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User Reviews for Brad’s Deals | Curated Deals

4.86 out of 5
42.6K Ratings
2 years ago, Jbeaner67
You’re Missing Out
I’ve been an email subscriber to BradsDeals for a long time. I’ve bought countless products through them and saved a lot of money (especially at Christmas). I really like how it’s customizable too. Some deals are better than others but they still save you money. For the people NOT using them, what are you waiting for? The only reason I don’t use their app is because when I did, it was a rabbit hole for me and I found myself buying things I didn’t need simply because the deal was so good. It saved my sanity, and bank account balance, but sticking with their daily emails. Nevertheless, I would absolutely recommend using their app and also signing up for their emails.
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5 years ago, Gatorslover
Brad’s Deals app has legit Cheap Prices
I’ve used many so-called savings apps throughout the years that, as an example, my phone would buzz as I’m driving by a certain store or the app would continually notify me if I saved an item on a list & It was 5-10% off or a couple bucks lower than the retail price. These kind of apps would come & go from my phone frequently. The same with rebate & rewards apps as well. Brad’s Deals app is legit & so is their customer service- seriously. I have yet to encounter any problems with non-working coupons, discount codes, unable to receive what’s advertised, etc.. Likewise, the same goes in resolving a potential dispute before the dispute becomes a problem. My only gripe is that on the app, despite how much I try to filter my categories of what products I want to see, nothing I do seems to work when it comes to filtering out young adult ladies, teenage & tweener clothing for girls along with stuffed animals for small children. This is why I don’t rate this app 5 stars because it gets frustrating to keep scrolling down over & over to get past items I have zero interest in when I’m using this app- esp if I’m in a rush to find the item I wish to save and/or purchase. If the developers can fix this problem, I’ll revise my review to 5 stars!
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4 years ago, Other Jessica
The Best App Out There Hand’s Down❤️
I love this app more then any other app I’ve ever downloaded loaded. It’s so easy to find things no matter what your looking for. It has been such a life saver and a money saver as well. Thank you all for doing such a great job to offer the best prices and time all around by doing searching ever store for the best deals♥️💙 I also would like to say the discounts and the quality of the deals are amazing. Also for people who are just downloading it for the first time, they find deals from Macy’s to the dollar stores. Thank you so much for all you have saved me! Thanks Jessica
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4 years ago, Zapalka
Start Over
I absolutely hate the last two updates of this app. I was hoping the latest update will fix what the previous one had changed, but nope, the issue is still there. It started when the deal takes you to a separate website on Safari (for iPhone users). When all the deals were imbedded in the app, that problem was not there. All you had to do is hit the ‘back’ button and everything was in place. The problem now is this: every time I open a deal and it takes me to the website in Safari, when using the go back to Brad’s Deals option on the top left corner of my iPhone, it goes back to the app but instead of taking me back where I left off, it starts all over from the beginning. Now I have to scroll down for minutes looking for the part I was at before. It is so time consuming and I no longer find this app easy to use. Developers, please fix this issue.
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3 years ago, @islandgirl
Skip the sales flyers... Brads Deals does it for you!
I shop Brads Deals first! It’s the easiest way to get the best sale price anywhere! He has everything but you have to be ready to jump on it. Sometimes these sell quickly . I have had nothing but great success in shopping with Brads Deals. After a few years I downloaded the app. You don’t need the app but it makes shopping more efficient. I highly recommend you sign up for the emails. They usually come probably once a week. I look forward to my deals and you will too!!
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6 years ago, J2317
Best app I’ve ever downloaded.
In addition to a pair of my favorite shoes I got for $45 less than shopping in stores, my family and I have gotten countless items from this app that range from priceless treasures to everyday items and they are all priced WAY below any other offers. In addition to the consistently low prices we find here, there’s also the bonus of finding items we love, that we would never think to look for on our own. This is the only app I open everyday, no matter what. Thank you for being awesome, Bradsdeals.
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4 years ago, NotCarolBaskin
Says what it is!
You know how you get directed to some other site when you click on ad, say with facebook? And you know how that product is too good to be true? Then when you get the product it’s pure junk?(thanks jive pods mini!) Well I’m here to say it’s not like that with Brads’s deals! I’ve bought a handful of things on Brad’s deals and I’ve had no problems with the quality of any of the products I’ve ordered! So thanks for keeping it real Brad, keep on trucking, and keep up the good deals!
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4 years ago, Hickchick1206
For real!
I got an email suggesting Brads Deals and so I decided to check it out. I was Leary at first because some of the deals looked to good to be true. Then I came across a deal that I couldn’t pass up! I paid for it and waiting for a confirmation. I got the confirmation within minutes and then the next day I got a shipping notification. I haven’t received the deal yet but I’m excited about how easy it was and the communication is great! I have a tracking # to follow up and I saved so much money! This is now my go to app for deals!!
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4 years ago, Kattelak
First email I check, without fail, every day. I can’t begin to state how much I’ve saved over the years! And it’s FREE!! I’ve saved on literally everything from Converse - jewelry, sheets - sweaters and just about everything in between. Not to mention the have ALL of the lowdown on Black Friday, cyber Monday, white sale weekend, etc. Quite simply one-stop for deals! And they also list terrific deals that are exclusive to their readers. Check ‘em out, you’re guaranteed to find something.
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4 years ago, Count down to baby
Too good to be true
I have purchased a few things through Brad deals and most of the items aren’t the best quality. The shipping takes forever if you get your item. One company I purchased a deal and the company was a scam. They never refunded me, after several requests from not receiving paid for items after 4 months. Now that company has disappeared and stole my money. After contacting Brad Deals they tried to say the company was legit at the time and I had to contact my bank/card to get a refund. The company had so many scam reviews after researching it! Buyer beware and do you homework on the deals you’re getting because they most likely are too good to be true...take it from someone who learned the hard way!
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2 years ago, Brad's Best Friend
Best Shopping Site
I began using Brad’s about a year ago. I have never received ‘cheesy’ products, nor regretted a purchase. I am a big gifter and Brads always seems to have what I’m looking for. I love this app and recommend it to my friends and family - because they’re always wanting to know how I find such unique nd attractive items at such bargain deals. NO REGRETS!
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3 years ago, Very*Annoyed*RN
Must Have App for Bargain Shoppers
I’ve been using this app for more than six years and it is invaluable. I appreciate the amount of research performed by the contributors and the great deals they find every day, but especially around Black Friday and Christmas. They find products that appeal to everyone, and it’s easy to personalize your feed and search for items. My one complaint- I wish the items I saved in the app would also show up when I log into the desktop version.
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4 years ago, peacenjoymom
Thumbs Up for Brad’s!
My favorite Brad’s feature is that they do not flood my email in box..a blessing in today’s world! Every Brad’s email is worth opening up and looking through though. I do not use the discounts in every daily message. When there is something that fits into my needs or sparks an interest I follow the link. Many times I find a treasure of some kind. Thank you Brad’s!
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1 year ago, Di Alex
You need these savings
I luv receiving these emails and the app couldn’t be easier to use. I score a lot if things that I need (and want), high end goods at a fraction of the cost. No more trolling all the out or discount sites. Just about all of them are here. You download, sign up, select and view the deal, click and you’re there. Luv it!
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3 years ago, Marco :/
Brads Deals for all your shopping needs!
I’ve been in the know about Brads Deals for quite a while however I was surprised more of my friends didn’t know! They scour the internet and beyond for the best prices on Everything! Do yourself a favor and download the app and start saving your $$$ while getting Brads Deals! Spread the word!
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4 years ago, To high for this app
Great deals
I love Brad’s Deal. I found out about this site a while back when I was looking for some shoes, I don’t want to pay full price if I don’t have to. Brad’s deal looks for the best deal so you can enjoy shopping. I’ve been hooked ever since and tell everyone about it. Please try it, you won’t be disappointed at all. There’s something for everyone.
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3 years ago, Princeton Princess
Great App for finding bargains.
This app is easy to use. Enjoyable to browse....And it has helped me find some of the best deals on the Internet collected all in one place. It is easy to browse. The deals that are listed are available, and it is up to date. A very useful app during the holiday season especially.
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2 weeks ago, Leiahi9
I already wrote a review but it wasn’t printed! I’ve used this Ap for years and bought a lot of things. I didn’t like the deep dive in recording my info and sharing It so wide! I know we have to give info to get info but I think requiring my info upfront before looking at a sharing plan is too aggressive! Good luck to you on your queries and quitting before acquiring too many possessions! Take Care, it’s up to you!
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3 years ago, Maggie nreno
I do 90 %of all my shopping on brads deals. I start shopping in July for Christmas and by November I’m done with all my Christmas shopping . I do almost all my grandchildren’s school clothes shopping from brads deals. I absolutely love this app. I try to look at it everyday to see what’s new. I give it a ten out of ten!!!!
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5 years ago, Bye Bye Piggies
Brilliant design + clear, concise content
This app does everything a well designed mobile app should. The user interface is super intuitive and clean; content is clear and concise; links and buttons are obvious and sized appropriately for fat-fingered humans. Best of all, deals are written by real people, not bots. One of the best apps I’ve seen. And oh yeah: the deals are insanely great, too.
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2 years ago, Heatherae611
Best deals ever
I have found soooo many Mind-blowing deals deals on here and the discounts are almost too good to be true. I’m obsessed with this app, so many quality items for super low prices with the codes! Thank you, finally an app that does something beneficial!! You need this trust me.
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3 years ago, DaniD2255
My Ride or Die app!!
I’ve been using this app everyday for years to save on items I needed, wanted, or thought were neat. When I see things my kids or their families have mentioned something they’ve been looking for, if I find a deal on here I immediately forward it.
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4 days ago, hgreatful
Love love Brads Deals!
I absolutely love Brad’s Deals! At Christmas I had an issue with one of the companies that I bought something from, Brad’s Deals literally handled it within minutes! Thanks Brad! I always tell people about your app. People are missing out if they don’t sign up! Thanks again :)
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3 years ago, Cerahsown
Real deals and best steals
I have used Brad’s Deals for years and have never been shorted or scammed ( that other place that offers “group” rate but don’t deliver.. come“on”)). real deals and amazing steals.. name brand stores and smokin coupons.. my favorite place to browse and pick up great finds !!cheap!!
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3 years ago, acee1980
One of the best
Brads Deals always have the best deals on everything. I have been using this app for almost a year and everything I bought was exactly as advertised. Definitely recommend this app. Thanks again Brads Deals!!
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3 years ago, Neloner
Great ap
I love this app always gives what deals are available and you can search to see if there is a deal on something you are looking for. They also give you the codes to get the discounts.
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2 years ago, lovetobelicked
Love the App but want update
Every time this week I go to app. It says update. When I go to update. It just says open. Is there a new app ? It takes we’re I am writing this review. Does not have anything about being updated. I am confused.
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4 years ago, ScmRN
I’ve been a fan of Brad’s Deals for many years now. I recommend this site and app to everyone I know! Brad’s saves you the time of researching for the best prices and also has shopping tips included. I even find things I didn’t even know I wanted. Haha!!
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3 years ago, YaYa2U2
By Far The Best Deal, “Brad”!!
You get exactly what you expect. If you can’t find the deal you are looking for, don’t worry. You will find the best deal on something you didn’t even know you needed or wanted. This is the most user friendly app I have installed. Try it. You won’t be sorry.
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4 years ago, PJsd
Best app to find deals
Warning: This app is addicting! It’s like going to Costco because you scan the deals and end up buying things you never knew you needed. Around the holidays, I rely on Brad’s Deals to let me know about the best magazine deals and a bunch of other great buys.
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3 years ago, MasterPeaH
My go to!
Every time I’m searching for something I want to purchase, I start here. If there’s a deal to be found, Brad will find it. And if I don’t find the product immediately, I establish a personalized search for future postings. Love Brad’s deals1
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4 years ago, Jodibell
Tanking chances
Almost everything I gotten has been a great buy except for a few items but that’s the chance you take when you buy on-line... sometimes you take a gamble and like gambling you don’t always win...
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2 months ago, ADDICTEDSERIOUSLY1969
Customer Friendly
I have used Brads deals for years now and am still a loyal customer. The deals are absolutely great. What are you waiting on to become a Brads deal shopper. You will not be disappointed.
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2 years ago, magicteeter
Great savings
I have been a member of the Brad deal application for a little while now. And some of my favorite stores have special stirfried steals. I love this I can order it online and it gets delivered to me and I have no problem love it
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2 years ago, katsully529
Good deals
You have to look everyday for new deals and some of the deals last awhile. I recommend saving what you might want to buy but if it is no longer in the save queue, then it’s no longer available as a deal.
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3 years ago, tuatha15
Recent changes are terrible!
They have updated the app recently and now not only is there a large banner across the top but also they seem to highlight only one category of product on the main page (i.e. women, men, etc...) The only way to see other products is to go into the “more” section and select a different category but even then you cannot customize the main page to the category (or categories) you want.
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2 years ago, maxfactor5190
Great stuff
I love the side everything I’ve purchased have been good quality and up to par and not have a problem will continue to shop at this website😍😁
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4 years ago, Smith309
Please fix the app
I used to love brads deals, but now when I click on a deal, visit that deals website, and then go back to brads deals it refreshes the app and I loose the place where I was. It’s been very frustrating and I hope they fix this, and I never leave reviews so that’s saying something.
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3 years ago, Mz. Chocogem
Brads Deal
Love, love, love Brads Deals! You have to act fast for some deals expire quickly but you are getting quality stuff. Thank you Brads Deal, you have made my shopping easy and you helped with saving on the cash with your voucher codes. Thank you
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4 years ago, MegzMc
Best deal finder out there!
I love this Ap so much! Have found countless steals for friends and family. Love how it’s all reputable dealers/stores and not a bunch of cheap imports from China. I’m a flight attendant and I tell everyone who asks about best shopping tips about this ap. You won’t regret it!!
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3 years ago, Brenda Zander
Check out
I don't seem to be able to maneuver the app very loud because I've been trying to check out for the past hour and I cannot find an area that gives me that information there is no check out? I don't get it? Not a good app. I do not have time to thank for stuff but I want to buy something I want to buy it. Now they have good deals but if Unless to me if I can't purchase of
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5 years ago, cc.traci
Great savings!
I have used their site for years. Last year, I used this app and saved a ton on Christmas shopping. I didn’t need the app during the year so I deleted the app. It’s time to get ready for Christmas so I’m downloading the app again!!
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3 years ago, Sonyakyte
Use this app regularly and I am positive over the years and literally save thousands and thousands of dollars on various things. I always check Brad’s list before I buy anything!
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3 years ago, Senoia300
Brad’s Deals !
Great app. I go through the deals a couple of times a week, I never would have known of 90% of the sites they have deals from. It’s a great place to find things you need and things you want!
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5 years ago, Kelllllllllllllllllllllll
Trouble with the app
Love the website and the Facebook group. But have problems with the app. I can’t save anything because it says I have to login. So I click to login via Facebook. Last update, it had keep logging in but never actually logging me in and going back to the app. This update, nothing happens when I click login.
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3 years ago, D. Duplay
I have purchased many items via Brad’s Deals and would highly recommend them to other price conscientious shoppers. My latest buy are some 14k gold Stud diamond earrings at a great price. Good quality deals with fast shipping.
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3 years ago, Gpet owna
Best Deals Ever!
Ofcourse it’s got my name (Brad) which is cool but I’ve found so many deals on this site even when it was first introduced before it became rather popular and I must say it never disappoints!!! Straight up Awesomeness!!!
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6 months ago, VoltronT
Be careful about hidden charges
Placed an order for a $10 charger, as listed by brads deals (editor Jason), and the site itself. There was NO mention of a $5 shipping charge until AFTER I placed the order and saw my credit card charge. The description even says shipping is free. I never received an order receipt email and have no idea how to cancel the order. Will be deleting this app and my account.
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4 years ago, TvTy247
Must Have
I like to online shop a lot and this site not only have private deals for its users but they keep us constantly updated with new deals available
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2 years ago, Dallas Ornelas From GA
Great Deals
I love this app , I honestly didn’t believe some of the prices on here , but they were accurate. I used this app to save $6,000 last year shopping online
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