myQ Garage & Access Control

4.8 (1.7M)
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Current version
The Chamberlain Group, Inc.
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for myQ Garage & Access Control

4.76 out of 5
1.7M Ratings
3 years ago, J Flow Consulting
Smart technology without breaking the bank
I have been a user on the MyQ device for over a year and very minimal issues. Like any technology it is important to clear out the cache by simply unplugging the unit for at least one minute and let it cycle through on power up for up to five minutes to aquire signal to your WiFi network. I highly suggest that a mesh network such as Eero is the best way to expand your connection points in any size home to create a reliable signal from your modem to the master router. Lastly; like any smart home devices, the more devices demanding from your connection points the larger the bandwidth or internet plan is needed from your provider. At my home I use Gigablast which provides plenty of speed with plenty of bandwidth to support all my devices connected to my WiFi Eero mesh network. Expand your network, expand or upgrade your internet plan and all your smart home devices should have very little issues. I really enjoy MyQ and the excellent app that makes the whole system work flawlessly. It has reminders and notifications as to when your garage door opens and closes. With your bluetooth on you can control the garage door anywhere and anytime. You can setup temporary users if you have tenants, restrict access to users and monitor your garage door with additional garage camera that Chamberlain has available as an addition to their store. 5 stars all the way!
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2 years ago, Mr. Brsky
Had some difficulty getting opener to connect to wi fi. After several attempts still no luck. Gave up frustrated and decided it wasn’t worth the effort. Months later I decided to try to connect again and still no luck. Now I have decided I’m going to figure this out one way or another. Folks, I’m not tech savvy if you haven’t already figured that out and I normally don’t accept defeat and call customer support. This time would be no different. I read all the directions instead and discovered I needed a wi fi extender because of the distance from my router to the opener. Purchased the wi fi extender for about $30 and installed it between my router and opener and followed instructions from there and was able to connect up and it works exactly as advertised. My garage is detached from my house so I it is very convenient at times to go to my phone which is always on me to open or close door instead of manually going over to push control button or carrying around a separate remote. It works well and is convenient. Also the backup battery helped when we lost power a while back. I highly recommend this product for residential use.
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5 years ago, Bk Sloper
It’s great as an additional remote but...
The MyQ smart system is very helpful because I only have the two keychain remotes that came with Chamberlin’s kit. I had no physical switch outside the garage door to open it and I have no doorway access from inside the house. That meant some unneeded exercise if I forgot to hit the remote inside my house (the other one of course, is in the car). I would have to climb back up two flights to hit the button. So it’s handy as an additional remote by using the MyQ app on my phone. But I found out the hard way that the app sometimes freezes once it leaves your home wifi and before it picks up your cell network. In one case, I was riding in my wife’s car and when we drove away, the app indicated that the garage door was open. However, the app was frozen and I couldn’t close the garage from 3 blocks away (and even the physical remote wouldn’t have worked that far away). We had to circle back(and it turned out the door was open). I got out and hit the button inside the garage. When I got back in the car I looked at the app. It was working again since my phone was picking up my home WiFi. This is something that needs to be addressed in a future software update. The app will be useless if it only operates in the same proximity as a push button remote. I do appreciate that it indicated that the door was open so I could return to close it. But, I shouldn’t have had to do that, right?
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4 years ago, NoahL75
You must start over if you change your password - app needs better instructions
My initial installation worked just fine so I know I have everything set up correctly. However, after I changed my wifi password and tried to update my app to the new password, it would never connect. I expected the app to find my wifi signals because I have 4 strong signals. In fact, there are dozens of wifi signals in my neighborhood, and none of them were visible in this application, except the My Q wifi signal, during the connect phase of the installation process. 19 Feb 20 update: I have discovered that whenever you change your wifi password, you must use the Black Adjustment Button on the motor housing to erase your wifi network and start over as if it is a brand new installation. In other words, once you connect to a wifi network for the first time, you will never see any other wifi networks in the app. The application should include a note with this key piece of information for people who routinely change their wifi passwords for security reasons. It probably also applies if they upgrade their routers. The instruction manual should also be updated to inform customers that you must erase your wifi network from the garage door opener and start over if you change your password or router. I thought you could just enter ‘learn’ mode, re-select your wifi network and update the password. You can’t.
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1 year ago, Blackonitwitch
Asks me to resign in
Don’t need to be fiddling with an app when trying to get on the road. Randomly just forced me to re-sign in on my way out, and it took a while because I make all of my passwords randomized due to security reasons. It should not be asking me to sign in again for any reason when I’m trying to get back in or leave. It takes two taps to open or close the garage door after opening the app. Wish there was an option to press it once, or toggle that option. Would also be nice to have a widget or option for quick access bar on iOS. Lastly, I see no option to turn off the obnoxiously loud beeping noise it makes when it’s closing. There was one instance where the app just completely got stuck in an unresponsive loop where it wouldn’t respond to anything, door opening, etc. There also isn’t an option to set the garage door to close after a certain amount of time has passed when using the app to open. So if I come home, use the app in my car to open the door, I can’t tell it to automatically close after 2 mins. I never tested to see if it will eventually close, but I see no option to adjust or turn on that feature at all. Beyond that, the app is a useful way of remotely opening and closing the door. It’s just missing a surprising number of basic features that would make this a true smart app.
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4 months ago, awsnyde
Pretty Good; Slight Improvements Could Make It Better
More like 4-1/2 stars. The app is very good, and has a surprisingly good and clean user interface, and UI/UX design is a difficult area of computer science that combines science with art that most companies have a very difficult time getting right, so kudos to the developers. It just works too, and I’ve had no issues with the app. However, I did have issues getting my outside keypad to stay connected to wi-fi. That’s not the fault of the app, of course, but a slight improvement to the app could make fixing wi-fi issues easier: Add to the app the information on the IP address and/or MAC address of each Liftmaster/Chamberlain device that’s been added. At the moment, for some devices my mesh router is not showing the names of the devices, but only what the name of the manufacturer of the device’s internal wi-fi card, and that is true for some of the MyQ devices. My outside keypad needs to be locked to the mesh access point that I’ve added in the garage, and it would be useful to do the same for the Liftmaster opener as well, but I haven’t been able to figure out what device on my mesh network is the opener. Being able to see the IP address or MAC address would fix that problem, and should be a *really* easy update to the app.
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3 months ago, GrrrNicknames
Convenience with a fatal flaw
This app is convenient to use to control my garage doors. However, they are missing a critical design element. I have settings each night to close both doors at a certain time. This is where the problem comes in. If something happens to prevent a door from closing, there is no way to make it notify you. I searched Google for a solution (others have this same beef) and have tried different options, but none of them work. So I can get notified if my door is open for a certain amount of time, but not that my automatic action failed? There are 4 kids in my house who are outside a lot, but instead of this automatic feature being a convenience, I have to check every night to see whether the close worked, or close it myself. It’s almost worse to have something that works 85% of the time, unless a bike doesn’t get pushed in all the way, or a ball rolls in the way, and I’m not perfect, so over the course of 3 years there have been several nights where a garage door has been left open all night when I did not realize it. If they had this one basic feature, I would rate the app five stars, because I do like the ability to open and close my doors from my phone or to check that they’re open or closed at any time. Those are the nice parts of it. But the lack of failure notification sets it back a lot.
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5 years ago, M1ndnumb1ng
After a couple of months this still works flawlessly.
I read all of the negative reviews on this MyQ wifi sensor and garage door opener. I set up a mesh network to assure excellent connectivity. I set up a motion sensor activated camera in my garage to verify proper operation. I installed the sensor top center of my garage door. I installed the wifi sensor/operator within the required range of my garage door opener and followed the set up requirements step by step. I do not use this with a whole house network as that takes another step and monthly payments for some company to make my phone have one less app (lame). Since install I have had zero issues. We have lost power and had several brown outs during a couple of tropical storms with no issue. My son is 10 and the last to leave in the morning, so I had to set something up to assure that my garage door was closed after the little dude rolled out to school. It turns out that he always remembers to close the garage door, but my 14 year old daughter....not so much. Buy this thing and remember, without suitable wifi and correct instillation, it is your fault that this doesn’t work.
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10 months ago, Cindyrella 7767
Love App & Product
I love the ability to see when the door opens/shuts and if we forget our keys when we run to the pool or if we want to walk neighborhood; we can just walk off and shut it with Apple Watch or iPhone and if a neighbor calls and says our garage is open we can shut it from anywhere as well as away from the home. I don’t have to go to the garage to manually/shut. We have been able to also share the app/set up codes for guests and contractors doing work who only need short time or one time access to the home/garage. Definitely a plus when wanting to track who is coming and going. Cameras are great for this as well but we like that we actually get the notification that the garage itself was accessed so then we know if we aren’t/we’re not expecting someone we can verify via the cameras we have installed. Would be great for elderly who live alone for their caretakers and family to help ensure they are safe24 hours or know when they come and go to ensure it’s them and not strangers or danger occurring.
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2 years ago, thumperdisney
Bad programming
I have a solid wifi network with mesh pods that were literally installed just to improve the signal in my garage. I have two myQ devices, one door opener that has wifi built in and one for door opener wifi adapter. Both sold by chamberlain for their garage doors. My first complaint is that neither device has an Ethernet option, this is ridiculous. Any device that isn’t mobile in nature should have an Ethernet port if it’s going to connect at all. The wifi is nice for people who don’t know how to run a wire or set up a proper network but for those of us that can handle basic networking the Ethernet option is a MUST HAVE V as it eliminates all the wifi problems. My second complaint is that the app has no way to check for a possible firmware update for either device or any way to contact customer service. My third complaint is that the door opener adapter never tries to reconnect to the wifi of it drops connection so if any wifi outage the door opener will NOT reconnect automatically when services are restored, this is just bad programming and should be fixed with a simple firmware upgrade that has a disconnected device try to reconnect every 30 minutes but again, no way to tell if they’ve created a firmware upgrade or not.
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3 years ago, JR981879
Alert when garage door left open
This would be an EASY 5 star review *IF* there were an alert function when the garage door is left open. If someone forgets to close the garage door when leaving, the only way to know is to have notifications set for every time the garage door is both opened *and* closed, and to check every time the door is opened to confirm it’s closed, and if the door doesn’t alert closed after it was opened then you know it wasn’t closed. This is a design flaw in my opinion. There should be an option to set an alert to receive a notification after the door has been open for a specific amount of time. I’m dinging the app review down to 3 stars because I think this is a pretty big flaw. I will change my review to 5 stars if the alert issue is corrected. Other than the lack of notification when the garage door is left open, the app is easy to use, installation was a breeze (after realizing the “learn” setting on my Liftmaster required a double tap of the learn button), and I even added a second door sensor so both my bays are covered. Functionality and performance are excellent. Overall I highly recommend this product/app.
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4 years ago, Robny2336555
Does what it's supposed to. App could use some feature enhancements
App does what it's designed to do. Opens and closes doors and provides a visual status when the app is open. Nothing more useful than that. Currently you can send an alert based on time only. ... (I.e. if door is opened or closed for x time send an alert). There is no way to send an alert based on a condition... (when the door is open send an alert every hour...IMO it would be significantly more useful). If you want to be notified every hour the door is open, you need to create one rule for every hour, for each door. (No way to copy rules from one door to another). If you want to be notified every hour the door is opened for the next 8 hours you'll need 8 rules for each door, and have to manually create all 24 rules, One at a time. There is also guest access that allows you to provide a limited number of guest users access to the app. Currently, there is no way to receive an alert if one of the guests opens or closes a door. I don't need an alert every time I open a door, but it would be nice if I were notified that someone with guest access opened the door. Even the history does not indicate how (or who) opened the door. It just indicates "opened."
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1 year ago, Scooter7777
New useless feature
This has been a great app and we use it to manage 4 doors. Recently they changed a feature that was really valuable and made it almost useless. We used to be able to get a warning when our garage door was open too long in case someone forgot to close it. This save us from frozen pipes,stolen goods etc. they changed it to now tel. You when the door has been closed for the same amount. These two are tied together and you can’t turn one off without disabling the other. The door open warning is useful and only triggered a few times a year. The door closed warning triggers every time you close the door which is several times a day and is a normal thing to do. I already have notifications when the door opens and closes. Being told the door is closed for 15 minutes is useless and scared us into thinking something is wrong. It also occurs do often we miss the real warning which is the door open too long. Please either separate the two warnings or remove the door closed warning. Why do I need to know the door has been closed for 15 minutes if I know it closed
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5 years ago, Stick Williams
Won’t stay connected
Didn’t buy the unit because of the wireless ability, but after the unit was installed I figured the connection would be handy. Installed a router extension device to insure good signal strength. Confirmed wireless signal was good, with both my iPhone as well as an Alexa unit; both indicate strong signal. So I follow the menu instructions, get the garage door opener connected to the wireless and everything looks fine. Open the garage door from the smart phone app and thought, yeah this is pretty cool. Then suddenly the signal on the app shows no connection to the wireless and the garage door no longer responds. I repeat the install procedure several more times, each time with the same result;the wireless will stay connected for maybe up to one minute and then disconnects. So I call the garage door company that installed the LiftMaster unit and they have a technician come out. After he tries and gets the same result several times he tells me that, “the wireless devices in these openers really aren’t very good, the technology is way behind the times, and you’re just not gonna be able to use the wireless feature”. End of story. WTH?? I needed a garage door opener capability for my H-D bike, so spent another 40 bucks and bought a small profile remote opener. While I don’t really absolutely need this MyQ feature, it still pisses me off that it doesn’t work.
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5 years ago, elle-jb
Works 98% of the time!
I really like it since I live in a town home and the neighbors garage is under no bedroom and so it sometimes makes it hard to decipher whose garage it is so it gives me the ease of mind that it’s not my house and I have been able to open it from work one day when someone was dropping stuff off at the house and that was awesome! I love that it was a timer and everything, there have been a few times now that forever reason it had to think about whether or not there was an internet connection with it and it couldn’t connect so I had to unplug it and reply it back I and that worked, I also reset my one garage opener for my parents house for it to do my house and their house and so now I have that as a back up, next I just need to find something similar for the front door lock with being that I like to go on walks and my car doesn’t take a key I don’t always think about my keys and I’m soon going to be a first time mom and I’m sure there will be many times that I run out the garage to walk the baby and it will be super nice to not have to worry about anything other then my phone, definitely would recommend it!
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3 years ago, BigPerm1
Great app, but needs some fine tuning.
Overall it’s a great app and does what it’s supposed to, but there are some things that need to be addressed. I’ll only focus on my major gripe. When I set a schedule for the garage door to close at a certain time, like, let’s say 9pm. The door needs to be fully open (in the app’s technical terms, for it to work) not “stopped”. Anyone in the warmer parts of the country will understand that we vent (opening the garage door about 6” to get the cooler air in) the garage door, and doing so requires you to stop it at a certain height. The problem is, the app sees it as a “stop”, and will not close it at your set time, because it’s not fully “open”. The programmers need to fix this so no matter what, it closes the door at your set time. Life gets in the way and sometimes we forget that it’s open. I don’t want to worry about forgetting to close it, no matter what. You set a close time, close the door! Don’t care if it’s all the way open, half open, or any other mathematical equation. Just set it, and walk away.
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6 years ago, Timbers2
Remote Access Very Useful
We have 2 garage door openers and a gate opener. When we first installed these about 6 months ago I was just looking for reliable equipment and thought the remote control through the AP feature was a joke. I was thinking “come on, does your garage opener really need to be hooked up to the internet “. What will they think of next - a toilet you can flush from a 1,000 miles away. Well, was I wrong. About a month after installing this equipment I decided to get the AP going. It turns out to be a very useful feature. We travel a lot and for the last 3 months we have been doing a lot of remodeling at that house. I can’t tell you how many times I have opened the gate and garage doors for workmen from 300 miles away. Every night I can check to see if everything has been closed and locked up. The AP also alerts me if I forget to close the gate or garage doors at night. A really nice safety feature. Bottom line is that it works reliably and has turned out to be one of the most useful pieces of home automation that we have.
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7 months ago, Shawna Patel
Chamberlain / Liftmaster Broke HomeAssistant Integration on purpose
They want “partners” to pay them for the privilege of letting users control their own hardware. Look up “PaulWieland/ratgdo” if your access to your own hardware was also disabled due to moves by these scoundrels. HomeAssistant is a lot faster and better in every way than MyQ for opening and closing the garage door, but Chamberlain group wants them to pay for them to stop breaking the integration even though they’re an open-source not-for-profit project. Vote with your wallet and don’t do business with these types. Now I have a garage door opener that previously worked well with my the rest of my smart home setup which is now inoperable due to incompetent management at the manufacturer, necessitating an out-of-band control board that simulates pressing the physical opener button instead of, you know, utilizing the existing onboard wifi microcontroller that used to work perfectly well with this. Lastly, I don’t understand what they’re thinking with this policy, as they’re not going to get a dime out of open-source projects, so really they’re just hurting their own reputation and users with zero potential upside / additional revenue. I hope their management reads this and changes course on this user-hostile policy.
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1 year ago, second of angle
Unreliable connectivity; not suitable for primary door opener
I got this to replace an outside keypad figuring a 21st century upgrade was in order. I have been disappointed because despite having very powerful signal in my garage from a wireless range extender that allows me to stream movies and do zoom conference calls by video in the garage, this device, and/or the app tells me it is off-line about 20 or 30% of the time. If you tried to rely on this as your primary garage door opener/controller, you would be screwed and locked out of your garage, because you cannot reset the device to get connectivity without unplugging it and plugging it back in. This device does not appear to constantly scan for the available network. It logs in once and then if it does not detect the Netwerk for a brief period of time it becomes disconnected permanently until you physically intervene. This is completely unacceptable; however, I suppose I should not be surprised at this result, when a historically hardware-producing company ventures into the software and electronics/wireless realm - we see that time and again. There will be a learning curve and Chamberlain needs to get on the steep end of it and make this device-app work reliably. And stop blaming it on wireless signal and router problems.
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3 months ago, 8knights
Good, but doesn’t work with other tech like I expected.
I’ve been using this app for many years now. It has always been very good. However, as technology has advanced, I have noticed that it now does not work with the Wink smart home hub as it did in the past. I could program the garage doors to close (not just in a schedule, as is possible on the MyQ app) on an event related basis (if/then). So if someone left the garage door open for longer than 15 minutes (or a time of my choice), Wink would order the MyQ app to close that door. Or if the garage door opened, I had it programmed to turn on specific house lights. That’s all gone now. Not sure why. I’m also not sure why they have tech for opening the door from a Tesla, or a small handful of other car manufacturers, but they don’t have compatibility with Apple CarPlay - one of the largest formats found in many car makes and aftermarket installations. These are big shortcomings. I’m hoping they will make this a better product, since they’ve already proven through past availability that it can be done.
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1 year ago, MaoTaoDesi
Good app, but missing some features
I appreciate that I can quickly open and close my garage door with this app. It also gives me peace of mind to be able to double-check that I closed the garage door. However, a key piece of functionality that this app is missing is the ability to set recurring alerts when the door is left open. Ideally, I would like to be able to set an interval - for example, “Alert me if my garage door has been open for more than 10 minutes, and then alert me again every five minutes it continues to be open.” However, I would like to be able to snooze / acknowledge these alerts if I am working in my garage. For example, maybe have a dialog that opens and says, “Your garage has been open for 10 minutes. Do you want to snooze this alert for 30 minutes, or do you want to close your garage door?” This would allow me to feel more secure in knowing that I have not accidentally missed an alert, while also giving me a level of control over the alerts so that they do not get annoying.
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4 years ago, RIchardyc
Notifications used to work perfectly, not so much now
As mentioned in above, notifications used to work, but they don’t work like they used to. For example, I have 2 notifications set up, 1 to alert me if my garage door has been opened for an hour, the other is to alert me if it has been opened for 2 hrs. So if I open the door at 8am, and close the door at 8:30am and reopen the door at 8:45am and leave it open. I would get an alert at 9am saying my garage door has been opened for an hour even though I’m reality it only has been opened for 15mins. And if my garage door is still open at 10am, I would get the alert that my door has been opened for 2 hours at 10am, I should only get the alert at 10:45am. They somehow removed the logic to reset the timer when there is a close for these alerts. The closing at 8:30am should reset the timer to 0, but it doesn’t anymore, it would mistakenly always use the 8am as the start time and ignore any closes to reset the timer. Please fix this.
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5 years ago, Galaxy Unknown
Poorly designed App not reliable
I originally gave this app 4 stars but I’m down grading to 1 star since the app works maybe 25% of the time. I keep getting close error and according to the instructions, I’m supposed to hit the manual close to reset the system. OK, that worked the first time when my cleaning staff arrived. But then it happened again after they left. I’ve had this situation 3 times since it was installed 3 weeks ago. I ended up leaving the garage door open all night last night. The app said it was open but I had a close error when I tried to close it. Also had no confidence in the app since my cleaning staff confirmed they closed the door. I Figured the app was wrong and since I couldn’t open and close due to the error I left it alone. I still think something went wrong and the door opened on it’s own since the cleaning staff were adamant they closed the door. At this point, I have no confidence in the system and am seriously considering removing it altogether. Causing more pain than help.
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4 months ago, FireLikeIYa
It needs a couple more features
The app is OK but since it is for a garage/driveway I feel it is lacking two major features. My kids play in my driveway a lot and I also work on my vehicles in the driveway. It would be nice to have a temporary pause with notifications for a selectable period of time in which notifications will then re-enable. Another suggestion is being able to adjust recording times. In the morning when I leave for work I might go out to the car a few times in a period of a few minutes. This causes multiple notifications to pop up on my phone. Or my family might run in and out of the house a few times when preparing to leave somewhere. If I have my phone connected to the vehicles radio to play music, the notifications beep can be quite unsettling. Being able to adjust recording times would alleviate this. I work with control systems on large industrial applications. Having too many alarms or notifications is not good. It causes people to ignore them. Most of the notifications with the app are due to extremely short recording times.
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2 years ago, Tayrae22
Garbage App
This app has gotten progressively worse. It is now garbage. As time passes, the app is having more and more issues. There are several times when I am having connectivity issues on the app when my Wi-Fi and phone are perfectly fine. The app becomes non-responsive. There have been times where I’ve had to sign out and sign back in just to get the app to work. There are times where the app opens and I press the button to open or close the garage and nothing happens. The latest that’s happening today is that the app opens but it will not let me sign in. I keep getting error messages. I’ve tried rebooting my phone, deleting the app and reinstalling it, and it is not working. It is absurd that a smart home device that is regularly used by people has so many issues with the app that is the main source of control of the device. When the app does work, I hate opening the app and seeing ads first thing the ads in no way, make me interested in purchasing any more products from this company. Get rid of them. I’m sure I’m not the only one who just wants a simple clean homepage for the app. Between the app, not working and the ads this will very likely be my last purchase from this company.
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4 years ago, kemlyn56
Old door upgrade
Had a 16 year old garage door that worked fine. Saw the MyQ at the big box store checked to see if my door door was compatible and it was. Took my time following the instructions at all steps. The most important piece of the install is that you have strong WiFi signal in your garage. I didn’t so I had an extra WIFI extender device and I put in in the garage then I had full signal strength. Once that was completed the remainder of completing the MyQ install was about 45 minutes. The open close log is great to see the times the door was opened and closed. By date and time. I also set up an end of day schedule to close the door each night by 10pm if it was left open. Notifications are on your phone. Another convenient feature is you can share the door operator with friends or in my case the trash service I use to in the past had to leave the side door open or pull the cans outside in front of my door. So as they say “ you can teach and old door new tricks” 😊
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5 months ago, MrOBrian
Works great, until it doesn’t
Came back to update that the Tesla integration very often breaks. It’ll just say “Error” and I have to open or close the garage using either the app or a remote. The Tesla integration is also supposed to close the door without flashing the light first, but it ALWAYS flashes the light, so I have to sit there and wait to make sure it’s going to close. I’m trying to redo the connection in my car but I just get a spinner that never goes away. Original review: This app is really nice for if you want to make sure the garage door is closed when away from home, getting notifications when it opens and closes, and even for automatic opening and closing if you have a Tesla. HOWEVER, when their servers go down, like they are right now, NOTHING WORKS. I don’t have the remote in my car anymore since my car can open and close the garage door and I have the app on my phone as backup, so I get home and the door doesn’t open, the app gives me errors, the website gives me errors. Luckily I have a keypad next to the door otherwise I’d be locked out of my house until they figured out how to have a stable system!
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2 years ago, 3I4I5R0
New feature enhancement takes me to an advertisement when I try to open garage door…
My heart skipped a beat when I heard the notification sound associated with the garage door opening and knew none of us had triggered the door to open. Had someone broke in?! A shot of adrenaline as I reached for my phone to confirm the notification. Was the door opening?! No… It was an advertisement. I ALREADY BOUGHT YOUR GARAGE DOOR OPENER. In what world do you need to advertise in this way to a customer you already succeeded in selling to? Whoever thought that was a great idea should be fired. Update1: App is still sending notifications for advertising. Update2: App still sending notifications for advertising. Update3: After recent app update with ‘feature enhancements’ now my Home shows up as usual with the garage door selections and as soon as I go to press the top door they all drop down and the topmost is replaced with an advertisement. My finger already in motion, instead of opening the door I’m taken to an advertisement. I can assure you I will never purchase anything I see as a result of this ‘feature’ and frankly we’re way past the point we’re I would ever consider recommending any product from your company.
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2 years ago, imntreble
Garage Camera Feature Doesn’t Work
For opening garage doors remotely and adding the module for my house that has an older door opener - MAGNIFICENT! I would give 5 stars. However, i added the camera to my shop with the 2 new liftmaster openers, the notifications come every 2 seconds night and day regardless of the sensitivity setting, next i will try repositioning the camera but I need the angle that covers the shop well for security. The major camera issue is trying to see the live feed when you receive the notification for movement. Forget it, the thieves will have taken everything by the time the live feed decides to show you an active image you could interact with, constant error pop-ups and the rotating circles of death while it’s thinking. I have disabled the notifications and stop trying to use it. Added note, if you can’t get the camera in live feed mode, you can’t turn off notifications! My neighbor is having a good laugh at me too... The bugs in the camera software so big you could make a science fiction movie about them. Please correct soon, I would love to update my rating and have it working, thank you.
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2 years ago, Jags gushers
Unsolicited ads get in the way.
I do like this app in general, and find it very useful. However, as of late, they have decided to start putting ads at the very top of the app in her face. What happens is when you open the app, you see your garage doors and start pressing the buttons to open them or close them. Before you can finish, pressing the button to open or close your door, their ads pop up in exactly the same spot as your top device. This causes you to mistakenly opened one of their ads rather than controlling your device. You have to then close out of their ad to get back to what you were trying to do in the first place. Very inconvenient when you were trying to get somewhere or when you are dealing with hot Arizona Summers and trying to close your garage door as soon as possible. They are obviously placing it there on purpose so that you cannot avoid them and will mistakenly opened them. Again, I will continue to use the app and put up with the frustration, but it is making me more likely to switch to another brand.
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3 years ago, MaestroMaestro
Fantastic But Inconsistent...
Most of ther smart home apps are crappy. I find they have poor UI, don't play nice with each other and don't do things you really need. Varies by app and provider - and I'm STILL bitter about thew whole Wink fiasco. Turds! But MyQ more or less does what it's supposed to. The inconsistency I mention is somewhere between phone and Apple watch - I'd like to use the watch app to open the garage door when I go out on my bike - but often it'l load, spin interminably and never resolve - so I use the keypad or phone app - actually I'd love it if there was a Garmin bike computer widget... Anyway, that's the only negative - along with the annoying battery cover for the standalone myq open/closed sensor - and the fact the app always defaults to that sensor rather than the door opener - which would be more useful. Maybe it's a setting but I can't find it. Anyway, it works 90% of the time making it the best smart home app I have. Which is a good thing in bad company.
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1 year ago, ISNTFST
Update requires screen double tap
Just a heads up to all that says it no longer works after the update. You have to double tap the screen on your phone for it to function. I went through endless trouble shooting techniques including all the normal delete, uninstall, reinstall both the app and the unit. I decided to just buy the updated smart hub kit since mine was the older series and thought it failed since the white led would light and the hub seemed unresponsive. As soon I got it all set up it had the same issue as my old one… My phone didn’t open or close the door but everything showed correct on the app. Well it turns out after forum searching they updated it to a double tap before it will function. Duh! No clue why that is not mentioned in the update notes. It just says bug fixes. Guess they got their money out of me for a new unit I didn’t need and I’m not taking it all back down and reinstalling the old at this point. Let’s see if the new unit and update works better on my Mitsubishi connect app? Will update if that changes.
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1 year ago, Virginia iTunes
Changes to App Not Explained
When app changed so garage doors went from slide horizontal to vertical stacked there were changes not explained well. It may have been a while ago since I do not auto update. Also when app quit working I delayed the reset and re-pair process. Also I am still looking for the flying machine for the top door on the list. LOL So I re-paired doors today. Yeck! Did not work. Standing on later looking at Hub I was about to try again when I slipped on app an poked the Blue “Open” instead of the door name. Dang thing worked!!! More experimentation showed pressing the name just armed and disarmed the bubble! A small pitched text saying “Press Open to open” or “Press close to close” would have guided user. Pop up bubbles on first use to guid would have also worked. This was a serious flat head moment! Reading other user reviews after upgrade to hope to find solution proves other had same issue! When you change thing, guide the user. This make for a much better experience! Suggestions: 1. I vote for Car Play integration. Just makes sense for anyone that drives with phone put away! 2. Allow users to select UI type. Vertically stacked random buttons or horizontal sliding pages that mimic real world. I obviously lean to horizontal. ;) Also, order DOES matter so either UI should allow user to order doors. I do love the app. Just want consistency OR guidance on new features. Thanks
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1 year ago, Newiphonefanboy
Continuously works intermittently
Updated app and the view selection in the top right hand corner disappeared. So I cannot select the view which shows just a specific garage door. This was the only view my doors would work in. The list view that shows all of the doors does not work and has never worked for me and yes Ali know two taps. Beyond that there are days I come home the doors won’t work with app. Once I was locked out of the house when I came home and due to security bar on the door I couldn’t get in with the key. It took me knocking on the bedroom window and scaring the crap out of my wife to get her to wake up and let me in. After that I always have the garage opener with me. I think that defeats the purpose of this whole setup. Please bring back the view selector on the app or fix the app so It works properly. Twitter layer off a bunch of engineers so you can get some of them to help you fix your app. Not happy locked out in the cold.
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2 years ago, vpb49
Random openings
I am very pleased with MyQ. It works great. I have had it for over two years. Nov, 2022 - it has been four months since I unlinked MyQ and Ring. There have not been any random openings during this time. I believe that the problem is related to Ring not MyQ. July, 2022 - it has been a month since I unlinked MyQ and Ring. No random openings so far. I will continue to report for the next few months. June, 2022 - I have had MyQ since June, 2020. It has worked well and notifies me of opening and closings through their app. About a year ago I linked the MyQ with Ring. I have experienced occasional random openings of the garage door. Both the Ring and MyQ apps notify me of the action. It has happened both day and night. I am able to close the garage door remotely when I receive a notification. I have recently unlinked MyQ from Ring to determine if there is an issue related to their being linked. I will update with my findings in a few months.
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4 years ago, Erk271
Not everything I had hoped for
Setting up the MyQ hub was easy. Setting up the home bridge for Siri support has been a nightmare. Chamberlain is trying to do the Apple approach: bundle everything you need in one place (the app) and don’t include any documentation with the hardware that you order. So, no explanation is given on indicator lights, buttons, or setup other than, ‘download our app’. That would be great if the app actually explained everything and how to set it up. For the home bridge that simply doesn’t exist in the app and I was directed by their support staff to perform steps totally not included in the app and STILL I get hit or miss on my garage door actually reporting correctly whether it is open or closed. They are sending out a new sensor so hopefully this will correct my issues there. Oh, one more thing, when their support staff say that they will email you something, don’t believe them. I’ve had to call back twice for things they said that they would send me in email and haven’t.
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4 weeks ago, jpyams
Constant app updates without any new features
I’ve use this app for almost 3 years. It is connected to a bridge which allows me to control the Garage Door through HomeKit. Wow the bridge and the app work well enough, I can’t help but laugh every time it’s updated. I have to read the notes to see what’s changing, because the only thing I can see that’s being updated are the advertisements and their size. And it’s likely how much data they’re collecting is changing, too. No HomeKit integration no new features. I have never seen an app updated so frequently with nothing useful, evolving, or improvement. I’m left to think the only thing that’s improving is their ability to collect more data from my phone and my usage. It’s disappointing that this company along with so many others refused to integrate with HomeKit. And I was lucky to buy the bridge when I did because there is no longer a bridge available. so three stars because it does what it needs to do reliably, but somethings going on and I’m gonna figure out what it is.
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6 years ago, Jason Lanier Brown
Saved me at my Apartment!!!
Every month somebody new moves into the apartment complex and they seem to always get a garage door remote that has the same frequency as mine. I store valuables in my garage and Many times I Have returned home only to see that my garage door has opened and been like that all day long. I bought this device and it is wonderful because it tells me on my phone as soon as my garage door is opened or closed. At least three times a week my garage door will open without me being home and I have the ability to now close the garage from my phone. I have also Lost my garage remote and or the battery has died on me. This is the only way I can get into my apartment, through the garage. My apartment complex people charge a $50 fee to let me in and now I can open the garage door from my phone if my battery dies or I lose the remote. I would highly recommend this to anyone. Simply an amazing device!!!
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3 years ago, Warzau1
Just buy a key fob
This has been a major disappointment. I’ve been eyeing this since I first saw it a year or so ago. I finally figured it was time since my kids are coming home on their own while I’m at work. To start off it when setting up it would not accept password for my local wifi. Which I knew I input correctly. Then on a fluke i unhid the password and it connected. What?! Afterwards set up went well. Added hub and then the door sensors. Then the fun began it takes a good minute to even three to open the door from tapping the app. Then I would realize after opening the app the hub has lost connection to my wifi. Constantly. I moved hub to many locations and it still loses connectivity. Finally when I tried to reset and re add the hub as per faq when it loses connection I realize it learned both of my doors when it was only supposed to learn or add one. Now regardless of which door I choose it opens both my garage door. I now have to clear the memory of one garage door opener. What a pain. I ended up just getting a small key fob opener to give my kids. What a ordeal.
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3 years ago, LauraThe3xplora
Will not connect to network
I am a tech savvy millennial and cannot for the life of me get this app to connect the opener to my router. It’s a smaller house (1600sf) and I have full bars in the garage, but I tried bringing the router closer to the opener anyway. I tried bypassing the app and using the unsecured web page version to connect, both on my phone and laptop. I tried resetting and replugging the opener. I see my network on the list, I enter the wifi password, and then it times out because it never connects. Only help the webpage offers is “make sure you’re entering the right password!” It is a brand new router and modem that are rated for speeds much higher than what I have so that can’t be the issue. Only the 2.4Ghz networks show up on the list so I’m not inadvertently trying to connect to 5Ghz. I refuse to add an access point router to the garage just for the stupid opener. Called Chamberlain and was connected to a real person who suggested I try changing some router settings, and if that didn’t work it might need a new part. Replied to his email after it didn’t help and never got a response. Replied again and never got a response. Don’t have the energy to call again. App and customer support are useless!!
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2 years ago, dixie longstocking
Only works half the time when opening and closing after latest update
This app used to work consistently. Now it does not. If I want to open the garage with the app, I have to open it, hit open, Close the app, open the app again, then hit open. Only then will the garage open. If I want to close it after opening the door, I can’t do it after opening it. I have to close the app after I JUST USED IT to open the door, then i have to open the app again, and hit the button to close it. Holy smokes this is so annoying it’s even annoying to have to type it. The only reason I gave it two stars is because my garage was “phantom opening,” which I’m still not 100% sure isn’t caused by this app, and I could create scheduled closed in phantom Opened in the middle of the night, which is really freaky, but also nice that I can automatically schedule garage closes in case it opens. In short, app open close only works 1/2 the time. Schedules are nice. Not sure if this app causes phantom opens or not. Could be a faulty wire from the switch on my wall. Still checking that out.
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1 year ago, coug84
Difficult to change networks
When I first install myQ it was reasonably straightforward and it worked. No problem for two years. Then I change routers and ISP and it was a disaster. I am no tech newbie. I worried in 3rd level data center support for a global computer mfr. I searched for weeks trying to figure out how to change my network settings. I tried the app and read article after article after article. No joy. None of their troubleshooting steps covers simply changing network settings. Finally deleted the devices and tried to re-add couldn’t find the net work. More articles .. no help. Finally found that going into the account -device management-hub-network settings I was able to change it. This is not visible during setup and heard to find. The technology was simple enough, but they just failed in their documentation to tell you how to change your WiFi network. 3stars because their poor doc cost me days of frustration. But in fairness, once you figure it out it works fine.
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3 months ago, yall suc
Great app and a few suggestions
This app is convenient for the garage door opener I bought to replace a ryobi opener. This can eliminate the need for remotes and can connect to other accessories, but some of my family members prefer to use remotes because they feel like it is more faster to just push a button instead of having to open their phone and go to MyQ and tap/hold a button to open the door. I also noticed a garage opener health section in the diagnostics and there are some things it can have so you can know more about your opener and etc. You could make it so it can display how much force it takes to open your door and shows the rpm, this could be useful to garage door technicians and homeowners to learn more about the opener and have more information to determine what is going on. You could also make it so you can change speeds for DC motors only. Some doors can’t handle being opened at fast speeds and can cause more wear and tear to the opener and door, or if the door is ok with fast speeds. Last, make it so you can change the force settings of the opener. This can sound risky because it could make your door more dangerous, so add a warning message so that it can ask if the homeowner knows what they’re doing, and acknowledge the risks. Also make it so that the force reverts back to normal overtime.
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2 weeks ago, AlikMalix
No issues - But littered with Ads
Ok so this app is just to control my Garage Door Remotely. And it does that well. What really pisses me off - and I will be deleting this app and signing out of the account, is that it’s littered with ads for their own products. And on second day of use it is forcing me to “ Allow myQ to track your app activity and get personalized ads to make your smart home even smarter.” With no option to cancel or Deny only the “CONTINUE” button - and no way to proceed to the app unless you accept! I paid hundreds of dollars for the Garage Door opener that comes with WiFi capabilities just to be served ads? I will not be recommending this opener to anyone. This is pathetic practice. Also, I’m pretty sure the garage opened by itself on the second day of use - it was open when I had it closed before (I was at home). If this continues, they better get this fixed or there will be a lawsuit. Anyways I’m deleting the app, and hopefully any info on me they have they will need to delete - or I’ll contact Apple. Ads make app load too long.
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2 years ago, richnbev
Excellent Product !
I have used MyQ for about one year . It works flawlessly always , I do not have a Chamberland door system and it is superior to what my garage door / opener company sells and supposedly does the same thing . I highly recommend MyQ !!! MyQ uses a button battery in the garage door OPEN / CLOSED sensor unit that attaches to the garage door . I hope they could update the system with a battery charge level status indicator . As it is now the battery has to be removed from the sensor unit and either checked for charge status or discarded and replaced with a new battery regardless of the level of charge / discharge . I have connected my MyQ system to my RING battery home security system which does have battery charge status indicators ; so it may be possible . I live in the upper Midwest and have no desire to try to check / change batteries in subzero winter temperatures .
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6 months ago, fyrmikey
Becoming an issue!!
First off…we’ve had this opener for 3 years now with no issues. Use the MyQ app and have always loved it. Worked well even with minimum WiFi in the garage. Haven’t had an issue. Now we changed out to a mesh system to provide better coverage of the entire house. The garage is pretty much screaming with wifi now. Have gone thru the reset process I don’t know how many times now and can’t get it to connect or even see the wifi. As soon as it connects to the opener WiFi to search for networks, the circle just spins and eventually says no networks detected….even though I have an Alexa in the garage that works fine and my phone shows good service. Tried removing the app and re-downloading…the app then was glitchy until I restarted my phone and seems to be fine. Still going to attempt a few more times but have pretty much ran out of options. Opener works and the vehicles can still open it, but the MyQ app is pretty much dead in the water now.
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1 year ago, JQ 1
Hello to everyone at my queue, I just want to thank you for the convenience service of being able to control my Garage from a distance and also getting the notifications when the garage doors are opening or closing on my phone. It really is a convenient service that everyone should have as part of their home, especially if you are not home all the time or are on the go. I like to say thank you to the customer service center for helping me navigate the install of my garage door openers and setting up the website on my phone as well as being very responsive when I had an issue or when I needed to order a new garage door remote I think my next purchase with them will be a garage camera that I will be able to access through my phone. I like to think all of the men and women for that they have done. Thank you.
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1 year ago, Hilow99
Amazing until is wasn’t
My husband had to have this garage hub although the regular garage door opener works just as well but this was great for him until it went off line. Spent most of the morning on the phone with a rep attempting to get this up & running again but to no avail. Nothing changed as in my router or Wi-Fi strength but still doesn’t work. I was told to contact my Wi-Fi provider which I did & they stated nothing changed, same Wi-Fi strength, etc but still for some reason it won’t connect. So folks, if you can’t do it no one from their co will so pretty much if it can’t be completed over the phone then you’re screwed b/c a human being isn’t coming to your home to help. Also, if you can’t climb a ladder which I can & I’m tech savvy to a point you will not be able to perform what they ask of you over the phone. Sadly, this is our world now.
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4 months ago, Bravy02
Needs HomeKit and Shortcuts support
It has a watch app which is good. A problem with the watch app is that after every iPhone app update the watch app is signed out. iPhone app remains signed in. This should be fixed. I do not have this problem with other third party watch apps. This app needs the ability to send a simple notification if the garage door is not closed at X time (on a schedule). I’m not worried about triggering a notification if it is open for 3-4 hours (that’s common on weekends), rather just want to know if at 9 or 10 PM that the door is still open. I do not want to automate closing it because a SUV liftgate could be open which the safety sensors don’t see and the door will damage the liftgate before it stops (if it even stops at all). My Chamberlain B4603T garage door opener with MyQ needs HomeKit support so that I can see the status of the door from Apple Home on all my Apple devices. Also being able to tell Siri to close or open the garage door would be super helpful. Support for Home Assistant would also be a bonus.
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4 years ago, Avocados are Great
Buggy software works mostly
I am a software developer and I am comfortable with setting up this app and my home network. Firstly, I want to say that this app works once you have set it up correctly. It opens and closes the garage door as expected. However, it is less convenient to use than a standard garage door remote because with my phone I need to unlock it with face id, start the app, wait for it to connect, do another face id, wait for it to be ready, then tap open/close. In my experience, this app is prone to hangs (spinning circle forever) that can be fixed only by restarting the app. I have found that this happens 100% of the time if i use the app, put away my phone for a while (10 minutes or so), then try to use the app again. The app also hangs and fails most of the time if I try to use it through my apple watch. I think that it is a real shame that this simple app, that has just ONE JOB, can't do it reliably. But as I mentioned- if you fight it enough it will eventually work.
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