Brazilian Portuguese by Nemo

4.7 (3.3K)
48.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Nemo Apps LLC
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Brazilian Portuguese by Nemo

4.71 out of 5
3.3K Ratings
9 months ago, JuSt.a.GiRl82
Highly Impressed!
There are a lot of different Apps out there to learn and practice different languages. But, I tell you this much! The words that often used so far, as I did just start using the App today, is Amazing! Hands down! I am a Visual & Auditory learner and the was just what I have Been looking for!!!!! I am not sure if you “Have -2- Pay for, or what not!”. I mean I hope not, Unless there a substantial change or updates to make the Interface for appealing and maybe keep little update for “Customizable add-Ons that are earned / and some Special one that you can choose to purchase for a very low price! Just some friends input! I absolutely adore this app! And the face that it repeats the words you say but it repeats how it is supposed to say it! It’s getting a little easier as I use the App! Remember, I am NEW to this App!
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2 years ago, Beachrmar
Great App! Money Well Spent!
I love this app. I let it play while I’m driving and mimic the native speaker. I enjoy how I’m able to change the rate at which new words are added. It also helps (when I’m not driving) to see the words and begin to associate them with the new sounds and pronunciations I’m learning. The only thing I would add to the app is an option to change to a dark mode. Sometimes late at night the white background is a bit much. That’s my only critique. This was money well spent!
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6 years ago, Chauncey59
Wonderful app for learning Portuguese
I have been using this for a year. Great start in basic vocabulary and many useful presentations. The ability to hear the words slowed down so the sounds are broken down further is also very helpful. I have several sources of learning that I am utilizing but this one is the easiest and most fun. It’ also nice that they let you download the program to your phone and iPad so it is always handy when you have a few minutes. Highly recommended.
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4 years ago, okeydokeyokeydokey
Great app!!!
I was impressed, most language apps I’ve had start with words you don’t use everyday, but this app starts with words I would actually use when first learning.....! It WOULD be nice though if in the search option, you could search any word instead of only certain phrases, like you search “I’m cold” or something, it won’t match..,but other than that, it’s one of the best language apps I’ve ever had! I definitely recommend I to anyone wanting to learn Português!!😀😀😊
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5 years ago, Dizzy21!
Just downloaded today and I’m very impressed. I’ve tried other language apps but this one is well designed and easy to use. Duolingo is a good one but I really like this app. So far I’m doing the Brazilian Português can’t wait to try the German. There are plenty of learning options and techniques to use. This app might be worth purchasing the whole program down the line.
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5 years ago, jackson@ dca
Love the app but wish I could select my entire list of words and select play and have it run thru entire list. Instead it repeats a list of about 20 or so words without going thru the entire list. It would be great as well if it would book mark your last interruption and commence at that point on your next playback
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8 years ago, Snoopy is fyi
Basic stuff for a Beginner
Really great app that introduces a beginner to easy and necessary words for use in day to day conversations. The pronunciation is way better than any other app, such as duolingo. And it also has great features that let you compare your pronunciation, to the actual pronunciation. Definitely recommend
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4 years ago, La1/3
Excellent Portuguese learning class
This tutorial is well thought out, and easy to use. I like audio classes and found audio classes for Portuguese having a limited selection. This is an audio class that also integrates very nice as a free aop.
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1 year ago, roycedigbick123
Super good app
This app is so amazing it made me cry the first time I opened it up. The pronunciations are so realistic to actual native speakers that I thought there was an actual brazilian man talking in my ear when I played the audio. I think a design change would be nice to make the app look more appealing but other than that, 10/10, cream my pants worthy.
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2 years ago, PluckyTime
Not Bad
Would be nice to have an option to be able to repeat the transactions a couple of times
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7 years ago, dpnantz
Good, but the settings are little confusing.
The app is a little confusing and difficult to use. The default settings do not introduce new words quickly so it seems that you repeat the same words over and over again.
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6 years ago, mtogino
Easy to use and practical
Probably the easiest app to help with every day languages. Love the fact that it reminds you to study if you were today. And the words are all the ones you need.
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8 years ago, amymi
Great Beginner App
This is a great app for the beginner, like me. There are several different ways to learn. The app lets you record your pronunciation and compare it to the professional. No bugs, lots of extras for purchase. Highly recommend.
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7 years ago, booklover42
Extremely useful
Made great use of it during our recent trip to Brazil. Especially valuable for learning how to pronounce the words that don't match the spelling.
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1 year ago, YalePhilosopher54
Amazing, but…
This app is phenomenal. I’ve learned so much from it. My only complaint is one of their common words (gostoso) literally means delicious, but is more commonly used to mean sexy. Wish I’d known that before I called a piece of pizza gostoso in front of my students😭
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10 months ago, super ban ban
My progress has been lost
I don’t know why, but for some reason today when I open the app, all my progress was lost and I had to start from the beginning I was very deep into it but now I can’t do that anymore
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1 month ago, Yukon 11
Learning a different language
This app is very helpful and useful. I have learned a few words in Portuguese and it gives me confidence.
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2 years ago, kc9nnt
Good for learning words.
Great for learning words but not so much grammar. It would be helpful if more sentences were introduced. Still, it’s a great program.
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5 years ago, Tsilloh
Very user-friendly
So easy to learn on this app. Paced well and I love that new words are introduced one at a time after several reps of previous words so it’s not overwhelming.
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8 years ago, JKORun
Best I've found
This is the best and easiest to use app I have found. It is well-organized, straight-forward, like a digital workbook. Great learning tool for language.
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7 years ago, Marathonang
So simple
The perfect app to study multiple words while doing something else. Best language app I've found
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6 years ago, RZS97070
Easy to use in country!
Very handy and easy to use! Should have started practicing sooner be before going to Portugal!
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5 years ago, EggrollDonkeyNerd
It’s ok
Some words are Portugal Portuguese and not Brazilian Portuguese. To say hello it is Oi, not Olà. The word for “you” is “Vocé”, not “Tu”. Tu is a Portuguese word. I know this because I travel to Brazil to see my dad’s family sometimes because he is Brazilian. Please fix these Portugal words.
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8 years ago, Rich38ma
Highly recommended
This is a great app I have learned a lot of words that I have been using on a daily basis for my first visit to Brazil
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4 years ago, Beckadaboo
Love this app!
Love the options in the settings! Love the easy on the eyes and mind graphics! Bought the package, no subscriptions- so worth it!!!
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3 years ago, Nye from the Bronx
Slowly but Learning!
I love the App! Its user friendly and teaches basic words and short phrases.
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7 years ago, TrainwithDavid
Excellent Tool
I use this daily, it is great for on the go learning. While I am driving, training in the gym, cooking in the kitchen, etc., this app works.
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7 years ago, 128(;
Quick n’ easy
I needed to know Portuguese quickly to go to Brazil this app helped me learn many words that will probably be handy. It doesn’t teach structure if u have a membership to mango use it if not figure it out
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4 years ago, FlGigi6
Love this app!
I appreciate hearing a native speaker to acknowledge what I have learned and also understand what I need to practice more!
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6 years ago, clafxbriseno
Learn it fast and right
The method is fast simple a very much mobile .My girlfriend d can’t believe it!
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2 years ago, RaedRafei
too basic
Not very useful once you know the very basic. I was trying to learn how to conjugate basic verbs but the app doesn’t allow it! It doesn’t help improve at all!
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5 years ago, Trainee Con' Bread
On My Way
So far, this app has yet to disappoint me. When I get the basics down, I’ll be well on my way.
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9 years ago, ChickenDoc
Multi bom!!!!!
Easy to use, great pace. Instills gradual confidence. Easy to learn, broad vocabulary. Glad I found this app - you won't be disappointed!!!!!
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7 years ago, G-Bo
Great vocabulary tool
This app is great for reviewing vocabulary or learning it from scratch, a great supplement to other learning tools
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4 years ago, Guavate1966
Great app
This app helos a lot to those beginning to learn. I recommend it .
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2 years ago, zhi ann
Good but
Needs a female voice for the words instead of just a male voice.
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5 years ago, chinatownchris
Love it!
Only three days and I’m retaining information!!!
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8 years ago, D0525
So far so good!
A very nice self-leaning app for beginner, clear pronunciation, useful words and short sentence.
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8 years ago, Kyliedesiree13
I love it so far! I'm able to listen at work hands free :)
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5 years ago, Freedman8964
So far so good
I love this app, structured repetition is the best way of learning with
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4 years ago, AzBighorn
Don't waste your money!!!
The English words do not match that of the spoken Portuguese words. It's all screwed up. I have requested and refund. I have yet to hear back from the developer and or received a refund.
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6 years ago, T.Morrow
Great App
I’m enjoying this app. I can use it while I’m on the go! Muito obrigado!
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8 years ago, Kgalls
I love it!
Simple navigation. Clear pronunciation.
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5 years ago, shvixk
Worth it!
Great app. I highly recommended!
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6 months ago, Oresan2
Good way to learn the words.
Good app for practicing Português
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8 years ago, Hobly
Learning Portuguese
This app is great for teaching pronunciation and introducing as many vocabulary words as you ask for.
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5 years ago, donatom1
Great Portuguese app
A good app that helps you acquire good pronunciation knowledge of Portuguese vocabulary
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4 years ago, Plastic Crusader
An amazing app very helpful and easy.
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6 years ago, Ecwgjw
My friend is Brazilian
Good overall for a beginner.
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4 years ago, gardeniabarb
Neighbors are Brazilian. This app is very helpful. 😎
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