4.6 (8.2K)
4 MB
Age rating
Current version
William Modesitt
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Boondocking

4.56 out of 5
8.2K Ratings
2 years ago, sparroweye1
Boondocking Made Easy
I find that using BoonDocking works well in Country I don’t know. You can list the filters and zero in on what your needs are. It seems to be accurate and is easy to use. Went to the East Coast last year from Washington state and back and it came in very handy. Heading to the Southwest this week and I know the approximate places I’ll be spending the night and I’ve looked ahead and highlighted different options.
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3 years ago, Mattpizza
Just what I was hoping for!
Boondocking is my favorite kind of RV camping. I’m glad someone took the time to put this together! Love it. Would be nice to have more pictures of the camp spots. And the ability to add reviews so that people could leave their experiences and tips. For what it is, it’s a great way to find the camping we’ve been wanting to do with our new trailer. Thank you!
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1 year ago, Omie76
Best App for Me
The Boon Docking app has worked well for me to the point where it is the only one I trust. I have used it from East coast home to Washington State both middle and northern routes. I have also used it from home to Las Vegas with camping for two weeks in New Mexico and Arizona on the way and returning via Colorado all the way to PA. I think it is easiest to use and very reliable.
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4 years ago, 79774356898
The very best for ease and price!
I love this app! It’s always been great and has never once let me down and I camp A LOT. Many of the sites are actually free campsites for tents and RVs the like. I happened on a really nice camping area on the Kilchis River that was far beyond any dreamy hopes or expectations. I use that forest constantly now and would never have known about it if it weren’t for this App.
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4 years ago, VeronicaSubi
Great site
It seems easy enough to use. As a new wannabe boondocker, I appreciate all the work that has been put into this app and those too who have contributed their information which is so helpful for newbies as well as those looking for a new place to explore. I have been doing research for my first roadtrip and this has already helped.
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4 years ago, Flyboywithtoys
Good app but
It needs more user entries for boondocks locations but that would be counter to many who boondock as their fav spots will get I suspect many don’t make entries. Not sure how to “fix” that but I’m certain it is a hinderance to increasing entries.
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6 years ago, Perry Adams
Limited database
As opposed to the 6,000+ FREE campsites on other apps- this is by far the most pathetic data base. While only a handful of locations come up in Arizona alone, you can’t help but laugh. There are far better apps clearly developed by more passionate individuals who undoubtedly have a greater appreciation for the outdoors than this app attempts to portray. Accessing a more accurate database would a lone be a phenomenal service to this app- displaying just some of the lack behind this app.
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3 years ago, ThatGMCguy
We love it!
My fiancé and I use this app frequently to find good places to camp out for the night during trips. The description section is great and it has helped us many times!
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5 years ago, aptrail
Overlanding 2019
This app has been very helpful when camping, I travel all over the Pacific coast from Washington to Mexico. I enjoy having the ability to search new a different places each month. I recommend this app.
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3 years ago, pitwart
Love this app
We are full time RV’ers, and mostly boondock. This app has helped us find more places with better accuracy than any other app. Fun and easy to use.
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3 years ago, RiverTideRed
Needs A Way to Type In A City Name
This App blows because there’s no way to easily find the place you’re seeking. I’ve spent the better part if the past 10 minutes trying to find Murphy, NC on the map. I’m having to flip back and forth between your map and Google maps to reference roads and larger cities in an effort to locate the town. About to give up and delete the app. Ugh!!
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4 years ago, Roberto 1961
Getting directions
Does anybody know if you can put the coordinates in to get directions to some of the sites?
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4 years ago, delete the app. Bad
RV Boondocking mainly
Mostly for RV people. I am not a picky camper. I seek only what is free, often looking for discreet BLM or National Forest sites. No amenities. Many campsites are unmentioned in certain regions, so its hit-or-miss. Use this app along with one or two others because it does not cover all regions with the same depth, and the sites included in the app are suited more for RVs.
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1 year ago, gduge
Please update
Times are changing and things are not as they were… It’s 2023 , can we really park, overnight, or camp there like we could just two short years ago?
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4 years ago, Don27'classB
Great app
This app has been extremely helpful it has led us into many great boondocking places with the 27’ class c Thank you for helping us out
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4 years ago, Dee-Soh-Vee
An awesome way to travel
Ive been looking for an app like this forever. It makes the drives across the country sooooo much easier to handle. In the era of corona virus it makes it a lot safer too
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5 years ago, guy who lives in van
Useful campsite finder
It appears the greatest challenge for developers of apps such as these is gathering data and keeping it fresh. This app appears to have one of the more limited data sets but it’s one the most up to date.
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6 years ago, Traceyp7
Whats the point in getting this App if you have to buy more apps to figure out where to boondock? Not good
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1 year ago, SmithWesson44mag
Not much here unless I'm missing something
Really only shows primitive campgrounds that can easily be found on google maps. Google maps can be downloaded for access without cell service also.
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3 years ago, cburk77
Post more!!
I wish people would post more!! Hard finding secluded places that haven’t been over run! I know if you tell people the will come but still!!
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5 days ago, ESwale
Where are all the Boondocking locations
I’ve used this app for a few years. Everything was great. Now there’s no dispersed locations. Just Walmart and truck stops. Even the ones I pinned. I am an admin for a Boondocking group and promoted this app often. Now I have to give it a bad review. Unfortunately, I’m just going to delete it.
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4 years ago, ttigi
Can’t save new site
I’ve thought it was odd that there is not a lot of stuff listed in vA. Now I’m thinking it’s be you can’t save sites. This app doesn’t seem as helpful as I would like and will likely delete it. When you try to save it, you get a message that the email is not valid but there is no way to add one or check the email for the app.
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7 years ago, Georcee
Land of the free
Love this apps gives you everything you need to know about a place you want to visit an amazing info such a breeze!
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5 years ago, Gulo2
Update - Boondocking
Location was exactly as stated we stayed 2 nights, several other locations nearby off of a logging road. We stayed Saturday & Sunday March 2 & 3, 2019. Scott
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4 years ago, Convoydriver
No info on what kind of camping.
It kind of defeats the purpose of the app that no information is given about size. Space for tent camping, or 25’ trailer, or class A motor homes. Some sites have a little info, but mostly you are guessing if you will fit.
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1 month ago, rvhank
Easy to use
Accurate, updated, helpful!
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2 years ago, AKAMAC2
It’s a great app for finding free camping sites. You don’t have to buy it nor subscribe to any service. It is free! It is cool! Well worth it.
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2 years ago, Collick66
Walmart stays
Horrible app… doesn’t have any of the boondocks sites that I know are out there. App is a ripoff
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4 years ago, dan80921
Great app esp if we all contribute
This app is great, but we all need to contribute sites to improve number of sites.
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4 years ago, pica degallo
The app I’ve been searching for
Such a cool resource- just wish there were more spots to boondock!
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5 years ago, getawayer
Very helpful
I find this very helpful, I haven’t boondocked LOL but when in need while RV traveling I feel assure this will come in handy...
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5 years ago, Tailssouth
Just Beginning!
Just starting out our Adventure Living On The Road in Bertha the Berkshire! Love this app!
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5 years ago, Sandi”s iMac
Too difficult to use
Either I’m a moron or this ap is incredibly difficult to use. Couldn’t get any info for the area I was in and never updated so all I got were the same sites that did not apply to me
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4 years ago, whitegirlroadtrip
not trending lightly
the app is hard to use and yet it seems easy to see that it encourages the use of illegal sites for camping — I can’t think of any other reason “abandoned buildings/houses” and “neglected property” would be listed under available sites.
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4 years ago, yrphototravels
Our first experience with this app and we got a ticket
We parked in the spot were you can “boondock” according with this app in Santa Monica and we got a ticket. Not happy about this. The app doesn’t have a feature where you can let people know that is not a free parking either.
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5 years ago, 48butch
Doesn’t show my true location even though my location is turned on
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2 years ago, ttenrab
I’m so glad to see that I styllmaaa
Can we iu get the pizza and
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12 months ago, snodnedwob
I’m not sure what is meant by “title”.
Lots of descriptions are very old and I assume obsolete. Many were last updated in 2018. I’m writing this in June 2023. Have the developers given up on this app?
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5 years ago, kchase44
Just getting started
Just getting started. We will see how it turns out.
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4 years ago, landlirwin
Missing several locations
I’ve been traveling through the PNW, there are so many places to stop that are not listed on this app, same it’s not really accurate to what is available out there, waste of an app.
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5 years ago, andy195977
Great Website
The website is a great concept in the developing stages. It’s up to us to add the truly great camping spots.
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6 years ago, AlexJr1
Great for road trips!
I’m having fun planning my road trip!
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6 years ago, MuseTux
Well designed, functional app, really helpful.
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3 years ago, anchoampliogancho
When I try to zoom in to read details, the type doesn’t get bigger. Also it doesn’t shoe where I am. No context. Useless.
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5 years ago, Teresame46
Great App
This App is so easy to use and so useful! Thank you for developing it.
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4 years ago, BookemDano57
I enjoy the app!
Great app with helpful information.
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4 years ago, lrsplacitas
Not boondocking
This app would be better described as dry camping campsites which are different than boondocking or dispersed camping on public lands. It does not offer me anything I don’t already have with Campendium.
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7 years ago, hunt_b
Good hard to come by info
The detail was unexpected. Excellent resource.
Show more
4 years ago, Verrry Dissapointed
Free fity Free!!!
Great app for free camping!!! But don’t forget to check with your local forestry services first!!
Show more
3 years ago, SBI!!!
Bad app
I am setting 1/4 mile from the Golden Spike national Park in Promontory and it tells me I am 35 miles away. I have tried to search salt Lake for places to stay and it tells me zero for the search
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