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User Reviews for Buy and sell - Marketplace

2.75 out of 5
3.7K Ratings
4 years ago, urhdbebrbsv
Good concept, not very well executed
The app is a good idea, Facebook as made a lot of advancements in its time. However, this app has some problems. First off if you are a consumer on the app, I hope the best for you. You have to either select a specific address or worldwide. There is no way to be able to adjust the distance. So products from Europe will show up in your feed when your from Colorado. And it is always trying to sell you it’s top version every time you open the app. I like the marketplace but this app makes it look awful.
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4 years ago, BelleTresor
Scam! NOT Affiliated With Facebook
I usually consider myself smarter than this… But somehow I ended up downloading this thinking it was some new app from Facebook to use their Marketplace feature. After going back to the App Store and looking at who the developer of this app is I realized it has NOTHING TO DO WITH FACEBOOK AT ALL. Also, as many other one star reviews have noted, it is impossible to sign up for this app to work. I used three separate emails and never once got a confirmation email to allow me to create an account to login. I also keep getting the same FAKE MESSAGES over and over from people asking me to respond or supposedly sending me a photo of something. I have come to realize these messages are just fake, trying to get me to “sign up”....But when you go and open the app the first screen you see every single time is trying to get you to pay money for a subscription. After reading all the other negative reviews it’s now obvious all they want is to get your money for an app that doesn’t actually work. BEWARE!! I actually used my Facebook login several times to try to log into this app and now I pray they have not gotten my Facebook login to use for other scamming reasons.
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4 years ago, AidanCody
No account confirmation email
I was never sent a confirmation email for my account. Since I had no email to confirm my account, they decided to shut it down. This is sort of a catch 22 because I can’t confirm an account with an email that doesn’t exist. There’s no way to contact any help through the app so I’m essentially locked out with no way of getting back in. There’s no apparent option to have the email resent either. I’m getting messages from people on the app despite being logged out too. I can’t respond to anyone because of this. I’m just glad I didn’t buy or sell anything before this happened. Also, they’re so aggressive about getting you to pay for their subscription service. Literally every time I open the app, and even sometimes when I’m using it (I don’t know if this stops after the log in page since I can’t get past it). I hate giving bad reviews, but this app is a mess. If anyone on the development team sees this, I’d be willing to fix my review if you could get me back into my account.
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3 years ago, StanleyBostich
Fake… everything
Man, this app is just trying to trick you at every turn. Starting with the fake reviews (read these user names), fake notifications telling you urgently that someone wants to buy your stuff (even when you don’t have anything for sale), and an aggressive freemium model that tries to trick you into accidentally subscribing to $3/week (yeah, A WEEK). Let’s pretend that this app even was legit, which is isn’t, it would be useless. I couldn’t find anything that I was looking for, and when looking at listings for un-needed stuff, it was clearly full of scams. As an app developer myself, I strongly encourage everyone to go to the landing page (not the reviews page) and vote “useful” on the top genuine reviews calling out this scam, then vote “not useful” to the fake reviews promoting it. It’s important that this is done on the front page so eventually the fake reviews are replaced with genuine ones. It goes a long way towards preventing new users from getting trapped.
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2 years ago, iiLexi_Moonii
This is probably the worst online shopping app I’ve ever used. ITS REALLY BAD. The app and description makes you think that this is a very good shopping app, and that it is really good. At first when I logged in, or signed up, it said that it worked and that I had an account. I open the app back up and click on “profile” and it makes me sign in AGAIN. I had to log in 4 times!! And every time I opened the app up pops this thing that is trying to make me buy like an $80 subscription for a yearly subscription, and all these different subscriptions, and so I just clicked on “continue free” or whatever it says. And lastly, every item on the “discover” page, was in euros! I couldn’t buy one thing because it was all in euros! I found five things that were in USD and they were these junky beaten up items that said they had never been used. I do not recommend this app. BEWARE!!!!!
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3 years ago, Sjxjsjss
Horrifying Ghost Notifications
I downloaded this app and then it promoted their paid membership to me, whatever, I skipped it. I never looked up a single item or posted a single item. I didn’t like the interface and furthermore there was a user agreement I had to agree to and the text either wasn’t there or it was white on a white background. I have been getting the most disturbing motivations from this app constantly. CONSTANTLY. Five times a day I’ll get notifications as if from people saying “hallo??!! Are you still Interested?” “Can we meet tonight???????” “What size is it????” and it’ll say from Jimm or Jack or Susie or some other generic name. My personal favorite notification is “encrypted message” lol. This app will literally harass you and also paid members get their listings bumped ahead of regular users so it just seems like a bad app all around. I have 14 notifications from the last few days. Avoid app at all costs.
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4 years ago, TreNec17
Nothing but a money pit without letting you use it to see if it’s what you want. I may be a lil behind time with the way these apps are set up but I know it’s not as far as this thirsty app is trying to take me. Immediately after downloading and one click to open it all I seen was some outrageous dollar amount to pay for a year etc! 😡 Clicked out of that and was presented with the terms and condition to agree to or not of course I agreed thinking maybe I was finally gonna get to explore the app. WRONG!! Stupid junk took me right back to the screen to pay offering a free three day trial!! Really?! Without even letting me explore without being harassed about buying something?! Keep your three day junk I lost interest and after this review I don’t care to know what it’s about anymore and trashed you will be! Harassing people to buy before they even try speak volumes about staying away!
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4 years ago, NicoK999
Intentionally spikes your stress level
I added this app because it would be easier to shop on marketplace without using Facebook. Well, I receive notifications from this app from a loop of fake people invented by the app with messages like “Hallo?! Are you interested in this phone?” and “Hello?! Are you okay??” And “is this item still available?” I was really concerned at first that I had left people hanging who I contacted or that they were seeing old ads I had posted. I kept looking for their messages to get back to them but couldn’t find them. Then I noticed that the messages notifications I received were looping and I was getting the same exact ones from the same exact “people.” This is intentional on the part of the creators of this app to get me to engage more with the app by spiking my stress level and invasively and deceitfully grabbing my attention. NOT OKAY.
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3 years ago, Wessloan01
I don't know what else to do....
I am trying to login to my paid account and no matter what I try as suggested... the account says I'm locked out by the administrator and has always been VERY difficult to use. One day I can list a new item for sale and the next I can not login or locate the approved post anywhere. I am willing to work with you to use the app I have been paying for. If I had been locked out with the same email and password as I paid with, why sell me another subscription? Please help me find out what my problem is ( possible user error) if so please help me with my ignorance. I do not want to have this posted I just need help and I have no other way to contact you, I apologize for the app worked great but now it is not
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3 years ago, Fruitstripe100
Scam with fake notifications
First, it will literally prevent you from using the app unless you buy a subscription (I’m trying to sell to make money not spend more) even though the app is allegedly “free.” On top of that, it’ll send you 5+ fake messages from fake people a day. I’ve never even browsed this app let alone posted anything, but I get all these random messages from fake people saying “PLEASE RESPOND THIS TIME” “I’m interested!!! Where should I meet you?!” “Hello???? When can I pick this up??” Or the best one “encrypted message” but when I go to check it says my message inbox is empty. You’re not going to enjoy this app at all. You can’t even use it if you don’t pay a monthly subscription. What a joke
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4 years ago, driskycreations
Won’t even let me sign up
I’ve tried everything to sign in. Not only will it not let me use Facebook, if I use email it says that my account has been disabled. I even made a new email to see if it would work and got the same result. There’s no reason it should be disabled right after making it. The worst part is I keep getting notifications of people texting me in chats, and I have no idea what they are talking about because I can’t log in, and I don’t know why I’m getting them. Please help me, I really want to use the app and read the chats I’ve been getting according to notifications. Especially since I’ve never signed in before so I have no idea what the people are texting me about.
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3 years ago, MikeyD😎😎😎
Haven’t been able to post anything yet using my iPhone 6s. Major Flaw — the app requires that the condition of the item be entered using a drop-down list. I have tried every option available (brand new, used, excellent) with the same result: the app closes, and reopening it erases all previously entered information. So start from scratch. Same result. Minor flaw — the app will not allow me to change the location of the item. It always defaults to the GPS location. So I can’t post an item’s location accurately unless I’m physically at the same location. My elderly dad has moved and I’m trying to give away his furniture and other stuff but have to go to his hose to do the post? How inconvenient!
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4 years ago, Evoleth Coard
Great but could do with one little improvement
This app is great and is obviously very popular and I use it all the time to buy little bits and bobs that I need. However I think that one thing that would be great to add as an update for the app is being able to see how many people have viewed your ad as it would be some what of an indication as to if there are people interested in what you are selling. Something that I think would be a great function for the app
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3 years ago, Dontavian Leadbeaterqe
I use this app all of the time!!!! no problems!! so easy, and fast money for sure!! only suggestion would be an option to repost something rather than “deactivate” then “active” so you can start back at a higher price and work ur way down again if you think it’d sell but wasn’t seen by enough people. people have things they posted so long ago that would sell so quick if it were a recent post, so I think it’d help out buyers and sellers!!
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3 years ago, Frog Belly 101
The Real Truth…..
This APP is a nasty SCAM I have no doubt. I see other reviews that mirror mine to a T. Not being able to see any more recent items for sale. Same mysterious notifications….Hello are you still interested?, I sent a picture !!, etc. couldn’t open the notifications they were blank. I’d advise to stay far away from this APP and the 3-day free trial. It’s all a big money grabbing lie.I have made myself a number of notes So as to unsubscribe the automatic renewal before next year. They are making me give them a rating. There is no 0 stars so something tells me they write their own negative reviews also. Hopefully this one shows up Frog Belly 101
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1 year ago, Herbavorasaurus
Horrible, like the rest of the reviews say
I’m not sure why I downloaded this to begin with. I always look at reviews, but for some reason this got past it. All of it is scamming. I immediately tried to delete my account, and you are not able to do so in the app. The website and app give you different emails to reach out to to delete the account, and I have heard from neither after multiple messages. All of the info on my account wasn’t accurate to begin with (because I never trust things like this), so I’m not worried about that, but the lies and inability to even delete your information is borderline illegal.
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3 years ago, setfree@16
This app is horrible! I can’t post anything without the app letting me complete it! It will log you off in the middle of the post. I finally get to post something but bare bones because it’s impossible to finish the description. So I am getting messages but can’t seem to locate where on the app. It seems like the app is geared towards Facebook market place, Europe. The dollar is in euros. Things posted on this app or sometimes older than a year. I went ahead and canceled my subscription and started getting messages, so I reinstated my subscription and can’t seem to locate who is messaging me. This is crap! I should of known better it’s Facebook!
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3 years ago, BananaDroppz
Waist of time
Downloaded this app since I’ve constantly been using Facebook market on safari. I thought it’d be easier to use a app specific for Facebook market but I sure was wrong. Your bombarded by a ad about purchasing Facebook market benefits which, I’ve no clue why that’s a thing. Also as I was just looking at a item on Facebook market on safari it was nowhere on the app and I saw a pattern of that constantly happing when I would try to search for any item. It was honestly such a waist of time using the app, I’m sticking to opening it up on my webpage. Extremely disappointed.
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4 years ago, g.l.shankin
Facebook has gone down hill
I wish Mark never sold it off. Its not the same. Nothing works anymore. There is no option for logging in with phone number, but two options that both lead to the same thing of signing in with email. I cant even use my account. There is no button to save detailed search options, only “cancel” and “reset”. First post that came up automatically was an advertisement stating “weed, pills, and coke” dont waste any time or data downloading MP. Its not worth the frustration and uselessness that comes with it. And if you want it to work semi-properly you have to spend 9 dollars a month or 80$ a year. Please Mark Zucc. Come and bring us back the old facebook.
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3 years ago, ORRTrackcoach
It is AWFUL and a scam
It is made to look like Facebook Marketplace but it has very few listings at all and no matter what you do, it doesn’t link correctly. After paying the $80 for the year, I still can’t post anything and brings me back to the sign up page each time. Only good thing it has ever done is to say that I have already paid so it doesn’t try charging me again but still won’t leave the signup page. It won’t let me put in a distance from home and still shows nothing posted in the last week and only 1 thing posted in the last month. So nothing to buy either. Run away from this app. It is AWFUL.
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4 years ago, kia2much
Not necessarily a free app
It's sorta weird how when i press the button for me to post the item I'm selling it promotes its premium right after, which is fine but when I then X out I notice that afterwards Im back at the step before my item gets posted. So I press post again and the same thing happens. I do not want to pay 7 dollars a week to sell things and I thought it was a free app because even in the premium it explains how the things you'll get will be "more of". Which insinuates that the free version doesn't have those things and I'm totally fine with that I just want to buy things. I can't post my items to sell at all it just shows the promotion
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4 years ago, Kaycia Blumfield
Very addictive you can be looking at one item and at the bottom will give you alternatives. Only problem is if you try to go back to “your Spock” touching the little figure at the bottom sometimes unresponsive. On the whole self explanatory but if you accidentally touch the selling button you can’t see and no instructions how to get back to buying mode although sometimes a double tap returns you back.
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2 years ago, normalweirdo
Not Facebook Marketplace
Is not Facebook Marketplace app. Apple needs to enforce more transparent and clear app descriptions for apps on its store. If you are a legitimate and reputable developer you need to state for what country the app is usable for. How it works and what exactly it is useful for and what it will not work for. As it is this is 2022 and yet still too many useless garbage apps proliferating only to gather user IDs and email to perpetuate more fraud and spam. Apple let’s do better than this. And if your app cannot clear a user approval or usefulness index it should be removed from the store until it is reworked or glaring issues addressed.
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3 years ago, LeeW74
Piece of crap app
App doesn’t load properly. Says for 1 week trial but forces you to pay for subscription first but cancel anytime. Then another page loads up and says 3 days free and continue but it loops back to subscription page and then loops again to the 3 day free page and then extra message box comes up saying you’ve already subscribed. Can’t get into add item to sell as it loops back and forth. Absolute garbage app. Obviously cancelled subscription. And yes I’ve restarted my phone several times and reinstalled a few times before writing this review. Don’t waste your time folks.
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3 years ago, SkunksRule
I’m not usually a bad-review person but I’m never using this app again. It’s made to look like the Facebook marketplace app, but it’s not; it’s just garbage. Every. Single. Time. I open the app and/or open my phone to it and/or switch to it from briefly switching out of it, it’ll ask me if I want to pay for it. I have to navigate that screen every time I open the app and it’s so annoying. Then it randomly logged me out and won’t log me back in even when the password and email are correct— it just spools for forever until it finally locked me out of my account. Won’t let me check my messages either. Just a horrible app all-around; absolutely not having a good time and have already deleted it after days of trying to get it to run smoothly. Missed out on some great opportunities after trying to buy some listings and it wouldn’t let me message :/
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4 years ago, password2006
Can’t sign in with my Facebook account google account or email!
Every time I try to sign in with my Facebook account it’s not letting me, then when I try to sign in with my google account it says something like “press okay to sign out” because my email is this and this. And then last also when I try to “log in” it says email is already in use so I really don’t know what the issue is cause when I try to sign up it won’t let me and then when I try to log in it says email already in use. And Ik for a FACT I did not get hacked because I would’ve got an email saying I logged in at this time and this date.
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3 years ago, ellecwoods
I downloaded this app in hopes of being able to sell/buy things. I did the subscription (which is supposed to be “free”), for three days, and got charged DOUBLE. It glitches when you click “condition of item” when trying to list something & exits out of the entire app. I tried starting the process over & it did it again. Logged out, deleted app, & re-downloaded & I wasn’t even able to log in at all. Waste of time & money. Hopefully I’ll be able to save someone from downloading this & not wasting their time & money like I did lol
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4 years ago, GOATisGarbage123
If I could give -10 starts I would
This is the absolute worst buying and selling app ever. They try to make you think it’s by Facebook when really this is just a scam app because they don’t allow you to actually post anything for sale, I even purchased the $80 premium version and still wasn’t even allowed to post a listing. Never download this app, it’s terrible. They pop up the premium offer in your face every 2 seconds and when you buy it, you just get scammed and can’t actually use the app. The other positive reviews are likely fakes because this app is a complete scam.
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4 years ago, Jamone Heinsen
Marketplace Users
Glad about this app. gives more opportunity to sell stuff locally and on wider scale. It's lot cheaper to sell compare to other competitors or auction websites. I would truly recommend to any one especially the large item N only can be picked up from home vice versa to look for the used goods locally which does help for both seller N buyer too. All credit to everyone involved with it.
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3 years ago, xlniger
This app is a scam
First it tell you to pay then on the bottom of the page it says in tiny letters continue for free, there servers are so slow took a minute for any of the listings to pop up and some wouldn’t even, and I haven’t listed anything and the app started sending notifications with fake messages, is this still available or like what’s the size, but I haven’t even posted anything and when you click on the notification it just opens the app and disappears, I would recommend staying away from this app
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3 years ago, A road
If you’re inactive, will give you fake messages
I have never taken the time to review an app before, but this one is something special. I downloaded the app but it pushed a premium option so hard I was unable to use it, so I simply exited out and went on with my day, forgetting to uninstall. This app then sent me 3-4 fake messages a day from “buyers” some of them aggressive messages such as “are you wasting my time???”. Given that I never even used the app to sell or buy since the premium option was pushed so hard, this annoyed me greatly.
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2 years ago, Bigron42
App not working
I purchased a yearly subscription for the Facebook marketplace app. I installed it on my iPhone. The app will not work properly. Every time I try to use it, it asks me to get the subscription again. I scroll down and find a refresh button. It then asked me to sign up with Apple which I do. However, when I leave the app and come back and I have to do the sign up all over again. There is obviously something wrong with this app and it needs to be revamped. I have deleted the app and ended my subscription.
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3 years ago, fohjuju
Not user friendly APP CRASHING
For someone who uses the internet to sell often I had a lot of peoples navigating this app But most importantly the app continues to crash before I can finish listing and item It was really frustrating. I got notifications from marketplace but when I actually opened the app I couldn’t find the messages or they just weren’t there Also the ad to pay for a subscription would not stop popping up so I practically couldn’t use the app for free they basically forced my to pay for a subscription , not cool
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3 years ago, BeeeMonee
Every time I opened the app I had to select “continue for free” as it prompts you to upgrade and a pay a monthly fee on the homepage. I kept getting emails and notifications with angry messages from people who said they were waiting for a response from posts I was interested in when I hadn’t even saved any listings let alone tried to purchase anything, but when I opened my alerts in the app there were no messages! Felt very scammy… thought it was connected to Facebook Marketplace, but definitely not!
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3 years ago, Dynomite_Devin
Do not get this app, it’s useless
This app is a disgrace to those apps like Mercari and OfferUp. You literally have to pay to get into the app. And no this is in no way shape or form associated with Facebook Marketplace. This should be banned from the Apple Store. Your concept for a marketplace app is so bad. Also, it’s been two days since I’ve gotten this app and I have an iPhone 12 Pro on the latest ios and it crashes a lot. So many wrong things with this app. The creators of Marketplace should definitely redo the app and make sure people will actually like it.
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3 years ago, F2R
Dangerous and Buggy
I normally don’t take the time to leave reviews but this app was so shockingly bad that I leave this warning. Not only is the app pretty much unusable (iphone11) it seems super risky with it’s display of personal information and location access. I was unable to search by distance even after saving my location. The gps drop point is inaccurate. You can’t view who’s page you are looking at in the app besides seeing tabs of their items and people they follow. You can’t scroll through the list of offered items, only can see the first four. Even the setting bar for searching by price is just a drag point so you can’t type in a specific range. There are multiple open posts for drugs and narcotics so that seems to be the only real use for this. I don’t know who else would pay $8 a month for such a broken app.
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3 years ago, Cheater@1153
Poor service
I see someone is using my account it’s not me I see the messages coming in I can read everyone from the notifications however I can not see any messages in the notifications that’s when it will actually let me to the account to see anything I have tried to get in touch with customer service however that’s was unsuccessful so my last hope is writing this review in hops the developer will read this and help so that I can change my review. Thank you Annemarie Nicosia
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2 years ago, Good download 12
Not really good at all.
Keeps sending fake messages when I have not even subscribed to the app and when I finally came around to try it how it wouldn’t even work on my iPhone 12 plus running on the newest version could not uploaded multiple pictures when the app would just randomly close once I did get pictures attached then anytime I wanted to switch the condition to new same thing 🤦🏻‍♂️ not really worth my time as it’s the same as other selling apps!
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2 years ago, Redrain525
This app has all these perimeters and loops just to sign up. If you somehow successfully sign in you’re instantly greeted with a subscription fee that they want $80 and year for. If you choose not to buy it and go to the “free” section you can look at 2 listings because the “free” option doesn’t allow you to change the distance of your searches. What a total ripoff to make a non functioning app unless you spend $80 and since nobody’s going to do that it should’ve never been made.
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4 years ago, 1_mi
Impossible to sign up / log in
I have retired my FB account for years now. As I decided to sell some old stuff; my friends suggested to go to FB marketplace. But I didn't want to get hooked up with that evil app; just decided to download this app with the hopes that I could use it to sell my stuff through FB without actually being on FB. I just cant get to either sign up with my FB account or create a new account using one of my half-dozen email accounts and they all seem to have been already registered with the app! Frustrating!
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3 years ago, XxXKYJEEZYXxX
Kinda desperate
If you want to use Facebook market place use it through the Facebook app or on a computer. It tries to make you pay for a premium account for God know why and if you don’t it harasses you constantly with messages from fake people that don’t exist trying to buy things or sell you things that aren’t real either. Some of the messages even get passive aggressive for some reason. All in all super annoying. Just go desktop/laptop. Save your time and confusion.
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4 years ago, Kaory Boor
Great for everything
Just a shame can’t get rid of all the scammers there has to be some way to get rid of all the chancers apart from this great I have to say though because of the scammers I have to use other site to sell as got fed up of every reply asking for personal information thinking we’re all idiots
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3 years ago, stacie303
This app seems fishy & is hard to navigate
Ugh... this App asks for credit card numbers before you can even check it out. Take a look at all the 5 star reviews and you’ll see that they are pretty obviously faked by people who definitely do not live anywhere near your country. I’m in the USA and this App has nothing to actually buy locally. I regret to say that I’m deleting it before I give them any banking information. Just be wary- this one sounds like another overseas scam. Grr!
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4 years ago, missmaggiel
Customer Service is Not There
Facebook has been giving me a hard time lately. I tried posting something on marketplace, Facebook said I needed to link my phone number with account, and when I tried Facebook crashed. Now, i cannot sign in so I changed my password, still won’t let me sign in. Somehow I am getting notifications from Marketplace as if my item listed went through, but I have no way of accessing these notifications to respond. I’ve requested help multiple times but haven’t gotten any.
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4 years ago, Chrissykfdthjfdfujgdf
Support is non-existent and I can’t sign in!
I have not been able to reset my password or login although I am getting messages left and right. I tried to use the forgot password button. I entered my email address, but I don’t know if it’s right, so I entered another. They never sent the reset password email to either of my email addresses. I may or may not have products on there that I am selling, but if I do, someone just tried to make an offer on a listing and I can’t access it!!!! Absolutely terrible.
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4 years ago, Treyton Gowrich
Great app browse daily
Useful easy to use. Found some great bargains over the years that you wouldn’t believe and sold a fair amount too. Only annoying thing is wen scrolling down browsing I end up clicking on adverts that are in between adds by mistake repeatedly and it’s annoying as hell!
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4 years ago, U_Mad_Or_nahh
This app is not related to Facebook in any way but it uses the name marketplace and a blue logo to make it look like Facebook. It sends you fake messages saying things like “Zaya-Is this item still available?” But it is not a real person and is just a way for you to use the app. All of the reviews that you read are fake and you can easily tell by the multiple reviews saying the exact same thing word for word. This app is made by scumbags and you should not download it.
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2 years ago, badgirl614
If this app doesn’t crash & go to Home Screen before doing one thing.
THIS APP IS AWFUL I’m 22 I don’t write reviews but I thought this was fb marketplace, turns out the top comment is right. No relation. It’s actually a joke tbh, I tried to post & the app literally crashed 5 times, just went to Home Screen. Everything is weird, even the “help” button you click & it’s just a bunch of literal “fsffsfsfsfsfs” 😂😂 I think it’s a scam app. Pls be aware it’s really weird. Bad vibes screw that bro just go to Facebook 😅
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2 years ago, r073187
Yup scam…they almost got me too. Apple take this app down, what are we doing allowing this application to still exist. Literally everything is a front, I bet it’s one or a small group of people who are operating this whole thing. If I could go negative stars I would. I thought we were better than this Apple. I don’t even know if that’s something Apple monitors but Seriously now, is there no vetting process before parties can put there applications up in the App Store?
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2 years ago, willg5676
This is a piece of crap app:
Number one: I can’t even sell anything on this app. It just keeps asking me for a subscription. And I did the free trial and it didn’t even sign me up. Number 2: I stupidly thought that it would cancel my subscription, it didn’t. It decided to sign me up for the year subscription. And guess what I still can’t access the stupid sell feature. In all a terrible app. Not worth even downloading. Just use Facebook marketplace.
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