- New & Used Cars

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User Reviews for - New & Used Cars

4.82 out of 5
523K Ratings
5 years ago, Nobellnate
When it works, it's great! Too bad it only works about 10% of the time. Crashes more often and works more slowly than any other app I have ever tried. Maybe the volume of information they provide is just too much for my little phone to handle. UPDATE: Not sure whether it was an upgrade to the software, or the fact that I got a new phone, but for the past several months (other than having the app freeze when you first open it, presumably while it is connecting to the remote servers) there has been no instability or any other issues. So, to quote myself, "When it works, it's great!" UPDATE 2: Really wish they would re-develop the app for iPad. Nice that the old version still functions. It’s just kind of odd to view because the iPad version looks as though you have set your phone on top of your iPad screen.
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4 years ago, Harleyd317
Making car buying even more of a headache
If they would simply put the necessary fixes into the app, this would be invaluable. But pictures never load, and the sorting of info is terrible. It must be the method the sellers input info that doesn’t get detected when you filter. If you choose you want a sunroof, well it will narrow down 500 vehicles to 10. But if you don’t filter that way, there are waaaay more vehicles that actually have a sunroof than it showed through the filter. So you’re forced to manually search through hundreds of vehicles, and pray to God a picture will load showing whether it has the features you’re looking for or not. There is also a tooooon of shady business practices done by dealers here. They consistently mis label vehicles, say they have features they don’t, and out ridiculously low prices ($1000 on a brand new vehicle) just to get them to show up in every search. It’s clear this company is just collecting money from the sellers, and pocketing it. The app has been this way for years, it’s nothing new. Autotrader has its own issues, but it does at least work the way you’d expect it to.
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5 years ago, BLT41567
The ups and downs of ever changing software!
I use this app daily for the past 6 years. I’ve seen it improve to the point of being a useful tool and then it goes the wrong way. I’m wondering if they are using a different software company? Anyway the most effective tool for me is the filter/features after defining the make and model. Currently the most popular vehicles in the US are pickups, SUV’s and crossovers. The software does a pretty good job on SUV’s and crossovers. However, on pickups the features options available are missing some very important options. First, on half ton pickups we need an option of long or short bed. For example, the f-150 crew cab can be configured in 5.5 bed or a 6.5 bed. If I want to find a 6.5 bed, I’m SOL and will have to look at every single truck to find the few 6.5’ beds out there. It would also be nice to specify max trailer tow options or max payload options. These are important options and should be part of the options list.
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4 years ago, jonmoore7
App is ok, please update
Picture loading time takes too long. This could possibly be due to too many posters have too large of file size they’re uploading & it’s doesn’t compress properly. I feel that allowing a user to select multiple models from a manufacturer (or from several manufacturers). For instance, let’s say I’d like to only see Toyota: 4Runners & Landcruisers as well as Jeep: Wranglers all in one feed. That’d be nice. Perhaps another feature would be to allow to shop for engines without models. Meaning, maybe I wanna see any auto which features a GM LS3 motor. Or anything with a Cummings? Furthermore, you’ve a lot of post which are incomplete. There should be a fail safe that a seller cannot post a listing if the form isn’t complete. Too many, “unspecified” vehicles in here. This could also allow for potential user to discover/search for a feature which they may be unaware of as an available option on other autos. For instance, a rear (back) window which rolls up and down. Some Tacoma’s, 4Runners & Tundras have this feature but another manufacturer has a model with this feature too (I’ve forgotten who & which model. See, this is a useful feature to have). I’ve more ideas, but you get it. I’m not putting it in blast. It’s a decent app. It’s my ‘go to’ when researching rides. It’s not been updated in...forever. Perhaps some of these things are in the next version.
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5 years ago, Paul1662829285
Bug report
Devs, when you select multiple features, it treats it as an OR operator instead of AND. That means that searching for cars with heated seats and a moonroof actually returns more results than if I just search for cars with a moonroof, since searching for both will return any car that has heated seats OR a moonroof. It doesn't work this way when using the website so I assume this is a mistake with the app. Also, it becomes more difficult to specify price as a filter after the initial search. While these bugs make the app less usable, it's overall much better than other apps. Not just because of better design but saved searches, alerts, and filter by auto-emergency braking are hugely helpful features that I haven't found elsewhere.
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1 year ago, prime mover 24
Day 50 no car no refund
Delays every step of the way and most worrisome is that the car they sent to me had an obvious defect - whirling noise due to bad brake pad and wheel. I decided to swap cars instead of fixing. The replacement car was due to be dropped off, but an hour beforehand received a message that there was a quality issue with that car and it would take a week to fix. Prior to that there’s lots of confusion with them withdrawing the payment from my bank account and I ended up having to go to the bank and request a cashiers check. It took them over a week to pick up the first car with bad wheel, and since then since then, I’ve been trying to reclaim my money to no success. It’s really frustrating experience if it doesn’t go as planned. I imagine if you finance through Carvana and your car doesn’t have a defect the process is pretty smooth but if it doesn’t. Buckle your safety belt and try to not go mad. Peace and love.
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2 years ago, PhatAlbert92
Mobile App and Max Digital
The DealerCenter Mobile App is amazing. It is very easy to use and brings all pertinent information to the fore front. Max Digital gives you all the vehicles’ market values so that you know exactly how to properly price your vehicles. It is also easy to add the vehicles and photos to your inventory from the app. Our representative for DealerCenter Maryann Iglesias is one of the best that I ever encountered. She goes over and beyond to make sure that all of our needs are handled and always seems to be available. I totally recommend this application and its service to anyone looking to making their car marketing experience the best!
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1 year ago, minecraftE2000
Needs Options to Search for Accessibility Features
The overall search experience is great and it’s usually relatively simple to find what you’re looking for. However, I have been looking for wheelchair-accessible vehicles and have found that it’s extremely difficult to find what I’m looking for. Wheelchair ramps, lifts, and steering assists are not available as features, and when I use the keyword search to look for these features, I find maybe 10 results across the entire US. Giving dealers the option to add accessibility options to their features list would make the car shopping much easier for people with disabilities, as most accessibility-oriented websites have a very small selection with outrageous prices.
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3 years ago, TheNewMrsS
Love it but needs some tweaks!
I love using this app, especially being able to check the Carfax with one click. What would put this app over the top for me would be the ability to add notes to my saved cars. Especially if I could share with my husband and he could see my notes on why I liked that specific car. I also really wish I had the ability to eliminate cars from my search. Sometimes the Carfax reveals something I’m not ok with but then I see it in the search again the next day and forget that it wasn’t up to par for our needs. I end up feeling like I’m wasting time viewing the same cars over and over again accidentally. Other than that, it really is my go-to car finder app!
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6 years ago, lamblamb65
Bad update
Whatever update y’all just did totally ruined the efficiency of the app and created bugs. Having to go back and choose the manufacturer before being able to choose the model , every single time, is ridiculous. It worked great before, with the manufacturer and model in 2 sections, why change it? I also noticed that since the update you can’t select the mileage option under the filter section, you have to go all the way back to advance search to use the mileage criteria. I’ve used this app nearly every day for the past 3 years and usually the updates are helpful and y’all seem to listen to your users, I hope you’ll listen this time when I say, you’ve made the app worse with this update. Also, side note, an iPad specific app would be great, just a thought.
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3 years ago, Miguelius51
Glitchy and Too Narrow for iPad Screen
What’s wrong with this app? I have used it on my iPhone for years and liked it. However, I loaded it onto my new iPad and it does not fill the entire screen, but is instead too narrow, much like a standard definition TV program that fails to fill an HDTV screen. This is pretty basic, isn’t it? Failing to fill an iPad screen? It’s also glitchy, as it locked up several times and would not allow me to return to the home screen. I’ve tried it several times, hoping they had corrected these problems, but ended up deleting it every time.
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6 years ago, Odinu
Stop abusing the app with excessive ads.
Nothing feels better than finding what you’re looking for and making a satisfying purchase. The app is very intuitive and compliments the desktop version, but the latest updates makes the mobile experience horrible. There are ads within the search listings, there is non removal banner ad at the top and there pop up ads when you press a button just to navigate through the app. This is ridiculous. Bombarding users with non relevant ads is very annoying and counter-intuitive. I recommend creating an ad-free “Pro” version for those who enjoying querying through your database of a million plus listings without the headache. It’s only a matter of time when users will realize this and uninstall this app, while going to competitors who offer a better experience, or simply use a mobile ad-blocking alternative.
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4 years ago, 565456
The app is incredible and makes finding the best vehicle easy to find
This app is so slow / glitchy that every time I scroll through I almost inevitably click on the wrong car or on one of there MANY ads they have playing all the time. I get the need to make money but every time I click back another full screen ad pops up. And after 5-10 I have to watch a 20-40 second long video about a game I will never play in my life. They keep adding new features and the app keeps getting slower. I would recommend just using the online version as it is much easier to navigate and much better functioning.
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1 year ago, 2222987654321
Latest updates have taken app downhill
App worked fine for years, the latest updates have left me scratching my head. The app constantly freezes during searches, it crashes while loading, not to mention the drastically changed UX that is borderline embarrassing. I felt the need to go out of my way to write this review after purchasing 2 cars through the app in the past and now being unable to even browse the cars I want to see without facing some sort of backend issue. My biggest gripe right now in the UX experience: when I select a car make, why in the world would I want to be automatically directed to see every single available car from that automaker? Sometimes this returns 5k+ results which is guaranteed to freeze the app. When the app was simple is was perfect, stop trying to complicate it!
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5 years ago, Appfreak
Not good on iphone x and above
When you open a car page. The pictures on top are cropped due to ‘the notch’ on the phone and the remainder of the top of the picture is blurred out like it’s ‘tinted’ so you essentially get the bottom half really. Please change that so there’s a bar up there instead of the picture starting from the top. I know it’s more minimalistic the way it is now but it’s not practical on these phones which are prevalent enough out there. It’d be great if you can take this feedback and improve on the app experience. The remainder of the experience is great!
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6 years ago, JamesBfl
Great app....has a serious Glitch and crash issue though
I just downloaded the application. The search filters are pretty good but I would like to see more filter options for specific options, specifically for the interior, and the ability to search multiple different brands/models at one time for a direct comparison. The glitch and crash....After you select a vehicle to view out of the filtered list you have created you cannot return to the original list without the app crashing and restarting. It happens every time. All in all it’s a great app and it seems to have a connection with more dealers than the “other” automobile search app. Please fix the issues.
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5 years ago, JMahs4Life
Best App to search for cars!
I have been using this app and a couple of competitors apps for some time now searching for a car to get at the end of this year. I can say with 100% confidence this is the best/easiest app to navigate. The UI is incredible with all of the different filters you can add to your search. I love how it narrows it down and tells you how many cars are going to be in the search based on which filter you select i.e exterior color, year, etc. I don’t typically write reviews so, obviously this app has given me a great experience!
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5 years ago, iracecars
Better than most
If you’ve been searching for a car you’ve probably downloaded every app and realized most of them work and feel like they were built by an intern. This app is slightly better than that, but that’s not saying much. Honestly I’m surprised this app has so many five star ratings. I guess the average person has extremely low expectations when it comes to buying a car. One “must have” feature I wish someone would implement is the ability to block/filter dealerships from results. There are dealerships I don’t ever want to see because I know they’re shady. And I absolutely do *not* want to see anything from Vroom, ever; who the heck buys a car online without driving it?! That’s insane.
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4 years ago, ZReverend
I really tried to like it....
I’ve used this the app for the past 5 years. I even found a my first luxury pickup and purchased it because of this app; If it wasn’t for that I would not have been as long suffering with it’s many consistent flaws. I’ve used it on the iPhone5, iPhone X, and now the iPhone 11pro Max. It has literally had the same quirks (sluggish, crashing, not seeing a network connection, etc) and the developers have still not been able to resolve them. Normally I wouldn’t give such a bad review before at least working with the support team to let them know of the issues; however, the updates stated that these were the issues they were addressing, yet to no avail. I’ve just given up and turned to AutoTempest. I’m looking for another luxury heavy duty pickup and I just can’t deal with the app issues any more.
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3 years ago, TwoLrkC
Bad update
After the last update the app became not user friendly. You search for a make and after looking at cars and if you want to search for another make the make from the first search stays checked!!! To select the year now you have to select newest and oldest year in two different screens and you cannot skip a year between oldest and newest instead of checking the years you want in one screen like before!!! With this update you need to go over many screens and clicks which is too much and annoying. Why make complicated an app that was working great ???
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2 years ago, Enginepy
Almost unusable, pictures don’t load
I’ve been using this app for years and bought a lot of cars through it. But I’m the lady two years it has become almost unusable. The thumbnail pictures only load on about 20% of the search results. And when you click on a listing, almost no pictures load. Same on all my devices and even on the web version. I literally can’t use it to find a car anymore. I’ve left feedback dozens of times over the years and they don’t seem to care about users. There are so many little things that make the app annoying and they don’t seem to have any care for the actual user experience. I guess I’ll have to use one of the others apps
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3 years ago, MellyMel210
Can’t use anymore :-(
I am very disappointed in the required updates. Due to the pandemic money has been very tight and I am now forced to upgrade my phone because the model I have does not support iOS 13.... As of now, this is not possible financially which means I can no longer utilize this app to search for my next vehicle.... thanks for nothing Apple!!! 😡 The developers should be aware that not everyone has the funds available for a new phone and not require users to have updates that are not compatible with their phones. I know several other people with the same issue and it’s very frustrating trying to use an app that up until recently “requires” a certain software to function.
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6 years ago, Scoobi97
Thank you
Thank you, looking forward to seeing these features added back. Glad to see some developers taking the community’s feedback into account. Why keep making the app more and more complex? Other than a few bugs/crashes the app was great prior the most recent update. Please go back to being able to set custom prices(not 30k-40k,big difference.) and have the option for make/model separate. In its current state I do not recommend as they keep making changes that are ruining the app.
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5 years ago, urjdndn
Best car site, very user friendly.
Love the site best user friendly one on the market. The only thing I do not like is there is no icon to have a post looked at by administrators to have a post removed because it is misleading. I always search lowest mileage but there are people who put 0 or 85 miles in which these are high mileage cars which I refuse to buy. Their should be a review icon so this can be modified or removed from site because sometimes I will scroll through a whole page of cars that have 0 miles which they have very high mileage when I look into it and waste my time.
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3 years ago, hermi123
Update is terrible. Using a different app from now on
Not sure whose idea it was to change this. Whoever it was needs to be fired. The old app was the same for many years and worked PERFECTLY. I’m not sure why they decided to suddenly change it completely because now you guys are losing everyone who used the app before. This new app is completely useless. And when it does work, it’s so hard to use to not user friendly at all. It’s a complete pain and you can’t even do a simple search without having to hit multiple buttons and selections. No user friendly at all. Not even close. I will be using autotrader now unless they decide to go back to the old version. It’s a shame because this used to be a great app.
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3 years ago, BMR-Racing
Horrible app
Been using this app for wow yrs and still same old issue. Runs slow. Very sluggish. Constant pop up that says (can’t download) press (done) or (retry) so stupid. As well as the annoying million post of same car by whatever dealer or private seller that just spams the F out of reposting the same exact vehicle… very annoying. Also not having the ability to report fake or scam ads or ads of same exact vehicle lol Like market/program team terrible. How do you not give people the choice to report stuff like that. I rather pay $10$ one time and improve this app then it to be free and piece of cow Sh!t.
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3 years ago, Smitty McCall
One thing different about newest version of the app
The only thing I dislike about the newest version of the app is that there’s no clear way to tell whether or not the cars that have been “saved” are still available. On the old version, when you clicked on your saved cars list, if the cars were no longer available, that would be clearly stated across the place where the picture of the car was. If this could be fixed it would be extremely helpful. Thanks!
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1 year ago, Corylynchable
Terrible user experience
Who approved this update? Searching for a car is an insanely terrible experience. It forces you to “reset” your current search by allowing multi-select. Also, after selecting a Make, you have to hit the “back” button in order to select a model? What? So weird. It’s really not hard to make searching for a car an easy experience. I really hope they update the search again and get rid of the current search method.
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5 years ago, WookyStyle
Filters Need Improving
When filtering by vehicle features the app shows you “or” results not “and” results. If I’m looking for a vehicle with a heated steering wheel and third row seating, I don’t want those selected options to show me vehicles with either of those options, I want to see vehicles with BOTH of those options. I feel like the app used to show vehicles with both options but now it shows vehicles with either option. That makes selecting more than one option completely useless.
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4 years ago, Mike4629
Great Tool for Car Buying
This app is fantastic. It shows you both new and used cars in your area, compares prices on the vehicle you want with others in your area to get you a fair price, provides you with the car fax in one easy click, and it even has its own calculator/estimator so that you can play around with the numbers of what you’re thinking to put down as a down payment. I highly recommend this app to anyone looking to purchase a new or used vehicle.
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6 years ago, RaleighRaleighRaleigh
Awful update
This went from being a daily app for car shopping and car research just car browsing to being totally useless for an iPad user also of the most recent update. It’s stuck on a mini screen like it’s designed for a phone and just stretched to fit the screen. It won’t even go to landscape mode which is the only way I use my iPad. I’m going to have to stop using this app until it returns to useable form for tablet users. I feel like I’ve lost an old friend...
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6 years ago, Viceshark
Happy to review!
Short review: It’s a great and intuitive app! So easy and detailed! You won’t find better results using anything else. Long review: Just find the make, model, price range, and distance (you’re willing to travel) and you get great results. (I usually ‘sort by’ “Newest First”) If you want to search with more filters such as a mileage cap, or specific features you want, you can narrow down your results! The app will save your preferences for your next session so you won’t need to go through the process every time. You can contact dealers or users directly from the vehicle you’re interested in and even see dealer reputation, reviews, and other inventory. It’s easy. I’ve been using it for years. Btw. A really cool and rare thing is the developers of this app listen to its users and do their best accordingly. It’s greatly appreciated Devs!
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7 years ago, Noogman
Great resource but bad slow
It’s good when it works because you can look up cars in your area and beyond. Biggest gripe is that it’s been getting slower for the past 12 or so months and seems to be getting worse. At the beginning it freezes for about 3 mins, I’m guessing to update databases. Just not very efficient. Lately it’s just been freezing altogether when looking at specific vehicles. Hope they figure this out because it is a good app when it works.
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6 years ago, blaketyler801
Good app but broken in a bad way.
Two things, firstly, I was trying to filter the cars so that I would see used cars made by Toyota, Honda, Mazda, and Nissan, that were under 10,000$, and had less than 10,000 miles on them. However for some reason the option to select maximum or minimum mileage was not an available on the filter. Secondly, there is an option to sort the cars by lowest milage to highest mileage, however when I had the app sort the cars by lowest to highest mileage, thousands of cars with NO mileage entered showed up. There should be an option to filter out cars than don’t have a mileage entered in on them. It’s a great app otherwise but those two things are unbelievably frustrating. Would not reccomend.
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10 months ago, DCinFL201812
Used to be a great app
I used to love this app and it was my go-to source for all car sales info. However it’s been a while since the app fully worked. I’m not sure what’s going on but when clicking to see the details of the cars most of the time the pictures won’t load despite a picture on the main search screen. The app is also funky in how it saves searches by adding parameters that weren’t in the search (e.g. radius of 30 miles somehow saves as 20 miles). I’d really like to continue using this app but it’s just been buggy for a while now.
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3 years ago, Nurse JR
Good search app, except scrolling could be better.
I like using this app to find used cars. But when scrolling quickly and then using my thumb to stop the scrolling, if my thumb happens to hit an advertisement, I inadvertently click on this advertisement, and the app takes me to the ad. Is annoying because I would need to close the ad and return to the Cars app. This doesn’t happen when scrolling on social media apps.
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4 years ago, Awesome Sauce WAS0B
Amazing Car Buying site
This is super easy to navigate, and to contact the seller, it usually has all the information the car needs with pictures. I live in long island, and even though i live in the state of new york, i live 15 miles away for connecticut(across the Long Island Sound) if you can have an option to find cars that are let's say a 15 minute drive from you, not in a mile radius, because most of the cars on the app are across a body of water.
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6 months ago, G Dub911
Not Very Helpful
The features section is worthless and does not include manufacturers options and packages in an organized or useful format. Gives you a laundry list of irrelevant features. Window sticker access would help this shortfall. Leaves you guessing if the dealer really has the car you’re interested in. Another auto app engineered to get you to call or visit the dealership…waste of time. I’d rather shop online in a productive and meaningful way, find the exact car, and then reach out to make a purchase. I have had better luck going to each dealer’s website, but that is time consuming.
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4 years ago, JSC8220
Host lied, Turo took his side
In short, the host represented he had an EZ pass. When I picked up the car there was no EZ pass. Host said I dont need an EZ pass because the cameras will pick up a license plate and bill him. What he didnt tell me was each bill would add a $50 fee, so I ended up getting billed over $200 in fees by the host about 3 months after the trip ended. Told Turo about what happened and they said I didnt request the EZ pass - when I did - and offered no meaningful compromise or solution other than you have to pay. They charged my credit card without my review or approval. I deleted my account immediately because I can’t trust Turo to do the right thing or even something close to the right thing after this experience.
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6 years ago, Jersey1107
Very user friendly
I am pleasantly surprised at this app. I’ve always gone to autotrader for all my vehicles whether it be with through the website or app but I have a strong feeling I’m going to find my next vehicle and future vehicles through this app. This has vehicles that autotrader doesn’t using the same exact sections. This is extremely user friendly. I will get notified on price drops for vehicles I am interested in. Cars app just got a new user.
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3 years ago, erik737373737
We want the old app back!
I’m clearly not alone when I say the redesign is TERRIBLE! I’ve been using this app for almost ten years (yes, essentially since its inception) and this update is so bad, I’m considering uninstalling the app altogether, unless they make some MAJOR changes. I’ve sent the feedback team several emails practically begging them to fix all the problems: 1. No longer able to sort saved vehicles 2. App often times says it’s unable to connect, even after restarting and trying both wifi and 5G data 3. You have to clear your search selection every time you change the make/model that you’re searching for, or else it compounds the previous search with the new search (LIKE, WHY?) 4. There’s no quick way to unselect individual filters that you’ve applied. You need to manually go through each filter and unselect them one-by-one now. Again, what were they thinking? 5. Photos often times don’t load for listings (this has been a problem for years… still isn’t fixed)
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3 years ago, hea007
The app is great but could use some minor improvements
Every time you get a notification about a price drop on a vehicle when you click on it (hoping it takes you to the car that had the price drop) it doesn’t it just takes you to your saved cars which isn’t helpful either because if you have multiple cars that’s the same model how would you know which one had the price drop. And the saved cars without the notification still doesn’t show you what if any the price drop was. Definitely could use some work.
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6 years ago, Yahhhheewww
Great app
Only one thing im not happy with is that you should be able to save the cars you like without having to open an account... i dont sell cars im just interested on them... im looking to buy a car in the future but i cant save them to compare prices and packages... on safari if i leave the page open i can save all the cars i want... if thats the case then theres no point of having the free app.... just saying... maybe it will help more
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6 years ago, You gotta love this game
the app is glitches
I love this app because I am able to make a profile and heart all the cars I like & check the app weekly to see if the cars have been bought or not! Lately I’ve realized the app freezes then it closes automatically! If you can fix that ASAP I would greatly appreciate it! Also when the saved cars get purchased it would be better if you just remove the cars from our saved profile rather then having us remove each purchased car one by one.
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4 years ago, pinkeelee76
Excellent but...
Can’t select more than one make at a time. Plus when you want to select more than one feature it doesn’t filter both, it add all the cars that have each feature. For example I want a car with leather seats and a third row. I select both features and I get ALL cars with leather seats and all cars with third row, not just the cars with BOTH leather and third row. Hope that makes sense. Otherwise easy as pie I use this app often.
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6 years ago, Relly-roo
Use to be perfect!
This was my go to app for car searches. The latest update is horrible!!! I’m going to delete this app soon. You can’t select a maximum price which forces you to view hundreds if not thousands of vehicles well above your price range. Additionally, the make and model selection don’t work as efficiently as it once did forcing you to alter your selections to find the car you’re looking for!! On a scale from 1-10 it’s now a -2
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6 years ago, Koolcat11
Issues with the app
I love this app and use it off and on to look at vehicles for sale. I have a daughter that is about to turn 16 so I have been looking for a car for her for some time now. But my issue is that recently when I do a search for a car it will totally kick me off the app all together. I can’t even search for any cars because as soon as I push the search button it kicks me off. I am really disappointed with the app right now. I really hope this issue is fixed.
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4 months ago, Graghoon
Terrible selection
Nothing older than y2k, nothing less than $2,000, even if they did have something good to offer I couldn’t find a system to set up notifications for the year, make, model, price range I'm looking for when they show up. Aside from the poor selection and that one very important feature the actual app design is very nice and I hope the app developers were paid well. I would love to use this app in the future when it changes but as it is now it’s not even on the same playing field as apps like ebay motors, lkq, and marketplace.
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3 years ago, carsappiscrap
New version is crap
The new version is crap. The sold cars that I saved used to show up on the bottom so I could easily delete them that doesn’t happen any longer. Keep getting error message that says I can’t save anymore because I have reached the 100 saved cars limit even though my saved count says 40. When I review my saved cars and exit from one I am looking at or delete one it jumps back to the top of the list. I hate this new version but I could not open the app unless I updated. Dealers are losing business because this app is crap. Stop making people update if they like the old app!
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4 years ago, whatever1294385
Sync Problems
creating searches on website (iMac w/recent software w/ Google Chrome) works good, however when running the searches on my iPhone get no results “No information Found”. Searches I created 6 months ago work on the website work fine on the iPhone App, but newly created searches do not work. Seems to be a sync problem between website account & recent iPhone App. Developers please fix this iPhone App, & yes I am using the most recent version available in Apple App Store.
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