buybuy BABY

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Steven Kachtan
Last update
10 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for buybuy BABY

4.86 out of 5
77K Ratings
1 year ago, The awesome 100
Buy buy baby the best baby store around town
Honestly but buy baby is the only option for me to buy baby goods from. That’s why me and my family have come to love it. We bought our baby seat from here. We bought our first three baby strollers from here. We bought diapers all the time from here with our first baby just because it was fun to stop into a baby store as first time parents. Every time we stopped inside we also ended up buying cute baby outfits and cute blankets and whatever other cute thing we saw for our baby including toys and bottles. It’s like a small shopping destination especially built for mothers and highly engaged fathers like myself I must say. Love this store. Brings me memories of toys r us when it was around.
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1 year ago, KCC502
Horrible App
This app is horrible. I wish I could attach pictures to show how glitchy it is. My mother in law just texted me to say that my registry doesn’t show up when people type in my name. Earlier in the app, it showed that the registry defaulted back to private for no reason. Now every time I open the app it is blank and frozen. Items I take the time to research and then register for wind up discontinued days or weeks later with no notice. The checklist in the app is also very glitchy. When I click something we need to get based on the checklist, then add something from the list of products, it still shows up as not done in the checklist. When something gets discontinued and I replace it, it doesn’t show whether the new item is in stock or discontinued so I wind up with yet another item that has to be replaced. I got signed out for no reason and now I can’t sign back in because either it shows up as “loading” and doesn’t do anything or the entire app shows up blank. I feel like I am constantly dealing with this registry and I am getting burnt out. Pregnancy and preparing for a baby is stressful enough. This app makes it so much worse.
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1 year ago, Khloe Minaj
Update made things worse
I used this app last year for my registry (baby shower Aug ‘22) and it worked really well, while there were some hiccups it wasn’t enough to get frustrated as I could just log into the web browser. But now as of March ‘23 I can say that the app is completely useless. The update that was made while aesthetically it looks better and the UI is cleaned up, every time I go on the app it freezes and I have to shut it down at least 3-4 times just for me to scroll. When you use the search bar and the options pop up you can select one of the suggestions like before because of it freezing. I have to tap on a selection several times before it takes me to it. At this point I’m very trying to use the app and I’ll just go in the store as it’s very close to me or use the web browser. It’s more convenient for me to use the bed bath and beyond app to search for items than this app.
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3 years ago, 
Buy buy baby
This store has become my favorite store ever! I have purchased many things for my cousin, best friend and sister for two babies that are on the way and one grandchild, also my great niece. Everything has come so fast and in perfect condition and absolutely wonderful!! I now have my cousin and best friend using the app to purchase things for the babies on the way, because I have bragged so much about the store! I absolutely will continue to buy for each of them until they outgrow it and hopefully by then more babies will be on the way. Thank you so much for being our number one go to baby store and also for accepting afterpay!!! Being able to use Afterpay was a huge plus for us too!!
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3 years ago, Sunshine8585
Inconsistent, out of date
Buy Buy Baby as a store is terrible— terrible customer service. It is difficult to get a hold of a representative and when you do, they usually don’t have answers and seem bothered. The store has a big selection, but little stock. It’s SO frustrating when you register on a Sunday, and then 2 days later half your chosen items aren’t available anymore. As far as the app goes… very confusing wording on items. Some say “unavailable” while others say “out of stock”. This is confusing because there is nowhere that explains their meaning of “unavailable”. Is it a synonym for “out of stock”? Is it no longer available ever? Who knows? The “notify me when it’s available” option doesn’t work. They don’t notify you. You need to keep checking for when things come back. Some items come up as out of stock/unavailable BUT it you select the item, you’ll see it IS available online, but not in store. (Or the other way around). SO annoying! My baby registry is from Buy Buy Baby…. I noticed that some gifts purchased “anonymously still come up with the gift giver ‘s email address. 🤣🙈 Also, gifts I KNOW were purchased and are on my “thank you” list are coming up as still needed. In 2021 there’s really no excuse for having such an outdated, faulty registry app. I would not recommend anyone do their registry through Buy Buy Baby.
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2 years ago, momshea1993
Horrible App and website
Signed up and gave my phone number in store and paid $29 to upgrade my account for extra bonuses. Got home and downloaded the app. Found the sign in/create account button easily. BUT when you put in you information and phone number it says phone number is already in the system. Ok, sign in button is at the very bottom. Click it and it takes you back to the exact same page that I started on, sign in/crate account. I try again. This time it says call customer service because the phone number is already in the system. On the website the exact same thing happens. So now I have to waist my time calling customer service to try and fix your tech issue. I wish I hadn’t spent $29 on the upgrade since I can’t even get into the app. If something as simple as logging in takes a call to customer service what happens if I try to order something. Horrible app and website.
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1 year ago, jamiejammy123
Such an amazing staff!
I came in yesterday & was helped by Samantha. She was the absolute sweetest & super knowledgeable about the crib I was wanting to purchase! She made me feel super comfortable and happy with my choice of crib & gave me very honest opinions which I truly appreciated! I came in today to look at strollers and was helped by Talia who was also so incredibly helpful and knowledgeable and demonstrated for me how the stroller comes apart and all it’s different features! I really appreciate the both of them for easing the stress of looking for the perfect items as a first time mom to be! There’s so many different products it can get stressful, so thank you both so much! You’re extremely appreciated! Happy holidays!
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1 year ago, Fhjkxssahk
Why did you update it to make it less usable?! When you go to your registry list and select an item, you can no longer go to the item’s product page like you used to. Now, you have to search in the shopping tab in order to find product details, associate products, alternatives, etc. Do you have any idea how frustrating that is? You also took away the view of registry items sorted by category! You can see everything jumbled up or sorted by date added, but no longer by category. Yes, you can FILTER by category, but that does absolutely no good when your products are mis-categorized to begin with (a onesie should obviously be under “baby clothes” and not under “other”). The changes make the app nearly as worthless and cumbersome as the Pottery Barn Kids registry app. 😠 At this point, using a browser is better.
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3 years ago, Great photo print app!
I love Buybuy Baby
I always get really good prices on things, fast delivery, and quality products. Their stores are the only stores that actually let you see in person the products they sell. Most other stores just have a few things on display but Buybuy baby always has multiple products you can see in person. It helps so much when you are a new mom. Shopping online is great, unless you are buying a stroller, or a crib, or a walker. Those things you really need to see in person! Besides their in person selection, the app is great and well organized to help you find products you need.
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2 years ago, Ohio Girl ♥️
This App is awful
I have registered an account, paid for the rewards program and even started a baby registry. I however can not log into the app. It keeps telling me to enter a valid phone number. I have contacted customer support 6 times! They tell me everything matches and to log in 24-48 hours later and it will be resolved. This is a week and half of being told the same thing! And guess what this momma still can’t log into her app and her account to manage on my registry. Completely unacceptable that my issue has been going on for over a week and still not resolved when they say it will be with in 2 days! Shopping here is not worth the headache! I was told to email customer service so they could handle this for me and I have not gotten a response or acknowledgment! What a horrible company!!!! I have no way of looking. Or managing my registry! How is this acceptable???
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1 year ago, Eriikaaa1302
I have my registry with you guys, it always take so long to get a package, the new update it’s not helpful at all, I purchased my crib from here, after 4 days tracking seeing that it wasn’t shipped I had to call them and they didn’t know what happened if they didn’t have it or nothing. That’s irresponsible with a baby on the way the crib is very important I had to cancel it and order from target. They can’t even email you to tell you what’s going on 🙄. Terrible. Update : my baby is due tomorrow I still have no redound the two people I spoke to before didn’t do anything they say they process ur refund and they don’t. Customer service is NOOO help as well. So they expect me to wait for another refund they processed supposedly, so I can go after just giving birth and go look for a crib with a newborn how nice. They are the worse.
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6 years ago, Rmbly
Overall good, some dislikes
I haven’t purchased anything yet from this app and so far I have only used the registry features. Dislikes: The checklist isn’t always accurate, when searching from the checklist you don’t get every item associated with the category and only see the ones that are probably sponsored to show up, and not all items are categorized correctly. For example, Honest diapers show up under Health & Baby Care instead of diapers and I have 3 sets of socks on my registry and they don’t show up as checked off on the checklist. Likes: You can manually check off items on the checklist to correct the auto check problem and to mark items already purchased elsewhere. I like the look of the app and it’s easy to navigate.
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6 years ago, jcmay27
Amazing experience to register!
From the moment my husband and I walked in to ask about the baby registry we were immediately helped by professional and friendly personnel who had the knowledge to help us make difficult decisions on products. We walked our with me in tears of joy for how much personal time they took to make sure we felt taken care of and comfortable with our purchases. Even reassured me when I called in with follow up questions. Cannot be more happy with their services!
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2 years ago, KatDTC
I'm making my registry and it is such a headache
1) The app has crashed multiple times while adding items to my registry, 2) you can't see that an item is discontinued in the shop while *adding* items to the registry, you only see it once you're looking through your registry, 3) I have tried on 2 phones and an iPad to add items and the app won't let me filter on any of my devices.. I don't want to go through all 1,099 baby blankets when I know I only want to see the 81 green blankets.. 4) customer service had to be talked through my question multiple times and I think they still don't understand even now. They kept on telling me how to add an item to my registry when I contacted them about *filtering items while shopping for my registry*.
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5 years ago, abcdefghij1234567790
App error, gift order went through twice
When placing a registry order through the app, an error message came up. So, I went back to the registry to place my item in the cart and purchase. When I checked my email about 30 mins later I noticed two order confirmations. I immediately called customer service and they said they could not do anything about it as the order went to the warehouse. As per their request, I contacted them once I received the shipping notice to have it re-routes to the warehouse. This did not happen and the gift arrived 2x and I was charged 2x. I cannot ask the recipient to return the gift as she is about to give birth and I don’t want to inconvenience her. Customer service was extremely unhelpful. Do not purchase through the app.
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1 year ago, technikelly
New Updated App
Yeah I agree with all the other reviews about the new update. The UI/UX is awful, so much more confusing and not user friendly. Some text look like links, but are non functional, the registry format is unorganized, users have to sign in every single time, but there is not sign in page when you first open the app, and every single time you sign in, it asks you to update your info. My points don’t always show up, and it just takes me 5x longer to do anything on the app. Also, where is the “thank you” section? I have to go to every individual purchase to find a person’s name and address who bought something off the registry. App was way better before the update.
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4 years ago, PrincessMishy
Registry Glitch
The registry doesn’t work half the time. For some reason both the app and the mobile website will say I have no access to the registry I created and it makes absolutely no sense! Why wouldn’t I have access to the registry I created that is associated with my login information!? Also it’ll let me add things to the registry (most of the time anyway) but when I go to review my registry and see if things need to be removed it will usually say I have no items on my registry. It’s very annoying and frustrating that I can’t do anything from my phone. And even more annoying that it locked me out of my own registry so I can’t even see if my address was updated or not.
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5 years ago, Mercatante
Above & Beyond
I visited the Kentwood store the other day & needed to purchase a gift for an upcoming shower. Having recently had eye surgery, I was unable to read the registry very well & one of the associates, Dionna, sat with me and showed me the items still available and helped me decide which ones to purchase. She completed the entire transaction for me as I decided to order the items online & have them shipped. She was patient, thorough & very friendly. She was exceptional & made it a very pleasant experience.
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1 year ago, utsukushisashi
1. We turned on notifications for when someone buys something but they don’t work. 2. No way to know when anything will deliver!!! Someone bought our crib but we have no way to know what day or time it will come so we can be home! What’s the point of having a system to buy expensive baby stuff if you have no idea when it will come so someone can steal it? 3. The chat system to get help is a joke. It doesn’t connect to a human and just repeats the same question over and over. Just infuriating insult to injury. 4. SLOW. Every time I open this app it looks like my registry does not exist and takes several minutes to load ads. Every. Time.
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5 years ago, Aaabwa
My favorite registry yet. They make is so easy to go in and set it up. If you don’t have time for that then the app makes it easy to add and delete items from registry. Love being able to use the buybuy baby coupons. The app lets me know when an item has been purchased off my registry. All around I really love the app and the store. Really enjoyed going to the store to see first hand the car seats and strollers.
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4 years ago, Michayla18
Broken sign-in
I just downloaded to create a registry, but after creating an account, you literally cannot sign into the registry. I tried logging out of my account on the app, and now I can’t sign in at all. After entering the correct password, the “Sign In” button stays completely greyed out and does nothing when you click it. Edit: oof, after reading the most recent reviews, it is clear that the high reviews are from years ago and that the app is now basically useless, along with the mobile website. My complaint above is not a random, unusual glitch. I think I will move into a more reliable store. Being mobile-friendly is non-optional for large retailers these days.
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5 years ago, DiamomdPrincess0407
Okay App, will be changing to different registry
I attempted to make a purchase directly through the app from my registry and my card wouldn’t process. I decided to try directly through the website and voila’ ,crib purchased. A week after purchase the app tried processing my card again for a 2nd charge. I want my registry to be as simple as possible for guest, therefore I’ll be going with a different registry. On a positive note, one thing I did find pretty cool was the “idea board”. I am obsessed with pintrest, so it was nice to put together a nursery with the products that are specifically being used.
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1 year ago, Jayfuller3
Worst APP ever
Buy buy baby is by far the worst app I’ve ever encountered. It constantly never loads, my girlfriend and I have our registry on this app and when thinks are purchased they aren’t marked as purchased on the app so it just stays in the registry as something you still need. This app is so horrible that it makes me not want to shop in store either. The worst part is that numerous other people have had the same complaints over the years in the reviews and instead of fixing it the developers literally say “thanks for your feedback” and keep it pushing. It’s 2023 and this app seems to be programmed for an iPhone 8
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3 years ago, Nicole48
New momma
Buybuy Baby has helped me every step so far for this new momma. They calmed my nerves and pointed me in the right direction and were very knowledgeable and helpful. They were so interested about my journey of becoming an intended parent and using a surrogate because of not being able to be pregnant due to health issues. They truly made me that much more excited for my journey! Thank you for that!
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5 years ago, Kmc3202
Needs improvements
I used Buy Buy Baby for my registry and while I have issues with the registry itself, I received a lot of gift cards. It drives me crazy that when you make a purchase with the gift card, your info isn’t saved and you have to manually type it in each and every time. Seems like I should be able to type it in once and have it saved to my account until it’s used up. Also, all the coupons offered to me should automatically be in my account. Some are; some aren’t.
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1 year ago, ODarlings
Shopping for Nothing
I gave the rating I did because my last couple orders have items that were to be delivered within a few days of placing order; then delivery date(s) kept being extended until items were eventually cancelled by store without notification to me. If it were only 1 or 2 items I probably would not have been so disappointed; however, it has been at least 10+ individual items.
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6 years ago, Allieroo55555
Disfunctional and frustrating
I got this app to manage my baby registry because previously the bed bath and beyond app was very helpful for registry management. However, sadly, this has not been the case with the BuyBuyBaby app. Everytime I click the registry button in the app it shows my total number of items, but within seconds goes down to 0 items and loses my information completely. This has been an ongoing issue for weeks now and I have not gotten the needed support to correct this issue. Needless to say, this app has been useless to me and caused nothing but frustration rather than being the helpful tool I was hoping for.
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3 years ago, MissWhiskeyGirl
Fix the “New Arrivals”
UPDATE 10/20: this app still hasn’t been fixed. The “new arrivals” still show last Christmas items and only 28 at that, as many updates there has been, it’s still a pain to use this app. I took off stars to even see if it’ll be fixed (I’ve also emailed them weeks ago and heard nothing back 🙃) _________________________________________ Seriously it’s been like this for months. It only shows 28 items when you go on new arrivals, but on the normal website it shows NEW NEW. I just delete the app everytime I realize it’s not fixed. Please fix it so I can use the app again. Thanks!!
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3 years ago, Lost in Chicago
Grandma visits daily. Who knew they had that?
So many new items and new technology I would never know about if not for Buy Buy Baby. You don’t get that support or customization with large online general retailers. Love curbside pick up. Online coupons per my individual account helps if you forget to bring the coupon to the store. Love the designer clothes.
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5 years ago, bvbyblue
I love BuyBuy Baby, I go to the one located in Rancho Cucamonga and the workers are so friendly and helpful also know so much about the products they sell which is great to know about the product before you buy it! This app made my registry so much easier my family had no issues when it came to buying gifts or finding my registry for my baby shower. Would most definitely recommend to a friend! (:
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4 years ago, BZCinaMan
Good but here is a suggestion
With the talk about contactless payment nowadays, the app can allow us to pay with the credit card without swiping the card on the machine, similar to Apple or Walmart pay. Secondly, refer back to contactless, you should have this app to store the purchase receipt. 1) There is no contact with the cashier, 2) save paper, 3) easy return for customers. Customer don’t have to look for the receipt. Hopefully to see this suggestions in the future app.
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3 years ago, 2wilight
Awesome Experience
I do not have children so I never needed a store like this. Recently I visited the shop for a family member who is having a baby. What a fabulous place! The staff are all obviously Happy to be working there and obviously Happy to help anyone!!! The selection is amazing!!! Prices, deals, coupons!!!!! This store is a Must for everyone expecting to have a baby!!! It was so much fun!
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1 year ago, aalinicole
Good until they changed the app
The app was great until the update. The new update makes it so you are unable to see your registry. It takes you to another useless screen where you are unable to click anything. You can no longer see your “thank you notes” screen to know who purchased an item for you. You can no longer see your checklist. Even when you try to click on them the app flips you to the “registry” screen which is totally useless. Go back to the old app or fix your glitches to make it more user friendly.
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1 year ago, jigfeet
App changed and it’s terrible
I liked this app before it changed overnight -now each time you load the app you have to sign in, and it won’t even let you see your baby registry. When you go back to the main page it makes you sign in again, which makes no sense. It’s not user-friendly at all! Now to check my registry I have to go to the BuyBuyBaby website, which is not convenient. In a phone the website doesn’t display the registry in an organized manner. change the app back to how it was! There was nothing wrong with it.
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2 years ago, garcianaun
Like the store, but glitchy app
I’ve liked the products that BuyBuy Baby carries, but it’s very hard to shop on their app (and website). I have a gift card I have been trying to use for almost a year and haven’t because every time I try to shop on their app or website, what begins as a fun search and compare turns into getting frustrated with messages such as “we didn’t find a match for” for basic searches (teething, extending gate, Nuby, Boon, high chair). I end up giving up and not ordering anything at all in fear of something glitching when I place the order.
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1 year ago, Motjmjcj
Can’t view my registry
I love the app, easy to navigate. Easy to search up what you need and add it to your cart or registry list however I CANT view my registry on the app. Every time I click that page, it shows me a blank screen. I’ve contacted support , all they did was told me they’d submit a ticket for the issues to be fixed. I’ve deleted the app, reinstalled it, restarted my phone and everything. Still nothing, I’ll stick to the browser.
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2 years ago, anslc
I was once a very loyal customer. All purchases were exclusively made through your store via online. However, I no longer shop at buy buy baby. The app is frustrating. As a busy, full-time working mother of a toddler, I need convenience. I am having the same issue EVERY SINGLE TIME. I add items to my cart, I get a prompt saying item has been added, but my cart remains empty. I’m unable to check out since my items are not showing & my cart is empty. I’ve erased the app, and downloaded again, logged in and out, and still my shopping cart remains empty. Also, the app keeps asking for my phone number for my rewards/coupons. Repeatedly. It does not work I pay for Welcome Rewards that I am unable to use. This is very disappointing and frustrating. I am 100% unable to make purchases through the app and online via the website. I’m throwing money and time away.
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5 years ago, Serena0016
Discontinued items
I’ve been loving this app so far! The only issue that is more irritating than anything is when there’s a discontinued item I’m unable to remove it from my registry. When I try to remove it , it just states “Product ID is null or empty” but the item is still listed on my registry. I don’t want family members looking at my registry and viewing over 5 discontinued items! Please fix this issue extremely frustrating.
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2 years ago, Shae.dhjsbakxv
Good but a glitch
This app was great for creating a registry in store but I have not been able to add things properly to my cart or registry on the app because very time I try to select a size, the app glitches and the drop down slider for “quantity” appears. So the user can never select the correct size. This issue is the same on the bed bath beyond app as well. Other than this issue the app is great. I was not able to find anywhere to report this app issue to the developer aside from in this comment.
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4 years ago, Tar Heel Squirrel
Issues with latest version 14.0.3
Since the latest version downloaded the app has not fully opened on my iPhone. It continues to open with the initial splash and then crashes. Have reinstalled with the same issue. I am still able to receive notifications from the app but not able to open it. Up until now the app has been very useful and easy to use. Much better than accessing the store page in safari.
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1 year ago, SCK!!!🥓🥓
Not accessible with Voiceover
To log in or create an account in the app it is not accessible with voiceover. When trying to create my registry it was also not accessible with voiceover. To buy into shop is accessible with voiceover however, I cannot view or edit my baby registry because it is not accessible with voiceover. I was actually disappointed because, the bed Bath and beyond App was more accessible than this. I love the store and the people there are very helpful it’s a shame the app is this bad.
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3 years ago, vickyluvbasil
False advertisement
I Placed an order for more that 400 dollars at this store JUST because they had a redemption going on if you spend 400 you get 100 back in funds so I made that purchase and never got the funds talked to costumer service and got an email saying I placed the order when the redemption wasn’t going on and I literally showed them the email where they sent me that the redemption sale was not ended yet. I would’ve never placed the order if I had never got that email to get funds back. And costumer service didn’t help me get my funds.
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3 years ago, livinthejeepdream
Love it
The app is so easy to navigate, the store has so many of the items for you to test out in person, and there are always coupons being sent! Did I mention you can use the bed bath and beyond coupons in store as well!!!! Very impressed with this company!
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1 year ago, BH 616
I tried to buy something during Cyber Monday, but the app couldn’t authenticate my credit card. I tried a several times with a couple of different cards, including Apple Pay, but they all failed. In turns out that the app actually charged my cards each of those times. After calling Buy Buy Bsby customer support, they said that they have no record of my purchase and that I should report it as fraud, even though the fraud was cause by their app. I don’t think it could trust this app again.
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3 years ago, Talbear13
Clown Show
When I click through on an item from a search page and get an immediate offer of 20% off “on a single item” if I enter my email, then see that I can’t use it on the item I clicked on, you get one star for being clowns. Get outta here with that. (And in response to their response: I’m not “having trouble applying my coupons.” These guys are tricking customers, most of whom probably don’t know how to unscrubscribe from marketing emails, into giving up contact information that’ll be used to spam them forever, probably with more misleading “offers.” Not nice.)
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1 year ago, dfranco416
Amazing store, horrible app
I want to start by saying the store is amazing. I love BuyBuy Baby and will be loyal for a long time. The app however needs some major improvement. It really glitches a lot and sometimes the signing in part is difficult and I’m good with tech. I recently made an order on the app and used some gift cards but I couldn’t see anything from the order unless I went to my browser. Overall, love the store, don’t love the app.
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7 years ago, Jannie_Jan
Love the store and this app!!
I love Buy Buy Baby that they offer variety and good quality products. Love that they always send coupons for me. Love the app that it is easy to browse through products and store coupons all in one place. I scan barcode on the paper coupon they mail me and store in this app. Thumbs up!!! 👍👍
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1 year ago, joe-fiz
Love this store but please fix the app
Seriously the most amazing store for expecting moms… or just parents who are wanting to try out/see different products without having to buy. But the app lags alot. I love being able to get points and money back. Thank you BBB!!!
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3 years ago, Yaya-Andromeda
Great place!!
Love everything I have purchased here! Took my Son and daughter-n-law shopping here for stroller and car seat. They not only had what we were needing they also had it on display. It was fun watching my son and his wife playing with the stroller and car seat combo I was gifting them.
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3 years ago, Krazeeequte
I miss the new arrivals section.
I used to check for new products weekly, But they took that section off of the app. I love to browse it. I also hate that they allow third party companies to sell through them. But other than that I love the company and the vast selection. The app generally is very functional and user friendly. :)
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