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Boyd Gaming Corporation
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User Reviews for Boyd Rewards

3.03 out of 5
69 Ratings
5 months ago, X0X0X0707
Promotional free play Offers not showing up
The app is iffy at times, newer rewards points system and still has a lot of bugs and glitches.
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1 year ago, Mr.awsomepants
Is it just me?
We go to Louisiana most weekends to hit the casinos. Since the new app/kiosks have been in effect at Delta Downs, I’ve had no luck with my credits. Nearly every week it says $5 free play and to redeem at the kiosk but the kiosk says I have no offers. I’ve talked to the cashier desk and they could not help. Also, since the new cards came out, even the offers that don’t work are much less than we’d seen in the past as Sapphire level. Before there were at least $10 food credits and $10 free play…now it offers the choice of either $5 free play or $5 food ….which again doesn’t matter because it rarely shows up once I’m in the casino anyway and trust me…I lose plenty there to earn a little free play and a snack.
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1 year ago, headache:livenlearn
App is more trouble every time a new game is added
I am so aggravated with Stardust lately! I am so tired of having to delete and reinstall the darn app every single time a new game is added! Not only then , but many times in between. I have constantly contacted Stardust casino folks and get the same response over and over. Guys, it’s not on my end always. If I follow your directions and your directions aren’t working, then it’s on your side. I love playing, but am almost ready to toss the playing! Fix the problem, please.
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7 months ago, Tishy G
Boyd Wallet
When I first got the app it worked great. I was able to add funds in Wallet & load money on my players card with ease. However, the last two months ive been trying to load funds but keep getting an error mesg with an email if problem persists. Well, it has so I emailed them 3 separate times about it. They wrote back saying they have nothing to do with the issue and to let the casino know. I’ve done that too…twice. They have no clue why or what to do about it. So now I’m deleting app. Peace out ✌️
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11 months ago, FMNish
Can’t log in: Fixed
Edit: I contacted support and it works on my phone now When I try to log in, two characters are added to my password so I get an error message. I deleted the app and loaded it again but it still happens. I can get in on my computer.
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6 months ago, Djsneekers
Needs to be fixed!
Most of the time when I try to log in this app says they are having technical difficulties. I just stayed a night at the casino and couldn’t log in the entire time I was there. I was offered to check in and use the app as my room key. Thankfully I went to the front desk and checked in instead. How would I have used the app as my room key if I couldn’t even log in?
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3 weeks ago, wkkkkkky
Continued technical difficulties
Lots of problems logging in. Tech support for app can’t be found! I was contacted by the developer and the problem was resolved. The app is working as it should now. It is a useful tool to check points and comp offers.
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2 years ago, kejowr
Used to love this app
I used to love this app. But recently I haven’t been winning at all. Then the amounts were changed to where I have to bet more but the jackpots stayed the same. Spend 1800to win a chance at 4000 I don’t think so. Goldfish has much better odds. Guess I’ll just “ lobby “ and bet 100 and pray to win 100 or 120 🙄won’t play anymore like I used to.
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10 years ago, Pocket 8's
Good App, but needs update
Sometimes it's best to hit "play" or "stay" or "dine", etc... directly from the home screen and then check your "offers". Like some on here have said...if you go directly to the bottom and select "my offers" a lot of the time it just sits there loading forever. Do each category individually from the home screen, seems faster until they update this app.
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9 months ago, KajunDove
The WORSE casino app of ALL
This is the slowest of all the casino apps. Major improvements are needed to increase speed for selections to work. Every time I try to book a room, the cursor just spins and I have to get out and try again and again and again…. Very discouraging
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2 years ago, Sugarbooger696xxx
Info doesn’t match
My husband and myself both keep getting info does not match, so frustrating! We always play Boyd gaming and this is about to get us looking to play else where
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4 months ago, pizzaguy2003
Basic login doesn't work
I enter my password. It keeps adding more characters I can't see. Login fails. Basic testing before deploying is a must. frustrating.
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1 month ago, jAbbott424
Horrible App
This app never works right. It always says it is having trouble at the moment. Needs to be fixed or don’t have one at all.
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1 year ago, Kgbkgb0553
Done with this place all because you can’t build an app that works!!! Blows my mind since I’m sure you have the money to spend on a working app!
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1 year ago, Bccasino
Doesn’t work!
Can’t get the app to work. Can’t open my wallet or my offers. I can only see the home page and it doesn’t update my points.
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1 month ago, NavyVetMA3
Technical Difficulties
I can’t use mobile key without the app, but your app is always having “technical difficulties.”
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1 year ago, BARBIBEAR
Seems like the shells rent paying f when I get a onus of 21 spins and wonnthing
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9 years ago, nikko_098
I'm happy to be a B Connected member!
I love the app and have had nothing but great experiences with you guys and with the staff at your resorts, from The Orleans to SunCoast to Gold Coast and Fremont as well, in which I have frequently attended. It's been a great time every time. In addition, this app has never had problems and everything is easy to located. From benefit offers, to upcoming events, even to which ever casino resort you choose to set as home base, and also including a unique/nice user interface. You can see how many points you have accrued, as well as where you are at in regards to your many ways of redeeming the points you obtain. Love this app, love the resorts, and best of all I honestly love being a B Connected member. P.S. To everyone that reads my reviews and comments. I truly believe that you will not be disappointed and get to enjoy these resorts as much as I do. I make it a point to recognize all the hard work any and all staff members that go above and beyond to help anyone in need or make them smile and happy. Thank you all and I believe I broke record on the having the lengthiest review every made. Yet again, I can't help the fact of loving to share the many positive experienced I've had with others and new customers as well. -Nicolas H. "Klaus"
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3 years ago, ICED_EARTH_81
New app not working
Just opened up the new app, or tried to. Won’t let me log in at all. Took the number right off my player card and last name with date of birth to try and reset. Guess what?! “Nothing matches our records”. Typical from a place that gives horrible offers and the lowest posted payback of any casino in Illinois. I could understand if the app was having some issues, but why put something out there if it still has bugs that need to be worked out? To top it off, they say visit Bconnected or contact us, but no place on the app does it have a phone number (except the general phone number of the casino). No place to contact or email support. I guess they want you to drive to the casino to tell them you have a problem. Update, it was working. Now go to check offers and it just spins and won’t load! Way to stay on top of your crap app!
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10 years ago, MarieKurE
App is fast, concise and proficient
Really enjoy this app because it is so easy to install, load info, keep up with winnings. Not like Pinnacle corp where coupons are the distinct means of communication. Cannot visit their properties - have to pull out a coupon to convince a 22 year old "front desk" operator that I had a room for two nights because he had no record of my offer, registration, casino host person (joke) and of course the confirmation number. I felt sorry for the guy because I had to walk him through the whole procedure.
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5 years ago, vegastim13
Ruined a perfectly good app
The app was fine before this “redesign”. Nothing fancy but it got the job done. At any time you could open it and easily see your offers, point balances, almost anything you’d need. Now it’s a web browser with a logo slapped on it, and a bad one at that. By that I mean two things... 1. You have to login every time to do anything. The “login” button literally just takes you to the bconnected mobile website. In fact every button just takes you to its relevant mobile website page sans the casinos list. I don’t need an app for this...I can bookmark the site or have it as a shortcut. 2. It’s slow. I have an iPhone XS, there’s no reason it should stutter and hiccup as much as it does. But alas, even opening the app from the drawer somehow causes it to freeze for a noticeable amount of time. This is one of the most pathetic redesigns I’ve ever seen in an app. They took something that was functioning well and just stripped everything down, put in some web interfaces, and slapped their (again pathetic, though that’s a whole other review) “rebrand” on it.
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11 years ago, KPnhouse
SAMS Town Tunica
Kerry Prestage, Here SAMS is the best on the strip maybe one of the old ones but is still there for a reason. Staff I repeat Staff the host are best on strip Beverly thanks for taking care of my wife, Micheal thanks for taking care of wife, Tonya love you thanks for inviting her,Charlie you are the man enjoyed concert waiting on some back strap love all the girls and guy at smokey Joes and twains is wonderful thanks to man Burt Reynolds the manager he knows all around great great experience love you guys oh and lumpy is the man!!!!!
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5 years ago, Avatordream03
Honestly? I've sent an email about this. At the onset of your transition, I received a message that I was upgraded to Emerald tier. Immediately overjoyed, that I would now be able to receive a suite upon check in. For the past fourteen years, every time I would book our stay that was all my partner would beg me for; and my reply was always the same “I am not an Emerald” :( Imagine the disappointing astonishment when I went back to the B-Connected website last week and saw that that was so short lived. Being a loyal patron of the past fourteen years, it is apparent that my patronage is of no significant value. Whereas reservation was for my stay from 9/22 thru 9/26 was booked way far in advance (June) and my tier credits were cleared after the booking this will be my“LAST” stay with your property :( Disappointing, because I like your casino, and other properties, but I'm being treated like a bum, so I will go elsewhere.
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11 years ago, Maestro Da Star
Pleased But Concern!!
This Really Is A Great App, I Can Access Anything At Anytime, Love It! What I Don't Like About Boyd Gaming Is, Well I'm Having A Hard Time Maintaining My Point Status, I Just Made Emerald Months Ago, When I Should've Been One Long Time Ago, The Way U Snatch Points off Every Month Is Redicilous, People Work Hard To Achieve There Status, Must U Take So Many Thousands Of Points Like That? It's Not Fare To loyal Players Like Myself.....
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13 years ago, GS35
Fantastic App
Great app! Very useful--it will give you driving directions to getting to each of their casinos. Also, it lists the specials each casino is running. If you log in, it will even give you discounts/offers based on your playing. Highly recommended.
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11 years ago, CS chitown
I like it okay, but it could be better.
It would be super if they could tell you what you can do to earn points faster. Since I live outside of Vegas I can only make it there once per year. I'd like to optimize my time and play which games will get me the most points so I can get better offers.
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11 years ago, Broily
Best Casino Player's Club App, Period
If you have a player's card at any Boyd casino, you must have this app. You can tell immediately that Boyd has put a lot of time and effort into making this a very user friendly and are banking on it being the standard for player benefits and marketing. A++++
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5 years ago, Jaltig
You broke what wasn’t :(
I have to agree with others in that the old app worked and I’m good with a redesign and a new look. I prefer keeping up with technology however on my 7plus I have to go 4 or 5 clicks in to find offers and change my preferred propertyevery time and then when I finally stumble onto my offers and decide to book a room...... the button doesn’t work and the only way for me to check availability or reserve is to call the property because the app doesn’t work!!!!
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3 years ago, B.lineatus
Some “team” Ruined a Perfectly Good App
The earlier app worked perfect, and that was years ago. This current version is garbage and simply doesn’t work. Is my iPhone XR not updated enough to render this “high-tech” app? My iPad ran the earlier version flawlessly for years without a crash. Now, you log-in and it goes blank. I deleted the app on both the iPhone and iPad. I log-in on the iPhone and the screen goes blank, same as the iPad. Did anyone ever do any de-bugging? And why is that spinning circle everywhere?
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10 years ago, Jtorries
Awesome app
Lets me know everything I need to know about my card, what my points are what offers are available to me. A must have if you're a frequent gambler. Plus it saves a lot of time at the kiosk. Hell it even lets you submit entries for promotions.
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9 years ago, Nrmciver
LoVe the App @ Sams Town Casino in Louisiana!¡!
This App makes everything so much easier to find... You can check out the calendar, see promotions, & then book a room right there using your offers for your exciting stay!¡! It's AwEsOmE!¡!😜
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13 years ago, Alansky56
Great app
Once again Boyd Gaming shows they care about their clients. Well done app that let's you see what's going on at all of their casinos, check your points and take advantage of special deals.
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12 years ago, Roulette Star
Useful App
This app is useful and comprehensive for the numerous properties. It's nice to have your offers and points at your finger tips. I strongly recommend it to friends and family. It is easy to use and greatly reduces the number of times I need to call a representative.
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7 years ago, winona19
Sam's Town
Really enjoy using my app. It keeps me up to date on my points and I can see all the current events going on. It's really easy to book a room thru since you are using vouchers and whatnot. Thank you Joe Price
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9 years ago, Joey2007
Blue Chip
The property at Blue Chip Hotel And Casino are Second to none. The VIP staff are somes fine people who make sure your stay is everything that you expect. Mike Breaky and staff: Timmy, Andy, Mo, and Joe, and Marva are why we keep coming back. Thanks to all the above VIP staff and also the others. Tony and Susie Eulo, Wisconsin
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12 years ago, Kingdaddy53
Helps keep track of points and comps makes planing trips easier, plus you don't miss out on things you may have missed otherwise. Great app
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11 years ago, Oniggg.
This app is perfect in its simplicity. I was able to book a room directly with no redirection to Safari. Far and away the best Casino/Hotel app I've seen. Pay attention Total Rewards!
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8 years ago, Macrebel69
"Worth" It County
B-Connected has given me more then the slots themselves. Free hotel rooms, free Buffett and believe it or not I seem to win more cash off their free slot dollars then I do when I play with my own cash!!! It's been "WORTH" it to me so far to be a member ;-)
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10 years ago, Nomadpat
Love it
This app rocks! Very easy to look at, book offers and check balances. This is more user friendly than MLife or TRewards. Orleans and Boyd also seem to have better offers, so that's appreciated as well.
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6 years ago, Deb's Thoughts
Works better than the online site but needs help
When we go to book a room online it doesn't work and we have to use the app. But I wish it was a bit more interactive and very difficult to read.
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13 years ago, DigiDudeLV
Best Vegas App!
Easy to use and very handy. I can check all my offers anytime anywhere. I travel to Louisiana often so it'll be useful when I go to the Boyd casinos there too.
Show more
11 years ago, Crzycwby31
Love It!!!!!
I like being able to check my points anytime and see the latest offer available.
Show more
11 years ago, DRL76
One way app
Information is high for very easy to use app. Cannot update your information. Option is there, but it won't save. Haven't tried to interact with any other options.
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10 years ago, Firefighter78
Works well
I love using this to see my current offers at the Boyd owned casinos. Works good also booking rooms. Also shows your current card point status.
Show more
11 years ago, Kenownr
Perfect for checking your offers, comps etc. You can also book a room on the go which is really helpful; no more waiting on the phone.
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11 years ago, Important person in china money
This app is ok... It needs more work... Like where you can connect to others using this app, also events and schedules don't work... Also would like to have something where when your playing and using this app you can gain points or comps depending on the length of time you stay in each casino
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10 years ago, Bravesarethebest
Good app
This is a very good app. The only problem is my wife can't sign in on my phone with her card number. She has to goto another computer to do it. Don't know why that happens.
Show more
11 years ago, Meems Wyley
It's so easy to book a room, takes no more than a couple minutes. Also, it's great for seeing what events are going on and what awesome offers SAMs town has for you. I love it!
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11 years ago, fishanderson
Want a much more
As a new customer to the casino, I was hoping there would be explanation and detail of the benefits I was getting as a part of my bconnected player account. That way I don't need to stand in line and ask a person about the benefits provided to me at the casino. Otherwise, I probably wouldn't use this..
Show more
12 years ago, NukedNative
Love the functionality
Without the ease of the app, my visits may cut by 50+% due to ease of use to redeem comps, track play, and decide what to eat and where..
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