Busbud: Buy bus, train tickets

4.9 (1.3K)
43.9 MB
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Current version
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Busbud: Buy bus, train tickets

4.86 out of 5
1.3K Ratings
8 months ago, JJcog121
Easy to Use
Was having frustrations with ADO bus app for booking bus tickets in Mexico in advance. The ADO website was glitching out and interface seemed to be a bit clunky. Decided to spend the extra few dollars on BusBud and it is worth it for the added convenience and seem less interface. You can log in via AppleID and pay with Apple Pay, saves you the extra hassle. Plus, everything being in English, as my Spanish is not fluent is a big help. 5/5 from me.
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1 year ago, Nathaniels Fan Club
The best coder
I downloaded this app before a certain person worked on it. When he joined the company the app got so much better. And his name is Nathaniel. He deserves to own the app. He has so much commitment. For example he is always thinking about how can I make this app better? That is such a good mindset and he is a inspiration to all. He also has the best first cousin in the world. Thank you so much for your work Nathaniel.
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1 month ago, jaymanjammin
Must use this app!
Once I started using Busbud, getting around Mexico became so much easier. The individual apps for each bus company, and their respective websites are not reliable. Thank you bus bud!!
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1 year ago, Arsenalisbetter
1st time using Busbud
My 1st time I used busbud was tonight. I’m in Mexico backpacking so I had to take a overnight bus. They sold me a ticket for a bus that didn’t exist! And almost ruined my trip. Luckily the people who worked there understood how nervous and worried I was and fixed the issue by getting me on the next bus. I can’t tell you how scaring it is to be in a different country where you don’t really understand the language and have ticket errors! I would love if busbud contacted me about this. Because I hope no backpacker ever has to deal with this. That was terrible. Not only did I almost get scammed by busbud. I would of not made my hostel for the night.
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1 year ago, doboi617
App books the wrong time
I’ve used the app 3 times, and 2 of those times it booked the incorrect time. This was in Mexico. Although the app would say the ticket was for 4:30, when I got to the station there was confusion and I was told the ticket was actually for 5:30. This happened twice now on separate occasions. The second time I was lucky that there were still open seats on the intended ride.
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3 months ago, Nomads Without Limits
I am an American living in Brasil and this app is so easy to use. Now I’m traveling all over Brasil.
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1 year ago, Hen22534
Use the website
The app never displays routes for me while the website does, I can also put a student discount on the website. Great service terrible app. Also wondering if they will introduce military discount as Amtrak provides it on their website aswell.
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8 months ago, jamikololo
The app is super convenient. 5 stars!
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2 weeks ago, JihmGiant
No way to add your ticket to Busbud app if you make account after purchase
Seems like a dumb oversight. Bad UX all around. Literally the only reason I need the app is to view my tickets and can’t even do that. Makes me wonder if the majority of these reviews are fake
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3 weeks ago, Concerned_buyer
Busbud cannot refund if ticket is processed wrong.
They are like Expedia and if your ticket is processed wrong you cannot change or refund. Better to use the real service in case you have a computer error on their side.
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8 months ago, Penmann
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2 years ago, pashaoki
Poor user experience
Each time I have to fit my information and Apple Pay doesn’t work
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2 months ago, 0547036247
I tried to get support and nothing worked!
Chat bots are not enough
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1 year ago, Tiannastar16
DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY! Buy direct with the bus companies themselves!!! This company is useless and does not help you whatsoever if anything goes wrong with your ticket!!!!
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9 years ago, Pfajucoa
Work in progress
Firstly want to give you guys props for providing a clean and versatile platform for long-distance bus transit. It is greatly appreciated as I am in Los Angeles without a car so this is crucial to accommodate my long distance travel desires (short range transportation being taken care of my apps like Uber and Moovit). Am currently out of town so will have not been able to book yet but I can vouch that you guys' heads are in the right place. One thing I noticed while tinkering around is that the "Maps" button doesn't respond, would be nice for I order to not have to pull up the Maps app, everything would work a lot nicer. Keep it up! Cheers!
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5 years ago, George Kahingo
Do not care about customer! Horrible!
I was introduced to this application by a friend of mine and I regret having bought my tickets through them. I paid for a round trip to NY, but upon arrival to the bus station my bus was delayed for hours, which led to me having to buy another ticket to reach my destination on time. Greyhound, the bus company that delayed my bus was ready to refund my money but due to my ticket being bought from busbud they said only they are allowed to refund me. Busbud communicated until they heard news of a refund. I even had evidence of my delayed bus hence waste of initial money spent and I wanted my money back. They failed to communicate completely. They Do not have a number to contact so the email communication they provide is at their leisure. Their motive is to get your money and run. I have never written a bad review about anything but they completely disregarded me as a customer and made me not only lose money but waste it as well. This happens to both of my friends as well, and to this day they have not given us any inquiry regarding our situation or refund.
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8 years ago, Henchmanjustin
The best way to book cheap bus tickets!
This is like the Expedia or kayak of bus tickets - it literally aggregates all the bus tickets for you! Whether it's mega us or greyhound or Peter Pan, it'll find you the cheapest price possible. It even comes with a rad schedule planner and map so I can track the route of the bus tickets I've booked. Perfect companion to my trip advisor, and he best in finding ticket deals. Great for planning your next voyage!
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5 years ago, krissmee
Never had any problems with Busbud
I have bought several bus tickets through Busbud. You can buy tickets for someone else and they don’t charge you 18 dollars like Greyhound and you can use Apple Pay or PayPal and on Greyhound you can’t. If your ticket is non refundable it will clearly tell you before you purchase your ticket.
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8 years ago, EpicZealotReview
Amazing app.
It is an amazing for booking bus tickets and you can compared the price with other popular website like Expedia. You can view your ticket's information and everything about it.
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8 years ago, kukuom
So recommend
This app is really great. The functions work so well and smoothly while the graphic is very nice and friendly. Its easy to book any bus ticket via this one
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5 years ago, PierreNuffer
Warning alert
DO NOT BUY A SINGLE TICKET TO THIS COMPANY !!! I have recently lost $240 paying them ! They do not have a phone customer service meaning that any issues you might have they won’t answer them ! They don’t refund the money they just take it a go ! Just go directly to the bus company you want to travel and pay there ! Do not use other services to buy tickets as they won’t offer you any help or support !
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4 years ago, Buggy software
This is by far the worst app I have ever used
I used this app to buy a ticket, after entering all my details and selecting a seat and picking the date, time and start and end destination. I selected pay and used Apple Pay as the option. The payment succeeded, and my credit card has a pending charge on it for the ticket I selected. Unfortunately no ticket voucher was issued and I got an error message.
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8 years ago, ngontinhtuca
Everything i need is here
This app brings me everything i need. Its so much time saving to book ticket as well as money saving for the best one. Very nice graphic too
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3 years ago, nayrovi A
DO NOT use busbud is a FAKE website they took my money and the bus line I was supposed to board does not exist!!! DO NOT buy your tickets here . They took my money and the costumer service is the worst !!! They don’t have a number you can call and they take forever to email you back and when they do they try to change the subject! SAVE YOUR MONEY BUY AT THE STATION OR SOMEWHERE ELSE.
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8 years ago, Kconley1989
The only thing I wish we had was Indian trails bus lines. I like to go up to the northern part of Michigan and that is the only way you can get up there.
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8 years ago, luquheu
So quick
This app helps booking bus tickets online so quick than ever, easy graphics and easy to perform. So recommend
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8 years ago, luongquynh
So convenient
This app is simple but really convenient. Its easy to book bus tickets and saving so much time. Friendly graphic too
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9 years ago, Mary Helena
Fast and smooth experience overall
Super intuitive and saved me a lot of hassle and headache!
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8 years ago, outshine4u
Very convenient
This app is so convenient for someone who travels a lot by bus. I can find cheap tickets, highly recommend for everybody
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8 years ago, immortalheart
Love it
I usually travel by bus, this app gives me everything I need. Easy to buy tickets and find bus stop
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7 years ago, Traxsmyth
Pretty Nice App
Nice app, clean fast and easy to use. I'm seeing all of the major deals for the times I like to travel.
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5 years ago, Liam2727
No communication, confirmation number wouldn’t work and ticket wouldn’t print
Title says it all. Never using this app again, they promised a confirmation email which didn’t come, the number they provided didn’t work either. Missed the bus despite showing up really far ahead of time!
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10 years ago, GhostKitties
I thought there would be more options for a major city like chicago. And it still links to the website-which didn't show an available bus even tho the app did.
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8 years ago, GeniusGenetics
Great experience for my 1st time
Would recommend
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10 years ago, maedsall
Too few options
After entering my start location (Cincinnati), it only provided one possible destination (NYC). Even after manually trying to search for other cities it found nothing. Nashville - nope. Louisville - nope. Chicago - NOPE. I understand I'm not in a major market, but Chicago is a pretty popular destination.
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8 years ago, mcoph838
Very nice
A very nice app for booking bus ticket, very simple, safe time and money. The graphics are clean looking and overall the features are very functional.
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8 years ago, PascualinoMilazzo
This app is great moving through any major city using buses as transportation. Buy ticket, check routes, times, schedules. Works really good and the UI is excellent! Top notch app...
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8 years ago, perefm76
Great way to travel
This app makes it easy to get tickets and arrange trips. Easy to use and speeds up the whole process
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8 years ago, Jeanpaul1992
Very Good application for people who travel a lot by bus because it makes it much easier to buy tickets
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4 years ago, Casahomeboy
Too expensive
15 minutes after I booked I looked at the actual site of the bus service and it was 20% cheaper, and would provide a good boarding group. Feeling quite ripped off going through bus bus, even though they say they are official partners with the bus company.
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2 years ago, Lo Hendrix
Bus didn’t even show
Got to the bus stop (exact address provided) at 8:30am, bus was scheduled for 9am, waited till 9:40am to almost go into a panic attack stuck in Tulum with now having to pay $130 for a taxi back to the airport so I didn’t miss my flight. So I’m now out taxi fare PLUS bus fare.
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8 years ago, Bionic212
Great app
Love this app. It's really great and really useful. It has a lot of amazing features and works really well.
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8 years ago, gdping
Easy and cheap way to get the best prices for your bus ticket!
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8 years ago, JudahYB
So easy to find and purchase tickets using this app
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9 years ago, Tounezy
Very handy
Great app, easy to use. Super useful.
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7 years ago, reallyhonest
No megabus
Giving a low rating because you didn't even include megabus. They are a large and well known bus system. I wasted money through this app by only thinking greyhound was available.
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2 years ago, morgan tokarski
Do not use!!
Wouldn’t let me cancel my ticket even though I was way before the 24 hour mark. Worst website ever wasted over 60$
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5 years ago, Zach Eliason
Use this app if you want to go to the bus station and find out you actually somehow booked a bus leaving 3 hours later than you thought
Show more
6 years ago, hugozh33
No ticket book for me!
I came to bus station to reissue my paper tickets. They said busbud didn’t book tickets for me!!! I have paid at the busbud website. But busbud didn’t book tickets for me!!!
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9 years ago, hank25
Round trips?
Is there a way to do round trips on this app?
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