CarGurus: Used & New Cars

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3 weeks ago
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User Reviews for CarGurus: Used & New Cars

4.85 out of 5
319.7K Ratings
3 weeks ago, Iphone 5 IO6
3.16 update
3.16 Fixed 3.15 app update: The latest update messed up the app experience. Now, the app clears/removes all filters of the saved search. Here is a detailed example. I started the search, selected a specific trim, features, year, location, and history, and clicked save. The next time I use the saved search the app automatically clears all filters and says that couldn’t find anything. Forcing the user to do a new search with the same parameters/filters. Update (16 May 2024): Issue fixed... Filter Options are back to normal. Thanks! Update (10 May 2024): The “Vehicle History” filter options are available when conducting a new search. However, it disappear when saving the search, forcing the user do a new search to filter unwanted vehicles. Original post (7 May 2024) With this update (3.14), CarGurus removed the most critical filter: The option to filter the Vehicle Condition, History, and Title. So basically, they took away the consumer's ability to filter the results to remove vehicles with Frame Damage, Accidents, Theft History, Salvage Title, etc., making our search unpleasant. Please add it back to the filter options…
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3 years ago, doobie reed
I do use the app a lot buutttt....
I HATE that when I put in a certain mile range to look at cars in, I get cars outside of that range that are in Texas or Florida. I understand they will ship/deliver a car, but any dealership will ship a car . I want to only look at cars that are in my search radius. If CARGURUS is going to continue to do crap like that there needs to be a filter option where I can select it to not see those cars. The app can be kind of spotty at times, but like I said I do use it A LOT. I hate that when you select a car to look at, the “All Results” button to go back to the list of cars is right underneath the CARGURUS home button, which when you hit it by accident sends you back home and refreshes your filters you used to search for a particular car. That can be very frustrating when you select 4or 5 filters and accidentally press the wrong button bc the back button is so small and I have to start all over. Hope y’all take some of these thoughts and improve your platform. I have bought and sold cars from y’all, and anything to make it better is a win for everyone. Thanks
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9 months ago, BigFR8
Really the only place to shop
I’ve been shopping for the right used suv/truck for over a year now and Car Gurus is without a doubt the best place for not only searching but also comparing vehicles. Their search filters are superior to any other platform. Even direct buy competitors don’t come close to the number of filters that Car Gurus has for shoppers. I honestly couldn’t think of a filter that I’d want to search for that Car Gurus doesn’t have already. The east of searching and filtering is also unparalleled. The user interface is simple and easy to figure out. And talk about fast. The speed at which you can search for a vehicle makes it so useable is one of its strongest features. The number of vehicles being posted is also superior. I’ve rarely, if ever seen a vehicle on another app that I hadn’t already seen on Car Gurus. Recently I’ve started to use the save function as well and have found it to also be very convenient for making comparisons.
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3 years ago, gearhed78
App is good but needs changes
App is nice for the convenience of not needing to sign in like you would with the website. The setup is ok except for one thing that really needs to change is when you look at one vehicle listing and want to go back to the other listings, the “ All results” option is very close to the car gurus home page option and i quite often accidentally press that instead of the All results and it causes me to go back to the homepage and I have no way of getting back to where I was searching. Causes me a lot of frustration when I have many filters picked. I know I have the option to save my filters but sometimes I forget to do that. Another thing which has to do with the filters is how the filters options always changes depending on what you search for or how you search. For example when you want to search by body style it doesn’t allow you to put in the price. You have to search by price first then pick the body style but then you lose other filter options. I still will continue to use the app however I hope to see some improvements in the near future.
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4 months ago, KandyRea
Car Guru
I love this app because you can find any make or model of car you are looking for and it gives you so many options to search. You can search for new vehicles or used vehicles that have had one owner or multiple owners. The app compares prices to the KBB and lets you know if the car you are looking at is a good deal or a great deal. All the car lots use this app to list their new and used vehicles so you don’t have to go out searching from lot to lot looking for the perfect car to fit your needs until you find the perfect one without leaving the comfort of your own home you can narrow it down by using the app first. I give this app a 5 star rating and would recommend it to everyone either looking to buy or sale a car or if you’re like me and just love to look at cars until your ready to sell or purchase one.
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1 year ago, marieprada
LOVE/HATE Relationship w/ CarGurus 🌟 - 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
So… I absolutely love Cargurus website & their app! I shouldn’t give them only 1 🌟, but I’m giving it a one star cause there is absolutely no reason that they are not updated when cars are pending or sold!!! This may be to blame on the car dealerships as well since they don’t even communicate with one another about their own inventory from city to city or state to state. However, when u get your hopes up & about to go get that “car of yours dreams”, (after searching & searching for that PERFECT vehicle, after getting turned down over & over cause when u get there it’s SOLD/PENDING or GONE 😤.. it’s the most frustrating feeling ever! I gave up car shopping over a yr ago, came back car shopping 6 months ago, I still have yet to purchase a vehicle because of this problem! 🗣️🗣️🗣️ Please, CarGurus…. get it together when it comes to this issue!!? Other than this issue, I do highly recommend this app & website over any other!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟 For filters, notifications (except for sold & pending obviously 🙄), narrowing down your search and finding difficult vehicles to get or that perfect vehicle for that perfect price! Hope this helps someone! 😊🙃
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4 years ago, Red4Green
No visibility into all fees, no quality assurance
The problem I’m about to describe is not unique to CarGurus. It applies to the whole genre of used car apps. If CarGurus wants to stand out, they should consider addressing the following: I’ve been looking for a few months for a used car and sometimes the ‘good’ or ‘great’ deals on these apps are misleading. Just spoke with a dealer about a used car that appeared to be $1600 below market on a couple car apps. It was flagged as a “Good Deal.” They don’t mention on the app what I was only able to find out when I pressed the sales guy for details: there’s a $700 dealer fee, a $400 fee to process registration, and a $750 penalty for paying cash. The dealers are smart and have figured out how to game these apps to attract potential buyers with “Good Deals” and hopefully keep the fees hidden until the buyer is hooked on making the purchase. It’s frustrating and a fundamental flaw with these apps. The solution to this problem seems simple: require the dealers to list all fees along with the list price of the car, and factor those fees into the deal rating. Only then can a real comparison be done.
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12 months ago, Freido810
!!Please Beware of Carvana and Silver Rock!!!!
Worst experience ever. I bought a $37K beautiful truck that ran smooth as silk for the week trial period. Almost immediately after the warranty the truck started knocking and running rough. I hadn’t even paid my first payment yet! I tried using their warranty service “Silver Rock” please look up silver rock before buying. Worst reviews that I have ever seen! The work is covered under the warranty however they will not cover having to send the parts out to be fixed. No facility that I can find has the machines in house to do the work. Everyone has to send the parts out. This essentially makes the repair not covered even though it’s covered under warranty…. Carvana is no help! I spent 4 hours on their chat bot. They ghosted me for an hour saying that they were going to help me and then just left. Finally over an hour after they left me someone else txt back saying to call silver rock. I had already called silver rock and they just tell me if I’m ok with paying the deductible then it will be covered…. None wants to help. I’ve already waisted so much time trying to figure this out and I’m just prying that I don’t get stuck with this truck that I can’t drive.
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3 years ago, mjordan.6
Why would you allow sellers to list vehicles without even a single picture of the car they’re listing? I see listings all the time with a picture of the front of the car, and nothing else. Those are annoying, but at least there’s a general idea of what you’re getting into. Then I see listings that have no pictures, and very little to no info about the car besides the make and model. Half of the results in searches could just be makes and models, you have no idea what you’re looking at. Fret not, there is an option to filter out the listings without photos. It only took my 1700 search results and literally made it “9 available listings” all of which were tens of thousands outside of the maximum price range I specified. Thanks CarGurus for allowing a good chunk of people to waste everyone’s time, and for your questionable efforts to help sort through the rubbish. Other than that I have few complaints other than UI issues that I’m sure you pay people to figure out for you. If you have patience, you can definitely find your next car here. If you don’t, find another place.
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9 months ago, Josiedoesit
Photo upload issue
The most important part of this app when selling a car is being able to upload photos of the vehicle for buyers to see it. I’m trying to upload photos from my photo album, but the app keeps doing weird things like uploading the photo and then not uploading it after I try deleting it off the listing. The reason I’m doing this is because the app doesn’t allow me to change the order of the photos without deleting every thing and then uploading the desired order. It’s also not updating the photo count properly. It’s not giving me any error messages about the file size or anything like that either. This is the App Store so it should be known that I’m using an iPhone and the app should be able to handle iPhone formatted photos. Not sure what the deal is here but this is very frustrating because I paid for the 2 week premium listing and now it’s been live for a day and my photos aren’t showing up properly. This need to be fixed asap.
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2 years ago, JVern85
Great app just one thing please
I really enjoy this app, I’m on it all the time shopping around. If I could just make one suggestion that I hope would be a simple fix. This particular addition would make CarGurus hands down a 5 star app!! When you are searching for vehicles by brand; You have the option to choose max vehicle mileage, max price range, and transmission type. When you search by body type these options aren’t available in the search filter. When you try to explore by body type it is almost overwhelming trying to find the range you are looking for. On top of that there have been many times that I finally get to the price range or mileage I’m looking for. The app would randomly refresh causing me to begin the forever scroll through vehicles I have no interest in. Again I love the app and will continue to use it I just think all your customers would benefit greatly from this adjustment. Thanks!
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2 months ago, Anonymous TK421
Used to be great but having issues with filters
I use this app to search for the last vehicle I purchased, and it was great. I could search by the vehicle parameters that I wanted and could save the searches without having to set up an account. Now I am shopping for a car again and I’m not having a good experience with the app. I have not been able to save my search parameters and most recently I keep having issues with the filters. The issues with the filters is after I put in several of them all the rest of the filters I want to filter by disappear and are no longer an option and I end up with way too many cars to have to try to sort through to see if it’s something I am interested in. last time I bought a car this was the app of my preference, however, that is no longer the case that I find this app to be no better, and in fact, probably worse than some of the others. It is unfortunate that a good app has gone bad. hopefully they can fix the issues of being able to put in the proper filters.
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4 years ago, MatthewFo
Very satisfied
During this time of COVID-19 car shopping could be life threatening. I would never shop 300 miles away from home. I was able to find very good deals. When I made the final deal I had 2 dealerships competing and both were giving better deals. I drove right to a place where I knew the vehicle I wanted was located, and if it didn’t look like the pictures or the Carfax report was not good I was able to quickly move on to the next place. No long driving thru car lots and dealing with salesman. I also attempted to sale a vehicle on this app, that wasn’t as smooth as the buying process. I ended up selling it within an hour on Facebook Marketplace. However, this was an older vehicle with a lot of miles. The app itself has some glitches. Sometimes frustrating, but really didn’t hinder my search. Thank you CarGurus for this app
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4 years ago, bugfootwonder
App needs a little something something
This app used to be really great. However in recent months I’ve seen issues with it I thought maybe it was just my phone but I got a new phone and still seem to have the same issues. Slow app asks if I want to sign in every time as it says I’m already signed in. If I look at a vehicle and try to hit the back button I have to go back to the main page and start my filters all over again. Just seems like maybe needs some updates I’d like to see it go back to how it was in 2018 that was the best set up for the app. Make it different than all the other car apps. Other than that I still use the app it’s a better set up than true car. The picture format is better than all the other apps by far so I’m still giving it 5 stars because it’s the app I use the most
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2 years ago, longhamp
The best car app in the world
I truly love how you make it so easy for the customer the consumer to navigate through you guys app and find exactly what type of car are we type of truck or what type of sedan that they may need in the response time is just amazing I truly appreciate you guys and I wish you the best and you know if you ever need any pointers I’m always here see you soon I love the support your tech-support is one of the best tech-support I’ve ever experienced everybody’s so nice and the response time is just unbelievable thank you for being so caring so It’s just a wonderful feeling when you feel like the company
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2 years ago, Jimmyhatz
Total joke and waste of time
I owned a car dealership for years so I’m not some amateur when it comes to placing ads and navigating apps. This is another example of an overhyped app that lacks in every department. So many glitches and so many missing components that it’s too time-consuming for me to list them all. The whole rating system, “over priced, high price, fair deal, etc” is structured to their advantage and to manipulate individuals into listing their vehicle at lower prices. Price shaming is what I call it. It’s ridiculous. Every vehicle is uniquely different and supply and demand curves are constantly changing. Sometimes above equilibrium, and other times below, depending on the current marketplace, hence the, the whole business model is flawed. Their algorithms are grossly flawed and inaccurate. All my dealer friends agree and feel the same way. The proof is in the lack of buyer inquiries and interest that you get. This is unequivocally the worst car app out there. Don’t even waste your time.
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3 years ago, Ludicrous6
Issues need to be fixed
I’ve used this app for a little over a year now and it’s mediocre. The filters I place do not filter out correctly. For example, I’ll place a filter for nothing more than $40,000 and will still get results for over $40,000. Also when I filter out distances, it will give me nationwide results. Occurs on multiple occasions. If I’m looking at my results and then press back to results, the page opens up back at the top and I have to scroll back down. This is more of an annoyance. I’ve also found that when I contact the dealer via the already populated template with multiple questions regarding the vehicle, I’ll get a response from the agent of please call to discuss the details. I’ll continue to email and they’ll tell me that they cannot see the questions I asked. It would be nice to remove vehicles permanently that I’ve already seen and not interested in.
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8 months ago, Birdhead the conquer
Data harvest over quality
Deleting this app. Over time this app has gotten worse with every update. Every emphasis placed on improving their ability to take information off your personal device to sell to third parties and neglecting the functionality of the app itself. Filters clear after clicking on a specific automobile listing and when you try to click to return to your search results, without fail your put right back to the top of the list every time. No matter how far down you’ve gone or how many cars you’ve saved. As for privacy, I enjoy my privacy. I have a VPN on every device as well as my network and I used to be able to use this application while having one. After updating the app, that is no more. Proving my point. Look at the tracking information in the App Store and see what they are taking from you to decide if it isn’t just better to use the computer at work instead.
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1 year ago, SgtJbone
More options need to be added for search options. I only want to see vehicles with an autopilot feature (some kind of self drive like Tesla, General Motors, or even Ford) it’s extremely painful trying to find vehicles with this capability. I would also like to see a search feature added to the Body Style for EV. EV vehicles should have their own body style category added to make it easier for shoppers like myself to find and compare different types and brands of electric vehicles. Please make these additions to really help consumers find their next vehicle. I’ve been using this app for years to find my vehicles but now it’s not keeping up with my needs for what I and many others are looking for. Please add these features and expand your customer base. If you make these changes it would be a 5 star app.
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3 years ago, GiaBorrero
Updated actually ruined the app
The when I first downloaded the app a couple of year ago it was so easy to use but in the last couple of month it’s started showing I had more cars saved than what I really had, showing messages that weren’t there, comparing saved vehicles was so much easer before because you could click on a vehicle and just scroll between the saved vehicle now you have to exit out of every car you saved because if you click next it will show sponsor vehicles instead of the ones you had already saved, the other thing that was easier to use was removing saved now what used to be a 1 step process got turned into a 3 step process, and the last thing that made the whole thing easier to use before was the fact you could use filters on you saved list now the only thing you can do is change the way they sort the list... really disappointing
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1 year ago, not happy psss off
Can be misleading
The feature which states whether or not a deal is good, fair, etc is not accurate because of tactics used by listers. Often, I’ve found listers stating they do not report actual prices so they appear on earlier pages in the results. Example, there is a dealer who states he discounts the prices by 2,500 so he gets a better page rank and to expect to pay and additional $2500 when you come to the dealership. He further states that if a car is below x dollars then expect to pay that price. If it’s above y dollars then add the 2,500. This seems to happen a lot, it’s almost a bait and switch if you are not careful reading the listings. It’s disappointing to know that the app allows this to happen and score “a great deal” when it is not. Can’t blame the app, per se, but maybe they can police this tactic better.
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4 years ago, o'myword
Great app but prone to bugs
I think this is one of the best apps when searching for a car...or was. I used the app a couple years ago to buy a car and the app was fine. Now the app has many bugs. The most glaring issue is that cars that I favorite don't always show up in the favorites section - and it's not bc they were sold. Depending on my sort option "best deals" "lowest price" "lowest mileage" etc I will get different results. A car will show up under one sort option but then be nowhere to found under another sort option. I'll also get price drop notifications on cars that were favorites but again cannot be found on my favorites list. It's a bit maddening. Wish they could fix these bugs bc the app is still better than most - but now it's unreliable which is a deal breaker.
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3 years ago, Narriissaa
Okay app but... needs some work
Let me start by saying I love this app. It helped me find my first car. It’s really simple to use and helps the user find great quality cars for good prices near them. My issue with this app sadly, is the signing in issue. I sign in with my Google account, and started saving favorited cars there. Every time I enter the app I’m always signed out. And I have to sign in again. It’s annoying. Other times it signs me in with my Apple account, so now all my favorite cars are shuffled between two accounts. It’s frustrating and hard to keep track of. Lastly, the app crashes, A LOT. There isn’t a day when I’m on this app and it doesn’t crash. Like I said before, I really enjoy this app and wish these minor in-convinces could be fixed to make a good app a great app.
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2 years ago, morrrittzzzsayenough
Version 2.31 - New car search for any vehicle results in 0 cars
If you initiate a New car search from the initial screen, the new version fails to display any vehicles no matter which make/vehicle you choose. Once it does this there is no option to increase the search mileage from the default of 50 miles. If I click on a prior to version upgrade “New car search” it returns a valid result set. Also there appears no way to communicate with the developer regarding bug fixes. When I go to “report a problem” it fails. I’m on IOS 15.3. Update: I’m on 2.33 now and the issue is resolved.
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1 year ago, Highrain2
Needs a few minor improvements
It’s been useful in finding used cars. It gets my location somewhat wrong, but it’s close. Wish we could give cars thumbs DOWN. Currently we can save favorite cars. But as I go through cars, I find some with problems that I don’t want to consider. A Thumbs down feature would either stop showing those in my search results or give me an indicator that I’ve previously ruled that car out so I don’t look at it again. Also the Autotrader app lets me see the Carfax report directly from the app, instead of going to the dealer l’s website to see it. I’d love to have this feature on CarGurus as well.
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2 years ago, PulledCarrots
Great app would love a keyword in search
For example- I am shopping for Toyota tundras. I need the 5.7 not the 4.6/4.7 engine. The engine filter only goes by cylinders, and both these engines are v8s. Would be great to search keyword 5.7 ... That was my original feedback. You responded “ Reading this made us smile” that’s cool, but have you made improvements to the app so that engine search is not just based on cylinders but also displacement? I’m stoked to make you smile, either way. I already bought a truck so I’m not using the app anymore. good luck. It’s a crowded market.
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7 months ago, Nola Radzer0
Great concept
They need to do some more policing on the stuff being listed. When a dealer prices a car way cheaper than everyone else to charge a huge dealer fee and say it’s required by the state. The state doesn’t say you need a $7500 doc fee. Which surprisingly is exactly what they discounted the vehicle. A lot of them will also refuse to reply to emails about fees etc and on the phone they will tell you there was a pricing error. Nowhere on the website can you report these. Or even better how about just reporting they aren’t answering. If it’s a legit dealership they will want to know that leads aren’t being replied too. If it’s scammy eventually there will be enough no response comments for the team to look at the dealer and see what’s going on.
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2 years ago, just let me write a review 3
Never works
App and website have been “stuck on interstate 404” for over a month when trying to view “my car(s) for sale”. Uploads pictures upside down. Have had multiple inquiries on Facebook for free and nothing on here. Also request annoying photo verification AFTER you pay so if you’re not home, you already paid, but can’t list it till you get back to the house. I know it’s cheap but it could at least work. Even searching for other cars for sale is a hassle, it constantly kicks back to the top of the page and doesn’t show all the search options unless you exit and try to search a second time. And why not add cooled seats as a search option while you’re at it? I hope it goes back to how it was when it was new and works again someday.
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9 months ago, Mikethereader11
Just ok
The app is useful with plenty of filtering options. Its usefulness is offset by the constant request to enter email address (and get even more spam in your inbox), as well as constantly showing you vehicles that are hundreds of miles away. Any time I browse vehicles I need to filter “only vehicles near me” because I don’t want to see cars from hundreds of miles away. These are basic things to engineer in: have a “I am not going to enter my email address” check box that stops that screen from showing up every time I open the app, and have a “only show me vehicles near me” global check box that persists across uses. That would make it 5 stars.
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3 years ago, Boz1200
Buggy app, messaging
I’m trying to sell my car and have noticed a number of bugs in the app (iOS), such as when typing a longer response to someone, eventually your typing continues off the screen and you can’t see what your typing and cannot scroll down. So I have to start up my computer and respond there. Another bug I found was when I clicked on an image in the message thread I could not get OUT of the image. There’s no “x” button to close it, and you can’t hit a “back” button because one does not appear. You can’t event refresh the screen. You have to just close the whole app out and open it again. Makes me wonder if I chose the right app/service to sell my car 🤔.
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3 years ago, Lilpaceman
Not trustworthy anymore.
CG used to be my go-to when looking at cars or helping friends find cars but it seems like CG has sold out, and I don’t say that lightly. I set the criteria to show me trucks under $5,000 and a minimum of 100K miles and the first 2 pages are nothing but trucks with under 30,000 miles and priced at $40K+ and all because they are “sponsored listings”, and the few that show up in the price range, are not real. The list price is actually the down payment and the real price is in the description and it’s usually $15K-$20K. 90% of the listings are not within the simple criteria I’ve set so unfortunately I am going to delete CarGurus. I write this in hopes that enough people will agree and the creators will fix the issue.
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2 years ago, Breezy0322
Best Car Shopping App
Definitely my favorite app to search for cars. Ended up finding my future car using CarGurus. The filtering options make it far less overwhelming to search through the hundreds of listings to find what you’re actually looking for. The only other site I found myself actually using after downloading and searching for them all was Edmunds and I pretty much just used that to look up reviews on makes and models after using CarGurus to find the cars I was interested in.
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3 years ago, 6Odiesel
Always signed out
I don’t understand why I have to sign in every time. I’ve tried my Google and Facebook account, both sign out every time I exit it. This isn’t Fort Knox, doesn’t need a sign in every time. Also filtering is hit or miss. I’ll put in filters and it will work, I’ll look at a vehicle then go back to look at another and sometimes it still has my filters, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes I’ll add filters and the number of vehicles goes down like it should but then I add another filter and the number goes up? Should obviously go down since I’m getting more specific. Also if I set a price of $25k I shouldn’t get ads for $40-$70 trucks.
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3 years ago, Crivard903
Listing feature broken
We’ve searched and found 2 cars to purchase with this app. 1 of them 2 years ago, 1 purchased just yesterday. I tried to list a car for sale today and attempted almost 10 or more times. Re-entering info on the website, tried creating an account multiple times, tried signing in with Apple ID, downloaded the app (which is basically just a forwarding screen of the website) never received an email or text to confirm sign up, still wouldn’t hold my information, still won’t create an account... was ready to use, tried every avenue available to create an account and simply never passed the sign in screen. Huge hurdle and disappointment. No time to waste. Will be using another platform. Sorry not sorry.
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2 years ago, Saturn28
Great car search site
This site has been great in allowing me to search widely for the car I’m looking for. It allows you to plug in all kinds of criteria to narrow down your search based on miles away from you, trim levels, mileage, year made, etc. it’s helped me zero in on local dealerships when looking for a car to test drive w/o having to contact each dealer or search each website separately. Very helpful in searching for the right car (especially in such a tough market right now.)
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2 months ago, farleyfarleybdcharlue
Dishonest pricing allowed
There’s way too many sellers gaming the popular low-high sort order to get more looks. They’ll advertise a price then in description say it’s often thousands more. Price includes this or that made up excessive fee or an EV tax credit that not everyone qualifies for. This could be curbed by adding enabling shoppers to flag listing. Two flags and the reason for the flag appears in highly visible banner below the price. But I doubt any changes will take place as it may decrease revenue. The app is good with lots of filters.
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3 years ago, Alligator42908
Pretty cool app but very glitchy
I like how everything is placed, but the whole app is just glitchy. And it’s always been like that, I’ve had this app for years now and I haven’t remembered a time that it wasn’t glitchy. Maybe at the start but I don’t remember. Sometimes when you exit out of a car that your looking at it brings you right up to the top. Doesn’t matter if you were 500 cars down, It’ll bring you all the way to the top. So you’ll have to scroll all the way back down to where you were at. As you can imagine it’s pretty annoying, especially when you’re far down. Like the app otherwise.
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3 years ago, Mkkph
This app is awesome!!!
I was able to find my Tesla model 3 on this app. It was a bit frustrating trying to find it on my own and getting financing on my own through the banks. I bought the car through shift from this app and it was so seamless. Got approved right away for 3% financing with Bank of America. And got my tesla the same day delivered to my house! This is amazing I cannot believe how awesome this app is and my car! Thank you so much for creating this amazing platform that is helping people finding their dream cars!
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3 months ago, The Narcissist
CarGurus App: good app on the verge of greatness!
Great site and the App is amazing as well. Very user friendly and similar to the website. The only suggestion I have to make it better is I wish it was possible to creat different albums in your saved favorites. For example if I could save my favorite performance sedans luxury sedans and family SUVs under different albums when I’m showing the wife and then boys and business partner the different vehicles I’m currently looking at it, it would make good app into a great one!
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1 year ago, Darion_23
Great app just needs one fix
Really enjoy using the app and have only one suggestion for ease of use. The black arrow in top left corner used to take you to page of listings after clicking on a car however right now it takes you through the each of car selections instead of exiting back to listing page with all the available cars. The left and right arrows just above the car photo already allow you to switch between car listings. Only way to go back to all the cars is to start search over.
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5 months ago, ArmyIke
To be honest this the one of 3 apps u use to look at cats but this one is my favorite because of the the fair price gage. I am by no mean a cat expert so when looking for a cat anything that cuts my research time down even a little bit I am a fan of. Nobody want to spend months researching their next vehicle purchase but nobody want to be ripped off either so you kinda have no choice and since I will lore then likely always have more time then money I prefer to save both however I can.
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3 years ago, coco171625
Great app but definitely room for improvement
I like using this app better than AutoTrader because of the interface but there are definitely things they need to improve on. Depending on which search option you use, random filters might not show up, for example mileage. Also, some screens don’t have a back button, so if you tap a link that moves you to one of those screens, your only choice is to restart your search. There are also times when it seems your filters are disregarded and results show up outside the selected price range.
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3 months ago, Lacy me rollin
This app is not coded well. Hire QA engineers.
As a tech professional (SRE) trying to sell my car this app has been hilariously bad to use. For context, I’ve been using this for under 30 minutes and ran across multiple bugs. When responding to a message, if your message exceeds the screen size, you cannot even see or scroll to see what you’re typing. Photo uploads show successes but then go missing when reloading your listing. Try using some error handling. It’s 2024, this app has the feel of something from 2004. Please either hire better developers (some similar bugs exist on browser) or outsource to a different development company. You’re gonna be bleeding customers to Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. Best of luck.
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2 years ago, Nick Stance
Little things to improve
The one thing I would like to see improve if the car has been on this website or app for too long should be removed. Sometimes the the seller would not remove there post and let it sit there after having the car sold. I would like an u to see the app or website have a week removal if the seller doesn’t goes in the app more than a week and remove the cars. Would show the seller is inactive due to them selling there car or not i interest in selling there own car
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3 years ago, LICO bambam
Great app!
Best car searching app out there! My only complaint is that I wish you could be more specific regarding packages and trim levels and options and paint colors; and weed out vehicles that don’t include interior photos or list a price or use stock photos. And emails from lists are ANNOYING if they are not specific to the user’s SPECIFIC criteria. It would be nice to prioritize options/ price and such - and have a list of potential top 10 “your picks” custom tailored to every app user.. Anyways it’s a great app that I would recommend to anyone. These are the only reasons i give it 4/5.
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4 months ago, Carter Hulse
Works with suspect dealerships
Like everyone else on this site I browse to check out certain cars to watch for price drop but I also make sure I read all the reviews. One particular dealership caught my eye because of good deals. After reading tons of reviews of the company I saw a lot of people saying they were scamming, the cars were trash, not at the dealership or they switched prices once customers arrived. I contacted CarGurus customer service whom at first brushed me off, after I said I’m going to make sure I leave a review she said a manger would reach out. A “manager” did with an auto response, didn’t ask for any information and as you guessed that same dealership is still on the site. Long story short BUYERS BEWARE.
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2 years ago, Mike121274
App Has Changed…. And It’s Much Worse!
This app used to be great. User friendly and easy to search for just about any vehicle. Unfortunately they have changed things through the years making it less and less user friendly with each change. This latest change has made the app go from a 3 star app to a 1 star. Go back to the old format, get rid of the home delivery feature (which adds the annoying step of filtering that out) or at least don’t make that the default setting, and require pictures of every car (not stock or computer generated photos) and it could once again be a 5 star app. Car Gurus used to be the top dog but now they’re below average.
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2 years ago, Sgrtyui
Selling my car
At first I thought this was the only way to go. I got a good offer for my car and paperwork was easy to complete. I scheduled a pick up time. When the day came I got a phone call from a random guy saying he was supposed to pick up my car but that it would not happen. No reason and no call from Car Guru. I called them and they were unaware of any problem. I rescheduled. When that day came I got another call from the person that was supposed to pick up my car. There were some issues. I waited all day and at 3 pm was told the pick up was canceled again. I am just discouraged by the whole experience.
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3 years ago, 5432&
Dsmith auto transport
I purchased a 2020 mega cab ram from ram dealership in Millington, in February November the truck broke down in Cheyenne Wyoming at cowboy ram dealership they said injection pump is discontinued an they have to replace the fuel system, I get truck back in January, February I noticed fuel leak I take it to Millington ram DJ says injection seals are leaking they weren’t replaced an they fix it, I pick truck up next day drive home fluid in driveway I pay out my pocket to have it towed back they keep it two weeks said it’s fixed ,3 weeks later truck catches a fire under the truck is wet an tailgate is covered with diesel fluid the fire marshal showed it to me an ram says it’s not there fault an they can’t help me ???Wow
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3 months ago, JeDaHa2016
The App is Finally Broken
This app has gotten worse and worse in functionality after every update over the past few months and just recently it has now been broken. Filters stopped working and completely reset/disappear randomly. Results default back to the first result after you click one and go back. You can no longer move through results while one is open and you have to go back to the home screen, which is stupid now that it defaults back to the first result despite how far you scroll. To add insult to injury: if you go back to the results list half the time IT REMOVES FILTERS. The app’s functionality is gone. I am no longer a daily user.
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