Caesars Rewards Resort Offers

4.8 (180.9K)
85.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Caesars Entertainment Corporation
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Caesars Rewards Resort Offers

4.79 out of 5
180.9K Ratings
6 years ago, bsamiam81
couldn’t ask for more!!
great app! It’s so much simpler being able to view all of my available promo’s and offers in one stop, from absolutely anywhere I am. Knowing what hotel offers are available to me, while also being able to see the dates that my other promo’s, giveaways, or offers are occurring, makes it to where I am always able to book my getaways for dates that are going to be the most beneficial for my earning of even more rewards. Also, having the ability to book my hotel with one simple touch due to having the ability to save my preferred payment method to my profile on the app, makes this app beyond useful and well worth having on hand. And being able to submit drawing and promotion entries daily without having to physically come to the casino and swipe my card makes it possible for me to receive way more entries than when I had to be present to enter as I’m not always able to get to the actual property itself every single day due to having other priorities and responsibilities that aren’t able to be skipped out on or rearranged. couldn’t be happier with the fluidity of this App! Other establishments need to follow suit and offer an equivalent to this for their rewards programs as well. You get five stars, two thumbs up, a perfect 10, whatever it is that symbolizes being the most satisfied with your app on the scoring system you use! Not one negative remark even after months of using..
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2 years ago, terri at fort bragg
Booking rooms
I have been coming to Cherokee since moving here with our military family for several years now. We actually love it so much that we always tell our military families it’s a beautiful place for getaways and breath taking views. Since coming there for so One now we have noticed it’s getting so hard for those of us that are NOT seven stars to book rooms especially on the weekends. We all that hold lower status feel as though we too should be offered some of these offers more often because we too are spending our money in your establishment as they are. Granted we do know they may be putting lots more money into your business than we are. There should be some consideration as to opening more rooms for us Lower status folk. Afterall how can we build up to a higher leave if we cannot book the rooms when most of us can get there to play which is mainly on the weekends. Thanks for this platform for writing these review. I am constantly hearing visitors on the casino f.looks complaining about this same question we had, so I told people if we don’t let them know how we feel how would they know. So here I am trying to start a dialogue of how most of us lower status people are feeling, Thank you. Please help us.
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3 years ago, Alex & Alicia
Best Rewards Program by far!!
We love Caesars!! My boyfriend and I love being members of the Cesars rewards program! They always take good care of us when ever we come to visit with great customer service, friendly & always curious staff,they have the best rewards program by far. We visit casinos quite often and out of any of the casinos in the Phoenix area they exceed expectations!. Constantly giving out Tons of free trips, Gifts, giveaways, sweepstakes and free cash almost every weekend and the free play is awesome(no need for initial investment). My boyfriend hit 7 jackpots in 1 day & they bumped him up to diamond elite (which bums you like 3 tier levels you which is the tier below the highest 7star member status ) and gave us higher bonus play and lots more. On top of always giving us complimentary room in the most gorgeous, scenic rooms they have petstay rooms so we can bring our baby kittens along for the journey for 4-5 days in a row! You’ve forever got Cesars rewards members in us Harrahs Akchin Casino! We love you!
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6 years ago, 736636992636728468393747399373
Needs improvemet
Overall you can see as much as you need. But... in terms of really important things this app is not good at all. I stayed for 2 nights at Caesars AC last night and I was checking how to make the check out through this app and IT WORKED. I have reached the check out screen which asks for reservation number and room number. Today I’ve left the hotel 4am I usually make my check out on the tv at the room. This option is only available from 5am to 12pm. On my way home I was trying to use this unuseful app. When I was touching the link for hotel check out the app crashed and it closed by itself. I did tried my husband’s iphone as well and the same error happened. I gave up and made my check out over the phone. Developer should put a little bit of more effort to make it work properly.
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6 years ago, NY_Yoshi
This app continues to disappoint
No matter how many times this app goes through an update there always a newer issue that seems to emerge and never gets fixed on top of the previous issues. Seriously Caesars get better app development!!! Changing the asthetics just to make it look nice doesn't fix all of the faults that the app continues to have. It always seems they to change the appearance, but never fix any internal or synchronization issues. Either messages that have been read and deleted seem to never disappear from your message box and now when booking through the app it seems to not sync with the person's Total Rewards account. I've made numerous calls reporting this issue that the app never shows my comped offers, unlike when using the Caesars website which will show the offers a person has. So if you were booking on the app and it doesn't show your comped offers you may end up paying more than you're supposed to. Probably this is another way of how Caesars is trying to rip off its "loyal members".
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5 years ago, DJP519
Terrible update
Update: The newest version (6.0.3) has fixed most of my original complaints below, but daily sweepstakes offers still do not consistently appear in the offers tab. I had to refresh my offers six times this morning, and log out and back in, before they finally appeared. This new version loads much slower than the old one, forcing you to watch the same slide show over and over, each time you open the app. Furthermore, contest offers, which you should be able to enter daily, do not load in this version, but do still load in the old version (still installed on my old phone). And the option the turn off images on the offers tab does not save, it resets each time the app loads. With ~100 offers available at any given time, this makes the tab unwieldy. Please fix that setting so it saves and sticks. The one thing the app does do well, just like the superior old version, is track your tier credit and reward credit totals in real time. Definitely helpful if you’re aiming for a daily bonus.
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2 years ago, CP SX
I like the free rooms and free melas. I’m a diamond plus member /just about elite. My biggest issue is getting more free play and being a member of my status. My monthly free play - is bad for my rating but to lose 5 figs n a month or two and getting no added free play is hard to swallow. I get 15% free play from my perks , on any given day or week. It will give 15% free play is you lose a k. I get 150 that afternoon. This program reward those that are starting their gambling careers and moving through the levels very nicely. But it seems that you take of the level runners and elite but could care less about those that have 60,000 tier points. Just being real real honest. I get zero from my host : I wish I could get re referred out, I mihht come back and get my 12k a month with you, Insteak iof anither place. Please help and my aunt is the exact same level and gets handed way way more comps than me and she is about 9 k behind me.. thx
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5 years ago, Brian 7737
Missing info for booking
After booking I get no email for confirmation, and I can’t find what type of room I book. I spend time to browse the app and can’t find it. I want a none smoking room, when I get there they give me a smoking room, I can’t find what room type I book. Bad mussing info for booking. For Flamingo casino customers service. I want a none smoking room but somehow Customer service told me I book a smoking room. I ask for help to change the room and they told me no room available. They told me to go to the room and press 0 on the phone to ask for help, I believe them and check into the room when I call, they ask me to check with front desk at 6am. I call again in the morning and they told me to check at noon, I call at noon and they told me no room available. A hotel this big and you don’t know if you have room available or not on next night??? and make customers call, check??? really??? Please just tell me there no room available so I can make decisions and not telling customers to call. It is my mistake not to call in to confirm. So I leave early happily. For developers, please add the reservation information with room details in your app. Thank you.
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7 years ago, Mkhan68
I like it
Nice to get deals and alerts about events coming up. I live in reno and go to vegas several times per year and like that you can find out about things happening near live time. I wish they had something like m-life where you could earn comps or dining credits. Some or their games can only be played on the computer which obviously is for much older clients. Hello? In 2017 nobody really uses their much outside of the home. Everything is pocket or tablet since we are always moving. Also incorporating things on the website not on mobile app yet like checking in online before you get there would be the bomb! Presently I get an email and open a browser to check in on my phone. It should be part of the app and a couple of clicks if I have saved my total rewards CC. Caesars makes it fun but needs a little tweaking to app to get 5 stars from me.
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6 years ago, kitloom
Ok for Checking Balances
The app is good if you just want to check your balances, but that’s about all. Like others, I have OCD to make sure I’ve read all my offers and messages. When I read all of the offers, the next time I load the app, the offers I read show as unread again. And it always says I have 3 unread messages, but I don’t. Drives me crazy. Regarding the offers: they’re hit and miss. When I attempt to book an offer, I often get the message that the offer couldn’t be applied. If the offer is really good, I usually call for it. I’ve had occasions where I’ve booked an offer via the app and when I check in, the offer wasn’t applied.
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6 years ago, KGBOW
Check In/Out with App
I really like the convenience of the check-in/check-out link in the app, however you have to know your confirmation number of your reservation before trying to do so. When I get my confirmation email after booking, it doesn’t show the number. The check-in email doesn’t show the number. The only place it shows you the number is in the app under reservations, and it’s only available before you check-in. So, no way to retrieve the number for checking out. It’s very frustrating to always need your confirmation number if it’s not easy to retrieve. Please add an easier way to check-in/out on the app without having to have that number. I also tried doing the express kiosk at the property to check in and AGAIN had to have my confirmation number. It was a real inconvenience!
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6 years ago, Noneemac
Slick little app, with one glitch
This app is on the money, getting it all done with a clean interface, fast response times, and virtually every desirable option available intuitively, with no false moves, red herrings, or dead ends. The big green ball that lights up to let you know when you have a new message or promotion is just solid good design. Way to go, TR! I’ll bump up my rating from 4 to 5 stars when you clean up one glitch: the reservations list is a mess: upcoming stays are not in chronological order, and the list is cluttered with cancelled reservations. Suggest not displaying cancelled reservations in the current reservations list, and make sure current reservations are in chronological order, soonest reservation first. Other than this glitch, it’s a beautiful, well functioning app.
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3 years ago, slotpkayer
Caesars is ok but to many card levels with not much difference between the Diamond level rewards. Had high hopes when the Carano family took over with their partners as we were one away from the highest level at Silver Legacy(The Row) El Dorado Resorts. However , when the Carano took over Caesars, our linked cards- combined points we were spilt apart so now individual accounts with less points and we moved downward in card level because The Row had 5 levels and Caesars has 6. So we were downgraded. Yes I am whining. We worked hard to build up our Row card level and this was how loyal customers are rewarded. Less benefits , more tiers. Should have seen this coming when The Row started cutting benefits and closing restaurants and employees started leaving before the takeover of Caesars. Maybe El Dorado Resorts / Silver Legacy will reach out if we matter. M Life and others might be looking better.
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6 years ago, Bearscout
My account went inactive because I don’t travel a lot, but when trying to sign in to book a reservation I get a message saying my account is inactive and I need to go to a casino to re-activate it. I called support and even they can’t activate it and tell me I have to go to a casino to activate it. It’s pretty clear you don’t want people using your service if you can’t do something as simple as reactivity my account so I can book a stupid reservation. Yeah, I’ll drive all the way to Nevada to re-activate my account and book the reservation.....then drive all the way back home and drive all the way back for my trip. You people clearly don’t use your own ridiculous system or clearly don’t want to help people use it. Just plain stupid. So, it’s clear you don’t want my business so I’ll go give it to someone else. Thanks for nothing. This stupidness is probably exactly why I wasn’t using this program.
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6 years ago, Mildog6
Deleted until the message notification is fixed
A pet peeve of mine is the red notification number that shows up next to my apps on iPhone. My OCD requires me to click the app and clear the notification. Apps that continue to give me needless notifications are deleted. This app in particular will show that there are say 3 notifications. I open the app and go to the messages/inbox. Sometimes there will be a message, sometimes not. When there is a message, I will read and delete it, but even if it deletes (which it often doesn’t) the notification alert will remain. I love Harrah’s, and this doesn’t impact the fun I will have at their casinos, hotels, or in playing their games online: it just means that I have deleted their app because it is a pain in my tuckus. That is all.
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5 years ago, McFlySoHigh
Fantastic App for one of the very Best Casino Rewards Programs
The App itself is fantastic. You can instantly book in app earned comp nights at all Caesars/Harrah’s/Nobu/Paris and other casino properties. When you open the App you can easily view your comp/promo play available, earn rewards, book specially offered promos, view the property’s calendars, get in touch with your host/customer service. I play mostly at Horseshoe Baltimore based on my current location. But regardless of where you play it sends you update on Vegas and AC events, specials, comps earned. Lastly, regardless if your a Table or Slots player, Total Rewards is in my opinion one of the best and often overlooked rewards programs out there. Simply put they really take care of their customers. I’ve received far faster attention in terms of comps, assigned a host, Free Vegas rooms- literally in a fraction of the time it took other programs/hotel lines to tier me up. I still play other places, go out at other venues, but TR is the leader in terms of noticing their players and rewarding back.
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6 years ago, Teresa Wood
This app is ok. It helps a lot with details of credits on my account and some of the offers are cool. However, at the bottom of the home page of the app it’s shows social games to which it says will add points or rewards if u play them but after downloading them & playing them for a week or more I found these games are useless and they don’t seem to add the points or credits it says I have to my account so I’m just going to delete the games. I think that the social games should be deleted from the app if they’re not going to do what they claim they’ll do. They’re a waste of time and space. This app doesn’t let me delete the messages and I can’t stand it keeping them once I’ve read them.
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6 years ago, Blarmoshlashkin
Message Bug and UI Nitpicking
Update: I’m going to downgrade a star because the notification badge on the app icon won’t go away even when I have no messages. I’m turning badge notifications off until this is fixed. A lot of the time, my inbox shows I have an unread message, but when I go in to view, there are no messages. The “Accept Offer” sits a little too low on the iPhone X. Settings say Touch ID instead of Face ID on iPhone X. The sting that tells me when my profile was last updated on the “MY TR” tab isn’t centered and is too close to the “i” button. The “Filters” modal view controller on the “Offers” tab isn’t optimized for iPhone X’s screen and looks awkward. When viewing details of “Our Top Picks” on the “Do & See” tab, scrolling up slowly causes the header to flicker. Also, the picture getting squished is kind of awkward. Put the gallery in a UIView, clip to bounds, constrain center, equal widths and heights, would probably look better. I really noticed some solid improvements with under the hood optimizations over the past year, so good job. The app is useful and great. I feel like offering my two cents could make it even better.
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5 years ago, fixtheapp1
Room booking.
I just tried using this app to book a room and when I was prompted to select number of nights for the stay it seemed that the screen switched over to a web view rather then continuing in the normal app screen. The screen shrunk down to only show in the left side of my phone screen and the right side of my phone screen was all blacked out. I tried selecting the number of nights from the small drop down option and the screen froze. The only option was to close the entire screen which led me back to the app home screen. And now i am trying to submit my review and it keeps asking me for a nickname that will be attached to my review. I tried four different nicknames and it keeps telling me that nickname is already being used and to try again and it won’t let me submit my review without the nickname. This is ridiculous.
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4 years ago, slrke21
I get one rate on site and when I call I get another rate and it’s never the online rate. You can’t get the tower beside the check in and I’m handicapped and always stay in that tower with the walk in shower. Having to pay for June 13. Should not have too. Been changed 4 times and concert changed. I know not your fault but not mine either. Had to change from Friday to Saturday after date changed. It’s for son in law Birthday. Not fair have to pay. Ticketmaster still hasn’t refunded my 38 special tickets they say venue hasn’t sent money it’s been 60 days. Ridiculous. I will be going to Tunica this year.
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2 years ago, Miss the good benefits
You asked for a review so I gave you it!
The diamond club is only open for the weekend it used to be open seven days a week and then four days a week now it’s only open the weekend. Also I used to get $50 in the beginning of the month and 50 at the end of the month towards food. That doesn’t happen anymore it just seems like the more you spend the more you take away. My host is wonderful that’s not what I’m saying the room is a lovely I’m just very unhappy with the benefits being taken away. Also the bus is only on Saturdays and Fridays. Again I couldn’t ask for a better host. Tom Law is the very best!!!
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3 years ago, Franklbee
The very best rewards program
Caesars Rewards Program is, without question, the best patron program available. With impressive comp opportunities, you would be hard-pressed to find any other rewards card program that comes close to the Caesars Rewards. A-Plus. Although it has been very difficult to maintain our Caesar’s Rewards Program level this year, due to Covid, they seem to be attempting to make special incentives available giving us a chance to reach our annual goal and comp level. This program is second to none.
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4 years ago, jjh321
Hotel booking on the website has been a problem
This is a nice app, and the offers are good. However, I have not been able to book a hotel room offer for months as my local casino always shows as sold out for the next 3 months. I either have to call Harrah’s reservation line or the hotel to book a room. I keep being told that it is a known issue, but it hasn’t been fixed in at least 5 months. Also, has to have an impact on occupancy when the hotel is showing sold out! Please fix the website so we can book via the web.
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5 years ago, Sam$007
Best Rewards
Enjoying the perks of visiting a Caesars establishment- The best of both worlds, Super game play while accumulating free hotel, delicious food , free play, free gifts etc rewards - is a pleasure building vacation plans around & including a Caesars property, cannot think of a bad experience I’ve had at any of the many I’ve visited, always Top notch & have noticed they do not treat others any differently (have seen patrons from the back hills of KY with grungy overalls, old worn out jogging clothes etc-& I mean no disrespect- I roll about the same when I travel) - they are treated with respect & that rates high in my book
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6 years ago, Colbypsu
Don't waste your time !!!!
I have had the total rewards credit card for about 6 years . I know this is about the app. But this is a two part review. The credit card isn't for people who carry balances!!! It has a lot of issues in itself just goggle reviews . The app it's self is Beyond worthless it constantly freezes up locks you out. When you call the total rewards number it is actually Caesars. They give you another number for the total rewards department the number of which rings and rings nobody ever answers it so on all in all this is a total waste of your time. If you're lucky enough to see the tr rates like it's been stated before they are usually higher than you can find on other sites. I wish I could give a negative star rating that's about all it's worthy of!!!!
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5 years ago, Mark SR 1959
Harrah’s at Lake Tahoe
After not going to Harrah’s at Lake Tahoe for many years my wife and I decided to take a drive up . We we’re very surprised at all the changes like paying for your parking, but after going inside to guest services and telling them my plight (being a retired marine) I was upgraded to Platinum from Gold (I was before) and Peter (who was the very nice representative to take care of us) got us all “squared away” in no time!!! I can tell you if you want to be treated great go to Harrah’s at Lake Tahoe if you’re from the Northern California area and skip all those “crappie” INDIAN casinos!!!
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3 years ago, ms. Peaches#1
No matter how and when I played. Since my son , started me playing
I never received free play, or any type of incentive to continue to play at Caesar, my sister from NY, and her corporate union was here about 2weeks ago, and will be returning next month, with all of the money that was spent. We received nothing! I love Planet Hollywood and Paris, the better Caesar properties. I guess it’s true, after being here 8 months, hearing people say this about Caesar’s … give everyday locals nothing, I believe that…only high rollers win there is true. Do ever think, that with the way Covid-19 is making everything shut down again, who will be here giving you support…THE LOCALS!
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6 years ago, Dh1oo
Messages and Offers
I think the thing that I dislike about this app is it always indicates I have messages. Right now the app indicates I have 9 messages but actually only have 4. Of the 4 there is only 1 new message. They just want go away. It’s for that reason I am considering turning off notifications. The app needs to be tweaked! I also have not had anyone explain to how checking in via the app works! I don’t know how your supposed to get access to your room and nobody knows when you ask the question.
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3 years ago, lost6
Harrah’s Cherokee
O It was an over priced experience we have been here before and we got very little in compensation for being a rewards member. We usually got some comp nights . I can understand on a Friday night but the rest was way to much for what the hotel offers. I got better comps going out to vegas. This use to be a nice location to come play just won’t be back at these prices. Lots of construction going and the staff was still very good . The valet parking was ridiculous Friday night and the signage for directions are especially bad at night and confusing since there is two completely different hotels .
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7 years ago, Maestro2397
Better but needs work
The TR app has gotten better over the past couple versions, but it isn’t very intuitive. Having an easy link to a TR credit card without having to login to a website would be helpful. And the functionality, at least on my Iphone7 is awkward. The images don’t fit on the screen and when scrolling they often overlap. The App has shown that I have 1 message, I’ve deleted every message, it’s always showing that I have 1 unread message :(
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6 years ago, LARL43
Doesn't show TR member pricing for hotels
If you select reservations on the bottom menu and proceed to check the rate calendar for a hotel, the prices shown are not the TR member prices. If you go through the process of booking a room it will ask you if you want to sign up for Total Rewards on the booking page even though you are already signed in through the app. I signed in to Total Rewards on a desktop and compared the hotel prices and they are lower on the desktop because it appears that the app doesn't automatically transfer your TR information to the reservations section. Please fix this, otherwise members are being overcharged when reserving a room through the app.
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5 years ago, TxTrey
Worked well in past
I attempted to use an offer recently but the app is really clunky to sort across all hotels in Vegas. I called since I couldn’t compare rates - you have about 20 room types and each hotel classes are different and the app doesn’t show all of what goes with offer-only first on the list. I’ve had success with calling the number in the app late last year, but I could not get the agent to talk about the hotel offers. I listened to the sales pitch and re-pitch where she kept trying to get me to sign up for a credit card. After multiple no responses, and even when I told her I’d disconnect if she continued to try to sell the cc, she persisted. So I hung up and decided not to go to Vegas.
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5 years ago, justice242
Terrible, just terrible.
You would think that a casino that basically prints money could afford to splurge on some basics for their app. It's near impossible to have one session with it freezing on you. Very basic things like trying to book a room takes a good 6-7 tries because the screen lags and then closes on you. Finding and activating your deals is like pulling teeth, you're better off just going onto the website, at least then it won't freeze on you. I mean, what's the point? It's an app that does not make thing easier and in the end I'll just go to a competitor's hotel. Edit: what’s with not being able to see all the hotel rooms when you sign in? I see more options when I’m not signed in than when I am.
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4 years ago, Gin$Gin
Missing Caesar’s during Covid☹️
I am 7 Star - My husband is Diamond. We usually go to a Caesar’s Property at LEAST 5 times a year. We have gone twice this year but due to the coronavirus have had to cancel several trips. So looking forward for Covid to be taken care of so we can resume our gambling in Vegas and Laughlin-in the mean time we will get tier points through contests like this fall one and might be able for a very quick trip to one of our favorite Caesar’s Casinos.🤞🏻 Have a Safe and Healthy Day😊
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3 years ago, Omg67843
App goes down and doesn’t come back
I have tried turning off phone. Tried going back to App Store and reopening, nothing. You can’t contact anyone, tried, eight times, nothing. I am a Diamond Plus player and this app shucks!! It is so frustrating, and there is no one who will get back to you. Can’t get into my account, rewards, or offers . Says to try back later, this has been going on for over two weeks.
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5 years ago, jeff hydock
Don’t take the trip to Atlantic City
Was Oferd the trip to Bally’s for just 35 a person and it was for air fair and hotel stay it was one of my worst trips ever they drop you off at hotel and don’t tell you anything about anything they just didn’t care anything about you once you where their employees didn’t offer any help and most where rude I would never come back and I pray that most people that get this offer do your self a favor and pass on it you will hate it
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5 years ago, Heather LaCrosse Kelly
The best of any
I have to say that Caesar’s rewards app is the best... you can see any freeplay or rewards or discount etc, you can actually book a room through the app, and you can always keep up with your reward credits as well as tier credits, I am a regular for harrahs, 3 different ones and it’s all in this app that I can keep up with all three of them. I’ve noticed that any other casino doesn’t even have an app, so I definitely recommend you get this one!
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6 years ago, swalorre
My thoughts :)
I like using the App....however, either I’m missing it or there may just not be a “search bar” for looking up the things that are more important to me. There are those offers that do not interest me and there are other offers that interest me a LOT. I usually delete tables and gift offers as I’m not a table player and I really do not need more “things”. Other than that....I’m very grateful for this app. My favorite though, highest and above, is a good communication with my Casino Host via email or phone. Thank you bunches! :)
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5 years ago, iamkch
Upgrade Issues
The most recent upgrade has eliminated the touch capability on the home screen for any of the options as you scroll through (ie playing draw poker) and my future reservation at Planet Hollywood shows Bally’s, when you click on future reservations Planet Hollywood appears, but when you select that reservation it displays all the information and hotel rate for Bally’s. Looks like someone didn’t do their job in testing the upgrade.
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6 years ago, Tim Herrera
Its awesome
This app is really awesome it let me views all of my points and it also lets me view and book a room if I wanted to I also like the idea that it allows you to see what type of credit you have available on together this app is really well constructed and I really like that I can use the self check in without having to go to the front desk and wait in long lines I will begin to use this more and start To stay at any of the Caesars hotels!
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6 years ago, PocketSidewalk
App has improved significantly
I really like the new property maps and the ability to delete offers for which you are not interested. This makes it easier to know which offers you’ve reviewed and which ones are new. I gave 4 instead of 5 stars because I would like to see the ability to add your Total Rewards card to Apple Wallet. Otherwise, there have been some major improvements do this app recently, and those improvements have all been positive. Keep up the good work!
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1 year ago, Still, No nickname available
What happened to App
Why do companies keep changing the Apps. ? They make things less user friendly, it’s confusing. My Face ID don’t work, says my password is wrong. Try to Change it, says not acceptable. The only way I can now use it is through the email, where I changed my password to what was suggested. Now that won’t work either, have to click the to “view my account “ in my email. this is unacceptable for a company like you. What was wrong with showing all the offers and we scroll through it. Delete what’s expired or what we won’t use. So disappointed. I wasted so much time trying to figure this out!!
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6 years ago, Baddkitty88
Not bad
This app helps me find different locations to visit. Shows all my offers to every casino. But it has clitches. It changed my tier credit status for no reason when I’m clearly at a higher level. It doesn’t keep all your reservations you make on this app. You have to call them to make sure they have your confirmation. This app does the basics but ask for in-depth answers you won’t get them. You end up calling.
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7 years ago, GianniP46
Much improved! 👍👍
This app used to be terrible! I was pleasantly surprised this weekend on my way down to AC when I discovered that the app actually worked well without locking up my phone. In addition, my compliments to the developers for writing a fully accessible app…🙌👏🤗🎉🍻 I am someone who is blind and uses voice over in order to access The content on my iPhone. :-) Keep up the good work… And whatever you do, please don’t break the accessibility! 🙏
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5 years ago, Kimmieeb
Like the update
My only complaint is I can’t see my casino hosts on the new app version. I didn’t realize this until I needed to email one of them to ask a question about possible upcoming dates. When I emailed customer service asking who my host was they told me I do not qualify for a host. I found the email my host sent me last November introducing herself so I did find her info. Would just be nice to have it on the app like the last version.
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4 years ago, jacdaniels
Really enjoy the deals and specials from this site. Try to take advantage of them when I can. My only complaint would be that once you reach a new level it should not be taken off every year. It’s hard enough to get to the upper status and only going once a year it’s impossible to maintain. My money is almost all spent on Cesars properties and should be rewarded! Thanks!
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2 weeks ago, Ddubs4
Great When it Works
This app gives me all the information I need about my account accept how many celebration dinners I have. I always need to call to find out. Would be nice to add that. About 50% of the time I cannot retrieve my offers. I will even have the offers open and as am scrolling through them the offers will go gray. Other times I cannot even open my offers. This is kind of an important feature that shouldn’t have this much trouble. Needs to be fixed.
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5 years ago, AmiraMax
My Clutch for everything Caesar Reward
This app is amazing. It’s my one stop spot for everything Caesar. It keeps me abreast of my reservations, free play and entertainment going on throughout the Caesar franchise. When I need to check my reward balance or just look for some weekend adventure, this app helps me find that and so much more. From entertainment to dining and shopping and promotions, the Caesar reward App provides me with up to date information.
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5 years ago, bynoemommy
TR app can be better in 2019
Love having access to card - struggle w wallet. Love monitoring real time T/R credits, wished it distinguished bonus pts, table pts, and slot pts. Especially if one is monitoring single day play for bonuses in real time. Love messages - but wish could delete with reading, I am OCD and hate the numbers can’t rid of Love offer access, but most current ones should logically populate on top first, may disable this feature especially ones w multiples hate having. To click twice Love having my room number and confirmation number front and center Love food choice listings Wish they had a slot machine locator once in casino, likes what’s on floor Wished there were a countdown to bonus levels while playing like on the slot machines when playing Wished it had a daily/detailed accounting of play for verification Listed upcoming shows Thanks in advanced for listening SDB
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5 years ago, Lucky who
Poor update on checking out
It seems to always happen. After I stay (example) at Bally’s and checkout that same day and the next if I try to book for any of the 3 hotels it blocks me as tho I am still a registered checked in guest.) Smh it takes the whole part of having an app right from ya... now it turns into a 20-30 min call depending on the surge of calls at that particular time. Otherwise I’d rate it a 5 star ⭐️ app. Thank you total rewards program...
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