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Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Camofire

3.5 out of 5
100 Ratings
3 years ago, Surfryd3r
Good discounts
Love the app, websites better. I get a lot of my gear here and it resets 1am eastern time so if you save something in your cart you better decide fast. Down fall is they sell a lot of HME products and from personal experience HME is trash anything ive ever bought of theirs never lasted longer than a couple weeks.
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4 years ago, Love2houndhunt
It’s okay
Let me start with saying the company Camofire is cool. Good customer service and I’ve always received what I ordered. BUT their website is much better than the app. BUT #2 (this is the one that annoys me) their deals completely reset at 11:00pm mountain time. Which is fine but if you’re up at that time, NOTHING works. Not the app or the website. If it does open to show the deals, it won’t allow you to open the product. It takes a long time for anything to work properly. About an hour or so. If the kinks were ironed out of the app and website, it would be perfect.
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6 years ago, Why-T
Great Service!!!
These guys are the best. The app works well and I have never had issues with it. The customer service is amazing too. I had an issue with an order that got oversold from it going so fast the inventory system wasn’t able to keep up, they upgraded the item for the same price and shipped same day. If you’re looking for amazing deals, and I mean amazing. This is where it’s at. Do yourself a favor and download it now.
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6 years ago, STM9969
App not what it seems...
This “app” is a bit deceiving. To purchase anything, or to look at more information, the app opens up a page in your web browser. The app is only good for scrolling through the items that are for sale, nothing more. But this is a huge let down; if I wanted to look at what a company has to offer on a web page, I wouldn’t have downloaded the app in the first place. I love the concept of this eCommence store, but the format and functionality of the app leaves a lot to be desired. It’s pretty disappointing actually.
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5 years ago, Deerkiller14!
App doesn’t update
The app would not update with new items. It had the same items for several days and I didn’t realize it until I went to order something and it said they were no longer available. I went to the website and it was all different items. I love the website because they have pretty good deals and is easy to order the products. It does take a long time to get some items but pretty fast for others using the same shipping price. Still love Camofire though!
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4 years ago, Ace731
Everything works as it should. Checkout is easy but using safari to scroll through the days deals is way faster. The app has to load several deals at a time then you have to click to load more a few times before you see all the deals. Also saw an item that was cheaper in the web browser than on the app. Update the app to load all the deals and I’ll rate 5*
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3 years ago, NickDanger29
App is good but…
The app is good and works fine. You can certainly get some fantastic deals but…delivery, at least for me, has been VERY SLOW. I guess we’re all use to delivery within a few days, but the orders I placed with Camofire have taken 2 weeks or longer to arrive.
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4 years ago, Lwcclaley
Needs major work!
Downloaded this after a coworker recommended it to me and it started off on the wrong foot. First off, it wouldn’t even open after I downloaded it, even after multiple attempts and deleting then redownloading it. Then, I read that you can’t even order off of it, that it directs you to the website. So I suppose IF it were ever to open, it would only be good for “browsing”. Catch me if these improvements are done and then I will look into it again.
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5 years ago, sb@oregonhunts
I love this app but...
I love this app...but the details button needs to be fixed, currently it miss-directs you to the wrong deal, every time.
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1 year ago, Yffifcdkdh
The app works great, it’s a convenient way to check their daily deals everyday rather than going to their website! Such a great company with amazing customer service!
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2 years ago, Hunting fishing and trucks
The best for hunting great to check before a trip
The best hunting app I have ever had 100% recommend for new hunters and people that are out doors a-lot hats off the the owners for making such a great app.
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2 years ago, ggjjnvfde j ijvcdd
I have made many purchases from Camofire.
I have made many purchases from Camofire over the last couple years, but have been having lots of problems with the app lately. It has cost them multiple sales with me in the last couple weeks because it won’t let me check out. Fix the glitch please!
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6 years ago, ducksculler
The update is useless
The new update for iOS is worthless, might as well have just not made it compatible. I liked how I could do everything from the app now I am redirected to the websites to purchase an item. I can go online and do this myself. The app needs to have integrated purchasing and user accounts.
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6 years ago, Basser Acer
Shockingly bad app
It’s surprising to me that a website of this notoriety could have such a poorly laid out, glitchy app. Push notifications come through and it is sometimes impossible to find the product that the badge advertised. I like the website, which is why I’m giving it one star. But the app? Poor.
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2 years ago, Danimal888
Horrible Customer Service
Ordered a set of Sitka rain gear and it was never delivered. Had ring doorbell proving no one came to my house they day of “delivery”. Camofire only solution was for me to rebuy another set. Wouldn’t even provide proof of delivery from the carrier. Highly recommend Shopping somewhere else.
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11 years ago, Precape
Some minor issues
I use a iPhone with this app... The picture seems fine to me and can get a good look at it, but the (amount left/quantity) is still stuck on the item when I first downloaded it... Have been waiting for this app forever and love the updates and there are always issues at first but I hope they fix them soon, have use this site for about 18 months now I believe and love their customer service and everything about them... Also I'm a utah'n and proud of this company from my state!!! So good job... And if you want to give me a free pack like you had on Thursday night that would be grand lol... But serious thanks for the products
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6 years ago, Mothegun
Still need to come up with iPad version.
Still need to come up with an iPad version. Yeah maybe compatible with iOS 11 now. But still needs work. I buy a decent amount from these guys. I don’t understand why they don’t have a iPad friendly easy to shop! App.
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1 year ago, 603 buck slayer
Shipping is outrageous
There use to be some good deals but recently their shipping became 2-3 times more expensive than the product that you are trying to buy.
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4 months ago, Kkester186
Good for years but turned bad
The deals are amazing but the shipping is so outrageous that you pay retail if not more most of the time. It was an awesome app when it first came out.
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5 months ago, treesniper1
Watch the Shipping costs
There are some good deals, some of them watch the shipping costs. There are time the shipping is twice the cost of the item.
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1 year ago, ElkAddicted
Not what it used to be
This used to be the best place for great deals on a wide variety of gear. Now it’s just a bunch of over priced yuppie camo clothing and hardly any gear. I’d give it zero stars if it would let me.
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2 years ago, Smok3loud
Great app
Love it can’t complain
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6 years ago, ~topper
Still not compatible with 11.2
Still doesn’t work with latest updates
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2 years ago, great fun x
How do I reset a password
Most confusing website ever. Like trying to buy a car. Bye bye app.
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6 years ago, colton111
Needs updated
Still doesn’t work with the new iOS update!!
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6 years ago, Amcaine22
Need to update app
The app needs to be update to work with the new apple update. Was patient at first but after 2 months....... no excuse.
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4 years ago, steve q m
Love Camofire. Hate the app.
Bugs. Bugs. Bugs. Annoying. I shop Camofire online instead.
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6 years ago, adriesingleton
It’s awesome
This app is awesome
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9 years ago, Hey!lookup!
Could be awesome
This app could be amazing, like the website. It needs some work though. The app crashes A LOT. Especially when you try to buy something and use the shortcut pin option, it crashes every time. Also, it only loads the shooter about half the time. Other times, it hangs up on loading and I have to close out the app before it decides to load. If these things were fixed, it could be a wonderful app! Also, the ability to tap on the pic to enlarge would be a great addition. Hopefully updated will come soon so I can use the app to buy instead of just using it to let me know when I should go to the site to complete a purchase!......soooo the current version effectively keeps me from buying anything because it won't let me select anything, please fix!!!!
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11 years ago, Grumble bear
Great App / Deals
This is a great app with great deals. Wish those of us on the west coast and Alaska would know as soon as east coast and Midwest. Several times I have tried to place an order only to be told none left. Or, nothing in my size which has saved me lots of money initially but cost me much more from box stores. Overall, I like this app!
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7 years ago, Snekee64
I have bought thousands of great amazing quality items from these guys. From Knives, to clothing, to sleeping bags etc. if ya all say that you have sooo many problems? Contact them directly. I have. They get the product for the same price actually faster. Love these guys. Yes there is a lot of the same repeated products. But hey. Manufactures can’t move it all on their own. So in comes camofire. I have s fiancé that’s literally a girly girl. She’s ecstatic with her core 4 Sitka and browning not overwhelming camo. She loves girls with guns products.
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10 years ago, KHTriple7
AWESOME website but App crashes
I have used this website in the past and Camofire is awesome! Great deals and I am a huge fan!! But the terrible rating is for the app crashing specifically. I have the "quick pin" already setup (which is awesome and extremely convenient) but I need to change my credit card info. Every time I go to checkout and start to type in the expiration date to my credit card, the app crashes. This has kept me from being able to order multiple things. Without this working, this app is virtually worthless. I hope this helps
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11 years ago, Original Pigsticker
Poor transitioning
This app is easy and straight forward however it often does not refresh to the current sale and/or it does not keep a consistent product description or on hand inventory with the current item being sold. In other words some pages get stuck and wont update to the current sale item. I often have to power down to refresh to current data. Very frustrating but better than going to the net to visit the site.
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7 years ago, Kilgeze
Great app
I've had no real issues with app on my phone or computer. Order from it all the time and have no slow downs on my phone. I recommend this app to anyone that hunts. I would like to see it updated so my phone stops saying it may have issues. But I haven't had any issues at all. Keep up the great deals. Sincerely Kilgore, Nick
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6 years ago, Jerichjames
Not IPhone Compatible
I used to check this site as much as 4 or 5 times a day looking for great deals I loved shopping here it has been several months since I have emailed camofire about there software not being supported on the IPhone and it seems that they are not to worried about losing all IPhone customers missed shopping all threw hunting season and now missing all the deals for Christmas I sure hope they get this figured out very very soon !!!
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10 years ago, Schrammer308
Great app but not getting notifications...
Love the app but ever since I've updated to iOS 7.1 I haven't gotten any notifications as to when new deals start. I've taken it out of the notification center and put it back, deleted and reinstalled it. Please fix this!
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8 years ago, Ausiwi
Great product selection at awesome prices
I don't have any freezing problems with my app. Would love to see some reviews incorporated into the products but other than that great user experience fair return policy and I but something once a week probably.
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10 years ago, Bareski
Same as below
Love seeing all the great deals you offer. I wish I had more money to spend. Only drawback is when I go to checkout the app closes automatically. If you would like to get my business you might want to change this.
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11 years ago, Davelin518
Timer Issues
So far only bad thing I've noticed about the app is when I go from the product page to check the inventory and back again, the timer gets reset to 59min 59sec... No matter how much time is really left... Just have to exit the app and relaunch to get correct timer again... A minor issue compared to the great deals you an find on here...
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8 years ago, Sweet Flashcard App
Needs some serious work!
An app should be more convenient to use then just going to the web site. This app is nothing more then an even comber some way to view the website page. You shouldn't have to re adjust left to right on the screen while using an app. No app settings just a direct link to a web page? Seriously??? Deals are great but take the day and fix the app to deliver the whole deal rather then cop out on the tech side!
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8 years ago, Jho77
Finally works...then email saying the item I purchased is not in stock
Worthless. Deleted the app. Read the other reviews about freezes, etc. It happens...frequently. But when I purchased a Sitka pullover, I receive an email 2 days later saying that they are sorry for the inconvenience, but that the item is no longer in stock. Why is it on your site? This is not the first time. I am done. App is deleted. Just go to a reputable distributor. Not worth the headache. Cheers.
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9 years ago, Comb2
I love camofire but this app crashes nonstop. The pics load extremely slow and seem to never show up under the correct description. I have never been able to jut anything on the app. I have to go to the regular website to purchase anything. Which might be a good thing bc if it were as easy as it should be with the app is probably end up buying more stuff.
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11 years ago, Superjocko
Sweet Deals
Cheap hunting gear, awesome customer service, can't ask for much more! App has had some kinks, but the deals speak for themselves. It would definitely be nice to see the reloaded deals in the app. Camofire has earned my respect and patience. All good things take time!
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11 years ago, Uncle Roggy
Right direction - just needs fine tuning
I love the app for its ease of use but would love for an option to click on the image and enlarge it. I too have the countdown timer keep resetting to the 59min 59 sec level but its never been a problem for me. Keep it up! iPhone 4S
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10 years ago, Kam smelly
Great customer service
I have purchased many items from camofire and have not had one complaint . Recently the phone app quit working. I am sure it is just a bug!
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7 years ago, Cenla318
Great app!
Awesome app I use to look for high quality hunting gear at a low cost. The only downside I have found is that the app only lists 10-15 items. Would love to be able to browse more items, even from the previous listings.
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11 years ago, Wademac13
Can't really see the items up close. The current inventory and other additional information on the product won't sync. It is still on the first item that opened when I downloaded the app. App is a great Idea but has been poorly executed so far. Looking forward to an update.
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11 years ago, IH4life
Was decent but crash-tastic now
I downloaded the last version which work ok sometimes slow to load new products but after the last update it would constantly crash and/or fail to load claiming connection issues. No problems with other apps just this one. Ended up deleting it because it was such a PITA
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11 years ago, RavensDive
Where's the other deals??
I love your site, I'm obsessed with the awesome deals! My girlfriend keeps watching for stuff I want. However, your app only shows one item at a time. I'd like to be able to swap between deals like on your site.
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9 years ago, Dr. Crowley
Worst App Ever!
App crashes when I try to select size. When I am able to finally select a size through the inventory button, and add item to the cart, app freezes when entering expiration date of credit card. I have never been able to buy a single item through this App, and based on many the other reviews, it looks like I'm not alone. This Point of Purchase (POS) App is truly a POS.
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