Boyd Rewards

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Boyd Gaming Corporation
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1 year ago
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11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Boyd Rewards

3.03 out of 5
69 Ratings
5 months ago, Moxiejan
Completely useless
If I could give zero stars, I would! PLEASE ditch this “upgrade” and go back to the previous app, which I would access frequently to check for promotions & room rates. This “upgrade” won’t let me log in — says I don’t exist — and then when i try to create a new account with my card number, it refuses me & says I am already in the system. I even tried to just access as a guest & it just crashes. Yes, I did contact Boyd Support, but no help there — they just said to keep trying. I starting to think that Boyd doesn’t value me as a frequent repeat customer! Update: I have communicated with Boyd Support several times, but their only “fix” was to send me a link to reset my password (which i’d already done twice). Same result: It accepted my card number, name & birthdate to reset, then when i entered card number and new password, it said “user doesn’t exist.”
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1 month ago, sarah1247
New App is useless
Since the new app I can no longer get a room or check out my offers. Everything is out of order. When I try and book a room it ALWAYS says no vacancy even months and months ahead. On previous app I had zero issues getting a room and checking in. We have stopped coming to Belterra and started going to others who are easily accessible and where we can book a room without technical issues. The new app has everything mixed together and no rhythm to it. More headaches then it’s worth. Loved the old app.
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5 months ago, Fooh77
Doesn’t work half the time
Why upgrade your app when it isn’t fully functional? You can’t see your itineraries. I want to see rooms booked etc. Half the time I can’t book a room through the app because that page won’t load and have to go to a website to book. Looking at your comps available at certain casinos is a pain. You can do better.
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3 weeks ago, offers4me
Unable to book
I’ve attempted to book a room for over two weeks. Just spins and spins with the 5 seconds note. This app always has been troublesome. Had it for years and it’s always got one problem or another. If it’s not a sign in issue then it’s now creating a booking issue. Calling to book a room defeats the purpose of having the ease of the app. I can’t tell you how many times over the years it had to be deleted and reinstalled…..and that will create a sign in issue.
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5 months ago, Notgood1919
Nice app!
I’m not sure what all the complaints are about. The app did require me to change my email because I was using my spouses email and it requires you to have a unique email account. After I change that, everything works great. The app looks great, and it provides more functionality. Thank you!
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5 months ago, Mrsmeme1
User Does not exist
I don’t understand why it’s so difficult to log in. I have offers I’d like to review and reservations I’d like to make without having to speak with someone. That’s the whole purpose of having an account. I’ve reset my password but to no avail, I keep getting an error message that my account doesn’t exist. It doesn’t let me create a new one either. This app is now useless.
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5 months ago, Singergirllv
Deleted App, reinstalled it, now it works
I was having issues logging in after the updated app appeared on my iPhone. As a last resort, I deleted the app from my iPhone and then downloaded it from the App Store. My login & password now work and I am in! 😃 The new app looks and works great!
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5 months ago, Kristena21
New app doesn’t work
I’m having the same exact issue as the other user posted. I’ve reset password as well nothing works. I called casino host and he told me to speak to rewards center and they told me lots of people have been calling with issues and nothing can fix it until the tech people fix it. Just go back to the old App!! At least it worked!
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5 months ago, Vegasfan999
New app is really nice
It took me a couple of tries to login to the new app. But once I got in, I really like it. Was able to find my offer and book my comp nights quickly. I haven’t tried my wallet yet but will when I visit next month.
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1 month ago, KajunDove
Worse Casino App Since Change
I loved to original app. It had problems but nothing like I’ve encountered with the new app. The comps had me on overnight stays perhaps twice a month at times. But since they went with the new app and when with a company who handled comps it’s been horrible. As a matter fact, I quit going PERIOD…. Wish they would change and do something different.
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2 weeks ago, Baddog88
App is useless
Can’t log in. Can’t change password. Can’t create a new account. All the app seems to be good for is showing error messages. I used to count on old app to inform me of my perks. Now I have no clue what I have and not driving 200 miles to swipe card to find out. All my other casino apps work great and keep me notified of perks, so I’ll be visiting them instead.
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1 month ago, Roro 1961
Fix this App!!!
Why won’t this app even let you book a room?! it says give it five seconds to refresh and it never does!! This is why I have avoided Boyd properties for the past six months!! I try to book any room in any city, and all it does is pause!! What is the use of having an app if you have to go to the website to book something?!
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4 months ago, Havinfunincolo
Useless now
The app was working good until the update now I get the same as others, can’t log in, says my profile doesn’t exist, even tried logging in on the website and it says the same thing and debt me a link to reset password but enter my rewards number and I still don't exist 😡😡 now it's pretty much useless!!!
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6 months ago, jkikile
Unable to process logins
I’ve tried deleting the app and installing latest as advised to by agent at Boyd’s Main Street station. But same problem, no login and try to re create password and it comes back unable to process- they advised everyone is having issues this has been going on for weeks…. Hmmmm
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6 months ago, Kauai Gone Gin
Horrible app
It kept telling me NO rooms were available at ANY of their casinos so I wouldn’t be able to book my comp nights in December. After trying multiple ways, I was finally able to book a room at the first casino I was trying to book at. Your UPDATED app is more like a DOWNGRADE to me. If it doesn’t work properly, what good is it?
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4 months ago, Speshulksmom
Boyd apps are as great as their gaming😵‍💫
Horrible app, just downloaded after playing $600 in casino, (well donating to Sams Town). I logged in successfully once then it was a challenge to not be locked out when it insisted on inserting its own password. Tried to check room rates and it was impossible. Toys app blows like most of the “Bully” Boyd products. Ugh!
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4 months ago, bskkkkk85
App not working
Uninstalled the app and reinstalled the app and I can’t log in called it in and still I don’t even receive my link in my email to even reset my password I rather have the old app it was much easier to log in tried every thing and I still can log in
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6 months ago, parakeet9
Not app friendly
I tried to open up my promotions and offers. There is nothing listed. The words are squished and written in small columns. Not sure if they are still working on it, but in the event this is it, it’s terribly put together especially for their die hard seniors to use.
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3 weeks ago, Duseswild
Junk App
Ever since they updated this app it doesn’t work. Can’t book rooms bc it just buffers forever. It’s so confusing when you go through your offers bc everything looks the same. It’s horrible and doesn’t look like anyone is working on it or worried about it.
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4 months ago, Jorder3001
So frustrating
I have downloaded and deleted the Boyd App 5 different times and can’t get it to work. I have tried to update/change my password and nothing works. I always book my rooms and track my offered with the old app. Why is it not working????
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5 months ago, JoshW1987
App looks great but can’t book Restaurant reservations
Phone numbers don’t go through when trying to make a restaurant reservation. All phone numbers show as invalid.
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5 months ago, hi bts
Worst app
Ever since upgrade I can't log in It says user doesn't exist. Weird thing is I was able to password but still can't sign in. I need to check and add to my rsvp next month. I left a message to call me but have not receive any contact for a week now. I need help asap!
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3 weeks ago, Davidc1962
Not so good anymore
Now you can’t even see your offers for today . Can’t even see if you have dining offers for today. This is not getting better - why do you keep fixing things that work and making them worse ?
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3 weeks ago, Paul_G75
You would think that a company that has casinos across the US would do a better job with their app. The app constantly just loads with no results. It’s a joke. Go through the websites for the casinos if you’re trying to do something.
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5 months ago, Planet Collector
New app does not work
Every time I try to log into the new app, I get an error message saying: unable to validate login at this time. I’ve trying logging in on multiple days/times, with no luck. Please fix the app. It’s useless right now.
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2 months ago, 72j
Cannot log in
Unable to log into the app. I’ve tried multiple times a multiple ways to log in but nothing. I’ve tried resetting my password, nothing. Please fix the issue.
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4 months ago, IB2smart007
Crappy website now
Used to be able to navigate easily, now so difficult to find what you’re looking for! Don’t know why you changed a good thing! If it’s not broken why fix it???
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3 months ago, Aasweetie
Can’t access
After the last update I have not been able to access my app. I can’t log in or reset login information. This has deterred me from visiting the property.
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1 month ago, LayC2
New app doesn’t work
I haven’t been able to log in to my account since the new update. I’ve tried resetting password, deleting the app and redownloading, nothing works.
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3 months ago, Bccasino
Every time you have an update it seems to get worse. I can’t sign in. After the last update it took 2 weeks before I could sign in.
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5 months ago, Ladystockbroker
Upgrade is horrible
This upgrade is the worst. I have not been able to access my account since it launched. Part of my job is troubleshooting IT issues so this is not a case of PEBKAC.
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6 months ago, Pete Rene
Unable to Login
Unable to login with the new app. Every time I try to login I receive the message, “Sorry, an unexpected error has occurred. Please try again later.”
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3 months ago, Poker_56
Bad news
Still the same as the other user No luck trying to log in even do id you request a new password
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2 months ago, JamesPauk
Can’t log in
Been unable to Long in for months.. changed user name and it won’t let me in still.. completely useless at this point.
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6 months ago, Tyler986
App used to be useful.
This app used to be useful and I would check it periodically to look at offers and events. With this new version it’s ridiculously bad. Please fix it!
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2 months ago, Bestrob
Useless Trash
Don’t know how anyone could have rated this app with anything more than 1 star. Cannot even logon. Because of app, casino won’t have my business.
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6 months ago, 
unable to login to the app. able to login to website
since the update, I’m unable to login to the app.
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6 months ago, TMBooster
Won’t let me log in. Says info is not what is on file. I’ve used this for years. Please fix the problem.
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5 months ago, AO Lifemember
Unable to login through Stardust app.
I am getting a msg similar to others when trying to logon to the Boyd Rewards app from the Stardust game app
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1 month ago, Renard98
Stopped working after last “upgrade”
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5 months ago, Summerbune1
Worse App
Needs to be worked on. You can’t sign in.
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4 months ago, AGF22
Please help
I am locked out of the app and can’t get in my account. This app is terrible.
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2 months ago, raygood
Beyond Incompetent!!! Morons!!!!
The title says it all. An absolute unmitigated disaster. And they gave these clowns a gambling license. Are you kidding me? Based on this app, they should not be entrusted to shine shoes or clean toilets!!
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2 weeks ago, ThatDogMom1999
What’s the Point?
Pure junk!
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4 years ago, ICED_EARTH_81
New app not working
Just opened up the new app, or tried to. Won’t let me log in at all. Took the number right off my player card and last name with date of birth to try and reset. Guess what?! “Nothing matches our records”. Typical from a place that gives horrible offers and the lowest posted payback of any casino in Illinois. I could understand if the app was having some issues, but why put something out there if it still has bugs that need to be worked out? To top it off, they say visit Bconnected or contact us, but no place on the app does it have a phone number (except the general phone number of the casino). No place to contact or email support. I guess they want you to drive to the casino to tell them you have a problem. Update, it was working. Now go to check offers and it just spins and won’t load! Way to stay on top of your crap app!
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9 years ago, nikko_098
I'm happy to be a B Connected member!
I love the app and have had nothing but great experiences with you guys and with the staff at your resorts, from The Orleans to SunCoast to Gold Coast and Fremont as well, in which I have frequently attended. It's been a great time every time. In addition, this app has never had problems and everything is easy to located. From benefit offers, to upcoming events, even to which ever casino resort you choose to set as home base, and also including a unique/nice user interface. You can see how many points you have accrued, as well as where you are at in regards to your many ways of redeeming the points you obtain. Love this app, love the resorts, and best of all I honestly love being a B Connected member. P.S. To everyone that reads my reviews and comments. I truly believe that you will not be disappointed and get to enjoy these resorts as much as I do. I make it a point to recognize all the hard work any and all staff members that go above and beyond to help anyone in need or make them smile and happy. Thank you all and I believe I broke record on the having the lengthiest review every made. Yet again, I can't help the fact of loving to share the many positive experienced I've had with others and new customers as well. -Nicolas H. "Klaus"
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2 years ago, Mr.awsomepants
Is it just me?
We go to Louisiana most weekends to hit the casinos. Since the new app/kiosks have been in effect at Delta Downs, I’ve had no luck with my credits. Nearly every week it says $5 free play and to redeem at the kiosk but the kiosk says I have no offers. I’ve talked to the cashier desk and they could not help. Also, since the new cards came out, even the offers that don’t work are much less than we’d seen in the past as Sapphire level. Before there were at least $10 food credits and $10 free play…now it offers the choice of either $5 free play or $5 food ….which again doesn’t matter because it rarely shows up once I’m in the casino anyway and trust me…I lose plenty there to earn a little free play and a snack.
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6 years ago, vegastim13
Ruined a perfectly good app
The app was fine before this “redesign”. Nothing fancy but it got the job done. At any time you could open it and easily see your offers, point balances, almost anything you’d need. Now it’s a web browser with a logo slapped on it, and a bad one at that. By that I mean two things... 1. You have to login every time to do anything. The “login” button literally just takes you to the bconnected mobile website. In fact every button just takes you to its relevant mobile website page sans the casinos list. I don’t need an app for this...I can bookmark the site or have it as a shortcut. 2. It’s slow. I have an iPhone XS, there’s no reason it should stutter and hiccup as much as it does. But alas, even opening the app from the drawer somehow causes it to freeze for a noticeable amount of time. This is one of the most pathetic redesigns I’ve ever seen in an app. They took something that was functioning well and just stripped everything down, put in some web interfaces, and slapped their (again pathetic, though that’s a whole other review) “rebrand” on it.
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11 years ago, MarieKurE
App is fast, concise and proficient
Really enjoy this app because it is so easy to install, load info, keep up with winnings. Not like Pinnacle corp where coupons are the distinct means of communication. Cannot visit their properties - have to pull out a coupon to convince a 22 year old "front desk" operator that I had a room for two nights because he had no record of my offer, registration, casino host person (joke) and of course the confirmation number. I felt sorry for the guy because I had to walk him through the whole procedure.
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2 years ago, headache:livenlearn
App is more trouble every time a new game is added
I am so aggravated with Stardust lately! I am so tired of having to delete and reinstall the darn app every single time a new game is added! Not only then , but many times in between. I have constantly contacted Stardust casino folks and get the same response over and over. Guys, it’s not on my end always. If I follow your directions and your directions aren’t working, then it’s on your side. I love playing, but am almost ready to toss the playing! Fix the problem, please.
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