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User Reviews for Budget – Car Rental

3.37 out of 5
7.4K Ratings
5 years ago, reihau
Budget App leaves much t/b desired
You’d think that the Budget app would be more user-friendly but it’s clunky and requires more UX testing to make it worthwhile to use. The buttons you press are not intuitive, nor benefits such as Budget deals are non-searchable through the app. It is great that you can now view/modify existing reservations...finally! I travel frequently and have been a Fastbreak customer for at least 15 years, and renting a car on the fly for business should be a 3-click operation, but NO, using the Budget app will take at least 30 minutes+! Pls make your app more user-friendly: (1) offer prepaid option when viewing/modifying existing reservation (currently you must start a new res to see prepaid options), (2) change the text color of the tabs (this is not vision accessible for people w poor vision and it’s hard to see if using a smartphone’s small screen) (3) enable more than 1 credit card t/b saved to your account when using the app (4) enable saving your airline travel rewards number to be saved within your account, so that it automatically applies instead of having to enter this info with each new reservation.
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3 years ago, SOS Magazine
Trip is for kids
If could give a zero rating I would. I prepaid for a car rental with this company for my quick trip to NY and thought that all was well. When I got to the airport location and went to pickup the car then they are telling me that I need a credit card so that they can hold a total of $250. I had one credit card on me at the time that didn’t have enough funds in it to cover cover the charges, my debit card that I use all the time had way more than enough to cover the charges they wanted to hold. Instead of using the debit card because the credit card didn’t have enough cash in it they straight out said that they can’t give me the vehicle, leaving me stranded at JFK airport. When I asked about a refund for the the car I had prepaid for I was told to call customer care and I would be refunded so I did. It’s been days now and I still can’t get back my money from this company. I will never be renting from them again and I will strongly encourage everyone to please be careful with them when renting a car especially when paying in advance. Ohh! and the other thing, they also run your credit which means that your credit score will take a hit, they had run my twice so I got a double hit on my score. What a price to pay and still no vehicle and was left stranded. DO NOT RENT FROM THIS COMPANY you’ve been warned.
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4 years ago, eileenk29
Multiple credit cards difficult to add to profile
I rent frequently for work and therefore have my corporate AMEX attached to my profile. I just went to rent for personal use. There was no way in the app or on the website to add a secondary card. Many modern web and app experiences allow a user to have multiple cards and then when starting a reservation they are promoted if they are booking for personal or business and then default to this card. I had to call customer service and have them manually add my personal card. When I gave my personal card they wouldn’t take it becomes it’s attached to my husbands budget profile so I had to give a different card than the first which is our main one. We are making it under me bc I am the one picking up the car.
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12 months ago, MCvelazquez
Dallas airport -DFW
I pre-paid , I was on time. But unfortunately my car was not , the facility itself wasn’t . They had a long line with a wait time of 2-3hours. I was lucky to get to the front of the line in 1hr 45 minutes And had to wait another 30 minutes for my car, while they kept trying to upsell me to a more expensive car that was ready. That is not my problem. I called Budget for compensation all I kept getting were people telling me I had to pay a cancellation fee if I cancelled my reservation. I did not want to pay anything additional, we all have budgets we are managing and there’s a reason I didn’t get a larger more expensive car, so don’t try to upsell me. I was not able to make my business meeting and there was nothing I could do nothing budget would do and all I was told was do you see the line? Obviously I do I was in it! I had higher expectations with budget which is why I am a returning customer but this time around it cost me money and a meeting that had to be re-scheduled. You budget in texas have had this running problem for almost Two years if not more! I had the same experience in Houston texas ! It’s ridiculous and a disservice to your customers.
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3 years ago, Bi[ce]sh
Hidden Fees and Double Charges
Budget is by far the worst rental car company available. They will ask you to submit the deposit for your entire trip/contract upfront but then ask you to do your contract all over at the rental facility. They will then add optional charges and update the contract telling you that your original credit card used to book the reservation is needed again to receive the car. They will tell you not to worry, this is a deposit and you will get your money back. This is FALSE, they have updated your pre-agreed contract with bogus optional charges, they will then ask you to sign to approve receiving the car on the credit card kiosk screen. Do not do this. Do not use Budget. They will at the end of your contract then refuse to remove the deposit because the optional charges were "agreed" to when you received the vehicle. Regardless of the original booking agreement. They will charge you to put gas in your rental even if you return it full. BUDGET IS A SCAM AND APPEARS CHEAPER BECAUSE OF FALSE ADVERTISING AND DUPLICATE CHARGES ADDED AFTER THE ORIGINAL BOOKING AGREEMENT.
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5 years ago, Rabdoss
Absolutely worst service I have ever experienced
DO NOT EVEN ATTEMPT TO USE BUDGET, (or Avis, they’re owned by the same people) THERES A REASON THEYRE CHEAP, BECAUSE THEY SWINDLE YOU OUT OF YOUR MONEY Absolutely atrocious. I PREPAID for a vehicle online to have transportation at 11am to get to Orlando by 3pm this location calls me at 10am (for the record, they open at 8am) to tell me the don’t have a SINGLE vehicle available for me to pick up today, nor do ANY of their locations. Wasted 4 hours of my day researching car rental companies to end up using budget, Not only did they not give me a vehicle or transfer me to a nearby location, THEY SAID THE MANAGER WAS DRIVING AROUND LOOKING FOR A VEHICLE. What was he gonna do? Tow the car back to their location for me??? They don’t know about phones...? Worst service and company I have ever dealt with in my life, save yourself a headache, use enterprise, hertz, or walk for God’s sake, ANYTHING BUT BUDGET. Not to mention they said “their systems aren’t in correlation with their app.” Well I used their website too, and I was able to proceed to checkout though they had NOTHING available. Just save yourself time, and a headache
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5 years ago, Samdon12
Ordinary Prices, Accommodating and Friendly Staff
The Budget people have been nice and accommodating. I usually get a free upgrade (e.g. Volvo XC 90, Chrysler 300) because they are out of midsize . One time we arrived in Minneapolis with no airport reservation because every rental company was already sold out. Rather than go downtown, where we already had a Budget reservation, we pretended we thought the reservation was at the airport. The staff scoured their facility and found a Mustang GT convertible that needed cleaning inside and out. Twenty minutes later we drove away in a virtually brand new hotrod, looking as good as when it left the factory. We payed $250 all in for the day we had it, but we were very happy to not have to go downtown with our luggage. Don’t get me wrong. I would use any airport located company to save $10 per day. However, I enrolled in “Budget Fast Track” and have not found better prices on midsize cars since.
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3 years ago, Bob044
February-March 2021: reserved rental car in October, the price was high but needed to be sure a car was available for our family vacation. Picked up the car after a lengthy delay (even though I have been in the perfected customer rating); waited over 45 m invites. Car was dirty, smelly..had been smoked in, windows so dirty I had to clean them to drive out of parking. Gas tank was NOT filled. When I talked to the agent about these things, I got a “that’s all there is...take it or leave it”. What a crappy attitude. Called customer service that afternoon and was told I could get another car...if one was available - and they had no idea did if one would be available - ....and only after I’d paid a towing company to take my defective car back to the airport. Of course...we were over 2 hours from the airport...so this option was not available. OVERALL - do not rent from Budget...do not expect any services and a crappy car if you do even get one....basically...stay away!
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2 years ago, Trapper1515
One star service 0 star rating
If I could give 0 stars I would I started on a good note with this company but am ending on a terrible note . I had to make a reservation for a car which I did the lady on the phone “budget employee” was having difficulty she says processing the reservation at the end , she gave me a fake fast break # and I called my credit card company this “employee” charged my card not 1 not 2 times but 7 times that’s right 7 authorizations on my card . So I call to complain and get it fixed escalate to a supervisor, who promises I have a reservation and will pay with the prepaid amount well it takes 10- 30 days to get your money or credit back on your card says my credit card company now I’m stuck with a flight and no rental car and a maxed out card Thank you Budget for screwing up the impossible! Stay away from this company I’m posting this on social media and blasting on all my platforms Budget did me dirty
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1 year ago, rikicanita
Very bad experience
Awful experience. I've rented a car through Budget three tines so far. That happened to be in Canada. They always ask for a physical credit card to be presented (?). I asked them: can I use my account through the mobile app to book the car and pay? They said "no". That's fine. I called to make a reservation over phone 4 days ago in a manner to plan my business trip tomorrow morning. When I come to pay my card was declined by having only 300$ instead of $500. My car reservation was $100 total. ???... I asked also:can I use the card on my Budget mobipe app to pay the deposit? The answer was: No. So now I have to figure out another way to plan my trip and get in trouble from work as paying my card takes some time. I mean if they at least told me that they need $500 deposit for a reservation I would have planned it. My advice: Do not go there!!! The worse car rental place I've dealt with
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3 months ago, jacks729
Fraudulent or incompetent, not sure which
Booked a car for one day for $50. Returned the car at the time and place stated on my booking. A few days later my credit card was overcharged by $300, with no explanation. I called to find out why, and they claimed I returned the car two days late to the wrong location. I told them that is wrong, and they said they would refund me. The only refunded me half of what they had overcharged me, so I had to call again to get the rest refunded. Then two weeks later they charged my card again with no explanation. So I called to find out why, and they said it was a toll charge. I didn’t use any toll roads, so I asked when and where it was and it turned out it was after I returned the car. Still waiting for them to refund that. It seems like they charged me for whoever used the car after me and didn’t correct it after I brought it to their attention multiple times.
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2 years ago, SpiceGirl319
App Features & Functionality Not Available
In this day and age of application advancements how or why is it that Budget instructs you to make updates or changes in the app but the functionality is non-existant. You cannot go into the app to see anything except the car type and rental agreement number. Your member info is hidden somewhere else in the app and functionality for making updates or changes, extending, etc. do not exist even though the customer service outgoing message tells toy to go to the website or mobile app to complete the services - all lies! The app is not user friendly and intuitive at all - it is clearly some unfinished beta version where all the pages and features were never fully tied together. You have to call customer service to do everything so why bother having the app!?!
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8 months ago, Not tonight.
Not bad.
I totally agree with the review left by Reihau. Ditto that. But what I really like about Budget Rental. THEY ANSWER THE PHONE. If your having problems with there app. YOU CAN CALL. YEAH! I usually drive back and forth from RI to FL. About 3 times a year. And it’s hard to get that on a app. The app doesn’t like dropping off in a different location lever mind another state. Try calling other car rental companies. No way have I been able to get anyone to answer there phone. And there apps will not do state to state. But google Budget. And bam. They answer the phone and always get me a car rental. Thank you so much Budget. The only reason for 4 stars. Because of the state to state. No other reason. They are the best imo. Because THEY ANSWER THE PHONE.
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6 years ago, Gz178
A horrible company you should get away from
I regret I didn’t listen to the reviewers here before renting a car from Budget last week in spring break. That is a horrible experience in my life. I had never had any problems renting a car in the whole wide world before that. Pickup location is at 49th street Manhattan, NY. The staff Maria didn’t honor the price I prepaid on Budget website, even though I showed her the receipt; she wanted add extra; and then gave me a empty tank car(8 miles left showing on the gauge), said you either go find a gas station yourself or upgrade to a 7 seat SUV. I ended up turning around on the unfamiliar busy Manhattan street finding a gas station myself. At DCA airport Washington D.C., the drop off location, all rental car companies have signs but Budget/Avis. I had to be turning and turning around to find its secret spot. After coming back home, I found unauthorized credit card charges from Budget. What a nightmare I had!
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4 years ago, JBKITUNEID
App needs major improvements
Tried using the app to confirm what time the rental car was due back and all the app had listed was the car type and features. With other rental car companies, I am able to see every detail of the rental agreement. The budget app only gave me details and features about the car itself but nothing with a date/time pick up and drop off. When I tried to select view/modify/cancel the app would completely crash. Also, I always get the rental car insurance because I do not own a car..... I live in a major city so I do not have my own car insurance, hence the rental car company insurance. Most other major companies have the “proof of insurance” card snap shot available through their app as well if needed. This app is only good for making a reservation but not much else. Giving 2 stars is being generous.
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5 years ago, MrsBriteside
I’ve been with Budget rental car for years
The App is very helpful yet the service itself has declined terribly. Aside for the additional coupons that have been sent out to my house after my recent rentals it’s been sweet and sorrow. My last two rentals were dirty (with other peoples belongings and trash left in the vehicle) after I was told it was clean. It’s just sad to see customer care decline after years of a loyalty business relationship. I have stuck with Budget (enjoying Fastbreak) and it’s really bad when a group of employees and bad customers take a system and run it down until things are created that inconvenience both the organization and consumers.
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4 years ago, A120
Average app
The only reason to rent with Budget are the decent prices and FastBreak. The app woks fine but functionality is limited. Where is the option to extend an existing rental? Why can’t I store more than 1 credit card on my account? The option to have a guaranteed make/model (especially with fastbreak) would be great for customers who want a guarantee of what they’ll be driving. If more functionality is added to the app, customers will be spared having to call the lackluster call center, where calls for even simple things rarely take less than 30 minutes and result in frustration. It would be in the company’s best interest to allow the app to do more so that call centers are not so bogged down.
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3 years ago, NinaTunes
DO NOT Download
This app does not work properly. I attempted to book through the app, instead of with Priceline as I’ve always done. BIG MISTAKE! Very disappointed! Once I set my preferences and went to check out, I received an error message saying, “your reservation is cancelled. Your card can not be verified”. I thought. “No big deal, I’ll just go book with Priceline.” Well it is a big deal. I looked at my account and $264 is pending. The money is still pending, almost 2 weeks later. If my card couldn’t be verified, HOW is my money still pending??? I’ve been in constant contact with Budget for almost 2 weeks, and my money has yet t he returned. The customer service I’ve received during this fiasco as been TERRIBLE. I’ve been given many different excuses. I’ve been told my money would be returned by now. STILL Nothing! DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!! THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!
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1 year ago, Pushba
Avoid Tampa Airport
I have been to Tampa multiple times the last 2 years. I’m shocked at the horrible service there. Recently I had a car reservation on Fast Break. The agent gave me a car with mechanical issues. She refused to allow me to switch cars and to get the car I wanted. She then had an attitude and power trip and said I’m giving you this car and there’s nothing you can do about it. I walked out and emailed the manager who never responded. Clearly the manager and below doesn’t care about customer service at the Florida airport. I used my sister’s car instead and saved $800. I had a good experience in Seattle and found the customer service to be really good. Do yourself a favor and pay more money for a rental car in Florida because you will get what you want and way better customer service somewhere else.
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5 years ago, mosthonestreview
Stop! Read before renting!
I never take the time or felt the need to write one of these but this is the worst experience I have ever had with a rental company. I am active duty military and travel frequently and I have never had issues like I have had with Budget. I had a long term rental for over 4 months and because Budget failed to properly add my rewards number I am unable to get credit. I was on hold with customer service for over 2 hours and when they finally answered they were unable to provide any type of decent customer service. They said they are unable to fix there mistake and that they can’t fix closed contracts even if it was there fault. I am very disappointed that Budget was unable to fix or compensate me for there mistake. I am very unhappy with the experience and will voice my opinion to avoid renting from Budget in the future.
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4 years ago, CindyWex
Keisha is the GREATEST!
I travel to Oakland, CA (airport) nearly every week. I have made friends with Keisha who works at Budget at the airport. Traveling can be difficult sometimes- leaving family, delayed flights, tired bodies- but seeing Keisha each visit makes me feel joyful! It’s feels like she looks out for me and when she sees me coming, she greets me with her wonderful smile! The car she supplies is always in perfect condition and my “fast track” makes my check out so smooth! Keisha is the type of person you’d dream of buying a trip and surprising her with it because you appreciate her so much! Someday I will! (when I win the lottery). Thank you Keisha!!!
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2 years ago, SasveldMa
Fastbreak Stupid and Confusing
We downloaded the app to try and do the fastbreak pickup to shorten the line at pickup so we did all of the downloading and information entering before going to the airport. When we arrived at the airport we went to the fastbreak pickup only to be turned away because we “don’t have a fastbreak account” even though in the app we have our membership labeled as “fastbreak # [account number.” When I said this to the attendant he was dismissive and said we did not really have a fastbreak account. Doesn’t make any sense. We wasted a bunch of time trying to find this fastbreak spot and then ended up having to go back to the original Budget pickup anyway. Don’t mind standing in line if that’s what it takes but don’t promise a customer something and then fail to deliver. Never using Budget again.
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3 years ago, NautiJohnson
Poor customer service
The budget customer service department seems to be unapproachable. When you’re trying to login and your credentials are messed up they give you a phone number to call and when you call that number there is no option to get customer service. Only options to rent a car or truck. When you reach out to their customer service department via email it takes them five days to get back to you. When you asked them to MERGE your accounts because somehow a duplicate account has been created, they send you an email eight days later telling you they DELETED your duplicate account but they don’t tell you which account they actually deleted out of the two and they don’t confirm that they merged any of the points accruals.
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7 months ago, Disappointed with returns
Return Policy
2 months in a row, I have received notices that my rental car has not been returned. Each time I was told they will research my situation and get back to me. The return policy on rental cars from Budget needs to be changed. Leave the keys in the car and we will email your receipt isn’t working anymore. This time there was no one available to receive rental car returns, the coned off the return lanes, after finding someone who worked there she said leave the keys in the car and they will email my receipt. They she was yelling at the other workers why are the return lanes closed and where are people supposed to return the cars it is back up. I have not rented from this location at LaGuardia before but it needs some help.
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5 years ago, Hi surfer
Easy To Use
Very simple and easy to use. The only glitch was trying to find out what credit card I had listed in my account. After I went through all the steps of the reservation, I wanted to check which credit card I had listed in my account before I pressed the reserve button but couldn’t figure out a way to access my account so I had to cancel the process, go back to the home page, check my account and restart the reservation process. But I was able to find all my account info easily, I re-did my reservation and everything worked out fine.
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3 years ago, TrineyGurl
Current rental Missing. App need Update to show real-time info
Current rental Missing. App need Update to show real-time info. IIApp dies not show current rental details, like when I picked ip the car and when it is due back; nir does it show the picture of the car I have. Details ONLY shows the make and model of car with old - not updated rental info. That is the same info from the email. So if I get pulled iver by the police I would have no way if sshowing I dod not steal this car because as a FastBreak I have mo paper contrace, so I have nothing , nonproof of rental, no proof of insurance, This is a problem that Budget IT needs to fix ASSP. This is
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1 year ago, Texas Bob 12
Clunky App
The app is functional- but clunky. The mechanism for setting times and dates is awkward and seems to change the start time and end time of the rental at its own whim. Also if you select a time and date at which time the location is not open, there is no readily available information as to when the location is open. It took between 5 and 10 tries with the spinning wheels before my reservation was finally set!
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3 months ago, No Filter, Simply The Facts
Not always the least expensive
The cars don’t have the cleanest glass so bring something to wipe the windows with. I have experienced this with just about every single budget rental. I’ve had in different states. I guess they don’t do windows, lol! But they are always great cars with lots of useful optional equipment and always pretty much brand new cars and trucks. Tried cheaper rentals but always went back to budget. They even blow away their sister company Avis.
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4 years ago, Beamer Mike
Terrible App
This review is for the Budget (and Avis) phone app. Every time I try to use the Budget or Avis app to book a reservation the app charges my card but doesn’t book the reservation. Then the money has to wait to go back on the card. There’s been times where I thought my info was incorrect and I tried three different times completing my reservation and it charged me three times. With the advancement of technology in 2020 this is unacceptable as this has been an issue for years now. I know since 2018. Just get rid of the app (or fix it) and your company would see more satisfied customers and LESS transaction fees from the credit card companies for reservations not even being made. Stop... think about it.
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6 years ago, ash.e.h1
Charged my credit card $2100 wrong
After rental car return, my card showed a $2,100 charge from the company, even though I payed all up front and did not have any scratches or dings upon return. The company said we drove 8,000 miles even though we knew we barely drove 200 miles. They charged 25 cents each mile they perceived we went over from the 150 allotted in one day. Luckily, I still had the receipts given that show the starting and ending mileage. THEY typed in the starting mileage in wrong & charged us and did not care to double check numbers. A week later, they then charged us $285 dollars for a rental fee....which, as stated earlier, we already paid upfront. Careless company when dealing with customers money.
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11 months ago, MefsgdjjdiwuuYtwwyywueueiei
Do not use this company
I returned a vehicle and was charged a recovery fee and for a full tank of gas. Even though I turned the car in with a full tank. I even went as far enough to show the lady working that it was full. She then got irritated, stating that I did not need to show her she could see the level with her scanner. I looked at the scanner and saw that it said there was a gas charge. When I pointed that out, she hit submit and said the number I saw was for a security deposit. When I got the email with the charges, it said that I was charged $175 for gas. I have reached out to Budget 1-800 number, and I have been told I have to prove it was full. Which, of course, I can not do.
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8 months ago, Rumor mill
Modern day easy to use
The app makes things quick and to the point. From initial questions of where your picking up to. Payments and completion. Everything you need in one place. Every time i had used the check in app. It made clearing the lines at the counter quick and easy, all i had to do was verify whom i was and pick up the keys. I would suggest this to anyone. I would have given 5 stars but the app can be buggy at times, when trying to log in.
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2 years ago, cxneryhv
What is the point of this app?!
Your customer service is already terrible and can’t do half the things. Your Philadelphia arch location never picks up their phone + this app now which is equally disappointing. I needed to extend a reservation that had different cities as the pick up and drop off points. When I tried to modify the return date and time to extend by a day, the app is giving me an error since my pick up time is in the past. I have already picked up the vehicle so why doesn’t the app register that?! Because my pick up date and time has already passed, any changes to the return date or time makes the app error out.
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1 month ago, HockeyTime18
Budget App. - made on a budget
This is clearly the worst app of the major auto rental companies. the fast break is not integrated into the booking function. And you need to add it manually, I am sure that’s not the way it’s intended to work. Login issues everywhere and the prompts to reset passwords take so long you are forced to ask a second time and then your account is locked. when you try and reset the loop continues. Other apps work with airline frequent flyer acts. While Budget is asking about your flight number. There are more problems but it’s not worth the time
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2 years ago, Kymmba777
Incorrect and overcharged and double charged
Everyone please look at your receipts very carefully. If my concerns are not addressed and reversed the incorrect amount, I will never use your company to reserve a car again. I am a ‘fast break member’ and I have been using your service for a very long time now. I cannot believe that you guys are doing this in the last several months while I am distraught and cannot look at receipts as my mother is dying. this is false and thievery. and I will be disputing my charges with my credit card company. everyone you must look at your receipts. customer Kymberly Zona. I will inform (BBB of Orange County and California) ‘Better Business Bureau’ as well.
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2 years ago, Cant see what I cam for
Antiquated app and Poor customer service
This app is not in line with most 21st century features. It does not store reservations. Past reservation are difficult to pull up. The receipts are not compatible with any devise to download. This is one of the worst apps I have encountered. And the customer service is just as antiquated. I was told on two different occasions that I would receive a downloadable receipt within 4 hours of my call and it did not arrive either time, as a result I am on hold for yet another hour+ still trying to obtain something as simple as a receipt that should have been provided upon return of the vehicle. You need to do better!!!
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1 year ago, NaomiLynn3384
Have used them several times only to have this last time be a deal breaker for me following them being under new ownership. The customer service was awful especially when I called them out for lying to me. They claimed our deposit released within 24 hours of returning the car but that “our bank may take 15-30 days to release it”. No, Budget didn’t release it for over 2 weeks Our bank informed me that they hadn’t released it when we called them on day 5 and day 10. Budget is lying when they say they release the funds in 24 hours. The app works so so but we will never be using them again.
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1 year ago, Christopher Cabozit
One of the worst experiences I’ve ever had
It is dead of night, and we take a shuttle to the car rental garage. We walk over to our spot, to find no car. We spend the next HOUR wandering around in hopes that Budget messed up, and changed our garage number. We find what seems to be our car, license plate and all, when another family approaches us with the same exact license plate on their ticket. The problem was that they were doing their travels from Avis, not Budget. The extremely nice family offers us the car, because there is a booth for Avis near. We thank them and leave. Would leave a lower rating if I could.
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5 years ago, N E Equine Dental
Couldn’t be any easier!!
My company has rented from Budget for the past three years. I have rented both for business and leisure, as have other employees. We have used other companies but have found that none have come close to the professionalism, the inventory and satellite locations that Budget has. But the best aspect that we enjoy about budget rental are their rates. No one comes close!! Compare and you will find the same to be true.
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6 years ago, Tej_MA
Vacation disaster
I could have given a zero rating but it wouldn’t allow me to. I have done the reservation for the car and driving all the way 40 miles to the location I was told they had no cars available and they simply said sorry. When I immediately opened through application and website to my surprise they still were accepting reservations, I called the customer service and they were so rude they finally said THE RESERVATIONS DO NOT GUARANTEE CARS, RATHER THEY ONLY GUARANTEE THE RATE. I also asked them why are you accepting the reservations through website when you couldn’t provide a car, to this their reply was SORRY WE WOULD HONOR YOUR RATE FOR THE NEXT DAY. Total disaster Total trip plan ruin.
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3 years ago, chasealicous
Poor Customer Service
Their customer service is lacking in all departments. You call and they barley speak English, babies in the back ground crying, I prepaid for a car then went up there twice before my reservation time due to landing earlier then planned and they would not refund my money without a $150 cancellation fee, even though they were out of cars till my exact time of reservation she said. Either way I will not be renting from them again there are to many other companies that are willing to work with you. I have a corporate account with Budget and I’m not the only lose they will be loosing.
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3 years ago, New map
First time last time
I downloaded the app, put all my information in, and thought I’d made my first reservation - I even saw the balance due hit my credit card. But then I go to pick up my car and the reservation was canceled. Oh and no cars at that location. All the “very helpful” person at the Midland Texas airport counter could do was shrug his shoulders. All the very helpful person at the 800 number could do was make me a reservation to a location that would be closed when I got there - knowing where I was and that it was impossible to make it to the new location given the time. Big thanks to Budget
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2 years ago, Le' shea
Budget’s customer service poor
Budget Customer Service will leave you stressed in an already stressful world, made a reservation needed the reservation a little bit longer call to see how much it would be to be extended to make it a week. The lady told me an additional 107 and my card was charged an additional 107, I called when it was time to take the car back to see how much it would be for an additional week and they told me that the previous week is now 529 versus 329, made at least 10 calls before I could get any type of real help toward the situation through my whole day off.
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5 months ago, Pvil1222222
Budget has real problems and customer support can’t assist
The app has some real issues, read some of the other reviews, I agree with most, but the most frustrating is getting double billed after a return (the second receipt will have additional charges in error. If you can get to someone in their customer support that might be able to help they typically will tell you that they don’t see the receipt with the additional charges. What your credit card statements and challenge the error!
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4 years ago, sprotsmanwq467j
MY RAPID REZ NUMBER was NOT attached to my reservation.
I was told my Rapid Rez number was attached to my two week rental. However due to the incompetence of one of your employees I did not receive my points I attempted to contact customer service (what a joke that is) but all your people could say was “Sorry”. I will look to use one of your competitors in the future and will recommend my company use someone else in the future as well. All because you could not make an adjustment on points I had earned. Good Day! As a side note I thought it sad (but not surprising) that when signing out of this comment. Words like “disgruntled and Unhapy Renters” was already taken for Nicknames.
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3 years ago, Jasmine Windsong
App has potential for improvement
I appreciate Budget’s competitive prices and good customer service. However, in the app, I had to enter all the credit card information 4 times and there was no way to edit it once I added my card. I would also appreciate it if it auto saved dates and times of trip searches. The app definitely serves its purpose, but the desktop booking interface is still more user friendly.
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7 months ago, Kate from Denver
Cannot easily find reservation
The app is not very user friendly. When trying to look up an upcoming reservation, it asks for the confirmation number. Which I didn’t write down anywhere, because I thought it would be in the app. Also can’t tell if my reservation is fastbreak or not. I have shown up at the fastbreak counter once and it wasn’t there. Hoping this next reservation is, but have no way of knowing.
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11 months ago, Chad@FWF
Missing some key things on this app
Why no return info? The app didn’t even list return instructions or address of return center. Had to google it. I edited a mistyped letter in my profile info and the app says it will be corrected w/in 48 hrs. A week later it’s still wrong. Easy to reserve a car. But still had to stand in line for nearly two hrs to pick it up. Why have the app? Budget did some things right w reservation process but make no mistake, this app is built for budget not their customer
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2 years ago, GiGi Kral
As far as making a reservation, the app is easy to use. However, when we got to the airport to get our car, the app missed that I was a member of the Fastbreak. We waited in line outside in the heat at the New Orleans MSY airport for an hour and 15 minutes before getting our car. I went up to the window to show them and they didn’t care, they said get in the back of the line. It made us late getting to my Aunts’ 90th birthday party.
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2 years ago, wmShawn$$
Just to get a quote on a rental car you should not have to put it in your credit card or your debit card information in for them to charge you $1.50 and then put it back on your account a few days later.I mean especially when you’re just trying to price shop and get quotes because most of the apps around that they have tell you that the prices range from anywhere from $300-$500 and it’s very misleading after I download an app for them to ask for a small transaction. In my opinion it shouldn’t be that way
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