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User Reviews for Pinterest

4.79 out of 5
4.9M Ratings
5 years ago, Mrs. Hoffman
Pinterest is the jack of all trades
So I love love Pinterest and I always have!! But I recently got the iPhone 10 max and now it just constantly freezes up when I’m on Pinterest for a while and my phone doesn’t do this on ANY other app or any other time. So I have no idea why it keeps doing this... but it is pretty aggravating. Other than that though this app is the GREATEST!! I come here for- it used to be just for like crafts and food, but now I have come to use it for makeup ideas, for like if I have a khaki jacket and I want to see what other looks and styles and colors may go with it (that matches what I may have in my closet) I go on here for an idea of what the possibilities are to wear with it. I recently used it to find out what kinds of dresses and outfits to wear to a Christmas party.. so you can get ideas and picture yourself in the clothes, you can have a idea of what you’re looking for locally. And of course this is where I go for beautiful quotes to add on Instagram. Or funny memes even to describe super specific situations 😂 you can use Pinterest to find basically anything! Gift ideas, crafts, DIY, recipes, home decor ideas, outfit ideas, makeup tutorials, if you want a hair cut and you are looking for different styles... like you name it and they have it! Oh yea and Starbucks drinks to try!! That’s my favorite!
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3 months ago, Whitvw18
Freezing, Glitching, & Too many Ads
Please fix the glitching and freezing. I tap on a pin to view and it freezes. I would also like it if I don’t see so many ads—it’s more than just every other pin sometimes. Also I will delete a board and then if I try to recreate/remake another board just like the one I deleted I get a message saying, “you cannot make a board with this title because you just recently deleted a board with the same name.” So I just add an extra letter somewhere in the spelling to sort of fix the problem but at the same time this does not completely fix it. Another glitch on one of my boards I don’t have the more ideas option for some reason. Also I had my screen to go almost completely black while I was looking through some pins and I didn’t know why it went black. All I was doing was viewing a pin and the screen went black. This concerned me because I thought my phone was shutting down but as I said it went almost completely black and all I saw was the save button. Also, I have at least two boards that are private and now they continue to show all pins even though I have had them on private for months—the new private boards I make also don’t actually end up being private. Lastly, I go to view my followers and the ones I follow and sometimes it won’t let me scroll to the bottom of the list. I would appreciate if these problems could be fixed and everything starts to work more smoothly.
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3 years ago, oldguytimes
This used to be my favorite app!
Like the title says, I absolutely loved the old Pinterest. The update last year maybe made it a whole lot harder to navigate. I was accustomed to searching for boards so that I could easily follow other people who shared my very specific interests, but now that option has been gone for months! I’ve been meaning to write this review since then, but this newest update from a few days ago expedited it. Another of my main issues is the shopping aspect. In the older versions, it was more geared to crafting/diy/budget ideas. Now, I search for something simple like knitting ideas, and all I get back are shopping suggestions and priced items for sale. And there’s even a shopping section! I understand the need to evolve and bring in new demographics, but I feel that a lot of Pinterest’s original draw and identity has disappeared. Now, it behaves more like an Instagram or Facebook feed, filled with advertisements and shopping. It’s very disappointing to me that Pinterest has become so much like all the other dime-a-dozen social media apps and sites, since I initially fell in love with it years before because it avoided that world I hated. It felt quiet, calm, secluded, like a library or a yarn store, and I could do my own thing with topics I loved across the “board.” I am really, really bummed about all the changes and am considering deleting, which would be a major change. Please, please bring back some of the original features!
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2 years ago, stan seventeen and nct
Love the app, but it is not perfect AT ALL ...
LOOK i love pinterest, i started using this app regularly in 2020 but dear GOD are there a lot of flaws. A main one that a lot of ppl seem to agree on is the amount of ads... look pinterest we get it y'all have to eat to but there's A LOT of ads, and they overshadow the actual pins since there's so many of em!! Another issue i've had is how i can't customize which boards i wanna see in my home screen.. it's always up to the app to decide which boards will appear in my homescreen. Sometimes it will let me actually click done and it still doesn't appear!! I don't even have the option to remove boards from the homescreen it's rlly annoying ...(idk if this is a glitch on my acc or if it's pinterest doing this). Another MASSIVE issue for me is when the home screen refreshes even though i don't swipe down?? I've lost so many great pins bcuz of this option please remove it.... make it like other social medias where the home screen doesn't refresh unless u swipe down... Also according to others in the reviews, there used to be an option to search up boards by names... whyd u remove it?? that is such a great option?? Also plz let us report people for other things that aren't spam for the love of god.... There are a lot of pretty good updates like the sections update, picking ur board cover update and more, but the flaws are really annoying...
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1 year ago, Lillian Peña
amazing until recently…
i’ve been using pinterest for so long and i spend so much time on pinterest so it’s kinda frustrating because this has never happened before. i upload/post things on my pinterest feed and i never get notifs when someone comments on my stuff so whenever i look randomly that’s when i find them. yesterday i was scrolling through my posts and i noticed i had some comments so i went to go like them and the “liked by creator” never showed up like it usually does. i thought nothing of it and tried highlighting the comment and a message came up on my screen saying “something went wrong on our end. sorry about that.” i replied to the comment and when that person responded to me, i tapped on the notif and it brought up MY post but had a DIFFERENT user name on it when it was MINE. and now whenever i look at what’s supposed to be MY comments, OTHER creators comments show up but again, with MY pictures that i upload. I’ve logged out, deleted the app and reinstalled it and it still continues to do this. i recently uploaded something and when someone commented, i liked their message and the “liked by creator” showed up but it still won’t for my older posts. i tried ignoring it but it’s really frustrating and i hope pinterest fixes this soon. i really don’t want to delete everything and re-upload it or delete my account entirely.
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3 years ago, Vivianwr
Long time user
I’ve been a regular pinterest user for almost a decade now. I rarely have a day where I don’t check my Pinterest. I mainly use it to curate aesthetics and find inspiration for my life. It’s very soothing and artistic to me, and the only social media I’ll use. However, I feel as though Pinterest has recently gone down hill. There’s an overwhelming amount of ads. To the point of every other pin is an ad. Most of them are irrelevant to me and my feed is no longer aesthetically pleasing, just full of junk. And I’m not opposed to tasteful ads- I’ve even bought multiple products advertised to me on Pinterest that had beautiful ads that matched my interest and weren’t overwhelming. But there’s just too many now and too many pointless ones. It makes Pinterest significantly less enjoyable. I also don’t understand why Pinterest no longer shows you who pinned the pins in your feed, and when you click in you can’t click on the original user who pinned. It’s totally confusing and counterintuitive- I keep trying to click the icons of people to view their profile but I can’t. The best way for me to do it is to scroll through the hundreds of people I follow to find them. It’s a huge pain. Please make peoples profiles clickable from their pins like they used to be. I’m satisfied with most of the other features of this app and glad to be a part of the community!
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3 years ago, Billy0Bee
Tired of my home feed refreshing all the time
I’ve never made a review before because I didn’t care enough to before. But I have so much dedication to Pinterest, my issues with the updates have begun affecting my attitude for the app. I’ve been on Pinterest for probably a decade and no update has me more upset than the constant refreshing of the home page. I use all the platforms so I know that if you change from the home feed to your profile or to the search tab back to the home feed, the home feed automatically refreshes... when I even open the app sometimes I see a pin right away that I’d pin but for some reason it refreshes!! This is so irritating. Please fix this to wear it only updates the Home Screen if you pull down the feed from the top for a second. Like Twitter. You can’t even scroll through the feed sometimes without it randomly updating. Also the ads Pinterest.. come on. They’re every third pin! I get you have to pay the bills but more often than not your ads are irrelevant to my search. Speaking of searching, why is it that when I search one thing my home feed will suddenly be filled with that one search? I didn’t follow the topic, I didn’t follow a new board, I don’t care to see it on the home feed I have sort of curated myself. This has been a lot of complaints and my rating is low so that you get how irritated I am. But any other time you’d get a 5/5. I love you Pinterest, rarely change.
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7 years ago, Rosycheeks13
Best thing ever
Thanks to Pinterest I can express myself throughout creativity and just art boards and just all these boards that I can make and I can express myself through them I think my favorite two boards is probably my Jesus Christ one and my photography because those are two really important things in my life and this is a really great app for all ages and I do recommend it to anyone who is eligible to have it. And I first got it when I was about 11 and I just got an iPod not a phone but my parents wouldn’t let me have any kind of social media so this was kind of like a social media for me and I very much enjoyed it you can fine inappropriate things on there if you search them up I have never search them up but if you click on the wrong link or something it could lead to something so just be mindful when you have your kids on there it will ask you of like things that you’re interested in just make sure that you are looking over that because there are things on there that maybe you should look over with them other than that it’s an excellent app and in less you’re truly searching for something or you just click the wrong link you won’t find anything bad and I truly absolutely for the very last time do you recommend it to all thanks!
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6 months ago, Bonkerswackyeven
Explain?? someone??????
Imagine your system being THIS bad that I literally have to try and contact you guys through here to re-activate my account that had been suspended with no good reason. I’ve tried, tried, and tried, to gain access to my account for atleast 2 days, trying to repeal “my violations of hateful activity”. WHAT😭 All I’ve had on my account was silly screencaps and memes. Why are my pins STILL up even when you suspect my posts were being hateful? Isn’t that the whole reason for suspending my account? Because of my pins?? Before banning my account, you’ve given me a warning for one of my pins being “inappropriate” but later had reinstated it. Why even bother taking it off in the first place? Not to mention giving ME a warning for pins I saved because they somehow contained things that had gone against your guys’ policies. Why am I being punished for saving them when I’m not the one who created them? If you see a post that supposedly goes against your community guidelines, take action and don’t let it linger. People will assume that the image or video is appropriate for the website, BECAUSE IT WAS POSTED AND ALLOWED. but suddenly, they get warnings because they saved it? I’m sorry, I love this app, but it’s really frustrating when you’re banning innocent accounts when there is actual gross pins that have broken every single one of your guidelines, and they’re scot free. I suggest not relying on ai if that’s what’s causing this
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5 months ago, helloIegosbegsobstsiwbsf
I forgot something in my last review
More often than not, when I scroll down a from a post now to find similar items, I don’t, instead I find posts similar to another completely different board that I have, or just something I would never save all together. I thought the idea of scrolling down was to find similar pins as it used to be, I guess that’s wrong now?? And one more thing! Why does Pinterest keep deactivating pins! Almost everyday for the last year Iv had Pinterest send an email stating they have deactivated one of my pins for violent or inappropriate behavior. I always submit an appeal and you know why? Most of what I save is art and or photography. I don’t save any nudes or violent acts, so I kept wondering why my pins were getting deactivated so I started trying to use the “one time link” which btw doesn’t show you pin if your on an app on your phone. Either way I would get some idea of what pin was being deactivated and look out for it once it was released again. When I found out MOST OF THE TIME IT WAS A WOMAN SHOWING A FREAKING SHOULDER?! Or a LEG. This is getting out of control! I get that Pinterest wants to keep young children away from inappropriate things, but a woman showing skin is not inappropriate ( I’m a woman btw). I also save items for book fandoms and Iv had so so many of those pins get deactivated, but like why? Bc a guy has his shirt off? Bc a woman is in a bathing suit??? I’m saving anything involving sex over here?
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1 year ago, N@0m! R
Great app but…
I love Pinterest so much I used to use it everyday until I got deactivated about 2 weeks ago. I emailed them twice and they said they would review my account but 2 weeks just passed so I emailed them again just now. Come to find out, other people are also getting there account deactivated for no reason or for the wrong reason. Also having to spam the life outta Pinterest just to get their attention to get their account back; because for some reason Pinterest just ignores you in this dire situation. I myself got mine deactivated for NO REASON at least it wasn’t explained why it got deactivated. It’s extremely wild that this is happening and Pinterest are just ignoring people who are trying to get their attention to get their account back. I know it might seem like me and other people are overreacting but Pinterest is truly such a fun app, and having that taken away for no reason is so frustrating. This shouldn’t be happening and it should never happen. I know it could be a mistake by bot reviewers but bot reviewers should not be able to deactivate or suspend accounts. Bot reviewers should only be able to report their triggers to a human reviewer and let that human reviewer decide what’s actually happening. Overall this app is amazing but this is the only thing that vexes me, truly. (Sorry if there were any grammatical errors I’m kinda stressed out from this.)
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4 years ago, cats4ever!😺❤️
I love it but.... some stuff has to change.
I used to love Pinterest. As a baker and writer I loved looking through so many recipes and and different posts. I still love the format and everything about the app. But I have tried to post my opinions in the comments, no bad language or anything and Pinterest won’t let me. People are constantly swearing and typing inappropriate stuff but I can’t post my own opinions. I will keep Pinterest because of my hobbies, but it if uncalled for to not allow someone to post something they want or believe in. People are constantly voicing their own opinions but I can’t. It is not up to you to tell me what I can and can’t say, I understand that it is not totally designed for voicing your opinions but if you have a comment section, allow people to say what they want. Just fix the problem more social media platforms are falling into, you can’t stifle everyones voice, it’s not right. Pinterest is an amazing app for anything else, bakers, crafters, and writers or anyone else with hobbies should really enjoy the app. Thank you Pinterest for fueling my imagination and crafting, for years and hopefully more years to come. Just fix the one issue and it will be a five star app, and Pinterest will be unique from everywhere else people go for crafts and posts and whatever hobbies they are into.
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12 months ago, DragonloverJordan
It’s getting worse
So I’ve been having issues with product’s constantly pushed in my face with every single art piece that pops up but whatever I will live until I figure out how to fix that or it get updated out. I’ve run into a major problem for me. I can’t share my account and it is basically in forced ghost mode because of the new age policy and what not. I was trying to make a colab bored with a friend and every time she tried to join it would say it didn’t exist. I tried to fix it with no luck and I then went maybe my birthday is wrong and that’s causing me problems so I go and have a look. It says a day in May of 2008. My birthday isn’t in May and sure as heck isn't 2008 I’m older than that. My birthday had been set when I made the account a year or two ago and had been correct but guess what dear old Pintrist goes and does that reset my birthday and now want me to show them legal documents to fix it. I’m not showing random people my legal information like my birth certificate just to fix the age that they reset. I’m running into constant problems and it’s really sad because I love this app but can no longer use it as easily as before. Sorry for my long rant just wanted to share my thoughts on the new policy and how it is causing me more harm than good. TLDR: Pinterest wants to see a birth certificate to fix the issue with my age they caused.
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6 months ago, Awesome series/book
Listen…idk what’s going on but it’s gotta stop
I have always loved Pinterest since before I was old enough to have an account. My mom would let me scroll on hers and pin things to my own board. I have now had a Pinterest of my own for probably 5 or 6 years. I love it so so much but lately there are just some weird bugs or something that have been making it really hard to use. Sometimes I’ll be on a pin and then the screen completely freezes and it won’t let me go to the next pin. I have to completely shut out of the app which loses my place of where I was and that’s also extremely frustrating. I know it’s not my phones fault because my mom has the same issue. Another thing is what happened to the story pins? I liked how we could tap through each of the slides and go to the next one or whatever. Now it’s like five different videos in one pin that take forever to load. I love watching tik Toks on Pinterest but lately half of them have said audio not available in this region and that is so annoying. It wasn’t like that before. Why’d it change? Now I’m trying to post my own pins again and they won’t show up in the created section of my profile. I love Pinterest but it’s getting frustrating
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3 months ago, Sleazy weasel
Real time decay
I’ve been a Pinterest user since 2011 so I’ve seen all of the changes of the app for over a decade. Usually the updates Pinterest made in the past has been for the better and I believe that is why they have been able to keep up with the ever changing social media landscape. However, in the past few years they have gone too far. The thing that bothers me the most is that I never get update about the people I follow anymore. I never seen them in my home feed or my notifications, so I don’t know what they are pinning so it makes following people moot because the homepage has become for suggested pins and pinfluencers. And I don’t my the pushing of influencers and suggested pins I just wish we would also be able to see the people we follow. Getting rid of the follow tab was a bad move. Second, when I search for something it doesn’t show me pins based on what I search but rather it shows pins from topics that I’ve already looked at. As a result, I’m less inclined to use pinterest, because it just doesn’t function anymore. It’s sad because it used to be my favorite social media app with the other’s not even coming close. And not only for me but my friends as well. It was a way for us to bond and share ideas to each other. But now I don’t even know if any of us use it as much. I would love an new update where they correct these things but I don’t see that happening so until then I’m just not going to use the app as much as I did.
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3 months ago, l4rk_
Weird lasso outline now
Ive used pinterest for years, never had a problem with it, absolutely love it. But just a week or so ago my phone had updated the app and now every time i click on a pin whatever is the focal point of the image gets outlined by this little dashed line for a couple seconds and goes away. I know that sounds like not to big an issue but it seriously obstructs the whole feel of pinterest😅 After a while of clicking through pins it gets extremely irritating seeing it outline something on literally every single pin i click on. I do not need every object in an image outlined. I dont need the focal point of a painting outlined. This doesnt imrove the user experience in any way. This feature could already be accessed before with the little scissor and search icons in the bottom right of the pin, at least then it was in our control and we could choose whether or not we want it to pop up. Ive searched up on multiple sites, looked to see if anyone else had this problem and apparently its been going on couple months now. It wouldn't be too bad if there was a way to turn it off but so far no one has found a lasting solution. Please fix this pinterest! I have loved this app for a long time now but i find myself using it less and less with this new update.
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2 years ago, AnniferBananifer
Please stop changing things
I’ve loved the Pinterest app for years, but I’m so tired of the updates ans redesigns. This used to be such an accessible platform for people of all ages and backgrounds, and now it feels like you guys are just pandering to young people (and I say this as someone in her 20s). My feed and searches are littered with stolen TikToks which is just annoying. I like seeing SOME TikToks and other short-form clips mixed in with more traditional posts, but now it’s like 90% of what I’m seeing on my dashboard. Sometimes I search for things and get literally nothing but TikToks, other times I don’t get any, and it just seems like a half-baked pointless algorithm. Can’t we just go on TikTok if we want to look at TikToks? Then there’s the features that keep disappearing even though we were all using them. You took away the option to like pins, and now we can’t post pictures of our tries? I loved that feature. In fact it was one of my favorite parts of using Pinterest, getting to share how things turned out and see how other people did. Why take that away?? And the ADS. By golly it feels like I can’t scroll down an inch without getting an ad. Is anyone reading these reviews? I feel like we’re all saying the same things and nothing ever changes. I miss the old Pinterest. It was better, and I feel confident in saying that because it’s being echoed all around me. Please listen to your user base!
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2 years ago, ✨Ravenclaw✨
Am addicted to this app, but was better before
I love this app and I am honestly on it way to much😅However, I hate that they took away the tried section on pins. We can l No longer post picture or videos in the comments. In my opinion, that was one of the best features. I loved putting my art in there and getting advice and seeing others and giving advice. It’s also fun to see people try singing videos and such. I wasn’t allowed to post and a lot of people are the same way, so that’s a way to share that isn’t actually posting. I understand what issues can occur, such as bad or inappropriate photos, but you can’t really escape that. There’s a reason reporting comments is a thing. Another thing, the home feed is always refreshing without me wanting it to. I will see a pin that looks really interesting and go to tap it but it will refresh randomly without me even swiping down and I lose it forever. Very frustrating. Other than that, I love this app. Edit: each update brings more issues lol. Not the report/edit/delete button on comments is gone. And I keep finding profiles of pedophiles and I try to report but the only option is for spam. I report anyways but I would like more options for reporting profiles like on comments. Still want picture comments back
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2 years ago, PlayerButterfly
It’s a great app but please stop taking away features!
I’ve used the app for years, and it’s great, but PLEASE stop taking away features. Where you can “try” pins or comment with a photo has been removed, and it’s annoying. One of the original things from Pinterest were that you could “try” things in the comments. Or even just put a specific reaction picture. Seeing people try and recreate crafts and projects or funny reaction pictures feels like it was the point of the comment sections- to discuss the pin. Long story short it’s a feature that shouldn’t have been removed. Aside from that, the updates to the comment sections as a whole haven’t been my favorite. The new “react” feature seems a bit pointless; in the past you could like a comment and it was simple. There was a number of people that liked it and a heart lit up when you liked it. The new feature not only shows other people’s reaction in color- it only changes to “loved” or “helpful” in a dull color, which makes it really hard for people with poor eyesight, dyslexia, etc to discern which comments they have reacted to (since they are already in color) The helpful option as opposed to the loved option makes sense, but it seems more trouble that it’s worth. In short, the lack of commenting with pictures and the reaction mechanics need work. Otherwise, it’s a great app.
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4 months ago, marisdjjshshs
Driving away your users
The new policies and using ai to monitor the platform is causing so many people to either lose their accounts from faulty reports or consider leaving Pinterest entirely. The new CEO wants it to be a shopping site which isn’t even the reason why Pinterest grew so popular in the first place, and now there’s an insane amount of scammy ads which just makes it difficult to use. You don’t have to be experienced in marketing to understand that frustrating and ignoring the needs of your audience is actually gonna cause you to lose money as a company, because people will just end up deactivating their accounts if they haven’t been auto-banned already. Just from taking a few minutes to read through the r/pinterest subreddit I found so many people who are struggling with the exact same things I am. And I mean HUNDREDS of people talking about how completely normal, safe, appropriate pins they’ve saved have been removed because, guess what, ai can’t correctly or accurately tell the difference between normal/sfw and explicit/harmful content. Not that the CEO cares though since he’s been deleting people’s comments with complaints on Twitter. If things don’t change for the better, chances are Pinterest will lose a lot of users and therefore lose revenue from getting too greedy, which I’d hate to see because I used to love the platform. Stop relying on tech bros and ai systems and start actually caring about the people who support you as a company.
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5 months ago, shmooglyboogly
Love everything except the amount of ads
I love Pinterest so much! It is such a wonderful app that evokes creativity and it is such a positive social media platform. There are many cool features and I love how each person’s feed is now even more reactive to what you click on and view, leading to better recommendations for what should be viewed next. The one problem I have is there is a bucket load of ads! They seemed to have popped up out of nowhere one day and it is almost unbearable. Sometimes I will get so frustrated with the ads that I will stop using the app in that moment. My home feed is probably 40% recommended pins and 60% ads. If you want to swipe to look through pins, you will come across these ads that have a carousel of images within the ad so you have to swipe nearly six times before you can go back to looking at pins. It is really annoying how Pinterest used to be a nice, aesthetic, simple app but now you are bombarded with ads the moment you open the app. It was honestly really disappointing how there is an excessive amount of ads popping up when I just want to scroll through my home feed, but I keep getting ads for brands that don’t even relate to what I am remotely interested in or looking at. I love Pinterest, but I feel like they should fix this issue.
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5 years ago, Beachinnbum
Pinterest user since 2011
I can’t imagine not having Pinterest. I could be without all other websites and social media, but the creative side of me needs my Pinterest fix. I’m able to organize all of my ideas which is great for me because my mind runs 90mph with these ideas every day either way. I love my secret boards. I love trying new things. This year I have a new raised garden bed and redoing my front yard. One of my favorite things about it is that I can make Pinterest my MAIN Wishlist/Registry I don’t have to make a bunch of different registries for events... I can add people to a board and pin things from ANY website. So I don’t have to remember all those passwords for those individual sites. (Example: You’re having a baby and want to have a Target Registry, Babies R Us Registry, Buy Buy Baby Registry, etc etc...) Instead of doing them all separately you can just pin all the products you want from those websites directly to ONE BOARD on Pinterest. You can add your friends and family to the board or you can just send them your board link. They can follow the link and look at everything you’ve pinned in one place and make a purchase. You don’t need to create registries anymore. Everything I need is available on Pinterest. Thanks y’all!
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12 months ago, pc193
Devolving into every other socials app
Pinterest is such a gem of an app and has been for over a decade but as of late you can tell that they’re headed towards turning into just an other content recycling app like everything else. I love Pinterest because their algorithms GOT me and I’d see or be suggested stuff that I wouldn’t ever find anywhere else, whereas instagram would just show me the same thing a million times over. But now it feels like I’m just getting my instagram feed on Pinterest. My home feed will quickly turn into an amalgamation of the last few things I pinned or searches and not actual topics or boards that I follow anymore. Not to mention the ADS my god no app shows me more ads concurrently than Pinterest does and I HATE it. This morning I was scrolling and I had 5 different ads in a ROW it completely ruins the user experience and makes me just close out of the app instead cause why in gods name would I want to scroll through a feed where the ad to content ratio is 1:1 or sometimes even 2:1. It’s greedy. This app really did used to be one of the great creative resources of the internet and there still is so much that’s good about it but if every platform tries to turn into instagram or tik tok then eventually only one app is going to come out on top and I can promise you it’s not going to be Pinterest if they keep this up.
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3 years ago, Melisska72
Bring back “Search By Board”!!
I’ve used Pinterest for years and love the ability to be able find ideas & inspiration! I mainly use the mobile version of Pinterest because of how smooth and effortless it is (along with the fact I’m always on my phone!) and I find that just searching for terms doesn’t yield varied results, so about 90% of my time I search things and select “view by board” to browse the collections other people have made! Being able to see other people’s “finds” or their own uploads is a perfect way to fill up my own boards. If I wanted to search for a certain aesthetic or look for certain types of recipes for example, how else would I find good boards to follow so that I can see their posts in my feed? However, when I last updated it, the feature that allowed us to search by board on mobile is gone!! I can’t even hit a picture and be able to trace it to the boards it shows up on. All the pins on my main feed I can’t even see where they came from. I expand my results not by hoping Pinterest’s own algorithms pick up what they think I want to see, but by what boards and pinners I follow!! Please bring this back! The fun of Pinterest is in cultivating all kinds of resources or pictures in one place, what good is that if I can’t even have the option to view the ones others have made?
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6 years ago, Kahleelee
ALL Ads & Algorithm. NO (real) friends
The Sponsored Pins are out of control. I see sponsored content more than I see my own friend’s post (and I mean face-to-face friends). On multiple occasions the sponsored posts have opened without any intentional interaction on my part; just from my scrolling through the app or when searching for something. But I have to put an effort just to see what an individual friend’s personal activity/recent pins. I feel like a creep. And now I’m getting told “Hire an interior designer from [sponsor]” when I’m just tryna look at a bookcase! That’s too far. I’ve been on Pinterest since it’s was invite only and now it’s overcrowded with multi-level marketing schemes and aggressive sponsored ads posing as real pins. I miss seeing my REAL life friend’s posts, not just what some AI algorithm thinks I want. And what’s up with the pop-up asking “did you find what you were looking for?”, why do you need an answer when I don’t even know what I was looking for? It’s just as uncomfortable as having a sales associate invading your personal space and following you around the store tryna make a sale sell when you’re just trying look around. That behavior is what keeps people from making a purchase or coming back again. Now I’m concerned with how my data is being used. Don’t pull a Facebook Pinterest, I’d hate to see you go down like them and lose the trust of your users.
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4 years ago, WonderGround13
Long-time user but hate some of the updates
I’ve loved Pinterest since a friend got me onto it, it’s perfect for my writing work and image references. I’ve stuck it out through the rough patches cause it’s just that handy. Small things here and there I can live with, but the most recent update has got things going pretty screwy and making it hard to use the mobile app. The most recent update took away the side-scrolling alphabet letter list on the board selection. I have A LOT of boards spread across TWO accounts, and I tend to move very fast when I get on a spree. And when I say a lot, I mean I’ve tapped out at the original board count before and i just keep going up! So you can imagine how time-consuming it is to have to manually scroll through Ever. Single. Board. to find the one I want to pin to. Please bring that back. Also, on the mobile app, the board selection tab while pinning is slippery AF. It’s so incredibly difficult to manually scroll cause the list keeps trying to slide itself closed at the bottom when I scroll up. If I’m trying to access boards not already in the top three selection, just throw the whole list open and keep it in place until the user closes it themselves, don’t let it go trying to close at it scrolls up or not open all the way when I’m trying to scroll down.
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4 years ago, Barbqman
Can only tell tech support about listed problems
Pinterest is pretty good unless something isn't working right, but just try to tell them something is wrong if it doesn't happen to be one of the very few problems they've decided to list on their help page. Apparently, Pinterest thinks everything is perfect and any difficulties are user problems because the available options are only about how to use it right. There seems to be no email address, etc. to which to send problems that they don't want to hear about. Well, too bad. Here's a maddening problem: If you are viewing anything that has to do with Taste of Home recipes after a minute or so a T of H ad will appear on the left and a larger one on the right. Together these block out a significant part of the screen. (I'm using an iPad 2 Air with iPadOS 14.2). You can close the ad on the left by touching the X in the upper right hand corner and it goes away completely. However, the larger one on the right simply turns off the ad and leaves a big white rectangle where the ad used to be, which continues to obliterate the same amount of the page as the ad did. There's no way to get rid of the white box. This does appear to be a problem with the app since the ads don't even appear on the T of H web page. Drives me crazy...almost as crazy as not being able to find a way to report the problem!
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3 years ago, jtysonwilliams
Disappointed with moves away from original product
Pinterest continues to make more changes that move the app further and further away from why I use it: to find, save, and share ideas. I finally decided to write this review because the primary “+” button now isn’t for pins but for Instragram-like “stories”. Now you have to hunt to find the right “+” button under profile to add a pin from a website. Additionally, users no longer have control to edit the title and description of pins. Just notes to self or comments. I used to use this heavily for describing my modifications to recipes or notes on what I’d like to do on a particular project with my wife. The loss of control is frustrating. Lastly, Instagram’s approach to advertisements is anti-customer. I understand the need to monetize, but PLEASE don’t make the interaction so challenging that it “traps” your users in the ad. Two examples of this: 1) you can’t swipe down to dismiss an ad like you do any other pin - you have to reach up to the top-left of your screen and tap on the small back arrow, and 2) swiping up opens the ad instead of showing similar content - so then you have to tap “done” and the back arrow to get back to normal content. Instead, you should make the interaction/navigation similar to all other content. Your ads are “landmines” and I get so frustrated when I tap on one. Doesn’t have to be that way.
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3 years ago, Nikki7891
Why?! With the ads, no ad free version and now you change the saving options!
I have been so disappointed and frustrated by the ads, especially the video ads! First people who have visual problems there should be a way to at least turn off the motion of the ads, like an accessibility feature! Then before I even scroll down there are three ads a page if not more! I wish there was at least a paid version for people who really dislike the ads taking over Pinterest. This has almost put me over the edge with giving up on this app. Now worst of all you incorporate an unorganized button in the exact spot as the old save button... why?! The entire point of Pinterest is organizing a catalog of things you like. Why create a board that is unorganized and if it’s really for quick saves then MOVE THE BUTTONS! Leave the normal save button when you chose a board then hit save and switch the new “chose a board” button to the QUICK SAVE BUTTON! Don’t change the entire way to save pins based off of this new quick save feature!! Add a button and leave the original way to save untouched. Please at least create an option to turn off quick save option in settings!! Also a paid version for ad free or at very minimum an accessibility feature for vision impaired individuals for the movement of all the video ads!!! Please, please consider this or I’m unfortunately going to have to give up on Pinterest. Thanks for any consideration.
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1 year ago, dogwold
Great App, Unsolved Issue
I have used this app for a long time to love it, I used to use it for almost everything. You can find different things for it, like, clothing, food, hairstyles, nail inspo, shoe inspo, almost everything. But then I got this thing a while back about “Teen Safety” something about how your account is private if you’re under 16. Which, I understand, I understand the thing that if you’re a minor then of course, make the account private, but to deactivate a specific BOARD, is petty. It wasn’t used for anything bad, it was just for my friend and me to save random memes that we thought were funny. But then out of the normal Pinterest decided to make it non-accessible. I was shocked and honestly worried that it might lead to my whole account being deactivated, which I then decided to contact them about. And I haven’t been happy with the app since. I got pretty angry with it too. It happened to my friend’s account too. She couldn’t reach my new account or my old one. I wasn’t able to do the same either. It was a really random thing too, we haven’t done anything out of the community guidelines or terms and conditions, and we didn’t break any rules. Then Pinterest decides to do this, it was petty as heck. I didn’t understand it and I still don’t. If my issue isn’t fixed then it isn’t, but if it is then great. Thank you.
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3 years ago, Khtgshchfybcd
This app needs to fix safety issues for minors ASAP
Overall, this app is really great and I love Pinterest. While for a long time Pinterest was mainly for a certain crowd (almost all adults) sharing recipes, crafts, and similar, there’s been a wider variety of content including memes, fandom stuff, tiktoks, etc. which have a much younger crowd. This isn’t a problem in itself, especially since they don’t interact much due to the algorithms. However, some things about this concern me A LOT regarding the safety of kids. I see a lot of kids posting photos and videos of themselves in reaction to content and this has me scared for them. Not just teenagers, but CHILDREN. Really young children. Ive seen so many times kids giving out their age and location in the comments for everyone to see!!! This is dangerous and there isn’t any way to report this either!!! I understand that there is no way to completely prevent kids from being on this app, but there needs to be ways to prevent kids from posting information and photos and videos of themselves in the comments like they are. The ability to react to posts like this is great if it were just adults sharing recipes, but this NEEDS to be addressed. As someone who grew up on the internet unmoderated, I had to discover the hard way how creepy some people are. I was lucky to not have had anything major but I could easily see some creep pretending to be 14 or something and messaging these kids.
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4 years ago, 77 and still learning
Open mind
As a retired educator of 44 years I have felt bad about students not learning the “basics”. I am a firm believer in lifetime learning however and have found the internet, especially Pinterest and u tube to be an amazing resource. My hobbies include woodworking, welding, customizing autos, boats, motorcycles, oil painting, silversmithing, etc. no day passes that I do not find something valuable. After camping and hunting for a lifetime I am shocked about how many tips I find to make these hobbies more comfortable or economical. Think about being turned around in the woods or a city. Ask seri and you can get out the most isolated spot. Drive along and see a sign in Spanish or some other language and you can get a translation, The benefits are endless and Pinterest is a wonderful tool. The biggest problem I had with public school students was the question “where are we going to use this?” If you are in an unsatisfactory, dead end job then education is the rescue. Education does not have to be classical academic. It can be welding, home building, concrete work, electrical, auto repair, beauty school, or what ever you are interested in. Pinterest can answer a lot of questions about whether to proceed into a field. Keep an open mind!
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5 days ago, Loleona
BOOOOOOOOO (these specific things)
OKAY first things first i adore this app. i’ve loved it for as long as i’ve known it. however….. some more recent features (or glitches you could say) have made it difficult to use the app & love as much as it deserves. okay now for the nitty gritty things that are not to my liking (AT ALL). when i’m posting pins & my MUSIC STOPS PLAYING. please please please don’t make my music stop i’m begging. pinterest + music = god tier. if you take away the music from that mix everything just falls flat. i’ve used this app for years & have never had that problem so i’m very much sad about this new development. it’s made me cut back in posting/using the app tremendously. now another thing that has made me lose interest in the app (i have loved in the past dearly) is when i post certain pictures (not sure if there’s a correlation in the pictures for it to do this or not) & it will flip it upside down???? or alter the picture by zooming in or something. super funky & took me a while to figure out nothing i did would fix the picture in the app so i had to screenshot the picture the original way & use the screenshot to post. unfortunate loophole i had to use. please please fix these things for your loyal & loving fan, L. please hear my pleading pinterest.
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2 years ago, Fefe and sherl
Just a couple things need fixing :)
I absolutely love Pinterest, I’ve used it for years. The only reason I’m giving it a 4 instead of 5 stars is that recently (meaning a few weeks ago) I realized I can no longer “try pins”. At first I just thought it was a little glitch but seeing as other people have updated the app and said the option is gone is kind of a bummer. I mean, Pinterest is an idea app and a diy place where you share your ideas and how they turned out with other people. How are you supposed to show how it turned out without the try pin? I’d love it if this feature came back. Another thing that disappointed me was that I saw another review saying the sections inside of boards were taken away? Of course, this review was left a year ago but still, I’ve been hesitant to even update my Pinterest in case this is still happening. I use sections inside all of my boards because sometimes I’ll have a board for my house but I section them off from bedroom, bathroom, etc. and it’d be really difficult to find what I’m looking for if that’s taken away. Anyways, I know I just went on and on about all the things I wish could be fixed but honestly it’s not that much and I really do love Pinterest, it’s my favorite app. :)
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1 year ago, 🌸✨Cookie✨🌸
New update ruins people’s hard work
can no longer check out the videos my sister has created, nor can her followers, in fact we can’t even see the names of the profiles we’re following under 16! They barley exist! My sister has worked very hard on her content, taking over an hour to create a video from start to finish. This new update has taken away the joy of posting videos, people no longer being able to view her hard work and ideas. Even though she is set in business account, there is no point in having a business account when they too (under 16) are revealed with the same consequences. In all desperateness, we tried changing the age of her account to 16+, but in the settings she can no longer even change the age! What?! I am not only speaking from the voices of my sister and her friends, but the thousands of young content creators who no longer have a public profile and have no more motive for Pinterest. I acknowledge that Pinterest is caring for the safety of teens and I deeply appreciate it, but this is not the solution. If there isn’t an update soon, her, along with some friends may cease the use of Pinterest and switch over to a platform such as tiktok that allows her to post all of her ideas and creations which bring her much joy. If you have came to the end, I give thanks for your reading. Pleas to reconsider the update.
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7 years ago, happy65390
Used to love it
This used to be one of my favorite apps. I got my husband hooked on it as well. But now it seems that ads are taking over. Too many buyable pins that have nothing to do with anything I’ve ever looked at or saved. And way too much pornography for a site that claims they don’t allow it. I highly doubt that a picture of a naked woman with her legs spread and that links to a xxx site is considered “art”. I agree that in artistic instances nudity would be acceptable, but on a site that I am supposed to be able to hand my phone over to my child to play on, these things shouldn’t be on there. I get that it’s the same risk you run with using the net, but these things show up in home feeds when you’ve never looked at anything remotely close to it. My husband showed me a funny gun meme and as her scrolled through the “more like this” several naked women came up. If the pinning rules aren’t going to be enforced, there should be some sort of family filter you can click on. I’ve also noticed over the past couple days, my husband has a recents tab in his boards page that I don’t have. This is actually pretty handy if I’ve looked at something but didn’t pin. Seems like if I try to go back and find something I’ve seen earlier in the day, it’s impossible to find again. With a few improvements and enforcements it could be better.
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4 months ago, OutOfYourLeague;)
ok. usually when apps companies update their app it gets better. NOT PINTEREST APPARENTLY!!!! i cant message people through the app anymore, nor can i see my followers. and some of my friends and family that i follow it wont show. not even when i search for their profile. there are also many different dumb unnecessary updates, like when i post something it wont allow me to turn on comment. i’ve asked others if these things are the same for them- and surprise surprise it is. and on top of all of this it randomly turned my business account to a normal account messing up a lot of stuff i’ve been working on for months. i’m 16 years old and the terms of service says that if you’re 16 years old or older you should have control over this stuff. also they do random updates where it completely messes up my For You to just random stuff like makeup, jordans, and nail stuff, which i have never saved or marked as my interests. which there is nothing wrong with people who like that, i just personally don’t like that stuff. so why is it being recommended as the default even though i never saved anything like that? and if mark as “irrelevant to me” it still shows it. so i doubt customer service will see this, but please fix these problems. and fix them the right way. i really do love pinterest but every time they do something weird to it i start using it less and less.
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7 months ago, Adrianna_O.O_<3
Ad Overload
I will preface by saying I don’t mind ads for free apps; and I do engage & click relevant ads often for neat stuff. But within the last couple weeks the newest app updates have ruined the home feed Pinterest experience. I’ve used this app for years YEARS loved it…and have never once thought “wow I may never open this app again” after an update like I did today. Every 4th pin is followed by at least 2 back to back ads/promoted by pins, I counted…closed out of the app and counted again… 3 times. It’s ruined the feel of browsing through fun new creative ideas and slaps you in the face with irrelevant content from advertisers you don’t even want to see. 2 stars because the good content is still there, you just can’t engage or enjoy it with literal blocks of ads per scroll. I’ll check back in the next few updates but if they don’t fix this to make ads more seamless again (or at least less jarringly stacked on top of each other) then it may be time to retire this app for good. Also I NEVER write reviews, this update is definitely a way to kill your business… make the app unusable for long time platform supporters. Along with inundating discussion boards with a copy/paste PR script so obviously from marketing to try & get ahead of increased ad complaints instead of actually utilizing effective UX/I design that doesn't aggravate the nerves.
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1 year ago, Luna - San
A huge problem
Me and my friends absolutely LOVE this app. We’re always checking out each others boards, sharing pins, etc. However there’s recently been a huge issue that’s sprung up, and despite looking all over the web, no one has said a word about it. This is something me and my friends are all experiencing, so I know it’s not just me. Firstly, whenever I’ve tried to see my followers so I can go to my friends’ profiles quickly, I’m greeted with that spinning button that just keeps going. They never load, but that’s not the worst issue. The worst part is that some of my friends’ profiles appear to have been completely ERASED from the app? Yet I’ve seen them scrolling and I know their accounts are still active, but they don’t appear in my following. It says I’m following 9 people, but only 5 show up. Their accounts are not private. To one of my friends, I don’t show up for him while he doesn’t show up for me. We haven’t blocked each other. Whenever we try to send each other’s accounts through links, we’re greeted with an error message. I’ve updated the app and it’s still not fixed. Pinterest is a special app for all of us, and if I can’t even see some of my friends’ ideas, it’s just a huge bummer.
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1 year ago, welshterriersrule
Used to be my favorite app.. but now i can’t even get into it!
I got pinterest back in 2019 and started a account. i had many memories and boards and things saved. Well a week ago, pinterest deactivated both my accounts since they were linked. I Lost all access to my pinterest, board and saved. i cannot create a new account bc it doesn’t allow you if you are using the same email. now i have nothing. no way to go into pinterest, no way to see my old accounts. my personal account had so many pins and my business account have over 28k followers. i was devastated. and it’s very common. So many other have lost their account due to pinterest newly deactivating accounts. they didn’t even warn me. MY ACCOUNT WAS JUST DEACTIVATED OUT OF THE BLUE. no email to ask me to get rid of pins that went “against community guidelines” or anything. i lost everything. 5 years of pins SAVED 😣 i sent a request for wrongful termination but they haven’t responded and it’s been 7 days. Pinterest was such a positive place where i could save ideas and share ideas, now it’s not what it was like. i’m really upset. i lost my accounts, my pins and my favorite app. if you could somehow create a way to let people sign up for more than one account on the same email, that would be great! or just not deactivate so many accounts. tons of my friends lost their accounts too!
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5 years ago, Guardrock
Suggestion to the app developers
I love this app for finding and organizing all sorts of crafts, recipes, home tips, etc. but it is really irritating to continuously have a bar popping up at the top of each webpage asking if I have found what I want. Most of the time I am pulling these sites from my own saved pins so yes, I have found what I wanted because that’s why I use your app, to find what I have saved here. That, and when I am choosing a pin from a search I notice that this question bar loads before the page even loads and takes up part of the page. At that point it’s just annoying to be asked if I found what I wanted because I can’t see the webpage yet and certainly don’t know what is within the page yet to know if I did indeed find what I wanted. Please consider altering how and when you ask your users if they found what they wanted. Maybe the pop-up could be altered to only pop up when a search from the home page is done. Also, maybe change it to pop up 30 seconds after the user clicks a link so they have a chance to see what is on the page before being asked for feedback. Overall, I still love your app and use it all the time. I just want to stop seeing this pop-up every time I open a link I’ve had saved for years. Thank you.
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1 year ago, marybeth88
Love it but this update??
I love pinterest, I have been using it for years. One of my favorite features was that I could look at pins related to specific boards on the homepage. Why did ya’ll think it was a good idea to swap it for a “watch” section. Not every app has to be like tiktok. The watch section is LITERALLY tiktok. If I wanted to see those videos I would go on tiktok but I don’t because I come on pinterest to look at pretty pictures. I understand some people might like it, but it was just fine the way they showed up in the feed amongst the normal feed instead of having a tiktok only watch section. PLEASE bring back being able to swipe over and see pins related to specific boards. You do not need to be tiktok #2 EDIT: I’m glad to see you brought back the “more ideas” tabs. I wrote my last review in anger after seeing the update because I don’t like change and loved pinterest as it was. I still stand by not liking the watch section. I also don’t like that when you click on a video it brings you to a video scroll feed instead of the way it used to be. I used to watch some videos on this platform, especially to see related pins, but I will no longer be watching any in dislike of the tiktok like feed.
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2 years ago, cwsxliii
Want an app seems worthwhile but is guaranteed to inundate you with garbage on a daily basis? Pinterest is for you! Just when you think you’ve got a handle on things Pinterest’s algorithms will decide you’re really interested in something completely irrelevant. If you want to follow grown-up subjects like art or graphic design Pinterest will make sure you see nothing but fingernail painting and revolting foods. Interested in architecture? Pinterest has you covered with hundreds of pins showing home-schooling plans and dodgy financial advice. Like book design? You’ll see more hair braiding and weight-loss tips than you can shake a stick at! And the advertising! Always on target. Pinterest knows you’re sure to decide on your next car or make other major financial plans on the basis of companies they promote. You’ll see plenty of pins about vacations you can’t afford and products no sensible person would buy. But don’t bother blocking them (or anything, really) - they’ll be back next week whether you want to see them or not. And the support team TOTALLY has your back! Pinterest takes your concerns seriously, with responsive feedback that ignores your complaints, blames you for problems, and retaliates by doubling down on content you’re guaranteed not to love. Pinterest? Might as well be Insta. Or FB. Or nothing at all. P.S. All these problems are worse since I posted this review! Nice way to treat a user!
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6 years ago, crb022
Over all the stuff that I don’t follow but am forced to look at!
I use to love Pinterest. It was my favorite. I chose what I wanted to look at. Then they started changing things and changing things more and more. Made us have to look at their stupid ads and suggested posts. Now it has gotten to the point to where 90 percent of everything is ads and suggested posts-guess what I don’t want to see what you have suggested. I want to see what I want to see-what I chose to follow. There is no way to remove the crap and even if you report and remove the incessant ones, they just add that many more. Here’s a little tip-I do not want to see and have no interest in pins that are in a foreign language and I have to look at them constantly. So I’m really getting over Pinterest. Add in the fact that I can’t see who pins what anymore-I like seeing when the people I follow that I like have pinned something but now I can’t tell because it’s blank where a user use to be listed. Every update it gets worse and I find myself getting on Pinterest less and less. I am quickly losing my interest in Pinterest. They need to go back to letting people control what they look at. I could understand having some ads but the amount of content on my board that I didn’t follow has gotten way out of control. If it doesn’t get any better and I keep getting pins in foreign languages then I will just quit using it. I hope it improves soon. If not then I will stop using it.
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9 months ago, i need the old update back
Love Pinterest with all of my bones, hate update
Pinterest is the exact thing I need in my 20s to help me navigate what I like, the energy I hope to give off, and the vibe I’d like to curate as a 21 year old teenage girl. Following my nightly skin care routine, I end the day by rotting in bed, listening to the cranberries, and productively scrolling through Pinterest. It’s helped me limit my mindless scrolling on tiktok and it never fails to make me feel motivated. It is with great sadness that I give this glorious app 4 stars. The old Pinterest, let you hold down a pin you wanted to save, and seamlessly allowed you to slide your finger to save, share, etc. the pin; as if you were writing in cursive. However, the new update makes you hold down the pin, then pops up with a half screen of different options that makes you pick your finger up and choose an option; as if you were writing in print. I believe it is Pinterest’s goal to encourage a sense of order, smoothness, and consistency. This new update does not elevate this objective. It’s clunky, it’s unattractive, some (me lowkey) might even say it’s a disgrace. I need the number of the CEO I need the email of the aesthetic team whatever it’s called I need my old Pinterest back she was a sister to me please
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4 years ago, Secondwind888
The new layout is so ugly
I love this app, and have been using it for awhile. But this new update layout is very ugly, it would be great it you guys made it back to its other layout, this new layout feels pointless, and makes it harder to navigate. Edit: Now on top of the bad layout that still has not been reverted, you have gotten rid of the feature to see what boards pins are saved too, which is an awful, awful decision, as now I can’t find boards I like that help me expand my related boards. So now I just have to find profiles and hope they have stuff I like, which should NOT be how I find boards I like. These updates are ruining the app more and more and it’s making me enjoy it less and less. I could get use to the new layout, but taking away the feature to see boards that pins were saved on is crossing the line, you are making this app a hassle to navigate and you won’t even listen to anyone’s feedback no matter how many reviews and emails you get. I’m almost done with this app, I’ve given it much more time to fix than it deserves at this point and you people don’t seem to care to fix it’s horrible problems that YOU cause.
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3 years ago, almondbr1
Lost its individuality.
I always loved Pinterest since 2014 when I was 14 and I’m 21 now. Since then I’ve considered it a ‘safe place’ free from ads and the traps of marketing where I could gather ideas and get creative without the pressure of social media. I have never made a review, but this app is just too close to my heart and it hurts to see it fall down. Recently, it’s just the same as other platforms. I can now rarely find a good recipe or a creative outfit. Every other pic is an advertisement for a waist trainer or TikTok influencers. I wouldn’t mind too much if it was less frequent like it was before but now it’s every other pin. It’s distracting to the point where I can’t find any good pins. Instead of it being a curative list of pins in your style, it’s tiktoks of influencers showing you the most recent trends. I can now barely find any pins that appeal to my style. It’s all those short videos or tiktoks that are just ads. The videos distract from the picture pins so I end up not seeing what I came to Pinterest for. It’s an ad fest just like Instagram and TikTok where the strategy is to get you hooked on watching those short useless videos for hours. I deleted TikTok and Instagram for a reason, and now all apps are turning into it. Pinterest has almost completely lost its individuality and I’m sure it’s just downhill from here. It’s a shame, but if it continues this way I’ll be forced to get off of it.
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5 years ago, OrchidGirl60
High Praise, but why change the feed on ‘following’ to single pix?
I note the feed for ‘home’ is thankfully the same as before, with multiple pix across the page, but the feed for ‘following’ is single, large format pix., making it difficult to consume many photos for time spent. Please, please change this back! That said, I have been a long-time Pinterest user and have seen it go through a lot of changes. I have to say they have been pretty responsive to requests, overall. You can now opt between suggested pin feed, or feed from people you follow. You can once more arrange boards to suit. You can also choose how you want to view boards, 3 across, 4 across, or a page of small thumbnails. Also, as many Secret boards as you like. Something for everyone. It used to be far more social, as far as associating people with their pins, even when they were re-pinned...although problems sprang up with people being very protective about the artistry of their boards and discouraging people from pinning more than a few pins a day, and so things changed. I agree with many that the promoted pins can be a bit much, and I would prefer not being automatically taken to a site. Still, it is a great app and still allows for lots of creativity and enjoyment.
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5 years ago, Ima star who eats other stars
I cant see new ideas anymore, it makes me not get on this app like ever
My favorite part of this app was the fact that I could go to explore and find new ideas, hence why I always have so many boards. New ideas would pop up in the explore and i would love it and go crazy looking for new ideas from pinterest by looking through the explore every chance I got but you guys got rid of the explore. Now when i click one pin even by accident i get 50 more pins for the exact same pin. Sometimes It would be one simple recipe of pie and now i have 30 of them everyday. So then you guys created an option where I can not get specific suggestions from what I clicked but even when I unfollow what I clicked it doesnt matter because my feed is literally still exact suggestions from my boards I created. So i feel like i dont get anywhere with this app. I am literally on instagram all the time because I can see different new things not different versions of the same thing especially ones I pinned already. Its fine when im searching for something but after a while I get the point and I get off the app. I wont even bring up the ads. Sorry but Im done with this app. I sure i wont be the last. Your new users dont know what their missing but seeing the same sweater everyday will get boring for them too eventually. Bring back explore so we can see new ideas, stop thinking i want to see 80 different versions of a pink Christmas tree.
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1 month ago, iReviewer_IOS_Games~
LOVE Pinterest, it’s just SO broken
As stated in the title, I LOVE this app. It just breaks constantly while operating as normal. -I have to refresh it multiple times for an hour of usage because it gets stuck and I can’t move anything anymore. Moving pins from one board to another will only move half the pins, boards get randomly shuffled out of order, can’t save the same pin to two different sections of a board or else the second one doesn’t save unless you save it twice, and generally a lot of error messages for normal operations. -The flagging system also needs an overhaul. I’m an artist and I save a lot of pose references. They’re usually “nude” figures but not explicity and constantly get removed for nudity/sexual content when there isn’t any. They can be appealed and reinstated and while most are, I get radio silence from a lot of appeals with no yes or no answer. Some appeals don’t even go through. Some pins don’t get the option of appeal and the one-time links never open properly. -Overall, wonderful app and I would give five stars if it didn’t have so many software issues. They have weekly updates to “polish” with buf fixes and performance improvements, but they need way more than polishing to fix these problems.
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