could just change that a little bit would be greatly appreciated. But don’t it let you stop from download the app because if you wanna become a reader I think it’s a really good app to helps you in a pretty fun except for that one annoying feature. But you know that’s my opinion and you have yours so yeah.
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6 years ago, Jearbear101
Great! Aside from a paywall for features and full screen ads.
Just found out about this app and thought I'd try it. Love the idea of stat tracking for reading. UI I think is well made and everything that the app is specifically designed to do I think is awesome. What's not so awesome is the business model. I understand needing ads for revune when you offer a free product, but full page ads are ridiculous especially when I simply want to just add a book. Secondly the price with what's locked behind the price. For such minuscule feature that do nothing more than expand what's already offered I see no reason why someone couldn't copy everything and, with what's offered for the pro version, and make it free. Or at the very least charge a one time fee. $30 a year for an app is pretty steep when I haven't read anything about the developers planning to add more content through the life of the app. Bug fixes don't count that's should be a given. There isn't anything the app offers that I couldn't do myself with a pen and paper, it's just math. Again I think the idea is great and I'd love to use it and would be willing to buy it once for a single rate fee. But with the ads that take over the entire screen, and simple, easily replicated features locked behind a paywall, it wasn't worth my continued use. If they decide to change their business model I would definitely give it another shot. Until then...I'll stick to doing everything the app offers myself but for free.
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11 months ago, Lou1111111yyy
Great App but..
It's a fantastic app that has definitely encouraged me to read more. the features that allow me to contribute my ideas and book quotes are fantastic, and the noises that are offered for you to listen to are simply incredible. Since many items require payment for access, that is, to be honest, my primary issue. I understand having to pay for access to some things but to have to pay to delete books or be able to track more than 10 books bugs me. I'm okay with everything else, such as having access to the assistant or other stuff, I understand that. I appreciate the app, it’s incredibly useful and has got me reading more again. But not being able to delete books without paying us a bit annoying. I’m here are many books that I’ve put on there and had the intention of reading but then found other more interesting books that I can’t add. If you really like to read you can go through 10 books rather quickly. Other aspects, such as the inability to use dictation to type out quotes, ideas, and vocabulary terms, I find really great and have helped explain to others the different things about the book and share my thoughts without having to reread it. It annoys me the most because I can't delete a book once I've finished reading it, so any changes you could make there would be greatly appreciated.
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1 year ago, TrinHDP
Could be exactly what I wanted, but I’m not willing to pay for every little feature
The app itself is exactly what I was looking for, however, if you want to actually be able to use it efficiently you are required to pay for it. I understand the creators/company needs to make money, but the best apps let you have the basics for free, and prompt you to BETTER your experience through payment plans. The basic functions of this app do not work for free after so much. You aren’t allowed to have more than 10 books in your list without upgrading. Which is fine, I guess. I was willing to reluctantly accept that without deleting the app, until I added a book I had already read (out of curiosity and simply playing with the functions of the app) and realized I had to be a member to even delete books out of my lists???? That’s outrageous in my opinion. Not at all worth it for me. I would consider paying for an app if it didn’t feel like I was required to. Take Duolingo for example: you get the basic functions of the app (language learning, in case anyone didn’t know) for free, then can choose to pay to erase ads, and have extra helpful features available to you. I didn’t feel like I was forced to pay, so I was more willing to. Moral is, if you’re willing to pay for this app, go ahead! It looks like it could be very helpful for any serious reader trying to digitally track their reading. I’m personally going to look for better options.
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2 years ago, NaomiRedshoe
Great Motivator!
Update 3/6/22 - After nearly a year since signing up, I’m still loving Bookly; it’s definitely one of my top 5 “must do’s” every day. I’ve logged 222 days so far in my most recent streak and will be crushed now if I miss a day. I’ve realized that I have several classics I’ve never read for some reason. The motivation to reach goals helps me wade through some selections I might have been more tempted to abandon prior to using the app. Once it’s part of the stats, it needs to count toward the yearly goal, etc., so I’m loathe to quit one after starting. Keep doing the good stuff Bookly! I love this app. Have always been a “reader,” but since installing this app, I’ve “always got my nose in a book” according to my bestie. 🤓 I enjoy tracking my consecutive days read, and will avoid chores all day in order to not break my streak. 🤷‍♀️ By keeping a record of the books I’ve read, I no longer waste time rereading a book I read a couple of years ago that has slipped from memory, as I’ve done many times before I started using Bookly Pro. I can also revisit favorite passages by adding quotes to that title’s record, and my vocabulary has benefitted from the ability to note new/unfamiliar words and definitions as well. Very much worth the price annually, would definitely recommend.
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2 years ago, Detroit Kid @ Heart
Great for encouraging more reading
I saw this app via IG and was immediately intrigued. I love reading but don’t make the time to like I should. This app has made me consistent and excited again about reading regularly. The stats are fun to share and I like how you can edit the details of the book as needed. My favorite features are being able to snap pics of quotes I read and highlight them, add my notes and comments and list the page number and the daily pop up reminder to read. Love it! I purchased a year subscription pretty quickly but was surprised to see that it doesn’t sync across devices. Very odd. Sometimes I’m reading an actual book other times on my iPad or phone. Was very frustrated not to be able to pick up across devices. Oddly there is no log in, hence maybe why no syncing.? It’s tied to a device? I’d also suggest being able to put in Roman numerals when you stop the app and need to list your page number. Some book introductions are a bit lengthy and usually label those pages with Roman numbers. I spend time reading towards my goal on a new book but couldn’t enter my page number accurately. That bothers the data nerd in me! Overall, I highly recommend this app if you want to level up your reading and be consistent.
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4 months ago, _ellalink
Can’t explain how much I love this app
Okay so I usually NEVER write reviews. Like this is literally my first one I’ve ever written but I just can’t say enough good things about this app. I used to hate reading. And by hate I MEAN HATE!!!! If I told myself from a year ago that I would be reading for hours on end I would have laughed in my face. Truly. With the help of this app I have developed the habit of reading—and I love it! I’ve had the app for about a month and have already finished 7 books, about 4000 pages in total. I would have never thought this would ever happen. Along with making me want to read, it helps me track my thoughts and feeling about books in ways like never before. I love the quotes and thoughts you can add while reading and also getting to add characters. It’s super helpful to have my thoughts organized and easy to look back on. I also love all of the stats they offer and think it’s so cool to see how fast I’ll read fiction books compared to books in my field of study. So many interesting things I’ve learned about myself and my reading habits. In conclusion PLEASE get this app. I’m not joking. If you read at ALL (even fan fiction💋) you need this app to track it. It’s so helpful and my fave app.
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2 years ago, Taylor101815
I love this app
This app is great for avid readers who just like to read and keep track of books read. I wouldn’t recommend this to someone who is a note taker. That said, the Quote, Thought, and Word Definitions features are great. I do pay for Pro; the free version is decent to use if your goal is to track your reading and add books. That’s about it. You can’t delete books, or see your infographics without pro. There is very little you can do without pro, actually. Alas, with my having the pro version, I love this app. I love the basic elements that are easily laid out, allowing me to keep focus on the book I’m reading and not be distracted by the complicated features most other apps seem to use. I can easily add a quote or thought, or look up a word definition and enter it without much thought at all; it’s all on the same page. I love the Store, being able to earn diamonds to buy app covers or new “assistant” skins. I am a bit disappointed that you don’t earn some small amount of diamonds when you complete an Achievement. I feel like we’re a bit jipped out of currency there, as you can only earn diamonds by reading (specifically how long you read each session). Overall, I think this is a great app to have, especially if you’re just getting back into reading for fun.
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6 years ago, piplupfire
Great app! Looking forward to improvements
This is a great app! Easy to use, clean displays, nice and simple. I've only used it for a couple of books but it really motivated me to make time for a hobby that I don't have as much time for anymore. I tend to have a slower reading pace than most, so the infographics were pretty interesting. And it's great being able to see the progress I'm making, especially when I'm reading a 700+ pg book. There was a tiny bug I noticed when I had to delete an incorrectly recorded reading session (that was my fault), and the page numbers on the page for the book's overall info and the page for the book's reading sessions didn't sync up right. Nothing that's too much of a problem, but it just bothered me a bit. It'd be nice to get that fixed. Also, I listen to a lot of audiobooks, and that's hard to keep track of on here. I figure I can just mark them as "read in the past," since the app wasn't designed for audiobook listening and etc, but it'd be great if for "read in the past book" there was an option to just quickly put in what day you finished the book, or perhaps which days you were reading it. But that's about it. Overall this is a great app! I definitely regret not getting it earlier tbh.
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2 years ago, alexakat_w
download it, download it now
I used to be a very avid reader but found myself in a huge reading rut after graduating grade school 4 years ago. this year I really wanted to try to get back into reading but I really couldn’t find a way to keep myself motivated. I’m the the of person that needs to use some sort of log or tracker to stay on top of things so I figured that if I did that with reading, I would be more likely to keep reading. turns out I was absolutely right. I’m able to log how much time I read, how many pages I read, how many books, quotes, thoughts, I can set goals – there’s so much that I do that keeps me motivated and I absolutely will not read without using this app. I’m constantly motivated to read everyday and have been so successful in my want to get back into reading. I’m on my 17th book of the year since I downloaded it, pretty big for me since I’ve probably only read about 10 books in the last 4 years alone. my only thing I wish that the app had was a way for the user base to communicate internally through the app like some sort of community page. overall, I absolutely love this app and highly recommend it to anyone who is already an avid read or wants to become one.
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4 years ago, LittleCat7045
Awesome way to keep track of reading.
I adore this app and recommend it to everyone I know who likes reading. It helps me feel like I’m progressing through my long backlog of books I own but haven’t read yet. My two small complaints are that there’s no way to resort the order of collections, which would be very helpful as I have quite a few. Even if it was just alphabetical, at least that would make sense, rather than just in order of when you created it, as I’ve begun reading new genres since downloading the app over a year ago. Also, I wish that the quotes feature was reverse chronological, newest first, as I often like to use recent quotes in journals and have over 200 quotes. Besides those two things, which are small problems for me, I am obsessed with this app. I really like that it shows your speed of reading, and the weekly and monthly rundowns are very nice for remembering progress has been made. In over a year of using this app regularly, I’ve never had a bug or problem with it. Highly, highly recommend. P.S. This is not a venue in which to read ebooks, rather to track progress of books you own in other forms, as I’ve seen multiple rather rude reviews who seem to be misinformed on the subject.
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3 months ago, minniemechan
Helped me back into reading!
This is probably the only app review I’ve ever left out of just sheer desire to do so because I absolutely love this app. I used to be a huge reader, and of course, life kinda got in the way, and I found myself really missing that sense of adventure and excitement that books used to bring me. I also didn’t particularly like the idea of reading on my phone, and I usually used that as an excuse to not read as much. One of many, at least. Not enough gas to get to the library, oh I forgot to stop by the book store, my phone’s never charged, I just don’t have time, blah blah blah. And then I can’t remember what made me download Bookly, but now I’ve read three books so far this year AND joined two book clubs 😅 Keeping up with my reading and trying to reach my goal every day (there’s my competitive side) has been the kickstart I needed to regain the passion I once had for books and literature. Thank you guys! My only critique, and I do understand that it just is what it is, but I do wish Bookly pro was free 😭 I’m sure it’s worth it, and hopefully I will one day be able to afford it, but ya win some ya lose some, huh?
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1 year ago, Jbrown_leo
Lots of Improvement Needed
I don’t understand why this app has such high ratings. I feel like I was duped! I paid for the annual subscription and I wish I hadn’t so far. First: you have to manually add every book cover. Every one. That alone is awful. Exporting over a thousand books makes this a huge deal breaker. On top of the fact that you have to click on 3 different things do EVERY BOOK to add a cover EVERY TIME! Seriously, at least make it easier to edit if we have to do it ourselves. Second: there is some weird glitch where books without uploaded book covers shoes the cover of a random book that you have uploaded. So, for example, if I uploaded the cover for Stephen King’s IT but not the cover for Justin Cronin’s The Ferryman, The Ferryman will show all the correct book I for but it will show the cover of IT. Again, awful. Third: every time I open the app, I get an error that says “Uploading to iCloud failed” which is weird because all my books that I imported have been imported so I’m not sure what keeps failing but the error message is irritating and I have no idea how to fix it. Fourth: even though I paid for a subscription, they still want to charge you for everything…which wouldn’t bother me IF it was a great app to begin with but what the heck are they spending their money on because it is not to make this app better. Don’t waste your time on this.
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3 years ago, Empress Noriko
So far so good
I’ve been using Bookly for a week. Figuring out how to use it is easy. I think I am reading more now. I don’t care for it constantly asking you to post your reading progress to social media. I read for hours a day so it would be a nuisance to others. Plus it’s nobody’s business what I read. I wish you could turn it on and off. Maybe if you were in a reading group it would be useful keeping the others posted. But for everyday use it’s annoying. Update: I’m impressed, the developer replied telling me how to turn off the social media option. Perhaps I was a little unfair earlier. When the app asked me to review I had just finished my 3rd or 4th reading session that day and was exasperated with it constantly wanting me to post. It’s been a few days and I am truly enjoying the app. Too bad they can’t partner with Kindle to integrate into my Oasis. I’m definitely reading more and enjoying seeing my progress. I would definitely recommend this app to anyone wanting to keep track of their reading. I’ve updated my rating to 5 stars from 4.
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1 year ago, Tay 👑
This app is my favorite reading tracker to date and even once in a while has book marathons that you can participate in to win prizes (which i wish happened more often). The only reason this book isn’t full 5 stars is because you need to pay to use this app. The app makes you delete after you reach a capacity of 5 books and it feels only free as a trial run. After that it’s 5$ a month! Which to me is pretty steep, I wish it was a one time payment of 10$ or something to that capacity. I do pay for the app but I wish there was a student option for 1-3$ to help out college or even high school students. There are also diamonds that you earn in the game for reading and completing goals that I wish you could do more with besides just buy app appearances. Maybe include gift cards or a one month off coupon because after a while you just start accumulating diamonds that prove useless. But overall, this app has a lot of useful tools and in depth personal reading statistics that makes reading more fun for me and encourages me to read more by beating my previous stats! I often find myself referring this app to friends, with the precautions mentioned above.
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3 years ago, HiIAmJJ
Amazing app •*a issue with iOS widgets*•
Love the app and it’s even better that there are widgets. I have no complaints for the app itself, just download it, I have pro as well, and it’s so helpful having the assistant. Though, with the widget feature there is an issue for me. I know the brand is a blue color, but when my whole iPhone aesthetic is different colors and my Bookly widgets are a bright blue, it gets annoying. Also as reader that doesn’t base progress on time I read. Yes, I like to track it and see if I’m getting faster, but especially since each book has bigger/ smaller pages or more/less words, I don’t compare pages to time. Therefore, having the only widget options be the average TIME I read this week, the amount of TIME I read this week, and/or the amount of time it takes, is a little disappointing for me. My main suggestion is to maybe add a few more color variety. But, MAINLY adding page progress to the widgets. Seeing my progress in pages is what motivates me and only being able to see that in my bullet journal is kinda sad. This is just a personal pet peeve and is definitely not something that makes me dislike the app more.
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2 years ago, atheneZ16
Great app idea with very poor execution
I have been using the full (shockingly expensive) lifetime subscription of this app since the beginning of this year. The app is fun and it is vaguely achieving its purpose for me—but it absolutely does not live up to the sticker price for the full subscription. The quality and ease of use on the app is seriously lacking. It is neither smooth nor intuitive. The reading reports sometimes come an entire month late and I often get notifications for them several times even after I have viewed them. For some reason I can’t update my daily reading reminder time (I’ve tried changing it over and over and it always resets to the first time I set it to back in January). The input for audiobooks is woefully lacking and it has resulted in an inaccurate count of my reading progress so far this year. If I could get my money back, I would delete the Bookly app and use LibraryThing instead (which is free, has way cooler data, and is very straightforward). The best thing, by far, about this app is the white noise options on the reading timer page. This was the main reason that I went for the full subscription even though you can actually play all of the different sounds without even paying…
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9 months ago, olivia181996
Excellent App
I love this app more than I thought I would! I don’t even mind paying the subscription for the extra ratings and more books. I even enjoy the reading session timer which I didn’t think I would use because I didn’t download this app to try and read more I read plenty. That being said there still isn’t a book app that does what a bookworm would love for it to do. The carousel on the homepage is annoying and I would like it better if I could just catalogue my books (especially on a little bookshelf I could organize because the collections in this app are great!!) and mark which ones I own (there is a borrow/lent feature but I would like to see which books I have so I don’t accidentally buy them again which I have done 😅) also as much I love the info graphic I would like to see my reviews and thoughts more. Then I could share it with more meaningful info than how many pages I read. I like seeing the stats but I don’t think my friends care that I read a page a minute. I would like an overall thoughts because I love the reflection but maybe like a comment section with my rating.
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6 months ago, kgurska
Great way to track your reading!
I started using the app earlier this year and eventually upgraded, as it’s been such a helpful resource to help me track what I’ve read, what I’m reading, and what I want to read. I love that I can set my own goals for daily, monthly, and yearly reading. I was going through a reader’s slump for so long, so this has helped me get back into the groove. In addition to my own personal goals, there are occasional readathons, for chances to win prizes, which gives an extra boost for making it that much more fun and exciting. There are options to add notes, track new words, and add quotes from readings as well, which can then be turned into infographics once you’ve finished a book. The assistant is fantastic, helps keep you on track with goals, and there’s a cute selection of icons, characters, and more to make it a little bit more fun. While not everything results in an actual “prize” per se, this app has made it such a fun way to incentivize readers in so many different ways.
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5 months ago, tygt13
Cool but…
Bookly is cool, it’s a nice app to track & store your library. A couple of things I wish were different though, for one I wish that the app would recognize the actual date you finished the book and not the date it was inputed. For example, I downloaded bookly just recently (later into this month) so, I included the books i’d already read for the month and their reading sessions, including the date it was completed but, bookly registers as completed with the date I updated it (I finished a book on Jan 5th, added the update in Jan 14th so now it shows the book was completed on Jan 14th). I know, it’s not a big deal but, it’d be nice for stats so it shows I completed books on multiple days throughout the month & not just the one I added the submissions. Secondly, i’d like to be able to change the layout of my uploaded books, the carousel is nice but i’d like to have my books in a list/small icons format like it does when you go into the categories section but.. on the main page if that makes sense. Overall the app is cool, I pay the subscription and I guess it’s worth it?
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3 years ago, Amber Loves Seth
Great! Even just using the free version.
I was looking for an app to simply count my pages per day read but this does so much more! FOR FREE! Ya there’s a pro version and I may eventually want to get it but the free version lets you track pages, time read, & pages to go. Also let’s you see the % of the book you’ve read so far AND if the app incorrectly has the number of total pages of the book, you can edit that as well. Also there is a little white noise feature with a few different options. You can jot down thoughts, quotes from the book, give yourself a countdown timer, and take note of a new word you learned & the definition. ALL FOR FREE!!!! You can earn gems (points) too by reading or watching ads and you can edit the icon of the app (yes I watched like 20 ads to change the icon to the one I liked best). Overall, I love it! You can also use the earned gems to add books to track in the app since the free version starts with only giving you 10 books you can track. 10/10 recommend
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5 years ago, WyattAnderson
Best App for Readers
I’ve been using Bookly (formally known as Bookout) for years now, and I can’t say that I really use another app more. I’m a huge reader, and Goodreads is nice but this is honestly way better. It lets me keep track of all my books read in a super easy format and the in for graphics of my reading stats are amazing. I have a long streak that I’m trying to keep up, because this app makes me WANT to read more and more. The quotes feature and thoughts feature are both awesome and hilarious looking back after you finish a book. The only suggestions for the developers I have would be to allow a book to be reread, and maybe even implementing a social feature like Goodreads where you can add other readers and see their books/stats! But beyond that, the developers are awesome and are constantly updating the app to make it better. Some may see the paywall as annoying, but it’s paid for itself hundreds of times over in my opinion, and if you’re a reader this app is the best thing for us!
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6 months ago, arungud
Great App but not for all Kindle Books
I love Bookly—it has helped improve my reading habits demonstrably. Just getting your personal library listed in the app is a great motivator for me to get to books I want to read but never seem to get to. The only reason I don’t give it 5 Stars is that none of the great progress-tracking features work with the many Kindle or other e-books that provide “locations” rather than page numbers, especially when the same ebook contains multiple volumes or “books” within it. Often one can’t know if an ebook purchase will provide true pagination or only location numbers. It is next to impossible to keep track of progress on Bookly with these sorts of ebooks. If the latter, you can’t track your progress on Bookly. Is there a chance of adding an option to track reading progress by location? (The app does allow tracking of progress by percentage, but that is of little help since, in longer books, 1% can amount to many pages, sometimes more than a single reading session.). Thanks.
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1 year ago, hmam:)
A little upset and annoyed
I downloaded this a few months ago but only started getting into using it this week. I did not realize that there was a limit in books and I had added books that I had already read just to rate them and keep track of what I’ve read in the past. Well, I started reading a book series this week and I had finished the first two and went to add the next book so I could start tracking it. I put in all the information in and went to add it but it wouldn’t let me unless I got pro. So I though that maybe I could delete the books that I read before I got the app. But of course I couldn’t unless I got pro, which is a load of bull crap. I’m very annoyed. I then thought maybe if I delete and redownload the app I could only add the books I’m currently reading but then I would lose all of the reading I had already done. Like I said I’m very annoyed, mad and upset. I’m only giving it three stars because I still think the app is great but mad about the book limit. I think the limit should be at least higher. Or at most 100 or something.
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2 years ago, duckworth1210
I’ll Be That Guy!
I’ll Be That Guy! I never review! Ever! Ever! Ever! At least not apps. And yet I find myself having used this app for four and a half months to be LIFE CHANGING! I love it. Before Bookly I read one or two books a year and that’s if I was lucky! It was inconsistent and based on flourishes of wonder and excitement! I now have read for 104 consecutive days. 15 books. 111 hours. And 3691 pages. And this is AFTER I deleted my logged sessions for DogMan books because they felt morally incorrect! (No shame to anyone who keeps these or logs these or tracks these) The streak feature has pushed me to pick up a book every single day and read, no matter what when or how; reading has become apart of my life more than I could have hoped for! It is totally worth the subscription. I can’t express this enough! There are some user interface things I would alter to make the app more present and attractive. But this doesn’t get in the way of my overall experience. Love Bookly.
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3 years ago, failsatpuzzles
Great for keeping track of your goals!
I stumbled upon Bookly at the beginning of 2021 when I was looking for a way to help maintain and reach my reading goal for the year. I started using Bookly and fell in love with how I can keep track of the books I’ve read, put them into collections, set goals for the day and month and more! Being able to see how long a book can take me to finish is great once I start it since keeping time within the app helps determine my reading speed and estimates everything. I didn’t anticipate how useful this would be along with how satisfying seeing number of pages and hours read total. It’s soooo satisfying! I do wish there was a way to sign up for readathons within the app and track that time separately - like if you’re signed up those hours you read during the day are automatically tallied to the readathon. Having the ability to do readathons with friends would be fun too! Overall I LOVE this app!
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4 months ago, no-username2544
Pretty Cool App
I was looking for a reading journal for a while and this is the only one I’ve been enjoying so far. I have the premium version which is really the only way to use the app because the 10 book limit is not nearly enough. The search feature is nice but I wish it worked more regularly because even when for surely connected to the internet, it will sometimes just not cooperate. Another side note is that books you read before getting the app don’t count towards your page count stats even if the dates input are for this year, but I guess that’s okay cause there’s no previous data for it in their system. Also a suggestion would be for the “add word” feature, it’s be nice if it would provide a definition of the word from the web or something of the sort. The interface works quite well (with Premium) and I will continue to use it in the future. Overall a good paid app that I’d recommend over a physical reading log due to ease of access. Thanks.
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5 months ago, Vera Paciorek
Love this app! But the monthly subscription is kinda pointless to me
I have just began to love reading again but was always curious of a few things. How long it takes me to read a page. If I set a goal how long/ much do I have to read per day to achieve that goal. And plenty more. This app does that exactly. I’ve come to realize that overtime my reading becomes quicker and all. And I have never been able to finish books in such short times before. But now using Bookly I can read the recommended amount per day or more (usually more since I’m hooked) and I will finish a book in about a month for the first time! The only thing I would really just complain about is the subscription that’s a pricey amount just to have unlimited books and extra features. When in reality Bookly already satisfies me thankfully. I don’t know I just don’t see a point signing up for the subscription when I’m already pleased. To whoever is reading this, have fun reading! And accomplishing things way easier:)
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11 months ago, paintmeagalaxy
Great for ADHDers!
I am a college student who has very bad ADHD and I struggle to read all the time. Bookly is amazing because of the features you can use during your reading session! I really love listening to the rain noise when I’m reading because it helps me focus. I am currently reading for a book for the first time in over a month, and I read for an hour and fifteen minutes. It’s really helpful. Additionally, Bookly also has a discord server where you can meet other book lovers, and do challenges! Each month they host a Book of the Month event with each month being a different theme, and this month’s theme is murder mysteries! I HIGHLY recommend this app. It doesn’t force you to read every day, and when you do read you get experience and can level up. It’s a great app for people who struggle to focus during reading, and need an app that can help guide them into reading more but not direct them if that makes sense!
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10 months ago, Oswin98
Adorable and almost perfect
I really like using Bookly and would probably pay for and use it forever if there were two major differences: 1. Tracking of audiobooks is a little clunky. It would be nice if you could input their total time the way you can input the total page count for a physical book. Then, when you use the timer it would actually track your progress in the book and the cute infographics would have more meaning. 2. I wish there were a social component. Goodreads is such a disappointment and I would love to have an app where I can track what I read and see what my friends are reading, too. Maybe we could challenge each other to reading sprints or recommend books to each other. It would also make having all those adorable little costumes for Bloo more fun because then someone else would be seeing them. That being said, I think the app is super user friendly and I love that I can add widgets to my home screen and watch.
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2 years ago, CarnivalCake
I Love Bookly…
I downloaded Bookly about a year ago and began using it for the first time. I didn’t sign up for the premium edition but am already pleased with the features it included and the pleasant user interface. I have tried a few reading tracker apps and quickly dropped them due to messy or hard to look at lay outs. Bookly doesn’t have this issue and while it is purely cosmetic in nature it is one of the most important aspects of an app. Many features of the Bookly app I haven’t been able to find elsewhere despite how basic some are. Bookly will attempt to calculate how long you will have to read in order to finish your book. If you add a desired end goal date it will tell you how much you should read to finish by time. You can create daily, monthly and yearly reading goals. You can also join “readathons” and have a personal assistant you can buy outfits for with diamonds (earned while reading.) I don’t use these features as much but I admire the Bookly team for adding them in as they differentiate the apps. The app’s icon has additional customizations in the shop available for diamonds as well. The main draw of Bookly is how they analyze your reading habits and what information they offer you. This information is locked behind the pay wall but after using Bookly I have no doubt my money, when I buy the subscription, is going to a good place and I will get my money’s worth.
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2 years ago, Madelyn Tucker
This app saved me from reading slumps.
I started using bookly in the beginning of this year and I have used it everyday since. I love being able to see my “reading streak” and seeing how quickly I read. I have the basic version of bookly but it still is completely helpful and if you don’t want the extra features, I’d say to just use the free version. Bookly has a cool system of payment called “gems” were you earn them by reading and you can use them to purchase a bunch of different things. There’s also “readathons” which have requirements for books that you can earn real gift cards from (this is technically a premium feature but I do the reading on free and I plan on purchasing the premium to be able to redeem my rewards)! I would recommend bookly to anyone who either wants to keep track of their reading or wants to finally get through that TBR. Never have a reading slump again with bookly!
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1 year ago, Moe_Chi
Genuinely good app
I used to be a reader. I fell out of it because I lost time and I’ve tried to use other apps before. A lot of them will try to push you to make longer or bigger reading goals. This one doesn’t. I set my goal to 15 minutes a day and 25 books this year. Nothing major, but still more than normal. The reminders are friendly and the ability to add a book to your reading list by scanning the ISBN is a gamechanger. I’ve seen apps try to charge way more for worse quality and I honestly think the app is worth the money, especially if you get a yearly subscription cause it’s half the price. I think the only issue I’ve had so far is having to re enter the page count for the books I’ve added because the app isn’t accurate, but that’s really not a big deal when I don’t have to type in the title, author, or upload the cover. All in all a really good, genuinely motivating app.
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2 years ago, ChAoTiCxDrEaMeR
The update makes makes the difference
Edit update: the update makes this way more user friendly and I have little to know trouble with it, though I wish the were more rewards lol It won’t count any books that I read without this on in the back round and won’t count audiobooks either properly either of those get workers out this could be a fun way to keep track of all books from all book reading apps. Update: it’s able to track how many hours + pages read u just have to add by adding the hours each reading session ur self. The 50 diamond limit per reading session is kinda annoying u only get 4hr & 10mins worth of diamonds before it stops logging the points so if binge read 5-6 hour and want the diamonds for all of it u have to literally stop @ 4hr mark the restart. But I admit I am pretty much read to much and it would be so much easier to just collect the reading time in one go.
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7 years ago, alpha.tesorieri
Loved it until my reading progress was ERASED
I have downloaded a number of books apps, and really felt that this app was going places. There are some features like Goodreads, such as the book challenges and tracking how far you've read. But what I liked about Bookout was being able to keep track of how long I'd taken to read a book and the average number of pages per session. Those analytics were so helpful and fun. Unfortunately, it seems like this app can't be trusted to actually log your progress. I finished a book a day ago and not only in input it as 100% read, I marked it as completed. The app even gave me the badge of completion for finishing the book. Imagine my surprise when I opened the app just now and discovered that my last reading session and progress with the book has been completed wiped! It's infuriating and irritating. Furthermore, as someone who paid to unlock features and support the developers, it's disheartening.
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1 year ago, CrazyMinxi
Helped me come out of my months long hiatus!
I used to be a voracious reader and for YEARS I have been trying to get back into the swing of things. I have tried numerous book apps before but none of them stuck. Bookly has been the only one because the app is attractive and incredibly easy to use when tracking reading. The stats, surprisingly, are what keep me reading because I love seeing how my reading changes and improves. It has be working because I make it a necessary part of my routine. I sometimes even remind myself of needing to get a session in without a notification. Also the Pro version is insanely well priced but even if you didn’t have the funds (or want to buy it) you can get the majority of benefits with in app gems just from reading. So if you have tried or are needing a good reading app that cheers you on and gets you back into habit of reading, look no further!
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1 year ago, Mattiesmakeup
Feeling the joy of reading again
I used to be an avid reader as a child through high school, but lost touch with my love for reading when I entered college and for the first year of me working full time. I kept wanting to get back into reading but it felt hard to stick with it at first because I wasn’t in the habit of reaching for a book over social media or TV. Bookly was the perfect push in the right direction. I’ve had premium for a couple of months and tracking my reading has been so fun. I also participated in the April Readathon too, which was great! My constant praise of Bookly even convinced my husband to download it and now he’s rereading all the books from his childhood that he hasn’t made time for before. I’m really grateful for this app. My only wish was that there was a way to have an account so that I could login into Bookly on my iPad and not just my phone. Overall, highly recommend!
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6 years ago, Puggyluver
Loved this app before this past update
Update: I now give this app 5 stars, why? Because the developers actually listen to their customers, even if it’s negative. I even ended up purchasing the pro version because I am one that believes in supporting developers/businesses that try their best to accommodate and listen. The one thing I wish was possible would be to have more control over reading sessions. For example, occasionally I accidentally end a reading session when I mean to hit pause and unfortunately there’s no way (that I know of) to combine or edit that reading session. I’m excited to see this app grow and look forward to future updates! ............ This was a fantastic app for tracking your reading, but unfortunately the developers have basically made it so you need to buy the $6.99 “pro-version” so that an ad does not automatically stop your timer. Such a bummer, I really loved this app. If they implement an update to take away this newly added ad issue I would be happy to give it a much higher rating, but unfortunately this new update will deter me from using this app at all. Response to feedback: That was very kind of you to respond. I really do love your app. I am just disappointed I updated it. My timer completely stopped with the ad. I read for about 45 minutes and when I looked at the timer after closing the ad it was on one minute and some seconds.
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3 weeks ago, Maykid03
Helps to keep track of books read.
App is easy to navigate, and has been useful with keeping up with what books my children have read. My high schooler who didn’t use to like reading now asks for more time to read during the day, not necessarily due to this app, but I am able to use the app to keep him aware of how long he has been reading. I also have him use the app to track the number of books he has read which helps him look back to see what types of books he did or didn’t like reading. My middle schooler has always loved reading and will sometimes choose reading a book over doing school work in class. The app’s timer helps alert her and remind her that she has spent enough time reading for the time being. It is easy to forget to log the minutes and pages each day so you may have to have notifications set on the phones to remind you, if you don’t open the app before you start reading.
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3 years ago, Bookishly_Sassy
Great App
I’m a bookstagrammer and the ability to share a graphic with my stats per book (including a star rating) is great. I also love the option to add essentially digital annotations, as I hate writing in books but sometimes just need to put a note in. The feature of being able to group books is great for organising my tbr. Plus, knowing how long it’s going to take me to finish a book is a lifesaver some days. They have an option for audiobooks too. Honestly the only thing I was really missing with just the free version was some stats like a weekly report and the ability to delete books. Not sure what the ten book limit is (unstarted? Reading at once?) though so I can’t comment on that. They run offers fairly often for discounts on Bookly pro, which lead me to try it. It’s fairly cheap annually to start but at just over a dollar a month I tried it and definitely love the extra features.
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3 years ago, acagedrising
Only useful if you’re willing to pay for premium
See below for my original review. I came back to the app because Shelbey of Shelbey and the Book Club/Store swears by it. I use it every day now so it’s worth the premium cost, but it was useless as a free app for someone who reads as much as I do. Current pet peeve is that the readathons don’t sync with the app so if you register using the Google forms they send out there is no update to the app that you are participating, and it should be integrated! I also wish you could read 1 book in multiple formats - sometimes I alternate a physical/ebook or try an audio version to get out of a funk and in those cases you’ll have to convert the page/percent completions yourself before entering in the app. ———————————-————————————— You can’t delete books without a premium account...what? I could barely even find the settings menu to delete my account. Within ten minutes of downloading I knew this was a bust. Disappointing!
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3 years ago, L-M-S.A.C.K.
Reading Streak Changes Between Time Zones
I realize that most people may not have this problem but as part of a military family, I move a lot and it can be from coast to coast. Bookly does not keep it so that a reading session on a specific day in a specific time zone remains that way. If you start a reading session overnight at 11pm but then move from the west coast to the east coast (3 hour time difference), Bookly will say that you missed a day of reading because you started that reading session at 2am the next day. As a paying Bookly Pro customer who has been tracking my stats for YEARS, doing daily reads, and who works night shift so my hours are wonky and I read a lot overnight, it is so irritating to see my progress get messed up. If it really mattered to you, you have to go back and manually change the dates yourself. This is ridiculous to do if you’ve been using Bookly since 2019 and reading daily, like I have. There should be some kind of timezone lock so that your stats don’t get messed up.
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6 years ago, Blū
Great app, iPad version would be even better.
I recently began using Bookout to track some rather dense material I needed to get through and so wanted motivation to do it. I like the layout, concept, and color scheme and look forward to using it as it develops over time. The quotes and thoughts sections could be refined a little to be less clunky (I’ve had crashes after adding multi-line quotes) and the timer buttons while the timer is active would look a lot prettier with just a little bit of brushing up but these are things that will likely improve over time and development. It would be nice to see an iPad version though, as I do most of my reading on my iPad and right now I’m using the 2x zoom version of the iPhone app on it and it’s just not pretty. All in all, a cool, reading stats designated app to get a lifetime unlock for six dollars and I really look forward to seeing it evolve.
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7 years ago, Dairi19
Greatly improved! (Update)
(Updated Review) Many changes have taken place since my last review and I really think they have put effort into making adjustments that have certainly improved the app. Although i believe there's always room for improvements, I really haven't faced any issues with the app and all the features I could have considered nice-to-have/ useful have been implemented Thank you very much for listening to your users. -------------------- I really needed something besides Goodreads to keep my books organized while at the same time being able to bookmark where I left at. The addition of "quotes" and "thoughts" is perfect since it allows me to add any extra notes as i read. The app just launched and generally is great. (Love the design btw) However, it is still kind of limited and rigid. I see that the books have a set amount of pages when you add them, but it should be taken into account that the total amount of "pages" change depending on the format and device that the book is read on. Also, why is there no option to edit the pages you have read? Pretty much.. *Add an option to change the amount of "total pages" in the book *Allow us to edit the pages that have been "read" *Implement a timer - not a stopwatch (like the current one) - that allows to set a certain amount of time we want to read for.
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2 months ago, Holly Armann
LOVE this tracker!
Book nerds will love this app - especially those who love to see data. Tracks my reading in addition to tracking how long I read for. Setting goals has improved my commitment to read daily. I’m more productive when the timer is going and far less likely to mindless scroll on my phone. The addition of being able to take notes on characters has been incredibly helpful when reading ACOTAR series though I do wish there were more fields to track (I.e. setting/environment/locations). I also wish the iCloud were updates in real time to make switching devices more seamless - I do have to manually download from the cloud every time I switch from my phone to my iPad. And I wish there was spell check on the character notes. Otherwise loving the tracking, the data, and all! So far it’s been worth the investment!
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2 years ago, brandmed
Not as good as it used to be.
I like having ways to track habits and Bookly is a great way of tracking my reading. I like how the shows me the current percentage I am we in a book and can give me estimated reading time left as well as per day reading allotments to finish a book by a specified deadline. I have been using Bookly for a little over a year and some of the recent changes have made me enjoy it less, however. The data it provides is still good, but the user interface has gotten much worse. Now, whenever I end a reading session, I have to click through multiple screens to get back to my main shelf. I just want to be done. I don't need to see streaks and gifts (I have never cared about earning diamonds for outfits for the mascot). I have to click three or four times before I can just go back to my home screen and that's with a Pro account. I wish I had an option to turn these off or for them just to go back to the way it was until a few months ago.
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1 year ago, applemakingthings difficult
I really like the format, it is easy to use and pleasing. I also like how easy it is to add a book, I have a number of old pulp reads and the isbn codes don’t work so adding them in manually is nice. I find learning my reading stats to be very fun and love that I can search up unfamiliar words in the app along with adding quotes in it as well. I’m not a fan of the paid subscription aspect but you can still use it for free enough that it doesn’t feel like you are missing out. Plus it is decently easy to earn diamonds to unlock adding another book (base free is ten books). It cost 350 diamonds to be able to add another which are easy to earn through just using the reading tracker when you read. After two books I had enough to make this purchase so I don’t think it is going to ruin me from being able to enjoy the app anytime soon.
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3 years ago, rdk1395
Stay on track for reading!
I love to read but always got stuck in the rut of saying I don’t have time or feeling overwhelmed when taking on a new book. I downloaded at least 20 other reading apps to all try to find one to get me to stay focused and on task from start to finish. I found that Bookly was by far my favorite. After testing the free version for a week, I gave in and bought the lifetime pro subscription. I was able to finish a 500pg book in 11 days because of this app. When you enter a finish by date, it gives you an estimate on how much you should read each day to complete the book on time. Love seeing all the stats. Some improvements: 1) add a place to put publication date to book 2) have feature to sort books alphabetically when looking at the “All Books” section. It only sorts them by when they were added so it can make it hard to find books if searching by title only
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