Capital One Auto Navigator

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Capital One
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1 month ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Capital One Auto Navigator

4.82 out of 5
21.3K Ratings
4 years ago, ajechase74
Terrific Car Buying Experience!
When I decided to get a new personal car to replace my older family car, beginning with getting pre-approved with Capital One was my first choice to ease the car buying process. Following my pre-approval, installing this app to begin my car search made my life much easier. Not only was I able to search the many new and used options, but seeing the APR right next to my payment made me happy to know what kind of deal I was truly going to get without the hassle of haggling about financing at the dealership. At the dealership, I found the exact vehicle I wanted from online, test drove it and told the salesperson I wanted to get it. Instead of the usual “let’s sit down and run some numbers” spiel, it was “yeah I’m pre-approved with Capital One” and his smile grew a little larger and said “Perfect! This will make it much easier!” Ran the credit check and the financing came back exactly the same at the dealership as it was on the app. My next car purchase will be done exactly the same way when the time comes!
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4 years ago, Poop👽
This app was a god send. I could be prepared ahead of time what kind of vehicle would fit my budget based on expected APR and estimated monthly payment. Once I selected a vehicle I went to go test drive and decided to purchase. I already had a loan through my credit union but decided to ask the dealer if they could offer me anything better. I don’t have horrible credit but I am working on it. Once I mentioned to the sales rep at the dealer I was also pre approved through Capital One he smiled and said “let’s see!”. NOT only did Capital One save me money compared to the dealer financing but ALSO though my own credit union! Capital One offered me 5% less APR than even my credit union could. Such an easy and seamless buying experience. I can even make my car payment right through my Capital One app. Thank you Capital One!
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4 years ago, luckyteddy77
Best way to buy a car!
I had not so great credit wasn’t getting approved for auto loans below 11% got pre approved and found the car I wanted. Called customer service before I went to the auto place to have everything solid. Went to buy the car, the dealer told me it was sopposed to be $71 more dollars than what capital one had said. I called cap 1 customer service back from the dealership and put them on speaker. Suddenly the dealership changed their mind and was ok with my price and payment. Dealers will always try to get money out of you. They will do it in finance. I ended up getting a loan for 6% thru capital one!
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4 years ago, Eweisner
Second class citizen no more
Cap One kept sending me letters about pre-approval letters. After the second $2000 repair in 18 months to the car my wife drove I though ok put your $$$ where the rubber meets the road. I was able to get online work the financing into a deal that fit our budget. Contacted the dealer with the paperwork. Sure no problem. No more shady car lots or buy here pay here crap for us. As my wife put it, it feels good to be able to walk through the front door of a real dealership. Even purchased our second car through them. I’ve recommended CapOne to anyone who will listen.
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2 years ago, TrinWard
Best Car Buying Experience Ever!
I give Capital One 6 out of 5! I did the pre approval, found my car & showed them the pass. The car lot finance department tried to beat the interest rate, but couldn’t come close . In addition to the hassle free approval process and impressive interest rate , they made the paperwork signing painless as well. They have an app where you check and sign everything at once - instead of 50 pieces of paper . I highly recommend capital one to anyone looking to purchase a car.!
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5 years ago, Mcurtis63
Know before you go...
App allows you to be prequalified and have the assurance of “worst case” pricing and rate before going to any dealership. We have purchased 3 cars using Capital One navigator and in all but one case their rates were the most competitive. In the other case the dealer had promo mfg financing that was better. The app give you onsite int the impact on the interest rate of down, trade and term as well as price. It also allows you to see how the rate varies across models and ages. Great app for people with strong or weak credit. Bargain from a position of confidence.
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2 years ago, RaiderSmiley
Great app
I’ve already bought one truck using this app and it was great. Now I’m in the need of a new truck and am using it again. 2 things to add in future updates: in the sort by column, add newly listed as an option. In the filter section, under engines, add ability to filter multiple engines in each class. For example, under 2021+ Ford F-150, there are 4 - V6 options. 1 - NA, 3 - Ecoboosts - 1 - 2.7L, 2 - 3.5L (std Ecoboost and a Powerboost). I would like the ability to filter out the NA and 2.7L options. Oh, and under the description of a selected F150, all it says is V6 but it should really say which V6 it is.
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11 months ago, JoshD11
This app would fail if presented as a mid semester project in a freshman CS course
This app, and the underlying company, is awful! It’s been four days now since I submitted the requested documents yet they are still “in review”. However, every morning I’m receiving an email that states I need to call them and when I do the customer service agent just says I need to wait. Compound that with despite a prequalified status, this app no longer shows any terms on any car. In fact I shifted the down payment to the cost of the vehicle and this app returned a condition that I place MORE down, at least a $1000 ABOVE the cost of the vehicle and taxes. How a group of software engineers messed this up so badly is beyond me, but I’ll look elsewhere for auto financing
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2 years ago, durham kurt
Capital one auto financing
Great app. Gives you the tools to determine the cost of a car that you can afford. Gives accurate monthly payments, based on your down payment amount and your credit rating. Easy to use and understandable. Know your options before you go to the dealership.
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2 years ago, D3262255
Glitchy - I am beginning to use other tools/apps in my search .
A few improvements would make this a really nice app that actually serves its purpose (I am assuming the purpose of the app is to allow users to find the type of automobile they they want to purchase, as well as finance with Capitol One). REGULARLY “signs” you out “do to inactivity” while you are actively using the tool. As in it just logged me out twice during a 5 minute period of searching. This is a REAL pain as you have to start you search all over again, it even looses those you mark as a favorite during the session on n which you were just forced out. Adding number of doors (2,3,4,5, other) would greatly help narrow the search. Historically searching for a “coupe” would locate 2 door cars, but with this app I routinely get results with 4 door cars/wagons. Also adding fuel type (gas, electric, diesel, other) to the search would be useful in narrowing the search.
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3 weeks ago, SeiwertSquad7
Bait and switch
I have an over 850 credit score and was quoted a 5.8 apr for my vehicle. When all was said and done, the actual apr came out to 6.69, nearly point higher. The dealer said that capital one was known for their baiting and switching of their preapproved customers. Very disappointing, especially as a banking customer with them for over a decade. App was easy to use and payment calculator helped with planning before we settled on a vehicle. Can’t say that I’ll be using it again for future car purchases though.
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2 years ago, Kaazthur
Cheap place to find cars yet
Well I’m kinda disgusted yet flattered. I prequalified for nearly half of what My Jaguar F-Type cost. Yet I can’t get a quality bank to borrow what I paid in cash for 😂. I’m determined to get a Jaguar SUV for $35k Used , with no bills or debt under my belt I can only get like a $20k minimum car with a $5k down payment. Lol guess I’ll save up for a few months and buy in cash again… banks are missing out I suppose there loss my gain.
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1 year ago, BF Capital 1”
I really appreciate capital one giving ea chance to finance considering my score not that very good! I did a really silly thing a yr back closed my oldest account! I have had so many disappointments in my life several deaths! Not getting to work is horrible! I love capital one advice every one I no to give them a chance!!
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2 years ago, lostproductivity
Just another 1099 brick wall
I work with a company that supplies many government buildings their hardware, and I made $12-$68 a delivery elsewhere. I made $832 weekly at peak last year. All after I had to relocate after my wife died. And this is just another shut door. So apparently somebody who has his manager care for the facility while he slings fries is worth more than somebody who maintains his car in order to stay on the road and does all of his own recordkeeping. All this is is a heartless, mindless number cruncher. Well guess what… You all can pick up the pieces after I’m gone.
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2 years ago, Kat299265
Capital One Mobile App
The poorest quality app ever! "We Hit A Snag". I most of seen that 50 times. Just trying to transfer funds to make a payment and would not accept the picture of my drivers license. Not one thing I clicked on actually worked. Capital One, needs to pull back this app and test their product before having customers waste their time with the nonsense. It's not like it's a game app, it's a major financial institution handling customers life savings or whatever. I wouldn't even give it a star, not deserving of anything but a fail.
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3 years ago, Carlovers@ Dc2020
Very recommended if you are confused where and how to find your future car.
I would recommend to everyone who is looking to but whether new or used car. Really helpful by estimating your monthly payment, the APR and telling the history of your if you gone purchase used one.
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3 years ago, Cjviscito
Way Car Shopping Should Be
I’ve used AutoNavigator twice now to buy new cars. I love the fact that I can customize my payments, browse inventory at multiple dealers, and walk in with my financing done. The iOS app is nicely designed and works great, just like my main Capital One mobile app. Tell the product team to keep up the great work!!!
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2 weeks ago, Cdavis6
You Won’t Regret It
This transaction was absolutely easy, pre- approved with my down payment. Uploaded all documents online, didn’t have to anything except test drive a couple cars and swipe my card. Capital One offered me the best rates!!!!
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1 year ago, Tay stew
The app is nonfunctional
The app doesn’t work. It worked on their website, but the second I tried to do the same search, or even see ALL cars, it told me there was nothing available. The only thing I could see was cars that I saved online. They also don’t tell you that these are not your real APR rates. I called once and they said they were, and then called again and they said it could change. It seems super easy and could be great, but it just made it more complicated in the end
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3 years ago, tone tone.
login and up time issues
I downloaded the app because of you use the browser- you get logged out if you navigate away for ten seconds. Download the app and can’t login if I selected “remember me”. Can log in without. But, again - cannot navigate away or be idle for too long before it times out. Also, if the APR and payments can’t be seen on the app then what is even the point of the app if it can’t be used for its purpose??
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7 months ago, Pope Arnold
Building My Offer
I liked the feature to adjust my offer and know how it affected my payments. Applying for an offer is pretty simple, and it was super easy to work with the dealer with my offer.
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5 years ago, naol b2
First started of good with a smooth interdace but after just a day of using the app then next day it wouldn’t let me search cars i tried closing the app and starting again but it just won’t let me which is a but of a frustration for me because i already applied and invested my time. But i’m hoping they’ll see this review and update the app. I have an iphone xr with the latest software (13.1.3).
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5 years ago, thereareno nicnames available
This application is deceptive. It give you cars and interest rates on the advertised amount which is never the actual price and never the actual interest rate. The interest rate you get depends on car. Credit you tells you how much you are approved for and interest rate snd then you go shopping. This app made my car buying experience a nightmare. Depending on VIN Number the interest rate changed so it made it very difficult to see if dealer was being honest. This app is certainly not honest. I do not recommend.
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2 years ago, jejssjhsjs
After spending roughly 3 minutes entering all my information I was told to call a number instead of just being told if I was approved. From there on I was required to jump through many hoops providing them with the exact same information as I did before despite giving them my reference number and provide my social this is the worst pre qualification I have ever used.
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5 years ago, AutoLoanSeeker
Prequalify with no ding to credit
What a superb way to search for available cars, get prequalified for financing without any hit to your credit and speed up the buying process by presenting the prequalification to a dealership....all at your finger tips. Proud to be a Capital One employee!
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4 years ago, KDPG12
It worked perfect
I just bought a car last week using this app. I found the car, printed the offer letter and give to the dealer. They knew how to use it... 2 hours and I leave the dealer with my car.
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2 years ago, Spirutal lu
My review
Every time I try to search up a car it says sorry we hit a snag try again later it’s been saying that for months the app just isn’t usable for me
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4 months ago, nateokc 90
Working on my second car through the app!
Great app easy to use to find cars local and walk into a dealership with an offer letter and financing ready to go!
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4 years ago, Susu_San
Why limit my search to 500 miles?
Auto Navigator is great, I guess, if you don’t know what you want. It’s very limiting if you’re conducting a narrow search for a specific make/model. Biggest barrier is limiting my search to 500 miles. I can do nationwide searches on every other car app I use. And why am I forced out of the app to the website all the time? This whole experience just complicates financing for me.
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3 years ago, Redzone66
Got us a lower rate and monthly payment
I was able to use the quote from the preapproval to talk the dealer down on the monthly payment and rate from what they initially showed me. I know this is standard practice anyway but having the app quote as a benchmark helped a ton!
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4 years ago, Mach417
Love it! But.......
Love the app and all of the features. Easy navigation and filters. With that being said. The saved cars feature does not work. After saving your cars to track they vanish after closing the app. If your saved cars were Saved, this is a five star app.
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7 months ago, Good start but frustrating end
Good start but annoying ends
I started on the app, then went to more-qualify with my wife so sent to web but never got option to add her info before being pre-qualified then it was clunky moving back to app where I had to do my search all over again to get back to the vehicles I originally looked at 15 min prior
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My title says it all my experience with you was so awesome before. I came back for a second time and I’ll probably come back in a few months for my daughter’s first car
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5 years ago, Randonium8
Missing features
You can get to Car Navigator from inside the Capital One App and it has additional features that are missing from this stand alone app. You can’t sort by lowest APR or filter Features for searches and that was basically the only two settings I used inside the Capital One app Car Navigator tab
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1 year ago, Castillademusic
Great but one issue
Enjoying so far, but one issue. It won’t allow the 72 month selection for payments to remain selected as an option. Hoping they can correct that issue.
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12 months ago, Rellionaire
Capital One is the best!!!
I am currently under a car loan with capital one and the numbers you see will be exactly what they are at the dealership. Thanks Capital One
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4 years ago, Juliana Marquez
Not all features available on mobile app
You can’t change car price on app. You can only change car price through website. This is frustrating because you might be able to negotiate on a price but can’t see your payment and interest rate because the app will not allow the price to be manipulated. Please fix.
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3 years ago, Kim96937777
Won’t let pre-approved customers to log in!
App is not working it will not allow pre approved /prequalified customers to loginWhich is horrible and the only reason that I downloaded this app as it makes it easier for us to make a decision on what vehicle we might purchase and would pre-populate my specifics as far as preapproved amount & estimated monthly car payment depending on length of loan. What a waste
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2 years ago, vax3256
Can’t sign in
App doesn’t let you signin anymore. Will change to five stars if this gets fixed. I can signin via the website from my computer, but after I click signin on the app, it doesn’t do anything and just stays on the signin screen I’ve tried closing the app, restarting; doesn’t work.
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4 years ago, Darin 505
It’s nice
I like the app it gave information the website did not and the website gave information the app did not Ie days on lot was on the app and website gave access to car fax. So I was using both Over all a good experience Love my cap one
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2 years ago, Khalisha92
Love the service very convenient you’re able to adjust to your needs/wants and it shares your monthly payment. -Khalisha Searcy
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4 years ago, nine9s
Car shopping made simple
Capital One made finding the right car online a no surprise endeavor.
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5 years ago, Cody42585
Pointless app. Doesn’t work at all.
The search feature doesn’t work at all. No matter what car you’re looking for unless you don’t care what car it is, the app will tell you that none exist. Even though the mobile site has thousands of them that perfectly fit the bill. Waste of time to download and even more of a waste to attempt to use.
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3 months ago, Pitbull pox
Okay needs work
App kicks me out and must log in every so often also does not save my saved cars and does not have a function to see the carfax like the website does please fix
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12 months ago, 2forjuan
Search Functions don’t work
Trying to search often locks you to nothing and the app becomes useless no matter what you do. Even when I turn everything off the app tells me there is nothing available. But if I search on a browser and save, that does show up in the app.
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12 months ago, AlfalfaJones
Mrs. vehicles, does not show all vehicles when compared to the web version. Gets lost in the weeds when you try to edit payment information. Search function always resets to the beginning when you try to show more vehicles. Total piece of crap, come on capital one get it together!
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1 year ago, don't worry it's me
Vin look up
They should let us look up a car by typing in the vin number on their app like they do on the web.
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2 years ago, twilly9897
Needs serious updates
App hardly ever works. When it does it tends to force me out of the app whenever I need to clear a search and start a new one. Incredibly difficult to use. Would not recommend until it is fixed.
Show more
3 years ago, Butterloafcake
Waste of time
I filled out the app, got approved and started to look at cars on the app. It will log out all the time and have to log back in. After a few tries I gave up on it. A few days later I wanted to give it one more try but now it says “sorry, it looks like you don’t have an offer with capital one” Really?
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2 years ago, marseld_D
Perfect selection of cars
I like that I dont have to worry of filtering out shady dealers as they dont appear on this list at all.
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