BoxLunch: Pop Culture Gifts

4.8 (16K)
42.1 MB
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Current version
Hot Topic, Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for BoxLunch: Pop Culture Gifts

4.84 out of 5
16K Ratings
7 months ago, maisal
Love BoxLunch app but
Please work on the wishlist part. Make it easier to access, add, remove items from there. It’s really irritating knowing I added many items to the wishlist and not seeing them. Also when I’m scrolling down to the more button, the page goes back to the top and I see the same items I already viewed in my wishlist. That’s all
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5 years ago, Na Cho One Song
App is terrible
BoxLunch technology is very poor and they struggle to combine various shopping channels to create a positive online shopping experience for their best clients. Whether shopping thru the the app, online store, or in a physical store they cannot correctly combine your accounts and credit your shipping and/or reward points. The system doesn’t credit points always correctly, and when you call, sometimes they know how to fix it and other reps have no idea. The system may check you out as a guest even though you are a five star member. You then have to wait an hour after placing and order before you call customer service to fix the shipping cost. When you finally can call you’ll be waiting as they call all their teams and team members to ask “are we supposed to fix this?” Once you get your points you then have to explain you are five Star and t should be 1.25 points and get ready to wait and escalate. You’ll have wait even more when you ask for a supervisor to fix it it worth a stressful experience for every order placed? And then spend an extra 30 minutes per order to save a little money while feeling this is this biggest waste of time, emotion, and drama per order? You decide.
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1 year ago, Fuecoco25
Great store, but terrible online options
While I love visiting these stores at malls, their app and site leave a lot to be desired. Being reminded multiple times by the notifications, they wanted me to spend my box money before it expired. I thought “great, there’s plenty of amazing items they have to offer”. However in navigating the app, I came to find that there are multiple problems. You can’t use your box lunch money to save on some of the nicer quality anime figures, most of their items are sold out 24/7 online or don’t ship, and lastly the other majority has you pick up items in store. With these stores being located in malls, this is a lot to ask. It’s a long drive from where I am and out of the way with work on the weekdays. I imagine many are in similar situations. So this led me to ask, what’s the point of box money, if I can’t even use it on most of the offerings this store has? It makes me discouraged if anything, to spend more money in the store, when I know the money I get back is basically useless.
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3 years ago, abiiiiiiiii1
user friendly but could be better
i wish it saved your cart without you having to log in. i don’t typically shop at boxlunch but got a gift card for christmas and decided to download the app for easy shopping. it deleted my entire cart TWICE and i had to re-search for everything twice to put it back. the first time it just straight-up deleted everything, and the second time i kept getting an error message that i couldn’t pay bc one product was unavailable and when i removed that one it took them all out. also, i wish it would put all shirts of the same type into one listing and let you choose the color from that listing - i don’t want to scroll past the same shirt five times in every different color available because apparently they’re all listed separately. trying to filter out results for shirts was difficult and the filtering in general was not very easy to configure, either.
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6 years ago, BonneUni
Needs improvement
I signed up for the rewards program in store. When I found out there was an app I decided to download it but like many other people out there, when I clicked the signed up in store option it would ask me for a password when there was no option for it. What?! How am I going to add a password or type one in when I didn’t create a password in store and there isn’t even a box to type one in. So here’s a tip! I was finally able to figure out a way to create one. I just clicked on I forgot my password. They asked for my email and sent me a link and I created a password. Also beware. I noticed that some of the prices in the app are higher that in the website. So always check their website first. It’s almost like there’s no point to the app! Lol
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4 years ago, Sonic_official
Print On Demand Layout
Any time I’m searching for products I want, I get so frustrated and annoyed at the number of print-on-demand listings. A new listing for the same design in every different color and style. They clog up the search results and there’s no way to filter them out without filtering out other clothing items that AREN’T POD. Either give the option to filter these out, or do what literally any other retailer does; add the color choices to ONE listing, and maybe even style choices. The idea is that they’re custom-made, right? So let the buyer choose their size, color, and style for that design under one listing rather than making a bunch of different listings for every variation. I hate using the app JUST BECAUSE OF THIS. A lot of the things I look for have very few search results, and it’s hard to look for anything new when all I see is POD listings. Please fix this.
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10 months ago, Crim.f.00
Buggy, but otherwise great.
I’ve been shopping with BL for almost a decade now. I’m a loyal customer and I’m well acquainted with the employees at my local store and go in monthly, sometimes more. So I’m not just complaining to complain here. That said this app is incredibly buggy. I can’t add things to my cart, I get an error message, and even before that started happening, I couldn’t purchase things even tho all information is correct and every space is filled. Can ya’ll please look into this? I love shopping with you guys and would love to give you five stars but unfortunately I knocked one off since I can’t even shop using the app anymore.
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6 years ago, emthenerd
Love! But...
Recently I’ve been having trouble with emails. It was my birthday recently and I got a $5 reward. I used it in store the day after my birthday. I didn’t know it was my birthday reward when I used it. But then 3 days later I got the email about it. Then just recently I reached my $5 reward for 100 points, and I used that. But I just got the email today. So basically what I am saying is the emails for these are coming very late. I just wanted to make someone aware. I work for a company that sends out auto emails and they do go out a specific times, but they shouldn’t be late and when I have already used them because then I think I have a reward when I don’t.
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3 years ago, chilidon22
I love both box lunch and it’s sister store hot topic. I am an elder and shop mainly for my many grandkids. Even my Adult kids. Big Disney and Funko fans. I have spent a lot of money over the years in both stores. I get lunch money and hot cash , however I have never been able to use it. Customer service they just put you on hold and as clearly as possible you explain , they don’t fix the problem. E chat they literally say be right back and then they are not. None of the codes work. You just have to assume you are not getting a discount . They should have a loyalty box that automatically includes your points. I give 3 stars because I love their products regardless. I hate to throw money awY during a recession.
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2 years ago, romanumeralz
BoxLunch shows their DARKSIDE🔥
It is now a travesty at how unique of a start that this company had. Now, they are just like Hot Topic. Orders get randomly cancelled now, false inventory reads, and due to the cancellations I’d have to go to a local shop, which is not close by. Shady business practices swarm this business now and their reward system has become a big joke, just like the app updates. They still haven’t fixed the Wishlist disappearance issue, to note. I already exchanged disappointment with management and they could care less because mostly everyone will still go to this pathetic entity, and filter out their wallets. It’s bad enough that they make more than 4x profit on their overpriced $30 shirts…DO YOUR JOB, BoxLunch👁 QUIT RIPPING OFF CUSTOMERS🔥
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4 years ago, Jazzy-39
Needs work
I been trying to go through checkout on the app but it keeps forgetting my selection. I will click on ship to home and then I would add my payment. When I click finish, the app said I didn’t select a shipping option. I go back and add a shipping option and when I tried to check out again it then stated I didn’t add a payment. This cycle keeps happening and I end up giving up. Their online website works better so to save you a headache go there. I will also add when I click on a product’s picture to see a close up the screen turns white. It won’t let me do anything else after this so I have to close the app to get it working again.
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1 year ago, Lauren630048101
App has issues
This app has weird issues. I like this store because of their unique items, but my cart has disappeared 4 times already after the course of 1 week… and I am even logged in. It’s weird because the bag number will say like 6 items, but I have 0 in my cart. So odd. Then I have to re-add and find everything again. Is it worth it specially when the prices are pretty expensive? Idk… Another thing is sometimes when I scroll to view things for a while it will jump further down the page and make me miss a bunch of items. Ugh I do not have good enough memory for this app lol
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2 weeks ago, LordFerret99
Corporate ‘Merica
For how expensive the items from this store is I would like to think that they would put more effort in their app. Website isn’t upfront when items aren’t available for shipping on listing when scrolling, app glitching, items in checkout will say for pickup when they are all for delivery, coupons that can be extremely circumstantial, limited rewards, cannot edit personal info in app or at least not easy access, Products can be cheaply made some have been of decent or good quality. I would like to expect more but I shouldn’t through a money driven company!
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2 years ago, Chamorro Gypsy
New version doesn’t fix issues
The newest version of the app claims it fixes the glitch of the Wishlist disappearing from the app. It doesn’t. Let’s you “❤️” but you can’t see an updated wishlist on the app. An older version of your wishlist is saved on the desktop site, but the app doesn’t connect the two even if you’re signed into both. Also anything that is “❤️” on the app doesn’t get added to the desktop wishlist even if signed into both the app and the desktop site. Update: So many glitches while trying to submit an online order… App freezes a lot or says there’s a problem, when there isn’t.
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2 years ago, nickname9275
Amazing Items and amazing deals
Amazing store that I can never resist going inside of and doesn’t help that there is always a special or discounts most of the time so it tempts you into buying more! I don’t understand how they can constantly have offers and sale items but I’m not complaining
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2 years ago, mommylife46
Online and in-app
I’ve been having so much issue with trying to do a in club pick up. Working over 40 hours and having kids make it a little hard to go walking around shopping but it’s real convenient to just be able to pick up my items and head out as I do for more stores, but for some reason when I try to order online or in the app to pick up in store it doesn’t let me place it in store order. This has been going on for about two weeks and I try to write and get a solution in. I have gotten no help, but it allows me to do, a delivery to home which is weird.
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9 months ago, Ckelly1316
Would be 5 stars if just based on quality
First off~ I’m not trying to discredit the quality of Boxlunch by saying 3 stars the reason why is because of price. The fact we can’t use our Boxlunch cash with sales so that those of us who aren’t well off can still have great stuff. I love Boxlunch really I do I grew up with hot topic and I love both stores a lot. Boxlunch, please let us stack sales prices with our BoxLunch money we already are spending money at your store. I love BoxLunch it’s just overpriced.
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4 years ago, sskirv
Love the store, not the app
Boxlunch has been my favorite store for years now, I always find tons of things I want to get while in the physical store. I was excited to see they have an app (and nervous about my ability to not splurge lol) but the app needs too much work. Every time I’ve used it I can only search for items in the ‘license’ tab but it only gives me options for items that start with the letter A. It works on the website but not the app. I hope they get this fixed because I want to do my Christmas and birthday shopping for many friends and family on there.
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6 years ago, dlandrew28
Needs Updated BAD
Please update this app and get rid of the bugs everyone is taking about. I couldn’t checkout because I can’t get the app the remove old coupon codes I had applied to my cart from a few months back when you were doing a promo. It won’t let me check out unless I remove the old promo codes but also won’t delete them when I tell it to. I tired logging out and back in, no change. Tired deleting the app and redownloading it and now it says I can’t log into my account at all (but I can log into my account just fine in a web browser) Please give us an update so we can use the app again!
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8 months ago, HoopinSaiyan
Problem with updating
It tells me I’m using and outdated version but doesn’t give me an option to update. Or I should say the link that’s says “update now” just takes me back to App Store page with no update option. Deleted and redownloaded, and same situation. Went to website and was redirected to app, so same issue. Never had a problem before now. So I’m not sure what’s going on.
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4 years ago, EithneFriel
Could be better
its configured a lot like the hot topic app, which makes sense since they are owned by the same company, but way buggier. also it wont ever let me log in saying that its an “invalid configuration”. one thing i really like on the hot topic app that is missing from this one is the inclusion of a “plus size” category. it makes it a lot easier to find clothes in my size. all in all between randomly closing itself to glitching out when i tap something, i don’t really trust it enough to do any shopping.
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5 months ago, _B_.
Box Lunch app
The App is over all great however when it comes to looking for clothes it does seem to be minimal options unless you search for a specific item. It would be a bit easier to go to the store and look to see what they have. However the app itself is great otherwise the way it displays clothing allows you to gain rewards by doing things. It’s very helpful if you know exactly what you’re looking for.
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1 year ago, itsnat15
Can’t add or get to my shopping cart
Love the app but I’ve had this continuous problem where I can’t get to my bag/shopping cart. I can’t add stuff to my shopping cart nor can I see what’s in my shopping cart but I still get the notification that there’s some thing in my bag but I can’t get to It. It’s just that features is very buggy. and quite honestly it’s getting a little annoying. I don’t know if it’s just me, but it still hasn’t gotten fixed.
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5 years ago, LGREVIEW13
The app needs to be updated!
I love BoxLunch and their products but this app NEEDS TO BE UPDATED!!!!! There isn’t a store near me so my only access to the store is online through the BoxLunch app. I’m really tired of looking through items and not being able to click on the image to view it without the app freezing and never loading, inevitably leading to a crash or me having to close the app several times. There are also a lot of issues with payment processes. It’d be beneficial for them to create a better interface and make some better/updated changes for mobile viewing!
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5 years ago, AllTheCoolNicknamesAreTaken1
Great company, terrible app
I love BoxLunch. I hate their app and website. When I first signed up, my password would work only part of the time. I eventually said screw it, I’ll change my password, and hit the ‘forgot password’ button. I never received an email to reset. Despite numerous tries. So I gave up and deleted the app. Two months later I gave it another try and it’s the same crap. Guess I’ll have to shop in person only, which may mean some lost money for them because there’s things I’ve found online that I haven’t seen in-store.
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4 years ago, Me14575
What’s going on?!
Okay so I found BoxLunch out like 2ish years ago maybe more and now they’re one of my favorite stores because they carry sailor moon items (sometimes more sometimes less) and I buy them when I can so I made an account with them and everything. However these past few months I have been having THE HARDEST TIME accessing this app man. I updated my phone software, the app itself, and even deleted it then redownloaded it. NONE of it works. I can’t get past a loading screen nothing to even try to log in it’s ridiculous when are you gonna fix this, what’s your game here?
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7 years ago, estee21
Still some bugs to fix
Just downloaded the app. When I signed in with my account there were some items saved in my cart from last time. Added more to it, tried to remove one and it wouldn't let me. It showed the item as $0 but the total reflected the item still being there. When I left the app then when back the total updated. It showed by cart total to be $1.44 when above it showed $33 and some change. Didn't bother buying anything yet although maybe I should if I only have to pay $1.44!
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6 months ago, crowb25
Box lunch
I never heard of boxlunch before. Until I was working on a Heating and Air system at a brand new building and come to find out , it was a boxlunch opening up. I though it was some food store until I did my research. Now it’s my favorite store to purchase from other than Vans store.
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2 years ago, Jessie_McCallister
The app won’t let me check out
I tried to buy a few items using the app, but when I went to the checkout and entered my payment information, I got stuck with the loading screen. 15 minutes passed and the screen was still loading. I tried doing checkout on my computer instead and it worked just fine. I’ll stick to the desktop website over the app from now on to save some time with checkout
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4 years ago, Shaferprincess
I love the app I’m not going to lie, everything was there and no problems. But as soon as it came to purchasing and checking out my cart - major issues. My card was denied 3 times and I assumed maybe my card thought it was a scam. No. The app itself was refusing to take my card at all. I had the money and everything and yet nothing. I’m disappointed I couldn’t order my gifts online and instead I have to go to the store and spend a lot more instead of taking advantage of the sales online.
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1 year ago, RickeyBobby412
Discriminatory Behavior from Company
Restricted platinum account from receiving rewards because they hired ex-convicts at LaserShip and OnTrac to deliver packages but they stole them instead of delivering them. I was blamed for something I did not do. Go look up "LaserShip/OnTrac theft". Company changed LaserShip name in April because they had no reputation left. No photo or GPS proof of delivery from either company. I will be closing my platinum accounts with Hot Topic and BoxLunch. I will celebrate the day you close your doors for good. Just a bunch of cheap Chinese junk anyway. Extremely rude customer service, especially Jaime.
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4 years ago, Rosco7373
The worst impression of a shopping app.
Are you wanting a so watered down version of the site to make it unusable? Well have they exceeded your wildest dreams! Search fails to find items in the same category, sku searches don’t work, and you want a keyword search that doesn’t even bring up that item, look no further. I thought the site navigation could use some work and then I realized I just didn’t realize how bad of a search engine I could have. Wow just wow and no way am I trusting this crap of an app with my credit card info for purchases. Nope natta.
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5 months ago, Hdev69
When looking for things to ship we had an extremely hard time finding things that would ship. We couldn’t even get it shipped to the store near us. The search engine on this site needs a lot of work. It’s very difficult to look things up unless you already know what the complete description is. Very frustrating.
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5 years ago, EmeraldKöln
Love box lunch
The app is functional, but needs improvements. Upgrades should be more frequent. Keeps crashing every time I try to zoom in on a photo and something’s won’t let me buy anything and then I end up resorting to the website, which makes the app pointless. Great store, but app needs improvements.
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6 months ago, Rsbi
Loved the app
I love the app, which is better than purchasing in store because sometimes when you purchase in the store, if the item is not available and they just cancel the order.
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2 years ago, Molly Beatz
Love the site!!!!
I love the site and it’s accessibility, I just don’t enjoy how there seems like there’s a little less organization when viewing some tabs. New preordered drops can be found between sale items and regular priced items. Think it would be easier to understand if pricing was grouped in a way that makes sense
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2 years ago, PapaTwg
Don’t be fooled
This company has a lot of neat items and a spinning wheel that offers discounts and red ink crossing out the original price but at the end of the day would you end up actually paying is a little pricey. If you take a second and stop all the smoke and mirrors that they’re using means nothing if you end up paying more.
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5 years ago, Heralatus
New shipping policies
Recently called customer service for a damaged item I received only to be told that collectibles are only considered damaged if the item itself is damaged and not the box it comes in. Unfortunately I was also told I’d be paying for shipping to return it which is a joke. The worst part of this was being informed that all items are now being shipped in poly bags which as a collectible collector is unacceptable. Don’t know if I will continue to shop with this company. Customer service was very helpful but these policies are absolutely ridiculous.
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2 months ago, sosb319
Not functioning
Always liked the store, bought a lot of items here, but that was in the store everything I’ve tried to buy online wether via website or on the app just simply has not worked. I’ve tried multiple credit cards and Apple Pay and the checkout just doesn’t work, guess I can’t take advantage of the 30 percent off, no need. To send me notifications if you’re going to not have a working checkout system…
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4 years ago, Kymberly Pearn
I’ve never shopped on Boxlunch before so I didn’t even know if it was legit, my mom’s birthday is coming up and I found something that I know she’d really like but it’s on Boxlunch so I’m like “I really hope that this is legit, since I paid $13 on it” then today it arrived! I am so happy with it and definitely shopping more on Boxlunch:)
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7 months ago, JaeJ114
Quality, Variety, Enjoyment
I love scrolling through the app or checking the store to see what is newly released and even what I missed! Finding my favorite character on a tee shirt, bag or kitchen item. I always recommend this store to friends and strangers.
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2 years ago, wheres the one piece stuff
Christmas shopping
The online store has a lot of nice stuff but most of the things I wanted to get as gifts were sold out even though they were just released hopefully they restock soon. But over all good selection.
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8 months ago, BmerG9495
No store availability option
When searching for an item, let’s say sleepwear. There is no filter option for selecting my store of preference to see which sleepwear items are available for pick up. The website has this option but not the app.
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5 months ago, Ninja2188
Easy to shop
Love the app, easy to use, appreciate the fact that it shows what’s in stock at your nearest store. I do wish there was a filter where items not in stock for shipping or in-store pickup could be filtered out.
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1 year ago, Awesomejellypancake
The app itself needs work, love BoxLunch
The app never reflects the account items in the cart. It will show a red number indicating a number in the cart but then it will give an error saying empty. Items will state they are available and then you can’t add it to the cart. The app errors out often and lose all my cart items.
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12 months ago, lightcake393
Love the merch, app needs fixing
I added some stuff to my cart, then I closed the app. None of the stuff is shown in my cart but the number of items is still there. Also when I tried to register an account it says that I already have an account there but I can’t login a password for it so I can’t login.
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4 years ago, kitetenjo
Too many shirts
Please consolidate the shirts because whenever I’m looking for anything or just browsing I have to go through 20 of the same exact shirt and honestly it keeps me from even using the app because it’s so aggravating. I mean I’m down for the different colors but could you please just put it under one listing so you don’t have to scroll for forever please and thank you
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2 months ago, Moonlily18
Hard to get it to do
I was trying yesterday for about one hour to get the 50% sale on the pins that I wanted but the app wouldn’t let me change any of the information I had already put in. I finally gave up and had to get the pins at 20% today. Not very happy with the outcome of today’s purchase. -Mari
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5 years ago, eMObANDs
I can not get off this app! So much cool stuff!
I really am loving this app because it has so many things that I’m interested in and my wishlist is getting big and on top of that, box lunch is fighting off world hunger like that just makes everything so much better! ❤️
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10 months ago, NarutoUsagi
Thanks for letting me spin a wheel to earn a percentage off my order after I completed the checkout… seems counterintuitive. Scrolling also has issues where it jumps around when it automatically loads more, it makes me lose my place. Other than that, it’s a good app.
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