Rental Car App

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Seller Inc.
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2 months ago
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User Reviews for Rental Car App

4.68 out of 5
4.6K Ratings
2 years ago, Crystalclear1
Price is right!
Everything is going great I paid a great price! I also got a better car than I thought I would. This is awesome compared to other companies price gouging customers these days! I changed my day rental to a week when I saw the car.
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7 months ago, Mumzy505
Can’t get my reservation details!
I opened the app to get my reservation details, and it keeps telling me to “try again”, because of my connection, or lack there of. But, I can go everywhere else on the app. (and any other app & website), except for getting my own reservation details, so it’s not my internet. They’re quite presumptuous, how they immediately assume that it’s my Internet that’s not working… But, it’s actually their website or this app.. I’m trying to find a phone number to call for help but, can’t find one of those either. I’ve used this app. once before w/no problem, but then again I didn’t need to get back on the app. to cancel anything or get the details again. If I had, had these issues the first time, I probably wouldn’t have used them this time. But, now I can’t even cancel my reservation, if I wanted to. I gave it a 3 ⭐️⭐️⭐️ rating because of the frustration I’m feeling at the moment while I’m trying to get my reservation details for tomorrow and can’t! Instantly, disappointed.
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1 year ago, julio magsalin
Never again!
I went to Princeton junction budget branch and both ladies were never accommodating and friendly! The rep gave me a car and when i drove it it said maintenance due, so I returned the car and they replaced it which on turning on said same thing when I confronted them they said they don’t have a car which is nuts! Because I already reserved it ahead, I ended up driving it and when i called up car rental’s and relayed my dilemma i had mixed reactions from 2-3 reps. I tried calling mercer trenton budget and he was nice enough to accommodate me and give me a car which i was able to use!
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1 year ago, .Jordan.C.
Absolutely disgusting experience with this comp y and NextCar at BWI. We rented with them and we’re promised car seats. We repeatedly checked in the week and day before travel to ensure availability of children’s Car Seats with NextCar and CarRentals. Not assured us it would not be a problem and they would be available. Upon arrival we were told there were no car seats and never were car seats. We were forced to rent a separate car at the airport at the last minute to get our children car seats. Stay away from this company and NextCar at BWI
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2 years ago, cesskgdfj
My reservation was canceled
Reserved a car 3 weeks in advance. The night before my trip, I received a text from the rental company (Hertz) that said they didn’t have a car for me and that they booked it out to someone else. I prepaid for the vehicle and it has been 12 days and many phone calls to CarRentals yet I still don’t have my money back. Now they are telling me it could take up to 5 months to be reimbursed. CarRentals must have no credibility with Hertz if they can’t guarantee the cars will be there they book.
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1 month ago, Biltlars
A Few Dollars Less!!
I Always check your site after checking the airline site for car rentals because your site is always a few dollars less. I appreciate that!!
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3 years ago, 1$@{R
Find best deals on rental cars
If it wasn’t for this app I would have paid a lot more to rent a car for my trips. This app does the price shopping for you and it’s able to find the best deals
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2 years ago, Ondrek
Changed password, still can’t login
I didn’t remember my password so I decided to reset it and assign a new one. Completed that outside of the app then tried to go back and login again and it continually is telling me that I’ve “exceeded my limit” and that I need to wait 15 minutes. 15 minutes go by and I still can’t login. I think I’ll just use a different site to find my car rental.
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8 months ago, Edgar@0623
Quick and easy to pick a vehicle of preference or budget, efficient, reliable and esay for any research
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1 year ago, Mar_mar1881
We are traveling to Houston and driving to San Antonio for our sons graduation from basic training. Our flight got changed from sun to Monday and they will not extend our car rental. I want to pay the difference and they said absolutely no changes. Sees ridiculous to me when I’m not asking for my money back but looking to give them more business. Very unhappy customer
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2 years ago, amily6893033
The worst app I ever used!!
I make a reservation for a car and for some reasons I can’t take the car even I wanted to so I ask for them if they can transfer the reservation for a different company. I got nothing from them just a offer to pay for another car there is no one to talk with they have very bad customer service very disappointed
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1 year ago, ttklub
don’t use
Don’t take car this guys is laying, online say one price then on the spot charges you almost double. I talk with Villanueva on the spot airport Curacao he don’t want help, and on end put me in bad position to pay extra. Charge me two time for insurance instead all $207 what provide online i pay 380$. I use carrentals app and definitely not recommend.
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2 years ago, Kim2B2
All I get is SORRY
I have tried to book a car on different devices and I even put the app on my iPad to try and reserve a car. I have booked with Car Rentals in the past. When I enter my information and click on Reserve, this is what I get: SORRY We weren't able to proceed with your booking. Please try your search again.
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10 months ago, I. Gadget
Best App for Movers and Shakers
I travel A LOT, and I must say, this is THE HANDIEST app Ever!!! I have been standing in the baggage claim and have been able to book my rental using this app. IF THEY ONLY HAD AN AWARDS PROGRAM, IT’D BE AWESOME. 🤷🏾‍♂️
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1 month ago, Debbie Dragom
Ez to book
Pricing cheaper on the website
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1 year ago, Wood John
Does not show what currency is being quoted
I live in the US but am looking to rent a car in Canada. The app does not show whether quoted prices are in US or Canadien dollars. Other apps (Budget, Hertz, etc) clearly show that.
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3 years ago, MMMMMnnctbmg
Password Issues
I’ve used this app for years and it has never asked for a password until now. Can’t even use it as a guest. I put the wrong password in twice and now have to wait 15 minutes to try again.
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1 year ago, RbtBuck
Work with shady rental companies
Work with companies like Priceless” in Los Angeles that mislead - then hold you hostage when picking up… won’t give your money back if you don’t agree to all their added charges. I’m contacting better business bureau - this app couldn’t care less
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2 years ago, The GI doctor
Cancel or change
It is very hard to change or cancel a reservation
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3 years ago, Hang glider USA
Best and the lowest in the Buisness
Thanks you , very happy with it
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2 years ago, Sinansuslu
Stay away!!
Stay away with this app. They can easily scam you. My driver license address was my old address this reason I couldn’t get the car and the app did refund me back. The app took my $143 and I didn’t get anything no car no money.
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1 year ago, Deze
Numerous times I have tried to setup an account through the app and it never sends link, never allows me to move to another page and buttons to click do not work.
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2 years ago, frustrated-201
App is slower than website
Can’t believe the APP loads slower than the website on my iPhone
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2 years ago, SoNotHappy2022
You can’t select a car
No way to look for a car rental. The buttons don’t do anything when you click on them.
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4 months ago, JusstsayN
Unable to get in contact with a person via phone going through a lot to get in contact with somebody
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2 years ago, Frustrated in Ft Laudedale
Horrible App.
Let’s you book a car for a time when the rental car desk is closed. Spent the night in the airport waiting. Go away!!!
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2 years ago, Urmommmasofat
Very Misleading
Unwilling to help until day of travel! Walk, take bus, ride a bike this sight is not what you want. Our car received was to be a mystery and a nice car! It was a crappy 30,000 mile Nissan!
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3 years ago, JenniRaneriwilli
Do not use
You think you are saving money but in the end, they rip you off! Took over 2 hours to get a car and in the end wouldn’t honor my reservation.
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7 months ago, Fifififiwididi
New account
Trying to set up a new account. Entered my info 3 times but never received a confirmation email and can’t continue as a guest…
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1 year ago, Macusdahero
Nothing is honest about this company! Read the rest of the reviews it’s bad. The worst there’s a big chance you will lose your money. Disgusting Scam!!!!!!
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10 months ago, medaskri
Create an account
You’re making it hard to create an account
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1 year ago, Norahrafuri
Booked a car through this site. Never again! Don’t do it!
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4 weeks ago, CHJolieangelof stars
Can’t sign up for membership
Confirmation was not received.
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2 years ago, _phildo_
Apps terrible
Will not log me in will not send verification email. Completely useless
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2 years ago, lili305212
Never received a vehicle and was not issued a refund
Terrible. I never knew a large company operating in the US would be capable of such harsh self serving conduct against consumers.
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4 months ago, Diana-mcsa
They book and dont have cars
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2 years ago, Z hunt Z
Pig slow
Pig slow bloatware if used in 2 bars of LTE
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1 year ago, Matthew Coutts
Very slow app and glitchy
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8 years ago, JMW-MN-78
Best prices for renting a car!!!
I'm not sure why everyone else has had issues??? Maybe user error? I've already used this ap when I flew back home to MN last thanksgiving and I had absolutely NO issues what so ever! It was a super easy reservation AND it gave me the BEST PRICE than any other ap or booking directly and does NOT require credit card to do the reservation and easy cancelation! I got off the plane, got my bags and they had my reservation and the price (and car type) was the exact same as when I originally booked it. Maybe they had bugs that they've fixed? I have a second reservation for next week so if something changes I'll repost a new review, but right now I have a full size car rented to drive me from Phx to Vegas just for the day for a whopping $20 including tax!!! Again...NOBODY has been able to beat this price! Oh, and the ap has never crashed for me in my iPhone's always worked and I can pull up my reservations on it with no issues. I love the ap and have told my friends to also use it because of the great pricing and noooo credit card needed and can cancel reservations at any time!
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4 months ago, lastonr
Be careful
This place sneaks in a $50 charge for cancellation, even with the web site offering free cancellation. Looks rotten to me
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7 months ago, lihobigmama
App not working in newest iOS
Doesn’t work.
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2 years ago, fakeappfinder01
Won’t let me make an account
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2 years ago, The Ome
Terrible app
The app doesn’t work
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2 years ago, hbdidnelam
Stay away!!
Do NoT GEt !!
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2 years ago, hjrbfjdhbf
Wrong airport
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6 years ago, MissNatalia
Reliable No Issues
I’ve used this app to rent cars all over the world and I’ve never had a problem. You can reserve a car without putting any money down, and change your details whenever you want. They always have crazy low rates, and I’ve never had an issue when picking up a car after reserving it on this app.
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5 years ago, peter.the.eater
Spectacularly terrible and annoying
Each time I open the app I need to re-enter the reservation number in order to pull it up. Super annoying. Even after I log into my account it still always makes me log in manually again each time I open the app. And after you log in and click on the “my bookings” link it doesn’t even show you your bookings... it takes you to a search page. It’s as if they don’t want you to see your bookings. You at better off printing your rental confirmation on a piece of paper and carrying it in your pocket. The sole reason for an app like this is to be convenient and it fails that goal on every way.
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11 years ago, Jade_050
As mentioned, fast and extremely accurate. Even though needed for a random rental car, a lot easier than going online to compare prices. Also, prices are constantly updated with the fluctuations of prices from different companies constantly occurring. Great App.
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11 years ago, Onyxbird
I need car from Ann Arbor Michigan to Portland Oregon cheapest I could find was $800 with a $300 drop off fee online… I used this app think it was a joke, but to my surprise I got 2012 maxima for $112 a day and no drop off fee. My final bill was $240 with taxes & etc… saved me at least $500. I'm still amazed it felt like I was being taken advantage of but at the end I took advantage of them!
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6 years ago, mook105
Rentor Beware
This company has quite possibly the worst customer service I've ever dealt with. Very shady and inflexible. The only way to contact them is via email, which might not be a big deal, until you need to talk to a human about any time sensitive issues you might have. And once you get an email conversation started, they're responses are very unhelpful. There are plenty of other ways to get a good deal on a car rental. Don't use these guys. But if you do, read the fine print. All of it!
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