Buy Sell Now - Sell it, Letgo

4.4 (377)
170.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
MTPHoldings LLC
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
13.4 or later
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User Reviews for Buy Sell Now - Sell it, Letgo

4.36 out of 5
377 Ratings
4 years ago, sjveidvend hdmd
Too many ADD’S
Not sure if anyone is real and why is there a add every 20 seconds or if I just tap something a add pops up
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7 months ago, ccayer
Nothing but scammers and shady people.
The minute that I posted the grill I had for sale I got a stream of people from out of state and out of the country trying to scam me it’s been two days now and that is the only things that have contacted me to buy my grill. Absolutely pointless and worthless this app and the people that are on it, not to mention there are so many ads,It’s time consuming .I do not recommend.
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4 months ago, MVL2022
Avoid the app, keep scrolling!
The worst part isn’t even the ads, but the people that are trying to scam you and pull information from you. I also should have read the reviews first. Ever have that feeling when you KNOW something isn’t right, this app is it.
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2 months ago, Hsjsbsusv
Great site. Enjoy looking through items listed.
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5 months ago, Rexhwarden
Just getting started, waiting for it to grow and hopefully it does, nothing since letgo has been worth getting on
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11 months ago, Mikechayes
Porn site
Right after I downloaded it I opened it and first thing you see is porn!! I should’ve read the comments before I downloaded it, otherwise I wouldn’t be here writing this!
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2 months ago, Zack Attack—
Full of scammers
Would give it 0 stars if i could. this app is full of scammers. wish i would it read the reviews before i even downloaded it.
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1 year ago, 357)?;6$
All the bad reviews on here are ACCURATE
Do not use this horrible app. I thought Apple had publishing standards. Not sure why they would grant these people a developer account. They should be banned.
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4 months ago, La_arnie
Do not waste your time on this APP
This is not reputable! Why? Everyone that says “their interested” they ask for personal information right away! Scam much? SMH
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8 months ago, Torryelle
Nothing but scammers
Deleting this app. This is the worst selling app I’ve ever used! Nothing but scammers and the app has so many ads it’s ridiculous. The app also logs you out.
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4 months ago, Fffhtchtesxh
Scam city!
I thought this was the let go app everyone just wants your money use Mercari instead way better
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1 month ago, ew davidd
this app has so many scammers. every single person that has reached out to me for my item is a scammer. at least 10. and now when i try to report the person, the app crashes. this has been a huge waste of my time. i would give it 0 stars if i could.
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11 months ago, Mar.b
No matter where you click in the app an ad pops up. Avoid!
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8 months ago, Gaha isnsn 89/. s
The deleted my account first day it was made
No reason why
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4 months ago, percyslove
Can’t even get started with the app bombarded with advertisement's
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2 weeks ago, Chantuga
This not good
The first thing i saw getting sold were hella drugs idk about this one chief
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3 years ago, jazminelili
BE CAUTIOUS. All scammers.
PLEASE BE CAREFUL AND CAUTIOUS. EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON THIS APP Will tell you to text them and give you some fake number a quick Google search will tell you if it’s a legit number or not. Once you text them they will tell you to verify yourself and send you codes back-and-forth which makes no sense because they’re trying to buy an item from you so read right there, you can tell it’s a scam!! Every. Single. Person. Does this. There are literally no legit people that want to buy your items. So please please please beware of this awful scam. Awful terrible horrible app. If they tell you to text them right off the bat and will refuse to do business without you texting them makes no sense so just don’t do it and be wary of that. Awful app and awful people. I hope their parents are proud of what Trash they are scamming innocent people that just want to sell their items.
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3 years ago, nolimitiiii
This is by far the worst selling app I have EVER came across every single person on here is a scam artist they immediately break the rules by asking you to use your number for codes and email for codes etc. don’t even download this app it needs to be taken down as soon as possible it’s no way your gonna be able sell anything on this app and you have to be brain dead to fall for the scam artists on here seriously don’t waste your time ya frustrating NOBODY makes sense and the people on here will block you off the app as soon as you call them out as a scammer completely not worth it
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3 years ago,
I never write reviews but this app is sooooo bad that I took the time to finally write one
EDIT: so MTPHoldings replied to my review saying that they’ve updated it. Don’t believe them. This app is still garbage. The developers should quit before someone data farms this bogus company and dox’s everyone on the list. MTPHoldings, I think I’m entitled to compensation at this point for having to review your product this thoroughly. Ads pop up in the middle of every function. The app is unusable. It makes you buy an in app purchase and then breaks. Waste of money. Devs: I want my money back
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3 years ago, Fgmrobbie
Can NOT sign up
After you sign up and it sends you a confirmation email and you activate your account, you go back to the app and try to login. It just says we have sent a link to activate your account. Forever. The only way to use the app is by clicking the activation link and are logged in the the browser in the email application. The app is useless. Even after linking my Facebook, email, Apple ID, and trying it again on the app, it just says “account not found.” I’ll be deleting this now. Waste of my time.
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3 years ago, Jeff.rey.001
This app is Full of scammers
If I could read this no stars I would . This app is so annoying full of scammers. Not too long ago I posted some thing that I want to sell and I keep getting texts after text after text and calls after calls and they are all from scammers and I’ve tried to reported I’ve tried to take the post off and I can’t the app says that I have to login and I tried but the app wouldn’t even let me login to take it off. this app is truly so freaking annoying.
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2 years ago, AMB1230
I rarely write reviews but this app has wayyy to many scammers asking to send checks in the mail, asking for home address only then they get mad when you tell them no checks and that you only have a PO Box. It’s so dumb like why would someone get mad when you offer an alternative way, which whatever on that. I have reported the few scammers I have came across. Also what’s the deal with all the ads? every time I click on something an AD pops up. EVERYTIME!
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4 years ago, myfirsteverappreveiw
Just a bad app
One you can’t even read what you’re typing in since the txt and background are white. The worse first experience I’ve had on an app in a while since they even tried to make me watch 2 adds immediately and I was just searching for something on their browser. Not great unless you want to sit around for a while and navigate bad interface and be bombarded by adds for doing simple actions.
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2 years ago, Pal dog
Worst app to buy or sell on unlike they say
The app is completely full of scammers I have yet to talk to an actual person on it just trying to sell one thing then it just scam attempt after scam attempt this app has no security or anyway to verify an actual account also it’s designed really bad it’s the worst app to try to navigate throw just an all around poor app the maker should be very ashamed of themselves for this
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3 years ago, Motherof4duxklings
Scam Alert
Just had downloaded the app a few minutes ago for on you can’t see what your typing then instead of them texting you on the app there’s random number texting your phone asking for you to verify some codes that’s going to be different accounts that’s attached to your number long story short this app is a scam that have a lot of scammers please do not download this app or if do be very careful.
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3 years ago, MarcelineAb
Literally every single person on here is trying to scam you. Every single one. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if the people that made this app are scammers also. No joke, I’ve only had this app for not even a day and I’ve had scammers messaging me nonstop and it’s all the same message over and over. Not to mention the interface is terrible. Don’t waste your time with this app
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5 years ago, Krsnalove
I can't figure this app out???
I have potential buyers interested in my items...they text me.. And I text back to them my contact info to communicate a price and where they can pick up the item.... The app deletes al numbers and emails?? So? I'm completely confused in how I can sell anything without giving my personal info out to physically meet this potential customer to sell my item to them? Please offer guidance????????🙃
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5 years ago, Nitro dinmo
An terrible app
Always crash’s except for the ads. The app never crashes when it comes to ads. You literally can’t go three minutes without ether it crashing or an ad popping up. Not only that but whenever you sell an item you get 20 scammers and maybe one actual buyer. The people who created this trash app really need to do a major overhaul to this severely flawed app
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4 years ago, Charles wolf iv
Too many ads, super slow, dead listings
“Thousands of ads” put into their boasting for the app references the thousands of ads that pop up on your phone. The app loads SUPER SLOW it makes the 2003 computes that are on sale there look fast. And speaking of what little listings were in my area all the ones we had were dead. I live in NYC so it’s not some little place in rural area so it’s not really worth it.
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2 years ago, ThisIS A WASTE
This app is filled with scammers and spammers ready to waste your time. 1 minute after I made a post. My inbox was flooded with them. This app has Way too many advertisements also. I logged into the app to remove my listing and Apparently the app administrator disabled my account after I posted my review about how crappy this app is. No worries.
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3 years ago, dede609
Worst app in the world to sell stuff on full scam
Honestly please do not download this app every single person is a scam every single person except for the people who are selling the stuff. I truly think that the south is built so they can make money easier scamming people. Every four-star, you see on here is a fake person.
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3 years ago, chase404
Bad app
You can’t ready anything at all because the text and background are both white, When you try to sell something you can’t read what you’re selecting and you can’t even post a picture of it, when you click on the home button it just stays on a black screen. Not recommend to get
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3 years ago, fegkljrduojdejmvdt
Good luck trying to sell something. The only messages you receive are scammers offering an extra $50 to hold the item and some bull story about a “private mover” picking up the item, and asking for your bank name and your address/phone number. Do not use this app.
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4 years ago, matthewthegreat63
Horrible not user friendly at all
As a software engineer I know Good USABILITY AND THIS APP HAS HORRIBLE USER EXPERIENCE (UX) - it has no cursors to tell you where you’re typing -the ads are intrusive and redundant and often make the app run slower than normal -when you finally DO get the ad info set up and filled out then it just abruptly crashes when you click “post ad” and then I went to check and the ad that I just spent 10 minutes making WASNT EVEN POSTED !! -runs sluggish and needs a revamp YOU DEVELOPERS NEED TO REFRESH YOUR OBJECTIVE-C SKILLS this app can be so much better !!
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2 years ago, Anders8717
Difficult to operate
This app is very difficult to work. After using this app for 30 minutes I received many spam “offers” and was logged out multiple times by the “administrator”. It became very frustrating and not worth the time or effort.
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5 years ago, Sc4367
Terrible app
Forces you to watch ads every 60 SEC of using the add. Try to give your location to other advising companies to make money off you and serve you targeted adds. Crashes like crazy after every add but never before. By the way these 5 star reviews are all fake this whole thing is a scam.
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3 years ago, Smg Rio
Every single person on this app tells you all they can do is send you a check and once it clears they a send a picker to pick up your item i mean every single person with a different story but same all they can do is send checks
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2 years ago, AshleyTaylor98
Worst app ever
So it wouldn’t let me sign up at all. It would tell me “incorrect email or password” like how can it be “incorrect” when I haven’t even used the app before. Then if I would try to login or anything, it would tell me “user not found” I’m so fed up with it.
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2 years ago, lihp33
Shady app
Account was disabled in the first 10 minutes of creating and posting my first item. The only interaction I had had up to that point was with spammers trying to steal my google account. Seems like the developers may be scammers themselves.
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3 years ago, kiki.2000
This app is full of scammers it should be deleted
Be aware this app is full of scams they call you on the call you and text you and they text you but they’re all just scammers saying that they want to buy things but they don’t so beware this app is full of scammers
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3 years ago, Juan Rodiguez69
You can even see what you are typing, and it plays an ad every time you search. You spend more time watching advertisements than you do actually looking for stuff.
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5 years ago, Clawdeen-Cole
This app is full of scammers! I was looking through the jobs section and there are many scams. Some ppl are claiming to be hackers who you can hire. I haven’t tried selling anything yet and I probably won’t knowing that this app is full of untrustworthy individuals.
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5 years ago, dvvehebbeheb
Extremely unclear about payment
This weirdo asked me for my address and told me that they could only pay me with a cashiers check. This app gives no safe or clear instruction on how to receive/send payment for merchandise so I’m deleting it I don’t have time for this.
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4 years ago, StilettoMom
Cannot use the app for the simple fact the ads are popping up continuously which is very annoying. This app gets paid by how many ads you watch at least that they force you to watch. Use another app. This is useless.
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3 years ago, NG3773
Don’t Use this App
All the Buyers for your product will ask to give you a check for way more than what your products worth for a movers “fee” Then they’ll continue to try and scam you. Not safe don’t use.
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3 years ago, Kuzo6
App trash
LOL this app is trash. This app is just one giant pod of scammers. Every person who responded to a posting asked me to 1.) email or text them. 2.) ONLY offer cashiers checks. Only an idiot would do either of those. Would give 0 if I could
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2 years ago, AaappP537s
Scam app!!!
Stay away from this app!!! All the people who tries to buy your wares are scammer. They are asking for your number and then ask you do verify through a six digit google number. They are fishing and scammer.
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3 years ago, Dont use this scammers app
Horrible app!
Too many scammers. Every single one of them will send you the exact same robotic message about contacting them. There are shipping scams. Cashapp scams, not a single person seemed to be legit. App shouldn’t have ads anyways
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2 years ago, IllinoisGirl713
Got in trouble
I called a scammers out trying to protect myself. Guy got defensive. There were too many people asking if my items were available. No real way to protect the one from scammers.
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2 years ago, reekyg1
Horrible app everybody on the app tries too scam you. They will say text them and then give a dumb story about sending out a cashiers check too you. Don’t download -10/10
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