Bounce: Luggage Storage Nearby

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Bounce Inc (U.S.)
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2 weeks ago
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User Reviews for Bounce: Luggage Storage Nearby

4.92 out of 5
13.8K Ratings
8 months ago, Stephsjaunts
Very convenient, affordable and safe
I had to waste some precious time and was stressed trying to book the storage as the system would not allow me to book more than a same day pick up. Nobody replied to my message for help even though it said they usually reply in a few minutes. I just had to keep trying both through the website and on the app until it suddenly let me select a pick up date 2 days later. Apart from that, the storage location which was a money changer was very conveniently located a few minutes walk from Gare du Nord and the Eurostar. Although the place always had customers waiting to change money both during drop off and pick up, luckily there was an employee available that I was able to gesture to that I had luggage. At drop off, you have to take a photo of your bag(s), they put a label on it and then you have to show them the photo when you pick up. It was very quick and efficient. And it felt safe as they put it in their office behind locked doors where the public cannot access. It is also very affordable for the convenience. My second time using Bounce in Paris. Highly recommend.
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3 months ago, Jeffanie Ramming
5 stars for The Rif Hotel but only one for the Bounce App
The Rif-Boutique Hotel is a gorgeous property and is a convenient walk directly between the Pisa San Rossore train station (Pisa San Rossore is the station that is closest to the tower—about a 7 minute walk, versus a 20+ minute walk from Pisa Centrale); we commented we wished we weren’t just stopping to see the tower and had time to stay and enjoy the beautiful Rif property. Our only problem was with the Bounce site: I googled where I could check bags from San Rossore and the Bounce site came up; you have to book and pay before you can see the address to drop off bags; I booked and paid for 4 bags, then clicked “see address” and it prompted me to download the Bounce app but in the process my connection was lost—I got no email confirmation or reference number so then I went back to the website but it just took me back to the home screen: I had no record of my transaction and still no adresss, so I had to start over and re-book the whole thing. I paid twice.. had 2 separate charges for the same location and 2 requests for reviews. Not a fault of the Rif, a lovely and convenient place, but rather of Bounce.
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1 year ago, burkee22
Life saver!
I had heard of luggage storage businesses in the Loop before but they didn’t get good reviews. However, I got to Chicago Union Station planning on stashing my bag there until my train when they told me their parcel check was closed for months despite their website having no mention of that and a tabletop sign saying otherwise. I quickly googled my way to Bounce and found a location very close to the station. It wound up being cheaper than the train station would have been, and now I know that next time I’m traveling I have a reliable option. It was actually kind of inconvenient to go all the way to the train station to drop my bag with them, so I’ll definitely use Bounce to find something in a more convenient location next time. The manager at the store even explained how they came to be a Bounce partner and how much she liked it. She had had a number of people find out about it the same way I did - a panicked Google search from Union Station. She said they had staff that hadn’t heard of it before that now use it regularly when they travel, too. Drop off and pick up were very smooth.
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1 year ago, Abby16NJ
Luggage storage in Samesun
Our flight wasn’t until later on at night and we still wanted to see more of Vancouver. Our Airbnb recommended the site. I searched and filtered for 24 hour service and with high rating and found Samesun. I felt more comfortable that it was a hotel/hostel & an actual established location that’s been around for years and also been part of Bounce service for a while. Checking in our luggage in Samesun was such an easy process. They led us next door next to their reception area full of luggage & ski equipment. Provided us ticket # and he waited until we put this in our luggage. Picking it up was a breeze. Didn’t had to wait at all, went yo the reception area again & they gave us to keys next door as the staff were there to assist us. Luggage was in the same place & all good. I would highly recommend using Bounce service as it’s available nationwide. It’s much cheaper than extending another day when you have a late flight or bringing it with you. The cost is the same per luggage or backpack & I was at ease that it also had insurance. My only recommendation & feedback is that the staff should check that the ticket # matches with the luggage that I’m taking.
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8 months ago, Puzzled Daily
Cheap, convenient, trustworthy. Even if it sounds a little weird. We left our luggage at a smoke shop near Penn Station in NYC for a few hours through Bounce. And it allowed us much more freedom to move around and enjoy ourselves without the ball and chain of OUR STUFF. Highly recommended. Suffice it to say, if you’re traveling in a city near a train station that doesn’t have luggage lockers any more, Bounce is what you’re looking for. Just pay attention to the location you choose (for instance, if you’re elderly or infirm then don’t choose a location that has a lot of steps, etc.) (This is my second review. On my devices when you choose a star rating in the App Store for a review the stars are blacked out, and they remain blacked out even after you select one—so it’s impossible to confirm you selected the right star! I wrote a glowing review but mistakenly only gave the app 2 stars. Not my intention, obviously. 5 stars all the way! I’m crossing my fingers that this new review will be a 5 star update or a band new 5 star review. Who knew it was such a pain in my the neck to write app reviews!)
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1 month ago, Mica828
Perfect location + professional staff = peace of mind
I had to move my belongings from South Ozone Park to Manhattan via public transit alone. This location was a lifesaver because I was able to keep the 4 luggage’s there while I grabbed 4 additional bags that I left behind. The woman who was working the front was very accommodating and helpful. What I liked is that she reminded me what time they closed so I was able to keep that piece of info in the back of my head while moving my things. Had she not told me that; I would’ve definitely been back after they were closed for the day. Overall, the experience brought me piece of mind and that’s what every person who entrusts their belongings with a vendor would expect. I hope I won’t ever have to move all my stuff again by myself via public transit but if I do and happen to be in this part of queens- this business would be the top of my list of vendors to go to via Bounce. Thank you guys, keep up the great work!
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2 years ago, zimtownsfinest
Customer Service is Terrible and Never received a refund
My family and I were on vacation in the UK. We had to store our luggage and made a reservation. However, prior to our reservation my daughter had to be taken to urgent care. We had to cancel our reservation and adjust our plans. I reached out to the store we were supposed to drop off our things and they were unable to help and mentioned we had to go online. We went online to cancel the reservation and it stated it would take up to 3 business days to review the cancellation request (btw it’s been 3weeks and still no response). I additionally tried to reach out to customer support and that was a complete mess. The chat assistance took 20 minutes to respond to my message had an automated response. I tried to send additional questions and no one responded to any of my questions even though the chat representative was “online”. As a last resort, I searched for a support email to explain my situation which took forever to find and again I received no response. There is no live customer service that can help as I also tried to call support. Essentially, once you make a booking and need assistance you’re on your own. No one will help you but they’ll happily take your money and not refund you.
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11 months ago, Paris travel Julie
Great experience
This location was super convenient for us. We stayed near Notre Dame for most of our trip. The final day, we had train tickets back to Germany at 7 pm, and had made plane to see Sacre Coeur and Palais Garnier (Opera house), but we knew we couldn’t leave our bags in Central (South) Paris, see all the sights near Sacre Coeur and make our train, so we were thrilled to find Bounce baggage storage at Tavern de Olympia. It was a 3 minute walk from the Opera Metro stop AND from the Opera house itself. Super convenient and inexpensive. It was located at a local Tavern so that was different, and there were no lockers, but the owner (older gentleman) was so kind and accommodating. It was great too, because it was pouring rain on our way home, so we grabbed our bags and sat down for drinks before our train ride. Others had come in too, and there was a full menu. They were so great considering we were dripping wet and interrupting the flow of traffic. Highly recommend!!! ☺️☺️
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1 month ago, WashingtonSL17
Turned my day around
Our ride fell through, which meant we no longer had a friends house to stash our bags. I thought to myself there had to be something at the airport, like lockers or something. So I typed in bag storage and this popped up online. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be real and it was weird that I couldn’t see the address until after I booked BUT, it was real, affordable and made it so we could enjoy Vegas for the day on our 12 hour layover. The biggest surprise was that I asked the attendant if she would be able to store my frozen breast milk that I was traveling with and she said yes! That meant I wouldn’t have to throw away that bags I had pumped on my trip. Saved me some heartache and tears. This seriously turned our day around and made it so we could enjoy the strip burden free. Drop off and pick up were super easy and both the attendants were super friendly and helpful.
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3 years ago, swimgirl_7
It’s legit!
I was in Chicago recently and only put it together the night before Airbnb checkout that I didn’t fly out until late and I didn’t want to drag my suitcase everywhere. A quick Google brought me to Bounce. The online reservation system was a little confusing because it made me choose my hours (some locations open later than others) but then my reservation could stay for 24hrs. Easy enough to figure out, and the locations were convenient to public transportation stops— a huge win. We stored our luggage at a convenience store which felt kind of sketchy but the “host” was nice and thorough and made sure we photographed our two bags to show upon pickup. When we did return I could see in the back there were a bunch of other suitcases stored too- so it’s more popular than I realized! And the price is impossible to beat! Will be recommending to friends.
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4 months ago, Rob@DC
Perfect Experience for Me
I admit that I was unsure about using Bounce, but there was no way I was gonna lug my skis and boots to Lisbon during a break between ski-adventures. I chose this location because it is very close to Milan Central train station, they have early morning hours, and they got great reviews. Frankly, I also did not expect great service at a parking garage. However, they were easy to find and Bounce signs were clearly posted. The guy at the desk helped me check in and told me how to get my stuff back. Several days later, I returned at 6:15 so that I could catch an early train. The guy at the front desk took my tags and brought my bags. They were stored up on shelves - which I appreciated because I didn’t want people and bags beating up my ski bindings and helmet/goggles. I’m very happy with this experience and will use Bounce again
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3 years ago, swaspan
Missed flight due to Bounce
I have tried to leave this review on their website but was unable to. We left our luggage their partners NOLA cycles in New Orleans and came back at our scheduled time to find it closed. We hadn’t received any phone calls from the property and waited outside the door from 5 pm to 9 pm trying to call them but the phone at the property kept ringing and no one responded. I tried to get in touch with Bounce customer care but she was only available on Chat and had no access to them via phone as well. As a result of terrible service by Bounce and Nola cycles we missed our flight and had to stay another day, adding an expense of ~ 900 USD to our stay. We have requested compensation from Bounce but are still waiting to hear back from customer service. Once again, there’s no number to call and only a chat service. Book at your own risk as it seems partners are not vetted at all. Update: Customer service was responsive to our shipping cost reimbursement request. Even though it only partially covered the expenses we had to incur, I am thankful for the steps taken.
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3 months ago, Wellocometghhh
Easy, no hassle.
Process was easy. Location is in a hostel. This is a great idea to spend a day in Seville while waiting for an evening train. My advice to all using bounce would be to spend 2 minutes looking at the location on line once you are given the address. Sometimes the location is not as obvious. In other situations there is a “bounce” sign outside. Either way, it’s a great idea and once you do one or two you know what to look for and how they work. I used the service 4 times while in Spain traveling to various cities. I would also suggest reading reviews with actual commentary. I prefer second or “higher” floor locations to first floor store fronts. They “seem” more secure but I’m probably overly paranoid. I’ve done both types of locations and both were fine and without incident. Happy travels.
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3 months ago, Texan stuck in CA
Great experience
We needed to store 2 large pieces of luggage in Rome while we took a quick trip to Venice by train (and avoid the trouble of dragging luggage all over Venice). Thank goodness for Bounce! I made a reservation through the App only a few hours before our drop off time - super easy. The location was extremely close to Roma Termini and within a souvenier shop (therefore open early and late hours) - perfect! The store was easy to find and in a safe location. The owners were prepared with tags already written up for our luggage pieces so the whole process only took a couple minutes. They took pictures of our luggage (and I did, too). At pick up, our luggage was in perfect condition and safe. Thank you Bounce & thank you to the Community SNC Market location on Via Daniele Manin - we had a great experience!
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1 year ago, Dventjr
Very Helpful!
This was our first use of the app and the service. We were a little confused at first, but once we realized the place we needed to go into, it was smooth sailing. The business that was hosting the storage had wonderful people and were very helpful. They put numbered tags on each of our bags, asked us to take a picture of each to serve as the claim check, and we were off. The app was easy to use, although we were a little confused at first that it doesnt give you the exact address of the storage location until the transaction is complete. There were tons of locations in Manhattan to choose from, and each location showed the rating. If you are a fan of these types of services/apps I think you will find that Bounce is setting the standard.
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11 months ago, AmJoZnn
Be aware of cancellation policy
Im very disappointed with their customer service response and will not use this app again for that reason alone. The online advertisements make it sound like you can cancel your booking easily, but this was mot the case for me. When I booked my reservation, I did so in a desperate moment while traveling, thinking I would be able to cancel in the next few minutes if necessary (we were driving in downtown San Fran and a bit overwhelmed). There was a glitch on my “start time” (it automatically filled in the time I booked the reservation rather than a future time since it was for the same day), so when i tried to cancel it less than 15 minutes later it would not allow me to do so. I contacted customer service right away and they were unwilling to help since I my attempt to cancel was after the reservation start time - which of course it was - that was part of the problem! This may work for you if you are planning far in advance, but it did not work well for last minute plans.
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1 year ago, Rockyb219
So helpful!
We had to check out of our Airbnb by 10 AM, but wanted to spend the rest of the day sightseeing, as our flight out was not until 6:30 PM. Nobody wants to be the one pushing a large suitcase around town. We checked into area hotels for bag storage, but they of course won’t let you do it if you’re not a guest. After a little bit of googling, I found the Bounce app. It’s easy to use and I was able to link it to my PayPal account instead of using a credit card. We were the first ones to drop our bags at the store we chose, so I was a little skeptical. By the time we pick them up that afternoon, they’re back storage room was full of travelers bags. What a nice way for a small store to make a little extra cash! Thanks for making our last travel day a great experience!
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1 year ago, TripleGold3
First timer fears allayed 😂🤣😂
We very much wanted to be rid of our luggage for the day but the idea of dropping it off at an unknown place using an app we just found and we paid for in advance, site unseen, was pretty intimidating. Still, with 12 hours we could spend exploring San Francisco before our flight out, we decided to risk our clothes. The process was smooth. A security person met us at the door and escorted us to a storage unit where he locked up our stuff in a dry clean unit all alone. Pick up was seamless as well. Do read the times available for drop off and pick up to make sure they match your needs. We will totally do this again since for roughly $20 for 3 bags we were free of our luggage and able to walk and hop on and off public transport. Highly recommend!
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4 weeks ago, KS-Amanda
Saved the day!
I was staying in Destin and had to be checked out of my airbnb by 10 am. My flight home wasn’t until 6pm and I was so worried that I would be stuck either carting around all of my luggage at the beach or sitting at the airport for hours! I did some online searching and found Bounce. The service was available at a UPS store very close to an outlet mall. I was able to drop off my luggage for a small fee while I shopped. This is definitely one of the best services I have found and even told my I er driver so she could pass it along to other travelers. This service turned a day of dread into an amazing day of shopping! Since it was available at the UPS store I was able to pick my luggage up and ship out some of my packages. So easy!! Love this service!!!
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3 months ago, MelisMC7
First time user in NYC
What a great experience. We just made it into Penn Station with about 20 minutes to head to Times Square to make a show. The shop was quick to help us and ensured we took pictures of our bag we were dropping. We made it to our show on time and then pick up was a breeze. Everyone was very helpful and friendly. I did a quick price and time compare when looking to book and Bounce was easily the most cost effective and flexible on time compared to other options. We could leave our bag until 11pm vs 5pm. I was surprised others were looking for a 5pm pickup in the city that never sleeps. We’ll use this again when we are back in NYC and we will be looking up options in Italy when we head there this summer.
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8 months ago, Humcooks
Convenient, trust worthy, & close to the free airport shuttle
Super convenient and easy to find location. The gentleman in the shop was super friendly and helpful. He gave me information on the San Diego Flyer which is the free city run airport shuttle that picks up little down and across the street. It’s a great service and I felt very comfortable and confident leaving my luggage with him in the shop. Nice way to check out old town once you’ve checked out of your hotel and are looking to kill time before heading to the airport. The location was easy to find and easy for an Uber/Lyft driver to find and drop off pick up if you’re wanting to head to Mission Beach area too. I was so grateful to have something so close to what I wanted to see in town and close to my ride to the airport.
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1 year ago, StrandedinDC
Captain cookie and the milkman
We dropped off our luggage in the morning without problem, but what made whoever that particular worker was working Saturday April 1 at Captain Cookie and the Milkman so special was what happened next. We found out 2 hours after we dropped off our luggage that our flight was canceled. With 3 kids in tow my husband and I needed a place to sit and figure out what we were going to do. He let us sit there while we were reeling.... not pushing us to buy anything (which of course we did after we at least had some semblance of a plan) and left us alone and said don't worry about it just take as long as you need. That is worth so so much when everything all of a sudden spirals out of control. Thank you to that very kind man!
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3 months ago, akbeancounter
Quick & Convenient
Checked bags at two London spots, a mailbox store near Vauxhall and a convenience store in Earl’s Court. Both times I was easily able to book a spot, drop my bags, and come get them at the appointed time. Both times I got to see where my bags were stored, and they were safely tucked away in an employees-only area, so I didn’t have any concerns about my belongings. On both occasions the employees who checked my bags were attentive and courteous, and they knew what I was referring to so it only took a few minutes to check in and out. I’d definitely do this again if my hotel doesn’t allow bag drop or it’d be too far out of the way. Having a place to leave my bags made those first and last bits of sightseeing much more enjoyable.
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7 months ago, agentofstrange
Great service
Used this for the first time yesterday and was able to quickly find a spot and make a reservation just using my info sent over from Apple Pay (it’s nice you don’t have to create an account unless you need to edit the reservation), and things went very smoothly upon drop off and pickup (they give you instructions to show the UPS Store employee in case they don’t know what you’re talking about, which gave me peace of mind even though it wasn’t necessary). Will definitely use it again as I often like to fly home in the evening but hate having to choose between lugging my suitcase everywhere or taking an extra Uber ride back to the hotel, which is often in the opposite direction from the airport.
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10 months ago, App-08192
The most understanding place to leave our luggage
Being the tourists we are, we were a little all over the place whenever it came to booking the place, extending our time for our luggage to be there, and our somewhat lack of communication skills didn’t help matters; HOWEVER, the people here were super super sweet. They checked in about our original booking (which was incorrect on my part - meant to book about a week, system booked it for a day), were super understanding about an extension for our time, and were always professional when dealing in messages or in person. Thank you guys for your constant understanding and allowing us to travel all over the place knowing our luggage was safe in your hands!
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7 months ago, nciau
So far so good, unicycle approved
I require a service to store a unicycle, even though I'm aware that it's typically not allowed. I unicycle everywhere because I don’t have a car and can’t lock it up because the unicycle is very valuable and it’s like leaving your car unlocked. Some businesses treat it as luggage and make exceptions, while UPS and FedEx refuse to accept it. However, certain places like hotels and small businesses are more lenient, as the unicycle is compact, inconspicuous, and easily stowed away without causing any problems. Today I was able to leave my uni with a hotel in LA and they were even open past 11am even though they said they close at 11pm. I went to a concert and it went past 12 and I was so glad I was able to get home safe because my uni was stored in a safe place.
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11 months ago, Likes Easy
Easy process and friendly folks
We had just arrived from the airport, headed to the baseball game. We needed somewhere to store our luggage but had NO IDEA how/where to do that. A simple search of “bag storage” brought up Bounce, and lots of locations to choose from. We randomly picked Franks barbershop and it ended up being great. The staff helping us was so friendly, helped us with the process, and was patient as we went through our luggage in their lobby trying to find things we needed for the game. The place was adorable inside, and our things were safe. We were shocked to see just how close to the stadium it was once we walked out the door. Couldn’t have been a better set up. A brilliant concept and exactly what we needed.
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7 months ago, DJ Syncratic
Excellent experience in Vienna
This was our first time using Bounce, and it was an excellent experience. We found a location - a 3-star hotel - right across the street from the main train station in Vienna and managed to leave our luggage there, in a secure locked room, after checking out of our apartment. It could not have been more convenient and allowed us to spend several unencumbered and worry-free hours in the city before catching our train in the afternoon. We made the Bounce reservation the day before without a problem. The only hiccup was that it took quite a while for the hotel to find our reservation in its system. I’m not sure why. So make sure you hold onto your confirmation email.
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1 year ago, BlahBlahBoop
Convenient / Easy
Upon arrival, it seems very unconventional and odd to drop off your things at a random place but once we did, process was easy and smooth. Once we returned, our stuff was 100% in tact and we were on our way happily. I recommend this service if you can’t check in/out on time with all bags. Only thing important to note is to make sure to verify open/close times of some locations, some of them close randomly and you won’t know until after you book and they disclose the location. (This happened to us after arriving to the place and it was closed for the day.)Their customer service department is fast and efficient though once we reached out for a refund. Overall, this was very handy once we found a place that was open.
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3 months ago, JoMomma4
Drop and go!
I booked 1 pm-7 pm. My flight was to Ari e at 12:15. So I thought for sure I would have time to get an Uber to the carriage house. My flight was delayed. I called them to let them know I would be late, and see if there was anything I needed to do to keep my reservation knowing I would be three and a half hours late. They reassured me I was still good. When I arrived I literally ran in with an Uber waiting. SO FAST AND EFFICIENT! I got as far as the Uber and needed to run back in for my phone!!! They happily reopened the storage and I was on my way to the Sphere. Pick up was just as fast and easy. Totally recommend!! 1000 stars! I literally did a drop and go, as well as stop and pick up. Fast! Easy! Efficient! Perfect.
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1 year ago, 2023Maui7
Easy Peasy
Our last Tavel day we had 10 hours before we had to get to the airport and we wanted to see more of beautiful Maui. We decided on Bounce “locker/storage” rental. Googled and found a location close to the airport. We met Zack at the bounce location and from there he helped us unload, count and track our bags. We had 18 total for him to keep safe. He took a picture and sent it to me. It sure made touring Up Country with 7 people and no bags much easier. Zack’s communication was top notch and we felt very comfortable leaving our belongings in his care. After we were done and headed to the airport, Zack met us curbside with all 18 bags in tow. It really made for a nice easy day. Will definitely use again when I return to Maui!!!
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1 year ago, Megnd06
So convenient!
We were traveling back to Michigan on the train that didn’t leave until 4pm, and we had to check out of our hotel at 11. We were able to drop off our 5 pieces of luggage(2 suitcases, 2 backpacks, 1 bag of souvenirs). I will add that we had 2 laptops and some pricey gifts in our things, but after reading the reviews and noting that there is a 10k insurance on your stuff, we thought, why not? This drop off location was at a ups office, even better. Totally professional, super nice. We had no doubts, and came back to get our luggage, which was in tact, and just the way we left it. Strongly recommend this service if you’re waiting on a train, plane, or hotel room reservation.
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12 months ago, ECartagena
Atlanta, Ga location
The customer service was amazing! Yes, when I got there no one was there, but I contacted the number provided and they immediately txted me bck assisting me. Within 2min I literally just walked in left my things and left for my flight. When I returned I simply txted that same number again, and once again easily got my things and left. I was hesitant, bc I’ve never tried this before. But it was most definitely worth it. And so convenient bc I travel a lot for work, so being able to leave my things somewhere when I travel home for a few days, beats the expense of paying for the bags I don’t even need on my visit bck home. I will most definitely be using them again.
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8 months ago, 1-Kuhn
Bounce offers convenience in a simple way
Today was the first time I’ve ever heard of or used Bounce and I would highly recommend this fantastic, personal belongings safe and easy method of temporarily holding your bags, luggage while you spend the day doing what you want to do!! I’m 62 years old and not too technically knowledgeable. Bounce service is so easy to use and my items were 100% safe & taken care of properly. I am from now on, a lifetime Bounce customer and I’ll recommend this wonderful company to all of my friends!! Thanks Bounce for allowing my daughter & I to spend a full day at the Palace of Versailles until our airb&b was ready for us to check in to. A great full customer, Kim
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1 year ago, Jonathanrw
Such a wonderful service!
We visited Capitol Hill on our final day in DC, and since our hotel was in Arlington and we were flying out of Baltimore, we had to bring all of our luggage with us when we left the hotel that morning. Besides the fact that we couldn’t bring our packed toiletries into the buildings we intended to visit, the bags were just heavy and cumbersome. The location we chose was about a 5 minute walk from the Capitol South Metro, so it was extremely convenient to drop our bags there and go enjoy the rest of our day! We felt safe leaving our belongings in a gym that appeared clean and respectable. Everything was smooth and simple, and our shoulders and backs definitely thanked us!
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8 months ago, Reviewer ATQ
Easy & Convenient
My first time using the service and I appreciated that there were so many locations available to choose from around the city. I was planning to see a broadway show and tour the city a bit more before my flight that evening so it was nice to have a space to stir my luggage. I chose a barbershop and the receptionist and barbers were all nice. She asked to see my reservation and then showed me a corner of the shop to store my luggage. I was a little weary leaving it behind since it wasn’t a locker or behind a counter or anything, but I had no issues picking it up before they closed. I’d def use the service again if I have an early hotel checkout and late flight.
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12 months ago, morman15
Close to Pennington Station
Convient place to store Luggage close to Pennington station. Easy to find and they were flexible with pickup times. Bags were kept safely while we saw some of London’s sights. Be aware, our luggage was kept in a downstairs area and this meant we had to carry our suitcase down the stairs and up after we picked it up. I do not believe there was a lift (elevator) so if you would struggle to lift your bags, this site may be a little difficult for you. Basically you show up and they put tags with numbers on your suitcase and have you take a picture of your tags so they can verify before they let you take them. We had no problems at all with the service!
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5 months ago, M Adelante
A little pricey but a long way toward peace of mind
We stayed in a relatively high end hotel on Copacabana, but surprisingly they said they had no storage space for our bags during a short trip to Foz do Iguacu. We have previously stored at the hotel in Turkey, and rented lockers in Japan. Not sure if the fee to add an extra checked bag to our flight would have been more economical, but the concierge recommended Selina (Bounce). Our bags were secure on return, and the attendant was efficient. It was nice not to schlep 2 additional suitcases at a jungle lodge and across the Brazil/Argentina frontier. We would use Bounce again if all facilities are like Copacabana. Likely a really great option if you are at a vacation rental with no concierge.
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12 months ago, best deals ans easy to use
Excellent Luggage Service with Helpful Staff and Convenient Location
Our recent experience with this luggage service was fantastic. The staff members were friendly, attentive, and did an excellent job of taking care of our belongings. They provided helpful reminders about the closing time, ensuring we didn’t miss out on retrieving our luggage. The location of the service was conveniently situated near the train station, just a short 15-minute walk away. In fact, if you take the mini pathway to the left instead of going around the building, it’s even quicker. Overall, we had a great experience and highly recommend this place for anyone in need of luggage storage.
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2 months ago, Bananie0427
Easy and convenient
My friend and I couldn’t figure out what to do with our bags between checking out from our Airbnb and taking the train scheduled for later in the afternoon. The Aibnb host suggested we use Bounce to store our bags. Luckily we found a place close to where we were staying and a short walk to the train station. This was a GREAT option because I didn’t want to lug my bags around or be limited to what we could do because we had to watch our bags. Drop off and pick up of bags were easy. Make sure to take a picture of your bags before dropping off so it’s easy to find when you pick up. Will use this service again!
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2 years ago, TimrWin
Do not trust bounce
I recently stored two items at an ups store through bounce. I had hurricane of events happened including a family member in and out of the hospital with COVID requiring my full intention. I forgot about the luggage all together. About two weeks go by and I reach out yo the facility and have told me they shipped out my luggage, to Chicago! I am in Rhode Island. Not one call, email, nothing. They hijacked my luggage off to chicago. Fast forward to now. Almost three months later I am still fighting to get my bags back. The have been holding my luggage hostage demanding hundreds of dollars and referring to terms in which I never agreed upon. They have been putting me off, ignoring my emails, and stretching this out beyond belief. I am just trying to get my luggage containing my computer, medications, keys, priceless sentiments, and more. They do not care. They have shown themselves to be cons at most and have no respect for others property.
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9 months ago, Traveling Kash
Amazing experience!
This is a first time using bounce for my husband and I. Although we were worried about our belongings being safe, we gave it a try after reading tons of great reviews. I must say dropping out bags off was easy and quick, the staff was friend as well. After having us take a of our belongings and us receiving our tags we were on our way. In all we were gone for about 7 hours while we explored the city. When we returned to pick up our bags the staff brought them out and had check our tags to make sure they were ours. I do have to say the whole process was very stress relieving and we will be using bounce again.
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1 year ago, Jos56bottles
This is an amazing service!
I was arriving in Atlanta by mid-morning with a day of sightseeing to look forward to. Except my AirBNB checkin wasn’t until 3:00. I did not know what I could do except haul my cumbersome suitcase around with me all day. Then I discovered Bounce! I was able to make a reservation with a UPS store to hold my bag securely all day for an extremely reasonable price. Who knew such a service existed? A delight! The store staff were great and checkin and checkout were speedy. THANK YOU!! Bounce, you should be sharing with tourism and visitors’ bureaus! I first called Atlanta’s, but they had no options for me. Updating: I also used Bounce at the same UPS Store on my last day. I’m beyond grateful. Thank you!
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9 months ago, Jennhunt83
I am so thankful for the beef jerky store holding my luggage through bounce! I went to Vegas on a girls trip for my 40th birthday and I was unexpectedly left alone the last day of the trip. Another girl on the trip was supposed to hold my luggage for me but when she left early she left me without a place to put my luggage as the Airbnb checkout was early in the morning. In came Bounce! It was a bit of a task getting all my bags to the store alone from the Uber, but once I did it was super easy. The clerks at the store made things super easy and they were quick to check me in and out. Totally worth the price! A million thank you’s for saving my last day of vacation!
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6 months ago, BeakaBeaka
Incredible Experience!!
This was my first time using bounce and I had the best experience. I had already checked out of my hotel and wanted to spend a few hours hopping around New York City, but didn’t want to have to drag my luggage with me. I found a location close to Penn Station. My location was a souvenir shop and all of the staff members were so great! One gentleman tagged our bags while a lady at the register checked us in. They had me take pictures on my phone of my bags, and suggested taking pictures of the tickets for the bag, in the event I lose them. They were so helpful and friendly! I will definitely use bounce again.
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1 month ago, First time in Pompeii
Great experience with Bounce!!
We were very pleased with our luggage storage through Bounce. The location was easy to find - we asked at the hotel and were directed just a few steps down the road. The location was within steps of our tour starting point so it was very convenient. The person who oversaw the storage area was friendly and efficient and we felt she was very trustworthy of our luggage. The facility was secure and we had no worries. We were able to easily retrieve our luggage at the end of the tour. We highly recommend this to anyone. We’ll definitely use this service anytime we need to store luggage.
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5 months ago, Terese from Omaha
Luggage storage in Cozumel
I reserved luggage storage through the app the night before and paid online. Our taxi was able to wait for us on the street. When we arrived, the front desk staff at the Villas Colibri was expecting us and checked in our six bags. She provided receipts and our luggage was monitored by security cameras. We picked up later the same day before we headed to the airport. Pick up was just as easy and quick. I highly recommend this service and will use it again! It was much cheaper than taking a taxi all the way back to our resort and then back to the airport, and allowed us more time to enjoy downtown Cozumel.
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8 months ago, Khadyyyyyyyyy
My first experience
This was my first experience using Bounce and I will have to say it was amazing. It was such a smooth experience. They were very friendly and explained everything thoroughly. I was able to drop off my bag and receive all the information I needed in less than 10 mins. They answered any questions I had and even offered to take me back to the airport once I returned to pick up my luggage. They just told me to call them when I was on the way which I did. And when I came back they had my luggage ready and a van to take me to the airport. This was a great first experience and I plan on using Bounce again !!
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1 year ago, JayRobHtx
Works Like A Charm
Flew into New Orleans early morning because the flight was so cheap compared to mid day. The only issue was the hotel check in didn’t start until 3 pm. So it was either stay at the airport for hours or venture to the city with my luggage. I came across this app for luggage storage and it was perfect. Gave me many choices to store my luggage for a reasonable fee. I reserved through the app, took an uber to the location, and handed my bad off hassle free. I was able to hit Canal Street and etc while waiting for check in time bag free. Picked my bad up with no issues. I have used it again several times since then. They have a new customer.
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4 months ago, Jennifer. W
Bangkok bed and bike
Leaving luggage at this super cool little hotel was easy. We arrived off a sleeper train from Chiang Mai and got to the hotel right at seven am to find the doors locked and the opening time posted as nine. I was sure my morning had just blown up then I noticed the bell by the front door and pressed it. Seconds later an incredibly nice European guy opens the door I show him my bounce receipt he tags and takes our bags and in about two minutes we are on our way and back on Tracy to spend the morning in Bangkok unfettered by our luggage. Awesome And if I was in my twenties I would stay at that hotel it was in a prime location and artsy cool.
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