Busch Gardens

4.9 (27.6K)
48.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment Inc.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Busch Gardens

4.9 out of 5
27.6K Ratings
3 years ago, Brad Wenschlag
Some ideas
I absolutely love this app! I got the pleasure to beta test this app and fix some bugs; and this is an amazing app and is super convenient to people who missed the physical maps. I love how you can check out the events and follow the interactive map. I have a suggestion for the map however; for each season, if the map had optional seasonal DLC add-on skins that you could apply to the map for each holiday or season, that would be pretty neat. Also have mini games on the map; like for Christmas town, find an amount of presents to get points that you can use to redeem certain items at a gift shop or something. On the business side of things, I would like to be able to scan a previously bought photo key card, pass, membership, etc. (instead of rebuying on the app) so I don’t have to constantly carry it in my wallet. Other than that, this app is really cool and pretty ahead of it’s time! Keep the good work going!
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2 years ago, wewa cheer cat girl
Great trip
My family loves your park and app, the wait lines are really on point and has amazing thrills, I can’t wait to go ride your new wide Serengeti fliers I think is what it’s call. Now let’s talk about the app, this app is great my family and me just went and the app saved us at the park with telling us the wait times and where to eat it also helped us get around. Adventure island- great water park the rides are great and it’s my favorite lazy river ever. Me and my family can’t wait to go to Seaworld to see if it’s as good as Busch gardens. Overall Busch gardens is my theme park home. Well goodbye
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1 year ago, Me1issa1
App bug caused over $1000 for 3 tickets
The first time using it last week. I tried to purchase three tickets. it kept saying to retry because date of birth did not work. However, it did not give me the option to put in a date of birth, until after I put in bank account info. So I tried four times and eventually it went through. Come to find out all four times I tried actually effected my bank account and now I have over $1000 pending in my bank account! Two days later I had to buy two more tickets because my kids decided to join, I used a different bank to make sure it wasn’t the banks issue and tbe same thing happened! The app stated the date of birth did not work, but again gave me no option for date of birth until I put in my bank info and pressed next. I tried it twice, then it finally gave me the option to put in date of birth. Now once again I have two pending transactions in my bank from you guys, instead of one. The order of the ticket purchase steps does not work correctly. You should ask for name and date of birth of each ticket holder before asking for bank info.
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3 months ago, dunktastix
Buggy mess
I couldn’t activate my guest pass through the app, I had to stand in line at the ticket counter for them to click two buttons on their screen and it worked fine. Also, the wait times are literally random and different every time you restart the app, and they don’t match up at all with either the physical wait times posted by each ride, or the actual amount of time you wait in line. I get that this is hard to predict, but shouldn’t the app at least agree with the electronic signs outside every ride? Also god help you if you try to mobile order food. It was about thirty minutes late, and that’s after they lost the order and I had to essentially just re-order in person at the mobile pickup window. Standing in line and ordering the normal way would have been way faster. And in general, half the functionality of the app either doesn’t work, or crashes midway through trying to do anything. Also the app constantly prompts you to download the app….. inside the app itself. So clearly this was designed by a couple of grade A geniuses.
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3 years ago, Bhenry17
Can’t store annual pass in app
I find it disappointing reading reviews from 5, 7, and even 10 years ago the same issues haven’t been resolved. I just bought season passes for the family and I can’t even bring them up in the app. You’ll have to go to an external webpage, log in EVERYTIME (first save login info) and then you can see your passes. BUT WAIT, you have to either create an account, or log in with your season pass number. I create an account with my email - which I will always remember but I can’t add my passes to it. I can log in using my pass number, but I have to have my physical pass in hand to read from because I am not going to remember that 16 digit number. Either way, it is still not connected to the app itself so anytime you want to use it you have to go back to the web page. Your IT department could probably Google how to link that info.
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2 years ago, ASCNVB
Don’t waste your time with this app
This is the first time I’ve ever written a review about an app. I just wanted to save others the time it takes to download it. I gave it a 1 because it did list rides, dining locations, shopping, show times and tour options. Other than that it was a glorified advisement for their quick queue. We downloaded the app for our visit last week. We needed to find the nearest restroom but they are not shown on the map in the app. We thought we could link our annual passes but you have to log into the website to access them. Half the rides were down because of high winds but there was no information on the app about the temporary closures. And, worst of all, there is absolutely no wait time information. Just go to the website if you need any information or to purchase tickets, etc. and save the storage space on your phone for something useful.
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2 years ago, Lilmann2013
Ok but needs work
This version of the SW and BG parks app is miles better than the last but i have two complaints. 1) The wait times. They are so all over the place and not reliable, it is so frustrating to not be able to count on the app to provide accurate or timely updated data to show how long waits are in the park. The app says one thing and then when you get to the ride it’s another. Please please please get this corrected. 2) Old tickets not being removed. So this might be a personal issue but I went to guest services and was told my old expired passes would drop off and they have yet to do so. In order to use my pass through the app i have to scroll through my purchase history and find my AP purchase that way instead of on the My visit tab. It is super annoying because every park purchase that requires separate tickets + my old expired passes are all there. How can i fix this so only my current pass is on the app and not the old expired ones connected to my account?
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2 years ago, tewsssw
Bunch gardens
I love bunch garden because we get to enjoy are life’s and and in enjoy fresh air and have fun go on rides and and have a great time and I am going to bush garden with my friend’s in 5th grade and and the whole 5th grade and I am exsided because I get with my friend’s I. Enjoy my life and talk friend’s on the bus and sit with my friend’s on the ride and I love it and I never have a chance to talk at school and ya only at Reese’s what’s we get to middle school we are not going to have Reese’s and I want to enjoy that when bush garden before I want to go in middle school but ya that what I think
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2 years ago, Troy W
A must have for any park guests. Well designed.
What’s GOOD? — The map is one of the best I’ve seen. It is highly detailed and allows *full* zoom control. Furthermore, it features a simple directions button to show your route. Easily able to toggle location types to find what you need (rides, services, restaurants, etc). — Quick access to all tickets and QR codes. — All restaurant menus available. — Ride wait times provided. — App flows without lag and is well organized. What’s BAD? — Needs option to filter ride types (either on map or list). — Needs a way to save favorites (rides, restaurants, etc). — No dark mode.
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3 years ago, BitterPlayer
Much Improved but Obvious Work Still to Do
The new app is a significant upgrade from the old for the most part. Much better info on dining than was present in the old app. The two areas that stand out as needing work are a complete lack of ability to plan for future visits and a significant drop on image quality of the map. One of the features the old version had was to see a schedule of operating hours and show times for future dates. Those are very important and obvious features to just omit. Nearly every other theme park app I have used has had those features including the much maligned app this replaced. This is particularly important at a time of year where schedules are being tweaked in response to Howloscream demand. The park map is more of a stylistic complaint. It might just be a temporary issue until they add the better drawn version with Pantheon, but comparing the look of the map to its predecessor app, it seems to have prioritized scalable vector graphics at the price of visual appeal, odd for the “World’s Most Beautiful Theme Park.”
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3 years ago, itsjustnavea
I can’t believe this
I can’t believe they literally lied about the time of the rides I’m now waiting and I came here at 5 or 4 and. I’m probably gonna go on one ride for the whole day they made the line to long it is not fair how they are gonna make us wait for a long time just to go on one ride for the whole day?! The app is good but I don’t like the fact that they made me wait so long for nothing I already had to drive here 3 hours?! Not cool and the fact that sometimes they stop the ride and make you wait more This one lady waited so long and they said she had to come a again cause they closed it’s not the workers fault just a little bit but it’s mostly the manger THEY NEED TO FIX THIS NOW AND THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO CAN MOSTLY HELP IS YOU GUYS THE MORE WE FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHTS THE MORE WE GET CLOSER TO THE RIDES i hope this review helped ty♥️♥️♥️
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2 years ago, &)~%#NICKNAME#%\+{
Simply the worst app EVER developed
You would think this app would easily let you PULL UP YOUR #%*^ ANNUAL PASS! You know, like every freaking hotel, airline, gas station and fast food restaurant on the planet has figured out by now. Evidently I have am paying for admission to 11 different parks around the country (and they are great parks) - so long as I print out a piece of paper and take it with me everywhere I go without getting it wet or losing it.
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10 months ago, Susiejaybird
Double charged
First of all we really like the park! Went to get passes on this. Could not put in birthdate year as it kept going to 2011 for everyone. Went out of app and back in and still could not. Went online and found i had been charged 2 times and i hadn't even put names onto the tickets. I was able to get the tickets. Customer service is non existent i tried the chat and nothing. Tried calling that 757 number and no call back and they never got on the phone with me either. I will be contacting my credit card company and disputing that second charge on my card. Fix your app is all i ask and have people on chat or tge phone number so they can help your customers, thanks!
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7 months ago, alena223
Pros and Cons
I love Busch Gardens, and the Busch Gardens app. Busch gardens is a wonderful place for you to ride rollercoasters, have fun with family and friends. Busch gardens wait lines for food are also ridiculous, Busch Gardens should have more than one of each restaurant, or food parlors. The Busch Gardens prices for many of the things such as; toys, ticket prices, and the gift shop items. Well Busch Gardens might have sales, those sales aren’t much, they jack the prices up and just bring down the prices to the original price. I love Busch Gardens very much! Busch Gardens, do better!! 💕
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10 months ago, woody639283910
Really no point
Very, very frustrated with this app. I see many positive reviews but I’ve had this app for a couple years now. Still have expired passes from 2021 under my visit but unable to link new passes. When I click my pass and benefits, it should have an option to add a pass. Would be super convenient instead you are transferred back to the website and it prompts me to sign in again. Purchases through the app also are transferred back to the website. Really should just go to the website to begin with. All the app is good for Is map and schedule. Please look into fixing this or if I’m doing it wrong-someone advise.
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2 months ago, MKD424
Impossible to cancel/manage memberships
I signed up for a monthly membership a year ago. I have tried to cancel several times including calling customer service to discuss my options and being on hold for 60+ minutes before the line just hung up on me. So eventually I learned you basically can’t cancel. You also cannot login or manage your membership in the App. So my membership is FINALLY about to expire and I Iogged into the app, got sent to a browser, had to log in again, and am trying to click “cancel membership” to be sure it doesn’t somehow renew and the link just doesn’t work, even after closing, reopening, and re-logging in a million times.
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11 months ago, dynorockcg
App leaves lot to be desired
Though the app does have map and directions, it leaves me wanting more when it comes to ride wait times. Every ride either said 10 min or 25 min, which was never correct. There was no wait on many of the top coasters, but the app never reflected it. Also, InvadR isn't even listed on the map or ride list. Perhaps the app wasn't functioning as designed, but as a customer that got the app at the park and looked to use it, it came up short. The app is essentially a digital map. That’s it. It’s 2023 and displaying wait times in a app shouldn’t be hard to accomplish.
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2 years ago, maddie goncalves
best amusement park app.
so this past weekend I went with my mom to bush gardens we were going around the park hundreds of times and a employee told us to download this app so we did then we followed the directions and got to the tide we wanted to go on in like less than 5 minutes. THIS IS A LIFE SAVER. and this summer and spring I’m going a lot so this will help. like this next weekend I’m going with my dad so yeah I prefer DOWNLOAD IT!
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2 months ago, RevengeoftheJETS
Great family fun especially if you love animals and have little ones. Annual pass is well worth it if you live in area no better park in the area to bring your kid to once or twice a week, I have a two year old and he loves Sesame Street and seeing the animals and he also loves the Merry go round and a lot more. As a single dad I’m very happy with my purchase and experience.
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2 years ago, mjnusic111234
Good app, but zero info.
So overall this app very user friendly. But the app lacks a lot of info. For instance, only certain areas of the park are open at 10. You should put that on the app so families can plan accordingly. Here I am waiting in line a third time ( once to enter the park, once to get out of England, and now to get into Italy.) I’ve seen someone not be allowed to ride pantheon, after waiting an hour in line, because he was to tall. Why would you not put that info on the app? Again, app is very user friendly but it is lacking I. A lot of necessary info needed to actually plan out your trip to the park.
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1 year ago, kmk1&2 mom
The Busch Gardens APP is so quick and easy to use! My annual passes are on there making access to the park quick and easy! I can purchase food passes the night before and they are accessible by the APP when I need them! There is an awesome map of the park showing what attractions are open and what the wait time is and the quickest route to them! Love this APP!!
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9 months ago, JLD MINECRAFT
This App Is Great, There Are A Few Things Though
I love this app and how I can easily check the wait times for each ride. You can also check when shows are playing and if rides or sections of the park are closed, or if a show ended for the day. I wish that it showed wait times for all rides because it doesn’t always show the times for rides. Hopefully it’s just me and not the app. 8/10
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2 years ago, abmulli
Delayed app
Doesn’t provide real-time updates of ride times and closures. Sat in line for a ride that ended up closing, forcing the line to exit. The app didn’t update for 30 more minutes…continuing to advertise a 25 minute wait time. Separate from the app- Busch gardens Tampa was not worth the money given how many rides were closed for the day, plus rides opening and closing throughout the day due to technical issues. One positive- the app’s map feature was helpful in locating rides/vendors.
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1 year ago, Nesha_Rocky
Bush Gardens App
It is the best for you so you don’t have to have a ticket you can just use your phone, and another one is you can use the map on your phone instead of the park maps so people don’t have to be crowded around all the maps around the park so people can find where they need to go they can just use the ones on there phones.
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3 years ago, XxDestructivexX
This app changes the way you look at Busch Gardens!
Okay, so I have been using this app for quite a while and since they don’t hand out maps anymore, this is 100x better! It tells you the showtimes, all the rides, and even where stuff is! It’s so great, that I actually discovered a ride that I never knew was here:Kumba! I hope you will dwnload this app!!
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1 year ago, Shadow_Maba
Best app ever
This app is my favorite app ever because if it wasn’t for this app then I could have been lost in Busch gardens 😂😅 plus this app tells me how long the line will last so I can see if I should go a certain route matter of fact I’m on my way to use this amazing app again in the real Busch gardens to try out the falcons fury for the first time
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2 months ago, jennipurjane
Worst Theme Park App
I go to Disney a lot, and frequently use their app to do things like store my tickets, use the map, buy things, order food, plus a plethora of other things you can do. NOTHING on my Busch Gardens app works. Every button takes me to a page that says it’s “Not Found”, I can’t sync up my already purchased tickets, so I can only access them through my email. For a park that’s SO EXPENSIVE, especially more so than Disney, I’m surprised that they can’t seem to get a decent app together for the experience. The ONLY thing that seems to work on it is the map. Big deal.
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1 year ago, Rollercoasters are the best
Not accurate
I just wanted to say that the Busch gardens app is amazing to see the map if you’ve never gone or to see what rides there are, however the wait times are not accurate. One time when me and my dad went to Busch gardens Tampa bay, we went on the app to see the wait times. For example it said iron gwazi is 10 min. When we went to the ride it said 65 min. We got in line to see what was more accurate and it ended up being about two hours. So please update the ride wait times for it to be accurate
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1 year ago, ........,,.jh$bfbb
Very good, But
The app is very good and nicely laid out. Though, It would be nice to have more info on park coaster conditions and closing reasons. Maybe approximate ride wait time? Also, It would be nice to have an app menu on restaurants and food stands. Last, A better map for getting to destinations like coasters and attractions easier without having to detour because a closed bridge isn’t shown in the app. Otherwise, it’s good.
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3 months ago, Dolphin Seeker
All Time Favorite
May ‘23 we came to Williamsburg w/ our youngest, his wife & our 5 yr old grandson. We all loved it better than ANY park we’ve ever been to. We’ve been to all, but the Disneys. This year just the husband & I are visiting Williamsburg now (April ‘24) and plan on taking our Grandson, now 6, to Tampa in Nov. He has turned into a rollercoaster junkie like his Grammy.
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2 years ago, najdheuxbelanxiwbx
Not happy!!!!
I have had this app for probably about 3 or more years now and I loved the app it made everything easier But u know what the company did to make it hard on us they updated the app it’s awful now and I used to be able to see wait times on all the rides and see which ones are closed for the day but the new update doesn’t let u see any of that what I don’t understand is why they would update the app and make it worse when it was perfect in the beginning
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3 years ago, AppleNation73
Pass at hand
I love using the app because my pass is there when I need it. I could never remember where my physical card was when I wanted to go. The app makes it so convenient to show to get the discounts when purchasing food or souvenirs. Love it! Plus one less card to carry.
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8 months ago, dmsplcr
Too many lights out
We visited the park this evening (Sunday Dec. 3). We noticed large spans of Christmas lights out on the path between Ireland and France. On the train ride one of the ‘tunnel’ sections was unlit. Also out were several of the free standing vignettes at the beginning of the train ride and a large patch of ground covering colored lights to the left of the train tracks after crossing the bridge over the Rhine. But…..the park was mostly beautiful and the crowds were nicely managed. The ‘Gloria’ show was wonderful.
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11 months ago, Spartidonna
Not Very Useful
Ride opening and closing times and restaurant opening and closing times are not accurate. If anywhere the app should be accurate. App pushes All Day Dining but does not list where it can be used separately from other eating locations. Should be able to filter for just that with accurate opening and closing times. Not showing real time ride wait times is inefficient at best and takes away from a fun day at the park. Drains your battery so phone won’t last all day at the park. Could easily be so much better.
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1 year ago, vincegul
The Busch Gardens App
The Busch gardens app is well designed, and I can’t really find many problems with it. The only problem is that there is no list option in the map tab, so you can’t filter or sort your options. But other than that, I love this app, it’s really helpful!
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2 weeks ago, Jeremyryn
The good and the bad
The good: There is so much you can do in this app. From using the map to see where you are and to getting directions to your next location. You can use it to get in the park and get discounts. It really does do a lot. The not so good: There has to be a way for you to update customers when rides are down. Walking across the park to a closed ride is the worst. Also having a notification system for when rides are back up would really take the app to the next level. The last thing is, I should not have to go to a kiosk and print tickets to use my 1 free fast pass each time I go. I should be able to do that from the app. Fix these items and I will update to 5 stars.
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7 months ago, DPHooker
Not enough info
This app fails to list times for anything we actually need. What time does the train leave the station? Don’t know. What time does Zagora Cafe open? Don’t know. What time does the smokehouse open? Don’t know. Bought the meal plan (that includes Chic-fil-a) only to find out that it’s not open on Sunday. I knew this to be true in town, but when purchasing the food plan, it was not mentioned. Why not?? Also, we have these $50 meal plans, and nowhere to use them for the first hour and a half the park is open. Also, you have to click on every ride to see wait times, and then reset the filters to bring back up the rides again. You can’t just back out, and look at another ride. The wait times should hover over each ride icon. Maybe the coders should play with Universal and Disney apps, and revamp this app.
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3 years ago, WolfePackGaming
This app is frustrating
Even though the old app wasn’t very reliable with the wait times being accurate, you could kinda guess what the wait times would be before getting there. I live an hour away and consider this my home park. Ever since the new app has come out I haven’t gone in what feels like months. I’m not driving an hour to wait in hour long lines when I could go the following day and it be empty. My annual pass is useless until wait times are added to the app. Please add them soon.
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9 months ago, Nuty House
Life time of fun
We have been coming to Busch Gardens basically all our life, even as kids. We love to go walk around, see the animals, eat, and enjoy the day. Very relaxing. As older adults in our 70’s now, we have been pass owners over 20 years. We love it. Thank you for the free passes. Amy and Dan Schramek
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3 years ago, MamaTan71
An idea
I love the app, but I like to plan in advance for going to the park so I would like to be able to see the daily park hours for at least a week out and also be able to pick a date to see the schedule of events for that day. I can’t even look a day ahead and that makes planning my trip very difficult.
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3 months ago, Jethniel José Munoz
Wow Busch Gardens is amazing! I’ve been to Busch Gardens so much times it’s like my second home. I always go with my cousins and we go on all the rides. Our favorite one would probably be Iron Gwazi because of the drop. If Busch Gardens wanted to sponsor me I would say yessss. So thank you Busch gardens for everything. Bye. Love, Jethniel Jose Munoz.
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8 months ago, DBtravelin
Ride wait times inaccurate
For example, says “30 minute wait” but you end up waiting 90 minutes. They let all the “Quick Queue” line go, meanwhile the regular line gets 2 people for every dozen people from the dozen people from “Quick Queue”. At least be accurate to set expectations on how long we will be waiting. Also, they leave many seats on the ride empty, even when the line is super long. So inefficient.
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2 months ago, Trance Dance
Locations of attractions
I was very pleased with being able to book the Savannah tour in the app. I was NOT pleased with the fact that it didn’t actually tell us where we had to meet the tour guide. We almost missed boarding because we had to run around the park to find where we had to go. PLEASE put more information about the tours into the app for less confusion! Not everyone who uses the app has been here before. 😕
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1 year ago, BigDaddy333888
Generally useful app
The app is generally useful to get around and find locations, event times, and rest rooms and such. However, 2 major gripes: 1) the wait times for rides are highly inaccurate. And they are absolutely incorrect for Pantheon and Griffon. 2) while you can find food and menus, you cannot find ice cream for example. You are better off asking people where to get ice cream.
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2 years ago, Deadsilence27
An idea to add
The Busch Gardens app is very good, slim, sleek, easy to read and everything can be accessed quickly and easily however one feature that I believe should be introduced is a full calendar, currently the only way to see the hours for a particular day is to go on to BG’s website. Please fix this feature
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1 year ago, 😫😩🥺😢😭🤔🥵😞🤪🙁😙
Tells you everything where you can find everything so you guys should give it a good rate it’s really good it helps you out a lot is it tells you like the rise in the times that shows it is the best so please give this a good review that is the best
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2 years ago, sanchoucd
App is ok at best
Went to Busch Gardens today and downloaded the app in the park when we arrived. Some concerns I have: 1) not everything in the park is listed in the guide or on the map. This includes Josephine’s, an ice cream shop in New France 2) doesn’t tell you when the rides open. While the park opened at 10 am, rides and shops opened later (as late as noon). This made it hard to plan our day 3) if you look at dining options on the guide it would give you a menu for some places. That is not an option if you looked up a restaurant on the map. So you have to switch back and forth between the guide and the map. 4) locations in the guide are listed alphabetically. It would be nice to be able to sort by region.
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8 months ago, SensitiveSleeper
It’s just not abuser friendly app
It’s constantly telling me that I have to login to view a benefit for my season pass. Want to see what deal you get for November? Please login. Want to see how to find your discount for the random thing you’re looking for today? Please login to view. And nothing is really easy to find. I get a bunch of emails saying what benefits I get, but their difficult to find in the app… but if you get lucky and find that spot, be prepared to login again.
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2 years ago, KareBear3313
Love the app!
Very convenient to check right weight times and to see what shows are happening when and coordinate the day for our littles to enjoy as much as possible while the adults get to have as much fun too!
Show more
2 years ago, GoBackToOriginal
Just a map
The better amusement park apps let you see what rides are open/closed. Filter by minimum rider height. Let you know what food options are open/closed. Ride wait times. The info for each ride seems to be all over the place. There’s no consistent format for displaying pertinent info. This is just a map with GPS. Unfortunately the day we went just about everything was closed, but you had to walk there to find out.
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