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User Reviews for Nest

4.64 out of 5
2M Ratings
2 years ago, Romkins1953
Outstanding system
I’ve had the nest thermostat for almost a year now, and I can say it’s money well spent. First, it was very easy to install. The instructions are easy to follow; I did not have to do any rework. I did not have to hire a professional. Programming the controls was also easy with step by step instructions. I like the fact that it self programs economic settings based on when you’re home. I’m single and working so it’s nice to know it is saving me money by reducing back the heating and cooling temps when I’m not home. And it does it automatically through a sensor that detects motion. This could, however, be a problem if you have a big dog. You can also control the settings using your smart phone, which is what I do pretty much all the time. I can even control it from work and by using Google voice. This system requires a dependable WiFi. If the WiFi goes off line, however, as it has done with me a few times, the system will still function but you won’t be able to control it from you smart phone. Once the WiFi is back on line, the thermostat will automatically resume previous settings. And best of all, it has saved me hundreds of dollars in utility savings. And it looks sharp on the wall. Well worth the money, and so easy for DIY’ers. Definitely worth a five-state rating!!
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1 year ago, BMODEnDOOTZ
Great system and app, but a little buggy on the google puck
I love having the convenience of a smart thermostat and all the bells and whistles it has. I particularly love the “at home” or “away” option, so when I’m not there it’s not running and I don’t have to worry about turning it off myself and when I get home from work the house has already started warming for me before I even get in the door! However, the app keeps logging out while I’m using it or I keep getting signed out somehow so when I open the app, I have to sign in… I think that’s because of the google puck through google home tho. That’s really annoying when you’re trying to warm up the house early in the morning or late at night. Almost defeats the purpose of having it on WiFi.. it’s quicker in that case to just go change it. Also, the motion sensor setting for “at home” or “away” is not practical. If you’re watching tv, you’re outside, have the thermostat in a hallway, or not where you are moving around, and it shuts the system off… I own my home and live alone so I don’t walk down the hall for hours some times on the weekend. Better to use phone location for “at home” or “away”, unless you have kids running around all day lol...
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4 years ago, Yimmy291
Needs hold feature and to be night shift worker friendly
Don’t get me wrong I love nest and nest products they are great. However, I have the Nest E and I wish that there was a temperature hold feature for this or something similar to that. I have attempted to troubleshoot this problem by clearing out The schedule and setting it two times but it always reverts back to Eco or the temperature goes up. I work nights which means I sleep during the day and since I live in a hot dry air and state waking up at 1300 hrs drenched in sweat because The thermostat and the app didn’t talk to each other showing my location and the thermostat were in the same place; the schedule that I set up wasn’t followed; or the fact that the thermostat did not detect any motion for an extended period of time. Not only is this a problem when I am sleeping on my work days as a nurse, but it’s also a problem on my off days when I just want to spend the morning in bed and after six or 7 AM it throws the temperature up to 86°. Google developers I know you can fix this and I hope you can even if it means downloading firmware to help and upgrading the app. I also know that these are changing times and more people are at home so even more now than ever the thermostat doesn’t know what the hell it’s doing because we are all home now. But you would really help an ER nurse out if you could truly get this fixed on the Nest E and other thermostat. Thanks
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2 years ago, Flying Bryan
New Google Cameras NO longer work with this APP. Very sad to say.
Update: Google is ending this apps use. The new Google/Nest cameras will NOT work on this app! The new cameras ONLY work on Google Home App as far as apps. All OLD & NEW Google cameras as well as the doorbell cameras and Google hub Max can be viewed on the Google Home APP or any Google screens both Hubs with screens or Google TV devices. The Nest Aware subscription works on old and new cameras and doorbells for now. It is a sad day that Google bought Nest and is now removed one of the best parts without fixing it. I know we all move on but really! How hard would it have been to keep this app and fix its issues. Maybe time to get out of the Google worked and go all into Ring as it is cheaper and now going to be FAR BETTER. Goodby Nest you had a good run. The App is overall OK Pros: Works fairly well to see camera and adjust the thermostat. Always logs in OK to account. Cons: for a company like Google I expect more. Thermostat should be on top Thermostat should show key info that it doesn’t like inside and outside temp along with set temp. Just the basic stuff large and up front. Not small and hidden The cameras should be in order I want. Like doorbell should be on top than any order I want. Why can’t I mix the order up? And if I can’t at least put the doorbell Nest on top. PLEASE
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4 years ago, Firemanndave
Replacement Thermostats
I’ve had Honeywell internet-compatible thermostats in my house for nearly six years, and they just stopped communicating with the internet after multiple calls with service. Luckily I got them at Costco! Costco returned them with no issues, and they also happened to have Nest thermostats available too. So I got a full refund for the old thermostats, and bought two new Nest Version 3 thermostats (as my house is divided into two areas). Replacing the first thermostat took a little longer than the second, as it was just getting to know how the unit works and confirming the wire schematic. The first unit connected to my router with no problems, but the second one kept failing at first. I ended up temporarily moving the second unit to the first unit’s location and got it to connect. After I moved it back to its correct location, it was still connecting ok. The only reason I gave it 4 out of 5 stars was that the actual application kept disconnecting after both thermostats were connected, and several times during installation. It’s almost like it reset, and you’d have to start the install from the beginning again with the Nest app.
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9 months ago, hungy hungry hippopotamus
Nest Aware is Useless
I purchased a Nest outdoor camera and signed up as a paid subscriber for Nest Aware after my neighbor’s car was hit by a drunk driver a few years ago. Since then Nest has cancelled my Nest Aware service without notification multiple times, and each time they do I have to go through the entire onboarding process of entering my exact same credit card info, and setting up security zones and preferences. The repeated need to re-onboard with Nest Aware after they cancel my service without notice is very annoying. Annoying to the point where I end up going weeks without service. This has gotten worse recently and is starting to impact the safety of my family. In May, during a period in which Nest had cancelled my Nest Aware service we had someone rifle through our cars overnight while they were sitting in our driveway. So the next day I re-onboarded with Nest Aware, re-entered the exact same payment information, and setup security zones and preferences. Well Nest only gave me a trial subscription of Nest Aware, which ended very recently. And once again last night, during a period in which my Nest Aware service had been cancelled by Nest we had someone go through our cars and yet again I have no footage of it. Nest’s thermostat is great, but their Nest Aware service is useless and gives me no peace of mind whatsoever. I’ll be switching to Ring once we move to our new house.
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3 months ago, Sscurry33
Doesn’t work after paying $120
I have had this service for several years, and it’s been a fantabulous platform. However, last year in the month of April, both cameras stopped working. It acts as if I don’t have a subscription. I decided to pay for the next one year which wasn’t due until June of 2023 in the amount of $120. It still doesn’t work and I have tried everything. There are no resources, no customer service personnel to assist. In the past, I was able to call customer service if I had a problem and they would resolve any issues or concerns. Ever since Google took over the service has gone completely downhill. It seems no one is willing to help resolve the issue and also I don’t even know how to cancel the service. Needless to say, I am very unhappy with this service and I wish that someone would reach out and do something about this. I feel the only way to resolve this problem is to take legal action to regain my losses. I just believe the company can careless about anyone so long as the are making a profit. This is the worst company I have ever experienced in my 58 year of living. Sorry but I have no good things to say about this as I have spent many hours reading blogs as they have made the customer blog their customer service to eliminate staff. I was also sent to a scammer in India. I was on to him and ended the call. Please help me to see this company in a different light. As for now it the worst and I’d beware.
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3 years ago, larry_ren
The products themselves are excellent quality. But this app is a huge disappointment. It has such a high latency rate - you open the app and it takes 45 seconds to load up to the main menu. (It’s not my wifi or cellular connection) So let’s consider this: your doorbell rings. You open the app, wait 45 seconds, then navigate to the doorbell where you can access the microphone and begin talking. At that point, the interaction time has been about 55 seconds. Most people, after ringing a doorbell, won’t stay at the door that long, thus by the time I can finally get to the mic the person is gone and the feature is no longer useful. Additionally, it’s a pain to guard nest guard with the app. I’ll tap the shield and it will load for 30 seconds and then say it can’t connect. I do it again. Can’t connect. After 5 or 6 times it will FINALLY arm the system. A last complaint I have is that nest is no longer integrated with HomeKit. It was previously before the company was purchased by Google. I get that Google instead wants you to use the Google home system however, as an avid Apple user, it’s frustrating to have to use 2 systems. We chose Nest because the physical products are far beyond the competition but there are some serious rooms for improvement for this application. Reduce network calls on app launch, considering auditing latency for the app and see where the problem lies, and please integrate with HomeKit.
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3 months ago, JennyIRead
Increasing issues with sensors
I don’t use this connected to Alexa or any other voice activated device, I had to turn off learning mode because I had to turn it down too often, I turned off home/away assist because it would put me as Away when I work from home (whether I use the phone location or walking past the thermostat) and I have ongoing issues with the setting of a comfort sensor (remote sensor from thermostat). I have 2 additional sensors other than the thermostat, they are not on a schedule. One is downstairs and I manually set to that one when I finish work upstairs. I used to have to set it about 3x a night to keep it on. The heating schedule (sensor is supposed to remain selected until the next change in the schedule) in the evening starts when I finish work and ends just before bedtime. I shouldn’t have to keep setting it. I searched the support community and this issue has been going on since 2022. This is now increasing in frequency and will even switch back to the thermostat before I even close the app. I had to force quit the app to get it to stick. I love the product but it’s disappointing that this has been an issue so long with no fix. For what I paid, it should be working perfectly, especially since I don’t use most of the bells and whistles.
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4 years ago, Gio Davila
Google made it too buggy
I loved my Nest camera when I first bought it. I loved the “home/away” features to turn on/off automatically. I loved that I could have a schedule to turn the camera on at night regardless of whether I was home or away. Then, Google took over... the beginning of the collapse. Ever since Google Home took over, my camera’s home/away features are awful. My schedule doesn’t work because I’m home. If I turn the home/away feature off, the schedule would work, but even that stopped. I had to stop using my phone location services for the camera to work.... and now I have to physically go into the app and manually turn the switch on. The camera will even turn on or off on its own. There are times when I am home, and I know I turned the camera off, but I get notifications that someone is in my home, and the camera is on!!! Scary! The camera turns off on its own. I make sure to turn it on before we leave, but I check it a few minutes later, and it’s off!! Someone please help... I may have to find an alternate product. Nest is awful since Google took it over. Thanks, a lot Google.
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6 months ago, Mik3M2
All they want is money
I got 4 cameras but I only pay for one so I can get 5 days All they want is money I had the paid version for over 2 years and the connection was almost immediately, but as soon as I didn’t renewed and went to the free versionThe , I knew I wasn’t going to have 5 days video recording and other features but now I can barely connect to the cameras, the image takes so long that it’s almost useless, and it’s only that I have the free version because the WiFi, the speed, the placement of the cameras and doorbell is still the same as before of recording All they want is money I had the paid version for over 2 years and the connection was almost immediately, but as soon as I didn’t renewed and went to the free version, I knew I wasn’t going to have 5 days video recording and other features but now I can barely connect to the cameras, the image takes so long that it’s almost useless, and it’s only that I have the free version because the WiFi, the speed, the placement of the cameras and doorbell is still the same as before., and that one is actually farther away form my Wi-Fi access point but is the only one where I could see and hear anything that happened 2 minutes or 2 hours ago the other 3 I can only see what’s going on life and even that some time doesn’t work that well but the one I pay for I could say that works well maybe %95 of the time.
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8 months ago, DanhP 004
So far very nice and crisp. Responsive.
Using this with google nest learning thermostat. Gen 3. unit is fairly expensive. Was easy to pair. Easy to set up. I do like most of the features. The simplicity of it is pretty much there but i would still like it to show a side by side of actual temp and target temp. Vs one big number and a minuscule number that i get disappears when both numbers hit the same. I want to see or be able to customize a side by side no matter what. Also for me and my wife. If i want to add her account i also had to download google home first? Come on, Enough with the multiple apps log ins. A billion 2 step authentications. Make it all under one. Thermostat is in the hallway. No body is moving at night so the air there doesnt change. In the bedroom where it will get hotter over time, the thermostat still wont read so my bedroom is getting hotter while the rest of the house or unoccupied rooms stay cool. Add feature where you can run the a/c or heater in timed intervals instead of desired temperatures. 15 minutes of cold air every hour at night would be very nice. Im pretty close to dropping it all the way down to 2 stars. Because it works as it should. Its 4. Can definitely use the improvements i mentioned
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2 years ago, Gldstff
Nest Cam Slow, Misses Events, needs App log in More Often
Something is going on with Nest Cam. Not as good as it used to be. Buffering often. I have Gig Fiber service and 4 Nest Cams. Lately Nest Cam keeps dropping out log in on the App. Several times I had a motion event then I quickly went to open App to view. Well it required I go through the cumbersome Google login procedure Again then security log in alert emails start after log in. This been happening more often recently. Also it’s been missing more events even when there has been no activity for hours. For example Nest Cam never alerted me of a postal delivery right in from of cam. This particular cam location is not in an area with much activity. I could scroll back and find delivery but this is cumbersome. In real-time cam view activity is lagging more than it used too. Used to be just seconds behind activity. Now running minutes. Had Nest Cams since 2014 and find the service slowly degrading since Google acquisition of Nest. Time to move on to other systems. Spinning circles go round and round and round. Our internet speed is unlimited and giga.
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2 years ago, Cold in New Mexico
Easy to use
We purchased this unit years ago. It was easy to install and contained very helpful instructions. Once we install the app we were set. I enjoy the fact that at night I don't have to get up to change the temperature on the thermostat. Our home is rather large and has a very strong blowing unit. Since the temperature we set on the thermostat doesn't always need to be the same temperature it tends to cause me to get up several times at night to adjust the thermostat. Now I can just pick up my phone and push arrow down or arrow up to the set the temperature I want and I'm good to go. I also like the preprogramming aspect. I would recommend this to anyone that wants to make life easier. The price was a little high but I'm hoping it will save me in my utility bill so I can at the very least break even. Negative aspects: the app keeps logging me out sometimes 3x a day and then makes we verify my Google credentials to log in. It Doesn’t work consistently with Lenovo products like the clock radio when I say Google set upstairs to 75 the Lenovo product proceeds to tell me that product is not set up yet you need to set it up again even though we both know it’s set up. this will happen sometimes 3 to 4 times before it finally does what I need it to.
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3 years ago, Liqalotapus
Works great until you change the WiFi Password
Worked great in -40 temp to 104degree F temperatures, night/Day, worked great for really almost a year. The girlfriend changed the WiFi password about a week ago, and since then I have tried and tried to get back in to the camera, it just won’t connect, google has no support for it in the end. Just leads you around for trouble shoot your issues, I only keep getting the C100-C119 codes. Trouble shoot them atleast 3 times a day for the last week. NO LUCK AT RECONNECTING. Google says try using your old password, umm yeah okay so change wifi back to original password, reset everything uninstalled the app etc etc tried to connect with it and still nothing. So changed password again disconnected everything then rebooted it all left the camera plugged in and gave it the password again, wouldn’t connect to wifi, dun matter how close u bring it to the router it won’t connect. Anyways I left it alone for almost the whole day and it connected for about 5mins. Then it just lost connection again. So $188 don’t seem like much to a lot of ppl but it’s a lot to me. ALSO GOOGLE JUST TOOK $60 from me to renew the fkin yearly plan for data I did cancel it and still yet to be reimbursed so there’s that too.
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3 years ago, tjonlyric
Mixed feelings about the product
I have to be honest that I had really high hopes for the Nest product and it’s family of devices, but over time I have grown a little frustrated with its operation. I own a Nest thermostat and a Nest Protect, the thermostat is constantly resetting my manually set programs without making physical adjustments on my phone or at the thermostat itself, I am having to reprogram the Nest about once a month. I changed my internet provider last year and ever since my Protect has been offline, I have followed all the instructions to connect the project to the Nest, and keep getting an error message saying the Protect is too far from the Thermostat to connect, this message arrives as I am physically holding the Protect in hand while standing next to the Thermostat. I have deleted the device and tried adding it numerous times with the same failures. Beyond that the protect consumes batteries at an incredible clip, you would think that such a powerful company behind the. Eat products would be able to deliver an energy efficient product, but I guess that has yet to happen. Sadly, I am more disappointed than excited about how this product has functioned over the years.
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2 years ago, psh
Inflexible for no reason
I hate this app and don't understand any of the design choices. For one, setting up the schedule requires you to randomly put your finger along an XY axis and hope that you get the time of day and temperature you were hoping for. Why isn’t there an easier way to set the specific time and temperature? I don't even know how they came up with this awful setup. You also have to set each day individually with no ability to duplicate a schedule throughout multiple days. Moreover, you should have the ability to set a temperature based on a specific sensor. As it's set up, you can either have the sensors set up to a constant preset schedule that is very rigid (morning 7-11, midday 11-4, evening 4-9, night 9-7) or otherwise choose which sensor you want to use throughout the day manually (that defeats the whole point of a programmable "smart" thermostat). This is extremely stupid. First, these times are completely arbitrary. Second, my days vary, as do most people's. I don't wake up at the same time on days I have to commute or over weekends, so I would like to use my bedroom sensor in the mornings up until different times. I would also like to use my office sensor only on days I work from home. I just do not understand why they made this app this way when there's an opportunity for high flexibility/programmability.
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1 year ago, ChitownOne
On The Fence because of Price of Unit
The nest is second to none. I have replaced three electronic thermostats and was hesitant to purchase the unit for couple reasons. I have Alexa units through out the house. The cost compared to other units. My only regret I should have bought it earlier. It’s easy to install and use. The Mobil app is so convenient. If your laying in bed you can adjust the temperature from your phone. If your away from your home you can monitor and change any setting remote. Ladies turned the heat up or air conditioning down no problem Mobil app! The features are amazing it’s a well thought out product. The unit view awakes when you look to see what the temp is.. Only negative about nest is if you have google workspace you have to create another email outside of workspace. The google nest product does not connect to google nest thermostat. That’s a very small one time inconvenience for the most sophisticated easy to use thermostats I have used as a home owner of over 30 years! On the fence but it! You won’t be disappointed but amazed with the quality and convenience of the unit.
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2 years ago, Zortog
The scheduling section needs revising
It’s so much work to keep on top of the changing temperatures throughout each season. I don’t want to have to constantly switch between Heat, Cool, and Heat-Cool modes. For the Heat-Cool mode, having a window of 3 degrees of accuracy on the temperature makes it so that when you want to cool the house to the upper limit during the day, at night time it will be too cold because the temperature drops to the lower temperature limit. So I have to raise it at night. Maybe we are temperature picky people but like all other thermostats I’ve had, I wish Nest would let me choose one temperature to either heat or cool to, and the Nest decides if it needs to heat or cool without needing my input. I don’t care if the AC system is heating or cooling, I just want one temperature selection. Last point, the the scheduling tab needs a complete redesign. Why are there no vertical and horizontal guidelines? I have to hold my finger down and hope I select the right temperature and time without shifting my finger too far one way. Also, placing a temperature change at midnight has issues. It won’t select exactly at midnight. That being said, I really appreciate the notification emails I get if something seems to be wrong with our AC system.
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3 years ago, ludwigj
Long term user
I have had Nest products for about 8 year in my 2 homes. I have enjoyed being able to monitor and manage the temperatures at each home at any time. I have not found the Protect product as useful. I went all in a brought 5 Protects and found them to be supper expensive and annoying to maintain. After about 6-8 years Nest will send you a notice that you Protect will no longer work and you have to replace it with a new. The other annoyance it takes allot of batteries 6-8 that don’t last that long. It test it self once a month which is annoying and create a lot of unnecessary messages and disruption. Given the cost of batteries and the device and frequent messages I have decide not to replace theProtect as they obsolete. I will just replace them with stand alone 10 year maintenance free devices and save a fair amount of money and aggravation. When I started with nest they were just Nest but now that Google owns them ever time I sign it to maintain my device Google wants me to switch over to my Google account to manage them. I use a lot of Google products but at some point I want to restrict how much info they have on me so I keep saying no I don’t want to switch to Google. It is very annoying.
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4 years ago, carcar advancer
Love My Nest Cameras
i have had my nest cameras for about a year & a half and i would recommend them to anyone! the quality of both the video & audio is still amazing to me. i bought the cameras after having a recurring issue with a neighbor & their teenagers. it was not long before the cameras put an end to the ongoing issue. the teens were in rare form one day, yelling obsenities & making crude gestures. then they called their mom & said i was harrassing them. when she got home i walked across the street with my cell phone. both cameras caught the entire episode. at one point the teens were out of view of the cameras, but the AUDIO was still captured of them threatening to destroy my cameras. i have not had an issue since then. the cameras were a lifesaver! on another occasion, my mailbox had been hit, so i just scrolled back through the video & there it was. a landscaping truck had taken it out. i simply called the company, forwarded the video & they replaced my mailbox. i am a single woman, so the cameras give me peace of mind. they have paid for themselves many times over!
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3 years ago, Kurt Kinetic
Google ruined Nest
Not sure what happened to the Nest thermostat product line, either Google took over and tweaked the product to their specifications, or Nest produced a product that was meant to be disposable and then sold it to Google... My two year old nest thermostat woke up one day and decided that it couldn’t/wouldn’t connect to my wifi. No reason, that Google would admit to, just because it felt the need to be independent I guess? After a day of back and forth with google support, they graciously offered to replace my two year old thermostat (just a few months out of warranty... what happened to products that were designed to last and last and last???). I waited the week to get my new thermostat and just finished the almost two hour installation process... same issue as before, first it couldn’t/wouldn’t find my wifi network, then when it finally found it, it wouldn’t/couldn’t connect (keep claiming the password was it wasn’t), then when it finally conceded to doing what it was designed to do, it wouldn’t connect to my nest app on my iPhone... after several resets and retry’s, I was finally able to convince the two products to communicate with each other... probably my last nest product... my A/C guy says go with Honeywell... think I will next time...
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9 months ago, Blues2boogie
Review of Nest after 4 years
I started using Nest in 2019. I purchased 8 cameras, 4 of which are currently working. When the cameras work, they produce good quality pictures. I contacted the Nest customer service to report warranty claims since 4 of my cameras quit working during the warranty period. The Nest customer service was a nightmare to connect with and to work with. It is difficult reaching a live human and when I did I was transferred multiple times to different departments to be put on hold and each time I would have to provide all of my information and claim data again to a different agent who would then put me on hold for several minutes and then come back to tell me that I needed to be transferred to yet another department. The experience was nothing less than than a customer service sketch that you would see on Saturday Night Live. I never did get all of my cameras replaced although I was told they would be replaced. I am a veteran and one of then agents did thank me for my service. Truth be know I just wanted my cameras replaced according to the warranty, but that didn’t happen. I have already begun using another system since my expensive experience with Nest has been so disappointing. Unfortunately I cannot recommend Nest and would advise looking at other security systems.
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2 years ago, Michael97Rob
Works well but has some kinks
Installed the Nest learning thermostat a few weeks ago. Installation instructions are clear and easy to follow so it was smooth and easy but that is where the easy ends. Setting it is simple but understanding how eco mode works was not clear and is actually nonsensical. If it senses movement it thinks you are home but if not it goes into eco mode. If your thermostat is in a room that you don’t walk past much it keeps going into eco mode which can bring the house down to a very low temperature unless you set that properly. It can also use your phone to know if you are home but guess what? You need to install and setup google home for that feature to work and everyone has to install it and join. If not, when you leave the house it goes back into eco mode! But, when I was home it thought I was out? Why? Could never figure that out. And the learning feature is just a waste of time. We ended up setting a schedule, turned off eco mode and change it for the occasional times we need to. If you want a thermostat you can adjust from your phone it does work well for that.
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2 years ago, IAMEGI
BE AWARE: 5 STARS TO COME UP IN THE REVIEWS BUT IT IS A 1 STAR SITUATION AT THE MOMENT! I love my nest camera, I have 5 of them with 2 being linked through Google Home app. My Nest Doorbell, Nest Thermostat and indoor cameras are pre Google Home era so I don’t get full control unless I use the Nest App. I had no problem with this since I knew Google bought Nest but since getting the two newest cameras my Nest App has been crashing like crazy. Every time I access the app, it DOES NOT LOAD! It forces me to re-sign in 5-6x every time and when it lets me in, it doesn’t show me the live feed unless I restart the app. I don’t know if this is Googles way of telling us to move away from Nest App but if it is, GOOGLE YOU ARE CRAZY!! I’ve spent over $1,000 with the 3 cameras and thermostat so to just boot people and not give full feed access on Google Home app is UNACCEPTABLE! Either update Nest App and properly manage it for the sake of the people that spent thousands of dollars before you bought NEST or give us full feed control on your Google Home App! I am beyond mad at this point!
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3 years ago, John Alden
Great, intuitive, useful app for a great product (Nest thermostat).
I bought this thermostat at the same time I replaced my HVAC system a couple weeks ago, but I wish I'd gotten one sooner. I'm sure I've already saved money, because the learning function has already made it WAY easier to maintain a comfortable temperature, and I don't forget that I have the AC or heat on, and overshoot a comfortable temperature. I was really impressed how quickly it learned my habits, and began preempting my changes, so I find I'm quickly losing the habit of constantly thinking about the temperature, and I haven't found myself uncomfortable enough to be reminded since about day 2. It's really cool to be able to control it from my phone, but I find the more technical controls useful, and the data it records and aggregates is just as interesting and useful. I know this is supposed to be a review for the app, not the thermostat, but it's really just an aspect of the same product, so I believe it's relevant. It IS a solid, intuitive app, user friendly & well laid out, and it's an app for an undeniably great product. Pricey, but absolutely worth it.
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3 years ago, TheRidetohealth
Trapped in a service that I did not want.
I bought my cameras two years ago and have had no complaint until recent. I have upgraded my plan and down graded my plan with no problems until late. I called myself upgrading back to 30 days video history to find out about EBR(event based recording). The most ridiculous thing I have ever came across. Now there are patches of footage in my history that are missing. I have missed arguments that the cameras use to pick up but now don’t because no one was in view of the camera. I can not stand it. I bought the cameras because the way they function. With the upgrade I’m now generation two and the owner of 300 dollar cameras that function how google feels they should. To top it off I was paying $40per camera a year. Now to get them to function the way they were when I bought them.I have to pay $60 a year per camera. The costumer service is below average the take turn transferring you to the next person that can not help you. Defiantly a product to avoid. There are other cameras out there for cheaper. That offer the same thing cheaper and you can avoid having patches of important footage missing. The company is trying to save storage space or charge you monthly for it is my best guess. Either way it’s at the cost of the consumers sense of security.
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1 year ago, Less is More, More or Less
Will NOT SAVE Changes
I have owned 8 thermostats controlling radiant heating and 12 hard wired detectors in my house since I built it over 10 years ago and I had NEST since it came on the market in a previous house I built. I like how the detectors provide voice notifications and identify where there may be an issue, which is usually “Low Battery”, because they burn through batteries way too quickly. The Lithium lasts longer but they still shouldn’t drain so quickly unless the power is out, which doesn’t happen. However, my biggest frustration is going through the laborious process of changing times and temps on the 8 thermostat schedules and then have the changes not save and either reset back or in an occasional instance have changes I didn’t make. I am the only one of the four of us in the house with the app and the thermostats do not get changed by hand. The heating system is turned off most of the year because I’m located near the coast in San Diego where it doesn’t get very cold and I don’t have AC. It is December and I am just now turning the system on and adjusting the schedule in each zone and I’m going through the same long process multiple times because changes aren’t saving. Frustrating!
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3 years ago, Tuwharetoa7
Consistently worse every time I use it
The nest app used to be great and worked seamlessly. Somehow Nest consistently releases bugs and the app gets worse every time I use it. At this point scrubbing through video streams is completely unusable. It glitches and jumps and freezes so much while trying to scrub that it becomes so irritating that I just give up. What’s strange is that it used to work just fine, some how they totally messed it up. Not only that but they actually accidentally removed the button to be able to switch between events and the ability to scrub through the video feed. The button was still there just didn’t have an icon so you could still activate it for a while. Overall I’ve become so consistently disappointed with nest and their app that I’m slowly getting rid of all of my nest equipment. For the record, I have four nest cameras, a doorbell, thermostat, the security system and two smoke detectors. I also pay for the subscription monthly. I also understand it might be hard having employees work from home and that updates might be tough but honestly it’s almost as if there is no quality assurance whatsoever. I work in software engineering and if I released the garbage that nest releases I might get away with it once but on a consistent basis, like nest, I would totally be fired.
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1 year ago, RMKable
5 years and still not paying off
As I write this, the outdoor temperature is 12 degrees Fahrenheit. We woke up to a dead battery in the Nest and a sleeping furnace, leaving the house at a balmy 58 degrees F. Not an unusual situation for google’s little privacy intruder. I had the opportunity for 8 years to work in Class A HVAC network controllers and data analysis. And purchased the puck in a geek driven optimism that I could use this to track my monthly energy savings after upgrading the windows and insulation of my house. Energy company only gives me cost history, not therms by day. The puck collects internal temperature, outside temperature and humidity, all I need to see I made a difference! But no! The consumer data only tells you how long your equipment ran for and only recent history, not over time. But lo! The Nest API does! And you can ping the API with a script connected to a spreadsheet for that! But no! Google buys Nest and now no more data collected about you and your home! Oh, it’s still getting collected, you don’t access to it! So not only does the device internals wear out and shut off your heat at the perfect time of the year, endangering your pipes, you get 10% more functionality than a 50 y.o. analog thermostat. So it’s off to Menards I go, to save big money (over a catastrophic plumbing failure…)
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2 years ago, Tiny_Rhino
Not horrible, not amazing, super annoying
This is more of a review for the nest device itself, the app being a secondary factor. It does seem to work/run more smoothly and consistently then the ecobee I previously had but only marginally. When it’s actually functioning, my biggest complaint is that it won’t allow you to set a temperature. It autocorrects to w/e temperature it ‘thinks’ it should be. When the device is fully charged it works fine enough but it only stays charged for a few hours at most and inevitably disconnects from wifi and the app due to low battery. This is when the thermostat stops responding and decides to maintain a 74 degree temperature no matter how many times I readjust it. Then I have to pull it off the wall and plug it in until it’s charged enough to work again which can take anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour and only works half the time. Some times I have to reset the device in addition to charging it before it will work. This is a daily occurrence. Not only is it frustrating and annoying but my pet St Bernard really doesn’t appreciate it. 74 is about 15 degrees too hot for him and it’s not so great for me either.
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1 year ago, give it ip
Feeling safe finally got my cameras working well. Wi if was split that helped. Now to get my two indoor ones operating. I can’t seem now to get my one side yard ine staying connected I yet ti still install my two inside ones I have been broken into three times I suffer with spinal cord injury / ptsd to much trauma Now have replaced doors with rod iron Up my WiFi So looking forward to a good camera system Before I forget I did also put in a whole house alarm monitoring system I’m to old now to believe I live in my used to good neighborhood since 1976 never had issues now these last 5 years robbed 3 times They stole my portrait my only one of my mother grandmother my family bible lots of my collected sluver some gold & precious stones I live by myself Have a Nefew who is staying for awhile your system is to me helpful but you can’t seem to keep connected just that one Start I’ve had friends bug the Nest cameras after I showed them mine Thank You I’m still working in mine after all these years I suffer with trauma
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10 months ago, apeofjhsjjfrjksjfjfjrjs
Constant Temperature Setting
Why can’t I set my Nest to a constant temperature and it just STAY THERE?! I don’t want to have to set up a schedule. I just want it to stay at the temperature I set it to and forget it! Here I am sitting in my home office, and all of a sudden I feel it getting really hot. I look at my app and it’s 77° in the house and the Nest thinks I’m “away”, when in actuality I just haven’t walked past the thermostat in a while so that it knows I’m here. Our house is 4,700 sq ft, and we just have the one unit, so hours can go by before I’ll walk anywhere close to the Nest device! Another example: We set it to 72° the other day when it was hot outside and left the house for several hours. We come home and it’s almost 80° in the house, again because it “thinks” we’re away and shuts itself off! It was almost 3 hours before it felt cool in the house again. NOT gonna work for me… If I set my thermostat at a desired temp and I come home and it’s not that temp, that device is malfunctioning. And no - it’s NOT the AC unit. It’s all the Nest and it’s “smartness”. If someone can’t tell me how to set it at a constant temperature and it keep maintaining that temperature indefinitely until I tell it to do something else, I’m ripping it out of the wall and back to the store it goes for a refund.
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1 year ago, returnmorals2POTUS
Great products that are very useful
I’ve had Nest Protects and Nest Learning Thermostats for a few years. The thermostat let’s you set it up so the furnace will shutdown in the event of a Carbon Monoxide alarm or a smoke alarm. Both are very important in each event. Shutting it down during a smoke event help slow the spread of smoke (smoke kills more people than fire). In a carbon monoxide event shutting down the furnace eliminates one possible source of CO. CO can be produced by anything that burns fuel (natural gas, propane, kerosene, gasoline and more). Speaking of CO, never ever run a gasoline powered anything inside your home or your garage (yes even with the garage door open) seems like you wouldn’t have to say that but, as a firefighter I have seen it happen dozens of times and it doesn’t end well. The smoke/CO combination alarms are great. They will notify you if there is an alarm so you can check on your home and see if it’s a real alarm or your kids cooking. For me, it’s much better and cheaper than an alarm system. Thank you Nest team
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4 years ago, ___________________________.__
One small thing that makes a big difference to me
The app itself works well. There are periods of time through the year where I would just like to run the fan on my furnace without being in heating or cooling mode. The nest thermostat can run the fan by itself, but when doing so it must be in heating or cooling mode. In spring, I like to circulate cool air from the basement through the house. I also like to leave windows open for fresh air, and circulate that air too. There are days where it’s 80* during the day and 50* at night. These are perfect days to leave windows open and periodically run the fan. However, for this to work with the nest, I have to set the cooling mode on and use a cooling set point above 80* to make sure the air conditioning isn’t coming on wastefully while windows are open. It’s not the end of the world, but an item that I believe should be simple functionality that would bring me to like the product better. If it worked as I would like it to, I could check in on the temperature with the app and run the fan during the day, without having to mess around and closely monitor temperatures.
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3 years ago, joeyb123456
Impossible to change, thumbs down v2
I have had the Nest for about a month now. Initially, the learning feature worked great. However, as summer approaches it’s getting warmer faster than I can create inputs for the device. So, I’m waking up in the middle of night to a boiling home. When I attempt to manually make changes to the schedule, a few glaring issues arise: (1) it’s impossible to make broad changes across multiple days (2) it’s literally impossible to delete temperature changes - once the Nest has added a temperature change you are stuck with it - I have instances where the temperature schedule requires 3-4 adjustments in the same 3-4 hour span of time. Brutal. I have an iPhone X - there are Most certainly bugs in the app that inhibit the user from rapidly making changes to the schedule (3) the app forces you to use this non intuitive landscape mode for schedule changes, additionally - the schedule settings screen is so poorly designed and requires you to press buttons on your iPhone in a ridiculously precise way. I’m frankly shocked the app experience is so poor given this is a google acquired company. I wish I had gone with another brand entirely, with a newer app.
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3 years ago, Justin Boucher 123
Horrible from start to finish
As with just about all of my nest products I’m mortified at how horrible this app performs. I’m so invested with nest at this point I feel stuck after buying a massive bundle package a year or so ago. They’re app crashes constantly and takes forever to load anything. They’re notifications would rather focus on shadows and bugs then the mail man or cars in my driveway. Their previews never load and instead I get a blank screen. While using the app or in between opening the app I am constantly logged out as is my wife on her phone. The quality of my WiFi doesn’t seem to matter but cameras are co stay my offline. The smoke detectors are constantly giving false smoke detections giving me a heart attack. They’re support is horrible and says use the google home app. Well that apps worse as you can’t open the app and see your cameras. You have to click on every camera to see it and it loads just as slowly and horribly as the nest app. I’m about to just throw it all in the trash and drop a bunch of money on a better product. You’d think a massive company like google would be on top of their tech and have something as sought after as this preforming like the public would expect it to do. So yourself a favor and look into other security options.
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2 years ago, SFJeffster
The new Eco mode function takes over control of the scheduling in a way that is difficult to manage
A few weeks ago, a message came up on the thermostat that we could save energy by going into Eco mode scheduling. That sounded fine to me. However, it turns out that just means that it turned the temperature down to 56° in the middle of the night and leaves it there, so that it’s freezing in the house in the morning. I looked at all the scheduling in the app and everything seem fine, but it wasn’t syncing with what the thermostats said, which was to take the temperature down to 56°, and then occasionally raise it to 62°. When you change the temperature manually, that would only last a few hours. I eventually figured out how to remove all of the programming, which is kind of a bummer because now there’s nothing really smart about the thermostat at all except that I can change it remotely from my phone. I will go back to doing some sort of scheduling, but I strongly suggest that you don’t except the Nest recommendation to let it do it for you. Too bad, because it would be a helpful and energy saving feature if it worked, but it’s not ready for prime time.
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3 months ago, rylctrlu
I have nest for 5 years now, and I’m sad it’s going away because of google
I originally picked nest because I was avoiding ADT and any other huge companies for over charging us a service! I love that I open the Nest app and i can see everything from nest smartdoor, all cameras, thermostats and sensors. I was so happy with it for 5 years, but when google bought it, everything is changing. The Nest app is slower and now its saying there will be no future updates after April 8 of this year and also whenever I buy new cameras, it doesn’t show on Nest app anymore, only on google home app. Even the yearly price with Nest aware went up, this is so sad! Everything i used to love with Nest is all going away because of google. The sensors for the door and windows is now going to be non functional because google wants to sell us ADT service. We had it good and now it’s being ruined by google. I love the new camera google is adding, but that would have been great if that shows up on Nest App as well, we can continue using the nest app because most customers love the look and how easy it is to navigate, and pls dont remove our home sensors!!!!! We dont want ADT, if this all continues, im leaving Nest and switching to other companies similar to Nest.
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4 years ago, Laurenrfisch
Integration with Google has made things awful
We use our nest cameras as baby monitors. We like the capability to check them anywhere with WiFi and knew there would be trade offs given that these weren’t designed to be baby monitors. They’ve always been a bit spotty and the nest service has been down in the middle of the night at less than ideal times. However, now that they’ve forced users to merge a google account with nest account, we have had nothing but problems. We leave the app up all night to monitor our kiddos and it hasn’t stayed active without crashing in WEEKS. I have to wake up multiple times each night to re open the app and check on our kids. This is absolutely unacceptable especially given that they’re designed to be security cameras. I expected the service to improve from our previous issues with the integration with google accounts but it has been nothing but downhill from there. I am seriously considering a different product because the app experience is so poor. Get it together google. You’re supposed to set the gold standard for app experiences. If you’re a user reading this it’s probably too late and you’ve already bought the equipment to go with the app but if I’ve caught you early enough, steer clear.
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1 year ago, TerranAlchemy
Was a good product until Google took over
I like the device and the app, by and large. I bought it well before Google bought out Nest, I would never buy one now. If Google weren’t trying to milk data out of it, it would be four or five stars. But since Google took over, it keeps trying to get me to move from the old Nest account to tying it instead to a Google account, which would open me to all kinds of privacy exposure I don’t want. And I can’t even access my Google account because it won’t let me use it any more without giving it my cell phone number. The claim that this is for “security” is ludicrous, I was a security researcher for a decade, and the only security effect is keeping people from making duplicate google accounts for spamming or other dubious purposes. Cell phone numbers have almost no value in authenticating people, since it’s easy to get a burner phone with virtually no ID certification. It does have some value for 2FA, but that’s not why Google is asking for it. So, when I have to replace the Nest, or if Google finally forces it to be tied to a Google account, it will be replaced by something that’s not a probable privacy nightmare.
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2 years ago,
Nest for the win!
I will admit that I liked Nest better before google bought them out. I’m an original DropCam user which Nest bought and it still let Dropcams work today. Using google to get to your cameras is slower. The overall response time is slower if you use the Nest app or Google Home app. Myself like so many people have went into the Nest ecosystem because we loved it and kept buying more and more. Now if you want to purchase any more Nest/Google product you can’t use the Nest app anymore you have to use the Google Home app. It’s just not as user-friendly. It still works great I just hope Google will eventually incorporate the original Nest cameras into the Google Home app so it’s all under one umbrella. It’s a software thing so come on google make it one big happy family! If you’re just starting out with Google cameras and you use the Google Home app you won’t notice any difference and the cameras are great. The new floodlight cameras are fantastic as well.
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4 years ago, Mustang412
Must migrate to Google to use the app!
I’m a new user of the Nest Thermostats and like the equipment so far. My issues is with their remote services, in particular, their requirement to migrate my account to my gmail so I can use their smart services. In order to do that, Nest wants to have access to my google home names and the names and emails of my google home members. Why do they need this information? When I asked this question of Nest support, the employee didn’t have an answer. I refused to allow Nest access to my private and personal information and, in return, Nest denied me access to their smart services. In a nutshell, I now have a very expensive manual thermostat with no accessible smart features! I cannot use my thermostats remotely, and the sensors are completely useless because I can’t access them unless I migrate my account to google sign-in. There is one workaround: create a bogus gmail account and use that only for Nest app. So I did that, because let’s face it, I got a smart thermostat so I didn’t have to get out of bed at 3 am to adjust the thermostat! Worked fine for a day but now my account is offline and the Nest solution is to restart my router and disrupt all the other services and devices on my router so Nest can find my wifi signal again!
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1 month ago, Anonamouswhoever
Ecobee is so much better
I had an ecobee at my last home and now have a nest. I was suffering the first few months with it on learning. It did not seem to be learning anything other than how to switch me to uncomfortable temperatures despite my constantly readjusting to what I wanted and turning eco off. I got frustrated and finally turned off learning and tried to set a manual schedule after finally finding a way to do so. The manual schedule option in the app is a nightmare to work with. I don’t quite know how to describe it but it’s something to do with the annoying need to turn your phone into landscape, scroll, and click and drag. Also, there is a copy week and paste week function that doesn’t seem to work. The schedule shows the days of a week, not multiple weeks, so where is it pasting? After thinking I finally figured out how to manually set a schedule and updating all the days, I’ve now gone back and see all the temperature settings have changed again somehow to settings I would never choose. I live alone, am in my 20s, and have an engineering degree. How have you made something so simple so difficult?
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11 months ago, djfkrkfnfkdkrricj
Not for automation
Nest is great if you don’t care what temperature your house is as long as you’re “saving” money. The good: It’s digital and wifi connected with an app It uses geofencing to control temperature when you’re away. The bad Nest attempts to “learn” your temperatures by remembering every time your adjust the thermostat. The problem here is I don’t adjust my thermostat at the same time every day and to the exact same temperature. So I’m often finding myself at some random time saying why am I so cold? Or so hot? I go and check the temperature to find out that nest decided I wanted it warmer (or colder) because last Tuesday I set the temperature. But it then resets it to Wednesday’s temperature the next day (which may be different). Nest does have a schedule where you can set the temperature but often, if you randomly adjust it for say a party or a dinner with friends nest will yet again decide that this is the preferred temperature at that time so next Friday be prepared to have your heat suddenly turn off ( or the AC) Overall the device is just over thought. Temerpature doesn’t need to be this complex.
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1 year ago, onahekz(@29.
Battery Life is Terrible
First the quality is not that great and the rechargeable model doesn’t hold a charge for more than a few days in a high traffic area like an entry way. I’ve used several cameras in that spot to see if it was the unit but it must draw down the battery every time someone walks by it. If it’s in an area that has zero traffic you’ll get a decent amount of time on the charge. The night vision quality stinks and in order to see a video past 4 hours old you’ll need to pay for a monthly service agreement with a fee. If I was to start from scratch I would look at the Wyze product that allows a SD card for storage if you don’t want to pay any fees, but you won’t have the wireless. I also have the wired version from google and those are no better other than they don’t need a charge. I’m still only using them because I’ve spent about $1,000 on them and I can’t find myself to just throw them away. I’m sure google is aware and like all the big companies they could care less with the billions they make. But if you don’t mind charging the camera every few days this is probably a decent solution for some applications out there, just not the home or business.
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4 years ago, Concerned Sheep
Operator difficulty
I’m a self employed contractor for a well known satellite company. It might rhyme with fish, who knows. I install and teach all Nest products for customers wishing to purchase them. Also, these products are absolutely amazing and top notch. I highly recommend them for anybody, but sometimes I run into a problem. Let’s say I install the doorbell and google home hub to the husband’s phone. If I send a home invite from husband’s phone to wife’s phone and accept, the wife’s phone won’t have access to the doorbell and only the home hub. Sometimes it’s neither, but mostly just not the doorbell. I make sure that the couple are using gmail accounts. Google assistant is also installed. When this happens the only way to “fix” this is to use the husband’s email on both phones. Surely I’m just missing something here and this only happens to me. Other than that keep rolling out newer products and models! This stuff is next level smart home experience!
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1 year ago, Lucas DeLuca
Awful!! Tons of issues with the thermostat staying constant!!
I bought this thermostat because of my newborn son. I bought the additional sensor to keep in his room so no matter what his room stays warm. This stupid thermostat constantly gets stuck on a temperature, or doesn’t even properly use the sensor in his room that it end’s up being colder than it should be. I had to use a heater several times because of this god awful thermostat. I can’t sleep at night because it sometimes doesn’t turn on the heat. The app shows lets say its 67 and I have it set to 72, but it stays grey and doesn’t turn orange indicating heating. It just kept letting the house get colder and colder, and I had to get a space heater for my newborns room and stay wake until it warms up and turn it off. Biggest mistake I ever made trusting this thermostat and app to keep my newborn son safe and warm. As a parent you’re already barely sleeping because you have to feed them, but then not sleeping because of a freaking thermostat is beyond me. Im researching other thermostats now to purchase because of this stupid, god awful, poorly made product. I wish they just stopped selling this product and causing lots of people grief and headaches
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3 years ago, -ashes
Nest Aware
I think this app is great, but I do think that it should work a bit better with Nest aware subscriptions. My sub trial when getting the cameras ran out. I wasn’t notified and didn’t know that you could not see playback of events of motion w/o it. I think that if your inside the app w/o one there could be a way to show a action of being able to set up a subscription via routed to browser just like the view account info does. In setting I think if they used inside the Nest aware tab maybe manage subscriptions, help, etc? Might be useful other than seeing what nest aware can do. Also there is a nest aware plus, I don’t believe it’s shown what’s the difference inside the app either which could be nice. These features I feel are important so having better usability would be appreciated! I had to go on the website nest on my laptop and that’s the only way I knew I didn’t have a subscription set up and was able to do it that way. — if you need a UX Designer, let me know! 👋🏼 KatharineAshley(dot)com 💖 Thank you, looking forward to any updates
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3 years ago, pontix
Missing basic features and old design
The app works but is not that user friendly and lacks of basic features, probably because of its old design. The support of the sensors is done like a patch (when you are able to add them…in my old apartment I had a ticket open for 3 months before getting it fixed and being able to add them), meaning that is not properly designed and integrated. You can see the temperatures of the different sensors but you can only set one sensor to trigger the AC manually or based on only 4 time slots of the day, regardless of the day of the week, which is a big limitation. Should it be clever enough to calculate the average of the temperature of all the sensors of the house and use it to set the temperature or the average of specific sensors? Yes, it should…but it doesn’t!! What a big disappointment. Last: there is no “snooze” / pause button if you want to temporarily stop the air from blowing : you have to change the temperature to do that and then change again when you want it to start again. I think it’s time to rethink completely at the app with the features in mind of the 2021.
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