Bumble Dating App: Meet & Date

4.3 (1.5M)
182.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bumble Holding Limited
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bumble Dating App: Meet & Date

4.29 out of 5
1.5M Ratings
4 years ago, Pappuli
Reasonable Expectations
I have been on Bumble since June 2019 and have experienced the tragedies and triumphs and everything in between. As with anything, if your expectation is immediate gratification you will be disappointed. If you are serious, patient, create an attractive profile and above all else, are honest you will make connections. These connections can lead to great conversations and much more. After that, it’s up to chemistry and no app has that. I have made connection and I waited for the conversation to start and the clock ran out. I have made connection and had second thoughts and let the clock run out. I have also met some amazing people and built lasting relationships. Bumble to me seems safe, exudes quality with the look of the app, the simplicity of use and the opportunity to add additional services for a price. I have done that once but really isn’t necessary. It is also very easy to update your profile as you learn what seems to be working and maybe what isn’t. With patience you will connect. Maybe not everyone you swiped right, but likely the right ones. Two tips, be HONEST...about everything including your age, and second, use the extended clock strategically, it can pay dividends. Bumble isn’t perfect but no dating app is. Happy Bumbling
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2 years ago, Geebtron3000
Awful Customer Service Scam Subscriptions
I have been a Bumble user for quite sometime now. The site is decent aside from the forced pop-ups asking for contributions and “social causes.” I recently was looking into a subscription for the site and had the incorrect one applied to my account. My first inquiry for assistance was closed without any response and when I tried to follow up they said the matter was resolved and they wouldn’t response to my email. When I opened a second case, although I shouldn’t have had to in the first place, I received a general response with absolutely no details or personal reflection of my inquiry simply telling me I can purchase the additional subscription for the additional cost, which wasn’t even what I was inquiring about in the first place. You’d think for a site that prides itself on its users and highlights a CEO who makes billions of the site, the customer service would be somewhat adequate to answer the concerns of the users in a timely manner. However that is far from the reality of this app and it’s customer service. Would highly recommend staying away from this app and using one of the competitors, they are better sites anyway. I hope one of the employees reaches out to me in regards to this review, but all we know that will never actually happen. My subscription will be my last and I have already cancelled any further charges associated with this app. Would recommend anyone else who uses it to do the same.
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3 months ago, Leanie2000
A lot needs to be said
I can only speak for women, but imagine how unimaginative/uninspired you become after making ALL the first moves. I mean I don’t think having to make the first move is bad but let me throw out this scenario for you. So it’s at night your in bed just swiping away the night until you go to bed. You match with a guy, you look through his profile and you just can’t for the life of you come up with something original, so you call it a night because you just must be tired. Deciding to try and pocket that for later, you wake up do your normal routine of getting ready for work and go to work without checking bumble. The next time you check it the match is expired exasperated because I forgot to check it before I was ready to go to bed. That scenario doesn’t even mention if you match with a guy after falling asleep. All I’m saying is if you’re only going to allow ONE gender to reach out maybe make it so matches don’t expire. If someone also has their notifications off they won’t even know they’re getting matches (because get real dating app notifications are embarrassing because it says a lot without saying anything when someone else sees it). People’s phones also aren’t magically attached at their waist side so it’s very likely a lot of potentially good matches are just not even given a chance to happen. All because bumble has an archaic view that everyone is phone obsessed and only one gender can reach out.
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10 months ago, Stumpus
Fraudulent Company and App
Despite official answers to the contrary, Bumble absolutely does "shadow ban." By not banning outright, this allows them to take your money and not be held accountable. Tinder has done this for a long time, and I suspect there is not only a back-channel sharing a blacklist amongst all Match-owned sites but also industry-wide. Reports against your profile (credible or not) are never properly investigated; anything at all will do as long as you are male, especially white, to justify adding you to a list to ensure your profile will never get shown to others. They track everything... email, phone, billing information, wireless networks, photo hashes. And now they use AI to retarget in case you use different photos or alter another to change the hash. The point is, once you are on this list, even if you change phones, emails addresses, short of plastic surgery, you will continue to be shadow banned across all platforms. Conspiracy? Yes. Fraudulent due to them continuing to take money with the customer expectation they will receive the same service ad everyone else? Absolutely. One day all of this will be exposed, but it won't happen any time soon. Save your money and find some other means to make connections. You will not find them on this app and especially any Match-owned one. The blacklist is real. Shadow banning is real, and Bumble's continued lie that it does not practice it becomes laughable once one starts using the app.
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7 months ago, Mr.Aesthetics
The solution to dating apps (please read and hear me out)
I’ve seen a lot of videos on dating apps and I feel like there’s a lot of downsides to using this app and I think it’s clear why these apps are not working as planned. The act of socializing is not locked in like how it’s like in work spaces and it’s clear people are very shallow with who they speak to. One solution I see is to give penalties and time out people that actively ghost people they match. This will encourage more interaction with the app than to keep scrolling till you find your idea imaginary person(THIS GOES FOR EVERY DATING APPS). My next solution! Favor people that actually want to a relationship/ something serious! These dating apps are becoming another game apps for hook ups for the majority while other want to find a life time partner. It defeats the purpose of the apps entirely. It’s just a game of looks and value. That’s not how it should work. My last solution! these are big app but can’t encourage or host singles event to promote the apps cause the dating apps are just to give you wishful thoughts. Events like these can break a social barrier that not everyone gets a chance go through cause you make it so easy for other to ignore what they could actually have with high value people that uses the app just to find a quick trill. Maybe these solutions can actually make dating apps better but I’m just a guy that haven’t gotten a actual match since I downloaded it
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1 year ago, FreeWallpapers
A Joke
I have been using Bumble for YEARS and have never had any issues with the app itself. I am mid conversation with someone I am finally hitting it off with, and I go to open the app AFTER IT NOTIFIES ME THAT HE REPLIED, to find the screen that wants you to make an account. No big deal. Maybe a glitch. So I try to long back in using Apple and it is asking me to create a new account, implying the one I was using just moment before no longer exists. So I try to log in via phone number to find out I have been banned for "either buying or selling." Even after reading the User Agreement I have no idea what that means, all I know is that I've never tried to buy or sell a single thing in the, again, years, that I've been on this app. So I googled it to see what the issue was and everything I read stated there would be an email or some kind of warning that my account was being deleted/banned. I got neither. I very much understand and appreciate the safety measures put in place to ensure we're all in good hands using dating platforms like this, but I personally think that this was ridiculous. Now, not only do I not get to move forward with someone I was hitting it off with 2 seconds before I no longer had an account, but I was also PAYING A SUBSCRIPTION that I won't be getting my money back for. And this isn't even something I can appeal. What a disappointment and what turns out to be a waste of my money over the years.
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4 months ago, GrayJediJ
Could be great but…
I’d really spend the $200 for a lifetime membership because of its multifaceted approach, but: Dating side: They make fem identities message first- which even though they match with you, 4 times out of 5, they won’t message first. Blame patriarchy if you want, but maybe re-examine this… at least hold those whom match with people and don’t message accountable. Friends: half of it is really people trying to date anyway, but trying to work the side door. But I will say it’s slightly better attuned to friends than not. Business: I barely even look at it. It’s more trying to work around dating, OF/SC promotions, and then some people actually trying to put in work. Just needs more regulation, less sacrifice to get more clicks. The loyalty will pay for itself if someone in the upper floors plays the long game. Update about a year later: still the same mess. Had a good week, matches with actual people (as best I can tell). But they won’t be penalized for not bothering to talk, but I can’t because Bumble allows this foolery. Of the four dating apps I use off and on right now, Bumble is both the best and worst. Tinder is just a meat market- but I’ve actually met people on it. Boo is good, but small. Many fake accounts. It’s my favorite though. FB is alright, and steadily getting better. Has real potential.
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10 months ago, Slc006
Barbaric & unprofessional treatment by Bumble
Bumble unprofessionally and un-provokingly blocked and banned my account. I contacted bumble to gain clarity on this and they’ve refused to explain the reason behind the barbaric treatment and sent me a link to their guidelines which are not specific enough to understand why they’ve treated me so poorly. I’ve thoroughly read through the guidelines, and adhere to them all. I meet the required age, I use my own appropriate photographs and I meet all content and conduct guidelines as well as all other bumble guidelines. I am beginning to think my profile may have been hacked as my phone was misplaced over the last week and I do not have a password on it. Bumble refusing to tell me what the specific issue is/was makes it impossible to be able to effectively appeal or be given a chance to explain any mishaps. Previous behavior is a good indicator of future behavior, as I mentioned above, I have been a successful Bumble user without issues on and off for multiple years now in multiple cities, without issue and the company should take this into consideration. I have recently not done anything differently than I have in the past and have totally adhered to all Bumble required guidelines, leading me to believe that perhaps my account was hacked or mishandled by someone other than myself when being outside of my possession (unknowingly to myself.) I do not deserve this barbaric and unprofessional treatment.
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1 year ago, Haunter125
If you have any problems, you won’t get help.
If I could give this 0 stars (or less) I would! It looks great on paper, until you have a problem. I had been having problems with the amount of likes I was getting from the free membership. I was getting about 10-20 likes every week or more. I went 2 months one time checking every week and didn’t have liked for that whole time. I put in a ticket to ask how many likes I should have and explained the situation. They responded saying I should have 30 likes per 24 hours and that I’ve used mine for today (it had been a week since I had any likes). I then tried to explain again and was ghosted. For a couple weeks I was trying to get in touch with them about my ticket with no response. I then opened another ticket to ask for help again. They didn’t even acknowledge this one. Today (about 2 months later) I got an email saying they hadn’t heard from me so they were closing me ticket… I responded saying that they should have heard from me in this ticket AND another one. I had deleted my app at this point due to the frustration and sour taste left because of support. They then sent an automatic response email, which made it even more obvious they never read my email today OR any of the emails before. The two emails I have from them were the same exact automatic response emails and it didn’t answer either of my emails in any sort of way.
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2 years ago, Erik2620
Gone Downhill Over the Years
I’ve been on and off Bumble for a few years now and it has really gone downhill over the years. First things first, Premium has gone up in price. I remember premium was like $20 a month or so, then it went to $30, $35, to now $50!!! It is way too overpriced and not really that beneficial, why would I want to pay $50 just to see who likes me only for them to to not talk to me, or they’re 50 miles away when I have my preference to 20 miles!! Also they say that premium profiles get shown more but I highly doubt it because I’m usually on the app everyday swiping, and have maybe only gotten one like within the span of about every two weeks!! Premium is not worth the $50, especially since it seems like a lot of women are only using the app to promote their Instagram/Onlyfans. I don’t think this is Bumble’s fault at all, but I can’t justify spending $50 just be targeted by someone who’s not looking for a relationship, and only looking for my credit card number. I think this is my last time using Bumble. It stinks because I have been successful in the past with matches and going on dates, but it seems that this app is just getting greedy and getting ruined by opportunists. If you want to go on dates and actually find something meaningful, go on Hinge or Coffee Meets Bagel, I’ve had better luck recently on those apps. Or, if you want to skip the hassle, just pay for eHarmony/Match.
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2 years ago, bcsts
More than happy!
I’m from another country and Arrived here still in the middle of the pandemic, so was very difficult to make friends, even with my type of work I didn’t have the chance to meet a lot of people so when covid restrictions were more relax this app was a good option to meet new people. I also downloaded tinder but immediately get it was to hook up and that wasn’t what I wanted, what I love about Bumble it’s the option to write what are you looking and the fact that woman make the first move. I had nice dates, when I was ready to settle down my first try was good but unfortunately at the end didn’t work out. After a break of man and take a time for me, I was ready to see what was there, without any big expectations… but the destiny made me met who is my boyfriend right now. Was the right time for both and just happened! We are so happy and our relationship is growing up everyday. Thanks to Bumble haha because I don’t think we would met without this app. In terms of the app I like how you can specify what are you looking, interests, age, nationality, etc and as I said before the fact that woman do the first move! If you meet someone and didn’t work out, don’t blame the app.
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3 years ago, Sebastian Evridge Pope
Deceptive with your matching preferences.
Not a bad app. Haven’t gotten any targeted ads yet, and haven’t been smothered with obvious fakes either. I’m giving the lower rating because they have basically put the “Dealbreaker” buttons in your range settings as a placebo. I’ve been trying to go mile-by-mile outward, because there is an entire college just outside of 40 miles away, and my queue will be entirely dominated by people from that college if I don’t restrict my range. What I find happening anyway is I will still see people OUTSIDE that range after I’ve set my range to be a dealbreaker! Even sneakier, I will sometimes find that this setting has been turned off for me, as if they’re trying to pull a fast one on me. In addition, how is it that one day I can swipe through every profile in a specific range, but the next day there’s several less than 10 miles out? Not likely they made their profile day, since that little “new here” bubble appears on their profile. There is clearly some sneaky business going on to restrict your swiping to people who will never see your profile past a certain point, and hold some in reserve so you can swipe on for longer. In the end, however, these practices are less predatory than most of your other options for dating apps. If you’re dead set on picking on, this is probably your best bet.
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7 months ago, Tosh2.01
App Bans You For No Reason It’s Not For Women
I have used Bumble on and off for two years now. I didn’t have any problems until the beginning of this year. I matched with a person and we had a good connection which I ended up deleting my account to pursue him. We decided to no longer pursue each other so I got back onto the app. The guy wanted to match again which I accepted the match and he reported me and my profile was banned. I did nothing wrong to be banned. I didn’t send any inappropriate messages I just asked the guy why did you want to match again. I was able to get ahold of Bumble they saw that I did nothing wrong and they restored my account. I had my account for less than a month and was banned again with no reason specially stating why. This app was designed for women to use and they ban women like myself from using the app with no real reasons why. This means this app was not intended for women only for me. This app is known to ban people for no real reason. In order for this app to make money it needs people to use their services and how can they when they ban everyone. I can see if I violated the policies I agreed to but I didn’t. When you try to get assistance they ignore you and never help. It’s a useless app and I recommend not wasting your time. There are articles indicating how they randomly ban people and tbh someone will sue this company one day for banning people without probable cause.
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6 years ago, JCsAunty
Feel Unsafe
There’s an individual on here who does work in my neighborhood and has come onto me in a way that made me highly uncomfortable. He leers at me every time he’s around. I have blocked him on bumble only to see he has popped up since I blocked him about 7 more times!!!!!!! In addition to this, in June I sent a Twitter DM to inquire about the free boost trial. They told me they were having issues with boost and they would manually apply it to my account. I had about 1,000 profiles to scroll through and I had gotten through about 25 and without changing any preferences, while I was in the middle of looking at the bumble Match Queue, my ENTIRE queue disappeared! There were a few accounts I saved to look at better later and hundreds I hadn’t even seen that disappeared in a flash. I wrote them on Twitter and the bumble rep was less than helpful and it got to the point where they were just rude. Later I told them I wanted the boost removed from my account completely but was told they cannot do that. Since the time Boost was manually applied by them it rendered that whole match queue area useless. The trial has expired; it never worked anyway, but now even the blurred out profiles are gone. I’ll have guys who “super like” me that don’t show up in the queue as blurred out profiles. Bumble used to be a good app. The boost thing was just an annoyance but now that I feel unsafe with the block feature not working, I had to write a review and disable my account.
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2 years ago, Josh_805
Gender settings are nice, but a bit weird.
This app is overall okay. I like that they have a lot of options on things you can add to your profile, but their monthly price is really high. $40 for basically one month, and $20 for a week, just so you can see people who have swiped on you or even to just filter things such as height preference. But what really gets me here, is the way they handle gender identity and how they categorize it. I’m a trans male, who’s interested in women, and I’ve had no problems in my past with dating women. But if I change my gender identity to “trans man” on this app and set my preference as “women” my feed is changed to nothing but other women who are interested in women, or people looking for “poly” relationships. I don’t think I’m quite what lesbians are looking for bumble? But once I set my gender back to “male” I’m brought back to women who are interested in men. So I have no choice but to just put “male” and then that I’m “trans” in my bio. So maybe something needs to be changed about that? Why should I feel that I’m less of a man on this app? I get that you try and pair “lgbtq+” with others in that same category, but make it make sense. If I say I’m “straight” I should only be seeing what my preference is. If others choose to not like me because I’m trans, let them make that decision.
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3 years ago, Tzou95
Bumble Ban
So Bumble definitely shadowbans or at least outright blocks you. I had Bumble for about 2 years straight. One of the women I met off there ended up stalking me and I deleted the account out of fear she would create fake profiles and try to monitor me. Needless to say I ended up moving for work and decided to make another account now that I felt safe. Within the first hour I had several likes, however, that stopped instantly after that. Nothing after that first hour (I live in a large metropolitan area so this is unusual). I’m also not an ugly guy by any means. It’s not difficult to see who likes your profile since bumble’s blurred image for your queue is easily distinguishable when swiping. I noticed that one particular like I had showed up in my stack and I didn’t swipe on it initially. I reopened the app later to see my likes disappear. HOWEVER, these profiles still showed up in the stack and they are unable to unlike your profile once they’ve swiped right. This happened with almost all of the likes I had and they weren’t bot profiles. I received no more likes since that first hour and I kept the app for a week and a half to make sure. Pretty pathetic I received whatever “ban” they clearly have in place simply because I deleted my account to protect myself. Not like I’m deleting and recreating the app every other week. Won’t be recommending or using (like I could anyway) this app again.
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2 years ago, 3rd customer
Takes too long to get a mutual match and a paywall
I joined bumble only a couple weeks ago and had 4 maybe 5 liked by others, but they weren’t mutual so I never saw who they were. I shouldn’t have to pay money just to meet someone. I get that bumble is being the middle man in the possible relationship but that’s what gets me. It’s a “possible” relationship. I don’t know if it’ll work out or not why should I pay 40 dollars just to see someone’s profile that may or may not be close to me at all! It’s a joke and a scam. If you wanted to help people meet other people why make them pay for it? Why couldn’t you just put ads in from sponsors like you do for push notifications? That gives you money doesn’t it? Or an actual 10 second ad after so many skips then give the option for a one time purchase to stop the ads. I don’t see why I need to pay what was it 20-40 dollars for a week!?! Absolutely ridiculous what a waste of time. If you read to this point believe me it’s just like every other dating app asking for money to see someone. It’s disappointing. Oh and there’s bots as well so you if you choose to subscribe to them you may be losing money to talk to someone trying to scam you. I would go back to bumble if the paywall wasn’t there or if it was a one time purchase. So to the bumble team, Ik you won’t, but as a friendly suggestion take that into consideration and good luck.
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2 years ago, MO_2830
Needs better features
I think all dating apps has its pros and cons but what Bumble lacks is putting it behind apps like Tinder (I hate to even compare it to Tinder) and Hinge. For example, Tinder at least has the feature where you can search numbers through your contact list and block them from seeing your profile in the app. I wish Bumble had a similar feature because you do see a lot of the same user profiles in most of the dating apps and I’d like to be able to block someone that I didn’t necessarily connect well with or from having a family member or coworker see my profile. Also the 24 hour match feature where the woman has to message the guy first and wait for him to respond during that time or else the match completely disappear is just not right. I sometimes go days without checking the app because I’m busy with work and life in general or choose to take mental breaks, before logging back on and then finding my “match” has disappeared. I’ve lost many potential matches this way or some that I’ve messaged and they don’t respond with the 24 hours. At least give the woman (who has to message the match” an option to extend that message time so that maybe when the guy logs back on, he has a chance to see the actual message.
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3 years ago, CobyKeim
Can’t find my home town
First off I can find my home town in the app, I live and grew up in a Small town in Ohio and I can find it therefore I cannot complete my profile. That means I can’t get the 100% and it drives me nuts. Also I don’t understand why y’all need to include our political views as an option on our pages. This country is divide enough as is and having the fact that I am a republican on my page is only gonna drive people who don’t know me away, and I ain’t gonna lie and not say what I am. In today’s political climate someone may look at my page and see the word “Conservative” and think “well if he is an conservative he must be a racist” that is gonna severely affect my matches, also why not include more than just Liberal,Moderate, and conservative. You can’t just generalize all people into three categories Far left, Far right, or Middle (I do understand it makes it simple though) because I am not any of the options. Given these options to us will only push us farther apart when the left and right need to do is come together. And pushing us apart is what in fact will happen with this app because of the fact it has a such a large user base.
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6 years ago, 3.1415926542
Great Concept, Great App!
First of all, how great is it that you can now find a date, friends, and a business partner all in one app?! I can’t speak from a guy’s perspective, but having had this app for almost 2 years, I can say that it’s an absolute game changer. I love the concept that ladies get the first move, which as an introvert, I have come to appreciate; It has taught me to be brave and creative when starting conversations with strangers lol. It seems like most people on here are genuine, although I do wish there was just a bit more diversity. I love the time limit concept on the matches, it’s quite ingenious. It creates a sense of urgency which is great but also has its cons. The app itself is smooth and very user friendly, plus the no limits on swiping is just the icing on the cake. If you don’t have a paid subscription however, which allows you to see everyone that swiped right on you (amongst other great perks I’m sure), it can be easy to waste a lot of time on the app just swiping. They also notify users with cute little positive messages and tips every so often and I love it. I haven’t had any major problems with the app, but I have met some pretty cool people, so don’t sleep on bumble ya’ll 💯
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2 years ago, irosebush
High volume, low fun
I like the interface and the chat options. That's about it. I use the service because everyone else is here. What I dislike the most is how the chat history disappears when the connection is unmatched. If someone actually wanted to be an adult and end the convo maturely it'll all be for nothing because the other person will never see the last message. Bumble makes everyone ghosters. What if someone wanted to say, "hey I'm getting off here text me at ......" then unmatches everyone cause they don't know what happens on the other end... we'd never know! Second, also in the realm of ghosting, I dislike the 24 hour response window. I'm trying to match with quality men and I don't expect any to log in and respond everyday on a dating app. That means the most valuable matches are risked being lost; forever. These things make the experience very disappointing. Then there are other nuances like auto sending a gif. Or not being able to swipe back to the chat list (instead it initiated the reply function, so annoying). And alerting the other party of you playing the question game... Real smooth Bumble. Please get rid of the timer and deleting the full chat history. If anything change to a fun response if someone responds in the first 24 hours and only removing the chat typing box after an unmatch.
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2 years ago, forreallife
Bad experience so far :(
Hi I was really liking this app at first and I was even thinking about purchasing some of the things on the app but then not even two days from starting up my account I get blocked and it’s saying I was reported for promoting my social medias when I don’t have any even linked to my account I’ve read through all of the terms and conditions and I’m very sad that this can just happen for no reason I really want this fixed so that I can use the app and know that I’m not gonna get kicked off for no reason now I’m scared make a purchase with you guys because what if I do it and then get blocked when I have not done anything wrong my account is appropriate nothing harmful to others and the fact that I see a bunch of people doing drugs when I was sliding through my swipes and that’s bad behavior being allowed and I’m getting blocked for no reason I’m very mad about it I just really want my account back and an answer to why people are allowed to make false reports ruining other peoples experiences. please get back to me I just really wanna answer to why this can happen and why it’s happening to me i’m writing this as a review because it’s not allowing me to email you guys. even if I was to give my social media to one of my matches it’s my choice and normal to talk to someone outside of your app once you meet I’m not just putting it openly on my account.
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2 years ago, megkilco
Feels unsafe
I use a few dating apps (Tinder + Hinge as well), and at first I felt like Bumble was the best because I had the option to send a message first, which I liked! Kind of ironic that Bumble actually played out to be the app I feel the most unsafe on. I’ve matched with very sketch people on here. I’m not sure what it is about this app but most of my matches have all had stalker-like tendencies and when I actually met up with one of them in person (because the others were very obvious red flags concerning SAFETY that I wasn’t willing to try), I felt completely unsafe because they had continued to stalk me, create new profiles and try to catfish me, followed me under different instagram accounts etc until I finally decided to change my phone number. I did report one instance to Bumble and was not notified on how it was handled. Mind you, went out with this guy ONCE. I’m still afraid to this day that he is following me somehow. I’ve had A LOT better luck with Hinge specifically, their team is super responsive QUICK and take reports seriously, which makes me feel good! Hinge has been fun and I’ve met great people there! Not sure if it’s because Bumble requires the woman to make the first move…? I think the waiting game culminates into an obsessive kind of behavior, personally. Would not recommend to friends (I tell them stick with Hinge).
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3 years ago, lionseyes
Can be good, but it’s not for everyone.
In my past experiences with this app, I’ve met a handful of people, and most of my dates. The key thing to getting a decent amount of matches is great pics and a great bio (traditionally known). Although, it may still be hard to get even one match because people commonly have busy lives, hence don’t check their Bumble. Others just won’t care and will ghost you. But, who am I to judge? I personally prefer to meet people in person, as it’s the old fashioned way. I believe Bumble is one of the best, if not the best app to meet new people. I’ve personally had numerous accounts with Bumble after deleting and reinstalling it SO many times. One thing that discourages me is that there can be so many attractive people in your area but not only is it possible to not have likes, but just to get noticed I feel like you have to buy spotlight. I definitely feel like it’s way easier for women to get matches compared to men, but I may also be wrong. Unless you are an EXPERT with patience, and you only have an interaction here and there, I think it’s best to meet people in person. I know we live in a digital world, but still don’t believe dating apps are for everyone. My advice, try the app. If it bears good fruit, God bless. If it doesn’t, stay away.
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4 years ago, MadMig17
Bad Customer Service
I was swiping on Bumble when a notification to be in the spotlight popped up on my phone. Not realizing it, I accidentally clicked on the package and tried to exit out. It was then that the payment screen came up and when I was trying to click the button to exit, it quickly accepted my fingerprint for payment. I quickly notified Bumble and got a generic response from “Mike” from the “Bumble Feedback Team” saying sorry it’s in the terms that we can’t refund your purchase. I emailed him back that I’m trying to pay for school and was recently laid off and I could really use the money. He quickly got back to me with the SAME EXACT generic email saying sorry it’s in the terms. It’s obvious that he doesn’t care and so I emailed him. I understand, but accidents happen. Please make the exception. He hasn’t emailed me back. Bumble is this how you train your employees? You pay them to send generic, careless emails to your users? You write in your email to please provide us with feedback as we’re always looking to improve. How about you go the extra mile with your customer service and show that you actually care about the service you are providing to the users and not just money grabbing. Keep employees like “Mike” from the “Bumble Feedback Team”! It’s clear he doesn’t have pride in the company he works for and the job that he does for you. Judging by the way you handle your customers, I can understand why.
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4 years ago, Cmart_96
Fixing what’s not broken
I’ve used bumble for about 2 years now and have even managed to meet one of my ex girlfriends on there. Additionally, I think the fundamental aspect of having the woman strike up conversation first is a HUGE bonus, when you consider how unlikely it is for them to do so on other apps. HOWEVER, the company is going in a greedy direction, starting with two significant features: the amount of swipes and the reverse button (if you accidentally swiped left). In the last 6 months or so Bumble has significantly reduced your amount of swipes, which is of course a far more important issue for your average man than woman. Most of these other apps that I’ve used employ this feature of limited swipes, but Bumble used to give you so many more swipes (it might’ve been unlimited) nowadays I‘ll swipe on like 25 people before running out and having to wait a day? My matches have significantly dropped and it’s almost pointless to have this app because it’s just like all the other ones now. The aforementioned features are what made it different (and better!), but it seems like they want you to pay for them now, which is understandable (paying more for more services) but how does it differentiate from the myriad of other apps that have saturated the market? I don’t know. Personally, it’s not enough of an incentive to keep this spacious app on my phone.
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1 year ago, Tonyafaye
User-friendly and safe
Who likes dating apps? Not me, because it feels like I’m shopping for a person and putting myself on a market (which is really what dating apps are for, obviously). However, with the free version, you can send messages to matches (they have 24 hours to respond) and you have unlimited messages once you match. In addition, Bumble adapts. I actually like that they changed it to only allowing you to view/like a few people at a time — it helps keep you logging in, so you maybe won’t miss messages with/from matches. A downside to this change, though, is that I always have, like, 50 likes (most of them I won’t like back because we’re clearly incompatible in some way), and it’s going to take longer to make matches with those likes. But, anything good takes time… so, I guess that makes sense. Bumble is doing alright — with BFF (helpful when you’ve moved to a new state!) and with Date. If I’m going to pay for a dating app, I wouldn’t mind paying them to upgrade (versus others so far tried that like to limit everything you do until you pay for it, and limit to extreme lengths). If a free version says a lot about an app (which is generally true), the free version of this one is effective and user-friendly.
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2 years ago, bignibboy
This event happened over a year ago and I’ve yet to receive any response or for of communication from anyone from the Bumble team. I matched with this girl and from the beginning I should’ve seen the red flags. We met up to hang out then insisted I go back to her place. I was hesitant to do it but I wasn’t expecting anything bad to happen. After a few drinks we were sitting on the couch and she started touching me. I wasn’t comfortable with the way this was happening so I told her to stop. Needless to say she didn’t. She just kept touching me. I must’ve offended her because she insulted me and said I must not like girls if I didn’t consent, then proceeded to grab me. I’m a large man so I was able to get her away and left. I went to report her in the app but it seems she had gotten to me first. I couldn’t even go to the police if I wanted to because I had no way of getting her name or info because bumble banned my profile and any new ones I try to create. I’ve sent countless emails to them hoping to get unbanned or at least the information from the girl. I even attached as much evidence as I could to support my claims, but haven’t hear a single word. All I want is to make sure this doesn’t happen to other men or people in general. Seems like the team at bumble isn’t very worried about the safety of their users. At this point I don’t want to make another profile I just want help.
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6 years ago, Flower ball
False advertising
I redownloaded the app a while ago and after every few swipes there was an ad for a “free trial” for bumble boost. It was annoying to constantly have it pop up so I figured I’d give it a try. Come to find out that I was automatically charged for a 3 month subscription. It should have clearly been stated that I was not eligible for the free trial (bc apparently I had tried it years ago even though I don’t remember) but instead they just automatically charge you. This is false advertising!!! I realized this one hour into it and tried to email bumble and cancel and this is what bumble responded with “The reason this instant charge happened was because Apple deemed you not eligible for a trial, possibly because you have already had one previously for Bumble under a different account. In this case it is Apple that chooses to charge you immediately and that's unfortunately out of our control.” I asked if they couldn’t cancel it entirely to at least switch me to a one month subscription but they said no. How did they decide to sign me up for the 3 month versus at least a 1 month trial?? This is very misleading and deceptive. So shady and money hungry.
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2 weeks ago, dank. sauce.
Scum bag app by scum bag people
Making back tracks cost money is genuinely one of the saddest money grabs ever. This app is so greedy they’d charge you per swipe if they could. There is nothing that this app does better than another dating app. I like the feature where women approach first, but they literally only message you to clear their notifications. Guys don’t waste your time on this app most women on here just look for validation and attention then ghost you without ever making any effort to communicate. It’s doesn’t matter how many matches you get you’re always going to be disappointed by low effort people with unrealistic expectations. Stick to Tinder or Hinger at least those apps give you more of a chance as a guy. They also just put your profile at the very very bottom of the stack unless you pay. So delete the app regularly and reinstall if you actually want matches otherwise you’ll never get any. They’re trying to make you desperate enough to pay. Really sad business model devised by morally bankrupt greedy people. It’s well known there are far more men on dating apps than women, this creates an artificially scarce environment where women get exponentially more matches and inevitably value men less and less. It’s a sick immoral system that benefits from the suffering of the desperate and lonely. You can shove your dev response into the void I know you people don’t give a F.
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6 years ago, Gale22
The worst dating app I’ve ever used.
I find it very odd that every guy I’ve matched has either never talked or we start talking and I suddenly never hear back from them again. I’ve only exchanged numbers with two guys on this app and one suddenly disappears after we talked all night and he agreed to take me surfing and the other guy stops talking. All the guys I’ve matched with stop talking mid conversation this has happened 100 percent of the time. I’ve had at least 12+ matches and have been using this app for about a week, I’d say I’m a very attractive woman and have never had problems getting a date so I find it odd that this has happened every single time. The Bumble Bff does this as well but not as badly so I’ve stopped using the dating side of Bumble as it’s super suspect and I haven’t had any success with any of the guys I’ve matched with. I also think their are quite a few fake profiles as well but seeing all the bad reviews I’m starting to believe this app is just trying to get you to spend money as it takes so many swipes just to see whose liked you. Mine said I had 50+ likes and it stayed that way because Bumble won’t reveal even one of them for a very long time unless you pay for an upgrade. I find it odd that I can’t match with any rally handsome guys on the app but when I go out I attract good looking guys all the time. Anyways I just wanted everyone to know my experience. It’s not you, it’s this app.
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1 year ago, JohnStellar
Bumble is like the cancer industry
Bumble thrives on the loneliness of people and if they genuinely cared about match making and did so properly, they’d eventually not have as many paying users. Therefore, it’s in their best interest to actually stifle your success at finding someone. With that said, they have a plethora of paid tiers all aimed at getting you SLIGHTLY closer at meeting someone, but there’s also some other service you gotta buy: boosting your profile, unlimited swipes, leaving complements, etc. One night I wanna a bet with a friend and had some extra cash and decided to give bumble premium a try. I thought that with the ability to swipe unlimited, for SURE I’d make a good number of connections—WRONG. At one point it got so ridiculous, I stopped reading profiles and just mindlessly swiped just to test my theory that their algorithms were actually geared towards preventing me matching with people. Unsurprisingly, even after quite possibly HUNDREDS of swipes, I got maybe 2 matched, no lie. Either I’m that ugly of a dude (which I don’t think so since I match reasonably well on other apps) or they’re putting me in some kind of queue that, unless you pay for their “boosting” service, you won’t be seen ever. Don’t buy premium, in fact don’t pay for anything on this app, it’ll be a waste of your money. I won’t be buying premium again, stupidest waste of money.
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1 year ago, Stonerbabeleo
Terrible I got blocked on the first day wasn’t even a full 24 hours
This is a terrible app . I only had it for 1 day and they blocked me immediately for no reason. The reason it was it because they said I was doing inappropriate selling which is not true. I barely even had the app for a full day before they block me. I emailed them to try to get in contact with support so they can try to verify that wasn’t true . I asked them to show proof of that or if they can actually verify the information that they received and they didn’t have any verification of that . They still wouldn’t allow me to get the account back and they sent mea email saying they would no longer respond to any further emails .I honestly wanna sue this app because the fact that you guys blocked me for a reason that’s not true and I only had that count for less than a full day doesn’t make sense. And then you they don’t know how to properly communicate. if anybody wants to good app to use go on tinder I had the app for seven years never any problems. They won’t block you on the first day you made the account for a false reason . And if they were to you can actually contact their support team and they will figure it out because they have a good verification system instead of them just telling you that they can no longer respond without any actual evidence.
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2 years ago, alexcola109
A Penny Pinchers Development
This app USED to be great! As a woman, when this was introduced to me 4 years ago, I was impressed by its motto. We talk first. I found it was an easy and understandable outlet to meet people you never expect. But Bumble’s developers have taken something great and twisted it around for money. We used to be able to set two advanced preferences and now you’ve stripped that privilege. Unless we give you Penny pinchers money. It’s not even about “not giving someone a chance”. We are humans! There are things we like and don’t like, is that so wrong? It’s much easier to limit the insane pool of people in one area then tirelessly swipe through people you know you in reality you probably won’t even go out with. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse…there’s a SWIPE LIMIT??? What??? When did this get put in place? It is so ridiculously pointless and glitchy. And leaves you wasting so much time swiping through people you aren’t interested in. Every person is not going to be a match. So what are you trying to force here? You’re giving so many people false hope by making the pool so wide. We live in such a judgmental society that there will be tones of people swiping and nothing will happen. I am so disappointed in the developments on this app. It honestly makes hinge look like a gold star now. And I used to think quite the opposite.
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4 years ago, Radioactive Tuna
A thoroughly miserable, exploitative experience for men
I'd say half the profiles are zombie accoumts of women who have zero intention of dating you and just want to add followers to their Instagram accounts or promote their businesses. I know this because I came across three profiles of friends who I know for a fact are not available. And how do you know your profile is being shown to people? You have no way of knowing. There is zero transparency. So there you are, right-swiping hundreds of lovelies with hopes high and fingers crossed, and you'll never know if tney even saw you. What the app is exceptionally good at is extracting money from you in a series of scammy, unverifiable gimmicks that prey on your vulnerabilities. "Boost" your profile for $2-4 to be seen by more people for 30 whole minutes! What, are you saying you weren't showing my profile before?! "Super-swipe" at $1-3 a pop so she may or may not take notice of you! Their exploitation of human weaknesses at our moments of greatest vulnerability - e.g loneliness and rejection - is masterful and deeply sinister. Finally, gentlemen (and ladies), remember that all these dating apps only make money while you're still on them. So their incentive to make more money is fundamentally misaligned with yours, which is to find a decent match so you can leave the app. Go meet real people through real friends, and save yourself a crapton of money, headache and heartache. Bumble is not your friend.
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5 years ago, Bad boy 678
Feels weird
I’ve been using this app for a week now and it feels weird and the people seem weird. I’ve matched with at least 7 women to which 3 of em never texted me. Idk y this app has the whole “women text first thing” but it somewhat seems like a missed opportunity for the guy. It’s unfair when a women matched with you, but never text simply because women don’t do that all the time. Idk if it’s for empowerment, but normally women don’t text first. Also the women I’ve matched with all seem exactly the same. Idk if it’s just coincidental but they are all are boring and answer like days later. It’s somewhat confusing, considering they matched me and liked my photos. Last but not least, I’ve encountered women who for some reason delete their accounts.... only to make another one with a different name and different pictures? I can tell it’s the same women because “Duh it’s obvious” but it’s creepy and makes me wonder who tf I’m talking to. This app is good because it’s more freedom unlike tinder, I actually feel like I can talk to ppl on here. But it suffers from the same thing tinder does. It’s just the gratification u can possibly talk to these women. It’s not guaranteed or anything. Again this app isn’t bad, surly better set up then tinder but, just awkward and boring at times. Maybe because I’m in Japan idk.
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6 years ago, Wontletmeputanythinginhere
Waste of money
I randomly get push notifications saying I have a match, but no match. Or the latest saying I won’t be shown to women looking through the app. Unsure why you’d ever want to notify me of this. I’ve paid for this app for about a year and had 0 success. Any like I give to a girl is wasted because they don’t see my profile. After months of receiving no likes or matches, I messaged them. There was no help, and instead I was told I’m stupid and wrong. Very off brand for Bumble, and very off putting in general. Then a few weeks later I had 100s of people who had liked me all in matter of hours. - I’m on other apps, I receive likes and matches so I knew something was wrong and then bam it was fixed. I still don’t receive any forward matches though - if someone likes me, I can match with them - but if I like them, I’ll never see them because they don’t see me. This app is a sham and unethical. Stop messing with algorithms and make it simple - you like someone, they see you automatically. I’m confident when my subscription runs out I’ll be treated normally by their software but once you pay them they want you to keep paying them - being in a relationship is a fast way to stop those payments. It’s in their biz interest to have paying customers receive no likes. Honestly Apple and google shouldn’t distribute this app if that’s true, they’re unethical and don’t practice what they preach.
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3 weeks ago, RedWolfofDeath
Bad, but not as bad as tinder “dating app”
Bumbles whole thing is that the girl is supposed to make the first move. Can’t even tell if girls go on this app as they don’t say how long you have left until it’s an automatic NO because she was looking for someone, but choose not to look at the app like tinder shows you. This app has filters in the search bar that DO NOT work. I set my age range, keeps showing me girls below the minimum. I say no to liberals, tons of liberals show up. Say no to having kids, women with kids show up. What’s the point of having a filter button, if the filter DOESNT work? Also, the interest section has a lot of woke buzz words, but don’t have golf as an option. Or cars as an option. Or ANYTHING else that someone can put down so the women know what your interests are if they aren’t part of the woke interest group. $30 bucks a month and this is what we get from bumble. Their parent group, that also owns tinder, have lost billions because the men are the only ones that pay for this service and men are refusing to pay for these apps anymore. What’s their solution? More mandatory photos and easier ways to set up your profile. Men are also supposed to have at least 4 photos and women need only one. Verification also works as long as you’re fine with them having facial scan of your face. Ridiculous. Never coming back.
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1 year ago, jannamin
I have checked out quite a few dating apps lately and this one is at the bottom of my list, not that any of them are fantastic. Sadly, I wasn’t aware when I paid for the subscription that messages disappear after 24 hours (and that BEFORE you send the message you can extend that time, bit not after). Anyway, my day 1 & I responded to a few interests (the night before the Super Bowl no less) that had actually “liked” me first, didn’t reply in 24 hours & were gone. Even though customer service said they would reappear in my search, that is not true. According to my app, there are no more (huh? Lol) people in my criteria, I never did see the few I messaged again & I was left with a bunch of others that are not “my type” even though the app says it knows my type. Lol. It also does not show people you swiped off a second time. So make sure when you swipe them off you never want to reconsider them because you won’t ever see them again. Also, make sure before you pay for this and send your first messages you read all the rules and other things so you don’t potentially lose out like I did. Really disappointed because I thought this would be my favorite out of the apps and turned out to the the most disappointing. Waste of money, honestly.
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4 years ago, jmjre
Hate this app
Deceiving in their pricing. I initially signed up for what I thought was a week trial of $9.99 for the week. Turned out it was actually a 6 month subscription for $80 that was automatically paid through my ITunes. When I saw the charge in my checking account I was shocked & tried to cancel but was told it wasn’t possible because of the way I paid. I don’t recall having the option to choose the way I paid, it was like it just automatically pulled from there because that’s what was set up on my phone. I immediately went in to cancel the membership from my phone so it wouldn’t renew in 6 months. I guess it needs to be cancelled while signed into my account from a computer because it ended up automatically renewing at another $80 for 6 months. If I was getting decent matches, it would be ok, but seems like this app isn’t used much by a lot of decent men in my area. When I travel, I get swarmed by hits, but long distance relationships don’t work for me. I also don’t like that they only have 24 hours to respond. So unless you are married to your phone & have nothing else better to do than check this app constantly, those likes are gone to never being even again. Life gets busy & sometimes you just don’t have time or cell/wi-fi coverage to constantly see who wants to connect. I would give this app zero stars, but that wasn’t an option.
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10 months ago, giantmeteor
Banned for no reason
I used Bumble for a long time, never had any problems. As far as I know, I followed all the rules. Out of the blue I got banned with no warning or explanation or anyway to get any recourse. That was after I paid for the premium service and I got no refund. Avoid this app. They ban people for no reason, or likely based on the lies of people you reject. Don’t waste your money. I tried emailing them several times for an explanation and got nothing. Terrible customer service. Their terms of service say that you are not entitled to a refund if you break their rules. I did not break any of their rules and yet I was canceled without a refund. Until they can figure out how to circumvent bans based on revenge reports, or false reports I would advise everyone to avoid this app. They say that they don’t ban people arbitrarily, but based on my experience and what I’ve read from other people, they ban people over flimsy or even fabricated reports. Anyone can literally submit a report accusing someone of bad offline behavior. Bumble makes no effort to verify or follow up, they just ban. It’s a joke. The policy should be that if you get banned without a warning then you get your money back. Otherwise it’s just a scam; they take your money but can decide to deny you their service without a refund for any reason they decide. Thats practically fraud.
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6 years ago, AbbySoSo
Can't Match/Guys Are Lazy
I'm going to make this short and simple. I've been on this app like five times before, and although I've met some incredible people and had some great times, I say that online dating is risky. It's for people who are lonely for some specific reason and want company, but don't necessarily want to date. That's not the apps fault, but I just want anyone who's reading this to know that if things don't work out it's not you, it's just online dating. Now on to technical issues and the men on there. I've logged on with my Facebook, and I put ton of care into my bio, even putting attractive photos and I haven't matched with anyone. I know how this sounds lol but I honestly think my phone or the app is broken (at least for my profile). I tested this my liking a whole bunch of profiles, even guys I'm not interested in (or dtf guys) and still nothing. It's been three days! Not one like. It's kinda peculiar. When I was on here before, within 24 hours there would be tons of matches, but now it's not working. Also, I think bumble should allow both parties to message first because it's too much pressure on me to always message first and then sometimes get nothing, because the dude believes he has to be chased and sold. It's weird. In conclusion, I'm going to try tinder.
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3 years ago, Nara765
Don’t get premium
I got premium for a week to see if I would get better results and to be able to bring back the people that I timed out with. While I had premium, I got no swipes. I thought no one liked me, which is fair. But as soon as I ended my premium, a bunch of people swiped on me. Not only that, but I’ve been spamming swipe right to try and match with them, but not a single one has matched 😐 I’ve swiped so much that I continue to use up all my swipes for the day. Bottom line, don’t get premium. It’s a waste of money and bumble is just trying to scam you. They said it’s cause of advanced filters, but I swiped so much when I had filters on, that it started expanding out side of my filters (mind you, I had filters even before I had premium, so nothing changed) and that still doesn’t change the fact that with every swipe I get (and I swipe right on literally everyone because I’m desperate to make friends) none of them end up being the people that matched with me. Bottom line, if you are serious about making friends like I am, I don’t recommend this app, per my personal experience 👍🏾
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6 months ago, HapaGirl92
They’re breaking the cardinal rule of dating: women should not message first
If you read the dating book The Rules Handbook: A Guide to Creating Loving and Lasting Relationships you will see the authors tell women who are looking for marriage to never message a guy first because that shows interest first and if a man doesn’t message you first then he isn’t interested and will go along with the relationship until he gets bored and his dream girl comes along that he will actually pursue. The authors even say that women must avoid Bumble for this reason. So Bumble, please allow men to message women first and allow the dating world to work properly instead of falling into new age feminism of the woman taking control. Women who message and go after men will be 31 and single like me. I used to be a woman who messaged first and chased and approached and would shoot my shot, but I’m still single and now I’m just older. Women who are serious about finding a husband (men and women on apps statistically want a committed relationship and not casual sex) will never find one with the way it’s set up now. Messaging a man first is the quickest way for a man to use you for sex and never commit or commit because you’re “good enough” and the second option when the woman he pursued and really wanted didn’t like him. Take it from me, a single 31-year-old woman with 16 years of dating experience.
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12 months ago, forpeakssake
Used to be Better - New limits kinda killed it
I started using this app right around 2016 and had a decent amount of luck on it. I think back then there was a limit of 100 swipes per day or more. What I understand is that while the free version needs to limit the swipes to monetize, the experience as a straight male suffers as a result. It’s not that I think the limit on males is really a problem, but it’s the limit for women that makes the experience worse. Let’s say I pay for premium (I once considered lifetime which I’m not sure is an option anymore?). Sure, I’d get unlimited swipes, but any women using the free version still get 25/day, so this will make the smaller population pickier which just hurts everyone. Idk for sure, but I’m willing to bet the population that pays most are straight men. Maybe consider increasing the free limit for just women to 50+/day? The way I see it, it would create a ripple, men have more potential matches, more incentive to subscribe, and women feel less concerned to only pick 25 per day. From my perspective, I’m never going to subscribe if 2/350 match when it used to be 5/100 or so. Why would I pay to swipe through 100 people a day if it means less than 1 per day match and 1/500 start the conversation?
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1 year ago, Diemon222
Honest Review About Bumble
Through my 2 year experience with the app, I’d like to give me truthfully and honest opinion about the app. First off I give it a 3 star because this app doesn’t care about weather or not you find someone. At one point it did but now it’s turned into a “pay to play” app, which is unfortunate considering how much bumble pushes and promotes finding “the one” through them. Number 2 bumble has a simple algorithm: we give you a limited amount of swipes, we’ll have 2 “mock” profiles shoot you likes but you won’t get to see them nor be able to like them back. Oh no you ran out of swipes? Well simple pay us for premium and you’ll get all the benefits except the two profiles that liked you won’t text you within the 24 hour period we give them to text you. Now for the rest of the time you have premium you’ll have all the benefits but won’t reap the reward of finding someone. Very simple algorithm to understand and it amazes me how the app will consistently continue to make you believe that you’ll eventually find a match. So inclusion if you are going to spend money on a dating app, go to Tinder; because at least there, they won’t sell you a bunch of lies to keep you on there.
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3 months ago, The Adamski Family
Zero Customer Appreciation or Accountability
I had used the app off and on over the last few years following a divorce. I enjoyed the interactions and had the privilege of meeting a few wonderful women that turned into enjoyable relationships (one at a time, hence the off and on). Some of these have stayed friends even though dating didn’t work for us. I was always respectful, never acted or sent inappropriate messages or material and if the dates didn’t work out, I let the individual know in a respectful and mature way. One day I go to log on and receive a message that my account has been blocked due to behavior that went against their policies. I was shocked. I emailed the support email asking for clarification and explained this to them and asked what had caused me to be banned as I believed that banning of my account was an honest mistake and the response I got was that after a review I was blocked FOR LIFE from Bumble! They have never informed me what I was accused of or blocked for. I had spent quite a bit of money on this app over the years for premium service. They don’t care about their users and will ban you without cause apparently if anyone so much as makes a minor complaint and won’t let you know what it was or confirm whether or not it actually occurred. Very disappointing as the app is so wonderful in principle. DON’T USE!!
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11 months ago, dontworrybhappy
Great app for Simps
If you’re a guy who lacks confidence and needs a woman to make the first move, then welcome home to Mommy. If you’re a girl who has bought into the victim oppressor narrative but is fine with controlling and dominating men, then this app is for you, actually all dating apps were made fore you. Except for one thing, the best men left apps a long time ago and are looking for relationships elsewhere. Not because they want to go back to a time when men dominated women, but just because they want to be in equal footing, and feel free to embrace the positive side of their masculinity. Like being bold, decisive, courageous, protective. How can you do this when apps like Bumble force you into a submissive posture and give women too much power to kick men off the platforms for acting “inappropriately” as defined, or not, by women. Are women happier with this new found power? Not in my experience. Statistically, they are opting for other women, or dogs, or seeking out therapists to figure out why they can’t achieve satisfaction in their relationships. And apps like Bumble are part of the problem. But the good news is that this is mostly a US phenomena. So update those passports boys, because it gets much better as soon as you cross the border in any direction except North 🇨🇦 hahaha. And we’ve got a great group of men and women working on a solution to dating app disertification, so stay tuned.
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3 years ago, ty ihvhjnnkknnvff
If you have nothing better to do with your time and money
Been on here for about a month, my filters are set appropriately 39-55 looking for female. I am a 7/10 conservatively my search is set for whole country because I believe my choices are limited where I live. I have swiped till I can not swipe any more. I’ve experienced 6 matches, 6 matches??!! Seriously??!!! of them two never sent a message two were given extra time also never sent a message. I was not allowed to post a picture of myself at gun range?! Is this illegal? Immoral? Or on bad taste? I don’t think so, lots of women hating conservatives and Trump to push a socially political agenda. The conservatives seem to be much more polite as they just say swipe left if you don’t like my political affiliation. I don’t understand why someone can not post a real picture of themselves doing a sport activity that millions of people enjoy and do, but allow people to post pictures that are so heavily filtered they look like cartoons! Always scroll to the last picture for the real persons looks, seems like false advertising to me. I am not bitter nor am I hating on your app you have every right to capitalize on lonely souls looking for love in all the wrong places, but as for me I’ll just go back to live events where I can actually meet someone with the same interests and actually speak to them.
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4 years ago, Tommy05789644
A political organization?
Initially I liked the idea of Bumble. I think too often other dating apps allow users to match, but make no effort to actually connect. With Bumble’s “consequence feature” you lose a match if you do not reach out in time. This ensures serious inquiries and leaves those looking for hookups to the likes of Tinder. With all that being said, I found my Bumble account inaccessible one day due to a political blanket statement regarding certain current events this year (2020). I scoured the pop up looking for the elusive “X” in a corner to get out of it. However, my only option was to click “Accept.” I have no clue what I was accepting. It seems Bumble was forcing users to accept their platform’s political interpretation and narrative. I fundamentally disagree with this. Bumble is an app designed ultimately for dating, and not a political organization taking a stand. Which stifles diversity on the app. At this point, perhaps Bumble should even consider removing political orientation from the “about you” section. After being forced to click accept or never access my profile again. I hastily and happily deleted my profile. Prior to this I would have generally considered Bumble as one of the better dating apps available. However, unless you accept and agree to their political narrative, you’ll find yourself unable to use the app for what it was designed for, dating.
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